quest for law

The reality of this work: is not unlike the search for employment. In order to be hired; you must listen to what the employer wants and adapt to what he or she needs. Not functionally insist that what you need is the only important thing; subliminally or not.

I am NOT wanting employment. However I am informing humanity, as best I can: that we must identify what is true, of threats and the cost for being wrong. Because what is true will decide our future, as both life and earth, struggle: to survive or not, is up to us all. The critical truth of it is: this earth can no longer take care of us all/ because people have played god and changed our realities of existence. But we are too many now, for nature to overrule. So we must change/ or this earth will die. Want too, or not!

To assemble truth in value, it must elementally be understood, as the basis for knowledge, and the balance of wisdom; are the path beyond what we must do. To create the future of order determines, what we can, or will do. The unfortunate truth of human existence, in this male dominated world is: they all scream “yes I can/ while the others scream no you can’t”; and when one side does gain “winner”; the other side shouts revenge. Politics is what comes before war: each side shouting yes we can! None of which; can keep this earth alive. The foundation of society is: through justice and fair play, we balance each other with liberty and freedoms that will prove respect. Therefore as a happy society, finding peace in what we all choose to do: there is a union, or unity among all: “but a tiny few”. Hate seeks to ignite an insurgency, to create war; so they can sneak “in the darkness”; to plunder, ravage, ruin, and rape without law. They assert “life would be better without policing”/ but history knows it not. INSTEAD a society that honors itself; will initiate and cause to exist: a bill of rights/ to identify and create among all: that this is fair for the police/ and this is fair for the public; and “this is not”. So that none are in doubt, what the cost of peace by law; should be. Every courtroom should be monitored and judged; and every judge or lawyer who does not “make the grade; we set for justice”; MUST be removed.

A society proven to be in true disgrace, finds itself inundated with what is vile and purely contentious: in order for hate to prove its superiority, and control over you. “ridicule with a mask; to prove we own the courtroom, and government”/ you do not. Such things as claiming “transgender change or rights”; are one of these things: to prove no matter what, YOU HAVE NO SAY! WE, “are like gods” compared to you; because we control your beliefs, with media propagation as with covid; and functionally defy your law/ with our rules.

This work in its entirety; represents the development of evidence, at its most basic format in the beginning of consequences versus the gamble of “Yes we/I, can”. Humanity lives for “yes we can”/ and joins the herd to participate in that decision; because the road “filled by herd/ scouted by predators” is not a lonely place. Because the game fills the void of finding what is life; by avoiding life, and focusing on death; “as time entirely”.

LIFE is a representation of thought, and thought constructs a path forward into the future of what your truth can become. What is self, either accepts what is true decides/ or it becomes “filled with lies/ the impact of want”; so that anything else fills the void & will do, rather than truth. But only truth survives, it is a law. So the path to becoming an “inheritor of miracles”; is only for those who let truth identify what is the law of you. That is an individual journey, and it cannot be taken by anyone else for you/ it is “yours alone”. So the question of life is: can you tolerate the identity of self as truth/ or must you live the identity of an animal (I want is enough), letting whatever want desires control your life and future of hope?

What is the benefit of truth: because survival is not enough! The answer is hope establishes in us, the value of love; because love is enough, to accept that miracles are more than self; and if we identify the laws which give us love, then we have become the truth of happiness; “becomes our soul”. The heart becomes a rhythm shaped by those who care with us, as we share the destiny of a life beyond self.

That is my element of life; and we all know, “truth is not a human quest; it is a life quest; the difference is law, versus time. A discipline of order; even if it is beyond the balance of your choice”. Wisdom knows: We must accept what is true! Human then comes to mean: time is what we have, and what I can get or do with it, and this place; is my life. So we divide: I too balance; the future with law of life/ the vast majority; to take what you can get, before you die. The difference is: our world is dying, demanding change now/ or, never is the result of extinction, for us all.

