I should in fact establish belief will fail;  That does not change the truth of what you need to do, for this world to survive. Hate will hate you; but it cannot stop “a living world”; do pray to GOD our CREATOR. Because the fools, have had their day. DO, the best you can; none can do better than that.

I advise you: that simple pure belief in the religious dogma of “university is your god/ universities know everything/ fear the universities, or they won’t save you/ obey, and never question your leaders, as they are the priests of this religion; and as every other religion exclaim “we can’t be wrong”. Is wrong!

While there are endless delusions and fantasies of imagination, rather than foundations built upon truth in this religion. It is the indoctrination of every child, and the constant propaganda of media that serve the purpose; “you own no brain/ believe what you are told”. OBEY, and fear we will discard you with the trash, if you do not; as so many do. Universities are the last place on earth: “where people are allowed to think”. Instead the diploma means: mimic, memorize, and repeat.

And the zealots scream: “university is god”/ as they have been taught to do. But the reality of evidence says: how utterly blind and foolish universities are, when in fact we begin to examine the failure of their claims “called truth”; but are merely lies instead. Nothing is more evident of that, than the claim of evolution: their only evidence being “this looks like that”/ and yet it was enough to unseat the prevalent religion of a previous time; without even trying. But there is no “shopping shelf”/ and there is no “we built ourselves one piece at a time/ and there is no billions of years so you can’t say no. Because thought builds life, as nothing less can. Chaos picks apart anything complex: is not the body complex (even you know that answer/ so discard their religion). Without a brain, you cannot make a single decision; which is required for life. The sun uses fuel to heat our lives; which means a billion years ago, it would have been MUCH bigger; AND IT BURNS YOUR SKIN in summer, today. Which proves “can’t be”.

Or the most critical failure of all: which is fusion, to claim “imaginary elements” exist/ which do not, as they cannot and have not be proven to exist by reality. CERN claims; proving to be lies without substance (so they can keep their job of destroying this world). Even proving: their claims fail, at the lawrence livermore labs in San Francisco; those who want fusion on earth continue on (so as not to lose their job). The extreme failure is: “we can control the same fire here on earth/ as is on the sun”. Shouting “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”. But none of their imaginary claims are true. And the sun does burn the bond holding an atom together. Just like the fire we know on earth burns the bond holding a molecule together; only the energy release is different. THEIR CLAIM IS: THE SUN HAS MILLION MILE LONG FLAMES. And yet they have spent trillions on igniting that fire: here on earth/ where it will not be put out, once ignited it will create its own plasma. Turning this earth into a sun. the price for being a religious zealot: you burn, in a ten million degree flame; and the radiation released; will be horrendous. As other religion suggests: those standing “will indeed: fly off into the atmosphere (quote, in rapture)” BUT, they are pulled into that flame. Which will be your Hades. Etcetera/ etc,,,,,,,,,,etcetera; as our world dies, from pure disrespect, apathy without a brain, and arrogance so diseased; it is from the sewer of man (not a brain) as taught by the religion called “university”.

It is, plainly true: that the delusions and pandemic arrogance of university religion; has no value to the future of human existence. As their every decision has led to the critical catastrophe: that is we do face our own extinction. And it is painfully obvious: that you cannot be more wrong than that.

While they offer some degree of value; reality must separate what does have value/ from what is a gamble, or scourge, or failure, or gamble, or wrong, or hate, or Satanic fantasy. There is no other way to survive; you cannot “simply believe” as the indoctrination of every child has led you to accept. It is not so/ as extinction continues to creep inside our lives; where universities live.

So then the critical truth aligns with: we must replace the games of men; which cause our societies and lives to fail, resulting in war. We must identify and correct: no longer is it possible, to accept every child that can be born/ but like pets, whom you do all believe must be “neutralized” from having more than life will support. Is now a reality of our lives; want is irrelevant/ truth must decide. We must replace money as the primary element in all decisions, besides war. We must stop the insanity of people and their delusions at every stage and level of life and living; so that truth will decide. We must “CURSE the fool” who refuses to stop gambling with life or world; demanding and enforcing, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS, anymore. We must accept the limits and boundaries of law, which does protect this world and all its life; by defining what that is. We must demand: the removal of every lie, want, or cost that is not true to the needs of life or world. With values comes the removal of hate from our lives; separated out, to a world created “with love stays here/ and hate stays over there/ and the human animals must be dealt with as best we can. As reality proves: predators live to hunt/ and they hunt to eat. While prey scurry to wherever they believe safety exists. Being human alive requires an acceptance of thought is the value of life; and we all share in that, IF: we retain and enforce the purity of what brings joy and happiness, through real world justice and peace as its result; for us all. It is unfortunate but true; that to enforce population control, we must be able to identify who is not complying with that limit. By creating boundaries around those who fail: as is “DEAL WITH the consequences, among yourselves”. We will not help, until you succeed; which is the choice of women/ the debts of men. Letting groups be groups is a primary tool in that reality. Discarding everything the universities have taught; is basic to the revival of life and earth. We must do what we can do, that has value without the games and delusions attached. No more lies, betrayal, theft, cheating, terrorism; or anything else universities have installed to surge against what has kept us alive, since the beginning. As is: you cannot lead/ unless you do replace what works. Universities replaced what did work, so they could lead: finding our lives faced with extinction. REALITY DEMANDS; putting back what did work, that did have value. Not the plague of universities screaming “yes we can”/ in a world dying because “yes you did”; even though you knew better. Pride is an evil thing/ very hard to remove! Because we all “want what we want”; and that ends in the trash led us here; to extinction.

