Fifty Questions

YOU ARE WARNED; that the elemental truth of someone, is based within what they believe to be true. Their belief is based within: “what they want to be true; good or bad”.

Belief is a prison; to hold out the others/ and declare safe, because no one else may touch me in here. Or convince me of anything; because I believe, what I want.

Do not judge; “it is not your job”. Leave them to their belief/ or simply testify to yours.

RELIGION requires you to choose: what death will become. That belief is different!

FAITH IS ALSO DIFFERENT; as is the decision to let truth decide, not want.

THE QUESTIONS: defining what living means to you/ what you are willing to share: with someone chosen by you. How you intend to care, as a friend or more.

The consequence of that or those decisions however; YOU AGREE: alters the concept of , “your complete privacy”. By surrendering “ a view, of you”; instead of time lost to relationship searching; in order to find out. { 300 words or less, per question } recognizing, this business is, and will be: limited in what we can truly protect.

  1. WHAT do you truly want from living; where is the boundary of what is enough? Is want an abyss: “got to have a new car every year/ etc”? Describe your limits and boundaries. Expectations of me? Be fair, I have a right to know.
  2. WHAT do you truly need from life: is it love/ hate/ or simply survival? Do you need to make life into a game of winners or losers and you? Is love enough to define happiness/ or do you need hate; to protect yourself, by using fear? Do you need control? How much?
  3. WHERE does judgment take you: if not to play god? Do you need to be rich and powerful; proud? Or do you measure living: as can’t tolerate your “close to poverty” lifestyle? Or simply, how much money, is your god; “where do, your values live”?
  4. HOW do you make your money for life and living: what are your means to an end? Or, are you a dreamer; what do you want those dreams to be? Are you ok, with what you do now?
  5. WHO do you say you are/ without lying, even to you? Do people agree? Did you ever change: by your own, free will, a choice you accepted? Are you perfect, or can you forgive?
  6. WHY do you desire friendships to expand? What do you seek, that you do not have or desire from living now; that is not yet earned? A trophy, or a person?
  7. WHEN do you believe sex is appropriate? Identify yourself, and be honest, with quirks, and issues/ complaints and desires? HOW MUCH do you need, to be happy? Be safe, but fair. Accept this can change: with desires. “with shared responses”. As is the reality: THIS IS NOT, just me, doing for you.
  8. WHAT do you consider to be FAIR? “an hour for me/ an hour for you”? Is that the same as justice for you? What matters in our living: to achieve “being fair, with each other”? What matters in your freedoms, to be “as self” needs to be?
  9. HOW many children are involved or desired or planned for? Be fair, be plain.
  10. Are you financially stable/ balanced/ or potentially in trouble: therefore looking for an easier life? Do you need to be/ or find: a hero? Remembering a credit check is possible.
  11. WHEN do you believe a “vacation” is earned or needed or necessary? What kind/ be fair, which means truth? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF ME?
  12. Specific groups are always MORE stable than mixed groups: do you agree? Explain that, and be specific. SHOULD diversity remain: as is consistent with stable independent individual groups, separated by obvious differences? Or mix them all together; is better? WHY?
  13. Describe how important “looks, body, and age” are to you? Recognizing beauty is a relationship with freedom, and the dignity of owning the right to be, as you decide for yourself to be. Where does physical fitness/ activities/ and size fit into your designs for living?
  14. Describe your health, and any contagious disease you know is important: because if you lie here, where I am depending upon you to grant my own safety is important to you too. A lawsuit could be the result; if harm results from your lies/ safety first is fair. WHAT DO, “I NEED” to know? Those with similar disease, do require their own opportunities to meet others with the same. That search, will require your participation; or won’t be done. “it is, for later”.
  15. If you were in charge of life and society; WHAT would the living be like, because of what you did change? What is your solution: to a better future for us all?
  16. If you were in charge of life and society: WHAT are the limits and boundaries and punishments you would create and enforce? Are you being the righteous one; who makes rules for all the rest to obey? HOW would that occur? Would not “freedom to do anything” risk all the rest?
  17. WHAT does justice as a foundation of society mean? Should we judge the judge, replacing as needed: a legal right of democracy. Should we prepare laws which we can defend for ourselves; throwing away the rest? Is that defending democracy, or is it rebellion against leaders?
  18. WHEN does happiness exist? WHY? Is there something specific, we can or cannot do, to be happy? How do you believe “life should get to be happy”; if someone joins you, therefrom sharing together, as if one?
  19. DO YOU have friends of value, sharing your life and time; or are you alone more than you wish to be? The question is need/ needs have a cost, or a benefit/ as do friends. Explain time, with you?
  20. Is family important: what do you contribute or take away? Where does friendship fit into your time and purpose? Do you rule “your kingdom”, or do you offer help, as shared because I care? What kind of care is that?
  21. WHAT IS: the one thing, which identifies you most/ that critical choice, that does prove what is true about you? What are you passionate about; shaping your own world, or hopes; to do this one thing?
  22. WHERE does money as is possessions; fit into your life? “nothing less than: this much stuff”: is required? Beyond “sustainable”/ you believe, you must have it? How will we spend the rest of our lives, getting that? What does work mean/ or is something else your intent?
  23. HOW much work, is too much work; for a relationship to work? The choice is what? WILL YOU SHARE the work, so we both have time and energy to spend for life and love? Will you surrender wants, so we can/ so I can; have time too? Or, is it slavery you want? Should we have separate bank accounts?
  24. DESCRIBE, “what the rest of your life will be”/ with the truth of what could it be, if you could change just one thing: because I helped you do this?
  25. Describe: WHAT FEMALE means to you? Their rights and responsibilities to you/ your right to enforce on them; is what?
  26. Describe: what MALE means to you? Their rights and responsibilities to you/ your right to enforce on them; is what?
  27. Describe: what Children mean to you? Their rights and responsibilities to you/ your right to enforce on them: is what, and to what degree are you “the owner” here? Rather than an equal, yet responsible participant. WHAT do they need to do, for you? What, do they owe to you?
  28. HOW MUCH TIME, do you honestly have: to spend with me, and when is that too much to ask? Every one needs space/ everyone needs “warmth”: How many hours a day, beyond sleep; should I expect; to give or receive? In ten years, what do you expect? What decides?
