The dead world; lives by conversation; because the cost of being WRONG; does not enter into the realm of intellect.  “we are doing something, is a LIE”/ when in fact, their conversation is to avoid reality; cover truth with words;  and hide from what must be done.

They need not face reality, but merely talk about it; because reality does not affect them. They are buried in the debris of a university cult; who uses imagination as their weapon of delusion; the face of a mob. The mob need not think, they may only follow. So the cost of conversation is: nothing of value gets done/ and nothing of real world costs have to be paid: because this is only conversation, “and ain’t it great”. We can talk all we want/ and we want to talk all we can; simple as that; “the couch army”. The living world exists, because when faced with reality and the cost of being wrong: decisions are built upon the knowledge that will keep the worst of what we face; from destroying life on earth. About one per one thousand live here, all the rest want a dead world; because that is what they choose. The mob follows the leader/ but the leader is universities; and the evidence is clear: they led you into the abyss of “lets build HELL”. Life don’t matter, as is said best by the geneticist: EVEN IF LIFE DIES, EVOLUTION will just make something else out of chaos; “in a billion years or so”. Or, when you believe in ALL LIES AND THEFT; truth don’t matter: what you get is a dying world.


And all the people say: “we want what we want”/ to hell with you.

But reality replies: lies and theft/ failure and fool; won’t keep you alive.

DO, WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DO: ACCEPT, there are limits, and boundaries which keep this world and its life, from dying. Which you have refused; because it is humanity that makes this world die. CHANGE, OR BE CONDEMNED.

Open your brain; to recognize; THIS AIN’T NO GAME. Either fight for your world; or you will lose it forever!

Conversation is for the dead/ not the living, who make a choice: TO DO WHAT THEY CAN, NOT TO BE WRONG! Because extinction waits, on the other side of that line. WAKE UP, and do what you can LEGALLY do.

  2. PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; CANNOT be escaped/ therefore it must be “turned around”.

Do what needs to be done.

