Of all things human, “it is the believer” that defiles life most. That is not a religious statement/ as belief covers practically everything humanity does; with or without religion. Belief means: WHAT I WANT, WILL COME TRUE. Therefore whatever it is you want, regardless of the evidence or truth or reality; has been decided, “that you know” this is a fact, which you can depend upon/ because NO ONE is allowed to come within the prison walls that belief requires you to erect. Thereby protecting you from any assault, of “the non-believers”. You get to be “god; I know everything”/ that I need to know. You can avoid reality, decide lies are true, depict and define death as anything you want it to be/ and basically “rule the world”, because you believe, what you believe. Until reality proves you wrong, and even then: what you believe will interfere with truth.

Unfortunately for you: belief does not rule the world/ only religion and those who want to play god or escape into the delusions they create for themselves as a “safe world”. but fantasies are basically never true. Instead: if what you hold out, refusing to let into your life, by belief: of what is actually true; delusions will follow (the universities are filled with these). Then fate will take over and consequences, most of which are tragic, will come. Truth of both life and eternity create the law: and you will not defeat it, with belief. Want is not an answer/ walling out the rest of the world, is not defeating them; they are defeating you. Be fair, be justified, be honest, try to be honorable, do the best you can and accept the limits and boundaries both life and body impose. Because like “jumping off a cliff”; believing “with perfection (there is no doubt)” that you can fly.  Will kill you instead. Religion is in error; belief fails life. ACCEPT truth as your guide, and let the miracles of life in evidence here on this earth; be your proof, of CREATION.   That, is called faith.

Truth decides what can and cannot survive, or be depended upon as a future we have accepted to lead our way. Truth has no wants: it is not led by beliefs; it is ONLY, what it is, that can be verified by laws, which demand a consequence for this decision/ act/ or react. Truth does not care/ and will not accept what you think, assume, demand, or deny: it is ONLY what it is. The consequence of that is: what is true, can be accepted as a path into the future; if you let truth be truth, and understand want has no say.

Into that, comes human decisions; and all the froth and failure of human design, lies, cheating, stealing, murder, abuse, ridicule, hate, and all the rest. Which causes humanity to become isolated from itself, into herds/ from which, the predators eat.

So the end result is: people hide and run away from truth, because it is not what they want their own truth to be; finding in belief a place protected from those who produce chaos (either from yourself or others); either on purpose or not. The believer then sculpts his or her way into their own place inside the herd; as surrounding oneself insures: “they must eat the others first”. As fear stampedes, accidents will happen; things then change.

What is critical to understand is: hate rules the herd. Because without hate, there is no fear/ and without fears, there is no need for a leader. Therefore the foundation for all leadership is: let us make them fear/ or they will not follow and obey. The essence of fear is belief. The essence of belief is fear; as in I must, to escape myself; as mentally fears surround in an endless circle of attack. To stop that mental attack: belief is born, as the prison now surrounding me/ that you cannot enter, because only what I want, is allowed in here with me: “safe”. Religion adds in: alternate realities, which allow for beliefs to be expecting death as less than fear.


We then come to this day, and this time, on earth as truth aligns it with reality.

In that reality; we do understand: belief cannot protect you from truth anymore. As truth has aligned itself with extinction of our world/ there is no place to hide. You cannot run away from reality; leaving the only solution is: to change ourselves into something that will let truth decide; because we all die/ if we don’t. Behaviors become irrelevant; as truth descends from a decision which allows for a choice/ to the fates of NO decision; will matter now, because truth is, what truth is. Like recalling weapons of mass destruction; it won’t work anymore; the dead world has taken over.

So then we review our truth; and from a thousand threats of extinction, we can start with weapons of mass destruction (womd); as well as so MANY more just as destructive to life or world. No need to go through them all; it won’t help, without true change.

