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Discipline is the variant between what order will allow, and truth will advise through understanding and knowledge. While the essence is duty to the human world/ the reality is distinctly different, in the real world of life. Discipline allows that truth will decide/ not want. The difference is: truth has order/ while want avoids order, to claim a prize by whatever means possible. Commonly resorting to lies, excuses, manipulation, temptations, and the rest. “see the difference”? Wisdom accepts, the path of life is truth. While want, the foundation of human behavior, demands: the path of life does not matter/ because I want what I want, “right now”/ so give me what I want. The cost of want; is as the evidence proves true: for the last fifty years, the future has been robbed and ruined; so the few could claim their prize of trophies, toys, and trinkets “to be thrown in the garbage”. Today, that has failed even the elderly, because inflation is stealing/ robbing/ and ruining; from the old, who are now primary targets.  A dead world coming, because you didn’t care about anything but greed: because the vast majority, have not:  even the value of a duty, to life or respect for this world. In a world/ on a planet, being crucified (assassinated by torture); by what you chose to do or let universities change.

In a world of “feelings: my body tells me I am alive; rather than the male version, my freedom tells me I am alive”. See the difference? Life is within me/ versus, life is about my time and control.

Men tried to control all of time (existence), claiming in every university:  “we can be gods of life and death”/ claiming they could “control the same energy as the sun”/ claiming they could understand nature, and alter genetics to suit themselves/ claiming; “no consequences for us”. But were wrong on all counts.   Changing to women decide now: understands, “without this body of life, we are dead! Therefore we must protect life”. Do you see the difference? Do you understand: WHY, change means, REAL change?

 I could cry for you, but it would change nothing; as want controls your life, and it seals out life or world; to become; selfish is all that matters. So, I teach: to reach beyond self, with truth.

And “the world of men” scream: I WANT, before I die/ and you can’t change that! But reality screams back: YOU CHANGED this world, and it will die; before you are ready; because you screamed: “WE are god now”/ unleash, the universities. Let HELL fear us. As arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; ends life and world. Proving, “your god is death”.

Global warming: presents to you “a taste of the future; the beginning, of what includes true horrors”/ that is entirely caused by human decisions. Media will not direct you to conceiving of what is true: because power & pride; in all its forms: wants what it wants; and they are “your brain”. MAKE YOUR DECISION; and learn what is real: as is the true amount of heat released by humanity; and its cost to life and world: A REAL WORLD INVESTIGATION/ with no wants or lies present to deceive. DO YOU SAY: YES, or NO? ANSWER: stand up, and sign your name: do what you can LEGALLY, do.

The lawsuit identified here, is to address: “medical billing injustice”/ and all that goes with it; for society and the medical community; because our employees failed.

This work is: ABOUT CHANGING your world, for:  life comes FIRST!

GOVERNMENTS do not exist because of leaders/ THEY EXIST BECAUSE OF LAWS. MONEY does not guide society: IT IS THE TOOL of society; failed due to counterfeiting assets/ and debts without reality: “making money the toy, of hate”. DEMOCRACY exists as the contract which governs our employees/ providing the disciplines needed to create law. BUT NOT the ethics to produce justice. LAW: NOT FEAR, is the basis of society. When hate rules, it must create fear: or no one will follow or obey. WHEN LIFE RULES BY LAW, it must enforce that law on hate; by choosing to create justice, as is, the realization of rights, freedoms, duties, and peace for all who will honor truth of value and respect, as is created: by law.

NOT, “trophies, trinkets, toys, playing god, or shouting winner”. REALITY, BY THE EVIDENCE of truth! RESPECT FOR THE MIRACLE OF LIFE AND EARTH;  or EXTINCTION.  You choose!

If you refuse: the things you need to do, in order to survive!

If you refuse to pay the price; for keeping this world alive. Then you deliberately chose extinction. A reality of failure, beyond my ability or yours; to change.

YOU have changed this world, by playing god/ refusing reality to shout “yes we can”.

The future is dead/ this world is dying! You will change it back: “to better”, than want or universities decide! TRUTH MUST DECIDE, and nothing less. Or, SOON you will pass the point of no return: when you will suddenly become “the living dead”. As the descent which cannot be stopped begins.

your belief is absolutely irrelevant:  TRUTH WILL DECIDE.    The point of no return, for this earth;  is real.   SAME AS, “no food or water” is real for you.

THE CONSTANT of men is: “at war with something”/ it is their unified trademark. The constant of women is: “pregnancy solves loneliness”. NEITHER can be allowed to extend further. CRITICAL to our survival as a world: is defeating these truths. To accomplish that; IT IS, time for women to try! “like it or not”; gather and do your best! OR, this world could die.

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST: stop doing what the universities taught you to do/ marketers swindled you to do; and CHANGE YOUR WAYS; to life comes first/ planet is our only home; there is no escape. Such as; once again, throughout the heat belt in particular! There is an intense amount of heat collected within your attic! EASILY collected this turns into heating all water/ turns into with a simple coil to drying clothes/ unloads massive amounts of heat from the air conditioning load/ and with underground storage of excess heat: can be used for later, such as heating the house, or other as needed.

The knowledge of need; the critical understanding of how; the foundations of wisdom which conceive of: disciplines, order, and balance; constructed by respect. Are provided in this homepage, its associated works; which include www.justtalking7.info

As it is with the atomic bomb: the most visible evidence of our coming extinction (quickly)/ 30 minutes from “THE WORLD IS, NOW  DEAD”!  Truth knows, it is only one of many; courtesy of “university knows”; as is biological weapons of mass destruction (with horror and terrors unimaginable). And then the list or plague of catastrophes; goes on and on and on, as drinking water will end/ food supplies will end/ cannibalism will take over; and extinction is a guarantee.

But the most visible curse in all of that is: MEN, and their cadre of leadership, “specific to all things hate”/ have refused throughout all of history; to accept peace, justice, and the values of life. SO THE CRITICAL TRUTH of keeping this earth alive: forms on the backbone of   “lets replace them ALL with LAW”.      WE THE PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN FOR OURSELVES: TO RULE, over our lives and world, and leaders.

The formation of what will then be OUR LAW, is then absolutely critical; to the values and purposes of OUR FUTURE AS A WORLD. Whosoever organizes the vote, will decide the future. Whosoever joins for peace and justice: WILL CREATE OUR SURVIVAL AS A WORLD. And whosoever chooses hate instead; will be its Satan.

identify: that cult worshiping is not allowed: we must know/ not believe. Reality instructs: That is assembled on truth, not wants. As best we can.

True respect: has nothing to do with beliefs (I want this)/ it is faith in the certainty of laws, that are built upon truths. Truth is a path, that understands the future: is a destiny we choose. OR, a consequence we cannot escape. Such as is: the deliberate attempts to ignite atoms on fire (claiming fusion/ a lie). The deliberate attempts to inject chaos into genetic nature; (a true horror story coming). The “the thousand” deliberate attempts to surround us with extinction: as is “universities lead”; by pretending they are gods. Only Satan instead.

