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So the real world solution is: that we judge the judge/ the lawyers/ and all that a courtroom can and cannot be for ourselves. In order to remove what is NOT functionally providing justice through democracy; by our constitutional laws.

Contrary to what power says:

the judiciary DOES NOT own a right to “sit on the bench/ until dead”.

The constitution says of them only: “….shall hold their office during good behavior….”

which means we do have a right to remove them/

and we do have a duty to judge their work and decisions

in support of our democracy

through justice and fair play for all.

Not a game: the destiny of nations, sits in a courtroom.

As is the state of this nation itself.

Corruption or truth: you decide?







TO INVESTIGATE: those who gave us their oath of office.

Or, By establishing CHANGE, AS WE VOTE TO CHANGE


That foundation of OUR LEGAL democracy: starts here!

Make your decision: are you, owner/ or not?

No going back to change your mind.

One way: or the other way; is all you get.

I ask ALL, plainly: do we need to take back control over our democracy (did they fail us)/ over medical billing (do they fail us)/ over money (are they stealing from us); more (is this nation or world, in trouble)? Or not?


EVEN if you believe: “we the people”, can’t do better/

this option is:

at least we can legally try.

For ourselves, our nation, our world, life and earth, and child?

Today it is a choice/

tomorrow fails us all; unless true change exists.

So says the evidence of our lives.

Not a game.

You have everything you need: to push/ or pull

this decision before the state and nation.

Uniting as if “one people” deciding:

we choose to participate in our law.

I have done my share: the work, belongs to you/ the nation belongs to you/ the future belongs to you/ the world is in your hands. Because to be WRONG, is to let all these things die.

Such is the reality of your evidence.

What then: is your truth?

My truth is: I delivered the message change or die,

as a world lost forever:

to you.

Nothing else mattered, to me: for an entire lifetime! Because there is no going back. “mutilated nature/ poisoned/ DYING earth/ life extinct/ habitat ruined/ resources gone/ weapons of mass destruction used/ children assassinated by your greed. AND MORE.” Including HADES itself stalking us: as fool try to ignite a nuclear fire (lets burn atoms: releasing 4 million times more energy, [like an atomic bomb] than a chemical fire!) just like the sun; here on earth. CAN’T CONTROL IT! Simple as that. CERN tearing the nuclear balance of earth itself into pieces. COVID mutilating human life, with their vaccine. The curse of men; and their war. OCEAN life collapsing; a billion humans soon to starve. Sterilization of plants; risking the entire food structure with genetic mutilations. Super diseases; biological weapons in nearly every university. Fools in charge. Universities playing god. Governments discarding truth for belief, as cults do. Media cursing us all (believe/ fear/ obey).


BELIEVE IT OR NOT: “the spiritual world aided me/ balanced me/ fixed what was broken in me”. To help you.

But there were costs and consequences; more than expected.

Even so: still worth the price, our living world/ MUST NOT die. That was my fight/ that was my life; as best I could. There are disciplines in living; we must “pick and choose”. In the order of life: “no world” comes first/ NO life comes second; no choice comes third. The balance of that being: no respect for truth, means we are all dead.

A reality that discards; “living beyond these boundaries”/

because of: universities play god.

You chose not to help/ to ridicule instead; not even a little; by believing “the universities are god”. Even though they led us here; shouting “we can’t all be wrong”. Failing to understand: “your beliefs come from media”. Who is controlled by “university knows”.

End of the line:

Up to you/ HUMANITY IS, “THE THREAT”! I am done.

CHOOSE, for your life/ your world/ your child!

Time (living) is ending. Not a game.




Or life and earth will die.

From the damage you have done.

Yes this is more than: “just medical billing is unfair”.

Yes this is democracy in action: by becoming the owners have rights. We can choose for ourselves, as is “a new life” on earth.

Yes this is: life or death of a planet, and we must intervene by law.

Yes this is: let women try, they deserve “the final say, in life or death of our world”. Not a game, respect is essential; a right.

Yes this is an attack on power: by introducing you to “limited capitalism”: we vote, on limits and boundaries; as a nation; to control those who would control us. Taking excess control away.

Yes this is; “something of me, lives in here”.

Yes this is: something of you, will live or die in here as well.

Yes this is: whether I live or die, or am not available for court/ CONTINUE ON, as best you can.


Your work, your choice, your future, your child.

No, it will not be free.

But you will survive it, and rebuild a living world; that can, and then will survive.

HOPE IS, “the fountain of life”.

Let your heart be found.

      1. OUR, basic decision in medical billing injustice (class action lawsuit)/ IS to be made: begins AS LEGAL, GUARANTEED: CONSTITUTIONALLY ENACTED: FIRST AMENDMENT, REDRESS of grievances: to find our own solutions/ to own our nation; state.


      2. 4.1 trillion is low (LINK ABOVE): nonetheless it represents $41,000.00 spent by each of one hundred million people/ workers, for healthcare in a year!  sound fair/ sound sustainable: or it is a lie built upon inflating the currency (ASSETS WHICH DON’T EXIST) of this USA.  or more simply “MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY”.

        4’1opening jury statement

        1. Letter sent to the courts: demanding choose.

        2. Trial page: simplified, beginning argument

        3. lawyer advertisement: you are their representative(s)

        4. join the lawsuit for justice in healthcare billing: and/or, pledge support.

        5. Medical billing: and more (although some is missing due to I refused to believe it would get this far. But arrogance and disrespect, join apathy; and here we are.) Facing the truth; these people believe this is a game/ and they need not be concerned; because they cannot lose. As for me: truth and law are not a game, when reality controls/ not corruption: for either of us. The cost of losing can be high: so the demand is, “what are we really fighting for: your game is dead”. To decide: the intensity of battle/ and how much I will participate. The dead court says: “the jury cannot know the price of their decision/ it would influence them”. But reality knows the price of their decision: represents the truth of what fair play is considered to be. Blocking that reveals: there is nothing fair within the courts of this USA, OR STATE of IL. It is, “only a game”; to the cursed.

        6. responses as they come in.

        7. originating homepage: many problems and needs to resolve.

        This site: www.brainfirst.info the other site I support: www.justtalking7.info

            1. opening jury statement

        to the world”. Let change start here.


        Bearing in mind: although redress is the law/ it has not been used legally since its conception: because power says no. WE THE PEOPLE MUST ENFORCE “YES, on the court”. Or law and democracy, fails.

        As becomes the legal method of democracy (life by our decision) enforced.

        TRUTH AND REALITY; then allows that to be expanded.

      3. And the people say: WE CANNOT DEFEAT POWER/ they own all the advantages; and can defeat us.

        So the critical truth begins with: WHAT is power?

        Answer: power is the creation of a herd (animals)/ because with the mass of a herd, “humans alive (truth lives in me)/ and predators (you are food) alike” can be run down. Or more distinctly the creation of a herd is built upon 3 distinct things.

        FEAR: because without fear, a herd (we must join together, “as an army”) cannot be formed. It is fear that causes animals to pack together tightly (even to the point of my face in your ass): to keep the predators out. Which then becomes to run; in order to give the predator whosoever cannot adhere; to what we need for you to do. Competition ended.

        But without BELIEVE: that army of animals, does not fully function as one/ because without “the same singular purpose”; there is no true unity. As must be, to establish the disciplines and order needed to function as if we were “just one living mass”.

        To OBEY: is then the final step in the creation of a herd. To accept there is no other way, the leader decides for us all/ no complaints. Even if they are wrong; because the army does not move; with multiple leaders. Same as religions which become a cult; there is only one true leader; even if that is a group.

        So the question of power in humanity is: to be a living human being, you literally MUST THINK FOR YOURSELF/ it is a requirement. Whereas to join the herd and be whatever is required of you; to establish the power of “a herd of animals/ as is the living mass of an army”. It is essential; that you believe, fear, and obey. As was seen in covid: DON’T THINK/ fear, believe, obey; 24/7 for a year through media manipulation. The propaganda of fear. The purpose of “take your medicine/ give trillions to university; and everything they want to mutilate nature entirely”. Even though NO TRUE EVIDENCE WAS FOUND. Which means: as with all “snake oil salesman”; they sold you a fraud. PANDEMIC MEANS DEATH; no substantial increase in death could be found. “the king has no clothes”; relives the fairy tale, if not real. Their vaccine was not proven: as “shouting hurrah”/ may well have had the same results.

        But people say: WE NEED OUR ARMY/ “our beliefs, fears/ and obedience to the rest”; to avoid being attacked. War proves not so; as history continues with war, army or not.

      4. Removing the herd from the military:  means to reduce or remove “fear/ believe/ obey”. And replace that with:  A BILL OF RIGHTS for all the military: EQUALS A RETURN TO HUMAN. Produced by WE THE PEOPLE, to declare what exactly we do expect them to protect, and do for the nation and themselves. PROTECTING THEM from leaders who demand “they obey without thinking; to whatever they say”. That foundation of responsibility; accepts: not only does each in the military have rights/ they also have responsibilities to the nation: just as the nation has responsibilities to them. SAME as with the police who also need:  we the people, to provide their bill of rights/ as well as our own.
      5. It is the game men play, when chaos from what they did or did not do, for life or hate; takes charge. The critical truth of it is “the leaders decide”. Remove the leaders, replace them with law rules us now: and war subsides. Rising only when reality proves “their group is in trouble”/ and to reduce that trouble; they turn to theft.

        A leader has no power: UNLESS THERE IS A HERD OF ANIMALS, to move in mass at his or her command. STOP THE ANIMALS from forming into a herd: and you stop the war. Which means: you must choose to be “human: truth must decide” instead. Letting law and the evidence decide for you; instead of want, pride, or power.

