no mercy


HELL is the existence of a fate chosen by humanity; when the cumulative decisions, have a consequence beyond what people had imagined. WAR is a definition of hell, assembled and chosen by leaders, and those who hate. The constant is: humanity wants a leader/ because they believe, “let someone else make this decision to protect us all”/ and we will blame them if it goes wrong. The constant is: war comes again, and again, and again, and again: because humanity is always doing something wrong. And then screams: US/ OR THEM; choose. War exists become of hate, or failure, or want: humanity consistently, chooses all three. Today however “your saviors”; as is called weapons of mass destruction (true hate)/ your failures, as is arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; assign you to death/ and your want, purely disrespects all life and world. As is preparation for world extinction; because you chose it/ by letting universities play god.

And humanity screams: “YOU CANNOT MAKE ME AFRAID”/ I DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT NONE OF THIS; so, I will believe whatever I want is true/ and whatever I don’t want: is because you are a traitor to us all.

But reality knows: I have done nothing to make you afraid! I have only pointed to the evidence of your own lives/ your own choices/ the consequence of your leaders; and said: DON’T BELIEVE/ GO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE!   in this USA  REDRESS is your legal right:  to make the decision for our future:  as is WE THE PEOPLE ARE OWNERS HERE!  Where democracy is;  intended to rule/ not leaders, beyond ourselves. But media is your brain, and the universities are your cult; and the one thing in this world proven true, and without doubt is: THE BELIEVER has locked themselves in their own prison to protect themselves; from truth or evidence/ by screaming I BELIEVE. Regardless of truth or evidence; because they want what they want.

So go ahead: let your world die/ but remember this: YOU DID HAVE A CHOICE/ and you made that choice; whether you ran away to hide/ screamed I don’t believe nothing/ or actually worked for life and earth as do I. No second chances/ truth decides, not you.

TO AVOID TRUTH:  the universities are a “gossip factory”; they exist today to provide some grain of sand, by which their fan base of cult worshipers can then proclaim “how great we, the universities are; because we know everything/ we are the superior ones”. Which is the trophy, screaming: “listen to me/ look at me/ follow me; let me play god over you”. But as with all gossip, very little is true; that interferes with the conversation of whatever I want the truth to be; as is a “believer”. Making religion: the conversation of what I want/ exactly like universities do; when in doubt, both point to their “book”. And demand the children should not question this; making it “our truth”.

So the game enlarges with universities; because with millions playing to become “the superior one”/ liars and thieves searching every hole they can find; to become the wealthy ones/ traitors and terrorists fighting to take the most from life itself, in order to prove they can be gods; and are not just plain people; the tragedy of endless lies, horrifying betrayal, and the consequences of counterfeiting currency continue to destroy our world; because the end result of universities is: “we just didn’t care/ we would not share/ nothing in the existence of history has chosen more DISRESPECT for life and world; and the end result is now we are surrounded by the cost of that which is EXTINCTION. Far closer to our reality, than you can imagine.

An the cult worshipers of universities all scream: “we are like gods”/ you can’t take that away; YOU are nobody; and nobody is going to hear you scream: because we won’t let them.

