In the assembly, of a new and different life; and basis for living/ comes the reality of male versus female; and the cost of letting one be physically superior to the other, as is generally male; in strength of force. To level this out: the following is given.

Nothing has been more surprising in my life; than the introduction of spiritual woman; as predicted in Revelation 12 & 17.

it began with, the realization: men cannot save this world/ because their only solution as a group is war; and war is the constant of what they do, as history does prove true. So I turned to search for the spiritual world of women/ as women in time, are hidden and suspicious of everything. A reality linked to: men are unfair/ and women can be in trouble quickly.

Nonetheless; finding that element of truth, I opened the door; “Just to ask a question”/ but was pushed inside; and life was changed. NOT homosexual or other; just female in charge now. Like it or not, is irrelevant.

But the purpose of this talk is to uncover; that when taking control, “she added tits to me”/ and when told to touch them now. I was immediately knocked unconscious for an hour or two; a complete surprise. Which proved over time, I would never escape, and the chemicals these produce as were the “knock out drug”/ cannot be undone by male. As they get bigger; it is even worse.

NO, I will NOT have tits “surgically removed”/ that would be like declaring war on the entire spiritual world of woman; and they on me. Never going to happen; I just have to live with them.

So the reality is: that within the chemistry of female, is a chemical that can completely take away all defenses of male, in an instant/ even in small doses. And since it is a chemical born of female/ it is completely likely, that female is entirely immune to it. The consequence being: force need not be, “a muscle”.

IT IS YOUR comprehension of truth/ RATHER THAN an avoidance of fear; that determines what can be accomplished or not. This is a tool/ NOT a weapon; to balance the scale, and reshape a world. How you use it defines the difference that is truth: between male and female. Whether you are “Just like them”/ or “earned respect” now: is your choice. A suitable bracelet, “arm or ankle” would be useful.

In the greater realities of life; the foundation of human living is: the vast majority of humanity turns to the existence of an animal as their means to identify with life and living as WANT. Animals all believe they have a right to whatever they can get/ whatever they want to do/ because after all, “they are an animal”.

Civilization means: rules were made to control the animals, so that a distinction of order (limits and boundaries) could be found even in humanity; thereby keeping the animals within the boundaries of that fencing. But disciplines (weights, standards, and measurements) required that these boundaries cannot be random; and thereby money was formed to determine who gets to decide: thereby laws formed accordingly. But a balanced (truth decides, not want) way of living is not for predators; they want it all/ and it is not for a herd, because the population rise will end all forms of excess. So money became a game, of who can get more; because the animals are civilized now/ and the silent war of money against life begins. Because whosoever has all the money controls the game. But then came the universities; who declared “debts don’t matter to us/ there are no consequences to yes we can”; and the true counterfeiting and theft from an entire world began. Leaving us with today; as a world now only beginning to realize; that their numbers are worthless/ and the war, to steal everything they once had; is already done. So the universities need “policing” to insure they don’t pay: and robots, artificial intelligence, mutilating nature (what are you going to do without us), biological warfare (as with covid), and weapons of mass destruction collide with life; to say: DON’T YOU WANT TO KILL THEM, AND THEIR WORLD/ IF THEY KILL YOU? But alas, with mental insanity and the focus of war: the only end possible is “even a worm has to bend down” to get inside their thirst for power and hate. So the world is extinct as it is; regardless of what you believe/ because animals are animals; and hate merely exists to make you fear/ while power wants to see you cry.

So the elevation of life beyond the curse of men, who lead the focus of war/ or the crucifixion of universities, who are certain; they CAN kill you all, and remain hidden behind closed doors shouting (you need us_)/ even though they are responsible for most of the true mayhem and chaos they chose to cause. The reality is; past the point of no return; there is only horror, tragedy, cannibalism, and violence without end; until extinction proves true. And that is only if the universities do not ignite this world into a sun; as is, what they literally are trying to do/ claiming pure fantasies and delusions, as their excuse.

