We then ask: if life itself is thought, then what is thought, that it does become a life found in time?

The critical answer to that is; a beginning, to discover in the slowed elements of an action or reaction; how to deal with a decision that will influence your existence. The construction of knowledge; that elevates the certainty of change, can be a destiny (chosen); instead of fate (consequences). But before going on with this.  Reality demands this:

as the reality of failure throughout this world is so severe, and so distinct with evidence of: human life ending world! Believe it or not: 22 million people in Mexico city suddenly without water; matters. 3 days till death: matters. WATER IS A REALITY; no delusions or fantasy can ignore and many cities will soon face it.  PEOPLE without water; will be Attacking the US border; that matters as they have no other recourse. Fighting matters (we cannot support you all)/ as results in war. And there are many cities around the world soon to face the same reality; PROVE it is not so: no water, is war!  Mexican People already here, in this USA;  are soon to scream: you can’t kill my people/ so they attack throughout the nation; it matters, as is civil war now exists. Others will scream “WE MUST”/ BUT when they face no water; their heart will change and scream with hate; because death has no mercy.  SO it is “every life, With every gun; etc: for itself, that is involved in NO WATER”/ as is an apocalypse (extreme war); hell. Israel believing it is under the umbrella of US protection; is suddenly without support/ and finds their mistake is SERIOUS. Russia decides to take Europe. China decides to take all of Asia (we don’t need you; as is genocide); and that will include N. Korea at the close. Which does not even include the ten thousand threats of human led delusions; as is “university plays god with life”. WORST of which is: “lets bring the same fire as on the sun here” to this earth, and ignite it/ no we don’t need to worry; “not enough gravity to sustain; an atomic; million mile long flame” as is a candle flame suddenly growing into 62 miles long”. So, no: I feel no personal compulsion, to get more than I actually need. Because the point of no return is likely to be “Christmas of 2024”. I could be wrong/ but honestly; rarely am. Its Change and face reality: or we all die, as weapons of mass destruction are unleashed! If not simply incinerated first/ nature fails; etc. Trump wants to be hitler; we will kill them all; unleashing civil war. Biden will fail, because it really is; “a finite planet”.

Human means: to become the creator of yourself, as a living identity formed by your own truth, and its decisions. The consequences of your desire, in a sea of possibilities as are formed by your relationship to other life and world existence. The experience of love, formed within the expressions of respect. Or, the experience of want, as forms the demand for pride, power, and purposes leading to hate. What lives by order and discipline/ or what dies by the invasion of lies, and all that chaos can bring.

The critical values of life and living; are identified by your own beliefs. Because belief allows for want or truth or hate; to order the purposes of life in time. Belief stands for acceptance. But acceptance can belong to whatever is the greater desire of your heart. Where love lives in us, only truth will decide; because truth leads to trust, and it is trust that becomes our love shaped by our own true desires. Want as is an exception to truth; relies upon possessions make me a value; because all there is, can be time. Pride screams “I am the winner/ making all the rest loser”. While hate begins with power, and asserts, “I can become your god; having the power to judge your life is now whatever I say it is”. The critical descent of that is Satan; as means; “we judge the world/ and make it die; as life has no meaning beyond power or pride”.

Reality then confronts us with: does life exist beyond time, and what will its meaning to us be?

Thought examines that, as an environmental awareness of existence is shaped by desire. Which makes desire “the house of your own eternity”. Because desire is an awakening to life itself. Therefore while the framework of body is discarded in death; the desire proven true in life; becomes your only access to what can be conceived as beyond. What is true of you and your own desires: then takes shape as your destiny, the possibility called rising again.

So, given the potential of soul, which is an environment beyond self. The critical question is “like groups”, here on earth. Those who are alike, IN DESIRE; share the same world experiences and expression; because destiny is a creation of truth, not want. Desire means to accept a direction and make it your own. Love is a direction of heart; absolutely opposite than the direction of hate; which is chaos. Those who could not decide for love or hate, found only time, and time does not survive, because its only truth is, as a limited existence.

