OF THE MANY CURSES identified as created by “universities play god”; it is the fantasy of fusion that ranks above the rest. The cost of being wrong in that singular piece of pure evil: is an atomic fire, that will consume this earth just like the sun. The consequence of that is simple: we cannot let them be wrong! Therefore, I will offer you this in exchange for removing the parasites of physics; and their death machines: the alternate machine of value, you need as a solution to electrical generation, at less cost to planet and humanity.

OF THE MANY CURSES identified as created by “universities play god”; it is the fantasy of genetics that ranks above the rest; in terms of pure crucifying life itself; the intentional destruction of nature, by introducing chaos to genetic structures. Stripping genetic information from one living example, to inject it into an completely different living example of life; destroying boundaries, limits, and species/ opening the door to pandemic beyond pandemic to achieve the true horror of failed life and body on this earth. The consequence of that is simple: we cannot let them be wrong! Therefore I will offer you this in exchange for complete removal of all genetic mutilation/ their machines/ their everything; leaving only policing as an option in very limited form. In exchange; I will provide an alternate machine of value, primarily for your transportation needs.

To achieve a realistic conclusion to this purpose of “saving life and earth” from the death grip of the most vile creation of humanity ever to live. I will demand that: women be the intermediary. A suitable group of women proven to be, dedicated to fighting for this world and its life and its future; THAT WILL identify and prove, if these ideas have merit to you. In their decision; they will then identify what is, and what will, and what will not be done to accomplish this mission of life over death. NO GROUP simply found to be using fraud to construct greed will be allowed: don’t do it/ there are, eternal consequences. Instead the value must be sincere, and the purpose must be true to life and world; the necessary work for educated; legal and mechanical means, with knowledge and understanding. Are required.

You can easily find me; if you wish. Women are chosen to accept this challenge: because this is called a “man’s world”/ and only truly different change, will save it from extinction. That leaves only one alternative: “let women try”. YOU WILL, be expected to move in that direction; with this gift, if you find it acceptable: to push for a courtroom, that will identify what is true, about every threat we face. TO IDENTIFY, WHAT IS REAL, AND WHAT IS FANTASY/ WHAT IS DELUSIONAL, AND WHAT IS SIMPLY IMAGINATION; THAT IS USED TO GAMBLE WITH ALL LIFE AND EARTH. The demand for critical truth regarding evolution is included in that/ because it is the foundation upon which genetics is allowed. The demand for critical truth regarding “how the sun works”/ what do you really know, rather than “its magic”; is required. These two are non-negotiable; you will do it, if you accept the inventions; which can be assigned to help women across this world redefine life on earth. FIRST ON THE LIST: A COMPLETE MORATORIUM AGAINST ALL GENETIC RESEARCH AND ALL “SO CALLED FUSION” EXPERIMENTS: UNTIL HUMANITY ITSELF MAKES THE DECISION “YES OR NO”. The decision however is yours; I cannot make you do it/ nor will I try.

Why is it important? Because contrary to their delusions, fantasies, and imagination; the reality of fusion in particular is thoroughly without standing in the reality of evidence. Whereas I have produced more than enough literal by the real world standards of information bound by truth: to assert, ignition means the end of this earth; it becomes a sun. Their claim is: to control the heat by removing an element/ but if that does not work: earth becomes a sun. their claim is, in the science papers (not the lies): that a 4 million times more expression of energy will be found in fusion. OR, a one inch candle flame/ will turn into a 4,000,000 inch candle flame; and that cannot be contained or controlled, as it will eat their machines. Their claim is to recreate an element/ but an element is balanced energy; and when you remove that balance you create fission, not fusion. Their claim is: “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; but balance means: both push and pull are present to hold the pressures of escapement within that environment. Which means releasing the pull or “dark energy” which contains the kinetic energy in balance: produces the solar gravity known as on the sun. They claim an element 15 times heavier than lead makes up much of the sun/ but that is pure fantasy, no proof of any kind. They claim the sun is made of hydrogen; and yet claim it is the heaviest object in our solar system/ both claims cannot be true. “just to begin”. Evolution is not more than lies either. NO GOING BACK; WITH EITHER. Ignition means literal LIFE OR DEATH for our planet, and every thing on it.

