Being confronted with, “experience the cost of being female on earth”. While that lacks the primary elements of physical existence which determine the actual cost; the reality of being shown/ enlightened, as to what can be shown as in “the tragedy and disgrace of men”. She can make me understand. Comes the realization I have not done enough to protect women from men. What can be done; as stated before is to recognize that anything you choose to use. Anything that can defend you can also be used to attack you; is to realize the choices are then limited; and must be chosen with care. The greatest gift of all to women is the separation of those who hate/ from those who love; and mediation for all who are angry, without providing an excuse. It is noted; that women are NOT “without some degree of failure”; as they lie, cheat, steal, and so on too. But violence is rare, and that means they do hold the essence of love; is on their side/ more than, to many of male.

Nonetheless; various methods have been suggested in video, none of which are known to have been used. The critical method of nature which is to mimic a skunk: to drive an attacker away with identifiable odor, or composites of that to do distinct things. Which includes the woman releasing those odors; thereby tying you together with the attacker; by a smell which functions as a warning siren to others. Even if locked in a car; the smell can ooze out.  The public: Who will be trained in “what that smell means”. Not used either; as forty years ago, when asking women would you use it; as a necklace or bracelet or ring (for immediate use). They basically all said; I don’t want to stop an attacker/ I want to kill them; or I don’t want to think about it; as in I am afraid. Which resulted in: even though, I am offering you a weapon to use against an attacker; many feared me without cause; so I quit. Which rarely happens, and has a cost beyond your conception of justified.

EVEN SO: for today, I will suggest to you another method of defense which is: the construction and use of a D-STYLE handle. Much like brass knuckles, this tool to be held in the smaller hand of female; would not be easily taken away by male. In contrast to a brass knuckle; this is a pipe you hold onto; which contains the various methods of pepper spray, whistle, camera with motion detector (someone sneaking up behind), means to send a message to a cell tower, and whatever combination of things you might feel more safe with. The over the fingers strap used to establish control; is a four line wrap around, which allows for a “dull knife edge; with a pattern for later identification” on each line. In between there are two string lines when released: contain barb like fittings on that line, intended to scratch the skin, and install an itch powder. A third tubing; is used when released: this allows for a microscopic identification series of identification specific to you; to fly out of the tubing. Hopefully ending in the face where it will be breathed in for a coughing response; caught in hair, clothes, etc; for use in court. A magnet latch for key; strobe light; and so on.

Such as; to incorporate an electric shock response/ or a body going limp response; as would be a siren, along with chemical release which demands an attacker lets go. Various methods can be used; but each requires “a female touch” to understand what would make a difference to you.

Free to all with the caveat: you may NOT refuse any other the right to use this description of “an invention”; by any means. Free to all, is free to all, a permanent description; because the reality of safety is not a game.

Fear will not save you. Someone who is going to kill you, has already made that decision. So, as with men to men; we all just have to take our chances, and be brave as necessary. “best we can”.

As proven to those questioned forty years ago: no attacker is going to wait for you to get out your gun. That is not real. It is a surprise, and unless you are prepared; there is little you can do: they have already sized you up. But every predator wants to attack the weak; so that there is little risk of being damaged yourself. Which means prepared is over half the battle won already.


as to the securities of making the right choices: NEVER LET WANT decide. Because a predator lives to present you with what you want/ in order for you to fall into their trap. Kindness, gentleness, respect, values, disciplines, truth, orderly life, balanced opinions, purposes that are beyond money, pride, or power. Happiness based in reality as best we can are all conceptions of a dignity shared with life; that can make you happy too. Therefore my advise to you is: organize as women, to promote and organize the demand this is what we are looking for; and anything less is not welcome here. Most consider that basically; “a church group” which rarely does well; because the belief of media produced lies is; “can’t have no fun here”/ even if it is safer.

What you DON’T want is lies, cheating, stealing, ridicule, gossip, treachery, betrayal, terrorism, anger without justification, lazy, lust, sloth, hate, violence, abuse or any of the other CLEAR INDICATIONS; stay away from these. Even if, those who are desirable cannot be found: finding trash and garbage will not fill your life with happiness. Therefore WHY cry? Make men earn the right, to participate with you. But in the same vein: understand, life is not defined by your eyesight. It is understood, by your time under safe and controlled conditions of hope.

