In the greater knowledge of things, the foundation of truth exists only when you enter into the environmental disciplines of thought/ while force is an order of things by law/ the decisions we make are balanced by desire, purpose, respect, and love.

The descent some demand as is with hate/ has no value and it dead.

Nonetheless, an understanding of all things, present in time; represents what human life is about. The wisdom to search beyond the present, is independent of time. Therefore to be spiritual, is to accept the ascension: where truth becomes “the boss”/ and life is, whatever truth demands for it to be.

So the question is: if spiritual life is determined by truth, how do we/I, explain the dimensional change that is “a spiritual woman in me”? As that not only represents crossing a boundary line/ but illustrates the conflict of forces that do not match as well. Which means there is no balance; a reality that sits near chaos, rather than life.

LIFE is not about time, but desire. Within your own desire is the decision to participate as love is life/ or in contrast those who hate choose for death (abandoned). Love however holds the purpose of life to be happiness shared with joy/ caring served with grace and truth/ while respect balances living with the realities which must be endured for our survival. These things are never governed by want, pride, or power; and as such do not hold to the construction or conception of such things as are human derived.

The purpose of life is to love; and that desire cannot be fulfilled if this world dies. Consequently respect for life and world demands the duty to accept whatever love conceives of as an alternate choice. While a ten year search produced the truth: men cannot save this world/ their only solution is war. The reality of that understanding is: then we, the world; must turn to women as the only alternate solution. NOT because they are better/ they are not, and surrender to nearly everything men do. But because they are truly different/ and different is “our only chance”; beyond mercy. And mercy will not come unless men repent of their wars, focus on destruction, lack of respect, and more.

So the elemental test of what is justified by grace; becomes a search for “what would women do”: answer, “let women try to lead, by law”. They cannot fail worse than a world of life facing extinction/ it is impossible.

So then the quest to identify the boundary line and cross it; for the sake of life on earth: is within the grasp of truth, as it forces change to occur. As the foundation study of this decision has been: you will never understand women/ unless you are woman. A reality I did not expect; as women do not truly seem to be that different; in the basic ways and realities of living in time. WRONG however proved, there is no going back/ as is the constant of all spiritual definitions of living. So the end result of it is: a bit of chaos, that cannot be controlled; because the line has been crossed, and it is “female in charge”; beyond the limits that align with self.

The consequence is: “she participates in my world”/ rather than I in hers; as time is consistent with change, and reality is controlled by truth. In time, “truth can be bent/ but not broken to survive”. However, since my soul lives in her world; that too becomes “compliant with the law”. Its complicated/ don’t try.

So then as depicted in Revelation 12: where spiritual woman stands on what is foreign (male)/ and delivers a new life into this world; regardless of the opposition which is serious. The constant is: that a new life is delivered, and will rise as it grows to be a new world order. That message of a new life (we the people shall make our own law, and enforce it on our leaders) has been delivered: to you. A population of 8 billion people: standing in front of a tiny few leaders; “as their army is us”.

Revelation goes on to predict in Revelation 17; that this same woman will deliver “jewels of knowledge” to establish wisdom to the public/ by controlling “the angry beast of men: as if she owned male (which turns out to be me)”. Which their best universities cannot deny. Religion is angry, because they want what they want; and it is “we don’t have to do NOTHING”. BUT they are wrong, and lose influence. More has been interpreted in earlier writing. On websites through or as: my only other listed site/ the others were abandoned.

So then as to the disciplines needed for male to participate (even a little) in a female environment: reality has given to female, all control. As to the forces present that do not match each other: reality has given to female, all control. As to the order of participation required to encourage women to organize and fight for this world/ male is given no control. The end result of it all being: male has no control, and it will be whatever life demands it will be. Because a living world, is more important than an individual life; both accepted and true, as we all know cannot be disputed.

What will be will be; I have no conception of “a future”. Because male has been torn apart, to participate here (even a little)/ the price of life. But I am not sad; life has been, “ a gift, which requires respect for this miracle of living”. It is only fitting, that I give something back; whatever that is. Complete surprise; or not, “no clue” how it ends: back to male/ changed to female/ or lost forever; I had my time, and find myself “grateful” for the experience and expressions; the understanding of love is living.

