Little in life is more tragic, than the human brain; which fails to function as intended/ but assumes belief is enough. Choosing to be a cult (herd)/ who cannot question “their claim of gods” as is university;  because the universities own their soul.  So, a final message is given to women; in the hope of sanity survives:  as is with REAL LIFE,  law:   this earth can survive. if you are justified and fair. Leading, rather than following; choosing for life and world/ which men have proven by threats surrounding us all; that they cannot.

We then come to the very critical question: of who can change this world? The answer is: not men, because this is what they did do/ and this is the best they did do/ and their entire finite answer to any and all difficult questions is WAR. They will scream NO; we are better than that. But history proves no you are not; even if a few are/ the rest are not; and their leaders will always fail life and world. Because their want is more important than truth.

Which leaves us in the conundrum of do we just surrender to extinction/ or do we let women try to save this world, just because they literally are DIFFERENT. And it is different, that we do need most. But women DON’T WANT to save this world/ they have been forced “to the back of the bus”; forever by men/ worship universities as god just like men/ fail to understand this is no longer a game/ and assume; “this world cannot die” just like men do. But truth is truth; and everything that can be done to crucify this world, is being done to do that very thing; and they are almost done, without the possibility of change. So it is NOW OR NEVER; your only chance to become “alive again”/ before it is over for this entire world.

Women are not better/ but they are “very different” than men. Which leaves the question: CAN THEY do better? The answer; probably not, but life owes them their chance to save life and earth from HELL, and all those consequences of hate. The critical truth of this is: to remember life is a chain of existence. We live, because this other life came first; so that now we have the means to survive. As is true for all other life as well. Therefore a broken chain, loses everything that depends upon even one single critical element to survive; and we don’t know what that is. Because even if we don’t need “some form of life” because it does not affect us/ it is probable another form of life we do need to survive; is affected by the first life you discard.

You understand every fire needs oxygen; and so do we. The experts squeal, “plenty of oxygen”/ but reality finds we are confined by a very specific percentage of oxygen or we don’t do well, and will die. You understand every fire releases heat; and it is global warming that proves there are consequences for that. You understand that every life needs drinking water, and yet your experts constantly have said, “don’t worry” be happy; and dump a trillion tons of toxic pollution right on top of the water, or underneath it; or just plain don’t give a damn about water “plenty more”. But as always; they are wrong.

You understand that disease makes you sick/ and yet you allow for letting universities inject every life with genetic chaos; on their quest to play god and “make their own living things”/ by destroying the life that exists; in worship of their evolution. Armageddon “nature in chaos”; is their result, and yours.

You understand; that the sun heats this earth from 94 million miles away; and yet your universities want to bring that here. Pretending its all a fantasy/ but reality knows it is a nuclear fire “burning the bond of atoms”; that powers the sun and presents solar gravity by that process. Radiation beyond extreme/ heat release like an atomic bomb; which is 4 million times greater than your match. Willing to gamble this entire world on their delusions: claiming when asked “not to worry; this earth does not have enough gravity; so the fire will just extinguish itself”! As is the drumbeat, of those who intend to turn this world into “HADES/ eternal torture”. By trying to prove they are so smart; they can control the sun, here on earth.

The list is endless/ the failure is massive/ the cost of human decisions are a mountain of garbage on top and trillions of tons underneath/ and no future for a single child; because of you. While they make their delusions possible: by stealing all the securities, creating endless un-pay-able debt: from this USA, and so many more. While the greatest fools are joined with the military who believes “they can’t” use their weapons of mass destruction/ but prepare to use their own. Or as reality now proves true: your universities, and maybe a million people worldwide: HOLD BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS. To insure you can be blackmailed into submission; just like covid did do. Just like now there is a million people who can release HORRORS onto this world, if not just by accident. Because the universities opened that “pandora’s box”; to prove their hate.