  1. STOP, OCEAN TRAWLERS, from taking every life; to leave the ocean empty.
  6. NO MORE TALK: do what needs to be done/ that is clear and certain and without doubt; WE KNOW, THIS MAKES A DIFFERENCE/ BECAUSE WE CANNOT LET OUR PLANET DIE. NOR CAN WE LOSE ANY MORE LIFE, BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW; what is absolutely important to keep this world alive.
  7. Stop believing in money; IT IS WORTHLESS, because you made it into a lie/ used to steal the future from every child. LOOK TO LIFE, not to human; the cause of every threat we face. LOOK TO REALITY AND PROVE; YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE/ or at least tried.And all the men say: you can’t make us do NOTHING/ we want what we want. Which as history proves true means: you are waiting for war. And all the women say: we have no choice; they will not listen. But in this work: ARE THE KEYS TO A DIFFERENT WORLD, that can only occur when those who think differently than men/ are in charge. Which means: women must fight for this world/ before men take it into extinction. So first time ever: LIFE OR DEATH, is a woman’s choice. But it ain’t no game, and the choice is: for the price of an entire world and all its life. YOU CANNOT BE MEN! Which means you cannot have the same ways as men. Which means you must use the weapons that are most effective against men/ and protect you and life; which is LAW. WE THE WORLD CAN CHANGE OURSELVES BY LAW. Therefore the question is: CAN WOMEN DEFINE A MORE JUSTIFIED AND FAIR LAW, FOR EVERYONE! Than have men? That is up to you. Because if you give to the mass of men/ rather than the few who hate: A CHOICE, not to go to war, and die or be mutilated. The majority will choose with you! History proves men cannot do that for themselves; because the reality is “a devil/ hate” waits to take control/ and then uses power and pride to evict the realities of peace. So included in this demand for law/ is the separation of hate from reality; wherever it exists. Included in this demand for law is: TRUTH DECIDES/ NOT WANT. Included in this demand for law is: YOU OWE THE FUTURE its existence/ not your garbage. Just to start. WAKE UP, or you die! Yes, it is that simple.The spiritual woman in me; “as predicted in Revelation 12 & 17; a biblical reference”; says to you, “this one will aid your efforts, because he has no choice”.I would honestly say: my body or brain is really stressing out, over that statement/ not sure why, No clue what that could realistically mean. I just wish it would stop. Finally after 8 hours or so, it did. Establishing with certainty; that it was want; or more correctly don’t want; again, that had crept in. So here we are: my life asking for you to be involved in life or death of this world/ and you afraid of your own shadow, and refusing with endless excuses. Because people will ridicule you, if a decision you make is not successful. Completely oblivious to the truth: your world is dying, and without change there is no life to live in time. As to this body and me; it is again attacked with “don’t want”/ by the cost of recognizing just how vulnerable I am or have become to women. No, its not a game. And I really don’t like being vulnerable; but I am reminded, “this is, the life of women”; and I will learn! Why I don’t know, but it is true. Nonetheless; that is a tiny thing, and reality proves our world is dying and about to go extinct; because men will not survive the wars they are about to create; and that means no other life will either. Proving not even this world can survive what they are about to do. And that is only ONE THREAT of many; that must be addressed NOW, BEFORE THE POINT OF NO RETURN; makes all life the living dead. So as history proves; MEN CANNOT save this world/ because their only answer is war. Which leaves women to do better, by law: NOT war. Men are forced by leaders into wars; and it goes on; because leaders know if they attack the other leaders/ they, as leaders will be attacked as well. So the war goes on, and the leaders go without real punishment on earth; and women are raped, cities are leveled, resources we no longer have fail; and life will be reduced to hate and cannibalism because that is the choice you made. DO YOU WANT THAT? Then make a better choice. Nearly fifty years of trying, have proven men cannot/ their media under universities control cannot/ their governments cannot/ their courts cannot/ their religion cannot/ and they themselves offer only “I have a gun”; which will NOT help life survive. Because they have a gun too! Which like it or not: leaves women as the last resort; for changing this world. That means LAW WE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES. THAT means: whosoever makes the law that becomes the foundation for all future life on earth: is the power of that law. But it will not be isolated like men choose, to benefit only them! Instead justice and fair play MUST RISE, to create a world that can live “this way”. As we have voted for, and chosen for ourselves as a world. Of the many facets that kind of change requires: is the realities of participating in real terms: “like the common reality shows”. To experience, express and participate in the experimentation of what we can and cannot do for life and world and each other. IT TAKES A WORLD, to find the best answers for us all. Because unless we act as a world, rather than as men do; “mine/ mine/ mine/ its all mine”; there is no answer. WE MUST FIND OUR SOLUTION IN RESPECT, and it cannot leave any group behind. However life does not live in peace; UNLESS hate is removed; and that reality requires work and justice to discern who is, and who is not fit to live among the rest. Finding a place where they can live or die if they fail: “hate to hate; no escape”. Is required. You get nothing but hate: IF YOU DON’T TRY. Because the critical truth of it is: this world shall not survive much longer, without true change. Without real world: NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT ANYMORE. As is needed to resurrect life and world; and it won’t be easy; because everything EASY, is what men and their universities did do. Which includes all the horrendous things universities do MUST BE STOPPED; as soon as possible, or tears will flow like a hurricane; until this world is dead. Because that, is what you chose. SO CHOOSE BETTER; AND QUESTION EVERY PERIOD IN EVERY SENTENCE IN EVERY HIDDEN CLOSET IN EVERY ROOM OF EVERY UNIVERSITIES; until there are no more secrets, and the reality of being wrong is absolutely known; by this whole world. A few women, have no meaning to this work: YOU MUST INFLUENCE A WORLD. Therefore organize and identify what you can do; it is required. All that I can do in that regard is: help you do what you can do, by helping you understand what you cannot do; or making it clear what the price of that choice, will be. It is not a game, and I don’t play games with life or world. As a reality of true miracles (can you build a life/ or a blade of grass: NO, you can’t); DESERVES OUR RESPECT. No games/ BE BLUNT; work for life. DON’T be a jackass who cannot be moved even though it is standing on fire. As is “dumb-ass” WAKE UP. BEYOND THAT; I inherited 51 acres although the taxing district charges me for 58; thieves all around. As is the constant of America. Nonetheless, you can come here; if you pay the cost of what you take. Or maybe even less: IF YOU PREPARE; WITH REALITY; so that can become valid and real. As for me; I will try to be here if you come; but my ears are a major trouble to me/ and I don’t guarantee it.Even though it is on this site and my previous site  the day of decision is here:    My address is: JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR 2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E. ST. JOSEPH, IL 61873 USA. Make your decision.

