UNDERSTANDING TRUTH, is an absolute essential to survival.

Therefore the essence of truth is: that you must not let want influence your participation in that truth. Because it contaminates the flow of where truth shall take you. Altering destiny, as is: “this will work for you”/ into fate, the consequences of what you chose to interfere with, are now going to teach you why the purity of truth, is so important.

And humanity says: “we want what we want/ because we know what we want/ and we want what we know”. Which alters into the games of human living, and the fate of pride from those games; which is to take/ steal, rape, ruin, ravage, destroy, and lie: from the consequences of those games which is to become war. War then alters truth, by power to stop this is our need; and violence erupts as hate takes control, and judgment overwhelms humanity. Making want, the foundation of all that befalls both peace and security/ while destroying happiness, hopes, and attacking the very foundations of love. To divide and separate; “the living from the now living dead (hate)”.

Unfortunately; want has taken control over this world/ identified as the means of power, to those who surge against you, as is “the university intellectual”. They try to give you everything you want, “for free/ by stealing it from the future”; and have been truly successful in killing the future, so you could create your garbage mountains. While attacking everything you need to survive or be happy and secure in peace: to destroy it, so they could overrun and play god with your lives and world. By keeping you flooded with “media knows”/ but only worships universities as god; shouting “believe/ fear/ obey” as cults do. Instead of truth; as is the cost of what is being done; will become our extinction.

So then: with the world at stake/ because of what humanity does, or does not do! The realities of truth by the evidence of what will help us to survive; becomes critical to our existence as a world. Or more distinctly: we must all know, as best we can: what is true! To achieve that as a world: requires the courtroom, even though it is truly corrupt and without respect. It remains the element of law; that is our only connection with each other as humanity itself, in society or world. Therefore our option is to create a “world court” in order to identify what is real; the cost of being wrong; and the foundations upon which our lives can be resurrected from extinction. Because the descent has already begun; and no time exists to play games. You do stand on the edge of extinction/ and must fight back, or die.

The consequence of that is: this USA has led (so many wanted to follow), to the worst of what humanity can become/ as truth identifies you are the gluttons, you are the worshipers of universities as a cult, you are the thieves of the future, murderers of your own child, this world, and creators of its demise. So it is only fair, that you should lead: to the return to life/ by enacting democracy means WE THE PEOPLE ARE, THE OWNERS HERE.

TAKING BACK CONTROL, from those who have led life and earth to the brink of extinction. By using redress of grievances, our first amendment constitutional law: to investigate and determine by the evidence; what is true and false? What is the cost of being wrong? What will the future be? And who guides us to failure, gambling with life and world, foolish decisions, and imagination without value or rights. Giving to children who refuse to grow up; the authority to kill our world.

The horror of you; is magnified by religion. Which sold its soul, to participate as “university recognized cult worshipers”. With such things as accepting evolution/ weapons of mass destruction are our saviors/ throw it all away/ take all you can take; and let the children die. Even teaching that sewage to its followers.


So we turn back, to assemble what did work for us all! Finding in that search, the truth of miracles/ the respect for our CREATOR/ the dignity and hope of JESUS, (not religion) for showing us the truth between love and hate. For creating hope beyond time, with his teaching. To respect life and planet, by understanding we can influence our truth, by accepting the evidence of truth in knowledge; so that we can become wise. Instead of the universities way, which is to participate only, so they can declare themselves to be “gods”. As has become the road to ruin, and HELL.

Nobody gets to claim: “I/ we, know it all (the constant of media, shouting believe the universities are your god/ experts)”. That is a lie, as is proven by the evidence of living and world! Instead in a courtroom devoid of superiority as is “no experts here”; the value of knowledge itself, should become apparent. The realities of those who lie should become transparent. The understanding of where we go from here, should be conceived by all. And the wisdom to stop and separate what is of value to life and society/ from that which is the products of hate and horror is coming. It is no small thing to separate lies, from truth; and we all know the cost of lies, liars, traitors, and terrorists. The world needs to know; because life itself, now hangs in the balance between life or death for us all. Making every single one a participant in what matters now.

It is the believer, that organizes humanity into a herd of animals. It is the herd of animals that must have a leader to lead them; so they don’t cry: the predator will eat us. As is the fear, created by hate; which is used by leaders of humanity to control all the rest. And if you don’t fear enough: they will attack other herds (nations)/ to prove “DEPEND UPON ME, YOUR LEADER” or you die; by establishing “fear/ believe/ obey”; as is the framework of a human animal herd.

