Want moves the animal, to take whatever it is he or she wants. Those who win, claim the prize of pride, to form the decision of power; which is to rule over the others; because they now have the most. Which brings weapons to instill fear; the result of hate. So men choose war, to take back what others have stolen/ and war creates hate to enforce fear shall rule.

But life is born in time, as the critical moment of “life or death” surfaces here. Critical moments appear in every life; and it is these that determine respect and value, the disciplines of law/ or abuse and violence, the behaviors of a beast. Hate rules the beast, and it brings war with weapons to enforce fear. Law brings life, and it blesses us all with truth; as the decision to enforce justice appears, in the values of living that are “fair play”. But pride wants none of that; as it does eliminate “the winner”/ and without winning, we are equals.

The ascension of life is, to earn respect for the decisions that you do make in living/ the honor you have achieved in “life comes first, along with planet”/ and the values accepted as love lives here.

Want is an abyss, and it swallows all who choose it. Pride is an enemy, and it seeks to make you alone, forever lost. While power resides in hate, and transforms life into death; as the descent grows ever deeper in you.

To become alive again, as humanity on earth: you must accept the decision that life and planet do come first. That cannot be done unless you let truth itself decide what is “the best we can do”. That does not exist: unless you are willing to search for truth, and discover the price of being wrong: so that honesty can come forth, in our journey to be more than time has given. In a moment, the grace and truth of “miracles surround us”/ becomes a life beyond self; as we search within that Creation of our existence to surface where thought will come.

It is thought which assembles life, because without thought: you can not see or hear or move or exist. You cannot know or understand or acknowledge what wisdom is. Therefore thought is the moment of transition from “nothing into life”. Therefore thought is the element; which transforms existence into eternity; as we strive to understand: the best we can be. Because thought is “an exceptional environment” beyond time itself. Time does not hold it, “to a body”. Life then becomes; whatever “heaven can be”/ because we are part of that experience, to express the best love can offer.

To step across the line; is to accept: “that no part of a beast” shall be found here.

In contrast: men create a fight in order to shout, “look at me”/ they kill to scream; “you did not listen to me”. And they war to steal, and to enforce the power of hate; to claim superiority. In a moment of disgrace; failing life itself.

Tragedy adds: women are now being taught to do the same.

The tyrant: surrounds himself with hate/ because he “has no friend”; and seeks violence to keep his enemies at bay. But hate is a traitor, and as always, “when the trophy is big enough; turns his hate to war”.

The predator will always seek to surprise, hiding in the shadows and corners of darkness: to avoid them, “stand only in the light, and in the open so all can see.”

but understand: as with all matters of being considered a prey (part of a herd)/ be aware of what is true. Being human requires respect, and that is seen in everything you do; respect does not “falter from truth”. Respect is the true basis of heart. Respect opens the door to soul, and may even invite you in. Respect between male and female determines how long your relationship will survive. Respect for your children defines and determines to what extend they will truly participate in your life/ as you participated in their lives: because without listening with honest care, and sharing the truth we are each responsible for our own lives. The best we can do, is to teach. Disciplines shape the body of life itself, order shapes the decisions of society for a future. Balance determines if the value we are to each other is justified or not. And respect always intends to participate with fair play; even though reality sometimes fails, and must be forgiven. Because the truth of it is: other realities of our existence have been causing chaos; that can be true for both. But truth will not be found: unless you are willing to accept the need to identify what is true/ the cost of being wrong.

I, for my part: wish you the best. However wishing, is like praying: which is asking to be heard. NOT commanding “GOD”, as most of religion does.

The difference between right and wrong: is not how loud can you scream/ or whether you get in someone else s face, to make them do something you want. It is not righteousness, as is “I KNOW the rule”. But as truth would define, as a freedom inherent to life/ or a reality of discipline and order as is apparent in our direction as a society creating “liberty”.

While that is not enough for some; it is truth decides not “you or me”.

Whereas the battleground; becomes restricted by zoning; when necessary. To this is your area for freedoms as you describe them/ but over here is ours, as we describe them. The foundations of liberty must not overwhelm truth or freedom to insist: these are the rules, UNLESS it is absolutely apparent, harm will be more grievous to society itself, than is allowed.

One of the examples for this is: those who breast feed, are allowed to do that anywhere in society; because no matter who you are. The critical care of infants cannot be denied; courtesy however would provide discipline and order will balance the decision.

One of the examples for that is: those who escape into drugs; shall not do so in public. But shall be given a place to do so as is “the opium den of old”/ with a difference. Those who use shall sign agree: no medical intervention for you; but family or religion, will be notified. Those who deal in drugs shall be chained to the delivery of drugs here; and their own freedom is dependent upon who dies, or does not. Every aspect of this “area of humanity” shall be publicly open for viewing; so that each may know the cost of their decision, and the reality of what it means; in real life. Drugs shall be confiscated from dealers; and these are to be used here. If they run out/ they run out; no one buys for you.

One of the examples is: that the list of driving offenses goes far beyond “drunken driving”. However the intent to punish does not: making those abused by criminal contempt for Amendment 8 of the US constitution; an active crime. The rule is: to enforce an adequate realistic opportunity for all to be as free as they can be; without critical endangerment of society itself. As is the current methods of car design; which eliminates simple controls; for you must now study and learn how to use computers, to do anything you need.

Or robotic driving; which uses radiation and laser detection throughout the roadway; on every person in range: asking of every person, NO THINKING needed (no greater distraction exists). no thinking allowed, no law exists, because human is not involved. Which does mean: that artificial intelligence is built, to rule over us, instead of we rule over it.

