Life is about life, it is not about time/ being human is about time, and its purpose to discover living, within the experience and expressions that become our connection with being alive.

The difference is: while life is a miracle/ time and the existence of human living, is about distance, and your choice for a destiny. Being a miracle establishes; we are equals, granted the grace of being free; within the limits and boundaries of truth and laws which keep us alive. Being human establishes: we are different, each one/ and must choose within the limits and boundaries of isolation; what can or will make us happy?

Reality proves: three choices exist, “love, I share and care and live by respecting all that we have been given/ hate; I have measured and judged and want to play god over you/ or the middle which is want, as an animal does do.” love and hate are opposites, and directional; which means they never travel together by choice. The middle compromises on everything and asserts, “ I want love and hate/ and can live with both; as pride and power allow”. “these, go nowhere/ but are locked in time; and cannot achieve eternity”.

So the question is: WHY, do people choose what they choose?

Answer: the vast majority want to play games with life, and therefore choose the middle ground; because it twists and turns and makes for drama, emotion, manipulation, temptation, jealousy, winner/ loser; revenge; and so on. And the public screams: “I am not bored, because of these”. I BELIEVE, and thereby feel safe in my choices; because I let someone else lead/ or I lead shouting “we can’t all be wrong”.

So the question turns to hate, and asks: WHY, DO YOU EXIST?

Answer: there are those who do not want to play games/ but want to play with life, by proving they are the superior ones, who can take your life away; by proving they can play “god” with you. What is more proof of judge; than killing, abusing, or using you, for a game of life or death, by fear? As is OBEY.

So the more critical question is: WHY, do more people not choose LOVE?

Answer: because the other people revolt against love, and happiness; which they cannot find. Thereby trying, humility, ridicule and more; to make enemies of these; in order to take that happiness away. Because people want the security of not losing anything “bound to me”/ but death comes, or tragedies of one kind or another; and the people scream, “I loved/ and now I am SAD AND LONELY, because of that love, has been lost”. Which is heartbreak. The elemental rise of love, is then a question that can become “more lonely” than the rest. As the rest are a herd/ or a predator who wants a pack (army).

We then search for the answer to loneliness, and question WHY?

The constant of it is: that life cannot give you the acceptance of a shared existence among those who care and respect you. UNLESS, you do understand, the price for being wrong is isolation; and its descent into hate. Because life, without the truth of love shapes our world; fails to hope.

So we do need hope, and to achieve hope; there must be truth, because only truth survives.

THE RULES of being human are simple:

  1. surrender want; life is a miracle not a game.
  2. Surrender pride: we are equals, you are not superior; even if genetics gave you more. Because nothing equals the miracle of life itself.
  3. Surrender power: we are not free to judge each other/ we are free to forgive each other. The law exists to intervene by the cost of limits and boundaries; which shape our existence as a participant in living.
  4. Depression is the result of want: “boo hoo, I didn’t win what I wanted to win”.
  5. Addiction is the decision: to escape this life, by using some form of altered existence/ which will fail. Death is an escape from time; but time is not about life, it is only a measurement; and there are consequences for being alive.
  6. Suicide is the decision to “murder yourself”/ but when tied to the realities of hopelessness, it becomes a choice of those who seek mercy for me. The cost of killing yourself, instead of searching for GOD; is high.
  7. Behaviors are tied to want/ religions are tied to believe (I want what I want)/ wars are tied to the truth of thieves, and the thugs who make that possible/ money is tied to options, but reality is tied to love or hate or survival.
  8. Marriage is the decision: but love is the search for what freedoms will bring into our lives as one. You cannot gain that with a rule: which makes marriage the insurance policy against failure in one or both. Remembering “a lifetime, is in fact a lifetime”! While love is in fact, the foundation of all happiness that can exist.
  9. Sex is a desire, born in happiness through the destinies of love, sharing, caring, trust, truth, hope, and respect. Otherwise it is merely lust; as is, “one uses the body of another for chemicals/ and life itself, fails to count”.
  10. Discipline shapes our lives and bodies/ order controls our decision to participate without thought/ while balance forms the basis of where desire and its purposes may go. Respect builds the wall; between those who love/ and those who hate/ and those who cannot decide if life is worth living or not (middle).
  11. The spiritual world, exists within the elemental rise of truth; as depicts and defines each and every decision that you have made. Death requires you: to “experience your truth”/ and express your faults; want too or not. What is “purity in love” is allowed to ascend into that love. What is purity in hate is allowed to descend into the chaos of true isolation and cost is compared to the damage you have done. While the middle who could not choose life (love) or death (hate__); are allowed to dissipate and vanish forever lost.
  12. The eternal world; rises to the quest of who we can become as one! Only love is allowed that quest, as the treasure most aligned with joy and its true destiny beyond self. Thought being an elemental rise beyond self, presents the home of where “ALIVE begins”. While the force which gives us life, is granted to those chosen by GOD; as a value worthy of obeying these laws, to sustain us all.
    1. You, should recognize: that life resides upon truth, and truth rises upon what laws will allow. Without any allowance for conceptions: it is wisdom which recognizes, the beginning of life, “was alone”. In the description of biblical genesis: it was a dark and foreboding place/ until “life” made it change. Purpose being, loneliness is not “unrecognized” by life/ rather it is what it is, and must be dealt with; until the means to share life was discovered. That undoubtedly discovered: there are differences “in life and living”; that requires a choice.

