elemental ride

For the basic reality of dating between male and female; there are some simple rules.

  1. You cannot know, if you do not ask/ therefore be kind to each other, and tolerant.
  2. To enable “knowing without asking”: the use of objects which identify you as someone looking, or a host of other “telling moments”; can easily be done with “flags”. Just like armies identify each other with a simply flag. People who are looking for someone else, can advertise by such things as a hat/ which tells a story. Or basically anything that invites a conversation.
  3. Always be listening to what they want/ because what they want, will dictate what they are going to do, and want you to do; as time goes on. If there is no significant want, and the elevation of life ascends into the realm of love: this person is alive, and you need to treat them well.
  4. Do not latch on: the greatest tragedy of dating is: one decides, and uses their decision to manipulate or control another with sex or other methods of chaining you to them. Every lie is an act of war; because it means: “you, are more important to you/ than me”. Which is functionally required; that you must be “an adult” unto yourself/ but you must NOT try to steal my life, or take control over my body; because you want something I am trying to leave or have not decided upon yet. The value of a decision in favor of “binding ourselves together”: is determined only by trust! If you kill that trust with manipulation/ then your relationship will fail.
  5. Without respect there is no relationship: it does not exist/ and you are playing a game, or they are; which includes the potential of hate. Wherever there is significant or real jealousy: there is also abuse hiding/ that will find its way out. Walk away, and close the door.
  6. Truth is the elemental ride of life/ rather than death. Only truth survives, because it cannot be changed! Therefore in the reality of living; it is only truth that enters eternity with you/ and all the lies; will be removed to leave only your own truth.
  7. NEVER look for trophies in any relationship/ that is a game you are playing; a reality of pride you are showing; and pride will prove to be the enemy/ because it destroys the value of life, with your game, and claims for toys and trinkets come first. Or “whoring: as is only the money matters”.

People search for happiness/ which means if you are not happy, they will not be searching for you. Happiness is granted: when you value life itself, and understand this is in fact a world of miracles and there is nothing less. EXCEPT for human lies, and the cost of human decisions.

Remove want, and your mental state will change: because the game then ends, and you are simply a living miracle of existence; rather than someone “winning or losing” against the rest.

Understand: the foundation of every decision that you make is either: LOVE IS THE VALUE you seek/ OR hate is the curse of what you do/ OR animal proves that want, pride, and power; owns your life and living, and this is determined by what you believe/ fear/ or obey. The most common reference to animal is want; which is determined by possession/ pride; which is determined by trophies/ or power; which is determined by making someone else cry, “just because you can”.

Stay away from hate. Limit and define the boundaries which separate animals from your own life. Search for those who are alive, but remember: that love is a commodity, it can be given away/ which means: YOU DON’T own it anymore; as is heartbreak. But love is also the greatest and most significant treasure in the universe itself; and should never be taken for granted. Give what you can afford to lose/ in like measure with those who are willing to share with you; until trust isolates the values of both hearts: into the treasury of who we are as one.