Rising above the sewer of fools; as is in charge of life on earth/ REQUIRES the assembly of being more than animals “without a true brain”/ that has no ability to see the future, by the evidence of life, or the realities of living. Unfortunately, the cult of indoctrination; allowed by universities lead life on earth/ has made you dead inside. Unable to think or believe beyond what you are told. And that means: inside this putrid mess of vomit and spit that is biologically dying due to human choices; IS THE MEANS TO KNOW; EITHER CHANGE THIS/ OR DIE. Is a truth you cannot deny. Because the evidence is real, and whatever is left of life among the cult worshipers of universities who play god with life and earth. There must be some shred of life left; or there can be no hope at all. Claiming the words are then true: it is better for you and life/ that your universities do ignite this earth into a sun/ because the horrors of that, are simple and short; and eternity follows for us all. As is the reality: YOU CHOSE NOT TO CARE; abiding in the excuse, “the universities” did this/ not me. But as full cult worshipers who gave them the tools and their own excuses; you are equally guilty with each and every one. Claiming as the word “Nazi means”: we the powerless, will now rule over you.

Instead extinction is your only hope/ unless you find a brain, and change. Because the universities did change your world; and you have no chance to survive what they did do/ at your command.

And the world says to me: you can’t prove nothing/ you won’t make us fear!

But I reply simply: your own fear is, “you know its true”/ and I don’t have to prove anything; because you already know the evidence is real.

So the final choice of life on earth is: DIFFERENT OR DEAD/ choose!

 BUT   You “ask for fear”: so lets review, the reality of your choices. Biological warfare, which includes mutilations inside the universities “dark secrets”; includes worms invading you/ tissues and organs being disconnected from your body/ skin failing/ the brain invaded by parasites; and an entire world of biological chaos as is the choice you made; in letting them play god,


BY collecting, every form of biological disaster known to exist. SO THEY CAN MAKE MORE! As they already did do. Proving all the money in this world will not save you. What is ugly today, will appear as “beautiful tomorrow; as is, if only we could go back”.

As to weapons of mass destruction; and all its mayhem; as life tramples life in an effort to survive. Proving even more destruction that your war zones today/ tsunami waves which leave nothing behind; and cannibals which will cut off your limbs to cook and eat them in your presence/ while they burn your blood vessels; to keep you alive for one or two more days of: being their food. The curse of no hope for any living thing; means violence beyond compare, and a war for water that knows no mercy, for any living thing. No place to hide/ no hideaway to run too: all is death and the curse of humanity did this.

In comparison: igniting a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire; and making EVERYONE THE SAME/ fuel for the fire. As religion wants, so shall it get: sucked into “a million mile long flame”/ one last free ride. As the rest live in caves to survive the radiation, and curse the last oxygen you can find.

But hey: “you killed it/ you poisoned it/ you destroyed, ransacked, raped, ravaged, ruined, and denied responsibility for all the tragedies you chose against life and earth”. CRUCIFYING NATURE ITSELF; so why not you too?

And the world screams: NOT ME! Yet reality turns to you, and says: DID YOU NOT look away, and let them do it; without extreme arrogance, and pure apathy, as is the cost of your own disrespect for life and earth. IN TESTIMONY AGAINST YOU? Indeed you did do, that very thing; letting your claim of “university is god now”; be your guide. Controlled and manipulated by media and leaders who wanted to be gods too. As did you.

To the tiny few, who hold onto love: DON’T let go. Eternity will remember you.

To the rest: CHANGE OR DIE, and reap your reward.

just going to STOP, and go back”? One hundred years ago, human population was “just over 2 billion people”/ TODAY IT IS OVER 8 BILLION PEOPLE! You are not going back; that day is dead. Same as are, the resources you chose to destroy. DIFFERENT OR DEAD; choose.

CHOOSE REDRESS AND FIGHT FOR LIFE BY LAW; DEMAND A FULL ACCOUNTING, OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG. When the dead hand of universities play god, fails life and earth.

AND THE WORLD SAYS:  “I don’t have to do nothing”. Because they all refuse to care;  as the descent into chaos begins. Media leading the way:   into apathy and the arrogance so strong, it refuses to break/ not even for a world;  “because the cult owns your soul”.

The balance between life and death is thought! the discipline of existence is measured by motion. But the order of life itself is determined by the laws of what truth can or cannot provide to the distinction that is self. SELF requires your thought, measured by your motion; conceives of the identity called life, by judging what you consider to be truth.  IF you refuse to participate in this journey into life beyond self/ then you have given away your existence, to someone else. who then plays god, with time as if it were you. The greatest disrespect ever given:  is defined by those who play as if they were “You”.  Making universities who play as if they were gods; the greatest liars ever born.  Traitors live to claim “its all mine/ to hell with you”. The universities live to claim they are the experts:  therefore only they get to decide what is true/ and since they cannot; the fantasy, delusions, and imagination of liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves construct the maze; to keep you from taking away their job/ reducing them, to merely people; who failed life and world. Which is now becoming our own extinction. Such is the cost of universities play god.