The element of loneliness is conquered by: the understanding, “life is companion to me/ just as I am companion to the body of me/ just as the elemental distinction of “I”, is my truth. Added to that, in my own life; is the spiritual destiny altered by miracles beyond my own understanding; reshaping life, body, and I into something: “apparently needed by you”? Loneliness pushes you to participate, and participation is intended to bring the happiness we all ought to feel. But animals know only want, and want fails quickly/ while hate only knows a trophy, judged by me; which becomes violence and abuse. Loneliness establishes jealousy, as indicators come and go proving “I cannot compete with you”/ which ends with anger, isolation, abuse, violence, ridicule, gossip, or hate. While belief alters loneliness into a game of rules: obey the rules, and you have then to keep you company. Food is a companion, that stays with you long after you are done with it/ even though it is not welcomed. In the dating world; what is necessary is “play with me”; for both genders same. Because that allows for us both, to go back in time; to when life was free, simple, and easy to understand. Religion grants: that by working within the rules of this order, following its disciplined path, and accepting change is needed in me: the values consistent with this purpose, shall form a desire that does help shape my world. But belief itself is a game produced by want, where pride forms the barriers which keep other people out; by limiting the freedoms inherent with an individual life. Time spent, becomes a family; if you share and care with respect. The lack of time spent, fails a family; and we all retreat to our “little corners of life”/ isolating from the rest. The tragedy of being abused; ends with loneliness; and “where can I escape”? So then the question of loneliness is not one confined by joy (I am alive) or conversations (alone in a crowd). But exist within the heart as the rhythms we each will bring to our own lives. I have been busy throughout nearly an entire lifetime; which did not allow for “much more”/ as I chose this work, and its conclusion which is: I must defeat the universities on their own terms. Which I have done. For the rest, each has, or faces; a conclusion to what their life choices are. Costs exist with each one, there is no “free lunch”; unless you share love/ which grants whosoever pays, “I do so, because you are worth more to me, than the price of sharing my life with you”. Family begins here, where trust becomes the bond; that not only creates our home, but fills it with the blessing: I am loved, and I love each of you”; because we cared. It is a chain formed by “links created in truth”/ which ultimately become the love we did share as our lives became connected in trust. Because respect was found, and shared in each of us; which sustained in our choices, our hopes, for life and its living, the quest for happiness on this earth. As hearts born to be “just one”.

So they block every aspect of communication; “but this one”/ which they leave open to learn what I do have to teach. Thereby when I die, they do get to steal, and claim whatever they want for themselves “that suits them”. A reality used throughout history, a constant of life on earth. But unfortunately for you and them: the evidence of life and truth convicts you of choosing extinction/ and it is extinction you will find on the day you know: humanity went too far/ and will now be lost forever; as this world, and life itself dies; without a single tear. Because mercy is not for the fool; you chose this/ even when warned, you declared “we are gods”. The cost of that is your own judgment; kills life and earth.

And the cult says: “you can’t scare us/ we are gods”. Yet the only thing they can do; is create war machines against life and earth. Mutilating/ crucifying/ horrifying/ terrifying failures to every living thing. Because your gods have proven to be the religious prediction called SATAN; as does mean, the destroyers of a world.

SO, as is the mercy of one last attempt to warn a living CREATION OF LIFE AND EARTH; that your time to correct this is limited to what reality will allow/ and past the point of no return there is no going back. SO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE (DON’T believe) PROVE what is true/ AND UNDERSTAND THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG. In this USA; that is clearly enabled by redress of grievances; the law of democracy proving ownership to we the people. You remain chained to your bribe, to the delusions of want, and the insanity that is truth does not matter: thereby proving you are not worthy of being saved as a world. “from yourselves”.

The day of the animal, has arrived; because although civil is an abbreviation of civilized which means; beyond an animal now with justice by law: you are not that. Corruption, lies, cheating, stealing, failure, fantasy, delusions, mutilation, betrayal, terrorism, destruction of all kinds; is your method of living, because you threw away a living family, for “counterfeited numbers” are more valuable to me. Go ahead; tell your numbers to cry for you/ alas, they cannot; as the hole you dug for your grave begins to fill. No longer human, but animals headed for the herd of hate; because you want/ rather than live.

So let’s review: being human, can be considered a “180 degree arc” of decisions. At the extreme end of one side is: the value of love, the miracle of life and living and earth and nature, and respect for our Creator as is deserved beyond measure. To accept family, the bond of trust that makes us an inheritor of that value; described by love.

While at the extreme opposite end: is the cursed of hate, who have judged all that lives as worthless to them, so they can do with anything living or not; whatever they want. As want is unleashed to consume life by playing god as judge.