So lets begin with (womd_); men believe nothing has changed, and they can continue stealing, rampaging, raging, ruining, reveling in “I win”, and destroying the future of others; by killing anyone the leadership, wants to kill. But they are wrong/ as reality has changed this world: with resource destruction/ water shortage/ overpopulation; and all the things which insure we cannot only not rebuild; what has been destroyed. But the cost of that destruction is the limitations in food supply/ destruction of water supplies/ migration of human populations onto areas which cannot support them/ the end of resources/ the end of life/ the end of water/ the end of global warming, its reality now kills us all. The killing of many which results in disease. The overheating of life, which kills all possibility of renewal, creates disease, creates war. The sterilization of plants, end of pollinators, dependency upon “just one type”; death of diversity; genetic mutilation, worms taking over; extreme experimentation, demanding nuclear chaos in the planet/ atomic fire to consume the planet/ release of disease to steal from the entire human planet (covid_)/ lets pollute it all, poison it all, and pretend nothing has changed; even though the human population has doubled in the last fifty year. And greed has consumed reality from the currency, proving liars, traitors, terrorists, thieves, cheats, whores, devils, and even Satan are in charge now; as they maneuver with inflation (hidden by media propaganda) to consume the very last chances humanity has to survive. By demanding war; as anger turns into hate.

And yet the people believe; SCREAMING NOTHING HAS CHANGED/ I WANT WHAT I WANT; AND NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME, FROM GETTING WHAT I WANT. Just like they have been doing for the last sixty years or so. Alas accumulation matters. Just like throwing pennies into an aircraft carrier matters: when the final ones discarded; sink that ship. 8 billion plus people matter. Drinking water matters. Cursing the world/ breaking every chain of life/ EVERYTHING YOU DO, matters; because the satanic cult of university plays god; cannot save this world. Only truth can, and respect for life; which is barren in universities around the world.

And the people hide; because they want what they want/ fearing truth will take what they want away. Which it will beyond true needs. But truth has a value; which gives back life. While your wants have a tragedy hidden within; as is being evidenced right now on this earth; as is extinction is buried in your graveyard of wants/ and soon you will release it. As the end terrorizes your fears, which will then consume life from this earth.

So the decision is easy: choose truth decides and live/ OR, continue as you are hiding from truth, so you can take what you want; and be confronted with the plague of a rotting, dead world, which has no mercy at all. CHOOSE?

Religion offers: “an outer realm” to your prison of beliefs/ by accepting what I want will come true, even beyond the grave/ so not only am I safe from people; now I am safe from death. Claiming above all other things: that GOD will not let anything bad “happen to you”/ therefore this earth CANNOT be facing extinction: because that would be bad/ and it would happen to you.

Alas, religion: “the attempt to understand life, and what death could possibly mean to life without a body”; does not control truth. It is, what it is; and as is plainly evidence in the coffin: the rotting corpse proves, that body of life has ended/ and will never return, to the living in any form, again. the consequence of that is: time is not valued in eternity/ only truth, and your decision which aligns what is your truth, with what truth can allow to exist.

Humanity demanded: “free will”/ as history will prove true. But free will by the leadership of men, has resulted in the predator and prey of animals in charge of life. While the evidence of JESUS corrected that for a time. The damage of universities undid that; to prove humanity wanted to be animals; ;more than they wanted to be “alive”. And the world descended into its current state of: soon to be extinct, because the only god universities get to be is of death. The animal wants, and was released by demand: to follow that want into treason, “you betrayed the living world” with your wants.

Today with the end in view: as the evidence will prove true; even if you refuse. The only choice you have is to let truth rebuild what being ALIVE means, to the living/ as is respect and values and love and everything worth living for; that is not driven by animal want, pride, or power. It is a choice. But soon extinction will rule, as is “satan (world destroyed) won” over you. Your truth becomes death, and it will be horrifying.

My advise to you is very simple: “be like me”/ I do the best I can, letting truth decide as best I can. Accepting that I cannot know what the future is beyond what truth can reveal. Therefore I will “attempt not to fear it”/ as best I can. And depend upon the evidence of miracles to prove: that life is more complex, than I will ever know/ therefore I do accept the evidence presented by “biblical JESUS”; as a path beyond self, which reveals that love is, “the only true reason I wish to live”. The consequence of that is: I search for the CREATOR of that love, as was evidenced by JESUS; in the clear and plain conclusion of HIS living on earth. The choice of life is: EITHER LOVE/ OR, HATE. Because nothing else truly matters, not even in eternity. Survival is limited in its scope of what is true. Beyond time, truth remains as the evidence of law.

It can be added: that human animals who are at least trying to escape the “clutches of the herd”/ often turn to beliefs first, as a method of testing out their decisions. Religion offers that best. But life says: belief is only the first step in trading in, the definitions of time without the elevation of thought/ by choosing faith, which is to accept thought identifies truth as the path beyond simply self. The ascension of what life can be, beyond the descriptions of time. Love lifts the body, to be “alive”/ while heart lifts the body in love, to know peace, justice, and truth/ but finding in the intensity of a shared truth between male and female, the essence of caring is the search for soul: we rise together as if just one. Into the creation of joy, as is our birthright for intertwining, life beyond self.