Sex will not buy you much in terms of life or partnership; it only buys you sex; a chain. So unchain yourselves from the truth of those who are not yet ready or able to commit to the discovery of life being shared, because we care. Time is essential, do not commit when there is too little; until that can be changed, with honesty, not demands.

Accept that dating is NOT OWNERSHIP; you do not own the right to demand whatever it is you want. Which is why sex is offered: TO INSIST, I now own that right to demand of you whatever I want. But that makes sex “for sale”, and it makes you less.

After 15 or so, “I am pregnant” even if we did not have intercourse (none true, I checked, and am absolutely sure); all things changed for me. Women could not be trusted; so don’t do that. Don’t beg and plead for sex, to have a baby; and then send me the debt for your decision; so I can pay for the next 18 or more years; as that is rape of me. If I say to you I can’t/ that is exactly what I mean; in terms of life has a different purpose right now; try not to ignore that and make me change my mind. Its not your job. Etc.

as to other men: always know: IF they begin to find you worthless, or judge you less than valued. It means hate has wandered in; and abuse or violence or murder comes next. So leave if you can, or guide them back to life; if possible. But make no mistake: once a decision has been made to call you worthless/ a judgment will follow that makes you the victim. Women should participate in maintaining “safe houses” for each other; and yes that means some will be taking advantage of you. But men get taken advantage of as well: “and you know that is true”.

The unfortunate truth of dating or life is: that timing is everything. When we are right for each other it does show in our ways and means to make each other happy. But as was the teenage years: when women or girls grab on and won’t let go/ there is no dating, and people both male and female begin to feel robbed of their freedoms to choose a life they desire. Because you interfered with that choice. So they blame you; when life is not as they wanted it to be. My ex-wife blamed me: even though I told her, my purpose is different than this. She fought and warred and lied and cheated to get what she wanted; and to my shame, I let her do it; to the point we just had to try. But she wanted what she wanted/ and so did I; and the two choices could not meet where both hoped to live. Or more distinctly: love is not enough/ truth must decide. Even if love knows what happiness is; truth must decide, or life will fail. Consider that your warning: let truth decide; every lie has a cost. When you give away your love; the other takes that away from you. The result: “you are broken hearted”; because that love as is a foundation of your life, is now gone. NEVER give away the very best of love to anyone but “GOD”; because if things go wrong, we must own a tiny bit to rebuild. Never “blame them all”; as that is unfair. I remembered “a very young girl”; as a moment that was something sweet (no manipulation/ no temptation/ no ulterior motives; just simple and kind): which reminds us all, you never know what kind of good you might do, even years later, from being happy, and feeling safe. I found the memory enough, to return to women/ female; as truly valued, but must be held apart, with caution from now on. Trust must be earned, not given. Just as I am certain women feel the same about men: valued, but with caution. Because want (animal inside); “all is fair in love and war”; as is a coming tragedy. INSTEAD, Accept only desire (human alive), which puts respect and honesty first; AS IS nothing is fair in war but survival/ and only truth is alive and defined by trust, in the passions of love. Best we can.

The one certainty in life as a human being is: “believers believe”, and you cannot change their mind; because they are locked within their own prison cells; so that nothing can come in to change their decision. UNLESS, you go ahead and give them “a little more of what they want to believe”; in order to open that can of worms, and let out the curse that builds inside. Only then, when they see for themselves; what they have built out of their beliefs; can any change come. Few are worth the price. Gossipers live for every “worm” they can find; and a primary mover of human existence is “i want to talk/ listen to me”.

