love is

Let us, discover the elemental rise, that is love beyond self. As the treasury called a life that is no longer your own.

As the description implies; true love is an all or nothing response to the environmental creation that is trust. Trust forms only in truth, and therefrom we know that all love is a relationship created by truth, but elevated by trust.

Love is: the development of discipline, order, and balance needed to recognize that the rhythms of heart, that harmonize the definitions and disciplines, of our lives; the peace of living within fair play, that is the order created by searching within miracles, for how to begin the value of who we are; the delicate interplay of thought, as it conceives of destinies which we can share. Are the beginning.

Love shapes truth, by expending the respect needed to assemble an environment we share, “all our own”. Love is not “an opening door”/ but an ascension one step at a time; into the purity of who we can be as one. Love is, the extension of how we care, in the relationships we share. Love is; the embodiment of heart, as our rhythms search for life inside each other. To belong to the same soul, that is truth in trust, the definition of home. Love is, building the journey, to identify “we/ not I” as one.

Love does not measure, it joins. Love does not make excuses for lies and all that conceives of/ it requires only truth. Love shapes that truth, by the intensity of what we share as our lives are guided into the principles of intimacy, that then govern what our desires and purposes for each other may become. It is the ultimate journey into life, because it is beyond the definitions of self; where male and female functionally identify what is true in each one; that is desired by the other. Fundamentally purposed by each one, to conceive of destiny in both.

Love exists as the passage between souls; therefore you must be “soul, the spiritual purity of truth” passing beyond the limits of your own identity; to share the home of eternity. That passage is a rhythm, that binds our trust into the creation of thought; we own to share, with GOD . Values conceive of respect. Respect identifies the destiny we chose. Making love the invitation, we accepted; as our own gift, presented to eternity.

Love participates in thought, which houses all that can be called “pleasant or pleasurable”; without thought we do not exist as life. Therefore thought is your destiny, but combining as heart, to seek out soul, is your passage.

Passage means: I will seek out the truth, of where my hope exists. Therefrom we know that hope resides in the disciplines (more is important here, than want) of what we chose. Hope is founded, in the realities of order, as that order guides our lives through the door that becomes our distinction of truth. To balance these: purity arises to express the value of what I desire most, and creates the purpose beyond self, that will become my own life. Thereby love arises, and truth identifies; as we step beyond ourselves into the ways that will become our own gift to love.

It is unfortunate but true; that humanity “wants what it wants”. Because want is an enemy not invited to attend the true values of love. I was married for two years at 20 or so; “had to try”. But previously; we shared the rhythms of love at the start/ knew the values of order as that grew. But I was determined: this world comes first, and I needed time and self to do that work; so I began to drift away. She countered with sex; and the end result of it all was: no purity was left. Prior to that moment however I had noticed her “peaking above the line” where love begins to intensify: and believed “who could turn back now”? But she was afraid, of that intensity; and did. Which began a long decline for us both of using every excuse and all that could be used; to make me into what she wanted me to be instead. Bad for us both; because I made excuses, and she entered into want without restraint. So then love is not simple, and it is not “whatever you want when you want it”; because needs will override that element of love/ as living is required to sustain love in this earth. To live; we must accept the limits and boundaries of our time on earth, it is not a game/ and substantially contribute to its survival as a living world, for us all.

Love is not a battlefield/ that is want, and the decisions that invade which are not pure enough to keep us each alive within each other as trust. Being alive is far more complex, than simply breathing. Alive means: I am built from the gift of time, within these miracles which sustain this body of life. Presenting me, with the choice of love or hate or as animals do, “just want, and its surge of failure, called pride and power”. Want does not sustain or attain love, it is incapable/ it does create lust however which is to use your body, for me. Pride finds in life the trophy, trinkets, toys and purposes of a game; that lets life descend into “winner or loser”/ instead of equals. Power wants to judge, and it measures all life to identify “superiority”. Thereby letting those called worthless to me, “be the trash”/ which lets that claim of judge do whatever he or she wants with the trash.

Separated from the values of harmony, as is “all life on earth living with respect”. The constant disgrace of being human is: the war against all life, to claim want is all I need/ until the cost of that want, is an end to the environment and resources which do sustain our lives. The now disease of being human is: the war of universities against all of life and planet is reaching HORRENDOUS levels of failure in truth/ and attaches extinction to our lives.

