The foundation of ALL government is: “we ARE ALL, just plain people; and that literally means: YOUR DECISION IS NOT “my government”/ no matter who you are. YOUR decision, is your attempt to be successful in understanding the reality of what must be decided; along with those you listen too, for advise.

While that might seem “the best we can do”/ as a society governed by democracy; it is only one voice in this USA among 3-4 hundred million. Therefore you cannot speak for the majority/ because the majority have not spoken. By vote, that majority speaks; and IS GOVERNED, by the contract of our constitution which states: there are laws, rights, and foundations in justice: which must first, be obeyed. Covid proved the constitution is abandoned; while fear and the propagation by media, demanded OBEY/ don’t question, DON’T seek to understand among yourselves. DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD; because we are now your “gods”. Trump established covid; no questions shall be asked, not even of the money/ Biden; Pritzker, for IL; enforced nazi takeover, as is: obey or suffer the consequences of our rule/ our, my decision: is god over you. WE RULE HERE! AS IS: open rebellion against democracy itself, a form of anarchy.   A HIRED EMPLOYEE: IS NOT ENTITLED, to play god/ or claim superiority. Your job is merely to enable us as a society: to make our own decision, where critical authority is needed. Your job, is to understand when health or age: makes this job impossible/ which means others hold “the puppet of your hand”. What happens when a president dies? While the cursed shout revenge; shall threaten this nation. while the public shall understand:  “all we have to do, IS BUY an electoral college vote”. As is, and has been done, “all the time”.

THE SEWER IS, as the sewer does: US politics runs as media coverage allows, turning it into another male driven episode of “good versus evil; get your gun”. Rather than real politics: which demands leadership is about making the decisions, producing the information identify as true: which then enables this society to do the best it can; with what is left. NONE OF THAT, is enabled by media: whose job it is to create the maze, which leaves reality behind. An intellectual war; driven by those who want power “behind closed doors”. Where the thieves have already taken everything/ and the liars rule our nation: and media propagates. Because when confronted by ‘the failure of everything”/ there ain’t nothing left: but truth or lie!

WHY? Because when everything is a game; “we can then play winner or loser/ us or them; screaming and shouting and playing”!  TO avoid every real world threat that exists. Because like war itself: the purpose here is to lose reality, REFUSE responsibility; and make the curse of choices to foolish to admit too:  a game of chaos rules now/ your soon to be fate.

YOU CANNOT ESCAPE TRUTH/ it is, what it is; and the evidence convicts you of: CHOOSING EXTINCTION FOR YOUR WORLD. OF LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, BETRAYAL, TERRORISM, INSURRECTION, CORRUPTION, CONSPIRACY, COLLUSION, EXTORTION, AND EVERY FORM OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR THAT IS POSSIBLE TO DO. YOU ARE past the point of leadership/ regardless who that is: FIND THE LAW, that makes your survival possible as a society, as a world/ or accept your grave.

An entitlement is: the right to expect, that equal treatment under the law; is your freedom to do what you choose to do/ to work as reality will allow for you to work/ to belong to whatever organization you wish to work with, or believe in. that is all, as there is no entitlement for making someone else work for you/ do your bidding/ pay your bills, and whatever else is left along those lines. HOWEVER the right to expect: is a job that pays the bills adequately, and without sacrifice others don’t make. The equal treatment is a value that expects an education worth having for life and how we live it. The freedom of life is a choice: but you are responsible for the outcome of your choice/ we are not. Everyone can not “play chief”; the vast majority of work is, to accomplish what someone else needs for you to do; in order to get paid. Every organization comes with risks; but those risks belong to the members; as is believing what you want: is fair, or valid, or true/ regardless of the evidence or its foundation in law.

There is no entitlement for government work: it is a job, to be “chief”, you are required to make an oath to the people you represent. That oath includes ENOUGH HEALTH, to expect a true and valid outcome; based upon the work: there are NO GUARANTEED jobs in government, and that includes the judiciary. There is NO OUTLINE OF participation in government: which allows for you to create or participate in an insurgency/ denial of facts/ or change because you say so. The oath of office is: that you work for us/ we DO NOT work for you. It is that simple, and if you don’t understand the job is about protecting democracy; from those who would take it away/ then you do NOT belong in government. Simple as that.