But throughout that arc of reality; between these points of truth/ are the lies of failure to be human; that construct the animal in you. We begin at “90 degrees”; which is where the mob lives. The people who cannot make up their mind if they want to be prey or predator; and will go either direction if they believe no price will be paid (because we are a herd, acting together as one). This is the purity of animal, and it is where armies are born (let the leader decide/ or we remove them, because we won’t follow unless at war); which makes it the most common description of human existence on earth.

Reality then designs the rest of the arc according to the decisions that each one will make; as are the steps of your own identity frozen in time, as the truth you chose to create, as you.

Of the various 12 steps on the side of prey, which lives for life: in the hope of love/ rather than violence. Is from “90 degrees to one life earned as alive”; justice, truth, hope, courage, discipline, order, balance, dignity of self, heart, soul, love, and respect. All of these form in the service of respect; because without respect there are no steps to be taken. The individual life earns their truth, by investing in trust as the singular service to our decision: I choose to be ALIVE. But it is trust bordered in truth, and limited by respect; as are the elements we require to build a family within ourselves as soul.

OF the various steps on the side of predator; which lives to scream “YES, I can; in the hopes of death, will prove I WIN”.The descent cursed from 90 degrees to 180 degrees is constant”, beyond the veil of ignorance; as is, now I know this road leads to HELL. As is proven by all that hate can be: when confronted with violence, abuse, destruction, murder, mayhem, ridicule, gossip, chaos, mutilation, evolution, war, deliberate disrespect for life and world, judgment, and playing god of hate (I will steal your value, and make you cry for mercy not given); when attacking an entire living creation of life; “that organization is called Satan”. As is now, the entity called “university”.

Therefore let it not be hidden which side you are on: LIFE/ or DEATH; because the middle road of playing animal; has been dissolved; because extinction surrounds you now.

These are: “the visual signs”/ so we then “look in the mirror” to discover what life has hidden inside. So the arc continues; to the opposite 270 degree “90”; and find the mob is formed by “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”. The development of cult worship, as is the trademark of every army/ where you are forced to decide; if predator or prey, because belief is the acceptance of want/ and fear is the acceptance of hate/ and obedience is the acceptance of a leader will decide, not me.

Rotating down to the element of hate; these three form the basis or foundation of human behaviors that defy justice and law, choosing to play animal instead; based upon the degree of their own descent into the judgment of others, and even life itself.

Rotating upward into the grace of love, through the essence of life and living beyond self; is the curse of money at 271 degrees: DEMANDING “believe fear obey”/ while the creation of life accepts only truth will decide; and nothing less will be allowed an audience with my soul. Because the heart, rather than judgment forms the basis of living with life/ rather than with hate. The heart knows truth, and therefore limits the destiny of our footsteps, shall be as truth decides, not the want of love. While the soul understands the boundaries of loneliness; and its need for acceptance, so as not to be lost or abandoned forever. As does construct “a conversation”. But as with family; without trust there are only moments that are lost. While the truth of family is trust, and the bond it creates knows when hope exists to become the home we have created; to never lose ourselves to this world of “the animal”. Unfortunately; the extreme competition of too many people on earth/ has destroyed most families; as is the threat to my own; where numbers are more valuable than truth of life. To their own shame.

Nonetheless; the critical essence of your own identity, is your own truth; and what you do with your truth decides what your eternity will be. Beyond self is a description NOT anchored: “to what you want/ or the claim of ME, DAMN YOU: ME, I am the important one”. But to us as the living example of what miracles claimed by the distinction of what human was intended to be; are!

last chances for change are being used up/  now or never, the end of life will come;  as is the cost of “universities play god”/ and the people went to sleep, forever lost?

There are NO SUPERIOR ONES; at all/ because we are the same miracles of life and living, as is evidenced by our own existence. NOT ONE, is the creator of self/ NOT one is the result of chaos, or an accidental slurry of insanity exists now. NOT one can declare him or herself as the creator of anything: because life is a gift, and we are each the recipient of that gift. A reality of evidence proven truth by nature gives us more than we need/ as is proof of love needs nothing else to know; there is a value hidden in, or beyond this life.