        So as a world: we do need a policing enforcement of our laws/ taking leaders to world court: so as to determine for ourselves what should be done. To police: YOUR TROUBLE IS YOUR FAULT/ and you will deal with it, within your nation. NO escape. OR, to find: this is not your fault, and we will help you as a world sharing life.

        as for this America:  the foundation of lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism and more is built upon the reality of  “counterfeiting currency (assets)/ and declaring debts don’t matter; so they can take anything they want: which media refuses to identify. Thereby  telling the children YOU MUST PAY”.   from https://www.usdebtclock.org/

      6. or as in the 3rd column to the bottom right:  assets (claims of money) rose from 2000 to now by  $536+ trillion dollars in 23 years= $23.3 trillion per year= an increase in some type of property asset:  per hundred million people each of $233,000.00 per year/ each year for 23 years.  SOMEBODY has the claim to this money/ even if it is not you.  the numbers exist/ even if the reality does not.  which means they can attack you with the numbers; so long as only a few are doing it.

      7. reality says to me:  that redress of grievances IS OUR ONLY TRUE METHOD OF RECLAIMING DEMOCRACY for ourselves, and establishing what is true shall decide/ NOT your fantasies or delusions of “university is god”.  in order to do that in a corrupt court which remains SILENT when constitutional law is presented.  I have chosen to refuse taxation until THE RIGHT OF LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ AS IS CONSTITUTIONAL LAW HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED IN A COURTROOM OF LAW.  I do not refuse taxation/ I refuse to support those who have rebelled against our law: and refuse the truth:  the constitution is our government/ and you must obey its law.

to balance; what is not “the beauty of life”

In the history of life, humanity often believes “everything is about want”/ which leads to pride “I won”/ and power, which is judgment of others; that includes “you are then worthless to me; so I can do anything with what is worthless that I want”. These result in behaviors, and have endless complications and costs that are associated with what people do. Particularly when they get lost in their want; and drift down into the dungeon (only self matters) that separates us from life.

So, reality proves: if you desire to be more than an animal governed by “actions and reactions to want/ or need”: then you must assemble the framework that leads to the functions of thought. People who get lost here: realign themselves with want by becoming what they believe, instead of what they are. Another tragic element of want; because belief exists as “want”/ instead of truth.

When truth decides, the elevation of desire becomes a participant in the framework that functions as you in time; for the purposes most defined by your heart as valued. What is valued, creates the framework: that will then decide the rest of your life. But only if respect allows for that to become your truth. Value assists; to protect you from loneliness, to understand that friendship is an elevation from self/ and that love exhibits your caring to complete the value of what can or cannot be shared between those who love each other.

The element of humanity that is “male sharing female/ female sharing male”; exists within the disciplines of what can and cannot bind us together. In order to achieve a bond: there must be a connection that is more than sexual; you must be willing and able and desiring to share the same footsteps as the other/ or your paths will separate; because they must. Few achieve that degree of acceptance; and as such the elements of marriage offer having less means; one must lead and the other follow. Love rarely culminates in true happiness with this arrangement of survival; but it works for many as their agreement is: “I want what I want”. To achieve a greater value than survival and its construction of compassion and comfort: each must inherit the desire to be what only true love can be, “the essence of life within each other. that is shared”. It is not for the faint of heart, weak, or coward: which means it is protected by inheritance from your Creator. Or more distinctly: the level of care must be pure enough for each to survive/ or you cannot go here. “thank GOD for that”/ because heartbreaks form, even at much lower levels than this.

So we begin with the framework of values, and we end with the Creation of “our love”; when truth aligns with the decision: we are as one.

As for me: “being remodeled”, I must wander; “where these footsteps go?”

its complicated; I don’t know, and that is such a different element of life and living; as to be “an entirely different world”. Which notices: that since the force of push is leaving/ I started to “pull it back”; but then noticed, that will not work, and I must let go.

I suppose that is a function of being female: to know, what was good is leaving/ and I don’t wish that to happen. Just like for male if female is leaving; there will be tears. But the answer to life itself is: only truth knows what can survive, and we must let truth decide. Or life fails to live.

Within love, the door to shared dimensions arise. It is not “for the faint of heart”/ but lives within love as our destiny. What can and cannot be done in that dimension beyond self; as an element rising into life itself; is unknown to me. Yet simplified, by understanding, “together as one”, we will share.

The question of “changing dimensions”; is limited by force, to what can survive here? As force is elemental to both living as male or female, and they are not the same. Time is allowed to change life or lives. So the question remains: what will change, and how does that “become a destiny” shaped by truth? I do not know that answer either; and am limited to learn; by what is given. Nonetheless; life is about life, the quest to be happy within the elemental rise of truth in thought. Laws exist/ but miracles as well: I know not how this ends.

As for you: it is consistent with teaching, that you should know, “life is much more complex/ than a university cult can teach”. They have failed life and world.

Like all people who turn their world into a religion/ so they can play god: truth and reality slides away, into fantasy and delusions.  And the cult of worshipers shout “hurrah”, Because they want what they want.

As for life, “beautiful means”, that the search for love and happiness is complete, and the value of living has earned the respect it deserves from you. Becoming the grace from which we breathe: “I am alive”. Pretty means: GOD has blessed you through nature, and its gifts; “humanity has not ruined yet”.

As for me, “I am, shocked” by how much no longer exists, of who I was, or what I knew life to be. Starting over; “in a weird world”/ but very tired of being on display; so, I simply hope to quit writing. Not up to me; hope for the best.

The question arises: BUT WHY, do I need to experience the journey of female/ when I can’t express it, these parts and pieces do not fit together for that? But there is no real answer, and I am a bit depressed;    but will get over it.

As for you; reality knows insanity rules this world; of time by the expressions and experiences of men in charge. Threats of weapons of mass destruction; must be met with realities: as is, you release it/ YOU DIE too/ very quickly. And to the military: you release it, and you release it against your own nation, family, friend; everything on earth “because you did not say NO”. And then comes the endless terrorism of university, and their own biological weapons spread around this world. Which requires: if a biological weapon is released, EVERY SINGLE GENETICIST on the planet will be targeted as a world terrorist. And you will not be playing god, or expecting anything other than death: because one of you failed life. There is no going back. And to the cursed who believe they have “bunkers which will hold back any attack”/ I remind all: merely target their ventilation systems/ and they die as trapped rats should. A major chemical release: ends university forever; because life does not need you. As thousands of years prove true.

IN CASE you forgot, the end result of it is: there is no such thing as “governmental leaders/ universities/ geneticists/ or any other version of a group”. Because every single one, is merely an individual person; just like you or me. No more than that, unless other people are willing to accept their claim to be superior. Otherwise, its just work and money/ the games men play to keep from being bored. The games women play because of men; to rule over men; if they can. Because every game needs a winner. Unless you remove the game, and let life be life; an expression of truth, built upon the desire for happiness through love. That requires: separating love from hate.

So, let us consider what is true for a change in you; every animal says, “we/ us/ them/ or they are”. Because every animal who wants a change, needs an enemy; to keep it simple, “this is all you need to know”. Every violent animal needs a cause: such as lets steal their stuff/ take away their rights/ make them slaves; or just kill them in order to insure they don’t fight back. Every human animals that descends into “NOTHING matters but me”/ hunts for a reason to prove they can be god over you. “almost anything will do/ but it usually revolves around an incident they believe was unfair to them”. To prove FEAR ME now; even if that refrain is “shouting at death/ to stay away”. Foolish and blind; but animal is animal/ unless you fight for your life back.

What it means to be human alive is: “that life is life, and being alive makes us all equal/ therefore same; which allows for caring, sharing, hope, and respect; building toward love where it can. HOWEVER living is living; and the insurgency of invaders who take whatever they want/ demand whatever they need/ destroy what you desire/ kill the future, “just as they did to what was given to them”. Refuse reality, will not stop the destruction, and live to remove what you have built; so they can scream “its all mine now”. Are not friends, and it is truly not where happiness can live. So there is a difference between being alive, and allowed to live “alive”; because competition is no friend. It is only the evidence of a game/ and in every game men play; someone is winner/ because they made others loser; which builds into hate/ and hate builds into war. Where tyrants arise, and shout “ITS ALL MINE”/ because you are worthless. So nobody cares; if I kill you. As is the constant result of judgment festering as evil.

The end result of that is: dividing into nations, that are separate ended the competition between those who were or could be identified as, not the same. Making this is ours/ go build your own somewhere else; the basic truth of thousands of years. But war came: because greed is the cause/ and those who did poorly, came stealing and killing those who did well. As insurgents do. That moderated into “lets all live together”/ but that ends with “there AIN’T enough for us all; and somebody has to leave or die”. Which reveals the truth: in this world differences allow us to create “this is ours/ that is theirs: and enforcing the law, creates boundaries which insure; if you fail/ you rebuild and do better/ don’t come begging here. Which constructs the solution of this time to be: a redefining of boundaries so that each “separate group” has a valid reference to their own part of this earth. Not only able thereby, but required to “build your own”. But that ends with resource devastation/ world destruction/ overpopulation/ horrifying betrayal of all ocean life/ and a wide host of other things like “the universities play god, and offer extreme experimentation as how to kill us all”.

So facing the truth becomes a choice: DO you let truth decide for life and world/ OR do you choose to simply let life be extinct, in less than ten years from today? Because that is the reality; regardless of what you believe. So says the evidence of every threat we MUST face.

To believe what you want is enough: is a liars world. To accept the duty TO KNOW as best we can: what is our responsibility to life and world to understand: CANNOT continue. Is to respect life, and at least contribute something to our survival as a world.

LAW IS our only relief; because war is an open door to failure and extinction/ the curse of men and their final insult to life and world; as is proof with their chain leading to universities: the damned lead us now. It is not a game, life or death of our world exists as a question you will answer with YOUR truth.

Sustaining LAW is our weapon: requires that redress of grievances is our courtroom/ to prove WE THE PEOPLE; shall know and understand, and then decide for ourselves now. Because those who did lead: did fail/ and are leading to extinction. They WILL scream and shout, cry and beg, curse and threaten: because they do worship “playing god/ and living by fantasy and delusion rule”. As seen in this America. But you will ignore them or be extinct! Because truth is what it is, and there are no second chances to much of what you do; as humanity on earth fails itself, and every life, and every future life; with their wants. It is no game.