    There should be guidelines to some extent; ones that affected me are:

    1. never want, it will lead you to places you don’t want to go.
    2. Never judge, it will lead you to realities of choice, you don’t desire to make.
    3. Always understand: there is no love to share for you, in time/ unless you, and this world; do survive.
    4. When young, “in a cold bed”; I decided to force my legs to be closer together for warmth. But woke up with slightly. bowed legs: which have reminded me ever since: UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES/ BEFORE you decide “yes I can”. A constant failure of universities.
    5. When young, I tried to swim faster, by increasing the oxygen I took in. that became an oxygen overload; that caused me to sink and nearly drown. But was pushed to safety by a friend. Reminding me: “just because you can”/ IS NOT enough.
    6. In all male to female relationships: there is no such thing as “all is fair in love and war”. Only truth is fair/ only love holds the respect that does not lie/ war is never fair or a value to life; beyond this must be stopped; and every other way has failed.
    7. When I was younger; I said of myself, that I have retired “because” what I meant was, that I have retired from the games people play/ and the intent to be superior with trophies to prove it; that so many sacrifice their lives to do. Competition fails us all, when it is simply too severe to benefit anyone. Choices must be made; and paid for, because it is required in changing life.

    Within the dimensional traits of life and living; are the elements of gender. The struggle to identify and request, that my life is, “truly better” because of you. Reality proves, “you really do need to meet (a hundred people or more); to find the one that fits into your framework of living”. With only rare exception; because in doing so, the elemental failures of what you believe, will be eliminated by realities that are true.

    Love is elusive; because it is the single most valued truth in this universe; and as such it shall be protected from the thieves/ or tears will come. Be who you are/ it is enough. Because if you sell yourself, you do become less. Love is a gift you cannot take back/ it can only be returned to you, “as a gift”. Bear that in mind, and understand it is LOVE that makes us happy. Shared love, that brings joy to our souls.


    as to spiritual definitions, and the price of change realities: my life searched for how to keep this world from dying. Ending at the door of female spiritual existence/ because men proved; their only true answer is war; and that spells extinction for the planet. “its complicated” but true.

    That I have changed dimension ally , altered by forces that have been turned around. “its complicated”. NOT for you!

    Nonetheless, like it or not; I seem to be turning into “some kind of mother (beyond my control_)” for you. It is a strange world; a strange relationship with life; NOT “gender perverted”/ but an island, that bears no real resemblance; to living as it use to be, or who I was or am to become. I know not how it turns out.

    Whether life and living might turn back/ or continue on,___/ or stay within the realm of lost balance (not exactly male or female); “critically different”. Clearly not in charge of me! Teacher it seems; beyond that, I do not know;  As is elementally trying to inform, without pushing/ as does remind me of my mom; she was kind and loving and deserved better: but, a dying world came first. to teach in ways that pull instead of push, which failed; is new. Realigning that element of wisdom:  without accepting, YOU MUST change yourselves/  OR; all that will be left of life on this planet: is your extinction. Change or you will die. So says the evidence found to be true. Into something you want, rather than a life to be lived; as miracles. IF, that is even possible, for the sake of this entire world. NOT SAVIOR, that is ridiculous and untrue. But love given to me; for the sake of helping you to understand: life is more important than want.

    As I search, for any movement in you; reality reminds me, that I have given you many keys to life and world/ that will now be stolen. So that the cult can worship the cult, and lie; proclaiming themselves “as god”/ rather than life, is a miracle.

    To your shame, you fail and continue to fail; because you want what you want, so horrifically/ that you are willing to believe anything but truth. Truth therefrom reminds me; that unless you rise for life and world; only extinction is left.

