The understanding of life is: to accept, that truth decides all things.

To acknowledge: it is thought, that makes you alive.

To participate in: the force of energy grants motion, the disciplines required to expand beyond self.

To honor: it is our relationship with mass, that grants the sensory messages, we need to identify what is human.

To RESPECT; every form of existence, every participation that is balance; has been governed by OUR CREATOR; and literally nothing less.

To be horrified: at those who claim to be gods, impacting this world with lies, theft, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, whoring, bastards, fools, failures, cursed and the living dead; who caused the cult of “university knows” to exist.

To understand: the people of this day, all claim to be “gods”/ screaming “LOOK AT ALL WE HAVE DONE”/ WE ARE GREAT, and have mountains of garbage to prove it is so. WE DID EVERYTHING, that the past could not do; because the universities lead.

And reality says: it is indeed so/ as rampaging, raping, ruining, cursing, poisoning, cheating, traitorous acts, and terrorism have all contributed to your polluting the world. But you just forgot one thing: YOU HAVE NO FUTURE. And the terrorists all shout: THAT’S WHY, we would not care/ TO HELL, with this world. And so shall it be, because that is what you chose.

Over the last 6-7 years; my human life has been discarded, to continue the cause of fighting for this world; even though all the evidence of your lives says it is over. But, it will be forever true; that the spiritual woman in me, who caused that to exist: WAS CORRECT, and I am eternally grateful, that I did do what I could do/ with what you left for me to use. Failure means: I am responsible, for any life that would have been saved; “an abhorrent reality to me”. Sinking into self as was the summer past my mom’s death; was valuable to none/ and those who needed me to do better; were failed, because selfishness is blind, dead, and dumb.   like you;  “can’t go back”.

Nonetheless: this world, and this nation are now poised on extinction/ as preparations are being made to destroy this living world. Trump will be elected; because you want the border closed/ and biden cannot do it, because “these are his people” (anyone who did not build the nation itself).

That fantasy cannot end; or his work (everything for everyone; that is not a worker) becomes a shambles: alas, The trojan horse has opened, and the competition for everything has multiplied; including water.  Which will become war: because the resource will fail/ the oceans will fail/ the rain will fail: everything the universities chose (shouting we are gods):  will fail.

But trump vows to be “like putin/ wants to be like the N. korean dictator/ plans to be another Sadam Hussein/ will be another Hitler, and looks forward to ransacking the nation; with those who intend to be Nazi here/ using the “SS” methods of leadership to get that done. While the terrorists ignite their flames of hatred/ and the world is torn into pieces; and the fools all shout, “THIS GUN IS MY GOVERNMENT/ AND I WILL JUDGE YOU”.   Guaranteed, to be ten times worse than covid/ just like Nazi Germany.  but with options, as not only jews will be targeted with hate.

Which like communism throughout history proves true: we will use this gun to steal what we want/ kill who we want/ rape who we want; and then come back for more, once you rebuild. But people can’t or won’t rebuild/ and the world itself starves. Because that is what you chose. The constant of human history; “as men in charge of this world”!       Because men in charge would not choose law instead/ sharing the resources, rather than fighting to win.

Critical crisis in this USA, will bring China to take control over everything: because they need to feed the factory, or they will fall into chaos, a violence that will not end. But there is not enough/ and genocide will follow. As the world itself contends with the crisis of international trade; now defunct because, if you don’t have “the last bolt” you really need/ THEN NOTHING is going to work from there. And your world is built upon lies, cheating, stealing destroying and assassinating the future/ killing everything in sight/ blindly worshiping “university Satan”/ and preparing terrorism to end life on earth. Thereby proving “you were gods”/ of death.

So for the few living humans on earth; who know that love is the greatest treasure of our world and this universe. I say to you simply: look beyond this earth, and accept “it does not matter if this world survives/ because the foundation of every person alive is: only eternity truly matters”. And it is your own truth that decides, who can enter: beyond self.