Your choice is to sustain the legal right: to investigate/ and then choose by disciplined methods: to order and balance and respect the realities of life OR death/ as a world. Because truly like it or not: we are all involved in WHAT IS TRUE!

I AM NOT; the question/ I am merely the messenger. It is not my job to “make you do anything”. NOT my job to prosecute you for what you choose to do. It is only my job to inform you: the critical curse of human insanity that encircles your world: will soon cause your extinction. If you do not change what you do/ and what you believe; as is the sewage of fools, liars, thieves, devils, and worse; “such as evolution, to be simple”. DO WHAT YOU CAN DO; WITHIN THE LAW, because without the laws of justice respecting life and earth, all is lost.

YOUR LIFE OR YOUR DEATH; your child or you assassinated a world, even them; because you didn’t care “beyond self”. and that is no longer enough, “to keep this world alive”.

The curse of universities religion (we are gods now), and their preachers as is media: is that reality does not matter. Their fantasies are better, listen only to them; as is the indoctrination of every child in their den of schooling that is geared only to “memorize, mimic, and repeat/ or we abandon you”. Giving away everything to their own zealots as is the religious way. That has been to tear down everything but what the universities demand is “the new way into delusions and imagination; paid for with theft of a nation/ destruction of survival/ end of resources/ and extinction reveals their god of chaos, is now in charge; all hail chaos as is the method of mutilation they choose to tear down life.

Reality matters; or you die. It is that simple. Truth matters, or you war as is the result of failures and greed/ the curse of animals rather than men. Etcetera.

You must learn new ways/ protect life and planet/ do what you can do; and repair as best you can what has been broken; because fools, liars, thieves, terrorists, traitors, whores (only money matters), bastards, cheats, criminals; and all the rest; have invaded America to prove you cannot survive/ and they will rape, ransack, and finish ruining you. As is the means of takeover; produced by the intellectual/ who hides behind the cover of darkness, behind closed doors: so you don’t see, who is really in charge of this hate. This proof of invasion that is: universities play god/ with your life and planet and world/ sacrificing your child and ending your future forever as is the cost of “universities know”. It is that simple; and the evidence of life and world discarded/ surrounded by threats/ mutilated nature/ extreme experimentation of “satan: lets ignite the planet on fire”/ every thread of survival begins here cursed. Every nation ransacked and ruined/ every currency devalued into chaos; EVERYTHING ATTACKED, to prove and reduce you to war. As is the current reality of this world; being set up for hate.

Choose better; begin simple/ expand that by opening every door, and turning on every light/ and refusing to let the dead lead your world. LIFE HAS VALUE/ but those who have no value inside, are “the living dead”; and act accordingly, to kill, maim, disease, and destroy the foundations upon which life relies. Primary to all these acts of violence: is a universities whose only true purpose is to wreck everything we need to survive/ giving back to life or world: VERY LITTLE of anything that supports life or planet. Because they insist “imagination” is enough/ as fools do. Lies are enough/ counterfeiting currency claiming assets which don’t exist is enough. Mutilating life is “the evolutionary way”; so no rules apply/ creating the factory line, to curse an entire world as quickly as possible. Or just plain; trying to destroy the planet itself with claims of “fusion” or CERN; will be great. Instead of the truth: it is death.

Wake up, the end is coming: when you join them as the living dead/ with no time left to play.

THEIR FUSION IS: LETS BURN ATOMS JUST LIKE THE SUN/ hiding that fact in the delusions of a cult, and its worshipers who will believe anything the leader says. Or CERN; lets destroy the nuclear balance of this entire planet; and create mayhem rules now. Or as weapons of mass destruction prove: BE NICE TO US/ or we will kill you all/ as is the preservation of fear, so that you obey without questioning “the devils who lead you”.  as is the evidence called covid/ and WHO DECIDED:  HOW MUCH you will pay.  ain’t no damn government/ ONLY CULT LEADERS decide.

as is the plague and curse of their ‘infinite lies”:  WHO DECIDED, “lets mutilate all of humanity” with their vaccine/ to prove  “yes we can”.  yes we can destroy their economies/ deny all descension/ wreck their businesses/ ruin their world:  and EVEN BIOLOGICALLY PROVE,  “THESE ARE OUR SLAVES”.

to your shame!         THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF A PANDEMIC;  ONLY MEDIA SHOUTING  “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”;  24/7.          their claim we stopped it/ has no value; without distinct proof of reality!   YES THEY DID RELEASE A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON AGAINST US/  but nature remains in charge.            which is exactly what they hate.  as the cult wants CHAOS to make a new world, by their own design;    “as university (bow down to us) gods”.             WAKE UP! 


BEFORE you are dead, and will never live as life on earth again.

STOP BELIEVING:   DO YOUR OWN WORK/ LEARN YOUR OWN TRUTH/ BE YOUR OWN “HUMAN ALIVE”;   instead of miserable cult worshipers instead.    there is no easy way out: DO THE WORK, AND LEARN WHAT LIFE WILL TEACH YOU.

If you do not learn for yourselves/ think for yourselves: then you fall into the same trap as is religion. Turning to another leader to decide for you/ instead of accepting only truth can decide; not men or their “claim of words”. While books, and their words; are consistent with the value of what we can teach each other. The alternate side of that is; cults, traitors, liars, thieves, cheats, terrorists, failures, fantasies, mutilators,,,, and more; use them too. Only truth identifies what we can use to understand our world. Only truth decides what the future will or could become. Only truth conceives of life, and elevates our spiritual existence into respect for the miracles that are living on this planet.

Life lets us each one decide: what our true identity will be. If you give that to someone else to decide for you; it is their identity and not yours. Leaving you without “an eternity”/ because only a true identity to life (which demands value in you); can be invited beyond time. You do work for your living do you not/ unless of course, your work is merely the playground of the insane called “a university”. That is a blanket statement used to create: STOP BELIEVING/ because all is not right here. INVESTIGATE AND PROVE what is true; as best you can. Accept what has value to life and world/ NOT fantasies, delusions, imagination, destruction, “or a billion other things which do not”. Search for your heart, instead of letting them destroy that too; with claims of “nothing matters/ disrespect it all: play god”.

We are surrounded by threats of our own extinction: that evidence is enough, to prove you must not believe those who brought us here; to the meaning of death; for our world.

It is noted: that unlike truth, religion allows you to believe whatever you wish, in terms of how the miracle of life began or what happens when time ends for life as a body. But everything in between that is the truth of what will our own evidence prove is true. That is not determined by “books of faith”/ because they are books of belief (we want this), rather than faith (proven truth decides). Truth is truth, and the best we can do: is to eliminate everything we know is not true. Leaving the evidence that is: the basis of our own decision, to allow and accept what we do understand is real. Laws govern what is real, therefore to be “faithful to the truth”/ removes the evidence unsupported by laws, that consequences fail to prove. Making in terms of life “a short list of values”; that few, who are honest with themselves, cannot agree upon. Such as: every living body of life, is a miracle created in time. Every dead body proves; this is the end of that/ but it is thought which assimilates into our existence; therefore it is thought that functions as life, rather than body which proves existence. It is energy that provides freedoms, but it is laws that create/ not fantasies or fools. Truth survives, but not lies. And then there are the elements of choice: which grant that JESUS illuminated the difference between love and hate; proving this is a choice.

That story resonates as the “human side of our truth”/ while the consequences of that reality proves: the law of life and death; are not governed by truth, unless we enforce that truth by our own choices, as society on earth.

JESUS granted that love rules the universe, and to be given the opportunity of life beyond; requires love, respect, courage, hope, value, trust, heart, and soul to begin the journey into thought; where living beyond time begins. These then, and more like them; become the decisions, which align with your identity, to prove what is true in you. Guiding your hope, sustaining value in your living, and determining where your respect will begin or end, as life becomes a home/ or a grave.

The story that lives between male and female is also one of love and hate; as the delusions of men conceive of being superior; due to strength is a law of survival. By discarding the truth: you have no survival/ you have no life or time: except as provided by female. Making men a fool; who do not respect the value and truth of what being female represents to this living world. Unlike men who practice they are the law. It is female that lives, within the boundaries of love, making life happy; apart from the tragedies of what men do. CHANGE IS a demand. But that applies to female as well as men: because one influences the other/ and disrespect in both genders; as is seen in this day, proves to be “a mental disease” that must be healed. By proving once again: we share a life, only when we respect truth, and the dignity of trust. These things are earned, not given: the evidence, not your fears or failures must decide. Love means to build, with each other as partners, bound by our mutual desire to share what is ours, by proving we care for each other.

In the disciplines of life, I personally accept: that the body of living is different than the life we live within that body. Male being “worlds apart” from female, the value of one meeting within the other forms an intensity beyond the simple truth of what bodies can do. Formed by life exists within thought, it is the essence of thought that binds us together as one. Not the body that grants happiness; but the truth of what we share, where love exists. Thought is “a universal environment” built upon the vessel of our own dimension; creates the key (male), while truth says there is only one lock (female) within which that key called gender in each; the blessings of love will fit, if you are true to that honest desire. Your truth creates your dimension of thought; and its ability to enter within the conception that is “a universe”. GOD IS “the builder of that soul”; where all thought exists. Not an intellectual conception as is the measurement of things; and its decision you accept. But the consistency of truth, whereby thought is generated by learning what has value, through its disciplines with energy. Order aligns with thought, and balance exists between the boundaries of energy and life within. Force lifts and separates; just as light separates the dark. So we begin the search into living; by understanding the critical limits of what an understanding can mean. By accepting the decision must be our own.

Sex is not an answer, to the realities called loneliness. Simple sex cannot achieve truth; as is desire. It is a distinction of time versus want/ and want is the foundation of every lie. The distance we stand from our discovery of life, is shaped by how we divide and separate the decision of chemicals versus love, and the reality of its own truth? Animals want chemicals/ life desires love, and when we share the intensity of our desire with truth; that truth opens the door to greater things than a body can do. The consequence being: love desires life, just as much as life desires love. While animals simply want what they want, and then find something else to want instead. See the difference?