So, love surrenders time; to search beyond self, into the grace and truth of “where DO miracles on this earth; come from”? The critical truth identifies “thought did this/ along with the truth and knowledge required to make life happen”. How did the earth itself, become a living place? Which surrenders its value, to the compilation of forces needed to make change real. And the passions required to make life happy, is forms in the grace of freedom; as we learn from survival; that there is time for more than “simply this”. Love shapes the heart, and gender places opposites together; in order, as balance would provide with disciplines formed by respect. Yet the universities, and their cult; scoff and scream: “we are gods/ we decide; not you”. Yet as with endless weapons of mass destruction; what they decided is to mutilate nature into chaos, to prove their religion of evolution/ what they decided was to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; with all its radiation. What they decided was to poison the earth, and pollute and literally destroy their own home as is this earth. To their shame, “unbridled greed, and a thirst for power”; as is the result of arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and the cost of hate; which is  the foundation of extinction.

The critical choice is: as every human knows: IS WANT, pride or power; and its greed/ the destruction of hate? WORTH MORE, than life, world, love, or respect as begins the list of values proving life is worth living. IT IS, THAT SIMPLE:  life or death!  is now a choice.     literally for our entire world!


TO CHANGE FOR LIFE AND WORLD/ or let hate finish the extinction of earth? No second chances/ one direction only; as they are purely opposites and cannot occupy the same space or time in your heart.

Because there are traitors and terrorists on every side/ KILLING this world. “now, or never”: CHOOSE.

not a game; as the evidence does prove true.    “therefore worth repeating, again”

As it is with every war: they make us starve/ we try to make them starve; killing water supplies to stop them/ ends water supplies for us. So both sides scream: IF WE CAN’T HAVE IT/ THEN YOU CANNOT HAVE IT EITHER; and every form of destruction begins; with all forms of farming failed. All forms of resource ended, every rock becomes a traitor/ every weapon a terrorists/ every woman a victim/ and every child “something to eat”; as cannibalism takes over your life and your world. Because the end of water supplies is that enormous; to engulf this entire world with war. But then with the end of nature, by genetic mutilation and destruction; that is what you chose anyway; only with Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ extreme horrors are certain; as universities unleash their own weapon of mass destruction which is biological diseases they mutilated into extinction, no matter where you hide. Oh well don’t worry: there are atomic bombs/ and chemical factories everywhere, to be unleashed. So, have a great day; because it is going to end: by universities control now/ and of course “media informs”. While governments cheat, as all traitors do.

AND ALL THE WORLD WILL SAY:   “IT’S US OR THEM”/ as history proves true. Making the cost of mixing groups, a reality “WE CAN’T trust these”/ and as genocide demands:  we won’t let you fight against us either. Because WAR AND DEATH DIVIDES;  and when reality comes, its “either your family / or their family: that faces death and destruction. SO WHO do you choose/ because truth says:  NOT both?

And we all wait to see: which extreme catastrophe comes first. Perhaps it will be the plant pandemic; as is the result of taking out all defenses from grain, “as is being done with corn for instance”/ don’t worry, “who needs grass”; right. Or the pandemic in livestock from mutilating its foundations of life and living. Or perhaps it will just be the ignition of “sun on earth”; to take it all away, as the ejecting of our atmosphere/ radiation which vaporizes you/ or people “go flying away” into the fire, as is extreme vacuum requires; just another addition of solar gravity at work. So as you crawl, and live in the caves waiting for the moon now ignited by “million mile long flames” crashes into earth/ and every ocean is burned; because its made out of atoms (now on fire). You probably won’t care “too much” to live. So even the game will die/ as the planet explodes; because it is not a sphere; without water. WELL good thing media tells you all these things; so that you have a choice: RIGHT? After all universities should be congratulated, for all they did do. RIGHT?  OR, perhaps the ocean life will die/ and extreme war begins; because a billion people are not guaranteed to die: and they want to take you with them; “cause it ain’t fair”/ to die alone;  RIGHT?