Or more simply: if you believe I am hate/ you will continue to believe that. Or if you believe I am love you will continue to believe that. Or whatever you believe regardless of what that is; you will believe that; because what you chose is what you want that decision to be; evidence be damned, “now you know” is over. As it is with all people/ as it can be with gossip or vengeance, or ridicule or any other version of “I KNOW”; BUT in fact you simply believe what you want to believe; as is the basis for most human behaviors. Want is a terrible thing, turning people into animals; unleashing lust, instead of life. Turning love into the tragedy of “a believer” instead. But I do separate “living, from life”; what you believe about this life/ is different than what you believe about eternity or not. Remember that is true. Remember to forgive, it is essential to living with peace and joy. Remember, you are not god/ and you do not get to judge; only the law may do that/ and only when it is truly necessary to our unity as a world. Like believing in media:  “now you know”, is whatever the universities, and their diploma’s  want you to believe. “for one hundred years+” these are the people who have studied how to manipulate, tempt, propagate, cheat, steal, abuse, use, and control you and your behaviors as well as thoughts. Having accomplished that “with 24/7 media, and universities are god”.  with endless money to spend, by counterfeiting currency; but who cares right:  after all, “it spends”/ right? let the children be damned;  cause its not going to happen “in your lifetime”. LET THEM,  “go to HELL”.  cause you want to be rich.

As to me: the decision must be made, “do you believe” in the spiritual world? As those who do not/ then cannot conceive of anything but a liar. Whereas those who do believe in a spiritual world; find themselves confronted with whatever their own religion has taught; which becomes “liar, or fraud, or potentially true”. The decision must be made: can the eternal world, confiscate “his life” in order to use it, for what is needed on this world: to identify “CHANGE or die” is real? So we ask of truth: what is most important, “life or truth/ love or survival/ the individual or the whole/ sanctity of truth, or its ability to keep life alive”? The answer is: life is more important than truth, but only truth survives; so it must lead. Love is more important than survival; but if we do not survive, love dies with us. An entire world is more important than one life; as was proven by JESUS; because eternity gives back that life with love. While truth must be pure to become eternal; the spiritual world houses those who have not yet accomplished that feat of discipline. Therefore it is less subjected to purity, than it is to survival of a world.

But as for me, I do not believe; instead searching for truth as faith: the reality of “every living miracle”, means what does exist can be found, if I accept JESUS guides the way. Love therefore decides what truth can do; and I entered into the decision: what could female do for life to survive; as hope for men to save this earth died? So the decision to be made is then multiplied into: where does love and truth divide, because purity is less important than love? And how is that resolved for an eternal life, that must find purity in order to ascend into the final journey, that is “a child of GOD” now exists.

in my own quest, to learn how best I can prepare for an eternal life; with grace and honesty formed from respect. The value of life is chosen to be, greater than gender or its existence. How or why, the question itself exists; I do not know/ it is an apparent need. As was demonstrated by my own life requiring balance to complete the work assigned to me. I needed to resolve the consequences of female in my life. It is clear the spiritual woman who joined me, needed to resolve the consequences of male in her life. So, I guess as two wounded individuals; what must be done to heal each other is valid and plain. love is a gift, life is its treasure.

I do not need your acceptance; therefore I am not concerned with what you believe, is or is not true. After all, the majority believe in evolution; to your shame.

The living soul does not believe: it has faith, that truth is truth, and we must find the truth, as proven by the evidence which is sufficient to prove the actual result; rather than what you want the result to be. Having been accused of much throughout the years; I can tell you for certain; the vast majority of what people believe has no basis at all in fact. And the majority of what they believe is the evidence; lacks sufficient truth to be called reality; revenge however fills in the blanks, and they believe. Let truth decide, and remember; only what is honestly important and needs to be known; surfaces as the evidence needed to let the law (as best we can) decide now.

As to the spiritual world of truth consecrates each individual life; but needs to be purified before life can ascend to participate in the definitions of eternity. The reality of truth survives, should not be in question; unless you believe in lies instead. Every lie is a descent from life. While every truth ascends to the level of value that it does express. Or more distinctly: life exists, because truth builds within the values of law, that which becomes a living example of what thought can do. Creating for an eternity, those that bring value and joy, to life itself. Discarding as with lies, those that do not. Or more simply: we know that life exists. So the question is: did truth make this so? Anything less than yes; is another lie. Therefore we know, that within the realm of truth, there is a path that leads to life.

Because the essence of life, cannot be defined without thought; that path then leads back “to our Creation”. The place where truth becomes life/ as is called “spirit, works here”.

