The core element of life is: the acceptance of hope, and the decision to participate, regardless of the trial and tribulation that will exist.

We must participate with reality, as is governed by truth. Nothing survives without truth, and nothing exists without truth, and nothing is sustained without truth. Therefore truth presents us with the law that must be obeyed, in order to achieve what life itself can do. Disciplines are required by law, it is not optional. Balance is required by thought, to achieve the environmental creation known as identity, or its counterpart which is peace achieved in this dimensional state of energy construction. Peace is the recipient of wisdom/ just as wisdom receives its value from knowledge and understanding. You cannot have the result; unless you accept the path that form that value.

People however “believe” whatever they want to believe; as is the basis and foundation of all gossip and ridicule. To humiliate, is to force “as is livestock into a cage”; the purpose is to hate/ and establish you are worthless to me: thereby judged. Only the cursed do that.

We then look to the existence of humanity, as both trial and tribulation/ coupled to desire, purpose, and the pleasure of being alive. I am “a miracle”/ just as are you. The foundation of it is to define and decide what your own identity is going to be; and what the limits and boundaries accepted by your life will sustain.


Here, we turn to the path that is eternity/ or as animals, “to the road (we can’t all be wrong)”; that is simply time ends our life, in this place. The difference is monumental; as all elements of hope exist upon that path/ but die upon that road. So the critical question is: “what is true”?

Individually, both are a decision which separates you, into the group you have chosen to join. While hate exists as a dimension separated from life by death/ it has no real place in life; and is “excreted out”.

So the critical answer is: those who understand and accept the knowledge of being a miracle of life; which means, we inhabit a body of existence so far beyond what we know exists; that only “ GOD “ DID this, can be our answer. Whereas those who conceive of themselves merely as animals, cannot attain the decision of life; because they have planted themselves in time, as ending with time. How do we know “miracles exist”? Consider and conceive of the intensity granted to your own body; which lives within a wide range of temperatures, grows itself/ creates itself/ grants you senses and movement and freedom and thought, and even sexuality and more. Realities only the most egregious of fools would try to destroy with evolution; those without even the conception of thought; or simply, “the toilet paper” of life.

Realities can be identified by truth; as is the simple construction of “for every action there is a reaction”/ as is the basis of time. Which is a slowed relationship between the composition of “life or death”. Realities formed within the basin of forces in motion; cannot be altered once they begin: therefore the essence of what is “right or wrong”/ and the cost of being wrong; must all be mitigated by the decision to learn. Humanity fails that test, to pretend “we are gods” instead; it is, a terrible choice. Because energy has no mercy, it is, what it is; as truth does prove.

So we expand the depths of decision, the participation called “where you belong”; into the qualifications of borders: as is “not beyond this point of force” will you be allowed to go. As is mercy; because death, for you, exists “outside this line”.

The question of life, then asks: how does thought control the force behind energy? A reality that will not be answered.

We then turn back to hope, and recognize our only solution to keeping this world alive is law. Therefore law is our hope, and only truth can identify what that law needs to be. The values of a society, are built into its law/ while the truth of every society is determined by the enforcement of that law. The curse upon any society is the corruption of that law. While the claim of some in society will always be; “that religion knows better”/ even though it is not perfect.

So we begin the journey, that is reflective of what law needs to be:

  1. to protect our lives, our planet, our nature, our child, our future and our nation is the essence of government. Because without government, thieves and tyrants; ravage and rape, killing as they go. Government is then intended to be our blessing, because it protects us all; by creating an army within the enforcement of law; that honors or intends to honor us all. NONE of that is current in this USA today. As is so obvious in the realities of our time; tyrants, as if wolves; stand at the ready to rip you apart. World law begins the journey back to life.
  2. To protect our freedoms and rights; means we cannot judge each other/ because only the law can do that; no human being, only the law. No beliefs are allowed/ no assertion of damage that is not sufficient to warrant law must invade here/ no claim of property or rights that belong to us all; only fair play, and the beginning of “same opportunities” for all. Recognizing those who came first to build, DO HAVE a right to own their solutions. While corporations and the rest, do not. These are elemental to the workings of society, and they will belong to that society, within its boundaries of influence: as is, we depend upon you/ just as you depend upon us; and you shall not leave us, unless we allow it to be so. The addition of limited capitalism refines this truth, to the values we have shaped to control and uplift ourselves. None of that is being done today; all is cast into the sewer of what can only be referred to as: an invasion of failure and fools. With puke and vomit for brains. Or we would not be surrounded by threats of our own extinction.
  3. To honor the future, YOU CANNOT RUIN IT, OR DESTROY IT, OR CAST IT INTO HELL; ALONG WITH EVERY CHILD, ALL OF LIFE, AND THE ENTIRE PLANET: because of what you did do. Obviously NO JUSTICE OR LAW, are valued or being done for society today: by any leader/ to any extent, from the past. They all merely throw society itself in the garbage; which is “the mark of reality, throughout, this society”.
  4. Keeping constitutional government alive as a democracy: REQUIRES, that we do make our own laws/ and we do enforce those laws/ and we do watch over our courts/ and we do throw out any judge or lawyer who does not honor our stated purposes as a nation in that courtroom. WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT/ they do not own the right, to tell us what to do. The constitution allows only for “good behavior” in its judiciary/ and we are their judge.
  5. The purpose: OF people who work in government employee, is to guarantee that the laws we the people do create as our version of society in this world: IS BEING KEPT. That means they are the investigators/ not lawmakers; as that is our job. Their job is to insure we get what we paid for/ and nothing less.
  6. The reality of money is: you shall tie it to the population count/ so that it always remains constant and secured, for life in society. TAKING AWAY, the option for government employees to create a debt/ or spend any taxation in places beyond what it was collected for. Hiring by bid to do the work that needs to be done. Such as the IRS is to be disbanded; those upper level employees banded from this work/ and the job of assessing and producing the collection of taxes; goes to bid (public vote); among accounting firms within their own locale.
  7. We have no future beyond this earth; which means all forms of failure to life and planet shall be aborted. Thereby returning to truth decides, and reality shall govern: because it will be your own extinction, if you do not.

Truth is determined by the evidence, NOT the expert! You will demand the evidence, which presents the foundation of their assertion, and all that supports any claim of discipline or order. Balancing what is found, with the best we can do for ourselves: EDUCATING EVERY ONE. With value, not cult worship.

The values of any society, are found in its law. THEREFORE MAKE YOUR OWN LAWS; GOVERNING THAT PROCESS, by letting the people identify and purify what they will accept; as the decision they are now going to make. What has been will be discarded. What is OUR LAW, as we choose it to be: shall take control over every court and government official EMPLOYEE.

BY TAKING AWAY THE POWER of money by limited capitalism/ BY TAKING AWAY THE POWER OF WEAPONS, creating world law instead. BY GOVERNING THE COURTS, thereby opening every door, locking every hidden place with penalties that are severe, and complete public access: we view our law in action. Establishing what needs to change or be adapted in another way. Because when it is done right/ it is “FOREVER” enough.

Corruption means: the public will NOT stand up for itself. The news is destroyed by the money and thirst for power. Therefore all methods necessary to insure the public can stand up for itself, is required; and that includes an army of investigators who will be paid for REAL WORLD EVIDENCE; that will aid in policing and law. The news media; WILL be returned to “an independent source in every town”/ access for all: because we will own “like the roads” all transmission capabilities as a nation or state. People will be paid for truth in content; that the public needs to know.

Religion has a value. But religion is limited to “how life began or how life will end” which gives to it the flexibility called “belief”; YOUR CHOICE. However the “middle ground” of rules and realities and lessons learned over time as is the basis of religious participation in any group; is not functionally religion, and should not be used to enforce any form of compliance. We own our own bodies/ and whatever happens to them or however we use them; IS OUR OWN business/ not yours. SO LONG AS YOU ACCEPT THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ AND FORCE NO ONE, to accept your own decision; as is called individual freedoms. To facilitate that in society; what is NOT the norm; must be limited to “zones” when the “supply is sufficient”; in cities. With clear warnings (don’t enter here unless)/ and your own policing; which will comply in all other areas.