We then ask of purpose: what is your own truth? As every life has a purpose, and every purpose shapes the living we will do. The question: WHAT is your own purpose, then decides your heart. Because if your heart leads you to love, justice, and respect as are elements of truth in action that leads to trust; life will know it. If not; that is your own decision to make; but there will be consequences; as is fair/ because you chose.

Love: is a purity of heart. Truth is a purity of soul. Respect is the dignity of earned trust has been found. We then know, that gender is neutral, and the ability to shape the forces which surround our lives; is dependent upon balance, discipline, and order; which is gender dependent for us. Value ascends with heart, as each step into trust forms a decision to rely upon what is true. What is true, forms our decision to trust, and thereby earns our respect “for miracles; law revealed”, and identifies those who can be loved; because they did prove to care and share the blessings of life and justice. Rather than the strife of discontent, and damage to what is true.

While the universe is far more enormous, and powerful; than we can imagine. That is irrelevant; because every miracle proves: we were Created by thought {nothing less can}. Within that realm of thought, is a transition point of life belongs here; as proven by love formed these things. While it is known that human corrupts them; the critical conception of our own independence is: I have chosen/ not someone else. Therefore regardless of what this world has done; or the corruption of human decisions have caused: what is true, of our own desire, shall construct the future beyond time.

We then ask: “at the core of everything; as is called thought”. How do we understand the foundations upon which we ourselves do rise? Critical conceptions arise from the dispute of opposing forces; each of which has a distinct “cause and effect”. Much like “male and female”. From these forces in conflict, a decision does arise; and from that decision comes the basis for thought. When opposing forces are in harmony; by the control of what is greater than “want”; the potential called life, becomes possible.

Without harmony; only behaviors are distinct enough to be found. Do not surrender your decisions/ they are your identity. Be firm, be faithful to your own desire. Choose carefully your purpose, as it will become the path of life, or road to animal.

We then ask: WHAT, is life? The answer to that is, an acceptance of law; as law defines what life can be or become. So the question turns to self; and asks: WHAT then is “the freedom to make your own decision”? The answer to that is: “love or hate”; or nobody cares, because we have time: as in “don’t bother me”.

The question is: WHAT does ALIVE mean? The answer to that is, when the rhythms of harmony meet, hearts ignite in a dance of shared destinies, and the soul arises to become your home: you have found that trust forged in truth and respect: is joy.

We then ask: WHAT is eternity? The answer to that is, participation within force. Since there are two distinct versions of force; there are two distinct versions of life. When perfectly balanced, these forces become a separate entity of their own. So the consequence is: to fully understand “the best we can be”/ begins and ends with the participation that is “male and female joined as one”. Anything less requires mercy to survive; because it is not enough to sustain itself. That does not mean you must be happily married here; but it does mean, if you are, the value of that understanding will be precious, as love fills the gap between “your force of existence and mine”.

People ask: can you still die? The answer is yes; because stepping outside the law/ grants chaos, which is death as horrors set in. but that is a decision none need to make, and very few shall. Because there are boundary lines and limits which will warn you of fate.


As for me: my own conception is, that time is the passage, of self, through the immovable wall called truth. Love grants the voyage shall be lessened with caring and sharing the burden of finding truth/ and balancing what we learn, to achieve the purity needed to “walk through the mirror {_beyond the simplicity of self}” into a different world. Where truth decides, not want or self. Truth sustains itself/ therefore it sustains life; once you are governed by the law of its existence. The cost of truth is simple: do not be blind or deaf to the evidence being presented/ do not simply believe what you are told: investigate when it is necessary to understand. As with all threats creating the chaos of extinction; as that is the primary contribution of “university”. We must identify what is true; in what they do. Understanding the difference between “imagination and reality”.