I do understand; “the question of me”; is more complex, as I do not exactly live in time or spirit/ which suggests not exactly alive or dead/ I do not live exactly as male or female/ do not exactly own my own existence anymore; and don’t even know what my own eternity could become? It is a mystery. So, if a mystery to you too; join the club. That does not negate the reality of evidence, or why I am given to exist: which proves: your extinction from this earth is clear. CHANGE OR YOU WILL DIE as a world. Because that is what you chose. Truth is truth, it does not bend, or grant mercy: it is only “what it is”. Which means: impossible to say, who I am? Other than a messenger telling you: this is no game.

Always be cautious around hate, and avoid it if you can.

Always be truthful to your need to meet new people, and form relationships as the backbone of hope in this life of “now”. But meet them in places that are “safe” for both sides; or don’t meet them at all.

Look in the mirror, a reality most men forget; before you decide “not pretty enough”. Like clothes, pretty can cover up realities that should not be ignored.

Be fair, as best you can.

Be honest with life; because your own decisions do matter.

Don’t let someone else decide for you: take responsibility for your life/ and respect your choice matters too.

But do not plan or expect life to be, as you expect it to be. As throughout the decades of my learning; the most common phrase was “but why”? While the end of my life, by age; in time is clearly: completely the opposite of what, I had simply expected it to be. Or more simply: I did do the best I could, but a single choice proved to be the most critical of all. To ask of female: WHAT could you do different? To save this world? As it is up to us, to do the best we can. A duty, constructed by desire: to return respect and value, for this gift of life.

Made impossible to expand; by those who believe whatever they are told; as is proven by evolution, even the dead probably know better.

If allowed, I will quit here; because its time for that, endless words help very few.

I will reconcile my life with the simple words: I have no clue, how it will all work out, for you or me. “not my job”/ I did do, the work assigned to me. And leave it behind, to be whatever life demands.