So to end war: we must end “fear/ believe/ obey”. Therefrom releasing the herds of human animals: so they can return to the living: that is being human alive, instead. Or more simply: we must all learn to think, rather than believe. Believe is want; or more distinctly “whatever I want to believe I can/ insisting by locking out the world of influences, or evidence or truth or life; that I cannot be wrong”. So we ask: WHAT does it mean to “think”?

Reality says: the human brain exists to measure and control the body for your purposes as a decision has been made. It then measures the value of that decision or influence established by others; to form a basis or behavior that supports what we want; as animals/ given life.

Truth supports: that beyond the comprehensions of a body that we do inhabit> there is life itself, the freedom to recognize, “I am alive”/ rather than as the animals are: living, instead! The difference being: that thought is an elevation of life into the dimensions of a universal creation, that distributes the effects of law throughout existence itself. Or more distinctly, it is the laws which create life, that give us a living. It is the law of living, that allows for the search beyond time into dimensions that are distinctly born from truth. Or more specifically, the quest to learn: life is more than body, begins with the decision to participate as thought will allow. Rather than survival will provide.

Or, on a more dedicated human approach: to separate life from body/ is to recognize, the body as time flows from here; but the elegance of love flows from law. And law is the existence of an eternity is formed by this. So when we enter within the law, by the purity of its own truth: we then participate in a journey beyond time to create the identity completed by self. As is identified by what: by your own decision: is true within you.

At lesser levels of participation; is the separation of love from hate. Where humanity itself, conceived by each one: learns that all peace, happiness, hope, and everything of value is the result of love. While everything of violence, liar, thief, abuse, murder, and all the rest that is chaos without value to the living: is about hate.

The consequence being: that our world exists as it is, BY YOUR DECISION, to accept and separate hate from love. Giving to each side, a boundary that will no longer be crossed.

As to wars and leaders: the reality is simple. Without the believer, there is no herd. Without the herd, there is no organization to fear; and armies disappear. Without obedience to a leader; we live and make decisions for ourselves; instead of being enslaved by the others. Choosing to form what is fair and deliberately justified; for our world, our society, and our living among each other. By letting the law we create with justice, decide the boundaries of fair play; not leaders, demanding pride rules here.

OUR ABILITY TO ACCEPT: THE NEED FOR LAWS WHICH WE CREATE, is fundamental to our future. We do not need an army, to discuss and create what is fair and justified and should be the law which rules over us. We can do that among ourselves. WHAT WE THEN DO NEED, IS A VOTE; TO FORM WHAT IS TRUE FOR US ALL/ as best we can.

WHAT WE THEN DO NEED: IS REDRESS, the right of we the people to enforce our decision. BY ACCEPTING that democracy proves we are the owners here. THEREFORE OUR DECISION TO BUILD THE LAW WE WILL SERVE; cannot be denied by those we employ to do our bidding, and protect our democracy; as is our legal right to enforce. Thereby leading this world to change.

By identifying our choices, shall be our law of living in this society and this world. We become united “as if an army”.

By voting to solidify our choices as the law; each individual recognizing the value of that work to create a life we do desire to live; by surrounding us with fair play instead of threats. We become individual lives, sharing a common purpose.

By enforcing our choices as the value of this society now identified as leading us all, with law/ not leaders. We then do take control over this world/ over each nation: because being human alive/ instead of animals under control. We have achieved the value of being human is: our choice to love, instead of hate each other/ as is the cost of leaders and their military to enforce fear instead.

You CANNOT destroy all hate from this earth. But you CAN remove hate; to the boundaries of another place/ where they must contend with each other to survive. Hate cannot do that for long, and unless they can organize to create; they will fail. Hate, NOT anger (which can be resolved)/ does not exist to create anything. Consequently so long as you keep them behind their boundaries/ and allow none to aid or abet. The realities of love versus hate will be pronounced and true.

These are decisions. Your choice, or failure: decides the future of this world.

To conceive of that change: WE MUST face our own truth. As is: THIS IS A WORLD OF LIMITED RESOURCES. What you do take today, does not exist tomorrow; and that means you chose to kill those who needed what you stole.

THERE IS A DUTY, but also a right.

To identify what that truth allows for us to be; begins as follows.