They complain “green house gases” are the problem/ to avoid heat release; wanting to be gods and avoid reality: they fight to ignite atoms; on a planet made out of fuel (think about it: 4 million times greater release of energy. A Candle flame: suddenly 63 miles high). Green house gases made this planet livable; and if not between the extremes we know exist: all life dies. Because “most of the time”/ is not enough to survive; as a living world. YOU NEED, “to know”!

It is the essence of human life, that YOU are not judge/ not jury either unless society itself says to you: someone MUST decide what is fair, or the law does not work. Therefore the essence of our truth as a society, is: in order to be fair, we must investigate and prove as best we can: what is true. In this USA, that fails; because the court says; you only get to decide if the law, by the words written; was broken/ nothing else. But that is NOT fair, as the evidence is always tainted by what you believe. It is not fair, because the judge is not a judge; he or she is a witness, a mediator, to what society deems to be fair.

But the critical test of today is: OUR DECISION, IS TO DETERMINE: if this world can survive, the things humanity is and has done? Because anything less; is cowardice and a disgrace. Therefore redress takes control over democracy; to insure the evidence is as plain and clear as it can be. INVESTIGATING, In order for our decision as a state or nation; to be declared, is as fair to life and the future, as we can be.

Humanity says: YOU WILL NEVER get that through, THE POWERFUL will evade, and detain all efforts. But reality says: taxation is our method of “taking back control over our government”. BECAUSE IT IS a duty, to prove the insurgency of leadership that will NOT OBEY our constitutional law: CANNOT be allowed to remain in charge.

REDRESS IS THE LAW, OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY. It is not a claim or rebellion or refusal to pay the tax. It is a demand: that our tax is paid ONLY to those who obey our laws. REDRESS IS FIRST AMENDMENT LAW. Let them prove otherwise; and “sign their name”.

REDRESS IS, “LEGAL CIVIL WAR”/ TO ASSESS AND DETERMINE AS THE OWNERS: WHAT IS FAIR/ AND WHAT IS TRUE. Thereby removing war with weapons of hate: granting NOBODY gets to believe or shout. THE EVIDENCE decides.

The curse of lies, begins with the failure to accept: “you have already changed this world”. Claiming to be gods, you chose to desecrate life; by proving you, through university leadership, could do better. Claiming you can’t go back now: because everything depends upon what you chose. All the poisons, all the genetic mutilation, all the pollution, all the overheating, all the oxygen consumption, all the counterfeiting, all the weapons of mass destruction, all the resource destruction, water destruction, ocean life deaths, plant chaos, super diseases, plant sterilization, too lazy to walk/ drive everywhere; too lazy to care/ throw it all away; too lazy to share/ air condition the world; too greedy, to allow the future to exist/ let extinction come. As is your epitaph, of failure/ and it goes on. Because the only thing you proved under universities leadership: was Satan now exists. As this world comes to its end. Because of you. As humanity itself SCREAMS; “we are innocent/ we just did what we wanted to do; like everyone before us did”! But its a changed world, with 8 billion people fighting for more! Eternity does not care; you did what caused this world to die. And you refused to turn back: “to life comes first/ the planet must not be gambled with!” Refusing life; “for the trophy of; lies come first/ as with your money: no reality here”.

And the leaders scream: YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING/ just as they did with global warming; for decades; demanding proof, as in “we won’t change”.

As the people SCREAM: we want what we want. As in agriculture, “where they poison everything (a time bomb) to kill, the very last few insects; a base line food source [few birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, more], pollinators, etc/ as they scream KILL the habitat and they won’t be back”. just like they do in cities! Where they truck everything (1250 legally loaded trucks [EACH consuming the amount of oxygen needed over 24 hours; for roughly 120 people to live; EACH hour] to fill a one million bushel train; with two or three engines as is a train. And the believer screams: “we know everything we need to know”/ because we want, what we want. And you can’t make us admit to NOTHING. Even though, you will, and do cause our entire world to die.  An economy car; consumes roughly the same amount of oxygen needed in one hour of driving/ that about 30 people need over 24 hours to live. Electric will not save you/ but every fire will destroy you: because it is the percentage of oxygen that gives us life/ NOT “oxygen exists”. or, YOU ARE INSANE. Believers “can’t learn/ their internal prison door is closed”; as the people shout (can’t get me now). But don’t worry with one percent increase; its just another 80 million more human mouths to feed this year, than last.

Stand up for life, “sign your name, I AM HERE; and be found”; simple as that.

THIS IS A FINITE WORLD! THERE ARE FINITE RESOURCES EXISTING ON THIS PLANET, WHICH ALL LIFE AND FUTURE LIFE NEEDS TO SURVIVE. THERE ARE LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES; BEYOND WHICH OUR PLANET DIES/ AND EVERY LIFE IS LOST; INCLUDING THOSE WHICH ARE NOT HUMAN (THEY COUNT TOO). So an intelligent human being alive; as is evidenced by miracles/ instead of sewage, like evolution. KNOWS; if we do not know, what we must not do; in order to survive. Then the evidence proves; we do not choose life. WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY; we must know, what we must not do: or extinction will come. As is the evidence of weapons of mass destruction; and endless more tragedies invading our world.

THE PASSION: to demand we cannot be wrong, NOT even as a world/ we must know what is true: FOR LIFE AND PLANET! CANNOT be taken away from your rulers: “THEY play games”!  UNLESS as in this USA, you demand the LEGAL RIGHT OF FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. As is the constitutional law of our democracy: RULES OVER THEM!   TO INSURE, the employees; do not overtake our lives/ and destroy our rights: as proven by WE THE PEOPLE;       ARE,     THE OWNERS, HERE.

The lawsuit identified here, is to address: “medical billing injustice”/ and all that goes with it; for society and the medical community; because our employees failed.

This site collects ONLY willing participants; for a potential class action lawsuit. Which will insist upon:  THIS IS REDRESS FOR OUR NATION AND STATE!  DO NOT SEND MONEY OR ANYTHING ELSE HERE. LAWYERS for the people, will be found/ and realities to be decided will be found through here: ONLY THEN, does an accounting of who will join and who will pay becomes real world actions: to begin this process called:  WE WILL NOW DECIDE. REDRESS, WHEN ESTABLISHED AS THE LAW; PROVING, YOU WILL OBEY “our constitutional government”: AS SWORN by OUR EMPLOYEES. Then opens the door, to understanding WHAT IS TRUE of life, democracy, and world.

I will be “the finite litigant”:

YOU, will be the enforcer of democracy. OWNERS, NOT “slaves”.

The purpose being:

WE WILL ALL, DECIDE NOW/ “our future/ our world”!

Not those who claim to be superior; and failed.

This is: ABOUT CHANGING your world!