Numerous times, I have asked you to: INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, for life and world/ that it may survive. EACH TIME, throughout nearly fifty years; you have chosen to ridicule, disrespect, and deny any form of cost: that would define your cult of university worship as false. THE COST OF BEING WRONG: IS EXTINCTION. The cost of demanding an investigation of what is and is not true; is very small: WHO THEN is the enemy of life?

BEGIN WITH “those who claim they can control the same fire as is on the sun” here on this earth! Because even you understand: “the sun burns your skin in summer/ FROM 94 MILLION MILES away. And what that then would mean: WHEN THEY ARE PROVEN TO BE WRONG. Even you, can understand: their fantasy is, that the sun turns hydrogen into helium as its source of heat. But there is no helium, which is a rare element! And if their fantasy was true: helium would exchange places with hydrogen. Or the claim of the sun being the solar systems heaviest object; YET they claim the sun is made almost entirely of hydrogen; the lightest known element in this universe we know of. [their assertion is: that spectral analysis indicates hydrogen. But they cannot see through their own claim of “a million mile long flames”; which means their spectral analysis can only see “the ash cloud/ smoke” of that fire] see the difference? They do not. Proves delusions exist, in a great many things. MAKE THEM PROVE WHAT THEY CLAIM IS TRUE; ALL OF IT. Because if they cannot prove it/ then you are truly a fool to believe it: with the world itself IGNITED INTO A SUN; the price of being wrong

and this world of human existence says: “NOBODY, questions our gods of university”/ THE EVIDENCE IS WRONG. TRUTH IS WRONG. REALITY IS WRONG. Nobody questions the god of university; because we the righteous [THE PROUD, BEYOND BELIEF] screams: we the cult of life or death, who want to be gods too/ on earth; WANT what we want.

because animals fall into a herd (take it or the others will), or a predator pack (kill them or die), or alone (nothing matters but me).

Whereas being human alive as intended:  requires that you search for life itself, as is the foundations upon which the miracle of our existence begins. as is thought, participation within truth/ as is the force which creates an energy/ as is the identity of value, within the existence called life.

Control is dedicated to the elemental rise of truth in all things. What can survive, becomes the final say in life/ just as the cost of chaos, becomes entangled with the end of life as is death. In this world; the universities changed life into chaos now rules the world. While the people shouted; “hurrah, yes we can”/ even though the end result of it is extinction. Throughout generations; they all screamed “NOT in my lifetime”/ but were wrong or are dead.

Truth no longer allows for “more, more, more, more; DAMN YOU GIVE ME MORE”. As you have chosen to ruin, rape, ravage, discard, destroy, devastate, disease, deny, consume, or cause extinction in all life and earth. Screaming humanity is the only thing that matters; and war is our final solution; as men do throughout history. But you have ended with: “kill a billion people/ and there are still 7 billion to go” insuring without question; that war will not save you from yourselves, or your greed and selfishness; anymore.

Reality demands: I can only do, what I am allowed to do. Therefore I write, but you must participate in order to survive. Reality demands: that I live within the boundaries of both male and female; caught by the truth, that male cannot save this world; and that requires female to be in charge of me. A cost I had not expected; even though this started with a ten year search to find a way man could save this world. He cannot/ DIFFERENT must be found. Which means life or death is up to female now. Female is a relationship with law, controls the world; because law needs to represent all of us/ not just a few leaders, who choose war as their own solution. Limited capitalism is required: to sustain a balance among all people; thereby refusing the claim of ownership, that allows for some to “play god” with the lives of others. We all have the authority of democracy; which means we will vote periodically; ; on what is fair for each to have/ both poor and rich. Is with limited capitalism up to us all.

And the world of humanity “stands aback and gasps with horror”/ as they recognize this is CHANGE. And as herds do; they fail to act, because they are animals/ and the brain they need to create more than that; is controlled by the cult of human defecation that is “university owns this”. Because they want what they want too/ and that means they get to play god, and life does not matter; because no consequences exist for them. Its lie, cheat, steal, betray, terrorize, manipulate, control, propagate, exterminate, deny, destroy, rape, ravage, play god; and turn into Satan (lets destroy this world)/ just to prove we can.