So that it is true, and none can say you were not warned:

the final act of life on earth is: UNLESS YOU CHOOSE A TRUE AND ACCURATE ACCOUNTING OF WHAT IS REAL/ WHAT IS CRITICAL/ WHAT IT COSTS TO BE WRONG/ AND EVERY OTHER THING REQUIRED TO SURVIVE. Your world will soon end. Because the evidence is overwhelming, and your cult of university is god; has failed.

But then comes: more facts of life, as is, “wiping away poverty is not so simple as blaming those in government/ they are not your god, and you give them excuses to commit fraud and lie; when you do.” THE PURE ATTACK, ON EVERY RESOURCE AND FORM OF RESOURCE AND NEED FOR SURVIVAL; has been very effective by universities. As we look around; there is nothing they did not curse; to kill you. REALITY says: that from the foundation up, what is true decides if you eat or not. Reality says: those who settled here first (after the genocide of Indian nations)/ built the nation, and as a consequence own most of the best there is/ giving to family and friend before the rest: JUST LIKE YOU. Reality says: you are going to face starvation because of all the tragic choices you have made. YOU EAT LIFE/ AND YOU CURSED everything about life and the food you eat; as established by ‘universities know”. As with everything else: you chose the easy way/ and screamed: “TO HELL WITH THE FUTURE”. Because you want everything right now, nearly one hundred percent same! So, the foundations which keep you alive are teetering on extinction/ the universities are waiting to pounce/ and the foreigners are baiting and stealing everything they can; as your own government officials give them the tools to do it. Because the function of the democratic party has become: let take everything from those with white skin. But reality again says: NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO IN THIS WORLD/ every color does the very same thing. Because those who built their society, don’t intend to just give it away. And the competition is now GRIM. Every form of liars, every form of thieves, cheats, robbers, failures, fools, bastards, whores, traitors, terrorists and more; live their dream of hating: SO WE HAVE A RIGHT TO WAR. Which as all war proves; will cause millions to starve and try to immigrate. THIS WORLD IS FULL, and there is no more room; making zero and less population growth your only option. Because even if not one more child was born in the next five years/ YOU WOULD STILL NEED MORE; just to feed the ones here who grow. WHY is the world overheating; because at one percent growth, 80 million more people have turned “16” demand to drive/ create fire/ and want everything they can get; just like all the rest. But it is a very crowded world; and you should “view the tv show, ALONE”; BECAUSE IT AIN’T NO GAME. And your ability to survive, is entirely dependent upon other living things: which you are making extinct/ or mutilating genetically; by the universities Satan/ who leads you here, to the moment of death for our world. EXTREMELY CAREFUL PLANNING AND EXECUTION OF TRUTH DECIDES, NOT YOU! Is absolutely essential. Everything the universities have done; with very few exceptions: is to be thrown away/ just like they chose to throw you away. With the curse of playing god. YOU WILL GO BACK TO REALITY; or you will war and die/ ending life on earth. Because that is what you chose, as humanity led by universities decide; and change government, so they don’t have to pay for NOTHING. Cause you: are their slaves. YOU STAND AS ONE PERSON + FOR EVERY ACRE OF AGRICULTURAL GROUND CLAIMED BY GOVERNMENTS. YOU CURSE EVERY OCEAN, WIPING AWAY EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO SURVIVE. YOU CURSE YOURSELVES, with arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for this entire world, and all the miracles in it. To your shame, YOU are the cause of betrayal; to every life, and every future life, that would have lived: because you SCREAM GIVE ME MORE/ and care absolutely nothing about the consequences of what you do. Making it true: you do deserve to be extinct. So I suggest you PRAY HONESTLY, because you have no clue how horrifying your truth really is.

The task to be: “the most powerful words ever written” is now complete. Because your world is sinking into extinction, and unless you accept the reality of TRUTH MUST LEAD/ TRUTH MUST DECIDE/ NOTHING BUT TRUTH CAN SAVE YOU NOW. Life on earth will end.

I do not claim these to be the most important words ever written: as that belongs to JESUS as bibilically written. Which divided the world into “love or hate”; choose. And which granted to the living; that love can survive beyond time; because our world was not abandoned. OUR CREATOR exists.

As is, what I expect to be, “the final separation between leadership and this is a message to you; instead”.

