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There is: as a secondary element: the mechanical/ physical construction “of a public identifiable badge”;

used to facilitate the understanding, simply by being in public: showing this badge means: That, “you can talk to me.”

I accept

That: Allows for, or requires

Wearing the badge visually outside; indicates: “I will be friendly & may, or may not (if it is forgotten) wish to talk to you/ within fair and honest parameters of respect”. Or not today, is a choice; to be remembered!

Thereby allowing the personal everyday public presentation of; “we could be friends”/ I am willing to try.

Through the use of a membership badge, worn on clothes, hats, etc. That is now being recognized for this purpose. Or, is advertising our main purpose as members here, is: A FAIR CHANCE, TO BE ACCEPTED FOR WHO WE ARE. By joining as members; perhaps for a meal, by our invitation. Is also a choice you make for yourself.

When publicly known, as worn is an invitation to talk: this is a public opening; YOU PRESENT, thereby allowing strangers to talk: to this person. That badge then becomes an everyday witness, “I will talk”; when displayed.

Stating publicly, for you: that I am not afraid of talking to unknown people. But limited: to Those who are expected to be: kind and polite to me, as well. BE FAIR.

Color and style of badge indicates what kind of topic I care: to talk about. Honor that.