So your gods of universities are evicted from leadership; and chaos begins to reign; as is the cost of consequences dedicated to the universities are god.

Yet women hide from truth and reality; gathering hidden bits and pieces by which they intend to guide men into their own traps and purposes of get me MORE. Unfortunately for you: only extinction is left/ without true change for life and world come first. NOT want; and the women scream: YOU CAN’T make me fight for life or world/ WE WON’T do it. Because that makes us a target; and that always turns out badly, for being a woman.

Reality however reminds you; each and everyone. That our future is extinction by horrors of one kind or another; and when faced with true chaos that cannot be turned back; it is woman and child that face the worst at its beginning. Which literally means: you have only one choice, to face your fears and do the best you can with the creation of laws that will rise to control this earth; because they are justified. Or you will die with horrors beyond your imagination; until extinction ends all life on this planet, or perhaps the planet itself. As is the truth of mutilated food/ end and poisoning of water/ the overthrow of humanity “everywhere”/ weapons of mass destruction/ crucifixion of life itself/ and even the ignition of an atomic fire; which will cause this planet to explode. All because men have enslaved themselves to leaders; and believe in weapons rather than law.

So, you rise or you fall: because the final choice of life or death for this world is female shall be in charge/ OR, female will fall and fail by the worst that has ever been hate unleashed, with no mercy allowed. Until extinction is finished with life or even earth, forever. CHOOSE! There is no place to hide/ this is about the entire world, and there is literally no place to run. Life or death!

I guess, I am some kind of example to women; that men can be controlled. As I am clearly contained entirely, as if some kind of livestock; with female in charge. How that is supposed to be useful, is beyond me. But I cannot escape it; truly I have tried. This is not a game, and life is not going to survive much longer; as the evidence does prove true. So whatever it is, that women are going to do; “good or bad”/ I simply wish you would get on with it. So that whatever my own life is going to finish changing into; might just let me be free once more. “its complicated”; but the end result is, I cannot choose whatever it is to be. I am controlled, by the spiritual woman described [predicted in Revelation 12 (I delivered you a new life) & 17 (I represent the beast (male), she rides] even more than you can imagine. Just how it is/ I truly cannot change it: I did do my best; and this cannot be undone.

No, I cannot hurt you as women/ reality demands; we have traded places. And I cannot escape that truth. No, I have no idea how this turns out; it was never my intent, idea, or other. “I just needed an answer; how could this world be saved/ if men cannot do it”? Finding the spiritual world of women; opening that door; turned everything upside down; so to speak. Just how it is/ truth is truth. “she” controls; and I cannot understand, it is too different. HOW MANY “thousand things could go wrong”; in this reality of mine? I refuse to contemplate it; settling on the honesty, I am 70 years old, not pretty, etc; so surely it can’t go “too badly”. But who knows, “not a clue”. Its CLEARLY, not up to me.

And humanity says: “how many disguises does this homosexual maniac think he can pull off”? Because we know, “he ain’t real”!

But reality replies: over the course of fifty years+, the foundation of my life is, “this world is dying, and cannot survive as it is”. The evidence does prove that is not a disguise, it is your choice, and the consequences of your betrayal to life and earth.

Sexuality replies: no male is invited here/ and real life warning is given to any “failure of life” that would so try; that it is your own eternity you gamble with; and will lose to terrors. Never try, nor believe your fantasies and delusions will protect you; they will not. The curse is forever; do not come to me as “any version of male”{for sex of any kind}.

DO NOT “tempt, manipulate, betray, or in any way; guide some other male into this perversion: because YOU WILL share their terrors into eternity forever. Remove yourselves from this curse. But understand: “all things normal, and NOT sexual”; have not changed; between man or men and me. Same is same; leave it that way, as there is no cost; simply same. DON’T rescue me; DON’T push them one way or the other; nor anything else to do with women, and this choice; whatever this is, it is between female and I. It is a spiritual thing; I am not privileged to know.

As to manic or insane; the cost of what you do is extinction. The price I paid to enter the spiritual world of truth alone resides here; granted to “spiritual woman”: the singular reality, of no law exists for this. Because it was never intended to happen. Male and female are “entirely separate worlds”. The cost of an entire world of life being lost however; “made an exception”. The reality of which is: as least for me, “I have no clue, what eternity could now be; lost in the middle”. Is entirely without direction. Truth has a different meaning; I cannot yet decipher/ ITS COMPLICATED! “I am, without a clue”.  DO you have any idea:  “how distressing that is/ an entire life’s work; defining what is honestly true;  ERASED“? “With no clue, how to put life back together again.” Life is not: simply male, anymore. That appears to be dead. WHATEVER my future will be, it is not whatever it once was. I have no idea how to proceed; or what life will become? but love is love, and that is my only “eternal desire”. I will retain hope, truth will decide. “its complicated; law is different here”/ I have no clue.        

