So, lets review: “university knows”/ just a tiny bit.

THEY CHOSE TO BET OUR ENTIRE WORLD: on the claim that they could ignite the same power source here on this planet as the sun. didn’t need to worry, because “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. Claiming: its just “combining hydrogen into helium” with every btu released. But all their claims are lies, and easily proven with: WHERE THEN IS ALL THE HELIUM? And much more. Instead of their fantasy: reality states and proves; that the sun warms us from 94 million miles away, by separating the balance forces of an atom, to release the heat we feel/ and the opposite dark energy called solar gravity that keeps planets circling the sun.


THEY CLAIM EVOLUTION: WITH THE ONLY EVIDENCE THEY HAVE, “THIS LOOKS LIKE THAT”; denying all forms of reality that prove: “only thought” can create life. Or more distinctly: YOU CANNOT build a life, “one piece at a time”. The heart needs blood/ needs oxygen/ needs food sources/ and a “billion more” working in unison. Automatically BUILDS YOUR LIFE. Which proves beyond any doubt; that evolution is for fools.

WRONG IS: EVERY LIFE ON THIS PLANET; “FALLS INTO ARMAGEDDON (NATURE IN CHAOS); as is their design. DELIBERATELY INJECTING NATURE WITH CHAOS/ SO AS TO CRUCIFY; and wait for life itself, to collapse and reveal how this works. So as to say; “we can now change this”.

THEY CLAIM THE UNIVERSE IS 13.7 BILLION years old/ now citing a galaxy 31 billion years old. But nothing supports that. As the claim of red shift relies upon the movement of planets; in a galaxy; which is the only thing they can measure. Or more distinctly: while the “big bang” itself is not in dispute/ that instantaneous release of energy created the various suns known to exist. And they all started in essence; from the very same place. Which means: the light did not effectively come to us from a distance/ but traveled with us “in a big bang moment”/ as a planet going in the opposite direction. The claim of older now presented; by using dimness of light/ can be as simple as debris or gas which fog the view.

WRONG IS: the puke and vomit of evolution; “life builds itself by accident”. WE CAN DO ANYTHING TO LIFE; RESPECT, IS FOR FOOLS. Or as geneticists told me: “don’t worry/ whatever goes wrong: evolution will change into something else; “in a billion years or so”. Is that what YOU WANT? WAKE UP.

What we know for sure of covid is: THEY (the few in charge of university genetics) STOLE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM US/ and captured anything they desired to mutilate as a result. Discarding the law, by cult worshipers who understand nothing at all.

WRONG IS: NOW THEY CAN AFFORD MASS PRODUCTION OF LETS INJECT ALL OF NATURE WITH SLOW DEATH. ROBBING THE NATION, letting the middle class go extinct: is just a benefit to us; “who are gods”.

Or, more distinctly: the universities, and their cult members of government, media, courts, and more; ALL CLAIM; that they are the superior ones/ and ONLY THEY can make every decision that matters to life, or world, or society. WHICH IS: THE LITERAL END OF DEMOCRACY.

So the question is: given the state of threats, TOO DAMN MANY OF WHICH CAN LITERALLY CAUSE OUR EXTINCTION. The curse of realities guided us into by universities that will be OUR EXTINCTION. The gambling with life and planet; that DOES CREATE HELL ON EARTH/ and even HADES as the planet itself becomes a sun.

WOULD WE NOT: BE BETTER OFF, BY DEMANDING! NO more obedience to the cult, who indoctrinates every child in a curse of failure; as with evolution or universities know. The cost being OUR EXTINCTION.




and let all their failures END!






Because our world is at risk of DYING.

Because you changed, THE BALANCE that did exist.

Rise above your INSANITY, “lets just believe”/ CRAWL OUT, of the coffin universities built for you: and find your brain.


NOT “theory and imagination; NOT FANTASY or DELUSIONS; as is, lets just believe nothing matters but us”.

Wrong is:


determine life and death.


Is the only SANITY left.

As is current with Russia: leaders steal/ leaders kill/ leaders betray/ leaders threaten and curse and mutilate, and believe they can play god; because the soldier has NO bill of rights to refuse their INSANITY.


because the end of it is: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, including those presenting force rather than defense;



you will obey the law; we the world shall create.

The nation which allows their leader to betray them by releasing horrifying weapons on the world: SHALL RECEIVE THEIR JUST REWARD.

Of consequences and failure, comes belief; the herd or pack, wants a leader/ to minimize their own risk. Claiming “we can’t all be wrong”; but of course that means the leaders can’t be wrong; as all the rest merely believe so we don’t need to make our own decision. Life in society is then: “predator/ prey/ or competitor”; each of which choose or accept that someone will lead by saying “yes we can”. So they all do that, and if it fails; will probably pick a new leader. Add sex into the mix; by using aggression or barter; and society itself is classified as an animal. These are elements of want, the physical reference to time spent in ways, and games; that let us “not be bored”.