If you refuse: the things you need to do, in order to survive!

Then you are not worth my time; because “too damn late” is real.

As for me; the foundations of life know, “I did do, the best I could”. The same cannot be said; “but of a very tiny few”. Not perfect; but no one is. The difference: I cared. The reality is, I shared, searching for truth. Because living taught me nothing less has an honest value. Universities divide: into the few who desire to help life survive/ and all the rest who want to play god, and enforce slavery on others. But the end result is same for all: our world is dying, and the only escape possible is: to recognize and respect what is true. Letting the future die, means: your choice is “devil”. There is no place to hide/ nowhere to run: either we save our world, from the plague of fools terrorizing it; or we all, go extinct.

And the universities say: “NOBODY cares”/ because we are in charge of life on earth. And hate says: “NOBODY shares”/ because we are in charge of life on earth.

And the people scream: “WE DON’T care or share; “because we want what we want/ RIGHT NOW; as is proof of “nothing is important, but ME”. And together they all shout: YOU ARE NOTHING! “the booby prize” to life. WE:   play god!

reality however says: “booby’s/ female tits” feed the child; or there would be no human life on earth.

In contrast: universities try to destroy or change everything we need to survive; to prove they can be gods/ and failed.

But then, all the women scream: WE DON’T WANT, WHAT WE DON’T WANT/ even more so, than what we do want. And reality knows: there is only one decision left! To fight for life and world, as best we can with law. Because anything less surrenders this world to men; and their wars/the consequence of their weapons today; as always. As the evidence does prove true. The critical question is then: HOW BEST, to use the law, and our vote for life and world?

A word of warning: DO NOT, “try to think like a man”! Throw that out, and become “exactly what women were intended to be”; a value that extends beyond time. A reality born in the truth, “that love is worth more, than money”. By choosing, “to be honest”.

A word of caution: there is little more damaging to life and world and humanity; than the words “I believe”. Because you can believe anything you want to believe; ANYTHING; which means it/ you, then cannot be trusted. INSTEAD, to accept the reality of each situation, is to understand: IF we identify what is true, then truth can decide; and what we do, the consequences we cause:  is then governed by what is true. Over the decades: I have seen belief, tear families apart, people apart; because belief, or want; is all they need to judge you. That makes juries and the judiciary unreliable too; so the critical truth is: accept reality, DO NOT assume; even when a partial truth exists: because unless you do know the whole truth, (which is extremely rare), you may fail life itself.

In this world of human failures: those who are completely arrogant and without the desire to respect life, say: FEAR ME! In this world of human alive, the tiny few who do respond to respect and the development of peace; say, “THE LAW” will remove these weapons; from those who demand power to control us all with fear. It is a choice, for our world: to understand, pride has no place in life or survival. Life is not a game; and all pride does, is curse us all; to scream, “winner”/ or revenge. Either remove pride and power with law: or be extinct/ as the price of continued failure is HELL on earth; ending life and world. As universities did provide for our demise. The game is dead: or your world will soon be: because that is the price, “of being WRONG”.   You cannot  defeat  reality,  with  fantasies  or  delusions:  it  is,  what  it   is.   ON  THIS  VERY  FINITE  PLANET; there is NO place to run or hide!    MEN CHOOSE WAR;  “guaranteed failure: kill a billion people/ still 7 billion to go”/ as will be: enough damage & disease, to prove extinction is next! a one  percent  population  rise:  8 billion  times=  80  million  more  per  year.  3 years  x 80  million=  240  million  more  mouths  to  feed.   Your  future:  is  “written  on  the   wall”!  CHANGE,  or  die.WFP estimates“death is a university diploma”/ as is Armageddon (nature in chaos, by genetic mutilation), Apocalypse (drinking water is poisoned; war), HADES (they ignited the same fire as on the sun “here”), and HELL (we cannot survive anymore) we are the living dead .  TOO many people:  IS war. Janet Yellin goes to China only to beg for money; and nothing more. “who” can doubt? and since the money is worthless; will they not demand “something more”? Traitors betray; to keep their lies hidden! Media disguises, denies, propagates the lie/ creates the deception; and the people believe; as is the intent of those who dictate.   Or, more distinctly; the foundation of all American leadership (as is university taught and led) is: “lie/ cheat/ steal/ betray/ lie/ propagate/ manipulate/ lie, terrorize, fail, cheat/ lie/ imagine/ gamble/ lie/ tempt/ steal/ rob/ curse/ destroy/ lie/ and then cheat to insure: power rules. as is the basis of every university decision: deception first/ disguise experts second/ media leads the cult third; because they can. after all: NONE are allowed to question “the cult of university is god”. as proven by covid; without evidence, only belief. as proven by global warming: “experts”. as proven by mutilating all of nature, by injecting chaos; to break nature down. as proven by fusion: “its just igniting atoms on fire; WHAT could go wrong”? as proven by evolution: the rotting corpse rises to disease. as proven by every threat we face; as are so many;  the potential we could survive, is in fact very small.

I PREDICT; that “international warfare”, will not extend past one month; as the cost of that encounter will produce such heavy consequences: REVENGE will take over! And even then: those in universities shall lose someone important; and release their own biological weapons to prove revenge. While the world weeps; the dead will spoil, and that biology will curse all life; that did not die before. BECAUSE that, is what you chose!   


   The foundation, male answer: IS WAR/   but war, is dead; KILL a billion people/ still 7 billion + to go. And the consequences will be extinction.   as NO possibility exists, weapons of mass destruction will not be used.    Kill a million people= only one, in every 8,000 humans on earth!  REALITY SAYS:   ONLY WOMEN, CAN FIND A DIFFERENT WAY.  BECAUSE, they are “literally different”!   Not better/ different; and different is essential; as thousands of years in male driven  history proves true. At the very least:  IT IS, their turn to try. IT IS, their lives and planet too! They literally CANNOT do worse;  than the current edge of extinction we stand on, right now.


Three things are elemental to this work: that a vote has no true value unless it allows for “we the people” to now: CREATE OUR OWN LAWS. The law governs us all, and creates the society within which we live: thereby a vote on the law itself; gives WE THE PEOPLE the power to decide what our nation or world shall be. The enforcement of law: is by our duty, the value we transfer to ourselves by insisting on a bill of rights for soldiers, police, citizens, and more: clearly outlining what we the people have decided will be true for us all. A rule identifies individuals/ but a law governs everyone same. IN THIS USA; the power of redress of grievances, our legal first amendment right as owners here: GRANTS the power of investigation first to decide what is true/ the cost of being wrong; and who lies. WHICH ESTABLISHES OUR AUTHORITY, to make the laws we now accept: will be better for us all.Our employees are NOT the government/ the constitution is: [the contract of values shared, which unite us as a nation].  That grants to ourselves, the legal right “to change”; what we accept as is needed by our vote. Our ownership , as we the people;  defined!