  29. HOW much time do you need to spend with others, in pursuit of different things, than just me? “alone time/ game time/ friend time/ etc”. How will your friends fit in our lives?
  30. Describe RELIGION, and where it fits into your life or living? Do you believe (means what)/ do you have faith (means what)/ do you not accept, death? Why or why not? WHERE are, the limits and boundaries of your passion? Your decision to live, is for what?
  31. HOW MUCH do you value an honest relationship: which means, what are you willing to change, for me/ if I change, for you? Ask the question/ prepare the answer? Don’t lie. A reply means: What do you give in return?
  32. Today, we meet: because life says a choice has been made; between us both. FAIR means: “what must I be, or not be; for you”/ in order to “search with you, for the potential called love” in us? It is no guarantee! Are you able, to accept that? Is marriage a goal, an intent, a desire, purpose; living together offered instead/ shared life: now or never or someday how long ______________ what is your design? WHAT does marriage/ or other: mean?
  33. Describe FREEDOM for you and me/ for life and child/ as a living response to what we share? As sex is earned by trust, according to truth: what is your truth, “anything goes/ nothing is allowed”; what? Reality accepts; the choices we make, become our identity; what then will we chose, for us both. Lust fails life; always! Because my ownership/ my body: is mine/ not yours: you cannot use or abuse me in any manner or at any time. Do you agree? Unless we share honestly, by caring with respect; we cannot last; as two who tried to become as if, just one.
  34. Describe JUSTICE, and what it means to be “EQUAL; but not same”? When does parity go too far? Is justice: to allow extreme experimentation risking life and world/ to be called; a freedom, a right, or a threat democracy does not allow? What are limits and boundaries of freedom; the price of we cannot let these people be wrong, on someone else s’ life/ or our own?
  35. Describe PEACE, AND HARMONY require these things to be chosen by our lives: with care, respecting what we share. WILL you join me in the burden of work, as equals with me? Will we choose together; or will one or the other decide? When is it my turn: to choose?
  36. WHERE does physically fit stop for you/ where does it/ or the lack of it: begin to shape our lives/ or change our existence? The world does offer more, to the physically fit/ so where do you intend to stop? The price of body works, is an active lifestyle. The price of participation: depends entirely upon what you believe, you can, or wish to do? WHAT is that?
  37. WHAT does HOPE mean? Should want or truth decide? Want participates for greed, lust, selfishness, manipulation, etc. People use want as the foundation for their lies: to take what I want; or hide what I don’t want you to see: with lies. Pride makes life into a game: to prove superior. Power judges, and then plays god, with measurements; that turn your life into their game. IN CONTRAST: TRUTH LIVES, TRUST CARES, RESPECT SHARES, HAPPINESS EXPANDS, SEX “liberates joy”, COURAGE shapes, and VALUES SHOUT who we are, as truth decides; what our passions truly mean. Who THEN, are you? What has value to you: “want/ or truth”?
  38. How many “critters” are involved in your life, home, future, or in our living, for real? How many plants, dolls, “obsessions” are involved?
  39. Describe the web site www.justtalking7.info explain its purpose or design and use. Identify what is meant by information offered, so you can join almost any conversation honestly? To understand your world. Is it useful, to you?
  40. Describe death and eternity, to you? Fear is a tragedy, which commonly transfers hate onto something or someone else: as is, “I believe, I can defeat (lies don’t matter)”. Which is “selling your soul”. Reality states: I deserve to know; your level of courage! It will affect me.
  41. Identify, what a weapon, such as a gun; means to you? Is second amendment law; about criminals/ or about tyrants and genocide?
  42. Identify, “the state of this world”, and what must be done/ or not done according to you? Are you content with the predictable future of life on earth, as it is? Or must we investigate, to prove what is true or not true; because we cannot be wrong? Global warming is becoming “true to you now”/ but fought against, until now. Where do you stand on being wrong?
  43. Identify: WHAT does abuse, used, violence, or hate mean to you?/ where is the line; the boundary or limit of “too much”? WHY, do you say: people fail each other in this way? WHAT IS, “the cause, in your opinion of life or living”? Explain the differences.
  44. What is the difference: between law and a rule of law? Is the law our government/ or is a leader our ruler? Or should law be our government, and leaders remain merely employees who work for us? HOW many rules are enough to control specific individual choices? HOW many rules destroy democracy and its intent for freedom, rights, and your own life choices?
  45. IS limited capitalism: we vote for ourselves, to provide the limits and boundaries for this society; of what is economically fair; to all? A decision with consequences we should make, as a democracy: or refuse for want? As in, for example: no more billionaires?
  46. IS world law, we enforce upon every leader OUR LAW, as we the people of this world choose this for ourselves. Thereby forcing the end to all weapons of mass destruction. Using law decides now, not rulers: to create peace and harmony as best we can/ the best we can do, for life and world and planet; or not?
  47. IS the attempt to ignite the same nuclear fire here, SAME, as is on the sun/ even though science can prove nothing of their theories: risking our entire world? Www.iter.org WRONG asks the question: can you control that fire: “it burns atoms”? IS, their decision; Worth our risk?
  48. Does allowing “university” to gather or create: every form of disease possible/ grant our safety; OR, like covid (this is, the release of a biological weapon against us for money and pride), A REALITY using media propaganda, and fear: to risk and steal, our everything?
  49. Is the cult worship of universities; used to indoctrinate every child, to force the majority into debt: “believe the university is god”. A VALUE? Or should not education mean: to prepare every child for a real world existence; by participating in work/ law/ happiness/ family/ friend/ responsibilities/ as respect for life and world allow; or more distinctly, RESPECT: “ LIFE AND PLANET” FIRST. Rather than fantasies, delusions, theft and failure, fools and imagination: as is “university”. Proven by the evidence of disgrace and disrespect; being found in this day.
  50. Is GENETIC CRUCIFIXION OF NATURE ITSELF, claiming they will “dry every tear”: by injecting chaos/ crossing species genetics; to create change: WRONG? DELIBERATELY TRYING TO FORCE EVOLUTION, to prove it is real! As is being done everyday, in genetic labs around this world? Because although they can kill nature: they cannot put it back together again. SO THE QUESTION IS: ARE THEY: releasing Armageddon (nature in chaos) on us all? Are you willing to accept the cost of being WRONG; is literally our extinction preceded by HORROR AND HELL? Answer the question, because once the threshold has been crossed, there is no going back to NATURE as it was. Every form of behavior