The human body lives within the certainty of death; which demands your decision matters both now and in the future of time. So the cost of intensity, becomes a gamble; if true love is not present for you. Unfortunately the majority are animals, and cannot help you find your life. But love awakens in truth, and desires form in values; which give to us respect; as our own evidence of honor. Where there is honor, there is discipline. Where there is respect, the invitation for friendship exists. When there is love; “rather than want”/ the essence of life exhibits truth, and it is that path which opens the door for values more intense than self. The consequence is: intimacy proven true can be limited, because life is more than awareness of passions in time. Passion exists within hope, and hope exists within destiny. The decision then being: “what is your hope”? Sex is not an answer/ but if true in the passions of you and the opposite gender you share that love with; it is a passage which grants “I am alive, to each one”.

Disciplines share life with us, therefore important to the future to understand. Order lifts the foundations of both heart and mind, to produce our footsteps. Balance binds us with trust, because truth finds respect. Even so: if our journeys must be different; time will separate. Because being human means: each must travel the path they chose.

Love is the expansion of living “in all dimensions that expand the essence, called being alive”/ while hate is the constriction of living, to very small and insignificant spaces; where death takes control. The body is animal, and it stays on earth. The universities are “imagination”; where fantasies and delusions originate to play god with life in time. With any success; their intention to become whatever imagination wants, intensifies to create, “the only thing in our way, is reality, truth, and respect”. So the destruction of survival itself, becomes a victim of their beliefs which as with evolution; means CHAOS is their god of choice. And life, merely a toy.

People want: “make me believe”/ which is corrupt. Your choice/ your decision/ your eternity; is what life offers to you. NOT whatever you want, or changing that want to whatever you can buy to participate in eternity, rather than death. INSTEAD of that are the opportunities to learn: such as energy of motion is a destiny, as the relationship transfers direction to the question of how far can this go? Light answers that question with passage beyond our relationships with time. Energy answers that question with realities form due to “the action and reactions involved”. Therefore the quest to understand “how far”; surfaces under the decision that reveals how does a miracle exist? Energy is the source of life, but it is not as an action or reaction/ and it is not the stupidity of “einstein=mass times speed (at a constant) equals energy”. But is a force which initiates motion, to become the result which is energy. More simply Creation offers a trail, to those who take it. It is NOT for the lazy or shiftless or liar or thief; etc.

They will argue: any man who claims “a spiritual woman” inside; is insane/ and must not be believed, as that is all the evidence they need to prove “he is nuts/ discard him or be his fool”. But the evidence is: this world is surrounded by threats of extinction which are proven to be real. Making those who led you here, “the enemy”. While in my own life, the challenge of forces; enters as a design I did not expect or intend for myself. Making the claim: of participating within the concept of truth, an alteration of purpose/ rather than a visit from “universities know”. As is plagued with proven fantasy (as is fusion, and more) and delusions as is taking control over government (to corrupt and steal the currency of stability in our securities). Or the manipulation of media; as is “fear/ believe/obey”.

More deliberately: on this planet of humans, now in charge of life/ your changes have wrecked the balance of everything. Your mutilation of life threatens all of nature. Your extreme experimentation’s with energy and everything; form a graveyard, within which we all die. Your curse of life, with biological inference offers HELL. Your weapons of mass destruction; give a tiny few the opportunities to kill a world/ that will not escape extinction. Your poisoning of everything; destroys every chain of living/ every water supply/ every hope of living in the future; where the resources are all gone. Thrown in the garbage, “for a five minute trophy/ to shout winner”; to your shame. Or more distinctly EVERYTHING the universities offered you for changing life and planet: have proven to be death, for our world; and little more. And the people said, for these last fifty years: “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN/ GIVE ME THE MONEY”. So the universities in charge of US currency, counterfeiting all forms of assets/ creating all forms of debts which “only the slaves have to pay”/ and laundering money through the stock market and anything universities wanted; WITH MEDIA HIDING EVERYTHING THEY DID, AND EVERYTHING THEY DID KNOW ABOUT, OR WERE TOLD. Proved to be your own assassination. As our world dies, with lies and more lies and more lies leading the way.

Global warming is about the heat humanity releases, and nothing is more destructive to that cause than your air conditioning. And humanity says; NEVER, I WILL NEVER SURRENDER AIR CONDITIONING/ I WANT IT. Even though soon you will have no food, no life on earth; because war will exist. The curse of men is: WAR will exist. The curse of overpopulation is: weapons of mass destruction WILL be used, “kill a billion people/ still 7 billion + to go. We need to eat other life to survive; but they have needs too: 8 billion people eating one pound of food a day is 8 billion pounds of food a day x 365=2.92 trillion pounds a year/ and we harvest only once a year mostly. Plus water for drinking. Plus all that we eat also needs to eat; and that insures we all war; just before we all die: because there is no going back. Only stop and make better choices hoping to survive. All the lies about money ends with war/ or ends with we the people shall now control this bankruptcy. Because the game of money ends, and reality begins; as is YOU STOLE OUR NATIONAL SECURITIES: as is “universities know”/ and control the puppets of government. The insurgency of fools who believe in lies are all we need as universities have taught for the last 60 years or so. Indoctrinating your children into believing the “universities are god”; indeed they have proven themselves to be “Satan”. But that is only god of death and world destruction; as the evidence does prove true. But hey with robotic armies/ weapons of mass destruction everywhere/ and complete devastation of all chains in our own survival; how can you defeat them right? Well there is always extinction; YOU are going to die too. But hate is hate, and its purpose is to make you die too, in hate. So they don’t care/ and never did.

Which brings us to our final decision: redress of grievances is by law we decide for ourselves, which direction our nation and our world shall now take: AS WE THE PEOPLE, will now choose for ourselves. The law that governs our lives. We don’t need rulers anymore; let the law decide is enough. We do need world law, as all nations joined together to enforce on leaders, what we have decided as law, is enforced upon us all. We do need to redraw boundaries: so that none can threaten extensive damage. We do need to choose for our planet/ rather than your wants. We do need to address the truth; not all these lies; as best we can. Surrounding ourselves with law and truth and reality/ instead of the sewage, threats of extinction, and curse of universities play god that is the constant of this day. It is a choice, and it will not come again. YOU will decide, and YOU will enforce WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of this world now. Ending weapons of mass destruction. Choosing only for the protection and respect for life and world that grants one last chance; to survive. Make your decision/ because time has run out. Accept the cost, and repair the damages done: so that the future can exist. Simple as that: want is dead/ reality comes quickly now: CHOOSE.

And the people say: “we are doing great/ you can’t scare us”.

But as it is with a speeding train, headed for a collapsed bridge; time changes in an instant/ and there is no going back now. So I say to you one last time: that what I have brought to you is the keys to change life and living on earth/ by our own decisions. Taking away the power of leadership/ and giving that right to rule to ourselves by the laws we do create. Enforcing that rule of law, by insuring hate, violence, and fear SHALL NOT rule again. Proving what our own solutions will be: by investigating what is true; in a courtroom where the best we can/ is the best we can. Understanding what is real, rather than wanting what seems free; but holds death as its price.

Redress is the law of democracy in motion. Our right to intervene in our government, by law. By enacting constitutional control over our employees. To resurrect their wrongs, and insure we do have what we deserve; instead of liars, traitors, thieves, terrorists, cheats, insurgents, and even worse in charge of our lives from behind closed doors. Where they use the counterfeiting of currency, to control everything government is. Blindly discarding everything we depend upon; to make you beg them/ as they will then use you for toys; as history proves true.

Become true democracy, and take back your world with truth decides now; or go extinct.

These are the things I came to say/ and have said for decades of time: but the evidence now grows/ and even you can understand your want is not enough to keep this world alive. The message of change or die; is delivered. Your choice exists.

and all the children indoctrinated by the cult of “university is god” shout: WE ARE BELIEVERS/ WE KNOW EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW; OUR PRIESTS OF MEDIA, TELL US EVERYTHING. They tell us when to yell. They tell us when to fear. They tell us when to trust. They tell us; weapons of mass destruction are our saviors. They tell us; mutilating nature is going to be great. They tell us: trying to ignite a nuclear fire on earth just like the sun will be “awesome”; and a billion more claims “THEY EXPERT KNOWS”. And yet we are surrounded by threats of extinction in everything/ everywhere; because the price of being wrong is extinction in all that they do. Making “believers” the single most vile delusion on earth. Because as with all religion, you can believe anything you want. While cult worshipers may only believe what they leaders tell them to believe; as is “the universities are god”/ but alas, Satan instead of life.

As with all the children of cult belief: when confronted with QUESTION WHAT YOU BELIEVE OR DIE! The believers shout, “you can’t make us fear”/ and huddle closer together, to insure nobody gets out of line. While I have pulled believers out of their prison of “I want what I want; we can’t all be wrong”. Even when convinced of what is true by the evidence: they all go screaming back to their prison walls for safety in what they want/ even if the door can’t be closed anymore. So they get angry instead; confronted now with “want ain’t enough”.

Stop being a cult; even the most blatant fool and extreme idiot/ can understand evolution is a sewer of blind disgrace, without a single atom of value to stand upon for life. Just to start. Or a more descriptive value is: IF THEY IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE, as is trying to be done on earth “claiming fusion”/ which does not exist; and they proved that in 2012 at lawrence livermore labs. ONCE IGNITED “JUST LIKE THE SUN”/ OUR EARTH BECOMES A SUN. because contrary to their claim that “not enough gravity exists on earth to sustain the fire”. Truth declares it is the fire that creates solar gravity, and therefore creates the plasma: which makes the fire/ which burns the sun. NO GOING BACK, fantasies dead. OR YOU ARE in a fire, spewing radiation you cannot truly comprehend. “because you believed, universities can play god”.