Go ahead: let universities make all your decisions/ they did great so far, did they not? After all extinction does not rise by itself. They already took all your money! But: in reality, They just want: ALL the power, pride, greed, ruler, law, weapons, fear over you, to tell you what to believe, make you obey, take away your jobs, ruin nature and earth, kill every chain of life, unleash every disease (if only they can find a vaccine; FOR THEMSELVES)/ AND SIMPLY “PLAY god” over life, earth, and you. By proving they can bring the same fire here as is on the sun. which burns your skin from 94 million miles away in summer. Claiming “we don’t have to worry/ not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. But as with “biosphere 2” they planned for everything they could think of/ BUT NOT RUNNING OUT OF OXYGEN; which 7 million cubic feet; lasted for 2 months or less.  SO WHAT IF THEY ARE WRONG?  Proving without doubt; humanity is not going anywhere; which makes all the money spent: WORTHLESS/ another game to employ the diploma; with media running the offense of keeping you blind. The “space station” gets oxygen delivered. But then that is what universities do: just like a meteor, which will soon be coming close; has billions spent on what to do. When reality and I; have already told them; “a nuclear bomb in the right place” establishes “a ball and a bat” if far enough away. More than enough to create a different path. But that too: ruins the game/ and they don’t like that.

Why: do they insist on controlling everything by computer through the internet; endangering the nation?  BECAUSE YOU CAN’T PLAY god/ UNLESS you control everything as proof! WHY DON’T they fix the things blatantly wrong which can be fixed:  because without an enemy/ YOU DON’T need a hero, or people to play your saviors; as with covid.  they need an excuse to enslave you/ to grant them complete free access without rules; so as to finish crucifying nature itself.

hell; don’t worry:  you must be used to the puke and vomit of “the dead zone; called a university cult”. so who cares/ right?


and humanity said: “we know what we know”, because media told us. But universities said: that “a million mile long flame on the sun; has been reduced to just 10,000F degrees or less; even though they measure solar flare at 12 million miles long. They claim solar gravity is because of a “graviton; 15 times heavier than lead/ yet they have no evidence at all; pure fantasy. They claim the core of the sun is hottest/ yet if that were so, they entire orb would be consumed quickly; as is a supernova event. Because the heat we receive proves consumption of energy fuel. Just to start that equals radiation beyond what life can withstand.    SEARCH THEIR EVIDENCE, AND MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR THEORY.

While I claim: as proven by Lawrence livermore labs in San Francisco: fusion does not exist. I claim that an atom is built upon two forms of energy: kinetic as heat/ RADIATION; push/ balanced by “dark energy” which represents cold or pull (ACTUAL SOLAR GRAVITY). Because one cannot be sustained in an equilibrium state; without the other. So we know that exists. I claim; that the physical energy of an atom; is contained by extreme spin:  THE ONLY PROVEN METHOD OF CONTAINING ENERGY: thereby real; and the energy of the sun comes from pushing atoms together to release a frictional rub: that then becomes “the bond in atoms, burning” is solar fire. Just like fire on earth comes from burning the bond between molecules. And there is much more: theirs pure fantasy/ mine, which cannot be proven wrong. Does it matter? The only thing their tomak reactor can do: is ignite atoms on fire;  which turns this planet into a sun: because it will become a self sustaining plasma.

the price of admission to this game: at the second of ignition; being wrong means the earth is dead. Because there are no second chances/ and no possibility that the nuclear fire will extinguish itself”. HADES has arrived; a world devoured by the lake of fire; “just like the sun”.

But then “its the same game in genetics: one singular mistake too far/ and all life is dead: because like diseases, we cannot go back”. As is Armageddon.