The sun burns the atomic bond which sustains the balance; by friction/ because we know energy is within; and reality demands that means: the proton spins at speeds well above the speed of light. And for entertainment purposes: E=mc,sq is merely the kinetic formula of energy push, with speed as a constant/ it is nothing more. OR, IN THE REAL WORLD: what these experiments are trying to do is “control a continuously exploding atomic bomb”/ saying when literally questioned: HOW will you control it, once ignited? Their answer: “it will extinguish itself”/ but of course if wrong on this planet made entirely of fuel for the fire: earth becomes a sun. OR at CERN; where failure is the intent to destroy atomic balance, and “create a worm hole; to swallow the earth in chaos”/ their purpose; “its just a game”. Their claim, “we can make “new elements”/ but reality proves their claim is by computer; and does not exist in reality; only by numbers they manipulate; to get your money, and keep their job. Or with genetics: the claim is “wipe away every tear”/ yet the reality is, “we will make new life, by injecting chaos into nature to dispose of what is already here. So we can claim to be “real gods”. Questioned in real life: what happens when life is overtaken by the chaos you have injected? Reply: don’t worry, evolution will just change life into something else, “in a billion years or so”. IS THAT “GOOD FOR YOU”; throw away this living world, for evolution is god; to them? Or reality itself proves: “what the universities don’t tell you/ is, extinction will prove, they only god they can be is SATAN”.

WHY, when all the university world of physics says “we know”/ are they wrong? Answer: with fusion claims, came money and power and pride and everything they wanted/ wrong does not matter, because the politician believed, so out of the closet it came; with jobs for all. Take that away, and all those jobs, all that power, pride, and want dissolves into the septic tank of their delusions. They will fight; because pride truly is “a terrible thing”.

Such as the national ignition facility claims latest experiment; has released 1.3 megajoules of energy from the target source: 2/3 the energy input of 192 lasers. But it also equals 1230 btu/hr or .36 kilowatts which is no where near the input: THEY WANT YOUR MONEY.

On the other hand; http://iter.org/experiment uses 50 million megawatts input/ and expects a 4 million times more expansion of that energy: even though they changed their claims “to only ten times more or so”. Because people get scared otherwise. SINCE THE TOMAK REACTOR CAN ONLY ACHIEVE “BURNING THE BOND, WHICH SUSTAINS THE ATOM”. The reality is, they have abandoned the claim of combining hydrogen into helium: and are deliberately trying to burn atoms for fuel. THAT METHOD, CANNOT BE CONTROLLED/ because once ignited, the fire makes its own plasma; and they know it. The difference between an atomic bomb and TNT is “four million times more” from the same mass.

Delusion continues to deny: the atomic energy of an atom: is the result of kinetic proton spin/ which means the sun heats us, when atomic nuclei bump together; and friction between the spinning protons releases that heat. Which is exactly what they are trying to attain in their tomak reactors. A reality past ignition: as is proven by the sun: which will not be contained or controlled. Literal LIFE OR DEATH OF OUR WORLD, is what ignition means. THE ENERGY CONTAINED IN SPIN; PROVES WITHOUT DOUBT; “they will never combine atoms: it is pure fantasy”/ and they know nothing about how the sun works; “pure imagination of fools, who lie to steal your money, and play gods”. Delusion continues to deny: that in order for an atom to contain all that energy, an opposite energy must be present to sustain a balance. As is dark energy or “pull energy”/ rather than push energy. Which is where solar gravity does come from. Which makes the argument of ‘not enough gravity here”: NULL AND VOID. Wake up or be damned in HADES; BY YOUR OWN CHOICES.

The foundation of lies, grief, despicable actions, “sewage for brains”, the disgrace of human existence; is a university diploma: as we go from a living planet, balanced with life and purposes that are not simply “humanity is god”/ to a dead world, dying from the pride of “yes we can (no consequences for us)”; even though that spells extinction. As countless costs of failure continue to appear; the threats which surround us all; even far worse than world war 2 did do. Is simply, you have no brain; the universities cult of playing god, succeeds in destroying life, destroying every chain of living, destroying every resource, destroying every sanctuary and elegant truth that was life on earth; as is “the predicted Satan”. To your shame; the human cult bears the same or shared responsibility; as is you chose, and never questioned your universities/ pure cowardice, to claim healthcare regardless of the extortion. Disgrace at all levels of life. I will retain a tiny bit of hope for you, as is necessary to survive and retain any degree of happiness: because GOD could intervene. But make no mistake; humanity is the problem/ and humanity is the solution; unless death invades to remove over half; to save life and earth. Otherwise change or extinction is certain.