Chemical/ physical sex is just lust, and little more; “i want/ I want/ I want; ends there”. To ascend within love, is to become alive within each other; and that is, “an entirely different” experience. Love is where joy gives birth, to happiness; because you are here. It is no small thing. It does not exist “within the herd”; they are limited to “time”. Love is not a want, as is animal. Love is “hope beyond self, that finds life, in GOD”. Where or when, we join as one, loneliness ends/ because the value of life begins.

Nobody can buy love, doesn’t matter how lovely or ugly you are/ talented etc. Love is a passionate embrace, of truth. Because only truth can provide trust. Love exists within trust, as the foundation upon which we create the life we do share as one. Caring exhibits that trust, as an identity which honors life by understanding we are equals/ regardless of any measurement: life, makes us equal. But want tears us apart. I was married for a short time; it is a complicated story, but the end result of it was: I needed to do this work/ and she needed to be “like normal people are”; we tried, but the education required was too extreme. So the more extreme someone is, the less room for sharing a journey exists: a lifetime would prove, “not a game”, to me. NOT because a level in love cannot be found; but because life is a journey, and we each must decide what our own journey can be. What you “love most” decides, where your heart will live. A dead world, has no love at all: it must be saved. I thought this would be simple and short; but greed and selfishness were your only companions, in a race to get all you could get; regardless of the consequences. Nothing, could drag you away, “from want: the pride it costs; nor the power used to judge”.

Love is not a game; sex is not a game; life is not a game; work is not a game; this whole world is not a toy; and nobody has a right to gamble with life or world, “it is ours/ not just yours”. So there is law. When law governed by WE THE PEOPLE chose this leads; then justice rules with peace.

Love is, “a many splendor thing, when you are alive, in the joys of being human”/ unfortunately, “the animals come out, and take that away”. Girls believe they can have sex without consequences; but then the reality of getting pregnant attacks, and the elements of what that would do “to life and living” takes control. Some want it/ some don’t; none ask their boy friends; but all want control. Young women believe “men will give them anything they want, in return for sex”/ and buy marriage with sex. Men addicted to sex agree/ but then marriage lets sex become less important; and “slam/ bam/ thank you ma’am” appears. As the realities of this world, pushes and men just want “relief”/ which translates into lust (I just want to use your body). Women grow quickly to hate that; and then comes: “use (I have to endure what I don’t want too), abuse (you have to endure, just like me), violence (you are judged worthless to me), jealousy (someone else wants my trophy), ridicule (I want what I want), slavery (do what I say/ be what I say) and divorce (we have had enough); enter. With children leaving is much harder/ but all the women say: “I will get welfare”/ and life becomes harder; but sometimes worth it.

Men are otherwise, just faced with: GET and BE what I want/ do it now, I want what I want. And also hate to be used, by women; just like women hate to be used. As temptations override truth, and the slavery to debt begins.

There are “ten thousand” different things, that need to be taught in schools/ all pertaining to life. NONE indoctrinating, as is this USA; using and abusing every child to accept the cult worship of “university is god”/ to your shame. Religion is no exception; like media: they have become entertainers, selling advertising; rather than distributors of what society needs to understand.

Want is the most deadly disgrace throughout human history; responsible for every lie, and most other criminal offenses. Want can be considered “as in religion; how devil begins”. Want is the most powerful element in beliefs. As with all lies: if you don’t want something/ or if you do want something: these are the only two reasons people lie. Therefore what you believe is based in want, and while there are basic elements of want/ beyond the limits of truth, it is all the basis of a lie. So be very careful what you want/ as is seen in the perverted: who just want the chemicals of sex; by using what is available. Tragically; when perversion uses a child/ reality reminds the felon: that child is now a witness/ and you can lose much. Which sometimes ends with murder. It is: “a lesson in want”/ that should be taught in school: want is an enemy. Choose only honor and truth/ respect each other with value. Because a child is removed from value before “called worthless to me (so they find a use)”/ and are used for sex, or other forms of violence; same. Belief uses want, to control life: when questioned, the constant of rape and all forms of tragic human behavior is the same; “I just want what I want”.