YET THEY are only people, you went to school with; hidden under the cloak of university, or government, or whatever”; and not one of them was “god”. And you know that is true!


SO I DELIBERATELY SAID: START YOUR INVESTIGATION HERE! Because what you believe of evolution; steals your eternity. And what you believe about “fusion”; is set to ignites HADES: nuclear fire “lets burn atoms”;  on this planet. SO IT MATTERS, to your religions, to your everything; young or old same price for being wrong to all! AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG; is beyond your imagination. SO, “start here: words have been written already” go find them. And identify what is true; as best you can.

DECIDE, FOR REAL (NO GOING BACK) IF:   YOU CAN ACCEPT THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG/ AND UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT A GAME;   which includes all their lies; to keep you from understanding what it is they are really doing.  Such as with:  “no don’t worry”/ its just a small risk;  NOT like an atomic bomb, with 4 million times more energy released than chemical fire/ or radiation that will vaporize you in an instant! “ITS JUST FIRE”/ like solar flares on the sun, said to be 12 million miles long: HELL, WHAT could go wrong?   NO, don’t worry, “the universities are god”/ right?  BET YOUR WORLD/ EVEN YOUR ETERNITY:  RIGHT? 

WHAT are they really doing with genetics: they are injecting chaos, in a deliberate attempt to make nature fails/ so they can shout, “we found something, that makes a change”! Believing when enough has failed, they will learn how to change nature, and play god for real. But destroying nature; will prove they cannot play god of life; only of death. And your world will die; including you.

The believers scream; “they are my hope, for a new leg; etc”; leave them alone. But reality reminds you: for instance, it took 18 years for your body, to grow a leg as an adult; another full size leg is NOT going to magically appear. YOUR BODY IS BALANCED, grows every bone individually, transports them all through the body, and attaches them all, weaves 600+ different muscles to make you move CORRECTLY, a million miles of blood vessels, brain networks, sensory organs, sewage removal, blood makers and a heart that runs perfectly for “a hundred years”, immunity makers, skin closures, valves and organs and summary knowledge, to make it all run and work together at your command. And they believe it is as simple as “chaos did it” (evolution), to their pure shame, and yours for believing in their cult of sewage lives here. While the intellectual offers; how else can we learn? Reality states: when the price for being wrong is WAY TOO DAMN HIGH, as is all life can die, or horrors can erupt: YOU LEAVE IT ALONE. Because the rule of understanding is: IF YOU DON’T know what you must NOT do/ then don’t touch it, because truth says you can’t do more than cause trouble or death.

And all the people say: WHO ARE YOU, that we should believe anything you say/ YOU ARE NO ONE; we will NOT follow you.

And I do not argue with that whatsoever, and refuse to lead: because “who I am, is irrelevant”; not your savior/ not your anything, simple as that!

The rule of life is: that survival comes first, and nothing is more important in that element of our existence; than a balanced planet/ a working balanced at peace body/ a living friendship to make us happy/ the chains of life that make it all possible/ the sacred nature of life and earth/ the sanity of peace and truth/ the value of love/ the destiny of justice through hope/ the deliberate enforcement of fair play/ the foundations of law/ the habitat which protects it all/ the respect for life, and world, and Creator that is integral to life itself/ a brain that works; rather than fools in charge of our destruction. And a billion more realities of truth and law; being led by ‘Universities know” has thrown in the sewer of your own insanity; to YOUR SHAME, as a human world. As is the constant of such things: the cult, sucked out your brain: or none of the threats which exist to cause our own extinction would surround us; and they do. They threw away everything needed for life; and replaced it with “believe we are gods”; and with a billion bribes; you said OK. Which means, I have to dig in your sewer, to find the failure of your lives buried in there; back. Such is the truth of YOU CHOSE EXTINCTION! TURN BACK, PAY THE PRICE FOR LIFE; which is let truth decide/ stop wanting what kills this earth; or die

IN CONTRAST HOWEVER; is the certainty of evidence, and the realities of truth. I then suggest “NOT command”; that you need to investigate and determine the cost of being WRONG. In what your former classmates are doing! Because they play god/ but are not gods by any measure of reality “expert, is commonly a lie/ used by power to overrule your reality”; and make you shut up. So, I am not an expert/ I am a messenger: who says to you instead: “your universities gods; are killing this world, leading this world; and will soon make you extinct”. Because truth is greater than liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves. Go search for yourselves. Because the cost of being WRONG FOR THIS WHOLE WORLD/ is extinction. How is that not a warning you need to know? How is that by the evidence: provable to the extent that you are willing to accept: “we can know/ what we can know: if we let the evidence decide”. Because extinction is a price too high; even for you. SO I DON’T have to be “perfect, or anything”/ but your gods of “universities know”: literally better be, or earth itself fails, and all its life, including YOU;  is dead.

So, we ask: WHY, is this a problem for you< to investigate yourselves, your world, your decisions, define your future and what you did to every child; and accept the choice is: to protect life and planet? ANSWER: pride controls you, and makes your heart hard against any decision you know will not allow for you to shout “winner”; as is what you do, truly want. Power controls you; and your decision to judge life, humanity, and world/ as the games you pay take over; and reality does not matter, because you want what you want. So we turn again to want; and identify, that it is what you want, that brings us to the edge of extinction/ and probable failure of all life and earth. WHY, then is want: so deadly important, to YOU?

Answer: just like the universities you want to play god, with life and world too. That is the purpose of wealth; to play god and enslave the others. That is the purpose of pride, to declare “you are losers/ compared to me”. That is the definition of animal: to be “predator, killer allowed; or prey as a herd, who can never be wrong”. Or more simply “you want what you want/ nothing else matters”. Instead of being human: which does require you to accept the search for eternity begins with “the miracle of life”/ as is true to the respect formed when understanding, “nothing here had to be/ it is, all a gift”. So critically complex; NO human will ever grasp it as a reality which we can change:  THEREBY SACRED! Which does examine truth, to declare “a CREATOR” was here! While JESUS, is evidence of; “not simply created and forgotten”/ but sustained, by the decision of love, which is to hope for joy in being ALIVE.

And then we come too: “the spiritual woman inside of me”/ as is the prediction of Revelation 12: and the prediction of Revelation 17; which is she takes complete control over me. I will just say: as with life and death, you do not understand; this is literally a “step beyond time”. How or why is irrelevant: So trying to explain that has no purpose.

It is, what it is/ and I have absolutely NO clue, how it ends or proceeds from here: “dismissed as male/ you cannot know”; not life or death or eternity. No clue! Only the warning to all men or the delusions of male in whatever form: NEVER try to have sex with me/ as HADES (eternal terrors) will be your only reward. Simple as that.

It is, what it is NO game exists. BUT I am not the deciding factor of whether life will end on earth/ YOU ARE. By the evidence of what is, or is to become true, because truth is a consequence has formed, and a reality will be carried out: a law IS BORN. The decision that you make for your world, will become a law you cannot escape. Either to let it die in apathy, arrogance, and disrespect as universities have taught you/ and media insists “you shout”; they are god. OR AS LIFE RETURNS TO THIS EARTH; because you chose to change yourselves from want/ in order to let truth decide for you. In order for the laws which govern this world, “to be reborn” without human interference; as is no going back. One way, to life and planet come first: or the other; as will be, humanity disappears forever.

There is a “word of warning”: the constant of human existence is, “if I can’t have what I want/ then nobody gets what they want either”. So they “poison the water” with their gossip, ridicule, and every other version of mischief they can devise. When people are faced with: “never going to get what I want, or more specially NOT as much as I want”/ then people try to poison you, with definitions of perversion and other methods of proving “he or she ain’t no good”; beware/ beware/ trust no one. When thieves have surrounded you: if successful, they throw money as if it had no meaning; because that is the evidence which convicts (where from)? Terrorists hide behind closed doors: pass by/ don’t look inside. Traitors search for any propaganda; which will cause you to turn the other way. The “believer”; will lock the door on their prison, so no information of any kind can come in. Leaders shout “believe/ so that none question them”. Religion screams: FEAR, their book is god/ nothing else is true. Media shouts OBEY, damn you obey: that is what we get paid for: OBEY. And all the rest run away to hide. Leaving only a very tiny few, to conceive of truth by the evidence; and the herd never believes unless the leader says “follow me”. All in all, our existence is represented by: criminals get away/ because the others don’t want to believe what they see. Saying it must be something else. OR, they turn it into something else; as is “fear them all  (even if a million to one is all that threatens)/ a gun is the only solution (even if, it does more harm than good)/ hate is your pal, (throw your life away too)/ trust no one (fear instead); kill them it is our only answer (believe you are god: “know it all”): etc/ etc/ etc.”

So, if this is successful: then prepare for “anything they can think of”/ how is that not true, because power (arrogance, greed [I want it all] unleashed) never shares/ pride never cares (apathy, as is selfishness; don’t need no damn brain)/ and want which disregards life, to shout; like lust, “nothing matters but me” (as is pure disrespect). You were told.

a cult, has no brain of its own/ it is a herd of livestock; following the leader. The consequence of that is: you cannot appeal to the evidence decides/ there is no truth other than what the leader says/ nothing matters to the herd except the concern of safety and food (wants). And they are content to stay that way, until death; because no value exists beyond time and its conclusion as is death. These are the facts, and they are not altered for existence of life.

Religion is the offering of: life is not just about time/ but exists as the miracles of nature, which therefrom prove, “more than meets the eye or body lives here”. Participation’s beyond time, then construct the essence of: what is life/ if not simply a body called time?

Of the vast variety of answers humanity has come up with; the only critical solution is: we must let truth decide, as there is no other format of existence that relies upon the laws which form our participation in reality. Therefore how we answer: WHAT is true? Becomes the passage or path we follow, to obtain the essence that becomes our own identity as life conceived by truth. Consequently the critical construction of “eternity is”; begins with your own version of truth. Identifying the truth, that every miracle of life: IS A GIFT OF GOD , creating our own existence. Asking then what is a miracle?