The job of women is NOT to repeat the same mistakes as men do. But to establish the descriptions and definitions of law; that we can all agree too, as the valid truth of our existence, as a society of this nation or world. THAT LAW MUST BE VOTED UPON BY ALL/ AND IT MUST BE ENFORCED BY ALL; because only then can change be made. Which means women are to be responsible for the content of the law/ as it is true men have failed that process; or through deception, corruption, conspiracy, denial, anarchy, betrayal, and terrorism; their leaders, refuse to obey.

To orchestrate a changed world, we must have a rhythm to and for the creation of what this world, life on earth, humanity itself, and every child is going to need. To achieve that, there must be a baseline harmony, for what we choose. In other words; EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW WHY, we are doing this, why we have chosen to do this, and the majority must accept the decisions we have made, are going to allow the future to be our destiny/ not our destruction. To do that we must first begin with: an investigation of what is true and real, and what is not; so that a clear picture can erupt which allows for the vast majority to KNOW with real world evidence the cost of being WRONG.

THAT FUNCTIONALLY IN THIS USA; begins with redress of grievances, which is our constitutional guaranteed law; to address and define these very things which have attacked the nation itself, and must be known. BY LAW, we orchestrate the evidence, and demand full cooperation with penalties for lies. By law we enforce THIS IS, “THE BEST WE CAN DO”. Your leaders want no part of that law, and seek to destroy it as reality proves they did do: by pretending it does not exist. By failing to respond; to the law itself/ which is clearly TREASON.

THE DIFFERENCE; between making a government official OBEY OUR LAW, and letting them choose anarchy instead! IS HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE WATCHING/ AND HOW MANY OF THOSE PEOPLE KNOW; WHAT THEIR OWN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, AS THE DEMOCRACY OF THIS USA, controlled by WE the people;   ARE THE OWNERS HERE; IS.     because treason is watching.

And women all say: “we know everything we need to know/ media watches out for us”. But the facts are: you are targeted, for emotion, as is give us your money for heart research, FEAR “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE”/ BELIEVE THE UNIVERSITIES ARE YOUR SAVIOR/ OBEY, and find more. However if you look at the facts; only a very tiny few die or have a heart attack before sixty years old/ the vast majority of all heart related deaths; are from 70 + years old. And I remind you: if the old don’t die/ the young cannot live. So its worthless and blind.

Or breast cancer targets you with emotion; SAME AS ABOVE. With almost none found in below thirty/ and very little until you get to above 70+ years old. But what they refuse to tell you most is: that a mastectomy has no better statistics than lesser surgery. BUT IS PRESENTED; because it ends all lawsuits about whether they did enough or not; in court. “we aren’t god/ what more could we have done”. But the costs of their “protection”/ has realities the patient must bear.

Media protects you from nothing; and guides you into chaos instead; as the wealthy PAY THEM to do. Need to go back to your doctor every month; “livestock income”, ain’t it great. But the other side of that coin is: UNIVERSITIES ENSLAVE their students and particularly their doctors; with half million dollar debts to graduate/ which makes the universities same as “civil war era, slavers”. What is not wrong, with this society? Answer: that is hidden behind a mountain of counterfeited money/ used to bribe the rebellion, and control with greed. WHAT is wrong with media: “they graduate mice”.

Another disgrace: that a vasectomy has no consequences for men or women; “its happy”/ go do it. AN ABSOLUTE LIE; as the reality is, without testicles there is no chemistry/ and without chemistry there is no “pleasure to the purpose” of sex. Which displaces women; with frustration for both. Some even end with murdering each other; as one blames the other/ and realities of choice no longer matter; “not even for yourself”. No, I have not had a vasectomy; but it is not hard to diagnosis. Reality proves it. There is little “universities, as is the constant failure of life”/ and its media parasites; lie, cheat, steal, betray, more.

So what is the truth of our reality in this: EVERY PENNY, goes into genetic disassembly of nature/ because the universities have only one solution: as with bridge building, keep knocking out pieces UNTIL IT FALLS/ THEN, we will know how to keep it up. With nature, YOUR PENNIES HELP THEM destroy nature itself, by crucifying how every body of life on this planet is formed. When questioned: their elite say, “DON’T WORRY, even if we destroy nature, evolution will just build something else back; in a billion years of so”! Sound INSANE to you/ or is it “off the charts” as hate would do.

but then, “you don’t need to know”;  right?   ANSWER the damn question; ITS YOUR LIFE.