 LET TRUTH DECIDE INSTEAD, and give your heart to love/ rather than hate; as the middle ground of claiming I can have both; is a graveyard to take away your eternity.

Love decides if you have value “in living with us, for an eternity”: the bar is high, because this is not a game. Hate decides; if you have destroyed a life, “for an eternity” that would have joined love in eternal joy as “GODS child”/ the price of doing that, is beyond your imagination of terror. All the rest are deemed “animals”, and will vanish from time and truth.

Although mercy, is more than I understand; the consequence being although less than “the children of GOD” ; there is still hope and value in love, as a treasure which will not be completely lost. Or more distinctly, there are tiers of value, and places therein. I am not your judge, nor are these words: GOD is ! But you should understand, this is no game; the choices you make in love OR hate are real; establishing consequences for you, beyond your conception of truth.

We should examine the elements of belief in “male to female relationships”, as a matter of need. To understand, rather than want drives the decision; religion is the beginning basis of evidence, that is replaced with, the conception of rules control truth. You should know: that belief becomes religion with the addition of rules. Rules rule religion! Or more distinctly to believe is to want what you want; conceives of, this should be yours/ insanity can follow, with you are mine: you just don’t know it yet. To turn that into religion: to believe is, “to want what you want”, because the rules of religion say “what you want to believe, is true”; therefore the rules of your belief apply. These build the bars of your personal prison: as is “can’t go beyond here/ or they cannot come in here, because of these. These rules then become the gate leading to eternity, in death. But alas that is a conception, and the evidence does not prove it will be so.

Therefore rules in relationships do not apply, to the creation of these wants. Instead it is want that creates and defends; what it is that the intent of manipulation, temptations, or other that you can apply will do. What you want to do with these realities of choice, are decided by how much value you believe another person is worth; in resolving your needs. What you will or will not do, as a decision of that value; is then to be done. Some will: Add in the construction of mental illness (as are things called “witchcraft/ to give myself the edge”. So self hypnosis is learned on one side/ while the darker side is; violence, pain, or abuse as control decides for you to do). This is about control either way: to provide and produce, the incentives as needed to do: “what you or they, would sexually not do, otherwise”.

Sex is a powerful chemical, addictive enough to keep another person within your grasp; if excessive enough. But it is not love, nor is it the value of love; and that makes it entirely chemical dependent; which does fade over time. Sex provides time spent; but it is time spent with sex, and that does not allow or evaluate the truth of a relationship, and it is not conducted with love, but chemicals instead. Want drives every decision to believe, therefore it is as powerful as your need to want, what you want: then becomes your claim to truth lives here. If what you want is sex: then your decision is “lust”; and people claim a marriage for less. But it is not a marriage, it is “a deal; you get this, I get that”. Commonly ending in divorce, as the trophy or toy begins to fade.

LOVE BUILDS A RELATIONSHIP, BY ADDING RESPECT COMES FIRST, A DISCIPLINE OF TRUTH. THEN THE ORDER OF CARING AND SHARING COMES NEXT; AS WE BUILD THE VALUES OF HEART, to search within each other for the ascension that is beyond simply ourselves. Or more distinctly; to encounter soul, we must first abandon the body of time, to enter within our hearts shared, built this “stairway to heaven”; because being alive within each other proved we trust, each other to care. Therefore safe in a world beyond self; where Creation of miracles, live.