any who wish, MAY answer these as well; It is not required.

  2. is based upon what you do or do not believe to be true.

  3. Is based upon what you do or do not fear to be threatening you.

  4. Is based upon greed, lust, selfishness, pride (I win/ or lose with consequences)/ or power as is I measured you; and found you worthless (therefore I can do anything I want; with you). Every lie arises from; what you want.

  5. Every form of winner, needs a trophy (people or things)

  6. every form of loser, needs a solution: to win.

  7. Every form of suicide, including addictions; lives to escape.

  8. Every form of tyrant; exists: either to prove I can/ or you can’t.

  9. Who are you?

  10. While the reality of honest mental health: is to know, that I am accepted and valued, among those who choose to participate in my life; either as family or friend.

  11. The more critical construction of spiritual health is: to know, that I am accepted and valued; even though I stand alone. As a distinct identity formed from the disciplines that will prove what is true regarding me.

  12. Order creates truth, by understanding knowledge.

  13. Balance creates sanity; by forming itself into wisdom.

  14. Respect isolates that wisdom, into thought beyond self.

This selection of values, requires.

A panic button to immediately shut down the site, if someone feels unsafe for any reason. That should last not less than 30 minutes

they need an access panel to answer each question individually; with a save button that then seals the information from change for one year.

They need a login and password that will: first start by opening an access page, which can be changed. The opening page will hold a grade for this member/ a grade for people who date this member/ a picture of the person/ and a short statement of their choosing.

GIVEN THAT for consideration: two members who are then willing to compare answers: MUST choose the same: open the discussion answers to each other. I suspect this will be accomplished by something which resembles “google pay”/ I send you a penny & you send me a penny. That kind of thing.

And each will choose for how long; will these answers be available to you. Bearing in mind; a hidden camera can be used to collect your information. Once you open it to them.