It is, the ultimate disgrace of being human; that people shout “look at me/ listen to me/ I want MORE; give me what I want”. To achieve these ends; people spend their lives getting trinkets (you can’t have this)/ toys (you want to play, with what I have)/ tools (THIS will prove; I am the superior one). Using money as a weapon, discarding life and love and truth: to become the elemental hate, that is “nothing matters but me”.

Today however; instead of simply being animals as described above; the reality of our lives is: instead of wallowing in the grave of a two-year old, that refused to grow up; life and planet are in grave danger now. As the world defined by a two year old mental case (university knows); has been cursed by the traitors, & terrorists; who use failure, lies, fraud, foolish disgrace, and theft to betray our very existence on this world. The parasites have won; and as we look at the consequences for what they did do: only extinction remains unless there is true change; beyond the minor elements of what humanity wants. To become true living humans being alive in the essence of love and respect, by adhering to truth, and trusting the faith, law can bring us back. That is a decision, which demands: the two year old (a brain living in delusions) who has no right to rule; is removed.

WE KNOW: what it is, that life needs for us to do! It is not a game, and obviously our planet and our living needs for us all to accept what is true decides now; and nothing else. Simple as that! Global warming is the result of releasing too much heat/ so the solution is to stop releasing all that heat; and accept limits, modify boundaries with insulation, and basically do what should have been done from the beginning. Just as every resource deserves respect; because there is no future for life without them; consequently “the garbage mountains end”. Every habitat needs to be protected/ every tree is now protected/ water is a resource we cannot do without; and it must be identified for truth; making changes as needed. The atmosphere is no game. Genetics are nature; and you shall NOT TOUCH them anymore; the universities are dead; and cannot be resurrected , because they failed so badly. Fusion is the worst of the worst of the worst that any intellectual can be; and no further attempts of any kind shall be allowed; CERN will be torn down, and never under any circumstance be rebuilt. Everything the two year old delusional failure that is “university knows”; shall be reviewed for truth, and identified for value. And what can be allowed will become a new version of education; incorporated into what “we the people” will allow: because you cannot threaten us our this world anymore. Little shall remain.

This is a world of life; the curse of universities have made it into a world of death, using curses; the traps of an intellectual maze, to hide what they do. You will return to truth/ or you will fall quickly into extinction, and the hell of chaos surrounds you know. There will be no mercy; it is your choice. CHOOSE.

And the world says to me: WHO, are you, to make such a claim as this?

My reply is simple: the evidence convicts you of defeat, as is this dying world, being changed by the cost of your decisions; into extinction. No element of denial exists; as even you know the future is dead. “only time remains in debate”.

As to me: I am merely the messenger sent, to remind the living: “the human games” are dead (consequences have rose, and your grave, as a world;  comes into view). If you will survive, even as a world; there must be change. That has nothing to do with me; as I am not you. YOUR decision/ YOUR TRUTH. I know not why me? The message however is delivered: CHOOSE.

How or why, I do not know; but if it is any consolation to you; the male hired/ educated; to do this work. Has been dramatically changed, and no longer exists as he once was. That day/ that life, is over! Indicating his work, has truly been completed. “His/ her” future is “unknown”; beyond my realm of understanding: it is a mystery. But I need not an answer; life is life.

Arrogance then screams: “we are like gods”/ we DON’T have to listen to anything you say”. But reality knows: all you can really do is destroy what does exist.

Apathy SCREAMS: “ nobody can tell us to change”/ WE, are gods, and we WILL do anything we want. But reality knows”; without this world and its life presented as a gift to all of humanity; you can do nothing, and you know that is true.

DISRESPECT SQUEALS: “WE, can kill you/ and never listen to anything you say again”. But reality replies: while I am “nobody”/ the miracles of life I represent are beyond your touch. However as to you, and the life you inhabit:    THE CREATOR OF LIFE:   does know who you are, and has control over everything that can terrorize you. THAT, is your only warning. YOUR game is dead! ACCEPT TRUTH DECIDES FOR LIFE AND WORLD; or you will enter that terror.