    And the world says; “we cannot die/ this is an entire world; and we are gods”. THE REAL GOD, “won’t let that happen”/ we are great, the best who have ever been; as arrogance demands.

    But the evidence proves: there are consequences for every lie/ and you live in the sewer of lies, by your own beliefs and purposes; to do whatever you want. Even though 8 billion people touching every other one meter apart; is equal to a line of humanity 8 billion meters long ( 8 million kilometers long), and growing every day. On a planet being used for “the university playground of fools”.

    Life, then says: I may quit now. While reality states; after 22 years of writing, plus more; it seems not as easy as it should.

    I do not condemn you: you did that. I did not save you: JESUS did that. I do not forgive you for killing this world; ONLY GOD can present mercy/ never me.

    As to female and me; “still no clue”/ it is a new life, and I do not yet comprehend it; “beyond self”. Its a quandary.

    There are among those who did receive this message: “enough to make the difference”; in life or death of this world.

    But fear, belief in the cult of universities (never question the leader)/ and obedience “as animal herds do”; have failed life. “only a tiny crack of hope” remains. But you do have to be alive inside, to see it.

    goodbye, I guess”!      Reality will prove, “you just didn’t care”. Not even for a world, and all its life. You chose: “buried the message”, in the ground; so to speak. “I guess”/ as is the gossip, “just like you”. Except I did care, it was my choice.

    in terms of truth, the reality of relationships between male and female is:  that not only must we find the rhythms that let us share a unique journey with each other; romance requires us to find the moments which allow both of us, “to play like children”. To remember the days, when time did not matter/ so that life can always be the same; even when bodies are not. To trust (accepting respect is shared) is to know, I shall depend upon the truth of what you proved to me, you are. To live, requires the passage beyond truth, where our lives care about each other; as love becomes the eternity claimed as our home. Beyond self, “is love”: but only truth is allowed to enter and remain.  The essence of thought, is a journey, that claims existence is not governed by time. Rather living is an experience of choice, and it requires the expressions of value; to achieve the desire for an eternity. To respect that dimension, is to learn:  we must be as one, sharing life by learning only love is a home. These are “dimensional traits”/ as is the definition of gender.

    Caught between definitions of male and female; my life has taken on, or been met with, an extremely unusual trait! Of being both: removed from male authority, to be owned by female spirituality. The question is: “will what is male become dead in the future”? I have no clue; but it is fair to say, that female has begun, to rearrange life. So the elements of thought, the dimensional traits of force, the foundations of love, and the expressions of desire; are not given to be static and without the composition of needs matter. But it is absolutely certain; only “huge needs” can reshape a life, its force entitled to be true, and the expressions of thought, conceived of by truth; as is our dying world. “because of you”.  I guess;  “it is a job no more”/ but is now something far more complex:  I know not what?

    As to humanity itself; my advise, to all who believe life is a game is very simple. Stop competing with me; “You win”. I refuse to play as if each life itself, was less than a miracle. For those who believe they lost: stop competing with them; your life is more than a game. And that means, every miracle is equal; a gift from our Creator, that is life itself.

    While it is true, that “different bodies, have a different value” and are measured by a brain, which is limited to survival; as nature demands it to be. The reality of choices, cannot be limited too: “this is what I wanted too”. Because you do not know, what the result of each child will be; “my parents had no clue, this would become my life: nor do you and yours”. Let love decide! But if you cannot wait, then at least “do the best you can” for your child. Remembering, it is nearly always; the contamination of “human caused”; that creates the chaos of a life that was born “without the best we can be”. The best we can be:  “is shared by respect, because we both care, and live with truth”.

    But make no mistake: IF THE CONSTANT of your choice is, “ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, everything is about ME”; then your decision is to kill the relationship, even if you don’t intend to do that. Because there is no “simply me”; in any relationship! NO, elemental allowance, that lets you make all the decisions, or manipulate or tempt or threaten: me, into “LET YOU, GET WHAT YOU WANT”. That is unfair, and unwise; as truth grants “equal, not less”. Every decision matters: because these are the paths we create, and the direction life will go; for us both. If they are not shared decisions governed by the honesty of truth (for you both): then tragedies occur. “to share the path, is to care enough to respect “our truth, will not be divided”.

    There is in that an element of choices made, “that did not include me”; as the path of my own existence has clearly changed. Even so, the foundation of my own life is: to legally fight; to keep this entire Creation of life and world from extinction. As is my choice. I do surrender the truth; I cannot/ therefore I must accept, the best we can do; depends upon “you (the spiritual woman; who joined me”; for life and world.

