What is of tragic interest; is the failure of education/ and the cost in humanity of what that means. of tragic interest; is the reality of even the innocent must pay the lawyer. of tragic interest; is once in prison, the future is dead until released/ and then you are behind in all ways and means for time lost. of tragic interest; are the endless delusions of punishment that has no meaning other than hate/ while mercy is not for hate (as the public proves), the reality is: if you fail mercy/ you gain hate; where it was not before. The law must intervene in hate, and separate that reality from life in order for peace to exist. Hate wears a disguise to deceive/ while anger screams to let everyone know; because beneath the squall-er of that, is a cause that may or may not be true. People believe in gossip, and gossip has reduced many lives to tragic consequences are from this; but gossip is never true, even if “a grain of sand” was found. As to prisons; it is again the truth of our reality, that those inside can determine far better than “the universities delusion” of a parole board. Which means: reality would demand, “apart from the disease of hate”/ it is the inmates who should decide who is released or not; after time served/ with an equal voice to the guards you observe. The reward for doing correctly is: you will gain something you want. While the cost of being wrong, dependent upon what that is; shall remove something you don’t want to leave. True for guards as well as inmates; remembering hate always wears a disguise, until found out, or pushed too far. Many are those on the outside, whose hate should be on the inside: evidence is required. It is constant in the realities of human crime; that an investigation should occur. Both for the accused and the victim: society needs to pay for that/ so the best we can do, is what we do: do. Which means the lawyer fees should be set in accordance with what gives to society its most justified result. There are elements of truth to the costs of a courtroom: such as drug addiction does need an intervention of reality/ not the failures of today, but real world introduction to the decision which is “you will live or die” here/ CHOOSE. Once sufficient time (removal from drugs) has past to enable an honest decision. The foundation of punishment; should encompass the real world effects of “thieves who live with thieves”; so they can experience the real world effects of what this means “to you”; here and now. With little oversight. Disciplines/ order/ and balance; are reformed by respect, and the decision to care: or where is the line, that defines, the essence of life, which is to share. Dedicated to this line of research is: WHEN it is logically sufficient, to deny rights and freedoms, in the presence of fear/ the tragedies of violence? The answer: only the evidence can decide for us all. As is truth cannot be determined, until we have done our best to establish what reality can prove. Belief is NOT enough/ nor is gossip, ridicule, or any other method of forcing violence on another: only the evidence that is MORE THAN, what you think or theorize is true. Because people accept “whatever they want” as the evidence enough. When the situation does allow for time; defending against invasion is required; as we proceed. But that DOES NOT include as with covid: the intrusion and rebellion against nature, as with vaccines claimed to be “safe”/ but come with no such evidence of value. Instead EVERY DOOR is opened, and every reality is assessed; and each individual makes up their own mind as to what they will do or not do; as is democracy enforced. Unlike those who claim: “ruler/ over you” instead, using force to comply, because we claim to be gods; in worship of university knows. A reality proven false in every concept of life and planet; as being surrounded by threats of our own extinction have proven true. “believe/ fear/ obey” as enforced by media: is the strangle hold of the dead, on you.

Hate is a separated matter, and it has no solution other than death: or removed from society, to your own segment of living with those who hate. NO escape allowed; when reality proves “it is sure”. The arsonist: is removed to the starkest, most empty form of desert possible; and allowed a minimum of potential to survive, if they are determined. That is what they did to nature/ that is what they get in return (for this is what you chose). If they do survive/ they are returned to prison, and after one year; their fellow inmates and guards shall decide if they can return. Which means: they will be required to work 12 hour days, until society deems it enough. A violent rapist: will be removed of his testicles: NO MORE CHEMICALS, means no pleasure in the purpose of rape; after on year in jail: the inmates and guards will decide. People who knew and deliberately spread sexual disease on purpose; are to be incarcerated, and left to die: if that was their choice for you. The only other option is “to remove the weapon” of your hate (never again). The costs and consequences of life and choice are “unknown to universities”/ their claim is NO cost or consequence for us; which is vile and must be removed from all educational venues or purposes. TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES ARE THE FOUNDATION OF EDUCATION; see to it, reality is served, and everyone has their chance to learn what truth will bring. In this America; the constant crime of society is: REMOVE THE COMPETITION, so we can have more/ SO EVERY CHILD CAN BE ENSLAVED; by the deceit of hate. OR you would teach them; throughout schooling and you leave them blank to the disease of your failures. Making them victims to your shame. GROW UP, and stop being animals; or you will enter your choice and become predator and prey, without human existence inside. WAKE UP, and fight for your world; or go extinct.

The more proper context for returning to society: is a fully functional “town”/ whereby inmates to be released are functionally and fully over-viewed; and to be judged by all the inmates and guards. Determining IS THIS THE SOCIETY YOU WANT TO LIVE IN? Those incarcerated with value: can teach, and should prepare for that/ because reality is certain of what is true.

