A new type of business, claiming:

  1. to separate and divide those people who are actively participating: in an effort to add “their value, to the living”. Created by their respect: to life, world, and living by what they do. These are scheduled opportunities; intended to bring strangers, primarily “of a like mind” together. Exchanging “our reality, as they choose to do”.

  2. Scheduled meetings, for: “face to face” interactions. Intended as: strangers meeting strangers; in a deliberate attempt to balance loneliness, with living. Separate from the current: “choose based upon appearance or descriptions”/ this service seeks the old school invitation, to meet “whosoever comes”. To share a meal or whatever the members choose to do.

  3. Deliberate definitions, to create and define: what we need to know, and understand about each other; in order to form a long term relationship. Without spending “time lost”; in that search. A short cut: to hope, “at last”. For those honest enough to share the truth; with WARNINGS, liars abound/ traitors exist/ thieves are plentiful.

  4. A daily phone service, for those who are alone: so that none feel completely forgotten. “bridging gaps”. IF SUFFICIENT MEMBERSHIP IS FOUND.

  5. Creating a members only; public badge, that identifies: “I am willing to talk to strangers”. Who do respect, YOU MAY ASK; but, I get to decide too.

  6. Creating a members only public badge, using colors; specifically colored borders, and other badge identification; that allows people who view the badge to understand: what topic of conversation interests you.

  7. A business service to individuals searching for “real relationships”: which allows for them to create a foundation of knowledge. By which whosoever they independently choose to give that information too: can understand the choice. Challenges you, to accept what I present as my own truth. Ending the discovery period, of who this person is. To allow a personal decision; based upon their own, knowledge of living, that we chose to provide and exchange. Thereby shaping our future together; as best we can: when or if, truth decides.