Just so its clear: the limits and boundaries of our world, now preclude the idea that you have no responsibility; in presenting time with another child. WE MUST all do our part to limit humanity, to the boundaries imposed by our planet earth. Which dissolves your claim of a right; into the reality of zero or less population growth. Which will end with the elderly not finding as much care as they all want. But throughout the decades: nearly one hundred percent said to me, when confronted with realities: “NOT in my lifetime”/ which meant they won’t pay, because they intended to die first, and leave their trail of tears for the children to cry. I have no great mercy for the old (and all who followed in their footsteps); as a result. If nature does not let the old die/ the young have no life. It is true: that the initiating pregnancy of a woman; is not “human defined”/ until at least the first 40 days or so is over. Where the line divides “is up to you”/ not me. But during that time, it is fair to accept: each woman owns the choice, and are entitled to make it of their own free will. THEREFORE all methods and means to understand or avoid that decision should be available for free; no strings/ no questions/ no age limits. Realities of duty to life and to child, taught in school/ but not like today. Beyond that time frame; the fetus does take on a human experience of living, and at that point; it is society that can say. If you are not ready/ then you may not carry this child to term; “until this day”; but if you choose this, we may choose for you; that you will not have the chance to bear a child again. one life is enough (you are not their god)/ not two (but duty to life, stands out). As society MUST deal with its own reality of “overpopulation” is real. BUT the end result is: ONLY WOMEN GET TO DECIDE/ not men. Their bodies NOT yours. And it is women who will decide, that to be sterilized whether by choice or limits: is to be paid for by men. Which will include a payment, because of duty to society; therefore society pays. Men CANNOT produce one single child; therefore it is not a decision of men. Vasectomy means: NO MORE CHEMICALS, of sex/ which makes sex “just hot sticky work” from that point on. NO, I did not get a vasectomy, but complete control allowed for the investigation of what happens if “nothing is added” by the testicles. A reality I no longer own, at all; absolutely gone. But still an understanding: the cursed lie to you, and this is what you will end up with if you let yourself be given a vasectomy. Which ends their contribution of sex; for women too. Don’t let them lie/ as with other animals, it changes everything; “like a car without gas”. The answer is NOT in male; unless sperm can be altered/ and if it is: then humanity might become extinct because of what you chose to do. But; how is that not everything “university plays god” already did do?

I AM, going to make a suggestion to you; controversial or not. That life is a participant in your body of time/ rather than your body of time represents your life. As death proves true: eternity demands, you will abandon (body) what can only be time; in order to be eternal as life. Therefore the body does not represent your life/ but it does represent what time can be or become for you. The end result of it is: NOBODY wants a body that does not work, or comes with deficits of disease or other consequences which are not equal to the rest. As a result, because we are limited by the consequences of what humanity did change. We do need to consider; that children should have “basically”; the best genetic makeup nature will allow. Lots of diversity; but NOT lots of “less, than any child would want”. Nature previously selected; universities defeated/ now it is a choice. Like it or not.

As to me: bear in mind, that I would not be here without antibiotics; true of youth up to about 8 years old or so; as I apparently had primary immune deficiency. The apparent result as is known today of being “bottle fed”/ instead of “mother fed”. Or more distinctly; it is hard to say in many ways, what is “best genetic makeup”/ as we truly don’t really know. But it is also fair to say: as with livestock; what the parent is/ tends to be reproduced in the offspring; which includes behaviors such as tame or wild. Diseases known to spread from one generation to another; should end. My grandpa’s family; had two sides/ married with children twice. The other side from their grandmother; contributes blindness to some, every other generation, but only through women. No one wants that! But letting it continue means: generation after generation continues to lose.

At the other side of that are those who were born as children not expected to do much/ but proved humanity wrong; eccentrics, are just one group; as in we can never truly know, because every human is unique; and you cannot guess at what their combinations will become. Life is not a “paint by numbers” mass production, as universities claim. Rather it is a symphony of greater and lesser scales, which create a rhythm defining itself, by how each human acts or reacts to what they have been given, by nature unleashed to create its own. Unfortunately, chemical contamination’s, and other factors; interfere with, the building of a body to be called; life.

Just so its known: implanting cows with genetic material from a donor cow/ produces one offspring that looks like the donor; but the next generation has numerous elements donated from the incubation cow. NEVER accept “university rules”. NATURE brings us to life, and keeps us alive; healthcare adds only a little to that truth. And just so its clear: people that say they are extending life/ are usually just extending and expanding death; of value to no one. Just claiming care, to take away money, and demand power.

There is an endless conversation to that kind of statement; that children deserve the best genetics possible (that is what nature does)/ and who that might be or become. Because the end result of it is; some people are then not “the best genetics possible”/ and even if their life took a wrong turn; it is not always a personal choice; etc/ etc/ etc. So, who is the right choice? Basically no one really knows/ as reality would prove true for most; it is not me, as the reality of living has produced numerous complaints about “he ain’t like us/ followed by ridicule and so on”. Talking about someone else, is not fair! So, I would qualify that statement by saying: never judge, just do the best you can; its all anyone can do. Truth will decide; because it leads to the best evidence we can get. At seventy years old, I would say of me; that I did give something back for my life here, to humanity; even if you won’t accept it/ that will remain true. So, not altogether discarded by the evidence/ but without doubt “less than perfect”. But none are. Finding the best genetics for a child is fraught with endless controversy, costs and complaints, and then it comes to parenting; and what people decide for themselves; particularly men, who are asked to support “this child”/ not necessarily their own. As they are already doing in this day; as is unfair. And women shout NOT SO/ but in reality when women are asked to support a child not their own: they do commonly respond with “why should I”? so, when it comes down to the reality of it; generally life says: STAY AWAY from that question/ it cannot go well. BUT in an overpopulated world, and the absolute need to reduce childbirth to just one child to one parent/ OR less. Living, does revolve around a “valued body” for every life. Because that is what it takes, to produce a healthy world. As nature proves true. You should at least discuss it; and be very careful about what you choose.