MAGIC, the pride of universities leadership: exists because of the intellectual maze. When they can trick you, into believing/ rather than knowing what is true: the illusion keeps you from knowing what is real. That same maze is responsible for taking over “everything”/ as the reality of intellect creates and portrays each trap, “with a disguise”. A common example is the US 1040 tax form: which exists only as it does/ because the true intent is a maze to keep you guessing, and to throw you away from the truth of what is being done here. Don’t understand/ then you can’t defend yourself; as is the constant of a courthouse, media, politics, law, taxation, “everything”. So there can be rules; because rules create power, and let people play god. As is the primary purpose of the religion called “university”.  BEWARE:  they won’t stop. Because if they do, you get to decide now. The critical consequence of that is:  you will fail too. Because UNLESS TRUTH ITSELF DECIDES;  the path is crooked (weaving, back and forth, like a drunk), and becomes a road to hell.

pride remains, a terrible thing: as it discards all respect, to become the “male world” we live in; which is “you are either a winner/ OR a loser (falling down, or seeking revenge)”. Nonetheless the reality of my life is; that I am being introduced to the true vulnerability that is “female”. While in today’s world, there are some electronics which could be applied to female defense. It remains true; that the best defense is still the “jewelry; victim defense weapon” , that I designed nearly fifty years ago. In that day of “women’s lib”; they all said, I don’t want to defend myself/ if someone attacks me; I want to kill them. Or they just ran away to hide.

Which brings the vulnerability of men into sight. Primary to that reality is: the ability for a leader to conscript the public; into fighting their battles; for their pride (yes I will) or power to scream (yes I can). THAT IS: THE CURSE OF WAR; BECAUSE a leader decides rather than we the people can, by our own law resist.

The foundation of it is simple: once bloodshed begins, you are either on our side/ or their side; which is the essence of bigotry and prejudice and genocide. Because once the bloodshed begins: all law is replaced with chaos, and men do whatever they want (so long as the military is satisfied) they will obey, or we can kill them.

So then critical change is linked: BY OUR OWN LAW, WE, the people: WILL decide! Where that fails is revenge; because as hate consumes life and destroys whatever it can touch: the cost of that remains UN-forgiven. So revenge takes control, and the war continues until hate has had its way, and the men no longer seek revenge.

The critical change is then linked: to the REMOVAL OF LEADERSHIP; which allows for a war to be declared; instead of the law will decide now.

The critical change: WE THE PEOPLE ARE OWNERS HERE NOW, NOT YOU! Our employee.

The critical change between this USA and CHINA today is: declare bankruptcy, DON’T let your leaders play: and all things will change. They will insist upon payment/ but the reality of atomic war is so grim, and so real: the people themselves will say no. Ending with: we MUST let the law of life and world united for peace and justice; to decide. NOT A COURTROOM/ BUT A WORLD; deciding by individual vote: TO CREATE THE LAW, THAT IS FAIR, FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR WORLD. Identifying what can be done, for life and world/ rather than what you want, or the claim of numbers: hides.

And all the people cry and scream: WE CAN’T/ WE CAN’T/ WE CAN’T, SOME of us will die! But in a world of 8 BILLION people 8,000,000,000 or a line of humanity touching each other/ that is literally over 8 MILLION KILOMETERS LONG; A LINE GROWING BY 100 MILLION MORE MOUTHS TO FEED PER YEAR/ EVERY YEAR; OR MORE. MEANS, we can spare a few; reminding all, “that eternity comes for us all”. FOR A LIVING WORLD, we need to change. Because the dead skeleton leaders (they look, and act; like a human eaten alive); WILL KILL OUR WORLD, if you do not. HOW MANY LEADERS ARE THERE: DIVIDED BY 8 BILLION PEOPLE, WHO SAY NO! Look at the evidence of threats we CANNOT SURVIVE; as do surround us all/ even to the point of the death walkers; trying to destroy nature itself, or ignite our planet into a sun. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY REAL; AND IS NO GAME. Death surrounds us all/ because the universities have led: to a game no one can win. EITHER WE STOP THAT GAME, at whatever price it takes: OR WE ALL, GO EXTINCT!

There are ONLY TWO purposes for the military left: to defend against outside invaders who deliberately cross the border to do harm to a nation. OR, to defend against tyranny; the insurgency of rebellion from the inside; whose purpose is to betray the nation, bankrupt the nation, deny its rights and freedoms/ or remove its law, by corrupting the courts and foundations upon which we do depend.