    • I will offer to some “lady”, with discipline and honesty. The opportunity to share some work in rebuilding what has been left behind here; if you wish a simple relationship; without any conception of “expectations, other than a fair wage for a fair construction type of work done. It does take some health and physical fitness, but I do not intend to work hard, just simple and fair; as the edge of extinction is plain to me. And at 70 years old, I have no one to leave this too. So it might be torn down/ or it would be sold; unless dramatic changes occur. A “female”; because I have never worked with female to any degree; and it seems appropriate at this time; “something new”. More of a fill in the blank, while waiting for the future to unfold. But work is work, and there should be no illusions about what work is. Not a game, we can discuss the wage, time, and other details; attempts to be fair will occur; if someone is interested. You should be interested in learning the work, as that is what life would be in this endeavor. Not a school, but life requires interest in what we do; otherwise it becomes a burden.
    • I am plain and simple in my relationships/ please be the same.
    • My address is on this site/ if you look, you will find it.
    • No, I don’t know how it will turn out; no predictions. But you should be aware that numerous people do not “appreciate”; this work, and I cannot predict if a violence would occur. Nor can I predict how that might affect you?
    • Nonetheless we can talk if you wish. As spending personal time with each other in work; does require an acceptance of respect on each side and a willingness to cooperate. Not “just anyone” will do. Is that not the same for you?
    • Life requires hope, so understand judgment is not considered valid/ until the evidence demands it is so. There is no need for depression, as that would be a prediction; and no one knows. Nonetheless we can see what does exist, as proof of our future without change; no excess is warranted. What can be done should be done/ but neither you or I can play god.  The end result of that is, “whatever the future will be”.  Our own individual decision: is either love or hate/ or playing animal instead (which claims both/ but attains neither).  this is august 4, 2023
    • FOR CLARITY:  It is consistent with risk and reality, to understand the terms. While we all know that death comes with life in time; and no one knows by what means that will occur. The reality of our existence is: in this overpopulated human world, at least another 80 million births, over deaths arrive each year; needing everything. The consequence of that is; we can no longer complain when we die. NONE should die of little things/ but we all must accept, “ETERNITY DOES NOT start, until human time has ended”. So while every life matters, and friends are hard to lose: these are the choices we have made as a world.
    • While I do not expect any form of violence to occur to any who help me; that remembers humanity is what it is; and knows: our deliberate choice, is a path that creates our own truth. While the road, a human herd will take; shouting we can’t all be wrong; ends with them all at the same “dead end” of life on earth. So, I caution not to fear, as best you can!  As risk will make it obvious when that time arrives. With courage honesty is born. With respect, life rises to encounter value in our existence. With love happiness learns where joy truly lives in us. But wherever death decides to come; we must also accept that, as the beginning of our destiny, and search for life beyond time. The body is abandoned; “unless you turn back, and are left behind to dissipate and then vanish from all existence”. Death is death: “walk into it, with your heart and soul”.
    • I am, going to advise you on one last thing: that fear will never save you, from the truth. The truth is, without real change in human behaviors; time on earth is numbered, and lost to extinction. With only HELL in the middle of that. To change yourselves: requires a distinct difference in leadership. There is no choice for that other than female. They have no option to do that, other than law! By making the laws, which then rule over us all; our world has a chance to survive. If not, extinction is certain: as proven by the evidence, “even you know is true”. Examine your reality/ or prove your truth. As for me: I would rather accept courage where needed (an individual path chosen by Me)/ than accept fear, by those who order me and you to believe and obey (the road, of those who worship the leader as god). It is a choice. I hope for you/ but that is the best I can do; as your own choice is “to believe, nothing matters but you”. Stand up for life, and I can assist.
    • For clarity: the human herd knows only one thing (I want more of what I want)/ and when feeling safe, they turn to protect what they want from each other. While when threatened by fear: the group together both demanding and needing to be “the same”/ so as not to trample each other in chaos. While predators live to attack, and bring war to life; because that, is what they want in order to survive, and get all they can get. All behavior is based upon whether you are “predator or prey”. While being alive as a human miracle grants: that we must search for life and love, even if the others do not. Do you see the difference; “between animal or human”? 
    • The universities as is their religion called evolution; are always searching for chaos, to inject into society (herd)/ so that they can spread the disease of fear. As is we cannot be the same; therefore we will trample each other, and become prey for the predator. The reason for that is control: they want to be leader, without taking any responsibility for their actions. They want to shout “we are gods”, by providing something you did not have before; disregarding the future of what that change will bring. As with other animals; spreading chaos, is not helpful; even if it is distracting from the reality of survival. As to being human: discarding the maze of worthless things, humans do; from the value of life and living by love; is a constant war to remove chaos, so that truth can appear and be found. Making universities, and their assertion; every damn thing needs a place; make room for “curse & disease”; more enemy than friend.
    • The entire purpose of chaos; is to keep you from being organized in your thoughts/ afraid to challenge the cult who owns “everything”, including media propaganda described as “fear/ believe/ obey”; as with covid. With confusion about what is: the right decision to make, behind closed doors, treason occurs everyday. Taking away choices/ destroying those who could stand against them/ and denying your right to be free within the order of society, by corrupting disciplines, and changing the balance of power; by insisting “they are gods, and entitled to play any game with life or energy or world that they want too”. As universities are beyond the law; because hidden behind the closed doors of government: THEY ARE “the law” of their own imagination rules now.
    • Surging against life and democracy as the rebellion overthrows truth; to become your superiors own you now; even with robot armies: to make you obey. And diseases tailor made to kill you if you don’t. Or at least make you believe; they can by media concentration; of purpose: you shall, BELIEVE. Blind and stupid; until they finish taking control; by ravaging truth and reality.By claiming “the experts” can’t be wrong; to keep you from demanding your own answers have value. Prove what is true.Soon they will call for the end of cash (turn it all in)/ and in that day, they will have removed from you the option to make any other choice: but to surrender to them; who own the computer, that will then deny your electronic money. Surrender anything they ask, or die. As is the constant of history; proven by men, who never change.The excuse for war is; “too many lost now, as is selfishness/ we want it back, but they say no”/ or the other staple; we want more/ we want yours too; as is greed/ or the final staple; we failed ourselves, and now somebody has to die; because there just ain’t enough for us all. And buried somewhere in the sewer; are those who hate, and intend all these should die; so we can steal their stuff.
    • By making you “animals (instead of miracles)”/ they then believe “being superior”, they are gods instead. So they are entitled to make every decision, change nature or reality with chaos, in worship of their religion; and assume as leaders of the cult, their own delusion of leadership cannot be wrong. To their shame.