    DO NOT SEND ME MONEY; this ain’t no charity, and I am NOT organizing you. IF YOU CREATE AN ORGANIZATION WHICH WILL PROVIDE YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO DONATE if you wish/ THEN AND ONLY THEN; shall a link be provided through and only through; this website here on this page. With women in charge of everything associated with that decision. NOT ME. BEWARE of those who steal, cheat, lie, and more (as copycat sites can arise; and so on) NONE OF THEM will be me or this work. ONLY, when the work actually begins; a time and place to meet actually exists. Only then with preparations starting, is there a need to participate with money. Those who might come, must provide for themselves; just as do I. If you refuse, and send me money anyway: I demand, whatever it is spent on is entirely at my discretion/ and as income, it will be taxed. Held aside; for when that trial comes. Which means; you gain little if anything. Just don’t do it; WAIT for reality/ and then decide.

    YOU CAN: mail me a comment just write in, NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEW/ so I know:  must allow them to be seen; or not. I HAVE NEVER used any social media network/ only “youtube”. the video link in on 

    NONETHELESS: your excuse is rendered without substance; as this is possible for you to do; even if you don’t have the organization to do more. YOU ARE IN CHARGE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE, YOU GET THE FINAL SAY: in whether this world lives by your work/ OR DIES, because among 4+ billion women; not even a tiny few of that number cared enough; to try. ANY OTHER PLATFORM, will do, to meet your purposes; CHOOSE ONE, THAT IS REALISTIC to your needs. The internet will help you; BUT YOU NEED A REAL WORLD, THIS IS WHERE WE ARE MOMENT; TO BEGIN this journey into time beyond “what will become, the dead world of men”; if you do not. Simple as that. I will help you; if you ask. Because as the spiritual woman declared: she gives me no choice. And she can make that true; as has been proven to me.

    If you find that “scary or blind”; a thing that cannot be trusted! I remind you, that I will not help a tiny few who cannot make a difference. WHICH MEANS; by the numbers; I have no chance, to influence you; but am utterly vulnerable instead. So your fears are fruitless, and benign; no tragedy will come; it is guaranteed. As to spiritual realities: I offer you the proof of miracles, LIFE IS NOT A GAME; and all that you do not know is more than you can even imagine. Unlike the fools of universities, who claim “chaos is your god”. It is their god, and that is what they worship; as they mutilate life with chaos, by changing genetics. STOP THE INSANE; IT IS YOUR JOB.

    What is clear is, as always: I AM NOT, “your savior, religious guru, leader, judge, priest, or other”/ and you are not mine. But that is true of us all, and you should respect that if you come here. Only hate is judged, by law; by the evidence proven true. Forgiveness is dependent upon repenting of failure or foolishness, rebuilding if you can; it is not earned, but it is not without cost.

    For clarity of purpose: I have no transmittable diseases; KINDLY do not bring me any either; as that is unfair. However I do have scalp issues, “dandruff” or something; just so you know.

    I have NEVER had sexual intercourse, with anything other than female woman/ NEVER assaulted, hit, misled, tempted, or in any way with any female of any age; been less than realistically respectful, as best I could; remembering I ain’t perfect. Tears did fall when I left; but choices had to be made. The entire “spiritual female inside, was never my intent or decision; beyond opening the door into that spiritual realm”.

    And of course if you believe it is something other than “spiritual female” inside: I ask you the simple question, WHY then is everything she demands, of me: for women? Or, LEARN; everything about: how men have treated women badly in history. (I didn’t do it; but she says to me; “the women treated badly did not ask for, or deserve that treatment either”. Which ends the argument, because I know its true.)

    Its complicated/ its life or death of this world/ its an exception to the norm: because extinction is a very serious and extreme event.  With heartache, beyond your imagination!  I am overthrown; male is discarded, and I cannot “have him back”; life has changed, she rules as predicted in Revelation; never my plan/ a complete surprise. Believe it or not. The oceans will soon be dead: your trawlers “take them all/ forcing extinction; in a soup of toxic waste; where every incubator of life is nearly dead. And that means; more than one billion people will starve quickly thereafter, with no possibility of recovery. WAR comes. EVERYTHING living, is basically at deaths door; because humanity refuses to care. believe it or not!

    “I believe this concludes” the basic reference: of the best I can do for you, without your assistance or work. But as always, “I could be wrong”; its complicated.   YOUR TURN!

    NO, at this time I am not looking for a female companion; because the end result of this work is: I cannot predict your safety. If however this proves to be fruitless, as it has for the last nearly fifty years now; it would be kind and pleasant to find someone who did fit into “my life”; just as I would need to fit into “your life” as well. Unfortunately “I have tits now”; so, it is what it is; as I can’t just take them off. Predictable safety increases as time goes by. “we will avoid” the cost and consequences of a dying world; as that will by then have proven to be: useless.  for, “a little happiness”, while we can.