    Clearly not your savior; just a choice, that changed the force of my own  direction.we the world” have been given the miracle of gifts in life and world; we cannot replace, or even save from extinction; if we don’t care”. And you know that is true. Why then: are you willing to throw away your world? I am not, the cost is, what It is. And that is the truth.

    1. Beyond hate is death by chaos.
    2.  no one can predict, what their own life will become.
    3. Love, is an elemental thing, a reality of environment, rather than a concept of hope. While desire forms the basis, of value shaped by expressions/ it is love that becomes the experience of what we do desire, to be our life’s work. While humanity wants love to be “their claim to possessions”; truth demands, it is not. As love is not a possession, but a definition of value; a gift without a cost beyond acceptance is trust. Which makes trust, the limits and boundary of what “our environment of love” can become. Into that creation of disciplines, comes the order of what we choose to be our truth. Into that Creation of work; comes the purpose of our desire. To achieve the value of life and living, that is, beyond simply self. Life is a depository of what we chose, by our own truth and freedoms. Living is a relationship, with who we chose to accept as our companions. Family reminds us, that forgiveness is required/ or we choose to be alone. Therefore the balance of our destiny, as it is shaped by our own choices: is what we chose to build, by our own truth and desire. Purpose intertwines with truth and desire, to form the passions of what we accept as our truth/ or believe as we want to believe. Age gives us the chance, to share what life has taught to us; because the young need to learn; before they fail; simply because they did not know. It is a duty, “universities hide; because they claim to be gods”; and need only to want what they want. Animals however have little to teach, as they never really learned how to be, truly; “human”. The difference is: that fate accepts the consequences of your choice. While being alive accepts the destiny chosen by your work, as is defined by the truth of love; presented by you.
    4. The question: did you then intend to “be spiritually female”? The answer: I am not spiritually female/ rather the life inside of me is spiritually changed, “to female has invaded here”. In her effort to save this world of women, to make equality and fair play the foundation of a new life on earth. I am more of a “Link, with the spiritual world”/ but retain a life, and the displaced body of male (found to have failed); now with female tits: ITS COMPLICATED. BUT I need for her to act, for life and world/ and she needs this body of time; to do that. We do then share a purpose beyond self; and that is not limited by definitions beyond truth!  A world faced with extinction, needs that and more. So, I “deliver her message too”; but the end result of it is: as a mailman delivers a letter to your door. “it is up to you to read it, and then participate as you choose to do”. A choice, only you can make! A reality of fighting for life and world, that only you can do. As the consequence to me is: “I don’t really belong” to either world; so I am not allowed to participate beyond what her control will allow. “its complicated”. Truth is an eloquence of law, that can be bent to allow for mercy; as is, even if this is not what life was intended to be: the value of love, allows that it should exist. “Because trust knows, it is for life/ not self”. Just for reference; I do not contend these are female tits, because they look the same/ but because my whole body says, “this is not male”; nor did they come from fat. But life as well now agrees, along with body; “female is here”. Order is somewhat abandoned/ disciplines are somewhat abandoned/ balance is somewhat abandoned; because the end result of it is: something changed here! Forces changed here. Dimensions and definitions changed here. Life has changed here; and I don’t know; “not a clue” as to what my own future will be? Its a quandary; filled with elements I don’t understand. BUT, that is simply “not my job”. So, whatever will be, will be. IT IS “complicated”.
    5. And I do, begin to wander; if the change in forces (receiving now; pull); will alter my existence in life or time; as it is far more literal than expected. Just like the differences between male (push) and female (pull) gender consists as the barrier; is far more different than expected as well; “worlds apart”. Do you need to know? “reality suggests; I have come this far/ why not?” So, the question of values arise: WHAT ARE, the differences that limit how close, to life and love accepted by truth; can we be? When truth locks the door, and says: you will never be the same/ force does not allow it! But as with “opposite forces attract”; they can be bound into forever truths; “as atoms, prove true”. As for my own reality; still no clue; although it seems certain that elemental forces have turned around; I don’t know how? Nonetheless, if we allow, that to be balanced; both forces must be present. Then it becomes an eloquent truth: that we must allow for our lives to be “close”/ separated by only the thinnest margin of error. But if not truth, then chaos will erupt; and the violence of what does not belong together will attempt to destroy both. Consequently life is serious, and love is an environment that will not allow for lies to control living.