    • They “universities”; can’t be gods or leaders; UNLESS, they make a change, to lead you away from what the centuries have taught (common sense); to be their cult worshipers, demanding: “let our gods of university, be freed”. They have been free; and our world now faces extinction; as everything they have done: did have consequences, and no one wants to pay; to your shame, letting this world then die. CHANGE OR YOU WILL be extinct destroying all life from earth; by YOUR choices.
    • They “universities”;  cannot run governments without counterfeiting currency, and pretending debts don’t matter; thereby destroying securities for all of society, and enabling liars, traitors, thieves, and terrorists to take control over life and world. As has been proven true; laundering their crime in places where society says, “I WON’T CARE”; because the lies/ fraud: spends like money. Stealing from the future; as society itself says, “let the children pay/ not in my lifetime; as is let them go to HELL”. BECAUSE I won’t care. What they can do however is create fear; by establishing: let this world die. With weapons of mass destruction/ diseases which cannot be stopped (covid; just a notice of intent). And make you beg; as our living world dies; before our very eyes. While the cult shouts “savior”; to universities; to their true eternal shame.
    • For clarity; animals do not love, however with kindness and time they do learn to trust you. The difference is: that trust singles acceptance, of life with you. While love integrates life with living by the grace and desire of all that respect can become. Jealousy is a competition; and it exists within the boundaries of “I cannot compete/ or the abuse which is you belong to me”; usually governed by sex, or the consequence of battery. Which signals the change into slavery; only one step above worthless; where judgment ends with violence. In simple terms: sex to women is ownership/ sex to men is “winner”; as is the essence of “being animals”; with the complication of pregnancy and diseases involved. Being human results in the expression of love becomes sexual, only if the rhythm of our lives begins to trust the heartbeat we share as one. There is no separation, only we; not you or I.
    • Love expresses that, with the experience known as soul (our thoughts are shared). It is not a question that results, but a trust in the value of your life joined, with mine. Few find it, and some will die because of it: if love becomes lost. Children play games. Adults seek clarity and truth, or they remain as animals do: searching to shout “winner” or owner; as is, “I want what I want”. You cannot find the passion of love, with sex. The passions of sex, reveal the honesty of your choice to insure; “our happiness, is far more important; than mine”. In that realm of truth, the difference between love and sex becomes real.
    • People shout: I WANT WHAT I WANT; and you cannot take that away with words. SEX IS ALL there is, to bring peace (I am relieved) to me. Buy it/ sell it/ steal it; who gives a damn: I want what I want. “animals are animals”. Love however knows none of that, by choice. Only the difference honest respect does make, in how we treat each other. The beginning of romance, as is the search for passions that can find, and share; “my own heart beating”. Miracles know, when that is true.
    • But it remains unfortunately true: that as with me, the world has other needs, than just what brings happiness to my own life or yours. As with me, the recognition of a world that is literally dying; which means all love on earth will die. Takes precedence over every other decision I could make. “even you”. So, the decisions that become our home of family lives here; are intertwined with the realities of our own environment called time. Love fails, if the world dies; for us all. Searching for the one who could understand my own life; did not turn out well. A point proven by my parents; who both decided, “he is not doing what we expect”/ and made judgments accordingly. Pride and power/ even want, are enemies; and they will cause harm if you let them in. more simply: life is not a game, and neither is how we treat each other. Accept the truth; we must choose for ourselves, and accept the responsibility of what that will bring. Good or bad; because “this life, belongs to me”. An aberration; when considered with: today, “this life, no longer belongs to me” is now true. But that is a spiritual matter, and it does not ask for your permission. Nor does it ask for mine; as truth constructing the basis of law, is not subject to discussion. It is, what it is.
    • I suppose for clarity sake: my experience with the spiritual world is, distinctly ordered by what needs to be done, or life needs for me to learn/ rather than my input or asking why. The initial reality of losing my 9 month old nephew was harsh; and I wanted time apart. But was denied by tinnitus. So I said “I will live by body without the noise”; and my body rebelled with some type of clot that sometimes kills, the very physically fit. Ending that. Reduced to all that is left is to study or write; that is what I did do. Until the summer after my mom’s death 2017 I think; when I said they will never learn; and life changed; because that was NOT an acceptable answer/ so I lost control. Or more simply: beyond time is NOT, the experience of “rich and sloth like now with endless gluttony and laziness for all”.
    • But in real life; truth decides what is best for all, and all must do what they need to do; based upon who can and do accept the task for which they are given that work. Or more simply: not what you want to believe at all. But life with discipline, shaped by order, defined by the balance of truth, completed by trust, and qualified by love to be “the best for all that we can be”. As are they for us. Life itself, is your reward; but it is not without your own acceptance, that what is asked of you, will be accepted.Truth should NOT, be inter-spaced with freedom: they are separate realities of existence. Truth describes the law over life. While freedoms examine the relationship of soul, with heart and its desire. Thought controls all three, but thought allows for individual freedoms to exist; as freedoms are the distinction of an identity given life.
    • Love is, “a spiritual truth”, embodied in respect, but defined by the passions of what hope can produce; where truth and respect become trust and honor. Some ask: how can we be alive without a body, as with time? The critical truth of that is: life exists because of thought, and it expands beyond self, due to the forces used to create energy. Therefore the essence of body lives in these two things. But since thought accepted by you is a creation defined by soul, and individuality is a creation of your own truth; that element of living, by your own design; becomes home. What we can become in the passions of a universe, is unknown. But the evidence of miracles, its freedom and grace to be alive, the truth of our own expressions in energy, and the individuality already known in this time; all create the potential. More awaits us, than exists in our time.
    • Love as represented by JESUS is the final chapter in what our lives can be. You will note, “NOT what you would have expected”; but as reality needed HIM to be. In order to save you; for an eternity. Just like me. I am the messenger/ HE is the teacher. BUT the spiritual woman inside, offers that needs require me too. But I am not “son of GOD” material/ son of man; proves equal, but a spiritual reality adds more. No clue what the end result of it all will be. “not my job”. Male delivered the message; as best he could. Whatever “spiritual female truth” has in mind; is simply not for me to know. I don’t, know why; “its blank”, not allowed to know. Could be harsh/ or not? Could be you will never care, and go to your extinction? I absolutely do not know! Not my decision to make. It will be, whatever it will be; as the spiritual woman in me proves, without the slightest room for doubt:  “you have no choice”.Could be, that I am over “half female” at this point; and that will carry on to woman in charge, over male forever; I utterly don’t know. Could be, I become female entirely; if miracles occur beyond my comprehension to conceive of. Or back to the beginning a male. Do I sound lost? I don’t know; just how it is.  not a clue?

