OF THE MANY disciplines and realities of life on earth that must be changed; one of the simplest that would affect energy usage is the shipping of freight over oceans. While it is impossible to tow barges “in line parallel” like a train. It is simple and with only small changes possible to tow them in a line perpendicular to the towing vessel. NO cargo; changing of vessels need then occur. Or more critically the use of two towing vessels operating in direct communication with each other; can move large tonnage/ and drop off independent barges where they are needed along the way: by simply digging a trench the barge is then moved into for unloading. Which includes using a tow to move these barges, up river in various nations throughout the world. Eliminating the various methods of rail shipment or other: because the transport once loaded; simply goes to where the shipping transport is required. Which allows for simplified transportation to those who need it. While experimentation must be done to achieve the best result; lining the barges up behind a floating pipe, with bendable joints; upon which they hook or unhook is likely to be the simplest method. Keeping two towing vessels in communication with each other; should not be a problem.

You can of course: instead of “a long wide single line of barges spreading out ”/ reduce that to a shorter line which “triangles/ branches, backward”; so that the last barge follows in its own space. Thereby reducing or eliminating the need for a second tow vessel. By creating “a disciplined space”.

As to drag; the tow line pipe should be fitted with either the pontoons which are used for lifting ships to reduce drag. Or more appropriately: the placement of “saucer like tires” for lifting and rolling the weight across water; would be better, and more functional at slower speeds. The saucer is make like a child’s sled of the same design commonly used for snow sledding. It is mounted onto a vertical axle for spinning. And then lowered into the sea; until being towed which will if made correctly rise to the surface and begin spinning; as weight is distributed onto that surface. Which by tilt and other means, the weight it supports; then basically rolls on “saucer wheels”, along the sea; as if on land. Greatly reducing drag; by being “in the middle” of the tow/ and towed; the line already has tension to lift. The towing arrangement should allow for one tow vessel to move to center; while the other towing vessel distributes the cargo; when necessary. A suitable “electric lock; with secondary releases” is used to unhook a barge; to then be picked up and moved elsewhere. The placement of “wheels on boats and barges”/ even ships; requires significant power and movement to “let them rise”. Which makes it unlikely for major weight. However pleasure boats would be ideal for traveling off the water; so to speak. The reality; the concave or conical disks will run roughly half in contact with the water, while the other half is spun free on top of the water.

The reality however is: global warming should remove nearly all “motor driven pleasure boats”; because you cannot afford the cost to our globe. that day is dead.

No environmental respect/ no respect for life or earth/ no respect for anything as is the constant of “a man’s world”; is avalanche d by the horrors of men and their universities trying to play god. Proving “yes we can”; WILL BE TERROR unleashed to end life on earth. To your own eternal shame, for letting them [never said a word, or lifted a finger; as cult worshipers do]. Oh well: “the children are crucified”; but you don’t care/ as truth will prove true; by the cost of what you did not do.

Crucified means: by universities leadership; the intellectual war takes hold/ and life discards reality to prove greed, selfishness, lust; etc:  is all I want. That cost is an insurgency against the nation and world; across many nations; functionally crucifying nations, by ending its future. Because that greed, exists ONLY by ransacking, raping, ruining, betraying, lying, cheating, poisoning, polluting, and destroying the future of EVERYTHING a child NEEDS; so that you can live “easy” today. And yet because of games; few live easy, which always brings war. Which will bring genocide. Which will bring Armageddon; as nature is overrun with chaos internally that cannot be turned back. Which will cause the Apocalypse; which is war for water. Which will unleash HELL because every form of life is in jeopardy of extinction. Which will unleash weapons of mass destruction; because that is the answer of men. Which will enable the very worst of the worst; to finish their delusion of “lets bring the same fire here as on the sun”; to establish HADES here on earth/ as its reality of existence, will then be punished by the extinction of this world; and potentially even the solar system itself. As earth is guaranteed to explode; due to the fact, once the oceans are burned off; the terrain cannot survive the temperatures or pressures of what comes next. So all hail the universities; as your god Satan/ because truth says its so; and humanity worships; because “you want” what you want; and the consequences is: extinction.

The cost of men is: they play games, “I am the superior one/ I am the loser/ I am the seeker of revenge/ I am the hateful one/ I am the tracker/ I am the hunter, killer/ I am playing with women/ I am the follower/ I am the believer; and so on. Which allows for an identity in time, created by “how much are you willing to pay”. Which ends in failure; which allows a few to drag the rest into war: because the game is no longer “ours”. Because the majority have lost, and it became theirs: “so we destroy them; TO HELL WITH LAW”/ and take back our game.

The critical cost of “its a man’s world”; is the plague or pandemic of their choice: which is to let the money decide. Not truth/ not reality/ not justice or fair play/ not life or world or values or the cost of being wrong: ONLY let money decide. Which turns life into a game, and living the cost of making each one either a predator or its prey.

As for me: forty plus years of fighting with you over failures and costs for being wrong; have proven to be. THIS IS my last work in making you understand: life and world are NOT your game/ and YOU are not gods/ and UNIVERSITIES are horrifying as leaders to HELL.