INTERNATIONAL POLICING, to enforce world law: is open only to those individuals who are promoted to that position, thereby representing your nation/ BECAUSE THEY HAVE PROVEN TO BE: “trustworthy, brave, and fair”.

Truth says: STOP BEING A HERD/ and start being “HUMAN ALIVE”. A herd exists; because there are predators/ end the predator, and life becomes “something else”; if truth defines/ and you accept the limits and boundaries of law.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT LINE IS: “KILL a billion people/ and there are still 7 billion+ more to go”/ MAKING WAR OBSOLETE! NOTHING, but a fools game! And on the the other side of that line: IS THE REALITY, “NO MORE DRINKING WATER/ NO MORE FISH IN THE SEA/ NO MORE FOOD, BECAUSE WE EAT LIVING THINGS, AND THEY NEED SPACE TOO. NO MORE NATURE, because it has been genetically crucified. And even NO MORE PLANET; because the rotting corpse of university; has ignited the bond in atoms on fire. CLAIMING “it will just extinguish itself”/ cause not enough gravity here; to sustain a MILLION MILE LONG FLAME, “like the sun”. SAME FIRE (FEEL THE HEAT)/ same result as the sun. HOW IS THAT not true? ANSWER or die.

The things of life and death; are disciplines revealing the values within a heart. The realities of order, are purposes and desires that reveal the soul. But what grants the balance of love, exists by the evidence of truth, identifies hope comes with trust. Making respect for the gift of life and world, a miracle that has no price; to those who understand, “more than playing a game”.

You don’t get to play anymore. You don’t get to disrespect life or world anymore. You don’t get to live anymore; unless you accept this world has limits and boundaries which you shall not curse, anymore.

The reality is: even at 1.2% population rise/ another one hundred million people arrive each year wanting and needing more. They each “use a fire”/ to create global warming; is beyond our control: unless we truly make the sacrifices to your want, and your freedom to destroy and deny the responsibility so clearly “you did CHOOSE to do this”/ that you don’t want to make. A world that “cooks you, like an oven”; is no small thing. Nor are any other threats so clearly coming true: because you said, “yes we can/ and followed the universities; to extinction.”

change or die; because without change, that will literally become, your last true decision. And whether you like that or not: “truth don’t care”/ it is, what it is.

So then: lets identify what is true, about being human? If you remove the human predators/ what happens then? As with all herds, without a predator to force organization among the prey. The prey branch out, and trample everything/ forcing themselves farther away from each other because population rise, has removed their food or water sources/ resources. And they all begin to scream: ITS MINE/ MINE/ MINE. Which causes fighting, which forces some into slavery (this is all you get)/ while others try to take it all. Leaving only the few, who have in fact: “took it all”. That leaves out all the rest/ and then there is war; because its war or death; as is the human way.

Or more deliberately: simply removing the predators/ does not end the plight of what the prey will do to themselves. Consequently, the critical reality is: CHOOSING NOT to be a herd animal, or a human predator/ so that you can become a living example of what humanity was intended to be. A thinking individual, who is able to share and care, and assemble the respect needed to survive. That of course “is few of you”. As the alternative to that is: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME, from doing anything I want to do. Because as is called “criminal”: I will sneak and steal and betray and manipulate, and kill, and rape, and disease, and propagate failure, and establish fools to keep you blind, and remove reality to keep you deaf, and tempt, and terrorize, and curse with horrors you will fear, by making you believe; only obedience “to the cult of university” can save you. Even though they created nearly every threat.

So life is a choice; be the animal/ or be a human, living with values that are determined and led by truth! And the masses SCREAM: “I AM going to die/ and I WANT EVERYTHING I CAN GET; before I do”/ so I don’t care about you. I WANT ME. Leaving the truth of this day: which is you will cause your own extinction; and it will be soon. Because the evidence of our truth is: nothing the human herd does, will let it live. Earth is not a playground. It is a living, breathing reality of laws that cannot be betrayed: as is the purpose of every university decision.

Life is not a game; it ends with stupidity and disgrace rule/ death is formed by arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for what is true.

Of miscellaneous things: plastics do not conduct heat well/ which makes them the perfect candidate for insulation purposes. A reality that is absolutely essential; to reducing the heat pollution humanity causes to be released. Plastic has a higher ignition point that paper, even if it will melt. That fact allows for plastics of all kinds to reach a “just prior to melting (recycling heat from “smoke stacks”: glue state”; crushed together:  which then makes it possible to turn that plastic into a structural material; useful for many things. MANY applications do not need the plastics to blend/ merely stick together. Which stops the destruction of forests in similar kind. In other words pack a bag with plastic bags to give it lift, and throw them into the attic/ and save heat: while you put piping through the attic to collect the heat in summer for all hot water needs, and evict that hot air for conditioning the house at the same time. Just remember the condensation point, and gutter