This work is: built upon the principle: that all living things can and will die. That includes this earth, and all its living existence. The level of threats, caused by human decisions; has become so extreme as it is absolutely true: without change, there is no hope for life or earth. Because of what universities do, and the cult of followers (never question your leader) that lets them do it. Making the only possible choice: to inform that cult of the evidence, that proves “HELL (chaos/ no law) IS, at our door”. Because if the cult does not change, and identify the fate of what has and is being chosen: there is no hope for this world. As the universities are playing god; and will prove to be “Satan (destroyer of worlds)”/ as their only true contribution. Because we do not need more toys, and we cannot be gods. But humanity wants it; and so they strive to get it; screaming “MORE, damn you MORE”. As the world itself begins to disintegrate; into tragedy all around; as the work does in fact list as true.


So I have spent my lifetime, and everything involved with it: in pursuit of: “DON’T DO this terrible thing/ the consequences are exceedingly GRIM”. And the world of humanity said: “we want what we want/ and you cannot stop us”. End of our story, comes soon. Because the failure of fools is everywhere. Nothing more so: than trying to ignite atoms on fire/ nothing more so than trying to enforce “by injecting chaos into nature genetics we can make evolution change things”. Both so horrific; we can only designate them as ideas “that must prove Satan is here”. Religious or not, a world threatened with extinction; IS THE CHOICE YOU MADE. As the human herd screams; “we want what we want/ give us what we want: TO HELL with the future and every child”. Your choice: will soon become your fate (you chose this). No going back now/ no change in direction/ no chance to do it over: the gate is closed.


we do stand at the gate; of life or death, as a world! 8.2 billion people is a line of humanity standing one meter apart (center to center) that is 7.2 million kilometers long. The consequence of that is; the competition is now grim/ the realities of choice are now limited/ the boundaries of law must be served or we all die; are demanding acceptance. And humanity screams: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ DON’T tell me what I don’t want; I WANT TO BE RICH. And as free as I can be/ regardless of the consequences for life or world. Claiming to be “god”, as well. But alas for you: that is over.

Therefore we face these obstacles:

  1. threats: concepts we must face, depicted by the cost of being WRONG. Or more distinctly the difference between “truth and belief”.
  2. Society defined by law, which is disciplined, balanced, and orderly according to law. OR the curse of violence, the costs of mayhem, and the death of life on earth.
  3. Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom shall lead by the evidence of our reality. OR want shall finish destroying life and earth. The simplicity of discussion is: humanity, and its purposes and desire for life, is everything I want/ versus “the human body”, faces death; “now/ now, now; mine, mine, mine”.
  4. Spirituality is the confrontation of both life and eternity, shaped by what the truth can prove is “the law of life”/ the reality of our evidence.

Given the level of thought required to assemble these things in you; the quest for a future that we can survive/ has been disassembled by want. You want everything you can get/ before you die. Because you believe “the university is god”; and they say, religion lied. Neither is true, but the maze of quicksand; in both: lack of certainty, has closed the ears of human existence; and they then turn to believe whatever is simple and easy. By give me, “what I want”. as IS, what animals do.


OUR CHOICE as living miracles of evidence that is undeniable: “thought did this”. Is to accept the destiny of law is life. The destiny of animal is death. And to achieve life, which is the assembly called thought; we must accept the disciplines and order that will provide our solution. To balance the forces we encounter, with law; by choosing what does have value through respect for what these forces are.

Or more simply: in order for our world to survive/ it is absolutely necessary that the majority learn to think for themselves. Because anything less will not end in “our living”/ as want consumes what we need to sustain our world. Thought is honest and fair, or it fails; and becomes the fantasy of delusions, and the imagination of fools.

So you cannot be led; as that dissolves thinking and turns life into a cult/ which is never “good”. You cannot simply want, as becomes the mob; which rises to scream; as does the insane. You must comprehend that competition must be limited as best we can/ or diversity ends; and we become slaves. You must eliminate “politics” as a game of division/ and enforce the value of our lives is determined by our unity. Our choice to balance what can contribute to peace as well as happiness; is up to us all.

My contribution is then: to inform, as I have done; that we the world of human existence WILL EITHER CHANGE as needed to survive! Or we will all die; as the evidence proves is true: the list is long.

My work is then: that I have accumulated the information intended to aid and abet your decision to “THINK FOR YOURSELVES”; AS IS the basis for all change, that can last. Those who follow, soon follow someone else; because the game gets boring/ or someone gets to be in charge; and others want that job. So they begin to ruin and rape whatever they can touch; as is the constant of history, throughout societies around the world.