      For clarity: lust (I want to use your body/ or as women find it, I want to own your body) is NOT passion, it is chemical addiction; the sign of an addict in men. The decision for security in women. Passion (we share our lives with care) is NOT lust, as is, you are the most important thing; desire lives within you/ just as your desire lives within me.

      Stop letting “the living dead” ridicule you on media/ humiliating you without cause/ denying you access to a courtroom or refusing democratic authority/ LIES, THEFT, CHEATING, FRAUD, REBELLION, TERRORISM, AND TRAITOR; EVERYWHERE. Stop letting liars claim “prank” is just another word for wanting to humiliate others. FIND SOME RESPECT, and disgorge the disease of failure from your lives. An example would be “fear factor”; where the prize of money asks people to humiliate themselves for entertainment. Little has changed since the Colosseum in rome; the animals want ridicule; to shout “I am the superior one”. To their shame the majority of men are always at war with each other/ demanding more, taking more, belittling each other, using lies to consume reality and justice. And when they cannot do that; they play games to take what they can; in terms of winner or loser. Shouting I am god, as warriors do/ proving that with “fear this”; to destroy law and truth. The universities at war with life and earth and all of humanity; preparing “fear our death”/ and the certainty they can take your lives with the weapons they create; if you don’t surrender this world. As intellectuals do. but the world will end now; by what all men do; and those women who joined them to play the game; to prove by, “media shouts:  winner”/ as opposed to loser with no value at all.