Answer: what nothing on this earth, can do for you! Female does not give us life: male adds little to that/ it is the birthplace of human time; not existence. Male grants survival, if honorable; by doing what time and environment, allows for him to do. But existence itself, is that element of knowledge, which understands: “not only am I alive/ but I have choices, and even opportunities, to make for me”. Which is freedom, through expression and its experience. So now, a miracle is at its core: an invitation to wisdom. Wisdom seeks truth, and truth identifies itself by the consequences of law. Therefore we seek in our search for values sustainable as life: the definitions of desire, that surface as our own connection with life, as chosen by the distinction of self. Self is a function of discipline/ peace is the display of order/ while balance becomes the definitions of our path into the future designed by our own destiny. Or more distinctly: life allows, each shall choose their own path beyond time.

Critical to that reality is: your choice, “to live as self, is mine/ or to expand beyond time, into a world granting the values of love; sharing self as ours”. Elemental to that building, is the acceptance of caring. Because without care, there is no functional sharing to be done by your choice. Without caring and sharing, love does not mature into the creation of trust. Without trust, the future is without its destiny. So we ask: WHAT might I hope for in life beyond time?

The laws of life explain: our existence is not as a body of time/ but the understanding, “I am ALIVE”; AS IS, the creation of thought. Therefore thought reigns as the environment of your existence/ and just as the body needs food to survive in time. Thought needs energy to construct the dimensions which allow for our own freedoms to exist. But energy is motion, as presented in time. However the force which alters the foundations of energy into that motion; exist as the basis of life. Therefore motion is or is not dependent upon “how we think”/ or more distinctly: thought travels within itself, or as a motion limited by body. Critical to that construction of what can we become beyond time: is the understanding, life is an essence of force/ rather than a mass of time. Therefore losing the body of mass we refer to as ourselves; does not negate the force, that is essential to prove: of life itself.

What is essential to life itself: is your individual identity, as formed by your truth/ because only truth survives beyond time. Therefrom we ask: HOW do we sustain the forces which create life in thought, or beyond in the shared existence of love?

The critical answer is: “not your choice, beyond time”/ only truth decides. Unless mercy intervenes to create a secondary potential; where love allows, for another chance.

The critical answer is: that livestock lives and dies in time, ending their story here.

The critical answer is: that life less than love is shared, because respect proves caring does exist/ but the failure of respect proves it does not. Which means: the family of life, will not share with you. And you are trapped by the choices you have made; which became your truth. Truth cannot be changed beyond time; it is, only what it is. But without the honesty of desire, it will dissipate and does then vanish forever.

The critical answer is: that life chosen to be selfish, and discard the rest in favor of only me. Loses its substance, fails to enter the forces of living as these leave the body; and are left to ghost until dead and gone; from the existence called time. While ghosts do exist; they have no power. But even so, a few surrender everything in the final seconds of life; to invade you/ IF YOU allow it. Failing they immediately dissipate into nothing is left.

The critical answer is: that those who hate and find life to be a war/ will enter into Hades (eternal terrors) for the damage they chose to do. Living in the prison of their own fears, until every tear they caused is paid for; and then vanishing forever.The critical answer is: those who declare war on GOD and removed a life that would have spent eternity with GOD ! Those who believe themselves to be gods (we know everything we need to know)/ will be given the pit of HADES; where war is for an eternity in you. You stole a life/ you pay with your life in terrors: because apart from this earth, and its declaration of human freedom (truth: I chose, you can’t stop me.  But without immediate consequences, to prove the cost of your decision) to choose. You, as established by your act of war:  have entered reality, and it does not die.

Humanity will declare: YOU CANNOT PROVE ANY OF THAT!

I will answer: “that is not my job”.

And the world will say: “we don’t care”/ WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT. And you offer only reality and truth: not bribes or lies, or cheating, or betrayal, or all terrorists welcome here; or anything we want. Let the war begin. Is that not so? And some yell HELL NO, we are greater than that/ but offer nothing to life, other than apathy, arrogance, and disrespect.

So, I have little use for anything you want; which means; if you abandon this cause of medical billing injustice/ redress/ and reality to keep this world alive. Then I abandon you as well. Praying only for those who cared.

Arrogance is: the death of your “heart”, nothing left to share. living has no value/ only winning.

Apathy is: the death of your life shared, because we/ because you cared; but no more.

Disrespect is: the death of your world, because you did not care; but buried yourself in delusions instead.

YOU have then been told.

As to me: NO, I don’t feel a need to guide you or show you by example; anything. As I am 70 years old, and spent my lifetime doing that. You failed to help, or add anything but ridicule; almost every single one. ‘hurrah, you win”. Extinction is not far behind. And this world says: “you can’t scare us/ the universities are god, and media is our guide to worshiping them”.  They teach everything we need to know:  a gun is the solution/ ridicule, humiliate, disrespect, deny, destroy, curse the world;  claim to be superior, but never question the universities. But alas; truth is truth, and there is no going back, or changing your mind. HELL IS HELL, and catastrophe will only accelerate; until the world itself is lost. Because you do, refuse to care. Shouting to the world; “our cult, has won”.

My job is: HUMANITY must CHANGE OR DIE! I HAVE delivered that message, to YOU.

just so its clear: I do NOT regret my lifetime of choices; not perfect, could have been better/ even so, the joy of life is love, and I built what I could. Reality, even though it costs me what I would have wanted from living, gave me truth. Instead of time, my heart breathes, and my life knows, I did do the best I could for all the miracles I see in this world; “even most of you; are in fact a miracle”. But you refuse it, to want what you want. Eternity will be whatever it will be; life on earth will become what GOD allows. I have no clue, for me. But that is not “why”, for me. Instead, life is a choice, a destination; and soul is a decision which transforms your life into the essence of what can be true in you. Therefore apart from time; I gained the greatest living I could have encountered: To belong to GOD , to know, “life lives in me”.

Love is the essence of hope, it is “the greatest treasure in this universe”. Because joy lives there.

But then there is: the spiritual world of female. And I have no comprehension of how that will turn out. Completely overrun, and there is no escape. A life that is sharing her identity, with mine; but she is in charge, and I am basically wife (traded places)/ she decides “can stop me in an instant”, I don’t get to choose. Its complicated; a very different view, of both love and life. It is an education, but I do not know why?

Just so its clear: “there has never been a second”, when I considered, wanted, thought about, or any other concept of changing places with female. That is not me. This is something entirely different; beyond my comprehension of time/ I plain don’t know. But I can tell you this: the spiritual world sent her, and there must be a reality of law and truth coming; for male or female or both. I seem to be some kind of evidence for that? But who knows, I do not.

JESUS died on the cross to prove the difference between love and hate is a choice; you make within.

The biblical indications are, “HE KNEW”; and made his choice.  there is NO comparison; clearly not me/ not my life/ not my job; not your savior, none of it.  I am “just a messenger”; I have delivered to you:  change or go extinct. That was my job.

I would not have understood that in his days on earth/ but I do today. Perhaps there is some kind of “lesson to learn” here/ treat women better; as equals; with justice and fair play? I don’t know, not a clue. My choice was: man cannot save this earth/ their “decision is war; history is full of that choice”; but no more will that work, it is cause for world extinction. SO, I opened the door to female, to ask if they knew a way? The rest is “I am changed”/ like it or not, is irrelevant.

Just so its clear: the only comparison is, “whether we understand something or not; has nothing to do, with its value to the future.” not for me to know; seems true. At least for now? What is clear is: life has changed/ don’t know where it goes; different, or who knows what?

Of things learned: it should never be true, that children are sold, traded, gambled/ or given away as brides in exchange for “money”; nor in exchange for debt (you don’t own your child/ he or she is a gift; you could never create on your own). It should never be true, that women are used as sex slaves, or abused, or assaulted, or threatened; the value of life respects that truth. Nor denied the right to be free and earn a fair and honest living. It should never be true; that women hold less rights than men in society or living. Nor should it ever be true: that respect fails for life, or woman, or man or planet. How is that not true? Yet universities intend to crucify “everything, but themselves”. While men choose war:  “they scream: we will take what we want/ and kill those who say no”. But today:  “kill a billion people/ still 7 billion more to go”. War only opens the door to weapons of mass destruction/ and the insanity of those who chose, and built that.

But they were born to be liars, failures, and frauds; and are in fact killing themselves as well, in complete arrogance, true apathy, and total disrespect for life, living, and planet. Or we would not be facing extinction! For close to fifty years, the world said: WE DON’T CARE/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; make us rich/ or go to hell! Or they just ran away to hide. Or, they believed in war will fix it/ but it will not. So, life or death is determined by the levels of your delusion/ the fantasies of your failures/ and the curse of universities imagines itself “as a god (we know it all)”: but failed that too. Not because a search for value began; but because so many want to be “superior”/ than the rest; “me/ me/ me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ME DAMN YOU ME”. But are not, as none are superior to the rest; because only truth decides how or why we can or cannot survive. And it is truth the universities claiming; “the superior ones” want to destroy; by claiming they can play god (as is lets ignite atoms on fire just like the sun)/ so the laws of life (lets mutilate all of nature forcing it to make something else; as proof we can be gods) and living (lets discard reality, and counterfeit all the money/ making debts our toys, and nothing more; well except the slaves have to pay) and planet (to hell with earth, ocean, habitat, atmosphere, chains of life, oxygen content, and everything else) do not matter. As they shout “we are gods”/ leaving out the all important, “gods of death: truth”.

They are correct about one thing: I cannot make you accept or believe anything/ life or death of this planet; is up to you. But even then I cannot make you understand; YOUR CREATOR HAS A SAY; and what will become of this world, will be decided by HIM; but because of you. And religion says: “you can’t make us scared”/ we are gods people. But reality knows, apart from a few: your god is university, as is proven by your own acceptance of evolution; the sewer of fools. To your shame. Prove it is not so, and then “how many more”. Alas, you want to be the superior ones too/ you want to prove “yes I can” too. When life asks instead: while truth gives you time, it is love that honors the existence of us all; as respect identifies the value of all that love can be. But: lost in want, is lost in want; a world on the edge of “cutting its own throat.”