Even if a body starts out “very well”; like me, having worked with a variety of different chemicals, can do tremendous genetic harm (who knows)/ tinnitus might cause genetic harm (who knows)/ having growing tits, which will NOT leave me alone (is NOT, something any male would want; who knows genetically)/ or just plain age could do genetic harm. Which allows, perhaps young is best; before environment factors in. but then, you have no evidence of “survival” included. UNLIKE universities which shout anything so long as it is not proven by truth/ nature is, or is nearly always correct. Universities exist to shout wrong/ but the evidence of our reality, and the consequences of their decisions: prove without question, it is the universities that failed life and planet and child. NATURE sustained life with value for a minimum of thousands of years. universities in charge, have brought extinction to our door for real;  in less than fifty. we do stand on the edge, whether you believe that or not, it is true.

Children are not toys or possessions; they are “a gift of life”.

Since the future depends upon “every child” being born, needs to be healthy; because the elderly made terrible choices against life and world/ it is only fair, they should be required to support those children. As with medicare is transferred to every child/ instead of every old. And more.

Just so its absolutely clear: I am not volunteering for any kind of role in “genetic transfer”. Life has seen fit to mix “male and female together” in me/ nobody knows what nature would do with that/ I certainly don’t. Even if you consider me to be “smart enough”/ it still comes down to: this world stands on the edge of extinction/ and in fact cannibalism as will come; without true change. No child of mine “deserves to be eaten”; so unless you were truly showing signs of life/ instead of death, as is this day. I will remain childless, by choice. I do wish you well; but reality is reality. Not that there is much chance of interest, in a 70 year old male, who admits to “a spiritual female inside”. Even if that was predicted biblically; proving it is a useless, waste of time. I simply retain hope for you; as is my job, defined by “woman inside”. No, I am not against sexual relations with female; but not exactly a prime candidate for that; no teeth, not pretty, half bald, not rich, old; got tits. And then there is all the ridicule, etc. And then there are all the problems of an old age partner, as is my health or hers falling apart, death, and so on. So who knows, sexuality is probably over/ but that has been true for at least 40 years. So, it won’t matter much, time is an issue at 70. 

And then there is discarding “the herd”, to search for life beyond time/ regardless what you find/ at the extreme edge, regardless of the cost: is considered to be, “mentally insane (many do fail)”.  But as for me, I submit: “they were wrong of me, like so many things”. Even so,  just so you know, life has been a mixture of extremes; my choice has always been “love is the best/ and I trade it for nothing”. Through that I became a teacher/ but you refuse to be a student, even when death will prove; you did need to learn.

I will suggest, in terms of truth; the reality of my life is: “a survivor”/ as has been proven true. Although that lacks a future, today; as is the cost of being; “completely overrun by spiritual female inside”. I have no clue, life has changed; she will decide: simple as that/ and the world says, “he must be insane”. This is the proof. But I offer, without her, this work would have ended long before now; so the question is: DOES THIS WORK HAVE VALUE? Because if it does, then she gets the credit, for making that come true/ even when I refused. She insisted; and our work is “as one”. But, “she is in charge/ proven without a doubt, to me”. NO exceptions.     “like it or not”.

So, there you are: good/ bad/ indifferent/ whatever you decide to believe. Nonetheless, I am not your excuse/ I am “a messenger (it is my job: worker)” guided or created, to present to humanity: CHANGE, OR YOU will die, and this world go extinct: far sooner than you believe possible. Just how it is. Truth will decide; not you or me.