Believers accomplish this: by ending with truth/ and screaming, “ALL I need is to believe”/ and what I want, will come true. But that has never been true, not for religion or its believers, or its want what I want. Instead believers believe whatever they want to be true; as if it were true, making excuses however they want their version of reality to be/ or not to be. Constructing the definitions of hate, to purpose power over others or pride over others as their defense for claiming “i a am god, to you”.

Instead faith is: to accept what I can prove to be true, by the repetition of evidence, based upon the understanding of laws: is true. And presents us with the accomplishment of being able to predict some aspects of our lives. Universities began with this in mind; but quickly transformed themselves into what they wanted; and used lies to achieve the ends they wanted, because pride and power was more important than truth. They wanted to be gods; and became “Satan” instead.

Which brings us to the end of this discussion; because I do not participate “with satan”/ or his cult of worshipers, demanding death to this world. By mutilating all life/ or experiments so extreme it is “devil incarnate; and so much more.

I suppose, we should discuss the spiritual element of my life; as has been changed from “ultimately male”/ to now a description of female, that is not consistent with life as it was intended to be. The spiritual world is built upon ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES. Therefore in order to survive beyond time, it is absolutely necessary that everything not purely true, should be removed from you: as the price of existence beyond the grave. Opening the door to “female”/ and being pushed inside; because this world is dying, and male had no answer to help it survive. Is a reality that comes with: I do not know what female is doing with me here/ purity is the demand of law, throughout the universe. And the law of female has no male in it. But again, on this dying planet; which needs so much/ some kind of exception has occurred; I know not what, its complicated/ beyond my ability to understand it. Nonetheless, both male and female must be changed in order for this world to survive/ and I guess we are both experiencing some degree of change. As with my own reality of “the world comes before love”/ it would seem that the world again comes before “love”. Because life is governed by needs, and either those needs are met; or life will die. So life comes first; “same as I chose it to be”; for her, and her female world too. I cannot discount that choice, as it was my own choice as well. Therefore I will wait to see, what the future will become. It is not my choice. As I tried and failed.

It is, at this point of some interest; that astrology says of my birth date “twins”. (I own know decision on its value). But as life reconstructs now: I am becoming the “opposite side of the same coin” that was life in me. Or strictly male on one side/ is changing to perhaps strictly female at some point; if miracles allow. It does take a miracle, as “all the parts and pieces must be present” by nature; to claim gender. Today, my body seems to be a mixture of both; so “complicated”. I don’t know how it ends.

Your option to change soon dies forever, as you will pass the point of no return/ and then all you have left are the tears for what you did not do. “ten thousand changes”/ and humanity continues to scream: NOT EVEN ONE. But what you believe is irrelevant; truth will decide. Your oceans will soon be dead of all life; because of you. A billion people+ will die. Wars will break out. Water resources will end. Nature will be in chaos. Weapons of mass destruction will inundate this earth. And they may even ignite the planet itself into a sun. All because you believe what you want is enough/ you, even all of you as forms the herd of “university knows” cult; are wrong. Like it or not.

To save the oceans: YOU MUST allow, that dead human beings will be used as fish food/ so that you can feed the oceans; so they can feed you. Dig up a rotting corpse, and you will know: this has no value. What has value is their memory; and that lives inside of you, not a grave.

Choose world law. Choose to learn what you need to know, and discard the expert forever: learning that the price of being wrong/ forbids the gamble of losing this world; shame on you for trying to play god. Shame on you for believing “university is god”. LET TRUTH DECIDE/ NOT your want. GROW UP, or die.

And the people say: what guarantee do we have, that extinction is near? Because we want what we want/ BUT WE DON’T want to die, and become extinct as a world.

Reality replies; with the very simple truth: the price of being WRONG is extinction/ and you are wrong, “a thousand threats surrounding you” prove that is true. The base level of threats is written here, but you do know most. No going back/ no reprieve/ no mercy: you chose.

So the decision is: do you want to die/ or will you pay the price to survive?

So the decision is: as I have been saying to you for decades, “INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ PROVE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG/ AND PROVE WHAT IS NOT TRUE; so that nobody can believe. But everyone gets to be certain of the knowledge that is life or death, on earth; forever. Because that is the price for being WRONG; and your world clearly in trouble proves your need to do this very thing. In this USA: REDRESS is the law/ and it is your answer as to: WE WILL CHANGE THIS TRAGEDY NOW. For ourselves, by our law; today.

HOW IS THAT NOT TRUE/ HOW IS THAT NOT FAIR: HOW IS THAT NOT, “your decision decides or fails life and earth”! HUMANITY IS THE PROBLEM, therefore making you decide your future, by your own truth: is justice and fair play. IS THAT NOT SO!