Base Warnings

The basic warning life presents to us all: The liar seeks “to tell you what you want to hear”/ in order to manipulate you for their own purposes: as is, don’t use your own brain; believe. The selfish, endlessly use “I, this or that; I,I,I,I,,,,,,,, as is always I am first”. Or, I am winner/ you lose. You should fear this result, as physical violence begins with pride. The hater judges others, while hiding all other truth: to claim “YES, I can”; to make you obey, and admit he or she is the superior one. Pride (the sound of anger, and contempt) uses ridicule, hidden in a tempest, to assert loser; and wants gossip to intervene, by “claiming yes, I know”; regardless of reality. While want will tempt, manipulate, control, or betray your intent to share {which means be careful, “with keys, to your heart”; because love is not found, in want; only aggression}. SEX muffles your voice, to remove the conversation; so respect will not grow/ only lust (I can use, just your body; without respecting; “you, Inside”).

BEING WARNED: people lie, cheat, steal, betray, fail, etcetera; is a fact we all know. BUT LEGALLY, it is a reality you accept is the risk you are willing to take. As NO attempt will be made to influence you in any decision you make. This business offers ONLY access to meet at a specified time and place/ along with “name tag/ badge” that allows you to know this one is participating. The fact you can hide your badge/ until you are willing to show that; is elemental. BUT the fact someone else can steal, counterfeit, etcetera is also a risk you accept to take.

Do not hide yourself in lust, chemicals betray trust: it will fail, as so many marriages prove true. Do not define yourself by a first look; repeat and understand.; what is real. The answers; that search into the future for what our lives will be: “require questions to be answered with truth”. As to dating: it is wise, to Remain “In public” until truth reveals the beginning that is: called trust. A NOTE: especially for the young, “sex produces chemicals, which are addictive”. As with all those who become an addict, of any drug: very poor choices, can be made. JUDGMENT ends in tragedy, when they measure you worthless to me; your life is in danger. Sex will not stop that/ the abuse only get worse: because the reality is playing god with your life/ to make themselves “more important to as the superior one (more than life)” . By making you less than valued. These are; SIMPLE SUGGESTIONS for you to consider.

Further elements to consider.

As to business: Opportunities will be searched, for making life safer; at your request for change. But the end result is up to you; to protect your own person or business; is by your choice, not ours. Be fair with each other, so that harmony may result. Be safe with each other: for the sake of peace. Know when to walk away, or not attend here. Anger can be mitigated (on display)/ hate cannot, it hides as all predators do, until the attack comes. But only IF you can be found, unprotected. Let truth decide; and stay in public; as your best bet for safety.

The color of membership cards or name tags (badge): not yet finalized. But basically: will be according to the category you select! “white; black lettering is for, people meeting people”! A silver or gray border on the badge: a “ conglomerate of things”, to indicates; for social conversations: “basically”, no topic is off limits. Other colors represent categories, which are specific for opening a discussion, “with me”. For those selecting, “relationship searches”; IF, he or she, has chosen any topic shall be accepted: they receive, a gold border on the badge they select. As people who decided “life, is what it is”! Sharing what is, “first” in the values of your own heart; to aid: I search, I provide: what we all, need to know. IS YOUR CHOICE/ not ours. YES OR NO IF, a relationship with you extends from that: or a reality of consequences: that too is your choice. The warning is: it can work either way. So the real question is: DO YOU believe that society, in the greater expanse of life: is either good or bad?

While the intent is for: private to you, and whosoever you choose to reveal: your answers too: as with everything in this day of “failed privacy for all”. The reality is your file, can be corrupted, shared, deleted or whatever “the cursed can do”. NONE OF THAT IS INTENDED; but we cannot guarantee it won’t. You should bear that in mind. AND NOT attach personal information, in your file: beyond what is comfortable for you; to have society know.

Be honest and fair; as that is, “the best we can do; for life, and self, in time”. Be courageous as well, because without calculated risk: the world can be, a very small and dull place indeed. Accept who you are/ or change it, as we all: can do. OPEN YOUR EARS, don’t let want control: USE BRAIN FIRST, before making a decision with potential consequences, you don’t desire. BE, as safe as you know how to be; WITHOUT being “shut behind closed doors”. GENERALLY, that is: keep to the public spaces, out especially in daylight, and on the weekend, where people have more time and energy to participate. And others can be found.

EVERY RELATIONSHIP is built upon a foundation of RESPECT. OR, it does not exist, as value! Every critical link of life and living that proves to be true; becomes a stepping stone, for the value that seams us together with what is called trust in that truth. As is the basis for every decision we make. What you accept as truth, is your reality of life. What you decide, and do; based upon this reality; becomes your own identity. Even for an eternity.

Therefore be certain of what you call true; as it is the evidence of who you are.

LOVE is built upon THE RESPECT we share with each other. Truth shows we care about each other; and becomes the “window of your heart”/ revealing what is inside.

Trust opens the door, that shares, “beyond self” I am here/ as does grant access, by love; to someone whom truth has brought to this door.

The unfortunate reality however is: without courage, and a decision to continue in truth; as if we were one. The cost of fear is: they can leave “with your broken heart”.

For this: the world cries: the cost of love is, they can leave “with your broken heart”; as well.“Because not only can fear “break a heart”; want, pride, and power can intervene to alter reality, and change direction. Either intentionally, or by accident.

Fear and betrayal, hide in sex: because it buys time, in order to make you change. Into what I want you to be. But that is UNFAIR, and it will fail, as love dies.

Love and value share a deepening respect (to honor what is true, in each of us); using truth, shaped by trust: to climb, into the cherished home, that binds us, together as soul.

The value of LIFE, is then shared; making each one “whole” inside. By removing what is “standing alone”.

Within that description is the truth: unless you are an animal responding to chemicals alone. The reality of sexual compassion, is strongly linked to the desire we share, as each life creates a value inside; verifying, “life trusts life”, to be fair, kind, and gentle. Within that environment, we begin to find joy; and in the search for heart, each participates in friendship, as the blessing we give to each other “in kindness, as truth allows”.

This is the warning, and the rules of this service:

although the greatest treasure we can find is “true love”. The cost of this world is: few, particularly among the young; are not looking “simply for trophies to collect”; in all ways and means.

None find love hidden behind closed doors. But it is up to you, to decide what is, or is not true; based upon the evidence; as best you can. Life has no guarantees.

A NINETY DAY: trial period shall govern, whether this business, moves forward; to become operational. As shall be determined by “people participation: visiting this site”.

YOU MAY VOTE: yes I wish to have these services available to me/________

OR: no, I do not believe this will be of benefit to me ____________

DO YOU WISH TO INVEST: YES_________ OR NO_________