I have decided to give you until September 1, 2023; to identify if you have enough courage to warrant further expenditure; the pursuit of “class action”;  in this matter of “medical billing injustice”.

That is once again: a broken tibia (small lower leg bone).  Roughly one hour out patient surgery/ two casts/ three x-rays; to put 8 screws, in a plate on that bone.  Nothing else that mattered (padding the bill), was done:  NO SURGERY: ” a ten day delay”: WITHOUT cause.  for roughly $66,000.00 charged. Roughly $62,000.00 collected! And since that was not enough: they claimed I am a “bad debt”; for not giving them more.  “sound fair to you”?   OR IS CLASS ACTION, we will now decide:  a better form of justice?    Up to you/ join for realistic charges:     or this goes away.

The curse of medical education, which limits the competition: by extreme debts and time controlled by a tiny few. ALL OF IT! The demand for redress/ the reality of a class action lawsuit. The beginning step:  in life or death of this world!   SIMPLY: YES, worth the fight OR NO, everything has been done; because you refuse.

I may or may not expend some degree of energy or other in support of that action. But it is a guarantee; without your support that option simply goes away. Make a decision and choose your purpose in living; as did I.  Choose, to let the beginning of hell continue, as traitors continue to ignite our world on fire/ threaten weapons of mass destruction/ mutilate all of nature/ gamble the earth itself with extreme experimentation/ dump a trillion tons of poison a year/ throw every resource away on your garbage mountains/ destroy every chain of life/ curse every ocean/ make the planet too hot to survive:  AND SO MUCH MORE, it is not worth writing. Because you do refuse to care. OR STAND UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!    WITH LAW leads now.

CHOOSE; in this USA, that we have the legal right as WE THE PEOPLE; to investigate our employees/ and make a decision, seeking solutions for ourselves. As is called REDRESS of grievances/ a first amendment law of our constitutional government. NOT their government/ OUR GOVERNMENT. “see the difference”? Wake up: and understand a vote has no purpose anymore: UNLESS IT IS FOR THE LAW WE CREATE, to govern ourselves. One citizen/ one vote; it cannot be undone, unless a bigger percentage of the people voting choose to change it/ than did create it. CHOOSE “limited capitalism”; removing the extreme or excessive power from our nation/ by giving it to ourselves through that vote. BE WISE/ not stupid. “we choose/ not them”!

I have said: WE MUST, HAVE TRULY DIFFERENT, than this. So the people who say: “ain’t no way women can control men”/ have not considered, THE POWER OF LAW, or an organized VOTE! Nor do they understand, the enforcement of laws we create for ourselves, BY THAT VOTE OF WE THE PEOPLE: is well within the reach of 8 BILLION PEOPLE! Whether a few die or not.

this decision exceeds, simple medial injustice/ as is life or death of this world

the rest is up to you; with only minor exceptions. NO game is being played. NO broken bone was expected.

OPENING STATEMENT TO THE JURY (preparation for trial/ NOT YET commenced); who will decide if “this jurisdiction of people”/ will be asked to vote upon first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. As the law which allows for our own WE THE PEOPLE solutions,


To declare: “we must investigate the evidence, and decide this for ourselves.” as is the constitutional purpose of “legal redress”/ our first amendment law as a nation.

TO DEFEND OURSELVES, WHEN ANY ISSUE: as is medical billing:


in this matter for trial, claimed to be: unjustified, “medical billing” AS DOES, “AFFECT US ALL”.

final ultimatum to CARLE

You may join this beginning legal action: to consider if there is support. For the purpose of a class action lawsuit: to demand and create the changes necessary in medical billing; for the state of IL and USA

MUCH has to be done; before it achieves legal status.

Lawyers to represent those who join class action in: “this/ their, medical billing; is UNFAIR”. AND MUST BE: decided upon!  “to determine if we go forward”.

Those who do join; will provide an email address: so that as potential members of the trial: hopefully, you may vote upon which LAWYERS will represent this action, and you; before the courts. Assuming: there is sufficient interest to go forward.

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The critical trial issue is: IF YOU CANNOT be considered, “a completely impartial jury”/ because healthcare does affect us all. And human reality is: people DO, choose not to be fair/ when it could, or does affect their own lives. Courts are the same; and they have people “in charge of controlling the judiciary”; watching their every move.



TO DECIDE, for all of life in, “healthcare”. WHAT, is fair?

critical is: that law, is constitutionally correct/ NOT employee defined. NO employee has the power of law: only the constitution holds that power for us all. Making “employee covid”/ the act of treason. Making much of what our employees do; an act of betrayal to life and nation. The true intent to destroy freedom and rights: by doing whatever the universities say. Making “university” the most vile form of anarchy possible: the parasitic invasion/ insurgency, which takes control “one tiny piece” at a time; from locations hidden/ and realities unknown until the cost of death arises to make you aware. Of true rebellion against the sanctity of life.

AS WOULD BE: the case of my broken leg; and waiting ten days, before surgery was done for me. People are not always fair: and some, will provide “payback” when they can. A jury afraid; is not justice.

Then at a cost of $66,000 was not enough: and here we are headed for court. For a “one hour: plate and 8 screws” out-patient surgery. No hospital room involved/ no emergency room involved. Simple and plain: no medical issue established! “JUST BILLING, and the claim of debt”.

the search for support, to determine if this goes forward: starts 6/15/23:  to join “click here”

What is more significant, that people betraying people/ corrupting the games people play/ conspiring against the rest; destroying the future to make you beg: is, the majority want their game/ they want to play, and prove they are superior too; as is make me rich. To their own tragedy of life and living; because nothing is free, and to sacrifice your life and world and nation; to to discard reality for lies, theft, cheating, and betrayal within yourself.

So what is offered here is: the end of human games. Simple as that, no more winners/ no more losers, no allowance for lies, theft, etc: only truth decides as best we can/ only law governs us all, that we make for ourselves/ the currency is restructured/ all extreme experimentation is stopped/ humanity learns to be friends, instead of enemies; and the children find their future.

Because redress of grievances: let us rule our nation or world, as best we can by law we create. Limited capitalism, creates boundaries; which we enforce on those who want to rule over us. Truth removes the liars, thieves, etc; to a point where we can enforce justice on them. Enemies are evicted with world law, so that we all govern ourselves with truth by its reality. The value of friendship is recognized as worth more than money/ the value of opposite gender romance is given its honest reward of “we complete each other”. Currency is controlled by attaching it by law to the population count. Debts are surrendered unless we the people put up the money first to this percentage amount_______/ which YOU will then pay: not your children. Life on earth is saved from the delusions of pride and power. The planet is saved from overpopulation, weapons of mass destruction, ravaging and rape and ruin; as is everywhere. You surrender “want, pride, and power” to receive these things; and find life, romance, happiness, courage, and hope in return; which does build a path to love, respect, value, trust, and all that life can be.

