Time creates our existence, but life calls for the intensity that defines life from nothing, into something; by your own choice, as value/ or not to our universe.

Love creates the moments that shape your heart, to find the rhythms we can share, with someone else. Thereby becoming within our love, the home where being alive, brings joy to you and me.

Death conducts the lesson; that we are not “our own creators”/ but live as a gift of miracles; which can enter eternity, within destiny, as is the Creation of soul.

And the people say: “we want what we want, because death takes it all away/ and love can break your heart/ and time will cause old age to remove the joy from us all. These are the realities; removed from the promise; that is joy.

So the question is: if life is a gift of miracles/ then why is there hate, death, and heartbreak?

The answer to that is constructed: by the elemental truth of Creation itself. Whereby OUR CREATOR, came to be alive/ and within that knowledge, loneliness, and decisions to remain living; is the certainty, we should understand the journey is more than what you claim to “know”.

Or more distinctly: it is not imagination, as written biblically; that life began in the darkness, and GOD was alone. HOW we need not ask. But how did HE survive, is a journey that bears respect from you. To trust everything “to the truth/ the understanding of law”; is monumental. To understand the fight to survive, we do experience that here, in “tiny amounts”. To understand the cost of losses, on the way to Creating miracles; was harsh/ is a lesson most do learn. To understand the joy of sharing life with another, and finding in that care, the value of living/ the hope that does present “the home of our living”. Is elemental to truth.

Truth grants life, by the laws we accept as our journey unfolds into thought builds everything we know, experience, or express. Therefore to trust that truth, and build upon its laws; is to enter the courage required to find: disciplines, order, and balance; as are the building blocks of time. To express that time in Creation: presents us all with “the big bang”/ and its truth, of “LIFE OR DEATH”, is real. But by law Creator and Creation survived; and “there was light”. To build upon, an entirely different universe. To build upon an entirely different experience; that guides the freedom of identity, to search for what is true.

Humanity focuses on “little things”/ and fails life; because they want. Life expands beyond time, to search for eternity; and become invited into soul. Because the rhythm of “our hearts”, can beat as one. Therefore the essence of a home in the force of energy; which grants our very existence from nothing; into life, by the essence of thought. Is a value we call our destiny; when love guides the path.

At its core element: time lets you measure life/ but miracles allow you to think about life beyond self; where truth elevates love to identify the gift of our own existence. Measurements of existence; are an animal trait. Thoughts are the ascension of miracles, to a Creator; where the acceptance of JESUS becomes a guarantor of eternity. A place beyond self, where love grants “the joy of being alive”. The critical question is: “who or what do you trust”? The critical answer is: some trust body, while others trust life. Body being “animal”. Life being the display of freedom created, when life is separate from body, and this world is separate, from eternity; as is the spiritual recognition of truth.

It is purity, that allows the dimension of happiness, to include peace. The question of life or death, then becomes a relationship with the value of purity in you.

As for me: while I did my best, even though it lacked much/ it is, as it has always been; the best I can do, is the best I can do/ as is true of us all. MERCY is my request.

As to identity, the foundation of life is: the truth of your own desires. So the question to me is: WHAT DO I desire most? While reality has taken apart, what I had known for “being human”/ before the spiritual woman came into my own life; is now evicted. The question of desire is: not the difference between male and female which is massive/ but the truth of life and world which is “near extinction”. The purpose of my life has then been: to remove and evict the terrible tragedies that cause our extinction to be near. Major among them is: the demand of men for war. While the reality of female is: “only the law can help us now”. It is law, that invites my soul: to participate beyond the curse of war/ to build anew a life on earth that could survive. Even though no certainty of that exists.

I no longer account life as male or female; as I have no understanding of this dimension. But I do not fear either one.

However make no mistake: life is either male or female, and you cannot change that/ anymore than can I. We are, “what life, by nature; made us to be”. As for me: the GOD of my own Creation, this WHOLE UNIVERSE does own me/ and should HE decide to change what nature made; that is well within HIS rights to do so. I don’t know how my own living or life will turn out/ just as finding myself in the spiritual dimension of female, is an absolute complete surprise. Life however is life, and it is not the dimension that matters, but what you do with the opportunities that are real. Like me however; if you don’t understand any of it “to speak of” (a quagmire)/ reality demands, life and living will learn first, then decide. Its complicated: male is “an entire different planet of living” than is female/ more so, than was ever expected.

The foundation of miracle change (beyond rare): has nothing to do with human decision/ certainly not indicated by clothes or surgery or any human decision made. Only the real world evidence of life in nature, has been “revisited” can prove it true. So, who knows how this ends for me; I have no clue, not up to me. I simply asked a question: what could women do different, to save this world? The end result of that was: “you have to be woman to understand”/ whatever that comes to mean, is beyond my control.