Did you know; the single greatest descent of any society: IS TO ADD FOREIGN LANGUAGE! Which means we cannot talk to each other, at all. Which means; those who lie, cheat, steal, and more; are formed behind “the iron curtain” of you can’t understand. SO WHY is their foreign language EVERYWHERE? BECAUSE THE UNIVERSITIES GET MORE MONEY, with every language they translate. And it aids and abets: the PLAGUE OF REBELLION THAT IS UNIVERSITY KNOWS; which intends to replace all of democracy, WITH THEY LEAD NOW. A reality already proven to be “GUIDES TO HELL”. WAKE UP!

The people who love their game; fight to keep their view of government alive; because a trophy, toy, or trinket, is all that matters. Those who do not participate in games; end up leaving government behind, as the corruption fails life and world. The conspiracies to destroy the other group, the collusion to get what we want, the damnation of a world to prove how powerful you can be; without truth. Are all elements of this USA and more.

The death of our world is then tied to the reality of human behavior; that believes WE WANT WHAT WE WANT. Rather than the truth of “our world has changed/ and if we don’t change our humanity, to accept the new limits and boundaries of life today/ rather than in the past: we all die”. Because the price of what has been done is extinction; and that is no game. But “gamer’s” live to play, and thirst for proving “I AM RIGHT”; just like the other side does the same. Which means as with “January 6” in washington; the fools of one side/ are now the fools of the other side flaunting power. Which means nothing has changed but the penalties and intent to imprison the other side: because law has nothing to do, with what either side wants. The death of our world is exactly the same: there is no law in behaviors (only the intellectual barriers of a trap), only animals who represent predator and prey.

The distinct truth of life or death is: WE MUST CHOOSE WITHIN THE LIMITS, THAT DENY ALL YOUR WANTS, which led us here. And ACCEPT the boundaries of what this earth will allow us to do; as our new world order; as is assigned by law unto us all. No exceptions; means the game of government is dead; and the animals CANNOT allow that to happen; because it means they can’t be animals anymore. But must turn to human alive instead; or they die. Forcing animals to change; is impossible UNLESS they understand the truth is: ALL LIFE WILL DIE, “including you”/ IF WE DON’T. They will scream and curse and fail and attack and destroy and plague and propagate and do all the things; people want; because without a game, there is no winner or loser to life (it is all of us/ or none of us), and that makes the trophy die. No, you can’t claim to be superior; and there are no toys to make that seem true.

So the question is: can humanity be alive? Or must they be animals destined to die in the horrors of their own decision? Because it is a decision; to let this world die, because you want what you want; be damned to all the rest.

To understand that we must have different leadership; is evident and obvious. We cannot continue on the same road to hell, as men have so deliberately chose. So reality says we are stuck with women; to accept leadership by law. To assemble and accumulate the values of respect that are true to life and justice for this world, this nation; and construct the critical test of “by vote” we succeed in telling this world: change has come.

time is, “a dimension measured by your choices”; a reality formed by the values of your heart. Heart being the rhythms of your own desire. Within that environment, it is truth that demands attention/ but it is love that defines what does or does not have value or respect. Those without respect: hate, and all the behaviors that go with it. Those who love, shape life with honest disciplines, a treasury of order, and the balance of knowing “life as a miracle” comes with duties to the creation which gave us life. Time is a destiny discovered by your own decision to value and respect its gift/ or the descent into want, which is the animals are our guide; as is take everything you can get, without regard for any other reality; because time will end.

So life on earth: must now face its conclusion, which is, “unless true and real change comes” as is a duty; our environment/ therefore our time as life on earth will end. As the truth of our evidence shows clearly; is a dying world, due entirely to human decisions. No more want decides; no more games to be played “life OR death”; no more counterfeiting money; or pretending the future does not exist/ so you can rob every child; no more “free for all” to take/ there is a responsibility to be shared, and it is not free.