Reality asks: ARE YOU, trying to gain control over women, or want them to be in control over you? Truth says absolutely not; freedom is my only choice. And I am truly not free; anymore.

Reality asks: WHAT would the gathering of women mean? The answer is truly: UNLESS LAW RULES THIS WORLD, IT WILL DIE. And I did spend my entire life in time; trying to fight against that. So the end result of my existence remains: DON’T LET THIS LIVING WORLD DIE. Reality proved to me; men cannot do that/ their only real answer is war.

So the critical test of life or death for this world is: can an army of people, willing to make law “leader of this world”; be formed? And what would that law be? Answer: if men cannot/ then it is left up to women to try. It is not more complicated than that. As to what laws WOULD YOU OBEY; the answer to that is simply: “only the ones you agree to obey, as a world/ nation/ or less”. Which means YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN LAWS; or they will fail. Even if I could provide better/ that would be irrelevant: because unless YOU OBEY YOUR OWN LAWS, there is no answer for you or this living world of life; that is beyond just yourselves. UNLESS THERE IS AN ANSWER QUICKLY; there will be no more earth or world; dependent upon which level of “extinction” shall win. As the choice humanity made; in appointing the universities as their god.

There is nothing to win. There is only life or death left to choose.

Literally “like all wars begin”; some tiny few, can cause a “volcanic eruption of violence” that takes your choice away. Every chain of life will fall, and you will enter “the living dead” do not survive “long”. MAKE YOUR DECISION NOW; while you still can.

DO NOT “tempt, manipulate, betray, or in any way; guide some other male into this perversion: because YOU WILL share their terrors into eternity forever. Remove yourselves from this curse. But understand: “all things normal, and NOT sexual”; have not changed; between man or men and me. Same is same; leave it that way, as there is no cost; simply same. DON’T rescue me; DON’T push them one way or the other; nor anything else to do with women, and this choice; whatever this is, it is between female and I. It is a spiritual thing; I am not privileged to know.   

IT IS NOT,    “a male choice”.

THEY WILL VOTE ON THE LAW, they may even help you write the laws to be voted upon. BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR LIVES TO LIVE TOO; but YOU CREATE the opportunity. YOU FORM THE DECISION THAT IS: WE THE WORLD, WILL NOW CONTROL OUR FUTURE. Because WE ALL must obey, OUR LAW; men and women same; just like you. The critical truth of that vote is: AS WOMEN UNITED, with law that is justified and fair to all. YOUR VOTE AS WOMEN, will defeat them. OR, if you fail to unite/ then they will defeat you. YOUR CHOICE.


Once again, it seems to me: that there is no purpose in going on with this site or its work; until there is a clear decision on your own part to participate; “for life and world”. Time is short, and reality is fundamentally; the end of a world, if you do not. The consequence being; it is not necessary to continue. I have said what life gave to me to say; both as male, and as the spiritual impact of female on my definitions of this world. If you find a soul among you; or at least a brain; perhaps we can begin again. Even though It is not my choice; but the spiritual woman who is in charge of this work now. It seems she agrees: this work has come to an impasse. If you will not join in a fight for truth and life and world, a future that could survive. Then you are simply not worth the price.

The control over courts; is as simple as grading the judiciary and lawyers/ to insure they abide and obey our constitutional contract, which is the agreement between all citizens that this is “who we are, and intend to be”. That is: the foundation of government, and there is no other. Employees sworn to uphold these values for us, in order to receive their job: are subject to punishment according to what they did or did not do. Redress is the proper method of examining the evidence as society itself; when that is truly necessary. To determine for ourselves, if this is in fact treason against us, or not.

The foundation of all legal decisions is: that we the people DO have a right to legally enforced order/ the decisions for justice, that establish harmony and the grace of being alive in a society that lives for freedom; but owns the liberty to insist: your freedom/ your rights: shall not/ deliberately destroy or severely damage mine.