The reality is: if I had not done what life needed me to do, over these last 6-7 years/ that failure, would have been mine. Making your insanity, a part of my own life; by trying to avoid the problem of a dying world. It was foolish.

Unfortunately; her solution, or my refusal/ came down to, “she took control/ and we fundamentally traded places”. Bound together as just one life, there is no going back. Or more distinctly: “its like marriage, but 100 times more”.  I can argue and bitch and shout NO; but just like women who know marriage can be like that/ it just falls on deaf ears, and I am going to do, what I have been told; as if I have no say at all. Unfair, but she is stronger than me (million volt shock/ see can read my mind “instantly”). No, it is not “insanity, never violence or fantasy”; she is the ruler of the spiritual world for women/ and she insists on teaching me “how do you like it”. Answer, I don’t/ but it is effective, and I do begin to understand. No, I don’t know how it all ends; not going to be my decision.  no, NOT PERFECT, or any such thing; just a messenger/ and a complete surprise.

This is, as predicted in Revelation 12 & 17; “a spiritual woman comes close to this world”. 12 she stands on the moon (foreign, “standing on man”/ untouchable, providing a new life, for this world)/ and in 17; 3 in complete control over a beast (which is men, throughout history; turns out to be me). I shout not fair/ and she replies; not fair to the women of history either; which we both know is absolutely true. “its complicated”, but predicted.     [clearly NOT your savior, etc]  NO, I don’t know why me? or how it ends.

The superstitious will scream: “IT CAN’T/ or it can/ or it is a lie”. Because life does not know the spiritual world, “where only truth is allowed”. Therefore they will lead to wherever their lies do go; religious and without alike. Because they want what they want, rather than what is to be found. The liars wants: beyond the grave to be a fulfillment of all their wants. The thief wants, “riches beyond dreams”. The sloth wants; a world where they are “children of god”/ so they don’t need to do “a damn thing”. The traitor wants; to be god. While the terrorist dreams of tearing down GOD to declare themselves WINNER.

None of it, is within truth: because truth builds life/ not want. Only truth survives beyond the grave, because only truth cannot be changed, beyond time. As to realities you cannot touch: there is no purpose to fear. Only to examine the law of what is, or is not true: to decide what is real. I have said to you, as a messenger of this world: the evidence will prove; “EITHER CHANGE or this world will soon be dead; extinct and forgotten”/ therefore INVESTIGATE. I have said the spiritual woman that does not live in time, but was predicted from thousands of years past; has arrived: and presented to you, through me: “world law/ and law not leaders” are the only future you can survive. I have said the spiritual woman has control as predicted over man/ as is me. To establish “its a man’s world” is now dead/ and will end in this life; as female takes control instead. Reminding all: EQUAL no longer less, it is women who shall lead to law rules over us all. IT IS, “their turn”/ as reality proves: men have failed life and world, as is threats surround us now.

Nonetheless, it is a dying world; the time for “gentle things” is apparently over.

And the religious say: “the first part of Revelation is suppose to come first”/ so you are a liar! But truth says: examine the text more carefully, and you will see, the prediction of Revelation divides in half as EITHER chapters 1-11 OR as chapters 12-22 will control. Because you can’t kill a world twice.

The arrival of JESUS; means judgment, and judgment is without mercy/ it is, what it is: and that begins the end of life on earth. But this is replaced with a choice.

I stood at the beginning of chapter 1; 9 being given the opportunity to force you to listen. But said I will not, this world will simply end sooner. So I discarded it (not exactly true; first thing the spiritual woman asked of me/ were those weapons: I did not want them_. there is nothing to value in making people fear.), and searched for “what would women do?” opening the door to their spiritual world, when physical women in time; would have no answer; because of fear. “just to ask a question”. But that was not to be, and here I am.

Still better than the alternative; which was to put my life above a world being lost. As is “arrogance, apathy, and a disrespect; called selfishness”; to my own shame.

So regardless of the consequences; I finished the job, that was given to me. Simply put: CHANGE, or this world will die! It is no game/ that is dead.

And the people said: ________________________.

Because it is no game.

And I am NOT; the decision you get to make.

Life or death