Human being alive works in an entirely different way: as is friend, foe, or the possibilities of either. Friend exhibits and creates the building platforms of sharing and caring and respect, so as to indicate the values of what I deem true to love in my own life; shared in time with you. These are elements of desire; and reference love conceives of happiness, thereby bringing joy into living so as to accept the disciplines and order of balancing life with survival. Sexual honesty rises with truth, and ascends into the hope that is the essence of life; when we accept “both heart (I am alive because of you) and soul (love shapes our world)”.

Instead of hate as constructs the pit of despair, thereby to consume you by fears. What you are willing to believe and obey; is then elemental to violence will follow. Whereas hate forms into the deceptions and disguises that will be accepted by society; so as to later consume your life, in order to survive their own. Sex in hate at its minimum form is lust (I will use or abuse your body; “without you”)/ but easily turns into more aggressive domination or proof of superiority by committing murder.

Why is this important to understand? Because animal means want will decide; and your wants have led this world to the edge of extinction. So you must accept the task of becoming human; or die.

Human is elementally tied to the creation of miracles; as are the evidence of life and earth/ easily understood by “thought did this for us”. As no possibility exists that we built ourselves or this world/ nor did anything else in evidence here do any such thing. Which grants an elevation of thought; to the conceptions that do allow for the potential called an eternity. No miracle means; no brain; means no life to come beyond time.

The universities being the essence of what “no brain” means: cannot be displaced from their decision to use evolution as their own religion. Declaring since chaos “built the world and life/ by accident; without a brain”. As is the state of everything they do or desire to do: which is create the lie, of everything that is true is wrong/ so they can play god with what resides in between life and death. As they do and have done with life and world to cause our impending extinction; so evident in all that do have a brain.

So all the animals scream: WE HAVE A BRAIN/ YOU, are the worthless one. But let’s review: you accepted evolution as your god, worshiping universities as the completion of that work, to make them superior; therefore in charge. But evolution has no evidence at all; merely pointing to “this looks like that”/ as their proof. That form of evidence; lacks the concentration of truth, which makes their claim irrelevant to life. Rocks look like rocks; doesn’t make them life.

What is important in evolution is the truth: can’t have a living organism until you have all the parts and pieces and energy and knowledge in place; to make it work. You need it all; as is a life without a mouth/ dies. A heart without blood/ dies. Bones without muscles are worthless. A body without “operational content”/ never moves. No skin/ no life. No organs/ no future. NO EVERYTHING NEEDED; means no reproduction of the living. Or more plainly put: the concentration of “university experts” is to deny what is true/ so they can install their lies, to claim being god. But have proven only to be gods of death; not life or living/ as threats of extinction plainly demand. Leaders placed the fools over education, and every child was intended to be indoctrinated into the curse of septic disgrace. Every college is there is demand: “memorize/ mimic/ repeat”; but never question your leaders; OBEY or be denied access to their ravaging of life and planet. To beg or plead; as the world pays homage to the universities as god: clearly evidenced in covid, as your leaders allowed trillions spent, to the very people who presented covid to the world as a disease they released. Shame on you; they are the living dead: “no hope”/ and they take you with them to hades. As judgment extends to all who accept, “I will be a fool” too.

Time lets you change; UNTIL death, when whatever truth lives in you; is now forever. Or more distinctly: while the animal merely survives; as its truth in time will end. Those who go beyond animal to be either a human alive/ or the descent of death, as is your decision to hate. The living part is: truth can do more than just survive/ it can direct the consequence of life itself.

YOU, ARE “MADE OUT OF ATOMS”; so go ahead and explain to the world; how it is that atoms are formed into life: “without a brain”/ as is their claim called evolution. NO possibility exists!

So we turn to “our CREATOR”; and assemble the concept of thought as is clearly in evidence throughout every miracle of life and living and planet, and “you too”. Thereby accepting: we need not know how the organization of living is born: because we do know, “all of this exists”. Clearly defining the truth: ONLY THOUGHT can do this, along with the control over energy. Therefore we know of two distinct realities that the evidence proves is real. But in order for life to exist; we do need a third, as is the evidence of why do: “we live”?

The elemental respect is: even though life is an enormous reality of existence identified by choice. The reality is, “without a friend” to share the experience and expressions of life; it lacks the joy of truth in happiness. Therefore we do exist: to share in that joy, and make living “a treasure, beyond self”; for us all.

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE: NO ONE, wants to live with HATE. IT IS EVICTED, from life; entering war with death, instead.

As for me, the evidence continues to build; that I am, now more female than male. It is a complicated truth, but recognized under the development of “I feel; as if life is within me, something to be shared”/rather than the male version of; I am living the gift I have been given, to the best of my ability, with courage. There is, “a distinct difference”. THAT IS NOT a sexual reference; as there is no room for any other male, in any form: “sexually” in my life. Not a game, the truth. For simplicity: I do NOT conceive of myself as female/ I seem to be severed from male life; and HONESTLY just plain consider myself to be lost; in a world without reference to distinct gender. Its complicated; but clearly owned by the spiritual dimension of female. I don’t know why; the only intent: “just to ask a question”. Apparently “she” has questions for me? Lost, no definitions left; still the essence of love in charge. But not without complications.