It is not my job, “to do more”/ it is yours.

and NO,  I have no clue “how, what, where, when, who, or why, the spiritual woman inside”;  will decide for herself? “Not my decision/ but she helped me; so, it is only fair that I must help her”; for life and world. By trying not to complain; best I can!  Nope, not a clue. DON’T know what   GOD   will or will not do.  DON’T know what you will or will not do. My job: was to deliver the message:   all the evidence points to your extinction, because truth says you cannot survive what all of humanity is doing; to life, or living, or planet, or delusions/ fantasies/ frauds/ theft/ terrorism/ traitors/ failures/ liars/ whores (only money matters)/ fools/ and more.   Not my message to you/ the message given to me, for you. Presented, as knowledge built upon the truth of what you do/ and its consequences.

and the world says: not so, “I try”! But alas, you are like the research group I built a machine for; who said, “we will produce information and challenge the universities with evidence”. But as I neared completion; the man in charge tried to make me quit/ by giving away the money intended for that work; and then as a group they all started talking about how they were going to hide from the universities; and walked away. Making a year of work, “my useless endeavor”. You want what you want, and a big part of that is to remain “part of the herd”/ which does not allow you to stand apart, as different; regardless of the cause. So, I Looked, and reality said: DON’T need them, “Noah’s flood” is a proven fact. Because no other method of creating, “fossil fuels”/ as is seen in the evidence of this earth; does exist. Gathered together by water/ and sunk in sometimes thousands of feet of earth: it is, the only credible truth of reality. So the end result of that work was: creating for myself, the information required to challenge “universities are proven wrong”/ by truth. Not their fiction.

That work also became; “fun with noah”/ adding a video, to discuss the real world concept of how Noah created a raft and survived. Along with others https://www.youtube.com/user/jimosterbur/videos

as well as other definitions which would prove to be useful https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdlYdUW0Mx2hqHsDlq_q9vQ/videos

none are great “masterpieces” of video; as you pay very little attention to anything but make you money/ what can you steal/ or how to ridicule truth.

And all the people say: “you can’t scare us/ we know everything we need to know: the universities are god/ they will save us”. But alas, according to the IL water survey people; it takes fifty inches of rainfall to replenish the aquifer one inch. While reality proves; no rain will equal no grain/ which keeps the livestock alive too. But you have air conditioning, and can drive all you want; now ain’t that so; to hell with rain; we want what we want/ and ain’t giving nothing back to life or a future or a child. Is that not so? Indeed it is. So soon you will starve as a world/ ocean life will disappear/ aquaculture will die due to diseases you created, parasites as well/ war will erupt across the planet. And yet you say; “even if our house is on fire/ it is no big deal: until, of course, that it reaches the point of no return”. When reality will prove it is too late now. On earth where the population rise even at one percent more: is equal to another 80 million more mouths to feed this year than last. One pound of food per day per year is just 29.2 billion pounds “of living existence”; for the new arrivals; as they grow to need and want more. But don’t worry: universities have the answer, “its a biological disease”/ to wipe you out. If they could just find the antidote for themselves.

Lest we forget; all the water supplies being thrown away for ethanol/ grain being raised for fuel supplies/ a trillion tons of poison released onto this earth each year/ livestock and plants one disease away from our own catastrophe/ genetically altering crops to remove their immune and disease stability; putting the entire species at risk for collapse (as with corn; which is a grass species “oh my”). Cursing the planet by continuing to remove trees; letting the atmosphere detach from the planet itself. Terrorists injecting nature and energy with chaos. Weapons of mass destruction; and MUCH MORE; as is the contributions of your universities playing god/ along with the cult (nobody questions our leader/ media is first line of defense; they are god) that worships them! And then there is all the counterfeit currency without value/ and all the debts used to confiscate property/ and all the liars and thieves which propagate “believe/ fear/ obey”. To reinforce the cult; “so they take their medicine”/ and never look up to examine what they did throw their lives away for. And the world shouts: WE WON’T PAY/ not in our lifetime; TO HELL with every child. After all they want us to be rich too; when in reality every child just desires a parent who honestly and truly cares about them. “too bad”/ trinkets to buy. To your shame. Don’t worry though, plenty of oxygen; just not at the concentrations you need to survive what you have done.

CERN altering the magnetic dimensions of this planet. FUSION “sure we can control the sun; lets ignite that here”. Nano particles and machines invading biology. Endless chemical deposits being taken in as pharmaceuticals. Super-diseases. Plastics taking over the planet. Endless life species already going extinct. Habitats ruined. Desertification. Resources devastated. Global warming. THE CURSE OF HUMAN EXISTENCE IS LONG AND WIDE; AND IT ALL FACES EXTINCTION; because of “you, the human, lets worship universities, touch”!  SCREAMING:  “yes we can change life on earth”/ and YES you did do that, its true;  hurrah/ right?

Well, not in your lifetime: right? Go ahead: DIE, right now. Who cares right?

And all the people say: GET OUT OF MY WAY/ I AM LEAVING, AND WILL NEVER BE BACK. You can’t make me listen, I won’t be at fault; that is my excuse. AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CHANGE; let the other damn fools change; NOT me. “I want what I want”.

Now ain’t that right! Alas: “you won’t listen to truth or care about life”/ GOD won’t care about you, and eternity won’t be what you expect. Because you chose not to care.

And the world said: “I CAN’T do anything/ nobody listens to me”! But truth says: “nobody listens to me either: but the evidence stands as its own witness, and we are, each one: “just the messenger of that reality”. Making truth the conveyor of what we say, or fail to say, because of fear. It is your identity, it is your gift to life or death; by the choices you make. TRUTH IS WHAT IT IS; as is the reality of your life. Make your own decision: life is worth the price/ or not? You decide.

As to the female world: male and female are “from different worlds” of force, and the thought train of life that forms from those distinctions. I know not what convinces you to care, or share the work; or even consider the cost of being wrong. Because we are different, and yet more the same, than I ever expected to be; as of this time. Even so: nothing will change without a decision, and a commitment to that decision, and the work which follows; along with the price of change that must be paid. “your choice”/ not mine; as I have made mine, a long time ago; committed to that decision, and paid the price required of me to change. “your turn” to choose? The constant being: YOU CANNOT, have it both ways! EITHER WE CHANGE LIFE ON EARTH: DOING THE BEST WE CAN FOR LIFE AND EARTH and ITS FUTURE; WITHOUT GAMBLING OR DISRESPECT ALLOWED! Or your decision is worthless.

Humanity then shouts: WE WANT, to retain our freedoms, our choices, our right to be human; NOT some damn robot which does nothing but allow for truth to decide! Because humanity fails to understand: their game is dead/ and reality searches to see, if you are extinct because of it.

Life governed by truth, is NOT lacking freedoms. Instead it is building the foundations required for you to live beyond self; as is needed for an eternity to exist. The difference between a life granted by love and its happiness! OR YOUR WAY: which is living under the cost of fear, by believing whatever you want will save you; and thereby accepting lies; as your god. Is futile and diseased. You have exceeded the boundaries in population and choices; which are survivable for this earth. There is no path forward, unless you change. It is, that simple; and you will not like it: BECAUSE OF ALL THE CONSEQUENCES YOU CHOSE to create. Which lead to death/ NOT to life. So, there will be costs; but truth is, the only way back to life! “like it or not, is irrelevant”. Truth is truth.

And the people say: “we don’t want to die, or face HELL on earth; but then scream, “we DON’T want to change”. WE ALL, “want to be rich”; let the children pay!

And life whispers back: “change, or you will soon be extinct”. Because the children won’t pay, and you chose to destroy your home. Worshiping fools, living lies, stealing “a world”; with apathy, arrogance, and disrespect; as your guide.

CHANGE, and accept that as YOUR choice/ or receive the reward you deserve.

YOU, wanted to play god: YOU are the jury that decides, the fate of life and earth. Congratulations, “winner”. But alas, “either way, you will pay for what you did do”.

And all the people say: “we talked about it”/ and reality does not matter; “we believe what we want to believe”/ and truth be damned. We want what we want; to hell with this world.

So to the few, I respond with: as it is with women, when faced with war as men do. “Live honestly, fight for law/ prepare for eternity (let your truth be known): do the best you can: and let this world go”. The cost of it will be high, but all we can really do; is let them rape/ ravage/ steal/ cheat/ betray/ terrorize/ and murder. Because “they want what they want/ and take what they can”. Is that not so? And all the women shout; HELL NO/ as they run to hide, and remain quiet as a mouse; waiting for “hell” to surround them with death and mutilation as well. Waiting to return, to a world without resources, or food, or water, or shelter, or rights, or love; because it is literally all gone/ and will never come back as life on earth. Because only death, lives in the last few days of cannibalism (lets eat the children; and then women one piece at a time) and hate (drink their blood)/ before extinction consumes us all. After all: women can’t make the herd of men/ be “human”. Leaders won’t allow it! And aren’t they more than “just men”? Are not armies “just men”? Are not weapons, ____________just a toy? It is pride that fails/ and it is power that controls fear. But it is want, that ends life on earth.

And the leaders of men all say: “women will NEVER stop us, from being in charge of men”/ we are their gods. A few will be killed: and the rest shall surrender to war. As history proves NEVER fails. But reality says: one in every 8,000 people adds up to one million people are now involved. And the world shouts: “I CAN’T be just one in a million” that ain’t enough. So men sit on power: “fear me/ or men I control; WILL KILL YOU! But, Kill a billion/ still over 7 billion to go: got enough weapons? Answer NO; but we have weapons of mass destruction. End of this world/ horrors beyond imagination. So who cares, right? Let men be men; right? Shame on you all; is true. The tiniest few, excepted.

