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Reality suggests: “nothing more will help”/ so it ends.  “consider the reality” that is debt paid back. MORE CORRECTLY:  consider the quadrillion dollars or so in derivatives already sold;  80% of which is nothing but debt (to collect the interest)/ and that is not all the debts created by counterfeiting assets and other lies. University leads; has only one CONSTANT answer:  LIE/ STEAL/ CHEAT/ BETRAY/ TERRORIZE, AND CONTROL MEDIA, and propagate “never question the university who plays god”; nor GOVERNMENTS, ETC. In looking at the world debt accounting below: you should keep in mind “at least in the US version”; that 32 trillion dollars is JUST the amount of overspending congress admits too. it does not include: business, personal, banking, agricultural, or any other debts/ ONLY overspending by congress. Just another form of lies and theft/ media covers up; to disguise reality.

Once again: if you wish to save any of the coral reefs/ you must begin pumping water from deeper in the ocean; onto those reefs. The motion of the ocean will do the pumping; anchor a small boat, and let the rocking back and forth provide the impulse required. Or other means as you wish.

Once again; if you wish to save any salmon; the dams can be retrofitted with “large water wheels”; to enable electric generation/ as well as a gentle ride to the bottom stream: the fish enter & follow flow. A fast flowing flume can be created to guide the small fry past the trouble. Going back to what is there once the season is over.

Once again: “fire fencing” as is video indicated (more than one) as prepared for you; is a method of quick installation fencing to stop the spread of fire. It is absolutely necessary; anywhere in the world; humanity must join in. Kick the damn fools out of the way; learn how.  look to videos link on

you are reminded: that the steam locomotive was largely abandoned due to inefficiency. The amount of heat required to create the steam was why. That remains true of electric generation. Or more distinctly: the universities intellectual made their mark on society by lying about everything. Stealing everything. Betraying everyone. Denying and disguising reality. Destroying everything; by refusing to take responsibility for the consequences that come. You are not going to solve anything with electric vehicles; in this day. Your only solution is to stop releasing all the heat/ and that does include the consequence of not only electrical generation, transmission losses; it includes the heat released by air conditioning (the single greatest cause of global warming). In other words GIVE UP/ what you don’t want to give up: or die as a world. Adding every fire consumes oxygen; and you will soon find yourselves “living on the mountain top”. While the universities convinced you; “there are no consequences”, for the last sixty plus years! As always: they were wrong.

Once again, I remind you that cleaning the ocean is absolutely necessary (method on original homepage)/ using plastic to create building materials, is absolutely necessary/

such as: plastic bags make very good insulation for ceilings (put clean bags in a bag; close it, and put that in the attic covering the available space) and foundations; or even walls. Does not burn unless you exceed where wood catches on fire video. At the right heat, plastics become sticky; and if you were to correctly prepare it; that lends to the creation of structural products, as well as coverings to extend life on wood and railroad ties/ electrical poles, and more. 

Ending unnecessary plastic use is absolutely necessary/ or more distinctly; there is practically nothing “university knows” has taught you or led you to do or believe that is not wrong, or insane. The curse of media who continually propagates “the universities are god”; becomes the devils henchmen, as a result.

IT IS, elementally true:  that humanity cannot environmentally afford to allow cremation anymore! STOP being “religious”/ and accept the truth: once dead the body will be destroyed, as it should be: “fire, worms, poisons, locked in a coffin: or eaten, your only choices. NATURE choses let them be eaten: LIFE leaves the body in death/ memories are the only source of “exist in time”. Without recycling, new life does not exist; like it or not. So truth allows; that the human body would best be disposed of by turning it into “fish food pellets”; so that ocean life can find a meal/ so that we can find a meal out of ocean life. Feeding stations on barges out in the open sea, that operate automatically; ARE the proper method for raising fish and more. Use suitable netting (long horizontal lines netting; that will resist fish insertion: to protect smaller fish/ one inside the other; for smaller and smaller. create a door so bigger can get out, not in).  as will all life, it will stay where the food is plentiful and constant. Fishing trawlers can easily come by at periodic times to catch what is fair.  and people scream: NEVER! But as reality continues on, and true makes you starve; you WILL regret that decision as all life in the ocean dies; so will you.

The constant curse; is not unlike the war to rid the planet of mosquitos. NOBODY likes mosquitos, but that does not mean they aren’t an important part of the food chain of life. the end of mosquitos is likely the end of everything that depends upon them for food/ and those who depend upon those; and so on. So WHAT, is the critical link we must have to survive? nobody knows; which means respect what is here. The reality of mosquitos is the draining of every pond; which is the breeding place for all the fish which end back in rivers and lakes/ insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and so on. So humanity shouts hurrah/ but then asks: WHERE did all the life go? answer; you killed it; with blind decisions. and universities shout, “we are gods/ we can do anything we want: you can’t question us”/ and the cult of followers all bow down under media guidance.

in this America: you are warned, BE EXTREMELY WARY of all “retirement money claims”. They are methods for taking your property, and removing your inheritors from any and all claims; after the initial thirty days upon your death which they must pay back in full; the property, plus anything the perpetrators of this fraud have added.  IF YOU NEED MONEY:  THEN SELL your house/ and buy it back over time with a mortgage; or rent. ASK your children; to help you make the best decision you can: “suck it up, throw away pride”/ do it for life and child.      KNOW, DON’T BELIEVE:  KNOW WHAT IS TRUE/ THEN make your decision. This nation  is filled with liars and thieves; who go to universities to learn deception and disgrace. Or they take your property; and as with all REITS; WHO THEN GETS YOUR PROPERTY; is hidden from view. Israel exists: because of this method, which removed Palestine from their property claims. EVICTING them from the nation they had occupied. “considered fair”/ you sold.

Nonetheless, it is absolutely clear: Israel NEEDED a nation called home; as world war 2 proved true. Just like those who invaded America to escape the tyranny of Europe; and for thousands of years of history “war means: I want yours”. Weapons however vary, and media fights for war, so they have something to report; thereby creating friction and hate; to push.

People will laugh, ridicule, gossip, accuse, deny, believe what they want, and more; because that is what they do; and I am an open target. But this is not a game, and that makes their denial of consequences: a graveyard they dig for themselves.

As for me: I gave my life in time to this work (by far, most of it; including people; even an ex wife of two years). Because although this started due to weapons of mass destruction; that is only one of many realities; that now threaten our extinction. Because you didn’t care, and worshiped greed instead. Disrespect is what you offered in exchange.

The end of it is: time has run out, as world war stands ready/ as the planet threatens us all with global warming/ as ocean life dies/ and ten thousand more. Including doubling the human population in fifty years: cannibalism is next/ believe it or not.

So I predict the collapse of life on earth; as you worship your gods of universities; and they destroy life and earth; to give you what you want/ and hide from you what they want. Which turns out to be “Satan: kill the whole world”.

If not/ THEN YOU WILL CHANGE FOR LIFE COMES FIRST, AND THE PLANET WILL BE RESPECTED; even though you hate giving back or giving up all you stole from the future, and each other with arrogance, apathy, and complete disrespect. The choice will not present that option much longer/ and then extinction shall rule you. Time for earth to live, will end.