Complex Conversations

People who join a meal with: “social complex conversation”.

for this service: to access people who are experiencing the demand: for complex conversations: as a person, community, group, society, nation, or world.

DEFINING that access identified by badging (I too belong); as to the decisions which understand communication comes first. However we must meet each other, to create that opportunity; even if strangers for now.

Expanding: “united, by law, or not”/ built by DEMOCRACY, or not; as is we the people do have rights; are among the topics. Whatever you choose? But the path forward will always turn back to what is primary to our lives, and our survival. Whereas happiness is built by truth.

Our conversation as a people; should then reflect and establish OUR truth as a society. By understanding what our real world choices are: the old fashion way; talking among ourselves”. INSTEAD of simply relying upon believing what we are told, by media or others.

REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; is the legal democratic authority to enforce our ownership!

GOVERNMENT exists: because only a few/ can curse all the rest. Therefore limits as presented by laws; are necessary!

The foundation of democracy however is: we do seek “solutions among ourselves” with our own, complex knowledge and methods of creating a vote. Acknowledge problems and creating solutions; as best we can for life.

Do you wish to join this service: YES OR NO

we provide:

Will be provided; a sign-in opportunity to know; along with a badge used for this membership: when and where; and what the topic of conversation is expected to be.

The invitation is: with a different time and place than other purposes of membership here; who do not, share your interest.

Those who do join, can expect to/ or at least hope too: find the intellectual conversations they desire. Dependent upon numbers; and area selected; and who decides to come. Options exist, only when reality proves options exist. YOU agree: to respect or be banned.

This does need a topic board, capable of being changed by the membership

not a blog or other; because the “entire conversation” is meant to be in person/ NOT the result of being told. This is think for yourself.

It is also necessary that no real world conversation or guidance be given; to alleviate the claim of liability, for what was said.