Time assembles “your truth”; and that summary of truth, defined by love or hate, decides your eternity. It is, whatever it is; when you die. JUSTICE AND TRUTH confess: only those with the purity of love enough to survive; shall be joined as eternal life. As reality knows: no hate is welcome/ no want is enough will enter. Eternal life proceeds in thought; just as your life in time is the result formed by the basis of thought which is existence. No you can’t imagine whatever you want; no fantasies all fail; no delusions will not decide; no beliefs cannot change truth.

So, life asks of your moments: what is valued by you? Because unfortunately, you are going to decide if any other life on earth will come to exist. Such is the grievous reality of your decisions to make “university god”.

Unfortunately for nearly fifty years, I have participated among you with the deliberate decision: we must do better. But as reality would prove; not only did you want other things more than life shaped by love and respect; you were clearly afraid of the cult that demands; “you shall not question the universities, as are your gods”. Like the small group of “university people” who claimed they wanted to create a discussion for “noah’s ark”; but when the project was nearly done: they all abandoned ship, because they could not hide well enough; and were afraid. NOT, what I had in mind for building them a tool. What a tiny few it is; who are not cult controlled; to your shame. I looked for myself: and found that fossil fuels, are absolutely proof enough: all by themselves; to prove that flood did occur. “a large planetary object” passing close by; would have been the mediating force, which caused it to occur. And with that knowledge: the entire religious community loses its lie: that GOD would never let this earth die. We live, “by a very thin margin” of forgiveness. Believe it or not.

Life then asks of you to be fair: because being wrong is being EXTINCT. The consequence of that is like global warming; multiplied by ten thousand times worse. So the question is: not only are you prepared to be wrong/ but are you prepared to be murdered by your own decisions; because there is no going back. Are you prepared to be the killer of every child, every life, every future living thing forever? Because if you are not: then you must make the decision to save this world, here and RIGHT NOW. No place to hide; yes OR no? And no contains the cost of HADES, as your decision is to kill this whole world. Believe it or not.

As to “my epitaph”; the foundation of male feels displaced, as female begins to take control. How that ends, or what that really means: I have no clue; it is a surprise. But as with all true miracles: “it realistically has nothing to do with me”/ as I cannot change anything. Did not create male/ cannot conceive of female really/ and am subject to whatever life or body will do.

I feel, and life says to me: “you have been moved”/ and will never own anything “male” again. I guess; that must be the spiritual world of female demanding: what must be done for life, and world; shall not include male? I will admit to feeling a bit panicky for a short time; but there is absolutely nothing I can do. It is whatever this will be. The final summary is simply: I view this living world, as far more important than me; if that is even a choice? The final summary to women is: if you do not fight for this world, and all its life/ you will face cannibalism, horrors on every side from universities chaos (the release of biological weapons), drinking blood, and war (which includes nuclear and chemical weapons) that ends only when extinction has resolved all must die. So says the evidence of our lives in this time on earth. WE MUST FIND AND ACCEPT: ONLY LAW, can rule over us now; as is “the female way”.

IT IS, fair and true and real; to understand, that I have now delivered the message to female life on earth: that you cannot hide/ there is no place to run; our entire world is threatened by extinction; and there is not one single truth that will allow you to escape the consequences of that. We MUST FACE our truth, and accept the cost of doing what needs to be done, for life and world “today”. Or we all die; as is the cost of so many things being done wrong; that we will “be lucky” to survive, even if we try. But it is absolutely clear: “men with war, by universities/ universities with disease/ life being crucified by universities/ water being poisoned by universities/ experts failing life as is global warming/ ocean life dying quickly now/ habitat lost/ extinction of numerous species, forever gone/ overpopulation of humanity; and so much more.” proving without the threat of being wrong; that this is no game.

And the world says: YOU CAN’T PROVE THAT; but every threat above and more have already been proven true. Have already been identified as true threats of extinction; by the hands of “university plays god”. Are in fact; even worse than described; as is people trying to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun”. Resource depletion is war and death/ and every form of life depends upon change; or we all die/ because that is what men chose! So, today, WOMEN are allowed to choose too! And if you do not do better than men; this world will be abandoned; as the living no longer matter to life.