In summary: the universities gave to humanity what they wanted; change without consequences. Lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, failure, fantasies, delusions, imagination without truth, fools in charge; until truth ruined their game. And reality stood at the door, as is proven by the evidence of this day. Humanity screamed HURRAH. And shouts; “we will NEVER change/ we want what we want”. But truth and reality agree; CHANGE YOUR WAYS, AND ACCEPT TRUTH MUST DECIDE/ not your wants. Or extinction will be horrifying and true. Far sooner, than you can imagine; as realities look to war/ as food shortages become out of control/ as water fails/ fire rages/ nature collapses/ ocean life ends/ and hell begins.

The reality of change begins with REDRESS; AS IS THE LAW. Which makes this limited case of medical billing injustice; a primary link in creating change. Purely up to you. Because unless reality proves you are willing to participate with honesty and honor; I will abandon you to your fate. That does not mean, anything more than “I will”. Because I no longer own that choice/ but it does indicate how close you are “to hell”. I must do, what the spiritual woman inside demands; it is not a choice. So I recommend you pray to the GOD OF LIFE which sent her to you; as I have no say. Clearly not your savior/ not your prosecutor/ not leader, or any other type of kind of participant. I was the messenger delivering CHANGE OR YOU WILL GO EXTINCT. But that is done; and my life is “turned upside down”; don’t know why/ or how it ends. I did my job; my story ends/ “hers, as is a reality of Revelation 12 & 17 predicted; coming true”. “spiritual (beyond time) woman inside (participating in time; from a distance)/ woman now in charge of the beast called man. Even though I was never a beast to any woman or girl or life.

So, the question is: WHY, would any spiritual (not from this world) woman, choose to invade a man? Answer: standing at a distance (moon)/ she cannot be influenced by time; and because not a woman in time/ she cannot be influenced by anything the man is going to feel. Thereby immune from consequences “of female choice” over man. Instead of that, by being in control of man; she gets to feel and reveal, the education: “why, what, when, where, who, and how”; do women allowing truth to decide; learn to change men/ removing its a man’s world  forever. Thereby creating a path for female, between time and eternity. To prove: men will no longer control this world. The key being: THE LAW, we create: will decide for our lives, our planet, our world; for us all: now, proving peace, hope, and justice shall now, rule this earth.        This is the conclusion of your choice.            that choice will not return: it is, NOW OR NEVER!

The critical truth in this is: “there are NO LAWS in the female dimension governing male existence; as they were never intended to be included “inside their realm”. What the future, even into eternity, will then become: is what female decides/ not male. He has no choice.

it is; once again:  my intent to be done now.  no, I have nothing to say, about my “future”/ it is not my choice.  no, it is not a game;  there is no place to hide; for me or you.    truth will decide.

This warning is given to men, their courts; etc: DO NOT AID OR ABET this man given to women/ he is their own. If you do, eternity will NOT be kind to you. Women will decide/ women will protect/ women will judge each other; SAME; as was/ is, required of men, who found themselves in control over women. RESPECT breeds happiness. “choose carefully”! Life or death, balance upon what you choose to do.

I do, “feel better, about my future now”.   trading places is complete.

NO, I do NOT “want to talk about it”/

I will merely hope for the best. Knowing whatever comes; whether thrown away, respected for life, or what befalls women as hate/ I have at least become equal, to the experiences they have in living with men. I KNOW, from experience; “not everything (between male and female), is bad”. NO, no expectation of pregnancy exists/ only a true miracle would do that. “the baby delivered” in Revelation 12: was keys to a new way of life on earth/ by law, not leaders. As to “religion hates”; the consequence of that is yet to be revealed/ but it no doubt includes, “their leaders are university educated”. No, I have no clue, what this life is going to be; _______________________? absolutely no intent to “play or dress female” exists. “She changed the power structure;  ALL of it!  Regarding, male to female relationships”/ as is trading places “to create, from a different view of reality, as in opposite choices, or opposite experiences”. its complicated:  “you me/ I you”;  don’t ask, I don’t know.

I merely opened the door to ask a question of female life; HOW COULD WOMEN SAVE THIS WORLD?  it was never my choice to be anything but male. The apparent answer, now revealed:  WOMEN WOULD CHANGE MEN.  THIS IS;  your apparent chance to do that very thing.  I truly do regard male and female as equals/ but nature decided, not me; and I loved male. So, “there you go”/ judge away.

But remember this: I AM NOT “savior/ or satan/ or prosecutor/ or guru/ or priest, religion, believer, or other. I was a messenger, that was my job; and I did it as best I could; leaving lots of room for better. Nonetheless I did do the best I could. That job is done. As to women and female and spirituality, and everything else; that has been added: “not a clue”. As to what can or will women do to me: not a clue. Eternity for me, not a clue; not even if it will be male or female/ and you can’t be more void of knowledge than that. So what happens to me is NOT going to decide your fate/ but if alive, I can help you distinguish a destiny of value. I would choose that.

I did not choose to be “woman owned”! Over the past 7 years or so, EVERYTHING I have started; has been forced to quit; not my choice/ never been “homo, transvestite, or other”; never going to be. Spiritual is an entirely different experience and expression of life; unknown to you/ so it is irrelevant, unless you believe. I do not believe: I choose faith in what the truth will reveal, as is GOD CREATED US ALL/ JESUS IDENTIFIED himself by showing primarily men who were in charge; that love OR hate, is in fact a choice. I did intend to quit this work; years ago/ but was refused. Reality has shown, I was wrong; but I have never been perfect/ nor have you. I guess: I must return, because I do not know what women can hear; “they always run away/ and become extremely upset, with any attempt to study them (same as they study me), for an understanding”. So I don’t. HOW do I say: this is NOT an attempt to get sex or other so called favors from women? Not after your money, not trying to control or influence you to be anything but yourselves. “fell in, can’t get out; door sealed shut: proven to me, without the slightest doubt/ NO escape”; simple as that. Reality however proves all of that: as is “given to the masses of women”/ I have absolutely no chance to defend myself. As to purpose and truth: My work speaks for itself, as true; (there is more) I do not defend it; nor have I ever charged. The spiritual woman inside makes certain of that; believe it or not. So, in real life circumstance: I do feel a bit, like “a single woman must feel, when finding herself surrounded by an army of men”. This just can’t turn out well, for me; NO MATTER what might be required. But I have no choice. I will simply hope for respect; as I am certain all women would do in that situation.

However, I DID ASK, to remain useful, in this quest to save life on earth, that gave to me choice and freedoms and life: as best I can. Respect demands it! It is not my place to ask “why”? I will try, best I can; to be helpful/ if not simply thrown away, by women who won’t care about life or world. It is their choice/ not mine. I assume it will be as it has been: “i did the best I could/ but nobody cared”; and ran away from reality. Which is the fate of endless disaster, we face today. Knowing the price of being wrong for life and world: I cannot run away from truth/ even if you do.

but there is a warning:  if women fail/ then men will finish their decision to play gods, and make this world extinct;  as would be the meaning of the first 11 Chapters of Revelation;  interpreted with all weapons of mass destruction released. That includes the horrors of nature in chaos, as “university Satan” is unleashed. That includes the Apocalypse; WAR for water. That includes HELL, only hate and violence, is left!   CHOOSE. 

LIFE IS SACRED, COMES FIRST/ THE PLANET IS OUR ONLY HOME, AND WE WILL RESPECT AND PROTECT IT ALL.    WE LIVE BY LAW/ not want.           or, Universities finish their work as Satan;  the destroyers of a living world/ forever now extinct.

IN CONTRAST: leaders of men shout, “war is the glory of men, their right to prove: YES WE CAN”. But every soldier in a war, face to face with the chaos, destruction, death, mutilation, rotting corpses, hate, rape, and worse: KNOWS, this ain’t no glory to me. And those who are called hero’s; get a five minute parade/ and then deal with it yourself. So the end of war: WHERE MEN PROVE, THIS WAS NEVER FAIR: WE QUIT! Is also the end of pride, which brings war if not starvation first. DOING THAT, requires the end of games; and that requires “limited capitalism” to prove: WE THE PEOPLE will not let you gather together armies to attack us/ in any conceivable way. WE will choose/ but not be led like cattle! By setting limits and boundaries on wealth: to prove WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO. Power will hate that, but without the fear distributed by armies: it will die! So the people who say: “ain’t no way women can control men”/ have not considered, THE POWER OF LAW, or an organized VOTE! Nor do they understand, the enforcement of laws we create for ourselves, BY THAT VOTE OF WE THE PEOPLE: is well within the reach of 8 BILLION PEOPLE! Whether a few die or not.    and again.

At 70 years old; I did spend my life in time; working to avoid all the things that are now piled up against you; as evidence of your extinction comes quickly now. While clearly not perfect, and could have easily done better: MAYBE? The reality is: this is the best I did do, and that is where I end as male in this work.   Not gay, not transvestite, none of it; not ever:  it is a division between life and death, that allows for disciplines to cultivate dimensions beyond self. “not for you”.

Spiritual female remains hopeful (as a presence in my life on earth); but that is “part of her world” not so much mine; although I am “completely tied in”. Its complicated/ and never what you believe; so useless to talk.

You on the other hand remain proud (a hardened heart), because you want “to play god/ look at me”; discarding the whole world, and every life in it; just to play. While those left behind find revenge in their hearts; at being a loser (no one cares or shares); so you could yell winner.

I cannot make you care/ and you will not share the work: because you believe in “universities are god”. Believe that media is a friend, rather than a fool, creating “cult worshipers”, for the Satan of universities know.

It remains true: of all life’s decisions, being a believer is one of your worst. Because truth does not matter, and you are locked in a prison of your own choice to insure no one can influence you again; “with anything important”. Letting want, control life/ playing games, rather than accepting respect/ judging each other, to claim superiority exists.

Truth will decide: if the evidence is true, and your world is collapsing into death. While you play, and hide from reality. No going back. A dead world, is forever gone/ too late now, as you know is true! a loss beyond your comprehension;  until its “undeniably true”.