Four Purposes

BEFORE: you can become a member here: you must acknowledge and accept the following conditions as a real world risk (your decision decides) fact of life. Which literally means: we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for you, or yours, or anything with regards to any part or portion or link to or from services we do intend to provide.

  1. meeting strangers; is a risk/ reward reality, with consequences for some, that are not valued or desired. We do NOT protect you/ we DO NOT advise you/ we DO NOT make any decision for you. YOU ALONE, are in charge of all these things and more.

  2. We do not warrant: places, times, food, participation, or any other aspect of what you do or do not find; in any meeting or place or food you elect to participate in. NEITHER do we guarantee to any business; that fools cannot be a member here. They exist: however we will attempt to ban any member who causes excessive trouble. WE DO NOT guarantee that we can. If that fails, your option is to not provide access within your business.

  3. we do NOT guarantee in any way or form; that you cannot be followed or found by those who do participate in these meetings; whether you want that or not. WE PROVIDE ACCESS to meet strangers; and that is all we provide. NOTHING else, exists as a service of this business.

  4. How you interpret conversations, or questions, or business, or friendship, or whatever you do or do not do: IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS, and nobody involved in this service is allowed to provide anything along those lines in their employment here.

  5. While the purpose of this service is: TO PROVIDE THE OPPORTUNITES TO MEET STRANGERS IN ORDER TO CULTIVATE FRIENDS. The reality of people meeting people is: they do whatever they choose to do/ and we do not have any say in what they do, or do not do. Our only contribution to that is: if enough members ask for a member to be banned/ then we will try to block their access to meeting places and times. But they can find out through others/ and we will NOT be responsible for that. This is NOT a policing service/ and we are NOT your guardian angels or other.

THERE ARE FOUR PURPOSES/ OR SERVICES intended: offering these opportunities

    1. for people meeting people, to share a meal; “each seeks something” / simply understand that. Meeting scheduled, on site information; no more aid. Partial copyright Txu 2-083-110

    2. for people needing people; “to acknowledge, I am among the living” (especially intended for those who live alone). A daily automated phone call: requiring your “two digit” phone response. Your choice: when, or how often, before: other Members YOU choose to solicit; will be allowed to participate. Your failure to properly answer; will then notify those members: to inquire for your safety, if you do not respond. Best they can. Partial copyright Txu 2-083-110

    3. for conversations which shape society, through human understanding; a discussion of knowledge/ not want: realities not pride. A choice to join by membership invitation: IS, to share a meal, or other: which will then be offering a conversation starter, to the group/ if you want it. YOU offer the question you wish to discuss (most votes win)/ a lead in description: if you ask/ and we accept. Offering direction will be added to that; and found on this website; in that venue providing information. If, you do not find “the endless conversation” provided by www.justtalking7.info useful. One alternate question per week: will be accepted, if you wish; for you to share. By our own decision.

    4. The final partition; is for building complex relationships: “BRAIN first”. Among the people who search honestly; “meeting people to share a meal, or other; THIS METHOD is used; to participate more intimately in the conversation of living: with a purpose. Functionally, We avoid “the first date syndrome”/ and: if you choose it, THEN: you may share your answers As privately, to the questions provided, as possible. It is required, do not exchange unless they provide their own answers at the same time you do. That functional purpose being, “now I know” as best I can; what the future with you, might become”. Thereby making a difference in both life and living, by removing questions/ and answering choices. Which accomplishes: removing the time that it takes; to find even a few of these answers; which, for a long term relationship; you do need to be know. With hope to understand “our reality”: becomes fundamentally, “now, I can think and conceive of what our lives might become”.

You will be asked to create an opinion of answers, provided by unknown people seeking membership in the critical relationship group. You will be asked for a separate opinion of those who declare they have dated. Defining in your OPINION; are they lying/ telling truth/ or refusing to talk: other. “So the next one may know”.