  8. OR, if you work, then simply too much work to do, “for my happiness” to participate; the world comes first. As it always has.
  9. Too many words I know. But life taught me early on: if I leave anything out/ people use that opening to scream, “we found a loophole”; and we don’t have to do nothing. While it is true you don’t have to do nothing; truth will prove, that is a choice of extinction, as time on earth for life will end. Even you, can understand: that is true.     
  10. As it is with life, the conclusion of this work; is a death (there WILL be change). Or more distinctly the end of want; because want drives the human condition to accept the concepts of living with a body, to its ending, that the body must be abandoned. As it fails to accomplish the decisions that are governed by want. While truth is the elevation of life beyond self, whereas honesty reveals that it is truth alone, where knowledge comes from, while understanding is the basis of that relationship between knowledge and truth, that constructs the wisdom or removing self. So that truth can decide; as is the basis or beginning of love. Hate worships self; and refuses to surrender it; thereby constantly removing other influences; which then becomes “the coffin” of your isolation with hate, as is the body called self. Of things to be learned: I have been confronted by the evidence of want in my life; as the reality of time demands, “if you don’t do what time requires for your living/ you are going to die”. Therefore we want to do, what time needs for us to do; in order to survive. But death is the removal of want, by limiting what you can and cannot do for time and its needs. The consequence of that, is in my life: equivalent to being treated like livestock is: NO YOU CAN’T; while I observe everything male was, is being lost to the effects of time itself. The elemental construction of that is both: the cost of being female, which is historically “we need patience, more than want”/ while the reality of male is; we need to do what life needs for us to do, in order to survive and protect our existence in time. The cost of that is a life separated; because one is fighting to survive, and the other is waiting for their own chance to express life by freedoms they have earned. So the end result is: to believe, that money solves these things; and in part it does. But that is only the experience of time, rather than the expressions of love; and love is by far the greatest treasure we can know. Because it makes life, into “being alive” with you. As to me: I am forced to accept, the body is not allowed to sustain what it wants/ work is not allowed to sustain what is needed/ living is not allowed to participate as I choose/ disciplines have been thrown away/ order is not accepted/ and balancing life and time has been “tossed aside”; or more distinctly, everything male worked for, lived for, desired; and as it turned out “wanted”; has been thrown away; which would be dead now. A reality, not expected in time. However it does reflect the basic truth of men and their universities; the cost of women who join them trying to be “man.” instead of woman. As the world itself is losing each of these things; which means it is dying too. Want will not save life on earth. Therefore within the barrier, that divides life from death; the consequence of want deceased/ now comes to mean, that life, like truth, will now decide what my own future will be. That spiritual life is female; but the physical life is male; added on with “female on top”; and change is a constant; as reality becomes whatever this will be. Of quests that conceive of the question presented as: “I don’t understand”. Disciplines respond: that eternal existence is built upon the three distinct elements of order. To balance truth with life, that owns no want; so that life and truth will then decide what is to be the identity of your value. That coupled with force; to limit and contain the elements of what can or will be done. And the definition of desire; which is to elevate love as the basis and foundation of home, is where I am alive. The development of this journey; leads to eternity, but only purity builds the bridges between life and time. How it all ends for me, I do not know; as “I, confronts us as a want”; which is tempered by the decisions that we make. The reconstruction/ rebirth of that formation beyond time, suggests: to enter within the values we have accepted, is to form the living which will be done. The passage is formed by energy. But the elevation of life into eternity cannot be less than truth. There is no distinction of time versus eternity: life is life and it decides the future/ not death. Thought is the environment of what GOD gives to those who search. While life is the value shaped within the rhythms of our heart. What is force is an elemental decision, linked to both. Love divides truth into; what will survive, and what will not, because “you chose” not to belong.The elemental joining, of male to female; in order to save this world: comes only with the certainty of being equals. The critical direction, of expanding this dimension in time, to sustain and create an environment of law; whereby leadership is now decided by truth. Does not come; unless accompanied by female decisions to participate beyond self; and identify justice, so that fair play will overwhelm what men have done. Without that decision, and that work from female life on earth: your world will fail. Because men brought you here, with their universities leading the way: and it is, “the edge of your extinction as a planet of life”. CHANGE, let women lead that change; or your worst horrors, will change you into death; by HELL. It is, “that simple”!The question is: because death requires each one to remove the body from their life: WHAT then happens to gender (sexual identity)?