And all the people say: “WE WILL NEVER BELIEVE” OUR WORLD IS DYING”/ OUR WORLD CANNOT DIE, you are a fool!

But alas; truth is truth, and as with all the immigration of people without a place to call home/ your overpopulation as a world; will soon devour you, and everything living on this planet. Because at 8 billion people, with just a one percent rise in population+ that becomes another 80 million more mouths to feed and house, each year. And those immigrating today: were born on average “twenty years ago”/ so the flood is just beginning. And the reality of need for all resources cannot be simply thrown away; as you do with everything. So as with russia and china and more; leaders intend to steal, from the others. But kill a billion people, and there are still 7 billion more to go; making war “just another cause for extinction” cannot be avoided/ unless we change. Truth is truth, and you will not escape; by believing whatever you want/ reality now decides. And all the evidence of your lives and your leaders is: extinction comes quickly now. Like it or not.

You already stand as more than one person per acre of agricultural ground/ you have poisoned the water supplies and treated them badly/ killed most life in the oceans, and all the rest are on the brink of extinction/ discard life and earth as if it were just more of your own pollution/ inject chaos into nature with genetics/ try to ignite “LETS BURN ATOMS” on a planet made of fuel; “just like the sun”. The extinction of everything is close by/ and your final “war of the world”; will seal your fates. Even if no children were born in the next ten years [BECAUSE THEY GROW]; it would take that long, to become stable/ unless reality takes control, as nature would do. You have no hope, beyond true change/ and then only if REAL WORLD TRUTH DECIDES; not the dead world of “universities play god” as is the current leader of this planet destined not only to HELL; but to HADES for more than you can imagine. Because KILLING A LIVING WORLD; DOES HAVE CONSEQUENCES; and reality points to you, with the words, “you knew of trouble/ but just didn’t care at all”. Discarding this world, its life, and your child: as you do “your garbage”. Which does assassinate, the future as well.

Population growth: IS A WOMAN’S CHOICE/ NOT men! They alone decide what is, or is not to be done; while men will pay, “for permanent solutions”. Simple as that. WORLD LAW to govern leaders, by bringing them into court: IF THEY FAIL OUR LAW; is a decision men will make, with women. IS IT NOT YOUR BODY THEY SPEND/ YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE, THEY MUTILATE? EVERYTHING ELSE; is a choice for all; which includes the children get a vote down to age 9/ and the parent will vote for their own child whose age is not yet 9. limited capitalism: makes the world accept balance among us all. Because NOBODY is allowed to control more, than society decides to allow. Governments run by law; not leaders: as we the people DO UNDERSTAND; it is not money that runs life/ BUT THE LAW WE ENFORCE.

Therefore WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, rules the nation and world. One hundred “One page” laws are enough. Control the courts; by removing the judge or lawyer who fails our constitutional decision: that this is who we are to be, same for all citizens. Life is not a game; and once you do create the laws that are valid and useful, because truth formed them. Then they are “good to govern” for the next “thousand years”. Do it now, because you must.

IN TEN YEARS; YOU WILL BE 9 BILLION OR MORE; and the coffin is closed. A line of people touching people at one meter apart: which equals 9 billion meters long. Or 9 million kilometers of humanity; CHANGE OR DIE. THIS AIN’T NO GAME. YOU NEED FOOD, WATER, JOBS, MORE! And every immigrant moves: because they want more/ or war moved them, because the horde of men “wanted their nation”; even though they destroyed what had value. The screamers yell “WINNER”; as dead body parts find disease. And the fool yells now we can build what we want: as resources no longer exist; and reality will prove: ALL YOU HAVE IS RUBBLE.

The failure of law, is the failure of men: because in the end war is about discarding the law/ so that men can take whatever they want for themselves. Killing without consequences beyond the game. To your shame; the world of men fail life and world, refusing to obey the law; so they can kill, rape, and ravage to prove; “i am somebody to fear”/ as predators do.