And the arrogant say: “we are doing great/ NOBODY can stop us, from doing or getting anything we want”. As is “women too”. But life responds with: your drinking water supplies are failing or poisoned; aquifers are collapsing, and your science says “it takes fifty inches of rainfall= to replenish one inch of water in an aquifer. Your food supplies are being mutilated into extinction, as universities have now begun to mutilate humanity as well; because they cannot resist playing god.

The apathetic say: as with global warming, you can’t prove nothing/ we are doing great/ and we will take whatever we want; UNTIL life proves we must stop. But alas, there is no place left to go on this entire finite planet. And there is nothing more to get without destroying everything; as you have been doing. There is NO place left for increased human population; because every life has needs; and this planet is full. Without zero or less population rise; you are extinct. It is that real now. Believe it or not has nothing to do with truth.

And the disrespectful all say: “we believe in evolution”/ therefore no matter what we do evolution will fix it; SO WE DON’T NEED TO CARE. But that is potentially history’s most putrid and vile lie of all; as no proof of evolution exists. Because just saying “this looks like that” is not proof at all. Nor is saying “it took billions of years”/ or any of an endless array of statements that bear no reality to truth. One such constant is: the sun burns fuel “as is the heat which burns your skin in summer”/ therefore it has a limited range of time allowed. And during that time allowed; when rolling the clock back: we then find a star that is much bigger than now/ and that means much hotter than now; and that means no life was on this planet at that time. Because as with global warming; just one hour out of a year “with too much heat to survive this”/ and life is over, because it all died.

And as if with one voice; humanity says, “nothing, can threaten this world/ nothing has changed/ nothing will change; because we want what we believe to be true”.

But alas; LIFE SAYS; that with universities you changed this world, and you know that is true. You know you threaten all life on this planet with your weapons of mass destruction/ and you refuse world law instead.

You know that universities are mutilating the genetics of life, that are the building blocks of nature itself; and “like humpty dumpty, fairy tale; the egg which fell off the wall and crashed; all the efforts in this entire world; CANNOT put life back together again”. So it is only a matter of time, and one very small incident away for Armageddon (nature in chaos).

You know that water is your source of life, almost as much as oxygen is; and yet you destroy them both/ as a cult worshiping “experts”; who like global warming, will prove to be wrong. To your shame.

You know that beliefs do not mirror truths; and only truths matter to life or death as a value of distinction that will align with an honest choice. Rather than the delusions, imagination, or fantasy worlds of universities know. Even if they alter some things with a degree of value/ the end result of their existence is: overwhelming threats surround us with extinction now/ that did not exist, before universities did.

So YOU KNOW; that this world is in trouble/ and you know, it is humanity that is at fault. And in particular; the universities who play god with life and world and truth.

And the world says: DON’T bother me/ I can’t do nothing: I AM EXCUSED.   EVERYONE, CAN DO SOMETHING;  which means  ABSOLUTELY NONE, ARE EXCUSED.

But reality shouts back: your world is dying/ and that makes you responsible for what you do, or did not do; as is the reality of your own personal choice. Therefore: as is consistent with LIFE/ OR DEATH/ OR YOU JUST DIDN’T CARE. Judgment comes now.

Some time has elapsed, between the question of change and the realities of living. Enough to ask: HOW, could I possibly “build a female life”/ I have no foundation; no disciplines; no order or balance; or conception of what it means to be female. And THAT, is something only “GOD” can do/ and I am certainly not that. So the question of being transferred completely into a female spiritual world; with no affiliation back to male; seems without truth? Or male without “control over male parts”; is either a foundation for female/ or a trophy, trinket, or toy for female; which seems even more unlikely; if this is in fact a permanent change. So the question is: does the base line of human existence, present life with the exact same foundation of life; even though the living is not the same? In which case the entanglement of force, comes later in the development of human existence? It is a hard question; because assembly requires the existence of female to understand the conception of facts. I have no elemental understanding of that fact; and no real functioning relationships with female to align what is expected with the truth of what does exist.