Just so its clear: I DO NOT hate the universities/ nor any other element of life or intellect/ only hate itself. It would functionally be “like hating me” in terms of a search for knowledge; that is NOT an issue.

Anger is also irrelevant; as it fixes nothing/ only the law can establish peace or happiness, and only if it is fair and justified. So the battle is: to produce what is fair and justified; even though after “50 years of it”/ that ain’t my job anymore. However reality is reality/ and that does not change with age.

BUT THAT is not what the vast majority in leadership do: they are trained believers. Who follow directions of the cult that is trying to destroy this world, by playing god/ corrupting everything/ mutilating everything/ defecating on democracy/ indoctrinating every child into the cult that is “university is god and cannot be questioned”/ assassinating the future and every chain of life/ media propagation of believe, fear, obey; and the rest of what is being done. In a subversive effort to make universities king. Wake up, this is not a game!

back to medical injustice:

While reality knows of all business: that in fact, there were several people involved in surgery; including those who clean, provide buildings, logistics, materials, educations, taking x-rays, the initial visit to urgent care, casts and so on: the total hours spent for me personally (disregarding education) is likely less than twenty hours. So each hour billed at lets say $200 dollars= $4,000. is a more realistic number for all services rendered. MORE DISTINCTLY; a tiny few hours spent for me by someone else: DOES NOT entitle them to all the work and effort and realities of tax and living that are required to gather together $66,000+ dollars, for the majority; at their own insistence: “we want what we want”. How long does it take you? For most its a lifetime of saving gone in a single hour or so: for significant but simple, medical care. “with or without the money”, my life/ our lives, are just as valuable as yours! Healthcare is a discipline we share; but only if we care.  So redress asks: as a state or nation deciding what is fair. The question is: given that education is commonly said to be “best years of my life”/ while the rest work hard to find a place to survive. We can adjust that better: because doctor education, means a debt of roughly half a million dollars; AND THAT AIN’T FAIR EITHER. Or more distinctly: this nation has been ransacked and raped by thieves, traitors, whores (only money matters), failures, cheats, bastards, failures, fools, terrorists, and people who believe they are gods; called “university”. Being waved as “experts” by media: CAN’T QUESTION THEM! WHILE REALITY SAYS; we need to question them/ and the courts say: they are exempt; nobody questions them. “gods”! While failure is all around/ even extinction can be seen; while fantasies rule, and delusions run wild with life cursed; because of insanity in leadership. As is, a medical industry out of control. A failure at every level of truth.

Reality states: As I did take them to court some years back; because of billing. To their credit; they changed policy to a percentage of income: to serve the community. BUT immediately poor people from all over came to their door. So they changed that policy: to collecting all they could get.

So the question is: Voting in favor of: billing reform/ for CARLE. Is voting for billing reform for you too. Is the same as voting for billing reform: throughout the medical industry; and will be considered “same” for all intents and purposes. Therefore both state and nation are involved.

(the computer remembers), so was that a consequence; to wait ten days before surgery; with a broken leg: fair? Is that the treatment you would get: same as me: is same for you? Or, REMOVING that potential reaction: is to say: this is a problem we must all participate in: ends “the individual complaint”. And removes focus on you.

To establish: THIS IS ABOUT US! Both state and nation.

No more hiding/ no running away: reality decides.

Perhaps: CARLE will join in deciding we must find a justified and fair billing practice for all who need this service? Since they stand in front; for the medical industry, as a whole.

WILL: they Prove, they desire change as well? Or not, as reality in this case, will prove: true or false?

ARE YOU, each one called to jury, WILLING: to take on “unjustified medical billing”/ from an accident or other. Fully knowing, there can be consequences for that: when you are in need? Are you willing to believe: a jury will decide in your favor/ even if you are right: or will a judge take that away, with irrelevant rules and arrogance? Or will they protect themselves; as is the constant throughout society and life: of power lives here/ NOT justice?

The decision, for this state and nation, is now:

resurrect FAIR PLAY and justified service with appropriate billing practice/ or: enslavement, is then your choice. By discarding reality: you then make it “THEIR CHOICE”. AS IS our truth in this day: which must be changed.



TO DECIDE, for all of healthcare.

YOUR DECISION, as a jury BEING: DO WE ASK “this jurisdiction of people”: to properly decide by their vote; for this state or nation? That they should call for a state or national vote, and

declare together WE, the people WILL now DECIDE:

what our law shall be?

In this business of: healthcare billing practice?

WHAT IS FAIR, decided by us all: is democracy?

Making this your decision:

whether we vote, as redress: this jurisdiction is the people required to produce the trial. But the vote is:

To decide as one united society, IF, WE will CHOOSE TOGETHER: WHAT OUR HEALTHCARE CHARGES SHOULD BE? WHAT should our relationship with healthcare entitle the medical profession to have?

Should we the people have ANY SAY? Or not?

in this decision, called redress; as is democracy, in action? OUR CHOICE IS: DO we, the people decide/ Or not.

If you are a lawyer who wishes to be considered for: “orchestrating this trial”. Write a comment here, and indicate whether you want it put on site for the public or not. I will get back to you.


THEREFORE THE QUESTION IS: AS WE THE PEOPLE, through redress, equals democracy, by our vote: as is everyone decides! Not the few. All the people get a say: in what medical billing shall practice on us.

Recognizing; NO ONE BUT ME; IS A TARGET, at this moment in time. Now is your turn: by “the jury decision”: to ask the state and nation: if they agree: that, we must decide for ourselves? What is fair.

By using redress as is our legal right as the owners of this state and nation. Because applying the legal rights of our democracy; to resolve this issue of law through justice and fair play. Must not be discarded: as there are for MANY PEOPLE; damages already done, by unfair billing exist.

Class action is deliberate: to identify what is true, by the evidence we the people choose to present. By what the medical industry declares is needed. By truth, NOT want; as will produce limits and boundaries for us all.


WHAT IS JUSTIFIED AND FAIR. Not only for all citizens, but for the business of healthcare itself.

Therefore the foundation reality of this case, already exists: because our representatives have not, and cannot be separated from their “money influences/ or their own fear of the healthcare monopoly (you hurt me/ I hurt you: who will know)”. Truth now says, Regardless: THEY HAVE or have NOT DONE! Discarding: what we the people NEEDED THEM TO DO.

THE CONSEQUENCE OF THAT IS: we must do this for ourselves.

Because like you, they also know that voting against the healthcare establishment: can have consequences for the individual. Doctors generally, do not establish the price/ administration does. Wall street rewards only those who collect more money; regardless of a right.

But everybody knows: “if you cost me money, I will be angry”

/ or is healthcare exempt; are they gods (cannot be questioned) instead of people?

Consequences exist: Is that not so?

True or not, makes no difference for some: they will blame you.

Consequences exist: is that not so?

So the question is:

do you prefer to take on the responsibility

of deciding what is fair, for all?