It is said of world war 1; that before it became horrifying/ both sides met “on no man’s land”/ to play soccer on Christmas eve. That was a moment in time; when it could have been possible to stop the future of insanity. Much like it is today; a moment to reflect on the insane; with your cost of reality pushing towards world war 3. They failed themselves/ now it is your cost of truth. It is the cost of world war 1, and its insanity; that became world war 2: the demand for respect, that was to be joined on the opposite side of this earth/ by those who wanted more as well. It is, the price of one group, taking actions against another group; that became the revenge: Of “nazi: we have the power now”. A reality of human history, repeated throughout time; as men played games, and lost; to declare war.

There will be no coming back; “from world war 3”/ it is the end of life; just like so many other threats we do face, right now. Because insanity has ruled this earth; and let universities declare themselves as gods. But turned out to be “merely Satan” instead; joined to the curse of men: which is the shout: FEAR ME.

Remove the covers: and expose them as killers without a cause/ all who participate beyond the moment of defense. Stand up as a world: and take your place between the lines: to enforce THE LAW, WE THE WORLD DEMAND; will rule now. TURN on your leaders; as they are the people of hate. UNLESS LAW rules them as well.

The predator animal (killer); demands that you fear them; because in that fear you capitulate, and they take whatever they want/ without fear of damaging their own bodies. So we do know: that all predators fear damage to their own bodies/ because then they are vulnerable to being attacked, or failing to be successful and will die. THE CONSEQUENCE OF THAT IS; that we then look as the masses considered to be their prey, unless we obey: that to insure, the predator KNOWS: either you will surrender this purpose/ or we will insure, it is your body that becomes “mutilated”/ and your life that becomes endangered by death. While the rabbit being small and isolated, cannot defend itself/ the herds of larger animals do defend themselves by organizing themselves with:  “WE CAN TRAMPLE YOU”.

Critical to that truth is: among the prey, there are those who become “overconfident” and attack the pack; initially with others/ but then a small amount of damage, will turn the prey back. And the brave one is then eaten/ reminding all, this is not a game. But the element of reality in that scenario is: “that numbers matter”/ when it comes to war. THE LAW IS AN ARMY; and it can defeat the pack, only when it is clear; “we are UNITED”/ AND WE WILL defeat you.   “leaders first”.    TO THAT END; it is also critical to understand: the predators state the same/ and although they want the straggler and easy to kill. When push comes to shove; they will turn to the leaders, and shout “Kill”, to their pack. SO IT IS CRITICAL:  to avoid leadership, and understand this is a decision WE ALL HAVE MADE. To rid our home of hate.  BY ACCEPTING:  THE LAW, WE DECIDE AS A WORLD/   shall lead us now.

In the human world of predator and prey; is the element of knowledge that understands, “you need a reason/ OR, your hate will show through”. So the decision to produce ridicule/ to humiliate/ to rape, ravage, or ruin exists: “whatever works”/ so that the claim of, “an enemy/ or measured as garbage” can exhibit some form of attack. Thereby justifying revenge: as is the claim of judgment; after provocation, “its all your fault”. When they know they cannot justify retaliation: as with biblical JESUS in the court of hate/ they do it at night; so the deed is done/ and it is too late to remove that hate; as the weapons will prove true. Therefore, as with the law, in this USA: you must stay within constitutional mandates, in order to be protected from the enemy who wants to defeat you. IF THEY CANNOT defeat that constitutional value, the decision which allows “we are united” in this. Then they will attack, whatever is vulnerable; with the intent to create FEAR THIS. Believe in them NOT! Obey them NOT, listen to their priests of media no more; and let the evidence decide what is true. Prove where the law needs to be redone!  REMEMBERING; the price for being WRONG, in life or death of a world: IS YOUR OWN EXTINCTION. Is not the beginning of global warming out of control/ NOT “clue enough” for you to understand this is no game? If not, you are a fool, without excuse.

As for life and me; the elements of survival are shifting, and it is “spiritual woman” who takes whatever she wants in me. Changing my body, with much faster growing tits now/ taking control over me; as in I feel evicted from my own body. Feeling only the effects of suddenly changed to “the receiving end” of life and living; without the option of a choice. I suppose that is what female is at least partly about/ I suppose, that I can adjust; but I am not certain; as reality continues to prove, “not male” anymore. Another complete surprise; another you have no choice. The question: what does it mean, to be female?

Today, life is changing; and I begin to search for stability, security, and the various methods of protection that I need to feel safe.