    6. So the question is: being so elementally close; as I to live in her spiritual world/ and her to live within me as a relationship which includes time as this body: why are we not bonded together as one, or destroyed by a relationship beyond the laws which form us both? The answer to that: life on this planet needs us both; because to deliver the message of change or you will die as a world; (when male failed), has consequences far beyond either existence. So, there is no balance, order has been disrupted, and discipline does not know what it should be. Even respect is limited to love, as is shared; but cannot control. ITS COMPLICATED!Is there ANY conceptual element; which allows for the return to “a normal life (simply male, again)”? That too, is far beyond my ability to understand. I have no clue, but it is not likely soon. However I really have no evidence beyond doubt; that it will not be, whatever life will be, as  GOD  allows. In contrast to male;  that; I honestly am, starting to feel, “simply female (not male)” instead; is a new thing. Regardless of “male parts and pieces”.  Reality however knows: Time allows for change/ spiritual truth does not; this realm of life, allows for purifying truth only.  So, is this permanent; and how far will it go; is a question I cannot answer. Not my choice/ I simply don’t know. Why, I don’t know; “its not my job”. Yes, I am aware of all that ridicule and more is. Violence, etc. But that too, “is not my job”. It is, “just strange, and changing into, its just different”. Concepts allow; It has something directly tied to do: with forces, pulling life to participate within itself, as a boundary locked, by female is the door/ as opposed to the opposite. Which is life being pushed by forces which demand participate, by opening the door. Its complicated; I don’t know how, or what, or why, or whatever?
    7. Life will be ok, after all male and female are equals.The question of male versus female, however is: WHY, should we be opposites; with a barrier between us, that allows none to cross? The answer: it literally makes life more interesting for us all. “you cannot know what we know/ we cannot know, what you know; but together we do make one “entire life”. So the question is: how could I possibly cross the line that separates male from female; the answer to that is: when beginning to open the spiritual door of female; “naked female (leaving no room for doubt)” stepped out, and then ran away. A second or two later after opening the door partially, that same naked female had ran at high speed, into me from behind (not for you to know): entering my life in direct participation with me/ while the impact shoved me inside the door; and it closed, not to be opened again. so, “its complicated”; more than you can know. I personally have always liked the fact, “I needed to know female, in order to know life”/ and they male, as well, so it would seem. Altering that natural chemistry, seems unwise; but that too is not my job to know. So, we must begin with the Creation of life itself. And accept: that forces are contained by separation of differences. In order for life to exist as a multiplication of consequences; which is required in genetic compilations: two distinct forces must be employed. In order to move them within the rhythms that allow for life in time, there must be an eloquence of motions, which will combine; into one distinct flow. The universities discard that as “foolish and unwise”; because “They know”; life is like a paint by numbers picture and all they have to do, is change the color associated with the numbers; to declare themselves as “gods”. As with covid; the constant change and mutilation of human genetics; is to insure you never rise again; as Armageddon takes control over life on earth. The proof of universities, chose to be Satan (had to work at it; with arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for life); as nature is abandoned, and humanity worships its “new god” of university. You should congratulate them; after all; even the god of extinction/ is more than you can do; or they can do, without YOU. All hail humanity/ nature be damned; is that not so? Indeed it is, what you chose to do. Therefore the consequences are your own. The possibility to sustain life on earth: “is over”/ or soon will be, as truth aligns with extinction now is forever; a world gone mad/ a living world lost to the sewer of its ways.    But then that is what you wanted; except for the truth; that demands you will die. Alas, truth always wins;  it is the foundation of life, living, and survival; even into eternity.     and humanity “loves, its lies”/ as want, covers reality.

      Will you ever wake up, to fight for your world, before it is lost forever? I have no clue; it is not a decision I can make for you! The best I can do: is help you learn: “only truth survives”/ and in this world of “universities lead”; there is very little truth, and endless lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorism; covering over all that you do “need to know”.

      While the people commonly shout: “we are doing great; best we have ever been; thanks to our gods, the universities”. Yet all the evidence proves “no, you are on the edge of complete destruction of all life and earth.” because there is no respect/ there is endless arrogance and apathy for life/ and there is, an overabundance of pride so vile; that you cannot allow yourselves to be confronted with truth. Even though you know its true: you do scream and run away, because you know, “this won’t be free”.

      But neither will extinction; and all the horror of fears unleashed to become the end of life and earth.

      As for existence in me: the foundation of my truth apparently aligns more with female (to pull the children in closer, so they can survive)/ than male which aligns with war, to assert; this will solve our problems.