Love creates the passage of life, and life creates the passage of trust: whereby respect has earned its truth, and we bind ourselves to the values called being ALIVE. As the search for eternity begins; because no one is judge/ not even you, over you. Let hope refresh living; so that happiness will reappear. The body is yours, it is not your judge. YOUR; “love, truth, and respect” are! DO the best you legally can; remembering not all laws of men are justified. Be true to you first, for the sake of your own eternity; it is required.

As for me: the question of “a spiritual woman, in charge (believe it or not; I cannot escape)”; now owns my heart, body, and mind as predicted in Revelation 17:3 (the beast is man), Reveals a truth; that I no longer own my own eternity or life; and must wait to find out what that will be. Life, has been used for purposes greater than I; time ceases for male; don’t know? I really don’t know; life is “a bit strange” in that way. Nonetheless, it is true: that I have always considered male and female as true equals. DIFFERENT, but equal. I do not know how it ends, “for me”? BUT, life is reshaping me for something; mentally, physically, & in more ways than I can recognize. Just have to wait, as I no longer have a choice. Nope, don’t know why; clueless?

but will remain grateful, for knowing life exists.

As for you: it is again a simple decision to save the salmon by creating either “tiny fast moving tunnel river” that goes from the entrance where small fry are; all the way through the dam gate; by simply lifting that gate a bit when the season is right closing it when the rush is over. Using a different kind of water wheel “old style”; for part of the year; to keep the fish alive; rather than a turbine.

Using wave or air motion to deep pump water over the coral reefs to keep them cooler/ while you need to feed the coral. And a thousand more changes; or the sea life will die.

Using the motion of images that are simply projected onto buildings or used on the inside projected onto windows: much like those things used at Halloween or Christmas time to do the same thing; to keep bird injuries down; particularly during the rush of spring. a simple laser light show, mounted 20 feet off the ground and straight up the building; which moves back and forth a little or just goes on and off; would be enough. planes should not be flying close enough/ and pilots can use glasses for laser light; or reflectors, etc can be used at the top.

Remembering the cost of being wrong; as with the claim of fusion. 

there is NO SAFETY MEASURES; for igniting a “fusion atomic fire”/ merely the university claim of not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will extinguish itself.  WRONG means self sustaining plasma, and  a million mile long flame; to suck you in/ with radiation that will melt you.

The curse of genetic chaos; as is “everything university” and much more. there are no safety measures for genetic chaos as will erupt. Claiming the truth, that these are the last days of planet earth; without true change.

And all of humanity says: “its not my fault/ nobody listens to me/ I have things I have to do/ I don’t have no time for this, its not my job/ you can’t make us; because nobody can do nothing, except scream, at those who do.  

But that is not true: if we take away the right to let someone else vote for me or you. As a democracy WE CAN DECIDE: to make the laws we need to govern this society and this world; by our own vote. Which then puts us, as we the people; in charge of life and earth. If we use and enforce “limited capitalism” our vote decides your income limit and property ownership boundaries: we then take charge of our competition. But nothing is valid unless all population rise is halted: the earth is absolutely full of humanity/ and cannot survive if you don’t stop. The IUD is: the most likely solution/ and has been used for over one hundred years; so it is known.

The vasectomy is a complete failure; taking away the chemicals that make sex desirable; which ends that relationship between male and female. While it is not men that have children/ and women can find another, if they wish. Literally one man with current fertility clinics; could have “a million children”; which makes a vasectomy, basically worthless. WOMEN govern birth!  The vasectomy is merely the cause of many relationship disasters, mental breakdowns, and worse. As always; the university truth is: liars lie, and media is used to saturate the public with those lies! Don’t believe: learn by the evidence, not the “expert”.

An appropriate vasectomy for rapists, pedophiles, and the like: is however entirely correct; along with time in jail, to insure they understand. Remembering “women do lie”/ so women decide: what is true; with men offering a different view.

DON’T LET THEM DEFEAT YOU WITH “little things”. As with the constitutional amendments, for an example: simple and plain are enough/ elements required to be adjusted can be defined for public vote through a court case. Contrary to the demands of power:  ONLY real world truths need to be made into law/ and all rules are what is used to create “rulers”. therefore any and every rule MUST BE; carefully done.

