To the human world: reality finds you deeply immersed, in the fantasies and failures of believing the universities can be your gods. With only a few NOT screaming: NO consequences for us/ NOTHING can go wrong for us/ WE WON’T PAY/ “lets just go down to the store and get more”/ media is never wrong/ and of course “I DON’T have to do nothing”; because as a believer, you can’t make me face reality.

Reality however is coming, and your fairy tales are ending: because that is the consequence for what you chose to do. Everything that can go wrong, “sits on the edge of an abyss, and the edge is crumbling”. Across this world roughly 6 quadrillion dollars of currency in one form or another is claimed; because that is how fantasies are formed: with lies and theft and betrayal. In this very FINITE WORLD, which proves by truth (you do understand_), “no resources/ no life/ no future for life; extinction will come”. As the propagation of every maze, mass hypnosis, or every intellectual game; enters your home invited; because it can. Leading you to hell. While even those who understand the curse of destroying what life needs to survive; surrender their existence, and betray their own child: to shout as pride always shouts: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; to hell with you.

Soon this world changes into chaos; as your games die, and reality confronts, with truth you cannot hide from. The only question left is: will any wake up in time/ to offer even a chance this world might survive?

I did my job. I offered help to women; as a different strategy for true change. I gave you keys to recognize we the people can make our own choice; if you stop being a herd. That is what I was trained to do/ taught to do/ kept alive, to do; because the miracle of life itself, is more important than me. Wake up, open your eyes; and see the miracles of truth. No, religion will not save you. Truth decides.

And the cursed say: “he is worthless/ we are gods”.

But reality says: as with being sick/ how kind it is, to rise again with a body that is my friend/ a world that lets me be alive.

All of it in danger: “because of universities know”. As is, what the evidence does prove true.

I guess: “you are just tired of a body that works/ or grows uniformly/ or comes packed with the knowledge of how to work this complex machinery called human/ or maybe you just don’t like your face; and like your former classmates, “want to add a snake head/ or insect wings/ or a crocodile tail; you know anything for ridicule”. To your shame.

Nonetheless, let us now review the claims of male in me; as that too illustrates what is, or is not important to the work that has been claimed.

The claim of job: indicates that “I work for someone else”/ it is not simply my own decision or freedom of what to do”. But the compilation of an agreement between “owner and employee” to do what has been asked to do. Or more distinctly: having accepted this is a dying world/ to ask for employment to “fight for this world”; was in fact granted, “to do the best I could”/ was my gift back.

And the human world screams: “he is lying/ he WANTS something, for himself”! And they are absolutely correct: I HOPE, for this earth and its life to survive. It gave me time, and I would not let it die; because of your pure disrespect for life and world. So, I threw away a life in time; because someone has to fight for every child; or they are EXTINCT. And YOU refuse with pure apathy; all shouting, “I want what I want/ TO HELL with the future; GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.

I offered to help women create new law, in order for this world to survive by justice/ rather than war: WHICH HAS BEEN proven to be the only historical “answer of men”. You cannot create something different: with the same tired response/ by the same tired failures/ who have been making these same foolish decisions for thousands of years. HOW IS THAT not plain and simple? Wake up, and throw you damn pride away.

Law is the reality of harmony created by the limits and boundaries necessary for peace and justice to rise; as our hope for the future. War is the herd of prey animals gathered together who need a leader/ because the predators and panic will not let them decide for themselves. But to insure complete compliance; anyone not the same is ejected. The battleground of close contact; is enforced by the creatures who want to be leader/ but can’t; so they rule over the rules; and make all comply.

The same is true: the leaders and human hate enforce the rules/ and scream we must, because you must: so we have a right. To take that away requires as WE THE PEOPLE/ not, we the herd; you choose to make the laws of life in this nation and this world; the decision of us all. Which does entitle us all as a world: “to enforce OUR LAW/ on every leader the same”.

Being employed for this purpose: to provide “a new life”/ by changing old ways. DID require an extensive education. But unlike “the rest”; when I find that my ways are not consistent with what truth would decide/ I chose to change, and start again; many times. Very few among you do; because pride confronts you/ and overthrows reality to insist: “you want what you want/ and nobody can say no, because you are believers”. Which means hidden from truth, by locking yourself in a world that cannot be touched: you chose, nothing else matters. So the difference between us is: I changed endlessly, trying to get this right. While you refused to changed; and sought ridicule, bias, bigotry, prejudice, and more to prove how righteous you could be: therefore NOT going to change/ period. Because you believe humanity is god now.

Religion offers: “we want what we want too”/ and turns away from what can be proven true; to hide safely in their own prison of purposes. Even though it is the best men (women not allowed) did do over thousands of years/ it still fails life and death. Because the masses all shout: THIS IS all we are going to change/ we want what we want.