The definition or purpose of; Christian religion is: to identify and define those who accept love as their purpose in life, and desire for living, along with the hope of eternity, as presented by JESUS. It is not greatly different than that; and each religion should present its own version of “hope and truth”; by which the rest can then trust, “this is who you are”.

When love meets motion, it displays truth. This is an affiliation with trust, because love cherishes truth, and truth is a foundation creating the experience and expressions of time. Trust in that truth, becomes law. While respect for the evidence of love, cherishes identity. Therefore the critical step in defining yourself, is to become the embodiment of these things; as is “destiny defined”.

Hate hides, to display nothing/ unless required it finds a lie or manipulation, or passion for causing chaos to erupt (as is university: today).

Love displaces animal, when respect has driven it outside your life/ by replacing time with the eternity of miracles that are revealed as the evidence of more than we can understand is here.

Animals play games, and live for their place in the herd. Being alive, means you live for an eternity in evidence, but not yet proven by time; apart from order and disciplines which submit to: only thought, did this.

The question is not: what guarantee do you have? Because your life is a guarantee of realities beyond our comprehension. What that means in terms of eternity, is less clear. But truth allows: it is JESUS who guarantees Love/ not hate is welcomed to find out. Therefore all judgment revolves around the evidence of your own love, and your own dignity as an identity formed by justice and respect. The decision is yours/ the reality of mercy; belongs only to GOD our CREATOR.

Universities WILL scream: “ain’t no such thing/ we are YOUR gods”. But they also screamed evolution: which means chaos, accident, no brain, built one piece at a time, and no evidence apart from “this looks like that”; is literally all the have. Few: greater fools, have ever lived/ and yet with media, and educational indoctrination of all school children; the failure of other religions, and such; they were allowed, to manipulate you to believe. To your own shame, propaganda is a terrible thing.

So we then stand at the door: of life or death for our world/ because that is where the decisions of university knows; brought us today.

And the question is asked: will you stop being a child, that has no brain, because the universities stole it. CHOOSING to ask the important questions of life or death for our world, instead of being distracted with “small consequences”? Or simply let this world die; because YOU, did not care enough? Answer, it is YOUR life! And there is no going back.

Of things which can be done, and must be done to survive as a world. There is a long list which involves: THE UNIVERSITIES ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be allowed to do this anymore. It is that simple.

But important beyond measure is also, what all of humanity does: which is without population control, there are no solutions of any kind for any one. It is that simple, and it is a “woman’s domain”/ and they must find their solution; or we all die.  ZERO population rise, or less/ is the only answer of life.

Important is: that men will realize, WAR SOLVES NOTHING/ and their insanity to pursue it is absolutely worthless, as the simple truth of it is: kill a billion people/ and there are still 7+ billion more to go; along with all the disease that will create. So its weapons of mass destruction that will be used/ and it is extinction they will do; ending their own lives as well, along with every need or life on earth. Simple as that.

Important for leaders is: you cannot be parasites anymore; attacking/ maiming/ killing/ destroying/ playing games with life or earth or the future. You must be a value. You must become protectors of the future. You must earn the value of your position by participating with grace, in respect for all life and planet. That is your job; less will fail us all. Sustaining an honest courtroom is paramount to peace and justice for life and earth.

Important is: you cannot kill the future, by stripping it of every resource. You must accept the responsibility that is: we are entitled to sustain ourselves with realistic happiness to that end. But we are not entitled to create garbage mountains/ pollution beyond description of disgrace/ NOT entitled to poison the earth or its water/ or endanger every child. Which of course is everything you are doing to your shame; as “universities lead, and play god”/ worshiping their religion of chaos, as is evolution. To your shame.

In the real world of time; humanity plays only 3 fundamental games. I can steal from you/ or stop you. I can manipulate you, or stop you. I can be superior to you, or judge you by creating lies instead. These three orchestrate want, and want orchestrates all human behaviors. Pride is a part of want creating the games. Power is part of want, which acts and chooses to be your judge; which becomes violence. Because only justified law can judge, without corrupting society (how we live together). Respect demands we choose that law together, value demands we all understand that law and therefore can protect it. Honor expects truth, but only evidence can prove that is so. Consequently “dating”; continues to take time; because hate hides from sight, and manipulates what is true.

if you do not let the evidence lead you/  heartache is coming. Do not make excuses for lies/ accept only truth.