So we turn back: to the existence of death, and the question of humanity which his: HOW do we know, there is life without a body of time/ and WHAT would that be? This is a relatively simple question: as the answer is, we exist by thought, which translates our recognition of freedom, into existence; by elements of body proves this is so. So the critical question is: what proves existence, without a body of time? The answer is: the essence of freedom, is our relationship with life/ and life is our body of proof. So the critical answer is: when we are in control over the force of life, then we have the existence of disciplines over the balance we refer to as order. What can force do? The list is endless. What can life do “to create you”? Reality insists the direction of that force grants the destiny of love/ or the fate of hate. Where there is love, life expands into the disciplines of order, and balances our destiny based upon whether life is “male or female” as love allows for that to be.

So then destiny is shaped: within the environment of our own love, by our own truth; as freedom allows for you to do. But the containment of force, as is the basis of life as a form of force, which precedes energy of motion: is dependent upon the relationship we share with “GOD” . as HE IS, the fountain upon which that force arises and is provided to those HE GRANTS , an eternity too. The critical question of death is then: can force be contained by environment? An atom clearly proves that true; but an atom contains the energy of motion; as is time/ rather than the force of energy (the construction of how energy exists)_, as is eternal: there is in that definition, a major difference in truth.

So the quest to understand life, requires us to accept the limits and boundaries of what can survive the environment of “that force”. Which elevates the question of purity, to the ascension which dictates “how far, can we go”?

As to me, reality seems to have introduced me to: what female tragically impacted by male domination as does make them a prostitute “might be”/ and I find it, a condemnation of male. As is the truth: you have no right/ it is a failed spirit to life and world in you. Separated from that is: the lack of justice in society, that refuses to allow “every person needs a job of realistic value and pay”. Not done; because you want to be rich, more than justified or fair. To your shame.

As to “utterly removed and sealed in, the female spiritual world”; it is still to early to tell, if that will be forever. Or how to proceed; but I have been given view over a large collection of “leggo like blocks; which when turned over are grips and barbs and other means for pulling an object to you”. But that was covered over by a deep black mat; not to be seen again. so the critical test will rely upon: before force is allowed, ARE WE; male and female “same”? And if that, then it is the force of either push or pull, which makes the entire difference that is male or female? It is a question with MANY constructions, and will not be easy to do.

The critical foundation of life itself; as I do believe they are the same for both genders, is:

  1. happiness is built upon freedom and the exercise of independence.
  2. individual strength is defined by the acceptance of purpose.
  3. critical courage exists when we accept the outcome of death, can be eternal life.
  4. desire for life and living is balanced by truth.
  5. wisdom exists because we search and let truth decide.
  6. justice is achieved, when we understand life is built upon truth.
  7. respect is identified by the truth of miracles.
  8. values form from the creation of love.
  9. love lifts life into purity and its conception of existence.
  10. heart is built into the rhythms of what we share, because we chose to care.
  11. loneliness shakes reality, until you know the truth of friendship and its peace.
  12. Time exists: to prove your decision, the truth of your identity, is real.

The elemental lesson is then: if life begins the same for each one/ then gender is strictly about force. The question then aligns with creation itself, as an elevation of time beyond energy; by its ability to allow, the concept which is to engineer thought: “makes me ALIVE”. While time alone, is the reality of “the brain measures”; as is needed to form a relationship with body, to use energy and its motion which shouts “I am, a living thing”. Do you understand the difference?

As to the intricate details involved in this relationship with life itself/ the essence of force/ discovery of truth/ identities formed from love, and so on. I do not consider these “to be for you”.