In terms of having children: it is true, the realities of that are hard enough: we must support those who do get into trouble, and cannot sustain themselves. But it is not true: that anyone who wants, can make additional trouble for themselves: when the reality of this day, MAKES THAT A CHOICE. There are methods of birth control such as an IUD or other: which controls that: so there is a choice. We are NOT your slaves/ you do have a responsibility to us: when you cannot care for yourself. Any pathetic government worker who describes having another child as your answer is: BLIND, and should never work in government again.

these are fundamentals: just like making student loans a thing of the past. The universities MUST BE REQUIRED; to take a percentage of income; for a defined section of years/ in exchange for what they do. But that percentage shall come from a job which is BASIC and scheduled: for what they taught/ or they are not paid, even if they have invested years in that student. Or more simply: you get paid for results/ like everyone else that is: “self employed”. No tenure. No claim of ownership. No unionizing; you can hire help to teach/ but that like all other business, is your obligation to provide/ your business to handle; not ours.

Welfare, means a job that you can do.

Prison means: a reality of deterrent (in minimal violence) that is sufficient “to make you think” before you do this again. such as we drop you off one hundred miles into “nowhere”/ and if you get back to civilization: we let you try again: as is appropriate for the offense. Drop over dead: “too bad”/ you asked for it.

Healthcare should be “a national decision/ as it is not a business: but puts extortion in the hands of those in charge of that care. Primary failure is in billing, and the administration of billing, and its criminal offenses as is lawyer. EXTENSIVE CHANGES must be made.

Social security is: you chose to discard the future of every child, the world itself, and all of nature/ WHAT THEN is your proper reward?

We cannot continue with burning corpses/ nor can we allow for burial: because the resources have been thrown away. Because the sea NEEDS FOOD, and you must provide it/ or all that is living in the sea will disappear forever. Making billion + starve.

Everything done by “university leads”; is tragic. You cannot simply have whatever you want/ because this earth with 8 billion people wanting; CANNOT survive your ways. MASSIVE CHANGE, must occur or you die as a world; with no chance to return to survival; even of the few. Get out of your car/ stop air conditioning/ no more air travel/ and “ten thousand more”; because global warming is no joke, and neither is all the other realities of threat universities have made; along with their cult of followers, who continually scream “KILL THEM ALL/ WE WON’T CARE”; let the whole world die. So long as we get one more day. To your shame.

And the world/ nation SCREAMS: WE WON’T DO NONE OF THAT! Because we want what we want/ and you CAN’T stop us from taking whatever we can take; as is the human war against life and world.


So the critical question is not whether you believe me; as I am nothing to you/ ain’t god/ ain’t none of it: because I don’t matter to the truth of what you have already chosen; by worshiping universities as god.

The critical question is: DOES THE EVIDENCE PROVE THIS IS TRUE?

BECAUSE whatever you believe, has no value at all! ONLY WHAT IS TRUE, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG: will decide the outcome of your lives at war with living/ your destruction of this earth; by an endless sea of humanity. That has no restraint, or capacity: to understand: THIS IS A FINITE WORLD, and you do stand on the edge of extinction. What you believe: is ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. But what is true; will in fact decide: life or death for planet earth. One second too late; and you and your world ARE DEAD. So make up your mind, because this ain’t no game.

The path of life, is to identify and create: a living distinction that is the cost of being alive. The road of the living: is to construct a herd, so that only those who are different, can be identified as “not one of us”. Journalism stands between these “as a Y” in the road: to participate by choice as the evidence will allow you to educate. OR to participate in herding; so that all can be happy with, they cannot be separated or divided from their group. Truth is life, being alive as the value of love defines it/ while herds walk together to experience the same fate as one. The herd has cursed this earth with want; and journalism uses pride to separate/ while power is used by universities and their cult; to divide and conquer as is the beginning of war. Hate merely uses a disguise, to camouflage “the predator”. WHY? Because the value of life, is defined differently, by each group. Love shouts miracle/ animal shouts want/ and hate shouts revenge: who then are you?