  1. The law that is justified by truth, to achieve fair and equal treatment for all; is a decision that we make/ and then vote upon to decide as WE, ALL THE PEOPLE. BECAUSE it is our decision, for what society should provide to ourselves, our child, our future; as best we can.
  2. The law of “limited capitalism”: creates a fair and equal living to all those who work. By our vote we decide how much influence other people will retain over our lives. How much freedom to refine our own existence/ over our need to participate with others, in an organized attempt to find the best solutions for survival, and its happiness as society or world. NOT LESS than three times more; for the most productive/ versus the least productive, who does work. There is no welfare/ which means there must be a guaranteed job, with realistic pay; for each one. No more “billionaires” is a foundation/ see to it.
  3. The law of love versus hate is separation. The various methods of that separation as will identify “truth in you”/ must be rearranged around what is fair to all. Prisons will be limited: but setting people who need to learn, in “wilderness”/ to seek their truth (by live or die/ with those like you_); will be applied.
  4. The law of society is: with a bill of rights, we know what is fair for each one. That means a bill of rights identifying the differences between being police and being individual citizen/ being soldier honored, and being protected civilian society/ being student and being prepared for freedom; not enslavement; is a foundation upon which we do all depend. And thereby need the re-enforcement of “what is right”.
  5. The law of money is: that the currency count, must be tied to the population/ so that a constant forms the security of knowing what is true in work and reality shall be enforced. The currency to be used between nations is a resource “gold and silver are common for this”/ and can remain in use. The point being; NO MORE CREDIT/ reality forms the decision; with few exceptions; to be determined by a world court. Bankruptcy is fundamental to erasing the curse of thieves, liars, traitors, and terrorists: controlling that as WE THE PEOPLE will decide. Establishes who does have the power of choice: now!
  6. The law of courtroom is: this foundation of society, CANNOT be given over to those who hide behind closed doors. INSTEAD as the US constitution allows: only those during good behaviors, shall be allowed to remain as judge over the rest. That is determined by acceptance of our laws, and our decision as a society to govern ourselves with justice and fair play. Any deviation from that fact, will call for a conclusion from the public: to remove this judge, punish, or imprison/ replaced with another who will obey our law. NOT their claims of law or what power and pride demand instead. AN OPEN DOOR/ ALL LIGHTS ON; NO SECRETS HERE.
  7. The law of governing is: we made the law ourselves/ BUT WE DO need those investigators, to search and find what is not being accepted by the decisions we all made with our vote. These employees of government; are to search and inform. To insure we the people are “the government” by our choices. To align and create the evidence we need to supervise ourselves and our nation; with the evidence that is proven true. Everything else is a bid/ a local construction/ or a reality to be discussed through media and more.TRUTH has many variables until solidified by: an action/ reaction/ or decision that has consequences. Change a decision, action, or reaction; and the path forward will bend. Law does not have variables; it is what it is, and that is all it can be or become; as designates consequences shall occur. The herd has no concept of truth or consequences/ because as an animal, it recognizes only want, pride, or power; as will result in hate to the distinction of a degree earned by you. Love as is the consequence of being a human alive; recognizes thought as our transition from being an animal, to understanding the concept of miracles, as is “human alive”. Love respects the truth: our existence, as is all life and earth: establishes “this is a gift”; fully earning our respect, and nothing less. The universities hate that; forming a battleground upon any decision that does not make them gods over life and earth; as is the basis of war. The blanket statement of universities: does not establish hate; but recognizes, the leaders who bring us to the edge of our own extinction: ALL have “university” in common. And that puts the people who were our classmates on trial: to determine who is our true enemy? The value of recognizing betrayal: is we regain the choice, to do better with our own lives, our existence upon this planet, and our decisions with regard to the living and its future. But as is always true of power and pride and want: they have sought out every place where power and pride can be exhibited; and will in no way simply release that power to make others cry. Just to support life or world. THE LAW is our weapon. But not the law they made for us to follow. INSTEAD we must accept the task of being united by love, as is the essence of peace, truth, and life: REQUIRES US ALL, to participate in making the laws that are fair and justified by truth. “expert” means: I DON’T have to prove nothing! But that is NEVER so, as reality is determined by the evidence proven true/ rather than a paid informant, who can make up anything he or she wants or is bribed to say or do. As with covid: the curse of the damned is everywhere. And you must learn to pick and choose what reality can prove is true. NOT as with covid; which stole the last of your wealth to impoverish this nation or world: by stealing your “last of the money”. With lies. BUT REVIEWING AND PROVING WHAT THE EVIDENCE DEMANDS IS TRUE. As with covid: turn the lies around, and prove it is a fact: unless violence stopped a life. Past the median lifespan, old age is the only cause of death. Nothing else/ nothing less: old age killed them, which we must be thankful for in this very overpopulated world: as is a blessing to all. Like it or not. Bear in mind: nobody, gets to be eternal/ until they die and discard what is time born to die.The journey to understand: WHAT WE CAN DO, to establish peace and happiness on earth: is governed by the truth of “yours/ mine/ and ours”. A reality that has caused strife from the very beginning. And does so today, as is particularly identified in immigration. History proves: the most deliberate decision is nations and boundaries: this is ours/ that is yours: stay where you are. Even if you failed yourselves/ you cannot take ours to make your life better: you did that to yourselves. And war erupts for real: as the truth we won’t survive the cost of what has been done; overrides the truth of life. Which is, you shall not kill the others or steal their future; as is the foundation of nearly every decision: in this USA of ransacking the future; to kill every child; for your trophy to throw away. To your shame. Why? Because they cannot defend against us now; most are not even born yet! So the dead rise, and the corpse eats their soul. TO REMOVE the curse of failure, that is the constant in all of human as time. WE MUST IDENTIFY ; what we can do for life/ and what people do choose to do, in order to play god and kill the other life. The answer is as always: THEY WANT what they want. Which makes want, “the essence called devil”.