They are however elements I would identify “with biblical JESUS”/ as the relationships with life itself, identify his own respect. The critical adaption of force to his own will, provides “medical miracles”. Identities formed in love, construct the foundations of his own relationship with “GOD”  as taught to us. And that is only the beginning of what he taught through the evidence of HIS thought. None of that is me. None of that is ever expected to be me. None of that can I do for myself. There is no healing here/ no “saving (a spiritual thing)” for you, and none is coming; as there is no possibility “that I can walk in his shoes” so to speak. It won’t happen. Instead, through maze after maze, struggle after struggle, resetting again and again and again; after 70 years of work: today, I cannot even tell you if “male or female” with certainty. Just having tits; “is a massive experience of change/ which seems to be growing with them”. And that is only “a small percentage of what women experience”; as different. I can tell you: not homosexual, transvestite, or other. I can tell you; this life is between “female existence and I, however that turns out to be”. I can tell men: NEVER come here to me for sex of any kind/ under any form of disguise; as that would be cause for you; to enter eternal torture. Just don’t do it or try; for your own sake. Still not a clue as to what my own future is going to be/ only the realities of what it is not going to be.  Never been perfect/ never going to be perfect; it is not my goal. Life, is about miracles, and our relationship to them; as identified by respect:  “that is me”.

Life removes the existence of “I”/ to find, “only foundations left”. Reality says; it is absolutely necessary, to learn how to live with “female in charge”/ that requires learning their laws; still no clue how? “its a strange life”/ living, never would have guessed change is required. The evidence proves you need to change; but changing “me” is entirely unknown “why”? Not terrible, but very different, begins to form. No escape exists.

I thought to identify the laws of male for you; but they are missing/ disappeared. Something important has changed in me. Still waiting to see all the effects/ my body seems a bit nervous. Reality now points too: nothing left of male/ it has been thrown away. The biblical prediction of Revelation 17; 3, the beast is “the history of male behavior towards women”; and for whatever reason, that seems to be me she rides on. As she said: “women taken by men/ did not deserve that either”. So it is whatever it is; and I have no choice.

NO, it has absolutely nothing to do with men/ only women. I don’t know why change/ or in the absence of permanent change, this kind of knowledge is required of  me? Never once considered it my responsibility to know what “female is/ never once did any female harm”? My job was to be “male”. Its complicated. no, I don’t know: why you need to know?

while universities “elite”, will shout; “its all a lie”/ we want what we want; “to hell with his evidence”.

The power and pride; will argue “he is insane”/ but reality does not prove that so.

Reality will prove, without question: that chaos builds nothing/ that accidents involving the structural integrity of any living body; are completely fictional/ that evolution “built everything without even a brain”; has no proof of anything other than “this looks like that”. Which is no proof at all.  WHAT went wrong? The children were indoctrinated by the cult of university is god. Those who memorized, mimicked, and repeated exactly what they were told; got a diploma/ those who questioned did not. But they all remained children of the cult; and failed to find a brain of their own. Believing/ obeying/ and fearing what the university elite said. An expression of that is:  remodeling a commercial business/ the electric service was changed one pipe delivered all the power necessary now instead of two. however the “engineer” was out and wanted two to continue even though it had no use. I insisted: “get your boss”; so he came out, and they both looked through their book “of god”/ and could not find any reference for change; and demanded  $500.00 spent for nothing. had no brain/ and with a deadline coming: I had no time to fight their game. PATHETIC, “the university way”; which tears apart nature everyday; to your shame for not stopping their insanity.

The foundation of miracles: is by thought, existence becomes the evidence of truth; and the force which elevates life itself, above movement, as is laws enforced.

There is no proof of “time past”/ or any of the claims that delusion, fantasy, or imagination construct as their basis for life. They have only “fairy tales”, and lies; throughout the universities claim of superiority. And they have maintained the same construction of lies for over one hundred years; as proof of fools, not brains.

INVESTIGATION OF TRUTH, ALLOWS: for the elemental search into all things claimed by universities. ABOVE THEM ALL: IS THE NEED TO ESTABLISH: those people (your former classmates) who hide behind the cloak of universities: trying to establish “THE SAME FIRE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN”. Live in a dream world as well. Relying on pure fantasy and delusion; to claim they know. When in fact they have proven themselves to know absolutely nothing of value. THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS; this planet ignites into a sun/ killing this world; and even exploding the planet itself. BECAUSE IN THE REAL WORLD: THE SUN BURNS THE BOND HOLDING OPPOSITE FORCES IN AN ATOM. TO BALANCE AND SUSTAIN THAT ENERGY OVER TIME; as the basis of what we call energy. IT DOES SO: BY SPINNING MASS as is the proton. But as is proof of energy released by an atomic bomb. That spin is well beyond the speed of light; which changes all their calculations of time and universe.