There is no solution to the border immigrant crisis until you accept the reality of this problem is; HUMAN POPULATION CONTROL; “just like cats and dogs”/ this is a finite world; and it is full. Until zero population rise: functional control is reached/ there is no solution, and you cannot survive the outcome of too many people. War/ cannibalism/ extinction: is the reality.

THIS IS A FINITE WORLD; WITH TOO MANY PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR EVERYTHING THEY CAN TAKE/ DESTROYING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TOUCH/ USING WAR AS THEIR ANSWER FOR LIVING BEYOND WHAT REALITY WILL ALLOW. Which means in its entirety: that your ability to survive is now threatened with extinction. BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SURVIVE: BEING WRONG; about so many things, it is impossible to believe life will go on/ WITHOUT TRUE AND CORRECT CHANGES MADE. The universities led you here, we can believe anything we want/ NO ANSWER THERE! MEN WANT hate, “lets make them obey”; seek only war as their solution/ NO ANSWER THERE! RELIGION offers: “let only us decide”/ as history proves, NEVER works out: no answer there. The military has no answers; only grief/ no value to living, unless attacked. Which leaves us all with: can women do better? Because they are the one element of life on earth: which has not contributed their own answers yet. Gamblers would say: 100-1 they fail/ but this ain’t no game; and extinction is the cost of being wrong. Universities are wrong about everything (just to keep it simple: they play god and become Satan, in charge). Men are constantly at war with life and planet: playing games to be superior, which ends with weapons of mass destruction/ and no one is. Religion has turned to “universities are god”/ instead of life, and the construction of living as best we can (we want what we want; and we want everything we can get/ by letting the others take the blame; “shouting we are innocent”. But it ain’t so!). THE CHILDREN, ARE ATTACKED; because you want what they need to survive/ AND LIE, STEALING THEIR FUTURE. Pretending how great you are: as this world decides, to let nature be crucified by universities/ our planet threatened by universities trying to ignite atoms on fire/ militaries waiting to ignite HELL ON EARTH/ people cursing each other with greed/ selfishness proven on every television nearly 24/7 as is trust no one but you: as is choose LONELINESS. So you can believe, “no one cares/ let this world die”. BUT WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND, when the grim reaper comes for you too.

You shout “we are gods”. So I say to you: correct, “as is Satan: DESTROYER OF A WORLD” on earth. To your shame.

AND ALL THE WORLD SHOUTS: WE JUST WANT WHAT WE WANT/ you cannot blame us for that! But universities have made it possible for a human population explosion/ and this world CANNOT support everything you want anymore. Nor can it allow for your solution of men; which is war. YOU CHANGED THIS EARTH/ BUT DIDN’T CHANGE WITH IT: to stay within the limits and boundaries of reality decides now. Making the end result of your change: your decision, that you could be “gods”; EXTINCTION FOR THIS WHOLE PLANET. Because unlike your want, which is an abyss of never ending want. THIS IS A FINITE WORLD, and your choice is: “to throw everything away”/ EVEN YOUR OWN LIVES AND CHILD; claiming, “I just want what I want”: ___________!

we are down to: LIFE OR DEATH NOW? CHOOSE!

Because it is a FINITE PLANET, AND THERE IS “ONLY SO MUCH OF ANYTHING/ AND THEN THERE IS NO MORE OF WHAT WILL KEEP US ALIVE.” BECAUSE you stole it all, and threw that away: to prove how superior you were/ to your shame. WAKE UP, your games are dead: CHOOSE BETTER or extinction will come very soon. Because you chose to die.

I AM NOT your leader/ not your enemy/ religious anything; etc! I am a reality of truth, sent to inform you: EITHER CHANGE OR GO EXTINCT; because that is what the evidence will prove true; for YOUR future/ and every life you will crucify if you don’t choose better. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. You are the problem/ YOU are the solution: CHANGE OR YOU, WILL DIE. Simple as that.

Your answer is law. Your answer is truth. Your answer is reality decides/ not want. Your answer is the universities will end all experimentation/ as will other forms of society around this world: to insure life comes first/ NOT THE DEAD, playing god. Survival begins here; CHOOSE!