Or do you know, and understand, as a jury: that democracy lives by the actions we the people take; to identify what is fair and justified for us all.

I say: “it takes a state or nation or world; to do that”.

Not just you or I.

The courtroom being saturated with lawyers/ the judiciary all lawyers/ the appeals more lawyers: most of government leadership lawyers. “people who want what they want”.

Who will also consider: how will this affect me?


As is the current reality of this USA; as they give to themselves: “endless counterfeit money; claiming assets that do not exist”/ and delusional debts for all the rest to pay.

Cursing the nation with greed, selfishness, betrayal, terrorism, “nazi-style overthrow of constitutional democracy”; and all that arrogance can be. IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR NATION; before it collapses into HELL. YES OR NO?

Redress is: NOW WE DECIDE WHAT WILL BE TRUE, for we the people; and our nation, state, or world. FOR OUR FUTURE.

Trial would not have gotten this far: if the lawyers hired by/ the administration of CARLE; did not believe the judge was on their side. Making their conception of this: a game

Regardless of the cause, or rights. IS THE JUDICIARY, “going to stand in the way”/ or support constitutional law? Without true public participation; the verdict is already in: NO, power lives here THE TRASH IS WAITING! People shall not own democracy.

So, we take the decision away from the judge

and remove the influences which decide in a jury:

to give ourselves the key to our future with LEGAL redress: allowing, for the people to decide. To insist: THIS IS, NOW, by our decision: OUR LAW. As the true owners here.

Redress removes all that corruption (power): to become WE change, by our own vote/ as it is our legal constitutional right; as the legal owners here; choose to do.

Let the court prove otherwise.

By written transcript/ SIGNED TO PROVE


not a game: reality stand bare naked

the constitution is the law/ IS our government.

Or, there is treason.

Making a law that we choose, only works when: “keep it short/ plain/ simple/ and as easy to understand as it is possible to do”. The examples of that are: constitutional preamble/ amendments/ and even the ten commandments; all describe what will last the test of time.

Or more simply:

a law can be described in length so as to “close the gaps and fill the holes”: but then to make it law, it is absolutely necessary: TO REMOVE EVERYTHING, that you don’t need.

Establishing short: so they can’t add on to its meaning.

Establishing plain: so that everyone knows what this means, and we can defend ourselves in a courtroom.

Establishing simple: so that the intellectual does not have room to cheat you by creating a fraud out of your work. Or a game, to take your money; and keep you locked away from truth or rights.

The internet allows for far greater participation in this endeavor. Every state/ every county/ every group: that understands the goal, is then invited to offer their version of what is “justified and fair”. We all “pick it apart”: So that the very best we can do: comes forward to be our law. Sanctified by OUR vote.

Settled as law: by over 51% say yes this will do.

A vote every four years if needed: but the law we chose, does NOT change; unless a greater percentage of the people; voting in public election: fully informed: THAN DID MAKE THE LAW: now, says yes.

If 75% elect the law/ it takes 76%+ to change the law. Past 75% it cannot come up for vote: except once in every twenty years or so. Past 90%: it will not come up, for vote: except once every fifty years or so. Time does not matter to the percentage: “human is human”.

And people say: WHY bother with law/ it is money that rules the world! But they are wrong, because money only fuels the games men play. Law is the basis and foundation of civilization/ thereby peace on earth is entirely based upon law.

People say: WHY bother because weapons rule the world. But they are wrong, because weapons only rule over fears. Fears do not create a society; they create slavery and depression and war. Only justice and fair play sustain a society by truth.

So the end result is: LAW, AND NOTHING LESS; does rule this world/ until there is war, because chaos erupted from all the lies built into the games men play.

Law sustains life/ just as an honorable court sustains society; or corruption in the court, causes that society to collapse. Only truth survives, even into eternity; because it is the foundation of law. While want is in fact the foundation of every lie/ and pride forms the basis for every game people play. Power judges/ but want controls.

People want/ fail: and then try to find a leader who will keep them from failing. As is “we can’t all be wrong” ( a herd).

Life is an individual existence: your life is an individual identity: your choice becomes your truth, and the consequence of that shapes your own identity for its eternal truth. So, be careful what you choose: to identify you!




The greatest gift we can give to each other is trust. In terms of society; that means, WE WILL NOT gamble with each others lives/ or sacrifice the future of anyone, for a game of pride. Or the cult which plays god over life. Power WILL NOT rule, in a nation of truth. And want will be moved aside: so that truth can guide life.

Make your decision.

  1. OUR, basic decision in medical billing injustice (class action lawsuit)/ IS to be made: begins AS LEGAL, GUARANTEED: CONSTITUTIONALLY ENACTED: FIRST AMENDMENT, REDRESS of grievances: to find our own solutions/ to own our nation; state.


  2. 4.1 trillion is low (LINK ABOVE): nonetheless it represents $41,000.00 spent by each of one hundred million people/ workers, for healthcare in a year!  sound fair/ sound sustainable: or it is a lie built upon inflating the currency (ASSETS WHICH DON’T EXIST) of this USA.  or more simply “MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY”.

    4’1opening jury statement

    1. Letter sent to the courts: demanding choose.

    2. Trial page: simplified, beginning argument

    3. lawyer advertisement: you are their representative(s)

    4. join the lawsuit for justice in healthcare billing: and/or, pledge support.

    5. Medical billing: and more (although some is missing due to I refused to believe it would get this far. But arrogance and disrespect, join apathy; and here we are.) Facing the truth; these people believe this is a game/ and they need not be concerned; because they cannot lose. As for me: truth and law are not a game, when reality controls/ not corruption: for either of us. The cost of losing can be high: so the demand is, “what are we really fighting for: your game is dead”. To decide: the intensity of battle/ and how much I will participate. The dead court says: “the jury cannot know the price of their decision/ it would influence them”. But reality knows the price of their decision: represents the truth of what fair play is considered to be. Blocking that reveals: there is nothing fair within the courts of this USA, OR STATE of IL. It is, “only a game”; to the cursed.

    6. responses as they come in. US district court refuses to comment/ sends forms. “not a surprise”. The law does not require them to respond; even if democracy, and need does.

    7. originating homepage: many problems and needs to resolve.

    This site: www.brainfirst.info the other site I support: www.justtalking7.info

        1. opening jury statement

          useful links:

          https://www.justtalking7.info/justtalking2/us-08-1339/supreme_court_petition_4-22-09_sent.pdf   these two links are  docketed with the US SUPREME COURT;  (requiring a judge to dismiss them with cause).  but they were dismissed by treason through a secretary of the court. So as not to identify the judge(s) who said:  we will not obey constitutional law. There are additional documents.

          http://www.justtalking7.info/TrialOfLife/pdf/111639_us_supreme_writ.pdf  removal of a docketed case without a judicial signature means;  they still exist before the court: as a reality of law.

          https://www.justtalking7.info/2022/11/07/questions-1/    this one goes on a bit; but you will find it interesting.


with value/ but it is a choice.