It achieves this level of law, not only by the interaction of forces upon each other; but by opposite forces acting the encapsulated environment of an atom, disciplines the spin; by assembling order, just like an electric motor uses opposite forces to achieve circular motion. Universal law however allows: that the push (heat) of motion, is the complete opposite of dark energy as is pull; same as pull (cold), seeks its equilibrium by coming to a stop. As is seen in the movement of galaxies around a black hole. Once again: different elements are produced by differences in speed of spin, direction, irregular structure in the proton, and to what degree order, discipline, and law will control its concentrated motion; within the atom.

Proven by facts already established the atomic bomb; & by me on this site and my other they play no game; LIFE OR DEATH of our world/ by terrors and radiation beyond your imagination. THE ENTIRE WORLD, AND EVERY LIVING ORGANISM    SAME;     LIFE OR DEATH for us all;     by ignition of “atoms on fire”/ on this planet made out of fuel.       Just like the sun,       which we know does exist.

It is, the essence of me: that I have worked enough to make you understand the costs of being wrong. To acknowledge the need to know what reality can and will prove true. To accept that only law is an answer to our future as a world or individual life. Therefore this job is done, and my life as man is over; to whatever extent that proves to be true. Existence has placed me “on the female side of life”; because without balance, there is no future. It is that balance and work, that made this message possible; as strictly male did fail. While the cost of “being balanced” is now over. The reality of change is not; and I truly do not know, how that will turn out. It is however fair to say: I owe the work, as predicted in biblical Revelation 12; to a spiritual woman inside. Who did then make it possible, by redirecting me, to what I needed to be; for life and world. Exactly what the work itself has changed for you or me: I don’t know, “other than tits on me”. It wasn’t a choice; however for the last 18 years, they have literally been changing me. Because they are such a different experience of life and body. Not better or worse; just different, with concepts and consequences that lead to: this is not male. The value: balance, rather than force.

That was, “the literal missing part”, to my work as male. The inclusion of balance, straightened out, what was wrong; to become the work displayed here. With law leading; there is no war. Life goes on. With truth deciding for life and world first; threats disappear. With respect: we begin again, and seek our forever; as a living miracle of life, joined to eternity.

I have no clue why men “would be gay”/ apparently they didn’t like being men; preferring imagination and fantasy instead. Don’t care; your choice, not mine. Women are truly different than men, as is their body; delusions will not change that. As to me, I live as a miracle of life (as do you). The difference is: I choose to accept whatever life would allow me to be/ whatever living needs me to be/ and whatever miracles, whether changed or not; will make of my time on earth. That is my gift back, to the Creator of my soul.

 Nonetheless, I am NOT your savior. Which means: the work to deliver this message is upon you. I am merely a whisper in the darkness: change, or you will go extinct. Because you cannot survive as a world; as you are/ as universities changed you to be.

In the greater concepts of truth: it is the miracles of life, that prove GOD is real. Thought did this is without exception; no accident exists. It is the foundation of truth, that JESUS represents the difference between love and hate; that has not changed. HIS teaching included “love” is your invitation; but if that is not for you; then eternity as love finds joy; is not for you either. As for me; life is truly strange; from the stability of life/ to the realities of change, as is “male to female” or maybe not; who knows? Ten thousand “I don’t know” later; still no answers for me. NO concept of perversion; but a foundation of truth, GOD can do anything HE might choose to do. I certainly cannot. Love remains the greatest treasure of our universe; I did my best, but have no clue how to proceed? Life will have to teach me; “what I will be”. I no longer have a concept “of me”?

This world will have to decide; if your want, will end life on earth; as all the evidence suggests. Change, or you will die as a world; forever lost. Evolution exists: ONLY as the disintegration of life, “piece by piece”/ lost forever until dead. Fools believe; because only truth can decide what will survive.