Every truth has a consequence; which means, this world is not going easy into change. They will scream: I WANT, what I want/ and resist. The ONLY method of defusing that is to prove by,  WORLD TRIALS: to establish, that the evidence is, what it is/ and like global warming which is just beginning; we cannot let these others be wrong. Which means high heat and no air conditioning; and more. Which means those who live in the heat belt, will be moving back to colder climate; and a cascading effect on all of society, and world. But if you don’t, very little of vegetation will be left/ and with nothing to eat, the things you eat will fail. This is no game, you waited too long. The cost of failure, will be extinction. There are NO EASY WAYs, OUT. What you believe is irrelevant/ what truth can prove is not.

If there is a summary, “for killing this world”/ I guess it would be, “you chose to do it”. By believing you could take or do anything you want; without true consequences for what you did or did not do for life or world. That makes this nation and this world; a true failure, beyond all of those who came before, throughout history.

So we return to the days of “biblical Noah, and a flood proven by fossil fuels to have existed”: and find, our world in jeopardy of extinction; by the predicted fire. Which is ignition of atoms, just like on the sun; a world turned into hades; as would be any recognition of life on the sun; in terrors.

We find fools; who do nothing for life/ but find every excuse they can to play games instead of working for a future that is not ruined by “university plays god”. Failures who use government for fantasies and delusions of their own; all supported by theft, robbery, cheating, counterfeiting, lies, whoring, and worse. Military who believe they can play god, and not exterminate the world by what they chose to do. Religions who worships anything but GOD of life. The tragedy of media, extruding vomit into “the university is god”/ manipulating, propagating, tempting, and leading humanity into hell/ as the devils henchmen. Men so selfish and greedy, the entire world fits inside their head. And women so delusional, they expect the world to survive; even though all the evidence proves it will not.

As for me: I did do what I could do, encountering “human doors” at literally every turn: proving NOT HERE you don’t. Even though it is life or death of our world. Their scream remained: “we are gods/ we are enemies/ we are fools/ we are failures; AND WE DON’T CARE ABOUT NOTHING, but ourselves, and what we want, or don’t want. And we don’t want, NOTHING you prove true: WITH LIES, WE COVER THAT UP/ and SCREAM WITH FERVOR; “NOT IN MY LIFETIME”. To escape the cost of what you chose to do; by killing every child; even your own.

The spiritual woman in me says: continue hope, because this is an entire living world, not easily replaced. DO the best you can; and leave nothing for an excuse. Which to my own shame, she had to enforce on occasion. So I ain’t saying “follow me”/ I AM SAYING; CHANGE OR DIE, as a world. Because the evidence proves you are lost, and will be extinct: without true change as a world. So ends my voice, whispering to those who hear it/ because you would have it no other way.

It seems life as male is over as well/ as I honestly feel evicted, from the body that use to be mine. What a strange world, just sort of hoovering around; “IS male, just going to fly away? WHAT then? Or, more distinctly; HOW are traits and characteristics so inborn as to be from different energy sources; turned around? Not a clue; threatening change beyond recognition; totally overrun by female. Like some kind of freight train; ain’t no coming back now. I am completely without direction; whatever this is; female owns it. I own no say. Life without a choice; changed. No, I have no clue; if this can turn back, OR what happens now? No clue about eternity? No clue at all. “blank”? No, its not a game; lost in a conclusion of what it means to “enter different worlds”; as is male versus female, NOT the same.

And the world says: SEE, HE IS INSANE/ or something “cursed without a brain”. Delusional, fed by fantasy; killed by foolishness and worse; discard him as you would death.

But the conception of life is not owned by humans, and the realities of a spiritual world are not run by human expectations, and the realities of being alive; but entering into a spiritual dimension, NOT your own; does provide for its own truth. As to all other human constructions: it is your humanity that is insane, proven by killing your own world. You are the delusional; failing to stop even the mutilation of nature itself by universities. You live in fantasies beyond imagination; as people from universities and governments DELIBERATELY try to ignite the same fire here as on the sun; “burns your skin in summer; from 94 MILLION MILES AWAY”. Believing anything media and universities say; as is cult worshiping them as your gods. As is death to this world. So, I would argue; your conclusions are moot; as you have no brain to work with. You chose to throw that away, “for wants”/ and are killing, your world, as proof.

So then: you are called to decide, DOES LIFE EXIST, beyond time?  Because if it does, then my reality is consistent with truth: even if I have no clue as to concepts and realities beyond my own realm of existence. Whereas if it does not, then your fantasies have still presented the reality of extinction is not far away, from taking away your life, and your world.