But then like global warming; where one degree of heat too much, and all life dies; makes the planet uninhabitable; we cannot go back; the earth is lost.

But then like ocean life dead: we cannot go back and a billion people die within a month; as war and starvation rage.

But then with water supplies ending or poisoned/ with a single large earthquake opening the poison lakes underneath the aquifers; and major cities soon to be in crisis; “we cannot go back. The Apocalypse” has arrived.

And there is much more: which of course media has told you about repeatedly, so you can make one last decision; before our home has vanished, and all life, and child; is dead.

little things” like if the core of the sun were extremely hot as they say/ THEN IT CANNOT be dense; because the law of thermodynamics forbids it. As is proven by a supernova event. Or the sun heats us from 94 million miles away; by radiation; which means releasing that same radiation here: will prove to be HORRIFYING, as it ejects the atmosphere, The ozone hole releases and travels the planet; intensifying radiation;  ignites the moon, which falls into the earth: because solar gravity is the result of that fire;  and earth becomes a lake of fire; as “predicted by humanity plays god”.

And then we have: an endless sea of robotics, coming to take your job/ because mass migration: “to only one option”; leaves you ripe for the picking. Along with farmers in mega operations can be done with computers, along with transportation/ and in particular: MILITARY OPERATIONS are soon to be robotized. As is “turn on you with the push of a button”; because there is no friend or foe. As is biological weapons of mass destruction throughout universities across this world; holding their own version of war “worse than covid: because there will be bodies in the street”. In this vastly overpopulated world; which does not have enough, to keep us all alive; as it is.

WHY; does “university” resist reality/ manipulate us? Because they lose their job, prestige, power, pride, standing in society, future, money, believers, and can’t play god anymore:  as everything else dies. SO,  they risk our entire planet on fiction.  Or as with Einsteins theory E=MCsq “its just the formula for kinetic energy (motion x speed= energy). With speed as a constant. “einsteins contribution was “the constant”; which has no meaning, because motion is not the cause of motion.

WRONG MEANS:  THIS EARTH LITERALLY DOES BECOME A SUN; SAME ENERGY SOURCE/ SAME RESULT.  Even though media, who are the priests of “university cult worship”/ have no clue.  “they are BELIEVERS”/ even though the evidence clearly proves   THEY CANNOT, BE MORE WRONG.   BUT , YOU DON’T CARE:  RIGHT?

I remind you again: that  Mexico city says, “it will run out of water” before the year 2024 is over/ that means literally 22 million people MUST immediately move out. That means every aquifer in the area will be attacked/ and when dry turns to rock/ that means according to the water survey people of IL; that an aquifer receives only one inch of recharge PER EVERY 50 inches of rainfall/ that means; when 22 million people descend on “your water supply”; it will dry up. Which means NOW even more people MUST MOVE OR DIE. And that means the collapse of civilization in total; because as more and more people face death by thirst: THEY WILL INSIST UPON IMMIGRATING ACROSS THIS PLANET. AND WITH 8+ BILLION PEOPLE [a continuous line of people touching people for 8 million kilometers +; and growing]; endless SEVERE (3 DAYS to death) war will exist. “blood flowing like rivers”; apocalypse.

But don’t you worry now: because the “rich” WILL sell them water/ YOUR water; because they don’t care. So how many thousand trucks and trains of water will it take to quench 22 million people/ and HOW LONG will that last? as YOU ARE forced to move; because you have no water too!  LOOK AROUND; is not the rest of the world “same”; or about to be?

“THANK GOODNESS” : FOR MEDIA;  right?     BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY;  right? The universities are gods:  RIGHT?                 or, are we up to our neck in threats surrounding us:  with EXTINCTION.   GUIDED to death, by the blind fools of media and more.    IS THAT NOT SO?