As for me; the spiritual woman predicted in Revelation 12 (a new life delivered) has occurred: change and you will find it. Revelation 17; 5 predicts: (she takes complete control over; the descriptions of man: me).

Apparently there is. some type of work, for my new life to do. “I have no say”. I have no prediction, there is no escape. She is beyond “in control”, and I am without excuses.

In contrast to that, is the essence of life itself; which honors the freedoms of thought, determine what the future can be. Therefore thought itself, as is generated “from an entirely different direction”; has the possibilities associated with “a strange new world”. What is critical, are the boundaries and limits of what truth can become.

When we ask: “WHAT, is an eternal life”? The response is: an opportunity to live beyond the measurement of an action or reaction; to conceive of and investigate what is true. TRUTH, is a passage beyond self, into the spiritual relationships that define law. While LAW is the discipline of what can keep us alive, if we obey the structure and balance of forces which alter existence itself. Eternity is then NOT, “a playground for your amusement”/ NOT, “a fundamental slavery which presents to you no choice”/ NOT, a loss of freedoms or self. But the rise of purity, which allows family to join, in a love that has no end.

“for those who proved: this is, the choice their own heart & soul did make.”

As to me; the critical element is, that life is so dramatically changed, I have no idea as to what my own eternity could be. Definitions have ended, and I am forced to start all over again. Which is how a life without direction [who, am I] begins; in what is spiritually, a completely different world. Changed forever, “seems true”; but this is life, leads now; rather than choice. Or “life decides”/ not you.

SOUL is, LIFE itself an eternity of its own.” Whereas heart, is our own participation in what grows to be true happiness, joy, and hope.

And this world says to me: “you can’t prove nothing/ we believe whatever we want to believe”!

Miracles respond with: beyond the realm of human knowledge or understanding, life remains the essence of proof, and the realities of evidence so utterly superior to anything human; that you have no right to confuse life with stupidity; as is “university knows evolution” and more imaginary failures. There is nothing of value in evolution/ nothing proven true other than “this looks like that”. While religion offers little as well.

You cannot build a single blade of grass, nor can your geneticists do anything other than use life exists; to enforce their chaos. Proving true: “only thought” can design and create life; with the control over forces, that does go beyond law to prove “eternity can exist”. So says a miracle.

It is JESUS that allows for: accepting the truth we were not simply created and abandoned here. But given the right to ask for life beyond time; with love. HE is the guarantor; and HE proved without question: the difference between “love versus hate”. Not a battleground/ but a choice.

And the world screams back: WHY, can we not know, “exactly what eternity is”? Many adding; WE HAVE a right!

But purity says: only when you prove to yourself, what is your own absolute truth/ do you then know, what life itself means to you. Whether love is your answer/ or not. Because the end result of living is: if love is not your answer/ chaos erupts, and that brings judgment and loss. Because the law rules living. Only love is allowed, because only love remains true to the values and respect called SOUL. MERCY grants the opportunity to be less than “pure to love”/ but it does not gain eternity. As only love survives the expression “without end”.

We then enter, a final construction, which is: I am NOT your savior/ and in fact have been so utterly removed of everything “life used to be, in me”. That there is no clue left as to who or even what I am suppose to be. An entire lifetime of knowledge, the search and journey’s for understanding; even a balance to support wisdom; all removed. To restart life, without male; an existence so bizarre, I am without knowledge; or more simply “there is no place to start”. I guess that is so you know: I am not going to be “your priest/ guru/ or other”.

The difference is: “you can build an entire imaginary world out of a grain of sand on the beach”/ by believing anything you want. While I need truth, value, trust, disciplines, order, law, respect, hope, heart, love, courage, thought, reality, soul, and destiny. The journey beyond self.

For clarity; because all things of knowledge, begin with clarity as applied to truth. I would describe my life as “squashed”/ reduced to without an identifiable form. My spirit however has been moved into the female world of dimension and disciplines; my soul says that is true. It is not any version of “homosexual, transvestite, or other”. It is a redirection of life, that cannot occur unless you travel to the very edge of time itself, and are turned back (not done yet). No, I have no clue! All of it is a surprise.