The foundation of all legal work within the system of justice, which is enabled by our decision as society: to entitle a group called lawyers, to work ONLY FOR US ALL; in the decisions that become the truth of what is, or is not fair play within this nation or other. Fair play is: the decisions that establish “what is fair for you/ is fair for me: what is punishable by you/ is punishable by me: ALL are the same”. As an example of that: the punishment of “a crime/ departure from a rule”; is the same in financial terms, ONLY when the effects of that fine produce the same results on both the poor and the rich alike. In other words: if that fine takes from me what I need to eat, or the house I need to sleep/ so must it do the same for a rich man as well. So to be fair: REALITY must be aligned, in ways that show no favoritism to the wealthy: same is same, and no allowance is given for words intended to alter that fact. If a lawyer is found guilty of NOT PROVIDING “justice or fair play for this life and society or world”/ then they are removed from their license to practice ANY form of law. Same as a judge who fails us; because it is NOT “a license” to fight against the constitutional contract that is our government.

Controlling the employees of government: REMOVES THEIR POWER TO DECIDE. Granting instead the work is changed to investigating and proving what is NOT within the laws we the people have created to govern over ourselves. As to the work of government: BIDS open to the general public, who have qualified themselves as capable of this work. Such as all IRS work/ shall be removed to the local decision of hiring an accountant(s) to do what government needs to have done. All tax collected: shall be designated to specific work (such as the building of roads/ is from the fuel tax; which includes electrical generation). The decision for war is very simple with world laws governing by international enforcement. You shall defend/ you shall be given a bill of rights to govern that action/ you shall not engage beyond your border: because the international community has vowed to do that for you; and will be held accountable, if they fail. The right to solicit funding for any major project; will be tied to how much you collect, and from who/ NO major debts shall be allowed. The project begins, when fifty percent has been collected; unless it is absolutely necessary to proceed: and that means the public which is the recipient of the work; IS FULLY INVOLVED in that work/ at their expense. No more experts/ only the evidence which proves the value of what we seek; as is, together we decide/ NOT you.

Religion controls nothing; because that is the decision of those who belong to any particular version of “what they believe”. You may not collect “money in any form”/ other than for the building and its maintenance you worship in/ or are moving too. You may not receive “an inheritance or other”/ and the same is true of universities: they are exempt from donations of any kind. And shall not receive anything beyond their tuition. Which shall be linked to the job; for which you trained. If you do not get that job/ but end with another, the critical version of just how much did you benefit from their teaching decides the percentage of what you will owe.

Controlling business and industry is a function of: WHAT DO WE NEED? And that is combined with what does the future need as well. Because the rape and ransacking of universities led greed and selfishness comes to an end; along with their cult worshipers who provide the violence of taking all you can get: to crucify the future. What we can do together which benefits us all, long term; is the primary goal. And that will include most factories come to an end: because they are the cost, which creates your mountains of garbage to hell.

Controlling currency MUST be aligned with the population count; ONLY SO MUCH CURRENCY PER CITIZEN/ and no more; a constitutional mandate/ which comes for a vote, only once per every twelve years or so. UNLESS there is population rise/ there is no vote. But if there is a population rise: your currency goes down/ because the world is full, and cannot stand anymore “human filled” failure; as is the cost of facing extinction. Limited capitalism fights for you, to balance and achieve what is functionally fair; you will use it/ and you will sustain it; so that armies no longer form. Policing deserves and requires: A BILL OF RIGHTS/ as does the citizenry; to prove what is, and what is not: our decision as a society, with regard to all these things. You will remove all “university derived failure as is a diploma”/ and the citizens shall put forth their own decision of a “policing officer” for their area; as best they have to establish the rule of law over themselves. All will KNOW THE LAW, and it will be functionally complete; so that nobody has to guess. Giving the right of legal self defense, to each one; which includes policing.

Controlling bankruptcy is a primary element of defining a society, by determining the decisions of what is fair. LIMITED CAPITALISM: REMOVES the claim of superiority/ and redefines society by imposing limits we the people have decided upon by our vote. And confines the control over property; by imposing boundaries of ownership; that will not be denied. In other words: “we want our share”/ not your boot in our face. To achieve that: we vote! To control that we account for every penny of currency that this nation has created to claim a promise; that our future (every child) will pay, NOT us. Then we redivide: by understanding the limits and boundaries; and accepting we start with the median salary provided by limited capitalism to each and every one the same. And then divide by not less than 3; into the realities of those who do more/ and those who do less. To achieve what is: a REAL WORLD accounting of what is available for us to use. Those who cannot maintain what they have are given the percentage of ownership they attained; to redefine society (owned ninety percent/ you get ninety percent of what that home now brings on the open market as yours). In other words: if you owed ten percent/ you still owe ten percent: at the new level of money being used. Nothing has really changed/ only the numbers; as has in this USA already been proven stolen, and worthless. Gold etc shall be confiscated to be used as international money; but you will buy one time; with that gold or other physical evidence of value. Which then ends in the hands of government. To bring back reality, rather than universities led plague of disease as is the current method of fantasy rules, not life.