Reality demands: that we tally up the evidence of university and its cost or benefit to life and world. Because what is now; cannot be sustained as life, thereby it is extinction. Which requires us all to make the choice that is for life; or will finish off the existence of life and earth; by extinction. Not a game; since we are surrounded by “thousands of threats so vile and destructive” extinction is certain.

  1. Common misconceptions; “the earth cannot die: but as with all living things, take away just one; that is absolutely essential; and life does die”. It is a fact of life itself. Bigger does not mean invincible.
  2. Critical lies are: weapons of mass destruction are our saviors. They are not; they are instead certain death to our world; in just thirty minutes of time. By horrors beyond imagination/ and there are more than enough “hitlers” to make that happen.
  3. Critical truth is: this is a finite planet, and we have overrun its ability to feed, house, water, protect us all. Which makes population control; AN ABSOLUTE necessity, without excuses.
  4. Critical evidence is: “ten thousand pollutants and poisons” have been produced by the trillion ton; and are now ending life on earth; in a thousand different ways.
  5. HORRIFYING experimentation; is defying all forms of respect and life; to crucify both nature and the world itself; with lies so bizarre only a cult whore would believe them; and yet you do; as is university plays god. To your eternal shame.
  6. Critical destruction is being caused across the planet; from oxygen depletion/ to global overheating/ to water shortage and poisoning/ atmospheric release/ mass extinction of all species/ the assassination of every child by resource destruction/ war a certainty because of lies, fools, and failures. Idiocy and outright stupidity as led by university knows; overrunning even the possibility of life survival. Planet destruction/ nature destruction/ ocean destruction: EVERYWHERE. And then there is the answer for everything of men; which is war. To now prove; you DON’T have the resources to rebuild, even if you survive it; which you won’t. Because “kill a billion people/ and there are still 7+ billion left to go”; and there will be disease.
  7. Absolute failure of all things connected with university is certain; as is the truth of their selfish, corrupt ways. As found in this USA; where university is trying to take over every job for themselves/ corrupting government in every form they can/ destroying even the concept of money and reality; so they can govern with lies, thief, and betrayal; by using media to cover the blight of their existence; as they do prove to be “Satan”. We live in a world that must change or die; 90+ percent of that is a direct result of university changed this. So it is certain: WE NEED TO SEPARATE what is a value of university/ from what is NOT viable or desirable for life or planet. ENDING what university does to incinerate even the chance we could survive; as with their fusion. A bald faced lie of delusion, where fantasies exist to claim: “we can control an atomic fire/ EVEN THOUGH everything is then made out of fuel”. Just like the sun. ignition is “a lake of fire”; just like the sun, here on earth. HADES (eternal torture) released on you; “because you want what you want; as is to play god”; rather than accept the laws which govern our existence with peace. To your shame. The fool offers: “the universities are god”/ but reality says: the greatest destructive force, EVER in the history of this world: is the universities. Because they changed what fundamentally kept this world alive, and out of human hands. Having destroyed those protections; even though it was what people wanted: the curse of their failure to accept: the consequences for this. Is now drowning life on earth. While we cannot allow universities to remain as they are. You cannot destroy them in their entirety either; because to undo what has been done; requires their assistance. THE FOUNDATION of participation is: NO MORE THREATS/ NO MORE TAKING CONTROL/ NO MORE IMAGINATION; only real world truth can decide what will save our lives and planet from all this destruction. NO gambling with nature or earth or poisons or anything “university does”. ONLY the evidence of real world helping life and earth: with very limited risk. Or it will be prison or death to you; rather than death to us. If you are caught, even playing with that risk; there will be no mercy. And the world says: “we want what we want”! But reality says: that day is dead/ or very soon you will be, as this entire world collapses into extinction; because that is what humanity chose for itself. CHANGE MEANS: YOU WILL get out of your vehicle; period. You will accept and enforce population control; period. You will stop all the insanity, greed, selfishness, disrespect, playing games; and learn the value of living is living, respecting that fact or die.