    Therefore reality proves true: that unless you can restrain your want, to be realistic with your truth. As would be for example: ZERO POPULATION GROWTH; let the elders die. Because this world cannot support any more; life will go extinct; as is natures solution serves best. We do not decide for the individual/ we must decide for the species, and its habitat: like it or not.

    The future is not grim if you change; but it is real, no excuses allowed.

    The universities will offer you: WE DON’T NEED TO DO NOTHING/ WE ARE gods; we do WHATEVER WE WANT; don’t you agree?

    Go ahead and accept: AFTER ALL, WHY SHOULD EXTINCTION ruin your games? After all; “you get to die first”/ now ain’t that right?  Is that NOT, what you chose; year after year after year! Every truth has a consequence.

    Those who want power and pride all scream: IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT/ we DON’T have to take that as our choice. The serpent says: “we could even kill him instead; for presenting that idea”?

    But reality intervenes, to remind you: truth will decide if you live or die, by the consequences which you have chosen; want has died; even if it is swirling, searching inside of you, for a free way out. Killing me will not solve your truth. YOU CHOSE, to follow those who lead you into HELL and EXTINCTION; by the consequences of your own evidence, your own decisions to disregard life, mutilate nature, throw away caution and reality: to claim “yes we can play god”. And you did: if claiming to be Satan (the consequence), is your god.

    As to old age: there will be a limited medical response/ and that is all. Nobody dies of minor things; but nobody is entitled to an intervention in: “critical collapse” in the nature of you.

    I DO NOT ASK OF ANYONE: to do more than investigate, and prove what is true/ by the evidence, NOT the “expert”. DON’T believe; search for truth, and accept only reality decides, not you or me. THEN armed with truth, and the cost of being WRONG; changes will be made. As reality and humanity decide to make them come true. In order to save this world. BECAUSE the price of being WRONG IS A DEAD WORLD. So says your evidence, and your reality!

    The curse of the damned: will be removed. The price of life, will be accepted: as is LIFE ITSELF COMES FIRST/ NATURE IS SACRED/ THE PLANET IS TO BE PROTECTED/ OCEANS SHALL NOT BE DESECRATED/ HABITAT SHALL BE REBORN/ EVERYTHING NEEDED; to return this world to a future for life and living and child: SHALL BE DONE. Because you owe it to the living and your child.  YOU tore it apart/ YOU put it back together! Or you can be abandoned, and left to vanish from existence itself. As is the price of leaving, “universities in charge”. By Letting their fantasies and delusion and betrayal, decide.

    And all the old people say: THIS IS TOO MUCH/ WE CAN’T/ WE WON’T do any of that; we are going to die; it ain’t worth the price. So to hades you will go; as the place you earned with your truth. And they all shout; WE DON’T CARE/ until it becomes true.

    And all the proud people say: THIS IS TOO MUCH/ WE CAN’T/ WE WON’T do any of that; we are going to die; it ain’t worth the price. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; and ain’t NOBODY going to take that away. There is only one life to live/ and we are going to live it: AS WINNERS! DAMN YOU, to hell.

    And all the powerful people say: THIS IS TOO MUCH/ WE CAN’T/ WE WON’T do any of that; we are going to die; it ain’t worth the price. WE JUDGE YOU WORTHLESS AND A DANGER TO LIFE AND OURSELVES; let him die.