Life on earth, as it is: has been determined by men “its a man’s world”/ their decisions, their methods, their fears, their want/ pride/ and thirst for power.

Looking back at life “from a different point of view”; illustrates and proves only the law can keep this earth alive. Looking at humanity itself; grants that making law the most powerful proof of leadership on earth/ is a woman’s way. Because if you cannot depend upon physical strength to save you/ then the law is all you have left. But law is the greatest army of our world; if we enforce it. And the men scream: WHAT IF WE HAVE NO CHOICE/ THEN WE MUST invade and attack and war, or we die. But reality proves true: you did do that to yourselves/ by the decisions you did make/ and it is unfair for others to die; because you chose to fail.

So the critical choice is: men choose war, because chaos eliminates the law/ and by doing so; they then get to play god with each other/ destroying what the others have built; because they could not do so on their own. They gambled and lost; and war makes the vast majority who survive: START OVER/ “again and again and again”. Because if the masses do not start all over/ then those who came first OWN IT ALL, and there is no option, other than marrying into that family. Which is protected; because this is ours.

Reality then says: what has been, cannot remain as it is/ because no allowance exists for change without war. Because governments and laws are in place; to keep the powerful in place.

The female point of view: requires the distribution of values, which will achieve the greater good for all. That begins with limited capitalism: we vote on limits and boundaries. The male reality is: WITHOUT EVEN LESS THAN ZERO population increases/ there is no hope.

Foundations are then expressed; much like life. There is the spiritual essence of our existence/ the bodily function of time on display/ and the gender creation of what can life expect; as life and living upon this planet.

More distinctly, the purity of all truth, defines the law, and that law exhibits the relationships of time, as the miracles we then realize as our own reality. While there is no room for fantasy or imagination in the real world of life and living; as all things generate “truth and consequences”. The foundation of real life/ real world change; is in fact a monumental task. But unless humanity decides individually to pay that price; extinction is certain.

While I have my own “changes” to deal with. YOUR CHANGES are very different; such as

  1. 99% of all airplane rides are completely frivolous and you cannot allow them anymore.
  2. Nearly all air conditioning is not to be allowed: the planet is more important than your sweat.
  3. You cannot play with counterfeit money anymore; nor claims of assets or debts which have no reality.
  4. You don’t get to drive “everywhere”/ but must make vastly different choices. [because even at 1% rise in population that is over 80 MILLION MORE mouths to feed each year/ all of whom use resources, release heat and so on].
  5. No more cremation; you will feed the ocean life instead/ or it dies, and you war.
  6. No more habitat destruction, extinction of species, cursing the world with human want or pride.
  7. No more weapons of mass destruction (world law instead).
  8. You will STOP THE UNIVERSITIES in all their ways/ until a clear and honest truth of life and world; affected by their change emerges. And you do become aware of what it is they do. A quagmire of mazes to lead you astray; BUT MAKE THEM AWARE; if we don’t understand/ YOU don’t ever go back. NO allowance, no mercy, no refuge from truth.
  9. You will teach what living needs to know, and create a life with peace and happiness for all.
  10. You will separate hate, so that it can be removed to “itself”/ in areas where escape is truly controlled.
  11. You will acknowledge resource and protect the future.
  12. You will RESPECT the realities of life/ discarding evolution as the disease it is. And do all things which being “human alive” was intended to be. Or you will lose these last moments of change or die.
  13. Your choice?

And all the people say: “we ONLY want what we want/ not the rest”. Just touch it a little bit; and leave all the rest the same. Because we like life without consequences or concerns or respect or love or values or truth or realities or anything but what we want.

But truth replies: change, or go extinct. You have no other choice.


My truth replies: there is nothing so fundamental, “as understanding, YOU did, get what you asked for”/ even though the consequent surprise; was not anything even close, to what you/I had expected. I had asked to fight for this world and all its life; period, no exceptions allowed. The end result of it however looks to female to survive; because without truly different, there is no future for us all/ not even our world. The consequence: Life has given me to “spiritual female”, and taken away what was male. I DON’T know why/ but change is continuing. A very different life is beginning to form. That does not mean it can’t be happy; but every part of me shouts “different”, and getting worse. NOT gay, transvestite, or other: just faced with the cost of want. Like you, the result: “nothing that I expected”. Is a reality, that governs itself. You must change because of your want; just how it is. But I must change, because of what your want changed in me: just how it is; more important realities exist, “than self”. I know not how any of it ends.