    The answer: force continues to decide, “if you will push out (male) or pull in (female)” as the purpose of your life. Life is a dimension shaped by force, pushing it into expansion. Love is a definition which shapes the truth, within the laws of “being alive”. The barrier between male and female as is established by the consequence of force: does not surrender to want. It is, what it is. Which makes time the conditional response to that force, as is gender. Within the barrier between life and death: force has no sustained dimension. Therefore the question in that conception of “balanced between, male and female”: becomes a choice made by GOD . an exceptionally rare event.

    The cost of being human; revolves around survival in time. But past survival, the elemental descent into want begins as boredom refuses to leave, and isolation begins. To achieve life, it is necessary to form the boundaries and barriers of desire. To complete desire as is “being alive inside as the miracle of our existence is; you must accompany truth, in the journey described as love. To do less, is to descend beneath boredom; where loneliness offers hate as your solution/ letting anger lead the way to your isolation, as dead fundamentally is.

    The quest of life: is to participate as a living example of your own truth! The cost of that decision is freedom, and freedom allows and insists: that the choice is your own. Because as is true of force: “for every decision, there is a direction that will follow, where this choice shall go”. Love and hate are opposites; and they never travel as one; it is impossible to do. Animals may travel as one; because they live between life and death; as is time.

    Choosing for life, requires that you listen and accept only truth decides: because eternity will require that of you. Choosing for self, as is the basis of time; lets you accept “the coffin is your grave”; and nothing more exists. But that is a decision, not a truth.

    Religion offers decisions, rather than truths; because as a business they need the answers, or they cannot survive as a leader. Consequently they echo, what they believe, that people then accept/ and change the answer if the people do not accept their decisions. The people themselves offer: “I believe GOD has done this, etc/etc/ etc”; as is their own decision; because they need an answer to occupy their place in the herd of “believers”. So great investigation is necessary, because they believe; and that is enough. But decisions are not truths; as is represented by the major religions incorporating evolution in their beliefs; as is worshiping their real god of universities know “everything”. As a consequence they lead their herd of believers; to the cult of universities know; and reality is destroyed by universities playing god with life and earth and child. Evolution has no evidence, but it believes there are no consequences for life or the decisions that each one makes: and the people want that to be true/ so they believe. However when confronted with reality; the herd wants “a real GOD” to either blame or worship as “granted just for me”. Or, “he knows” I am here. Consequently for some, that translates into: an acknowledgment “A CREATOR” gave us this life. While for most, it is just another excuse to shout: “see, I am a winner/ you damn losers, you”.

    So the critical life truth question is: DOES GOD OUR CREATOR; intervene in our lives, or the lives of those who believe; or does HE not? The plague of cult worshipers aside; as are not included beyond the grace of GOD .

    the answer is simple; because we cannot answer whether GOD does or does not intervene in our lives. We DO NOT understand or acknowledge or conceive of the wisdom that is GOD . therefore we cannot know! As is NO, you cannot claim GOD as your buddy or pal or “driver” or whatever it is you do. YOU DON’T KNOW. Which means “perhaps/ or perhaps not”; none can say.

    As to my own life, the evidence of intervention is considerable; as real world events and people shaped the passage of time, in favor of who I am now. Or more directly, the consequences of living define our lives, and create changes in our direction; based upon the truth of what did or did not occur. So then why did the evidence of a life shaped by truth; to become “something different” occur? The evidence suggests: there was a need for someone, “to deliver the message; this world will end if humanity will not change”.

    So perhaps it was intervention/ or perhaps it was a long list of realities that would have occurred anyway; or whatever the cause or consequences of my own life’s journey are. I can only tell you; “truth knows”, I do not/ as is the evidence of absolute truth: I am only human. I don’t know, and neither do you.

    What is clear to me is: that we must all individually make our own decision, regardless of how or why those decisions arise. Because this reality of direction as a consequence of our own decision; becomes our truth, which then identifies what is real or valued within life; as is you/ or me. Searching beyond that point of evidence, that is your own truth; ascends by the purity of your truth, into the creation of heart and love, and soul. As is: “the blessing called being ALIVE” in this journey called human.

    While there are many elements to living; the foundation of acceptance is, “that we are literal MIRACLES”, and by no means the result of “university knows: who offers only the chaos of life building itself: one piece at a time, without even a brain”! Who is so blind, and so deaf, and so dumb; as to believe that? Those who want an easy out; to claim “NO CONSEQUENCES” for us; as is university knows.