    And all the university is god cult people say: THIS IS TOO MUCH/ WE CAN’T/ WE WON’T do any of that; we are going to die; it ain’t worth the price. YOU aren’t nobody/ we don’t care: you can’t scare us. WE KNOW the universities are our savior, and you cannot take that away, WE ARE BELIEVERS.

    AND ALL THE REST SAY: THIS IS TOO MUCH/ WE CAN’T/ WE WON’T do any of that; we are going to die; it ain’t worth the price. LET THE CHILDREN DIE/ because you cannot prove this world is headed to extinction. Just like global warming, FOR DECADES before now; YOU CAN’T PROVE IT/ we have experts. We own the media. We won’t surrender one single thing; because there is only one life to live. And we want what we want.

    Only the children say: YOU CAN’T KILL US/ THAT AIN’T FAIR.

    But then there is truth, and the reality of evidence screams back: what you want is dead. All that is left: is to decide if you are willing to go extinct? And the people scream: YOU CAN’T PROVE THAT/ UNTIL IT HAPPENS. THEN, we will change! But like global warming; too late is too late. Nothing left for you to do, but die. While eternity decides if it will prove you were wrong; about life and destiny; or will just vanish forever.

    The difference between “animal: ME, ME, ME, ME; ITS ALL ABOUT ME”/ and the reality of being human, alive in the certainty of miracles is. That everything is about truth, it is not about me or you. Truth is a vessel formed around your decision to allow that force of energy to search within your soul; for the answers that identify you. It is the soul, that gives life by thought, and within its dimension called life; as is the evidence of our existence. As to forces which comprise our relationship with living and freedom as independent from our creation as time. Reality suggests: like energy, there will be an action “I choose” or reaction “I chose” to the path taken by you. Or the force of you will simply dissipate into nothing, and vanish forever as lost. Either way, the soul is the universal dimension called, “elevating life”; and it exists beyond time: only for those who enter by the terms of love: identified through JESUS. Religion is about “how life begins/ or how it ends (as is the substance of what JESUS taught). Truth is the reality of what can be known: and that begins with the certainty of HIS death. And how it certified the differences between love and hate. Proving this is no game, and that does make it real.

    Believe it or not/ is irrelevant; except to you. Hades is the opposite of that, and forms the casket of death, which will surround you; if that is what you chose it to be.

    As it is with miracles of life and body; as the evidence clearly proves “has nothing to do with chaos or accidents”! What you don’t know, “is practically everything”! Even though the universities claim to be “god”. To their shame; simply Satan instead.

    And the people say: “I want what I want”. Because that is what I want. Even though their own very world/ their own child/ everything they need to survive: is dying! Because an animal knows only “me/ me/ me/ me,,,,,,damn you ME”; GIVE ME what I want.

    And all the women say: “YOU, can’t make me fight for this world/ I WON’T do it; let the men do it, and we will give them sex in exchange”. Because that is what they want. And those who don’t; are terrorists who cannot be trusted with our lives or bodies. So we hide from them, and run away.

    And all the men say: “YOU, can’t take away my good life; being in charge/ or even living the game others make me play”; power is a right/ pride is necessary/ want is my life”. So let their be lies/ cheating/ stealing/ betrayal/ and even terrorism: because women are not enough, to prove how strong I am.

    And the human world says: “we are winners/ we have more, than anyone in history has ever had”. By making this world pay, by cursing the future with our greed/ by condemning the children with pure selfishness/ and by causing extinction throughout this earth. Matters not: because playing god, has a price.

    As for me: only truth matters, and before truth matters to our human existence/ THERE MUST BE A PLANET, AND ALL ITS CHAINS OF LIFE TO SUPPORT AND CREATE “OUR OWN”. Nothing else matters first; because even love cannot survive a dead world. As is the choice you have made.

    Whether male or female; the price of extinction is the same. Whether you believe “whatever you believe”; the realities of truth will decide, instead of you. Because life exists by the certainty of truth, not human lies, fantasy, or delusions; as is the foundation of “universities know”. Whether you believe sex is the answer or the enemy; your body cannot fight against a world that does not let you live anymore. Whether you believe as women do: that they cannot win/ or they cannot lose; the truth knows, this world will die/ if humanity does not change. Reality knows: that time is short, because mass extinction of everything is not far away. Causing humanity to be cannibals, until extinct: as is, “there is nothing else to eat”. Your gender will not matter/ your sex will be irrelevant/ hate will decide how violent you will be.

    Eternity will decide: how deep into, the pit of terrors you will sink.

    Because that is what you chose.