Establishing true distraction; fully equal, to drunken driving. Along with prescription medicines, phones, police computers, and more. The decision of every society MUST BE: “ ….to establish justice (not punishment), insure domestic tranquility (no you can’t), provide for the common defense (this is fair), promote the general welfare (as are options, that can be valued by all), and secure the blessings of liberty (which does dissolve wants; when reality says no). That includes “a more perfect union” which grants to smokers an environment “zoned separate”; as society gives/ as realities such as the tragedy of fools (such as mutilating nature, and so much more) must take away. Do better.

The power over society, IS: “IN THE PROMISES”. Every single penny is a promise to someone/ every single threat is intended to make people fear the leader, which includes the court. Every law is a promise to both sides of it. Every weapon is a promise; entirely dependent upon sanity and responsibility. Food, water, more is a promise of another day. Or more distinctly: what we promise to each other, creates the power that then rules over society. We cannot stop the thieves; because we lose the promise of counterfeit money to ourselves. We cannot stop corruption or threats; because we lose our ability to make the others fear/ and that makes us all equal (so we cannot be rich; beyond reality). We cannot make the law our one with rules/ when truth gets in the way with justice. We cannot stop a weapon; because society is dissolving into hate. We refuse to confront the reality of overpopulation: because it demands change; and all scream “we want what we want”. So power walks in promising; “we will give you what you want”/ if you obey our demand for pride over you; and power to make you fear. We get everything we want/ because you “worship the bribe” and sell your soul. “Because its EASY”/ AND NOBODY cares among the mob; about the cost, or what truth demands.

What is lost, in the scourge of promises broken and UN-kept: is the belief; that nothing matters in a fantasy world, where delusions, failures, and fools decide the future. That means: wants are surrendered/ pride is lost to reality/ and the power to make people do what leaders want them to do; is determined by fear enforced without law.

So the question is: are you prepared to lose your world, and everything in it; including every child. For promises “you could be rich/ IF nobody cares”? Because these promises are dead already; and will not be coming back. Leaving the truth question to be answered: WILL YOU SACRIFICE YOUR WORLD, LETTING IT DIE; and everything in it; to continue the lies? To continue degrading this earth: into HELL? Answer, because there will be no going back. FIND YOUR BRAIN, AND LEARN WHAT IS TRUE!

Bankruptcy is the removal of promises; so that an accurate and real accounting can occur. Removing the lies, revealing the thieves, challenging the leadership, and constructing what will come next; by choosing what is fair to all. Ultimately real democracy demands “limited capitalism”; which means by “periodic vote”; we choose the limits of income anyone is allowed/ and the boundaries of property possession as is consistent with everyone gets a chance to be “honestly free”. Tying the currency count to the population of citizens. Refusing new debts; unless we the people provide that funding without regret. Ending the claim of “let the future pay”/ because children are not your slaves. And rebuilding international trade with actual values such as “gold based money”. No more robbing the resources of every child. No more discarding the earth to claim you won’t pay. No more refusing reality or letting “universities play god” in any form or facet at all. Limiting media to public ownership of the transmission devices/ same as owning the roads. Paying the journalist for real world stories as needed/ not the claim of ownership as is constitutionally intended. Stopping the rape and ransack of everything. Denying the insurgency of failure as is the constant of “a university education” which denies us everything; but debt. Or more simply: every damn thing the universities designed is to be dismantled, in one way or another; and LIFE AND EARTH COME FIRST instead. Leaving and living for a future that can be created for every child; as best we can.

These are: the methods of survival, and deserve respect.

As to survival of the nation: remember this, that for the last fifty plus years, you have been living on lies, being paid with lies, claiming let the children pay for everything, discarding every truth that matters; and letting the entire world be desecrated by “university knows”. Stolen from by the universities are a cult; with covid. So what you surrender are lies; and nothing more. Because your choice is: this whole planet will die, if you don’t. So says the evidence; and YOU ARE WARNED, don’t walk away from your own extinction; for failure to learn or care.

As to realities: all continue working as they are/ or as they can. Every worker getting the same wage for accomplishments that are real. Deciding and investigating what is real, and what our future should be by the law we create is a job; and will be paid as such. Remembering while in transition from lies to truth: it is, the government that pays with a debit card that keeps an accurate accounting for each. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at all times/ in view; so there are no surprises. At the end of bankruptcy: we chose for ourselves/ there will be a settling up, for all acceptable charges/ which includes international trade. Citizens only; with the exception immigrants may be provided passage home. People who failed to become citizens, after 12 years: will be sold out within a year, and returned home. Businesses will be reorganized for the benefit of society. Instead of money rules/ it will be resources rule; and the future shall not be destroyed. No exceptions; reality of life, and a future for this planet comes first. And that includes world law, and no further weapons of mass destruction or major military anywhere in this world.

Do not let them dissuade you: as each of these things and more; truly is, entirely doable and real. But that comes with a caveat: A DIFFERENT WORLD REQUIRES/ “A different way”; and that cannot be done, without women taking the lead specifically in law and justice. The search for truth!

Those who have opposed you with hate; letting leaders decide for their lives/ ARE now faced with the truth of change, and the realities of lies paid them, fear created; and justice is coming for those who choose the wrong side, from this point forward. If the law does not serve truth.

I, for my small part: am only available to “organized women”, who are then, able to make a difference, because they care. Reality continues change. Life and earth, and child ask: “who will care”?  It is not a beauty contest, and to some degree:  “I have already achieved, ugliest:  prize”.  No excuse exists. To all who read: IT IS your job to inform, and to make a difference on your own.  no game/ no maze/ no hidden agenda:  clear and simple as plain can be.   NO CHANGE/ MEANS NO FUTURE, for this world.   not a game/ so says the evidence! 

Your part, is to understand: that the legal war of politics, is an attack on democracy itself. Guaranteed to distill into civil war, as reality becomes “separated and divided” without a say. Because the insurgents, called ‘university knows”; want it that way.