Mine, was and is: after a ten year search, to enlighten you: with these decisions have consequences, life and nation will not tolerate lies, cheating stealing, mutilation, cult worship (university rules); ETC.

The end result of that became

the only solution here is: to defeat the cult of “university is god”/ by knowledge they cannot find.

Your failure to recognize the value of that work; surrendering life and world to the fools who believe they are gods

caused me to say: YOU are not worth this price.

The spiritual world however reminds me consistently:

NOBODY gets to abandon an entire living world, to extinction!

Without true consequences.

Without true balance: what is left is, EITHER MALE OR FEMALE definitions will rule over living. Because “reality proved, I was the one: me” who failed to share”! Allowed the cost of caring, to influence the decision. Let me leave: As was me.

You are believers: you want what you want/ regardless of truth.

A lifetime of work proves: “the prison you built for your beliefs”/ so that no one can touch you. So that evidence or reality does not matter.

Is your death trap.

Even after opening the door, and forcing “the believer (NOT religion)” out: into reality. By the evidence of truth and consequences to life and earth.

YOUR Reality has always been: fear overtook them, and they rushed back in. But could no longer feel safe/ since I opened their door. So they attacked me instead.

I have grown very weary of that.

But one last time: WE, begin again, “with strictly, female in charge”. NO, I DO NOT know what that means; as it is an entirely different “essence of life”. With completely different ways.

Regardless: male failed entirely; even with a now, dying world. The answer of men: remains WAR. WHICH IS: the end of earth and life.

So I am hoping for the best; without a clue. Even so, at 70 years old; life for male is nearly over/ how is that not true? So, I do: choose this way, to say: I, as male; “she gets to be owner”/ because I am done fighting for you. May “the spiritual woman inside” : an event predicted by Revelation 12 (a new life for earth) and 17 (what is male, shall be controlled). I cannot do better/ that day is past. So it is: her turn to try: “she drives me completely, without rights; without regard of male anything”. Believe it or not: nothing is about me, I am discarded. It is: “complicated”. I feel ransacked; as if male is not needed anymore; overthrown, without rights. “yes, I know that sounds ridiculous; but its true”. Complicated; a spiritual description, but still a reality of life in me; not for you to understand. she insists: “to prove the spiritual prediction of biblical Revelation 12 “woman standing on the moon (standing on what is foreign, as is male)/ and 17 in control of a beast (male). Has in fact occurred; believe it or not. 

Nope, not a clue. Not my job/ not my ending of choice. Her life now: not mine. Nothing to do with you/ just me. It does not interfere with law, or this class action; Life, is almost never “what you think”. You believe in want (the foundation of every lie)/ I accept only truth decides, and the cost of being wrong. As is; sometimes a life is more important than its “momentary cost”: reality knows what that means. As for this: “male was: too much war”/ she “spiritual woman”; has intervened to prove; there will be NO war.   No, you don’t understand; but that is a momentary cost/ and life is too important to let die, without accepting “let truth decide”.

this lawsuit if it occurs:   WILL BE,  just, and simply:  value and purpose decide the way.

May you do better, than you have done; for life and earth!  not a game.

Because life will die, if you do not.

So, says the evidence, of your truth!

I could care less; if you understand or not! YOU fail to understand: “every living body is a miracle of design and existence”; a level of thought so extreme; RESPECT IS MANDATORY.  Yet as fools and idiots; “you believe in university evolution/ cult worshiping them”. to your shame.

we are not “the same”. But reality knows “I ain’t perfect either”/ proving that at least a couple of times; I chose to overcharge and let work fail somewhat; to push people away. Because want does not listen: I needed my life back:  and letting them shout “me, me, me, ,,,,,,,,,me damn you me” in my face, for however long that would take/ was more than I was willing to do. “it was the easy way out/ but it was wrong”; I regret it. And who knows maybe the same is true for the medical industry; at least somewhat. Just so its clear: I DO, get completely fed up with your wants/ entirely fed up with your beliefs that have no foundation in truth/ fed up with your fears, reliant on imagination or university knows/ pride and power are enemies to me. and occasionally, I just let people go ahead and drown yourself/ I am done caring for you. As is a world of humanity;  insisting on destroying itself. However, life has changed (its like living in an empty house, “and she, is remodeling”), and I don’t know what the future is going to be now?

And the end result is: truth is what it is/ and not, what you may want, or may not expect. Values shift: to decide what is truly important in your life; as is the identity of you.

An entire living world, is beyond the scope of cost: in exchange for, an individual life in time; whether male or female. It is not an issue/ nor will a world be traded for anyone else: that is useless.

JESUS proved it best; FULLY KNOWING, THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES AND COSTS, beyond anything fair. HE PROVED: the difference between love and hate. Presenting a choice for all humanity to make. And more.

Reality proves: we do, have to choose as well; what is honorably, most important: to “you or me”.

Or, live in fear/ letting life and world fail.

The universities seek and prove: their only decision is to destroy what humanity and society depends upon. So they can replace it:  with believe the universities are your god. To your shame, and theirs.

HIS LIFE was sent to men. For whatever reason, I don’t know: my life is sent to women: for their decision, “to save this world for love, peace, and justice”; or not! But reality proves “you don’t have centuries to do that”/

only now, is all you get.

I did what I could “loved male”/ but the end result is: men did all they could. But earth will end by war soon; because that is what “the history of their leadership”/ the realities, of their male, in charge of life and earth decisions. Proves, is always true.

Today: life demands,

let women try…they deserve “the final say”. They are different! Hope for the best: NO TURNING BACK.


Including the insanity of letting any man or woman be in charge of weapons of mass destruction.

As is Putin: threatening a world/ or China/ or USA/ or who knows how many more; including biological weapons/ the curse of chemistry; and all those who want fire: “perhaps a million (one in 8,000; people living) or more”.

Change or die.

Its your choice.

Redress is the legal method of doing that

as WE THE PEOPLE, now decide

for ourselves.

It takes a nation: as this method of democracy: to prove the evidence. Redress: Has been failed in the courts: who do completely throw constitutional law out; in SILENCE. Behind closed doors; without the public watching and participating!

US supreme court and all

numerous times.

Because in this USA: “the universities rule”.

And have changed: “the constitution is our government”.

Into whatever they want.

By counterfeiting our currency/ using media to hide true inflation (the claim of assets)/ using games to disguise what they are doing (enslavement by debts).

Using fear as with covid: to curse democracy itself: (FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY). You have no rights! The law is dead.

Using power (we control/ not the law) to steal, kill nature, threaten, and terrorize; as is the mutilation of nature itself.

just to start”.

Now or never/ choose.

So then: what is the future of this?

WANT WILL SCREAM NO; you can’t take away anything I want.

PRIDE WILL SCREAM NO: we are gods/ you CAN’T change nothing; WE ARE “gods”; and you are nothing.