    You will have massive unemployment; because that is what you chose; and must find a way to compensate each other for work that is no longer “luxuries, trophies, or toys” so that all can survive.

    You will choose limited capitalism and world law; because you must.

    You will feed the oceans; with dead human bodies; altered into fish food. And basically change everything you do: in order to achieve a sustainable living world: that you are NOT constantly killing or crucifying as is university led today.

    YOU MUST DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY; and ultimately your only choice is to let women try. NOT because they are better/ but because we all know: they are different, and different is our only way out of human caused collapse. IF, it isn’t already too damn late.

    You will immediately STOP all fusion experiments/ STOP ALL genetic experiments/ STOP PLAYING god in every conceivable way. And then begin understanding the cost of being WRONG; as is the horror of a university way.

    CHOOSE LIFE/ or die, by your own hands/ the disease of your own “university cult worship”. To your shame.



    Simple as that!

    And the world screams: WHO ARE YOU, to tell us what we can or will do? “a worthless piece of drivel, and delusions”; that has no proof of authority.

    The answer is: I do not tell you to believe anything! Throughout the last nearly fifty years: I have asked you to investigate the cost of being wrong, and think about the truth of consequences for all you are doing! And with nearly one hundred percent conviction: all ran away or refused shouting; you can’t make us do anything. Which is true.

    TODAY HOWEVER; I need not tell you to believe: BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE IS REAL, AND INSURMOUNTABLE; that extinction is at your door.

    SO TODAY, I SAY TO YOU: THAT SURVIVAL WILL REQUIRE THESE CHANGES, and so much more; that life on earth will be truly different; or you will get what you do deserve; which is extinction by your own hands. It is a simple choice.

    Your option: is to use redress as WE THE PEOPLE will decide for ourselves/ no more leaders; let the evidence be “the best we can”. And then make the decision you allow for yourselves to make.

    My warning to you however is: time is short/ and one second too late, and life is forever lost; as is proven by both genetic and fusion experimentation. SO WORK FAST, because the graveyard is calling for you. Believe it, or not.

    SINCE REDRESS IS THE LAW IN THIS USA; and through that law; WE THE PEOPLE DO HAVE DISTINCT LEGAL RIGHTS to enforce our own authority to investigate: “the cost of being WRONG”. IT IS realistic to demand that trial be held here! With the world watching, and the world participating; to insure NOBODY gets to play games.

    Your claim of “drivel; as means, matters not to you”/ is to be decided by investigation; or cowardice as is the constant.

    Delusion: as is the spiritual woman claimed to be predicted by Revelation 12 & 17; within me. Is modified, by the evidence of my own education. As is submitted: changed by that spiritual woman, and her hope; into what is now the work of my life. Balanced rather than lost to the constant of man which is: when all other things fail/ there is only war. I submit the work is its own evidence of her “support”/ and I am the evidence of her existence, through me, on this planet. Which forms the distinction of evidence; that GOD is sending humanity this message of CHANGE YOURSELVES; OR you will DIE, and become extinct. Believe it or not.

    So then I am done, I believe; at least with all things male. Not a clue why me; determination I guess, but I don’t know. Never would have guessed “spiritual woman; or losing control/ or as it seems the eviction of male, in me”: who knows, what the end will be.

    The final warning to men: there is NOTHING SEXUAL here for you (Never was/ never will be)/ only Hades (eternal torture) if you fail to respect that boundary. All other things (including sex with female; are as normal). Although I have had no sex (by choice/ too busy) for decades; so it is a moot point. 70 years old, not pretty; so it remains moot; all life and world, are far more important to me.

    What you do, is what you do: that has nothing to do with me! I DID MY JOB, it is my reward, that I completed this work; and am grateful for that, as it is the result of my own life in time. You have your chance to survive; it is no game, as the evidence does prove true.