Thought, rather than intellect: REQUIRES, only truth can decide! Simple as that. Unfortunately, the realities of being human, as are formed into place by the herd who wants to be a cult; rather than think for themselves: is constant and massive, and against all forms of thinking/ rather they choose: believing what I want to believe.

So the elemental rise above what death can do: is a choice.

Eternity rises from truth; because only truth can survive!

“dust to dust” is all death can do; because humanity ends with time. But as it is with the reality of life by law; truth cannot be destroyed, even if it can be covered up or dissipated into “nothing is left”. So your quest as is mine: revolves around the question of what is “our own truth”/ because that will decide. Whereas the second part of “where will your truth be found in eternity”: is determined by love. Because as living does prove here on earth: love makes life valuable, a “treasure to the soul”/ therefore love is found, while hate is delivered to the chaos it caused; and everything less is considered without value, as this is what you chose.

Yes I know: this is not how you “think”/ but it is how I think; as I write. The translation is up to you/ as is your own decision; for life or death, by choice.

The choice of change for this earth is: “to let truth decide/ to let the law we create rule”. To divide what our future can be: with limits and boundaries, that will not allow for “rulers”; by choosing for ourselves “limited capitalism”.

And to understand: fear will not save you/ “it is like hiding in the closet of a burning house”. To survive you must face the fire, and do what you can do. We must identify what is our truth; and then make the proven decisions which will NOT be catastrophic to our lives. EVEN if you do not want, what must be done. Life and world come first/ NOT you.

Unfortunately; the vast majority do not think, but merely believe whatever “university or its media” tells you to believe. “its easy”! However today: even though the opportunities for AI can be gruesome/ it is early for that; and the potential to let AI find a method to invite you to learn: at least exists. So, I now spend money; because our world will not survive; what humanity is doing.

Or more distinctly: the universe exists, based upon the law that governs it. Every law is founded upon truths, we can depend upon. And every truth is identified by the evidence of what it exhibits, that will survive. When we are willing to accept these elements of “eternity”/ then we can expect to do the best we can and survive; until reality takes us away.

“university leads”; has proven to be, “lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, whoring (worship of money), cheating, indoctrination, evolution of fools, failure, manipulation, control of hate over us, treason, corruption, perversion, collusion, conspiracy, gambling, Satan; and all things the evidence of chaos, will prove does not survive”. Thereby assassinating the future! Because unlike universities who claim “imagination (truth be damned) is all you need”/ the evidence proves it is not so. We cannot play god with life or world; without destroying those things. As that becomes our own extinction!

So while I am truly against: the curse of these things, constructed by hate/ as depicted, simply called: “university”.

I am not against truth in knowledge, the understanding of value, or the wisdom of balance; as these will change our world for the better; as can be “a university purpose, based upon truth, and created by a desire, that is, respect for the miracles of life on earth”.

And all the people say: “I want what I want”! As they have done for “45 years”/ but consequences arrive more each day, and realities such as igniting the same fire here as is on the sun: WILL ignite a reality in you; to SAY NO; “if you just had a brain”. And the people say: “we believe/ the university is many: and you are just one, WITHOUT credentials”.

But as with all evidence of truth: their claim among many is, that for every btu of heat the sun produces/ it must create helium! That is their claim of fusion, and it cannot be denied by any reality of truth.

Yet the sun produces or is known by its ash cloud of fire; to produce very little helium/ a rare element. Which if every sun produced helium; IT WOULD BE, the single most prevalent element in this universe. How is that not so? WRONG IS: THIS EARTH BECOMES A SUN! CONSUMING YOU, in the predicted “lake of fire”. Try thinking about that; instead of want, pride, and cult worship. THEN INVESTIGATE; how many more things; are wrong!

Spread across the world: “fifty or so machines have been built: in an attempt to ignite the same fire here; as is on the sun”. http://www.iter.org/ Which is clearly a nuclear fire (burning the bond in atoms; where solar gravity is formed) on this planet made entirely out of fuel!

On second too late; and our earth becomes a sun/ with radiation that will melt you/ with “million mile long flames” that will eject our atmosphere. And while some religion suggests “the rapture; flying off into outer space, we don’t have to die”. The opposite is true: the depiction is, a vacuum so intense by that fire/ it sucks people into the flames.