As for me: I have given you “keys” to fight with by law, for life and planet/ but you must escape the cult to use them, and find courage; which over the last almost fifty years now, has been a disgrace. Nonetheless, your battle/ not mine: save your world, or it dies: too late, will prove to be too late; you didn’t care enough/ no real respect. As for me; for the last 17th year now; I have been joined by a spiritual woman; who fought for control, for over the last 4 years now; believe it or not/ I don’t care. Reality however proves, “changed, has occurred; male is broken; life proves that to me: I surrender male to eternity/ whatever that means”. No, I don’t know what that means. “a different life” apparently. Can’t say its female, as I still don’t understand what that means; but it is not the male, as I once was, anymore. I no longer fight for you/ but changed means; I don’t know what the future is going to be either: it is not war/ only law; the value of life. It is not lies/ only truth; the value of being alive. Both of which were part of male; but have been dissolved, by the realities of a world gone insane. Death surrounds us, by what men chose to do; particularly through “university plays god”. Because contrary to “university is god; and the scourge of death and destruction that is their curse of chaos, and blind stupidity; the delusions, fantasies, failures, and lies, of thieves”. Only order, balance, and disciplines based upon truth allows for life to survive. You have your choice: life, “as GOD created it” / or death, as the realities of failure consume you all, with horror and HELL on earth; ending in the inevitable cannibalism, extinction, and terrors without end.

In alternate news: coal usage 2020 for electrical generation was 501.43 million US tons [1,002,860,000,000 pounds]. Electrical generation by coal 2021 equals 899 billion kilowatt hours. Equals .89 pounds of coal per kilowatt hour. This is offset, by electrical generation not tied to fossil fuels: but every additional kilowatt of electricity needed beyond what that is: comes from whatever the least efficient method will be; if that is coal. Then your electric vehicle literally does run on coal.

Just for the sake of it: a hardened heart comes from pride (the weapon, most used in divorce; I won’t care)/ judgment is the poison of power (you are less)/ and all selfishness begins as wants (its all mine; I won’t share). Whereas lies prove disrespect, and disrespect proves the apathy of arrogance, is trying to prove it can be god. To your shame.

Just for the sake of it: as with all “dating and marriage intent”, I/we, are not a prize to be trapped/ not a treasure to be spent/ not a possession to be earned or owned, and then controlled or put away/ not a toy to be used or abused however you see fit to do/ not a bank/ not your slave/ not your “rubbing post for sex”, or the games you want to play, without regard for respect. INSTEAD, as is the essence of romance, the treasury of heart and soul, rely upon trust and the dignity of proven respect, by those who do participate in truth. Without truth there is no love. Without respect there is no relationship held in value. Without trust you cannot rise above “the animal”/ and sex will fail. Without love, it is a transaction akin to prostitution on either side; because what you want, is a possession; not a treasury of hope. Desire shapes our romance with that hope, but passion shapes the dimension of each heart; to show where destiny would live, inside where life remains alive in you. We share that life as one, when we care intensely enough to become: the home we build, where loneliness knows, “it is evicted”; because of you. Time is a challenge of many things; but love is not. Love is only the destiny we create within ourselves, as shaped by the dimensions added from those who do care, and will share; with truth, trust, respect, courage, hope, and the happiness freedoms will allow. As with all freedoms however, truth applies limits and boundaries to protect each other from distrust, or the tragedy that steps outside the law of what keeps “our romance” alive.

Sex is not to be “animal”; as so many have fallen into that trap. The ascension into heart, is one step earned at a time, where we then meet to achieve the balance that will shape our hope into romance. It is romance, “I live to be with you”; that earns its place, in the order of rising above self, to achieve “our home” is here in you. Respect opens the door to soul, where eternity resides; but few can attain it/ and even more are left empty inside; because you didn’t earn that right. Sex is an opening door, inviting you to prove: “we can both be happy here, as equals in every way”. As life lifts us each, beyond ourselves into the dimension that begins as heart means true living, “is with you”. Live for each other, is not a game. Nor is it weak, selfish, greedy, proud, prostitution, judgment, laziness, or the rest of “no value here”. But make no mistake: even when love exists, the realities of living do come first. The cost of consequences others make, even to the point of extinction; refuse to let love live/ because a dead world, is no ones friend.