The control over agriculture, seafood, etc; in all its forms: begins with the assertion, we shall NOT continue methods which cannot survive or destroy this world. Fish farming shall be moved to the open sea; around suitable feeding stations/ and will then be collected from time to time by fishing trawlers or other means of sustained life in the open sea. YOU WILL use fishing trawlers to collect the plastics in the sea/ and CLEAN IT UP. YOU WILL ACCEPT; that we must now feed the sea, before it dies; by the use of human deaths will be collected and turned into suitable fish food. Thereby giving back what you took. If possible children will be considered exempt from this; as their loss is already hard enough. You have no choice/ or the sea dies.

As to agriculture: every method that can be changed to incorporate a value that is sustainable SHALL be used/ with reality governing that change. It will not be dictated by money/ but will turn on the construction of a value to life and world and our future. Methods that include the disassembly of major industrial type farming: shall move forward quickly. As reality does allow. Genetic changes shall be stopped: before horrors begin: or the world itself will cry, and be lost forever. These people want their jobs, just like you/ so find them a different job; but insure: ALL THIS HAS STOPPED/ END OF THE ROAD; or we kill you for endangering our world.

The foundation of work and life is: that we are so many people now: that we will kill our planet/ UNLESS WE CHANGE. Extinction is a real life catastrophe; defined and decided by human population and more. This is the end of “free for all”/ ransacking, rape, and ruin of everything that exists. And instead of cult worshiping universities as god; YOU WILL INSIST they produce something of actual value/ UNLIKE what they have done. Or will be evicted from the delusion of playing god. To face the real world; where they are found to prove: anything other than traitors/ terrorists; to us all.

The control over the military is: WE THE PEOPLE; ARE THE MILITARY! Simple as that. So the question is: do you allow your children/ YOUR LIFE: EXIST, to prove hate for you/ or will they fight for love and society instead? MOST of that decision is formed in early childhood and throughout schooling. So instead of the current; “lets kill their future/ by indoctrination of every child”. It is past time to remove the weapon of failure; and find the people who do have something of value to teach. So that every child is prepared for life. So that every child knows the value of love is beyond that of money. So that fair play and justice are known; rather than assumed by those who hide their traps; in temptation and manipulation of media or other. WE THE PEOPLE CONTROL the message. By controlling the passage which spreads information to others. That is done: by opening the door to every voice, that proves the evidence of this should be known. No more experts; ONLY EVIDENCE AND TRUTH, as best we can. Which means society owns the networks of communication entirely; and we hire those who contribute on a personal level. Rather than allow the ownership of what we “claim to know (believe/ fear/ obey)”/ actually belongs to someone else. All methods capable: OF MAKING YOU THINK for yourself/ is needed. All methods of identifying what has value from the consequences of what does not; are fundamentally our defense of life. And shall not be discarded or destroyed by the claim of “experts”. WE MUST THINK FOR OURSELVES, and that means to search for and collect as best we can: all the information presented by “all sides”; in order to understand what the cost of being wrong actually is. This world does NOT need any more believers (lets fly off this cliff/ yes we can). THIS WORLD NEEDS: real life evidence proves, you jump off this edge you damn fool; and you will die/ pisshead!~ WAKE UP.

Every person who “hates” their own reality; constantly tries to change that, by changing your reality with their imagination, fantasies, or delusions of whatever they want reality to be. The cost of that is, an attack on truth, and the ability to survive. Because lies and liars, will always fail both life and world.

People want their lives to be changed with imagination; so that they can prove to be the superior ones. Claiming “they are like gods”; because you were wrong/ and they made you change too. Such is the reality of “university knows” and the constant delusion: if only we can make them change their world/ then they will cry instead of us. But as always; failure and fool in charge, discards reality to assume “lies are enough”/ when in fact they are not.