In this America: THE FOUNDATION OF OUR DEMOCRACY IS FREEDOM! Therefore the latest element of rebellion against that freedom is being found in the insurgency that is started with “january 6”; (we want our nation back)/ and is now proceeding to displace all opposition with the rule of anarchy; as is “no freedom here”. Trump being merely “the dog meat” fought over/ by the wolves of failure as is the constant of american government disgrace.

Freedom does NOT expand to grant disrespecting the foundations of constitutional democracy/ but it does expand to include: WE SHALL NOT fail our duty to defend this nation from those who are surging against it. The proper method of that is through taxation, and the refusal to pay: until the LAW THAT IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES (WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE NOW) HAS BEEN ENFORCED in open court, as it is the clear certainty of WE THE PEOPLE; are owners here/ NOT our employees. That removes the curtain of disgrace, and investigates truth; NOT want.

Make no mistake: refusing to pay the taxation is not an end to tax/ it is merely the refusal to pay now/ because the insurgency is real, and this is our means of protecting ourselves without civil war. Refusing taxation, TO DEMAND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW RULES OUR NATION/ is refusing to pay for their rebellion against us as is: “the patriotic thing to do”. Although it will solve nothing on its own; because they counterfeit our securities, and have bankrupted the nation itself into poverty. Because you wanted trophies more than a nation, or even your child. To your shame. So now the cost is climbing out of the grave they dug for you to live in/ and accept the price is, what it is. Fortunately that price is: redress of grievances, which eliminates the claim of rulers; as with covid: “shouting we believe”/ that they are entitled to disobey the law, because of human fears.

The cost of human freedom is: “clearly NOT perfect, or even sane at times”. But anything less is the curse of rulers, and the condemned disgrace; “a democracy no more”.

We must endure the ignorant, even the vile and stupid: BUT DEFEND against those who hate us, and are determined to remove our freedoms, with their righteous worship of a cult; called “university knows”/ as is clearly in charge of government. But instructing those who make the decision for us: with contamination of knowledge so grievous: that they mutilate nature through genetics/ attempt to ignite atoms on fire (on a planet made our of fuel)/ destroy everything we need to survive.

The foundation of extinction is: to choose a lie, rather than the truth/ to let want decide rather than the evidence. To make excuses for what you know is wrong, because the cost of correcting this, is more than you want to endure. But extinction is the result; and your actions identify a failure to care for life or planet itself. Making you an accomplice to their failures.

This american government EXISTS; upon the elements of life and nation being taught through all levels of schooling by “university knows”. Every part, every piece, every manipulation through media, or temptation through advertising, or betrayal as is the disgrace of elections propagated by those who want power for themselves.

LIFE is not about what you want, want is about the herd; and herds do not have a voice in their own government; they follow leaders, as is the intent of “university plays god”.

Government leadership in democracy is: the direction and purpose and work, of redress of grievances/ as is the law. To decide for ourselves, what we will accept as our truth in law, as will then orchestra our society as we have chosen it to be. So long as we do enforce that law; we made by your own vote, for ourselves. The difference is “I vote for the law/ NOT I vote for someone to then vote for me”! See the difference?

The elemental design of OUR LAW rules us now: IS very simply, we the people will govern ourselves; because in this day we are able to do so! We do have the means to make that true/ and we are on this earth “8+ billion people, versus a very tiny few”. We are the military, policing, everything; and we can decide for ourselves: what is fair to us and our world/ thereby policing leaders around this world: WITH WE THE WORLD: HAVE MADE THIS: LAW!

As is consistent with life: there is no value in assessing the past, unless it reveals truth in evidence as a value we do need to know. INSTEAD the value of our existence, is determined by what we choose for our nation, state, or world to be.

Consequently: it is the decision to establish truth in values; that matters in an election. It is the assembly of enforcing their oath of office, as the preamble and true intent for justice has established by amendments. Letting the work be governed by less; than our design for freedoms and rights above rulers. Law rules, not the employee; enforced that becomes our democracy. Not their delusion.

Leadership for these last fifty years in this USA; is a proven disaster; as every threat which surrounds us all in this world proves true. Which makes every other leader “nearly same”; with few who stand out at all. Because the end result of it is: “the people want what they want”/ and what they want is to be rich; regardless of the consequences; and it is “University leads” that answered their call with: NO CONSEQUENCES FOR US. We don’t need no damn reality/ we don’t need no damn truth/ we don’t need no damn law or evidence or the cost of being WRONG. All we need is lies created by numbers/ manipulation created by media/ cult worship created by education/ religious deferral to university knows; to devalue and discard consequences/ resources that belong to the every child/ and a world that refuses to survive; by choosing extinction instead. As is the cost of being wrong. As is the cost of “university imagination” rules now. To your shame.            as with the grave:  there are no second chances, for being WRONG, ABOUT LIFE OR PLANET.              AND you know it.

If you want control over social media influences on your child: WHY do you buy them access/ when a simple old style “flip phone” will do; along with parental access controls; at home and in other places? Schools can mandate that, in schools; and so on; thereby gaining control.