The critical question is then: are male and female divided “into different worlds”/ or not? Because there is no path between them; if they are. The consequence of that study in truth: is, no one can pass between gender environments, “unless aided by miracles”. Not a game; because there is no law to break. NO allowance for male in a female world exists. But I searched very hard, for a solution; that would keep this world alive. Finding men cannot; as history proves, their only solution is war. Which leaves only women to sustain hope. Having NO clue, as to what women could or would do; finding no other method, I searched within the spiritual world. NO you cannot enter there either: without a distinct invitation, which is guarded by ”the reality of lies”. Or more distinctly: CAN you, survive as truth? Because only truth will survive. I failed the test; but returned a year later ready and prepared: gaining entrance, and never failed again. But that entry, comes with a cost: IF YOU DON’T understand “the truth” you chose to enter within/ THEN you cannot leave it, until you do. I honestly thought, I would be able to understand female; but it is a completely different world, and I had no clue, or means to understand. Trapped, the path of my entrance; sealed forever. No going back! So, who knows; I do not/ but little by little by little, I have begun to learn.

The critical question: can there be a spiritual world, where truth separates “life”? Can there be miracles, “even beyond the constant law”? Is there a place for thought, beyond the boundaries of self? And are these things to be considered “as life, or thought”? IS thought life?

And the people all say: HE IS, “crazy nuts”! What a fool.

But reality replies: you, are the people who chose to accept “evolution/ university is god”; with absolutely no proven evidence of the fact they lie; except “this looks like that”. While I can prove you are a fool; for accepting that, as is the evidence of life itself. You cannot prove me wrong; as these are dimensions beyond your realm of time.

So the question is: can time be divided between “life and death”; because that is, what is required; to enter the spiritual existence of truth. Religious believers “want what they want”; so they must decide for themselves. However the human animal, knows only time, and cannot “think” beyond the frame of reference. So the answer can only be given to a tiny few; and it will make no difference in life or death of this world at all.

What will matter however: IS OPEN YOUR BRAIN, to think beyond yourself, and establish what is: true for you. Values will come next, and relationships defined by respect. Or hate. As the animal waivers and strains, “to become human”.

As for me: the answer of spiritual woman:  to “how can this world be saved”; was simply ‘let women try”. So, in terms of “opening your brain” to possibilities beyond yourself; we all, need some work. As the truth is: that is so simple, it should have been plain? But could not find it, as women, after considerable turmoil; were not allowed to distract, anymore. It is unfair to disrupt their search for “man to share life with”/ because I could not stay; and they could not spend time and accept; I had to go. It was complicated, with no good solution; until the day, of separation. “just done; the work is more needed”.

I should restate: that I am not unhappy with life, or the fact that I live in a spiritual female world; “she is more the occupant of mine in time” now. But it still remains true: that as of 18 years ago, when this began; she straightened me out, balanced my life in this world, reshaped my decisions to be more kind, created hope, and ultimately stabilized my world with the understanding, “we must do, what we must do; even if it does give them too much information”. So this work, and even this life; is a result of her influences in me. Even though it is true, “my eternity has changed”; into what, I have no clue. It is still true of me, that I finished this work, and it is sufficient; because of the spiritual woman in me. And that cannot be disputed by me; because it is true. Even when she took control over a “desertion of duty”; the summer after, my mom died. The end result is: what I desired most: I DID DO, what I could do, for life and world; as my own gift back to GOD for this chance, to find reality in me. Lost or not; eternity is not for me to decide; so it matters not at all.

Your choice is your choice; that has nothing to do with me/ it is “only you”. Same as “your beliefs/ are your beliefs”: as is, your choice, based upon want. In contrast: Truth decides for me: do you see the difference?

Life says to me: end the work now. Because nothing more can be done/ and I remain your excuse.

The heat proves:“your game is dead”/ and proves the result of just one threat; if you refuse to surrender that want; which is killing this world. “a THOUSAND MORE” must be dealt with as well; in order to survive. “your choice”/ but NO second chances. Soon this will be a barren planet, “like the others”. Because of you!

WITHOUT balance and respect; there is no life, and no living world. You have neither! As media continues to use the plague of manipulation, created by universities; to deceive and destroy life and world. As is proven to be: their constant purpose: to remove truth, so that lies can flourish. Thereby “they play god”. Humanity was a willing participant, constantly screaming “for more”. To your shame. Not your prosecutor/ not your enemy/ limited friend, as you had little use for me/ “just the messenger”; CHANGE YOURSELVES; OR you will DIE. Make your decision; no going back: LIFE or death, for this world, depends on you.

As for me; I will end my excuses too, as reality would prove; the life that brought it to you has changed. Don’t know the result, but the essence of it, is: no longer the man I once was, that is gone. Wishing it could have been better, will not help. I did do, what I did do, as best I could.

I will NOT lead; but I will help women establish the decisions for a vote; that you must make to survive. If they ask honestly, and with purpose; to fight for life and world. That takes an organization built upon truth.

As to what is value between male and female: simply DON’T make decisions for each other, unless you simply must. Because it ends freedom, and that is the basis of happiness, and it lives within hope. Both are essential, to a life with love.