The critical cause of creating a usable defense; begins with the potential, of “an armband”/ as can be made to hold a variety of tools comes to mind. But each is a method of deterrent, & identification; rather than death/ smells come to mind, as the means of warning and the use of functional methods known to stop an attack. Which allows for being wrong!

Rather than the male definition of “gender differences” as is: I need and desire someone who can share my life, work, and the realities of how I live. The critical question for both being: can you become, “my partner (the value of need, the desire of truth; shaped between us both)”/ in this forever; the quest for destiny; as is this time, is “our home”? I begin to realize, there is a need to understand the differences; so that reality expresses the decisions we are to make; with an honesty earned through respect. I do not find “being on the receiving end of life”; without cost/ as there is a distinct loss of freedom, in the realities of being vulnerable. While the male alternative is: the cost of your vulnerability, is I must pay the difference; to protect what has value to me. To the question for both is: how much value are you, to me? The answer: resides in, what is true! So the critical choice becomes: can I trust who you are to me? Because people lie, as is to manipulate the facts/ people cheat as is to tempt and claim, this is real/ people steal, as is to propagate “belief is enough”; when it never is. People fear, as is to want what they want; regardless of the consequences to you. People obey, the decision; “i am superior to you”/ and then fail to accept, this is what you chose. People are addicted to sex chemicals; and fail each other to satisfy that need. People plot and plan and execute the decision: “all is fair in love and war”/ so I can do anything to you, that I want. People judge, and then abuse, use, accuse, or even kill. As are the many elements of human behavior; particularly surrounding sexual conduct, or the need for securities. So we examine the disciplines of truth, and rely upon what the evidence will prove true. Accepting that order is a constant of law, and all deviations from that order of a balanced life, shaped with respect for life and world and “me”; are all functions of a life, that is fundamentally valued in my world/ and yours. The liars know this is true, and add the camouflage of tactics. Traitors try to buy you out, with whatever you want. Terrorists demand fear. And believers all want you to obey, what they obey, to prove you are “a cult worshiper too”.

So the end result is: that with time and truth, the elemental realities of who, what, why, when, how, and where are all sorted into the completion of our choice. But that does not mean: “your partner” has made the same choice. Because in the end: the essence of marriage (with or without the ceremony); is asking for a lifetime. A shared experience that will alter your own path accordingly; and demand you care, about more than just you. Such is the course of human dimension; as it constructs the boundaries and limits of what has value to ourselves. Either as one/ or more.

The answer: I as male, never cared to know about female/ it was not my job; anymore than it is for female to “know, how to be male”;  not her job. today however it is; A failure of life, as it seems; that somehow my existence has been altered; to use me/ to conceive of differences, and Identify desires. That are intended to alter “the gender roadmap”; from using you/ to accepting the value of respect for each.

The curse of leadership by universities is as always, the intent to overrule nature; in every conceivable way as they seek to remove all forms of diversity, particularly in humans; playing god as always. (mix every group together/ make them all compete same/ deny the right to declare, we own this decision/ confuse, manipulate, tempt, disease, violate, curse, fail, and use imagination to create the fool).  As their real purpose is then covered with filth: to silence you, as they mutilate you, as the human body of life;  turns into the constant chaos, of genetically altered existence with their “new vaccines”. Endless curses on all of life and world; as reality shifts into Armageddon (nature in chaos) To their eternal shame. The vaccines of old (which had value), were direct derivatives of natural processes balanced by nature under the influence of people/ they are no more. Poisoning the water supplies/ destroying even the possibility life survives; by insuring the cult cannot be questioned/ with media worship.  As with covid, simply proves you are a fool. Their evidence was so filled with holes, no truth could be found; other than the universities did release a biological weapon against us: and gained EVERYTHING they wanted. as trillions upon trillions have proven with reality. A price charged by them;  beyond “mountains of shame”. A curse of gambling so vile; that all of life is in jeopardy of being lost to horror.  But then as, they proved to be: Satan on earth/ why would you expect anything less?

UNIVERSITY PLAYS  “god”; is a death plague, soon to exhibit the rotting corpse of a living body overwhelmed by its truth:  “Satan” was here.