It is, “a strange and unexpected” reality of my spiritual life; that I was allowed to “find and hug my mom: who has been dead since 2017”. I regard that as; “we can never be separated”/ even though change is a reality separating me from the past. To alter destiny, and reshape order; because nothing is so grim as extinction for an entire planet. Making this my statement to you: HUG YOUR MOM, “for real”; and dad if you can. Throughout time, we are attacked by pride: countless different things/ countless different people; creating wedges which separate us from those we love. To stand alone, as an essence of survival/ or perhaps, to assemble a more clear view of who did and did not love us honestly. Regardless, pride is a terrible thing; it changes the heart! It turns life into a game/ and that allows for the players to be judged; which translates into power. Or more simply want transforms itself “into the disguise of living”/ when in fact it is a disease of the dying. Want is an abyss; because unless want itself dies/ there is always something more to want; which fails to recognize time is all we have; if separated from love. So love shouts, “you are the value of my existence”/ and hate shouts; “you are the reason I am dying or dead”. While the animals only shout “I want/ I want/ give me what I want; right now. Because time is going to end”. Love expands your world to include life beyond self. Hate contracts the world, to become “the grave you dug, for you”. While animal screams “more/ damn you more”.

Love shapes the disciplines, of our own version in law: “this is the balance of me”/ when all else is said and done. We cannot be more than the law of our life; nor can we be less, once time is through. Because the limits and boundaries of what survives: becomes our truth.

The universe is not open to universities drivel. The universe is not accepting of hate/ animals cannot come, they are anchored in the dirt. Only love is a path beyond the existence of self, which can shape truth into the categories of what we chose to be. Letting order complete that process of remaking what can be true. The force of life, is an element of universe no one owns but GOD . unlike the sewage of universities, energy is not equal to mass time the speed of light squared; which is merely a kinetic equation of measurement. Force initiates movement, and in that movement energy and from it mass erupts. Which is the creation beginning as time. So force initiates life as well, in the elemental movement of thought. But it divides by your choice as either the ascent of value/ or the descent called failure; or it is merely measured as a participant which did not matter.

You are so foolish and blind, that realities have been used; which are beyond your ability. But as you creep ever closer to extinction cannot be stopped now; there is little else that can be done, to remind you: look beyond universities, and find your CREATOR/ not the dead wash of insanity that is “university knows”. And the world shouts back; “university is god/ they do what we want & give us what we need; as saviors do”.

But as with the current lists of new vaccines: what they do, is not what you expect. Just like all the plastic pollution is not what you want/ toxic poisons in everything, is not what you want/ global warming is not what you want/ resource extinction is not what you want/ Armageddon is not what you want/ hell is not what you want/ Apocalypse (war for water) is not what you want/ nuclear holocaust is not what you want/ biological warfare as is the reality of covid, is not what you want/ currency counterfeiting and its final cost of nation destroyed, is not what you want/ “nazi” in charge of this USA as covid proved is not what you want; and thousands more consequences hidden behind closed doors is not what you want. But you chose them anyway; and media led you to believe what you were told: question nothing/ fear everything/ obey without a brain, as animals do when faced with fear: “they believe”.

Even so, the foundation of life is knowledge, but without understanding; you fail to become human; and live by “an action or reaction” decides all. So, I will open the door a touch wider; because extinction is forever, and your failure is massive. To create energy, force had to be divided/ and it is in that division to create the law of push OR pull; time began.

In contrast to that; is the constant of “universities play god”, and their intent to control and manipulate everything by creating toys, and unleashing disease. People look to computers and say “how great”/ but in reality; it is their computers which have caused the most harm. All forms of identity and privacy and failure comes from a computer is involved. All forms of genetic mutilation is because a computer is involved. The manipulation of energy as seen in CERN and the claims of fusion; are because a computer is involved. All forms of espionage/ nations attacked/ and so on; are enabled with a computer involved; and so on. Weapons are more destructive because a computer is involved. And the end result of it is: that we are not better off, than before this began. As with all things we the people; must identify what is in our best interest/ and stop the rest from proceeding. Because as with all forms of tyranny; the intent is to take control over everything, by just a very tiny few men; as is the universities elite. The people hiding behind “the puppet mask; of political fraud”. Our currencies are defrauded and destroyed by computer manipulation. Debts which do not exist; because they cannot be paid; are the results of numbers hiding inside computers which have no reality at all. Disease of all kinds hide inside the computers, as do endless other tragedies and failures of those who want to play god. Give a man the means; and he will use it “to the best of his ability to take all he can get”/ as is the foundation of every tyrant ever born. Whereas democracy, “the dead horse of this USA”/ rots because of the means universities have taken to steal, lie, cheat, betray, terrorize, propagate, manipulate, control, and indoctrinate all those who can no longer stand: because the universities own their soul.