SPIRIT means: “only the purity of truth, will decide now”. Because only the purity of truth can survive beyond time. While time allows for the construction of choices/ eternity does not. Your choice is your truth, and it is not open to change as is time. Therefore everything about your choices MUST be “ironed out”; so that what is real, is real. The consequence of death is: that what you believe is true; will attack you, until you do know what is true/ thereby removing lies, if you survive. Beliefs have no value in eternity; and must be removed, because believe it or not:  ONLY TRUTH (it is what it is) SURVIVES.

The definition of my life is then: that while entering into truth, by searching for purity; life directed me to open the boundary line between male and female. WHICH IS NOT open to debate, nor is the limit of one/ entitled to overlap the limits of the other. An exception was made: because this world of life is ready to enter extinction. Consequently the elements of shared existence between male and female are encountered for life to survive. But having given you the keys “we built”/ the end result of that is; I simply cannot escape the truth, I did in fact enter a female world; where no male is allowed. The consequences of that are still “changing me”. Believe it or not.

This world, can no longer survive: unless male and female join as equals, participating with each other as if we were “just one living existence”. Without hope or happiness, life dies inside. To sustain that level of desire inside; requires love. The essence of love is “I shared, because we cared for each other”. No element of love is more foundational to life, than male and female as one. Without want, it will be love that keeps you alive! Without change it is want, that will make you die.

Nonetheless, the value of our work as both male and female joined as one for the sake of life on earth; has been established.

It is value that assembles life into “the treasury of our memories”/ it is hate that assembles time into “your intent for revenge”. The cost that is: I need an enemy, to combat my fears! Critical to our existence is discipline; because realities can tempt us all. Without discipline, order fails. Without forgiveness when appropriate, balance fails; and we become judged. The expression of love is caring/ the experience of love is sharing/ the respect for life as is given to us, is found in justice. The body evidences discipline by its shape. But it does not reveal order or balance or respect in that reality. Each is essential, dependent upon your own drive for truth; as is required for trust to exist beyond self. The essence of truth is, what reality reveals. The quest for truth is then in its search, and where the journey leads. Purity asks: only truth. But the spiritual world presents options, which are determined to remove every hidden thing; forcing you to admit, “to who you are”. It is “a multitude of doors” leading each one, to a distinct truth; once you are invited in. but as has been told: once you open the door, and enter; there is no escape unless you understand what is true herein. There is NO joining door to exchange gender; you are as you were born: like it or not. But it is also true, I searched, and at the pinnacle of “male” found a path that led to female: “just to ask a question/ never intending to enter”. That path was closed in my presence; to prove no going back, nor can any other enter here. And life did change. “its complicated”.

Men use focus to remove the claim of consequences, as is true of all truth. By using; Focus, narrows the wall; that then surrounds the fact of what is being done; with isolation. Women use the gathering of “intelligence”, as a method of sustaining manipulation/ thereby control through intellectual games. As force is not on their side.

We are done/ and it is in fact “up to you”, as humanity on earth; to change yourselves. Letting truth decide, not your want; or extinction will come. As that becomes the consequence of these choices you have already made.

YES, I know change is hard. YES, I know there are reasons and realities that made life this way. YES, I know generations throughout time have merely followed their want/ to make their decisions for them. But you have destroyed that with threats of extinction that are true. CHANGE IS ELEMENTAL, and will be serious; or you die, as is the truth.

End the competition. Participate as equals. Seek justice for all, and let freedom be as free as it is possible to be. Discover happiness with your love. Define the value that is most dear to your heart, and then separate hate out from you/ “to its own place in this world; or death when this is absolutely sure”. Anger separated; so that judgment remains neutral for you; until it has made their own final decision: “hate or animal or love”? As is reality for us all. Medical issues remain: NONE should die of little things/ ALL must die from the big things; extending death, is merely robbery; not help.