    They are “absolutely wrong”. As truth would say.

    In contrast to the element of “I just don’t, and never will know”: what GOD does or does not do! I am absolutely certain or was; of what is my own truth. I know, if respect is my gift back for life. I know, if my actions or reactions are about love or hate. I know if I respect the life and planet which joins me in this adventure; to conceive of an eternity, and share the love of that decision, with another. I know if I care, or do not care; and when I am wrong; because love tells me so. Love is the decision and partnership of ascension beyond self. Love is the eternity of a home, beyond isolation. Love is the beauty of every miracle on this planet. While hate destroys that beauty; “by want”; the vital creation of hope, aligns with: my choice is my own choice, and it is not tainted by theirs unless I let it become so. Thereby giving truth, the essence of what I can become. The existence of my “own life”, is real. A partnership with life itself.

    “I do believe”: that GOD KNOWS, what exists in this universe. Without doubt or question; because the force of life, comes from  “HIM”.           And much more!

    Some ask: WHAT would the living be, in eternity?

    The critical response is: we cannot know, it is beyond our grasp. However what we do know is: that a biological body is not going to exist/ as that is entirely a conception of time, and thereby cannot be eternal. So it won’t be that, no matter what your religion might tell you: the refuse of a dead body, at best; is recycled so life can go on in time. The greater need in this day is in the oceans, where extinction comes quickly now.

    The critical response is: where love rules in justice and peace, by the foundations of law and responsibilities; the shared response of that happiness is we care about each other. Love requires an individually, that allows for the freedoms of your own response. Therefore we cannot be slaves, and must take responsibility for ourselves: that requires an active knowledge of understanding what life needs.

    The critical response is: that the fuel of life is hope, and hope arises from joy. Therefore love is the essence of joy, and life becomes the passage that fills the void created by loneliness. Where love exists, loneliness does not; therefore love is the answer to eternal life, because it grants the treasure of a shared existence. Consequently love shapes the journey, just as truth shapes the image of who we are.

    The critical response is: that our destiny is life beyond self, as the foundation formed by being ALIVE, in this existence; of thought, force as applied to energy, love, and respect. All four are needed, to survive. But we also need law to guide us, we need truth to teach us. And we need wisdom to search within life, in order to be free. Therefore the work of living, is to create the purity of these things; in our relationship with GOD . whose existence CANNOT be contaminated by you. Therefore only the purity of truth can be allowed to enter; into the realm called love.

    I consider it likely; that because happiness is not bound to rules, each will be free to conceive of their own living. Because love is best shared, I consider it likely, that we will not fight in any sense for the value of each other. But care enough to let each be enough, to honor life with respect; allowing for limits and boundaries where needed by your own choices. As to sex; I have no clue? As to survival: reality will prove that the force provided by our existence will be enough. As to thought, the basis of love opens the door to everything that can become, for life. As to respect: life is no game, and you will accept RESPECT ALLOWS your life to exist. Which means you can be punished or removed; if absolutely necessary; because you will not learn. As to sleep; in the developments of my own spiritual existence; the very first time, I saw the spiritual woman; who entered my life: she was asleep, and had been so for a significant amount of “time”. I kissed her; and she immediately awoke; through off all conceptions of time; and the battle ground of male versus female began. So, at least in the spiritual world, which is not our “eternal home”; there is sleep if you choose it; and there is respect for “making this right”. But I know not if that translates beyond truth.

    Life stood at the abyss; between life and eternity, to see in the distance what “looked like” some type of housing buried in the clouds; which also hid the bottom of the abyss. But none can cross that abyss, without a true invitation; and I was sent back to finish this work. So then if that helps you to conceive of “something”; so be it. But remember this: all beliefs are put to the test of truth, and only what is true will survive. Therefore keep your beliefs at a minimum; because “they cost” you, beyond time.

    With our own passionate embrace of what has value: we build our lives based upon what this world will give back. For some that is little/ for some it is too much; to be fair. But our choice is limited to the distinction of self, unless we define our lives as more than survival by time. I look to myself, and find: there is no possibility that I could build life. But there is every respect, for the value of life that has been built. While love fails because humans want; the reality of love is, without doubt “the greatest treasure” we can know. Therefore where love exists, and the truth of sharing and caring are defined by the passions of life itself (as did JESUS); it is there that I will go, “in search of life” beyond self; as is the basis of time.