What is true of this time is: the path that does identify female, REQUIRES an endless amount of patience, and more patience, and more patience; beyond anything called male. NO, the verse Revelation 17: 5 does not indicate the claim of “sex”/ “I got mixed up, intended to focus on Revelation 17.3 instead”. For me the fifth verse; is merely the evidence of men in religion doing what they always do: complain of women you are not worthy to participate in any real value of our living. Even though it is acknowledged in verse 4: “great and valuable things, were brought by this spiritual woman (she made it happen, even when I was ready to quit; she demanded NO); to this earth and its life”. MEN DON’T share leadership or definitions of life/ but push women back. As is this claim: “women don’t belong/ we only use them; as we want”. All religion is after all: the result of men. So instead of value as is verse 4; they describe “war” instead. Because they don’t want law to rule; as is the certainty of female in charge.

What follows is the intent of men to deny everything of value/ bring out weapons to defuse and destroy the value of law (as is female truth). And in one way or another defeat the evidence of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; so they don’t have to obey what is true. This is a dying world, and only true and real change will save it.

Failing that: their intent is to destroy “the spiritual woman in me”; so as to remain rulers on earth. But the great city ruled by this woman: is all of female life on earth. When or if: they rise as one/ the lies will end, and what is true shall decide the future. Taking from men: their war.

but that means: laws, of justice and truth, identified by respect and values; must be written, in order for this earth to survive. I have given you everything you need: to do that. So the eloquence of a life given to order, by accepting discipline; and the balance of “Male and Female joined as one”; has been accomplished, for this world.

The only question which remains is: are you willing, “to save life and earth” from yourselves?

My work is completed; even though life has produced, change beyond expectations; LIKE YOU, that does not mean, “it cannot be equal”/ to what life was. Simply different, is certain: just like you. But unlike you: who do hold the keys to life or extinction for this world; as created by humanity is the enemy of itself. I have no keys to me, at all: I have no clue (it is not my choice). Whatever will be, will be.

As to you: at least in this USA, the real question is, are you “united” enough to survive as a nation/ because civil war ends that, and you do stand on the edge. The critical question is: unlike university leadership (two year old’s unite to rule)/ the real world of life or death has no second chances. “ten thousand different decisions” stand in your path & a long tunnel of maze after maze. An “intellectual war; that pretends it is your friend; so long as you believe/ fear/ and obey”. Everything university leadership has done, is from fantasy land (truth be damned, we want what we want); and predicts the death of this society. OUR SOCIETY means we do have a say; as is democracy proven by life and living. THE UNIVERSITY AND ITS CULT; challenge that with; “only the university has a say”; and like welfare, they bribe you with stolen assets and debts that cannot be paid. To ignore reality, and pretend the death of this nation is not real. But every resource we need to survive and sustain ourselves; has been sold out to foreign nations/ every form of business has been overrun, to give control to just a few/ every part of media, is under the control of a very tiny few/ every trade and reality of work, has been replaced with a computer; that in fact cannot do anything to feed or keep you alive. Because reality is a chain of life; and university knows best: has broken that chain “in a thousand places”. Because this nation chose to fill its gut with GREED; discarding life and world. To your shame.

As with all forms of depression: including ptsd, addiction, and more. The primary problem is: “a lack of happiness, with what you want; and cannot have”. Learning how to make jokes, and entertain each other; goes a long way, toward inner peace. The critical value is simple: stop measuring, it is not your right. Stop judgments, no one made you god. The history of war is: “if we don’t kill him/ they kill us”; and it is always true, you do have the right to protect yourselves. Not so much true of “primary leaders”; because law is discarded and disgraced. We cannot be “what we choose to be”/ when in war. Accept the decision to be different, because reality does not let fantasies rule. Tragedies fail us all.

So lets identify tragedies:

  1. all timber cutting stops; because it must, massive tree planting begins. Because the atmosphere will detach from this planet, and begin accelerating beyond our control. EVERY LEAF IS A WEIGHT, that flutters to control the atmosphere; a quadrillion trees are gone; WAKE UP.
  2. all large trawlers must be stopped: refitted to clean the oceans. Because if the oceans die/ humanity dies, you will not recover.
  3. all ethanol production for fuel is stopped; you cannot afford the water losses, and the crops used are required to replace fish eating. Ethanol causes global warming, and contributes little more than the destruction of water resources.
  4. All burning corpses is stopped, as well as all burial: the ocean needs the food, or it will not recover for your own lives; and there is nothing else to give them. REALITY MUST govern our choices, there is no other way to survive.
  5. All plane traffic is stopped; global warming, oxygen consumption, more demands it. Like a glass of water that is cooled by ice in summer/ so is this planet cooled by glacier. SEA ICE is a primary foundation, for the growth of food, for life in the sea.
  6. All vehicle fuel is limited, and there will be “stamps”; to keep it fair. WE CANNOT BE MORE WRONG; global warming will be stopped, or your extinction is guaranteed. Because one degree too much, and a third of our world will die and be uninhabitable. Which means: “all of them” are coming to you/ and you have no water for them to drink; WAR, beyond measure.
  7. All university experimentation is over/ and every expenditure, experiment will be reviewed for truth and cost of being wrong. Nothing is so true as this: your former classmates are not gods/ and their delusions about being god: curse us all. Mutilating nature/ and even trying to ignite atoms on fire just like the sun “here”.
  8. Schools shall be for learning how to live; not indoctrination ports for the university cult. No more student loans, you get a percentage of their pay; IF your participation made a real world difference to their work or income. If we don’t live together in harmony/ we die together in war; because we are too many people, for any other way.
  9. A complete accounting of all government. A complete accounting of what is left, who owns this nation, resources; and EVERYTHING else; so that WE KNOW, becomes real. The greatest “thieves, liars, traitors, failures, fools, bastards, terrorists and even worse” in all of human history: brings us to the edge of our own extinction. A nation divided for the purpose of slavery, and death of that nation. Redress is demanded as our only hope for survival.
  10. A complete renewal of media: we own it, as independent contractors; with small markets; and paid for information that is important. EVERY journalist (diploma or not) becomes an independent contractor. EACH STORY they present which is in aid of this society, NOT the power structure used against us: WILL create an income from society; that allows for this to go on. As democracy intended, WE WILL OWN “all distribution sources”; and the public decides what is important enough, to “let the nation know”!HOW IS IT, that TODAY:  those challenged with keeping us all informed about what is important to life and world and nation: KNOWS NOTHING? Their fault; OR did the US supreme court sell out and betray life and nation and world; by giving the propaganda tool to a tiny few rich?  THE REAL INFLATION RATE OF THE LAST FIFTY YEARS:  HAS BEEN AROUND ONE THOUSAND PERCENT;  and not a single word reported. Which includes: REAGAN selling off the gold, to pay for his “crimes against this USA”. the list is long: treason (they sold us out).
  11. A complete renewal of medicine; in all areas of life, work, welfare, social security, and more. There are no bigger thieves in the world; that is not government anarchy controlled.
  12. A review of what the future SHALL BECOME; based upon the decisions that have been made. WE OWE the children a future, and they have been betrayed; and even assassinated without true change.
  13. is a tiny beginning”; that works alongside WORLD LAW/ AND NATIONAL LAW, designed and intended to make the decisions that we need for government to make. Thereby removing the politician, and their ability to control; discarding power for democracy. The thirst for power is unending as history proves true: power exists because of “believe/ fear/ obey”; the curse of hatred, that lives within the military to enforce what is not fair. A soldiers bill of rights; the constitutional redefinition of government; controlling the courts; removing the power of money with limited capitalism; are all methods to remove that. And become a world conceived by peace.
  14. Redefining pollution and renewal. Ending toxic waste creation and disposal. Fighting to keep this earth alive, by ending habitat destruction, and doing our best for life. The foundation of our existence; IS LIFE ON EARTH. Destroy that earth, and life becomes EXTINCT.
  15. Limited capitalism: to make humanity play fair. Controlling the currency by tying it to the population count. NO MORE debt creation by government: there will be laws you must obey instead. BE FAIR, and take the power to corrupt, conspire to control, and collude to make life and living a game: must be removed.
  16. No more long distance commuting; or more simply: in review of everything you do in this USA; damn little remains unchanged. “ten thousand things” are wrong, and they all need to be reviewed to understand: what life needs, what the planet will allow, and what we can do to remain alive as a world.

THEREFORE, the understanding of it is this. That united in this USA we own the constitutional law of REDRESS; IT BELONGS TO WE THE PEOPLE. And it means, that we the people will decide now, as no faith in our employees or their oath to us exists. They have failed/ and it is now our duty: to make the laws for ourselves: that will provide a future for our world.

UNITED: WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND OUR COURTROOM SHALL BE FOR US/ and shall not be used against us. As the judiciary HAVE NO SAY in the constitution itself/ but are sworn to obey it; and surrender to its intent, as the preamble describes/ and the amendments demand. They have failed us all, in betrayal: the cult of university surges against us all: to replace our democracy: “with they know best”. Giving themselves full control over government; as they have done, by counterfeiting our assets and bankrupting every single one.

STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER: AND DO NOT LET CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: “FOR THE PURPOSE OF REDRESS”; be used to punish the individual/ instead of forcing our employees: TO OBEY our law. WE ARE, “THE OWNERS HERE”!

Which makes the claim of possession by anyone who has used this money particularly over the last decade: in question, because you bought with stolen money, created from fraud, and the destruction of this USA as its cost.

GO TO COURT AND USE THE LAW THAT IS OUR LEGAL POSSESSION: first amendment redress of grievances: the legal right, to take possession of our democracy; and DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING of what is true, and what is the cost for being wrong! As is our own “civil war” against our employees: to take back OUR DEMOCRACY. If we find them at fault for this: the edge of extinction/ loss of our nation/ end of every child/ and the destruction of our planet. As these employees USED OUR NATION: for their worship and protection of: the university is god/ and CANNOT be questioned, about anything they do. PROVEN by nearly every court case presented: BY James Frank Osterbur. As found in US SUPREME docketed cases 08-1339 & 11-100