OR:  HOW MANY BULLETS does it take to hold back 22 million people who are absolutely desperate for water?  My guess is about one billion over three days/ unless you are overrun, or alas:  “where will the bullets come from”;   and war overturns this society, because all the “Mexican immigrants here” say:  YOU ARE KILLING our families; and they turn on you; with their guns, “and more”.     so in your wise, can’t be wrong arrogance:  I ask you, “WHAT happens, when you literally have nothing to drink”? Because this world is overflowing with people/ and THERE ARE LITERAL LIMITS TO THIS EARTH.        but hey, Media tells you that:  don’t they? Well universities tell you that: don’t they? Well this government tells you that:  don’t they?  because after all, “who cares” if they are wrong/ so long as “they don’t mess up your hair”/ right?

Oh wait:  I forgot the university first is strictly  “FANTASY FIRST”/ and has no use in reality or truth of life.  FAR from any relationship with respec

THIS IS:  ONLY THE BEGINNING;  threats go to every corner of this earth/ as the end of life begins.           and they all NEED WATER! 

but: remember this:  the biggest liars in history:  all have a university diploma.

HUMANITY SAYS:  “I can escape” I will run away, so that nobody finds me: WITH PLENTY OF AMMUNITION!  but reality says:  “it ain’t enough”/ in a world filled with weapons of mass destruction/ and over 8 BILLION PEOPLE! With diseases, that can search you out/ radiation that will kill you/ and chemicals to make you blind if you do survive! and then every river will dry up/ as thirst controls life; and every aquifer will be drained into a lower one/ OR WARRED FOR, until it is depleted. but hey,  “your god too”/ ain’t that right; master of your domain: right?  alas; just another human/ never more, same as the rest.  or how about when nature is defeated/ OR IF IGNITION IS ALLOWED;  then the truth:  THIS ENTIRE PLANET IS MADE OUT OF FUEL;  just like the sun. Will prove you wrong.

ONE MILISECOND TOO DAMN LATE:   AND YOU WILL NEVER WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING AGAIN.   because the     machines     are running; and every day they try again.

BUT HEY:  YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING; RIGHT!  BECAUSE IF IGNITION PRODUCES A MILLION MILE LONG FLAME SAME AS THE SUN!   then you will just march right up to government doors/ and demand they extinguish this flame!   HELL, its just 4 million times bigger [just like an atomic bomb] than a forest fire/ “which is no problem at all”;  RIGHT!           go ahead and wait some more/ after all, they can’t take forever to ignite ATOMS ON FIRE/ ON A PLANET MADE OUT OF FUEL.  HELL, what could go wrong/ after all university is built upon:  “school children”; just like you. AIN’T THAT SO?

The greatest offense: IS A WORLD GONE MAD, utterly insane/ as is the evidence of what you let universities do. Because they hypnotized you with media coverage; “university is expert/ and judicial treason which is nobody questions the universities”. Taking away reality, to play their games of imagination wins/ fantasy rules/ and delusions will control the future. SHAME ON THIS WORLD.

The greatest failure: is letting universities wreck your claim to family/ as is the disgrace of trading “toys, trinkets, and trophies” for unity, love, caring, sharing, respect, and hope for each other; as one life we earn, with trust. FAMILY IS; the beginning of soul! YOU THREW that away; for greed, pride, want, a thirst for power; created by counterfeiting currency/ and laundering that money; what did not go directly to universities/ by putting it, as a bribe; into the lies, thieves, and traitors of “wall street”. SHAME ON YOU.

AND THE WORLD SAYS: “we don’t care/ we want what we want”! But as the day of death approaches close now; you will grovel and beg for mercy/ that will not come.

LEADERS MAKE WAR/ LAW REQUIRES JUSTICE THROUGH PEACE! Yet fools use greed to build their own coffins declaring,  “I won’t do nothing”/ even though the world itself dies.  SHAME ON YOU.          “the least educated, most stupid people in history”.

AS PROVEN BY KILLING LIFE AND WORLD;  forever lost, because of you.  alas:  greed is a coffin you created for yourself.