POWER will judge: deciding how best to kill this menace, from their lives. Most likely choosing: to use the court, and its prisons;

any lie will do!”

murder is messy/ and it won’t resolve: “what has been released: a new life, by our own , we can change this”.

The great dragon of Revelation: is what hides in the darkness of fear and imagination.

But I tell you simply:

eternity is watching, and your fears will not save you.

Only truth can do that, by law.

By enforcing what you choose.

And that: makes power “mean”/ pride insane; and want LIAR beyond lies.

Until they are revealed, by truth to the world/ and then removed. As a cost to high, to remain.


Which means the end of earth is now proven true.

I have no say: your choice.

But if your answer is no; we won’t change.

Then my own reality may remain “fairly constant/ until death”: as it is. “a belief” NOT a fact; as I truly don’t know “ten thousand things; life is upside down; so to speak”. Not even eternally, as male or female is known: I am, “utterly confused (evidence; not complete: for both)”. But, as for this world: I do not hope for that/ as it means this world will die soon.

The evidence is real: you are surrounded by threats of extinction.

As always: “the threat is not me”. It is humanity.

The message “change or die” is delivered.

And women say: “we want what we want too”.

Everything is fine/ we don’t want to change: this world cannot end.

Refusing to acknowledge: you are targeted.

Apart from old age, there is very little heart disease in women, at any earlier age. [simply give us your money; as fear demands].

Reality says: the very best of diagnostics say: in breast cancer it is: roughly 25% proven correct. But mastectomy is offered: literally as a way to remove the claim in court “you could or should have done more”.] even though statistics [breast removal/ versus lump removal] does not prove that true. Care: “but, not for you”.

Fear will not save you.

The realities of overpopulation will kill you too.

Weapons of mass destruction; are not saviors.

You are not gods either: and will be destroyed by the same realities of “we don’t care”/ as is the cost of men.

I am not woman (although life is pulling me in): NO, I do not want to discuss it. Which still means, I don’t know what to say to convince you this is no game. Don’t know what you will do, with life or me. Life, has offered to help; if you choose that: its complicated/ not my choice. As women both fear men, and don’t trust men/ assume the worst; or want more. The list is long.

So, I am done. You are the last hope!

I surrender the challenge of life or death for this world: “to you”.

Want it or not.

Men will fail: and choose war. How can you doubt?

No possible excuse exists! Their game is dead. “kill a billion people/ still 7 billion+, to go”.

So life or death is now, “in many ways: up to women”.

The price is: what life and earth need to survive/ no gambling allowed. No mutilating allowed. No extreme experimentation allowed. No make the children pay our debts is allowed. Truth decides/ not want, pride, or power.

YOU WILL NOT: take over, and be: like men do.

JUSTICE, TRUTH, LAW, LOVE, VALUES, RESPECT, TRUST WHERE EARNED, HOPE, FAIR PLAY, a life and living defined by freedoms, earned by realities accepted. A change that goes deep into the existence of who we are as a planet of life.

Men and women MUST “find themselves alive in each other”. Education must include all the things which make life and living valuable through respect.

Religions should be changed to include what we can prove true: as is evolution is a blatant lie/ and every miracle is built upon thought, as formed by discipline, order, laws and balance to become a living example: “of how much more could there be”?

Answer: more than we can understand.

If that is not worth the fight to you/ then “goodbye, is fair”.

I did do, what I could do; for life and world;

even if you believe it was not enough/ could have been better/ or whatever you believe.

I will explain: “at least I tried”/ did you?

As for this trial

I have no predictions.

You will decide not me!

As for women deciding to participate

in life or death for this world?

I have no predictions/

you will decide not me.



As to me; changed?

I have no predictions; as it is a completely different world/ eternity/ etc. Not my choice; honestly no clue.

But, I am honorably: “willing to let GOD decide”.

Whatever that will be, or become.

Not a game: each, is a miracle of life (built by thought, through law)/ none “built themselves”. No accident or chaos exists!

Not for me to say: “what GOD might choose to do”.

How could I possibly know that?

Its, a ridiculous assumption/ I do not.

What I do know, is that spiritual female, who entered my life 18 years ago: has torn everything male apart, in the last 6 years or so. The pieces; Thrown out or not: my life, is never going back together as it was.: that is clear, and not altogether bad. Although balancing me in the first 12 years: to make finishing the work possible. My demand: “they will never listen, or learn/ let me leave now”. Proved to move on: I had to change; “she insisted”. Too damn stubborn; and so, she took control for herself. Whatever this becomes: is a result, more than a decision.

That, is the truth. I don’t know what that means/ no longer mine to decide. “complicated”. Whether you Believe it or not; “good/ bad/ indifferent”: I utterly don’t care, you will not decide.

Alas, neither will I, that day is over. Nope, not a clue!

Hoping there is some degree of value, and life; in it all.

Yes I know: too many words. But years ago made me realize: if I leave even a crack/ somebody will try to use that, and the message will fail. So I cover all the openings; to prove, face your truth.

Just as I must face mine.

As is: the male part of me says:

I must somehow: just be an example of, men can be changed. Women can be in charge. However, that could be completely wrong; who knows? OR, maybe its fundamentally: what would women do for life and world; if the relationships and realities of male and female “traded places”. So that their own true decisions would be found. “would you be like men are to you/ or would you be respect, protect, love, cherish, hate, ,,,,,,,,,,etc?” Change on both sides is warranted and necessary; believe it or not.

Yes I know: you can ridicule me: all day and night long, make up stories, etc.

Regardless: I am distinctly NOT “homosexual, transvestite, or other; similar delusion”. Nor have I ever been: Just how it is. YOU may choose it; “its your life”/ judge not lest you, be judged applies. NOT for me: however “I do believe in zoning (there/ not here)” for this kind of issue.

Instead. My reality in, this entire matter of spiritual female: is between “female in control; and I cannot escape”/ I have tried. Never my intent; “I opened that door, just to ask a question”. For a dying world. Nonetheless: she balanced me, and for 12 years we worked together honestly. She fixed in me what was broken. We finished the work together. “it worked”!

Its complicated; you will never understand.

One last warning, given to me/ to give to you: let all men or the delusions of men stay away from me sexually. It is your eternity if you don’t: in HADES: means “lake of nuclear fire; as is the sun”. Nothing else about male relationships with me, are affected.

Only that one.

Do not look for participation in others/ they do not count; for you.

ONLY YOUR DECISION matters for you.



IF you will not, because humanity turned away. It will simply fail.

I fight for you alone, no more.

This site www.brainfirst.info and my other www.justtalking7.info

have enough traffic to prove:

what humanity will or will not do.

It is no game.

People judge/ juries are asked to measure the evidence and decide what is fair: although the criminal (not fair) court system denies them that right. By refusing such things as the cost of penalties; by their decision/ and more.

Even so: anarchy exists in full display without some sort of court to intervene.

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