Over the course of decades: we/ I, examine the cost of believing democracy exists.

It does not exist in the courtrooms of this state or nation: as reality is confused with “the university expert” shall decide/ and you cannot question what they decide because the university expert is god. Simple as that.

It does not exist in the courtrooms of this state or nation: because the curse of “lawyer representation” is dedicated to theft and corruption and the stealing of money/ so as to prove no justice can come from here. Intentionally betraying life and society; by instilling the fear of reprisal/ the curse of catastrophic financial miscarriage of justice. Which is in fact simply plain: “back alley thugs in charge of everything, or nearly everything called judicial”. Fair play does not exist in a courtroom/ reality is refused in a courtroom/ the constitution is considered a joke, never to be mentioned in a courtroom. And everyone is under threat of financial devastation: for the mere mention of wanting justice/ in a nation of crime comes first; and as with healthcare, those who claim to be on your side/ have a back door: where thugs and organized crime does hide.

Democracy does not exist in anything political; as being taught by “university experts”: the maze of confusion and disgrace they intentionally distribute; to remove your ability to understand: is constant. Which means “one hundred years of schooling”, to work at: deciding how best to handle and train the “human livestock” has become effective. What do you believe the universities are for: if not to do what power wants done? The maze is a constant, and little represents that more than the standard long form 1040 tax form: which is intentionally designed so you surrender trying to understand it: thereby giving them full control, on anything they say it is or isn’t. As reality proves laws don’t protect: as the last tax case I presented came with “48% interest charge, plus penalties”. Even so, I demanded a courtroom/ and seeing no way out: they abandoned me. But not before stealing a truck by refusing to acknowledge the tax reduction of 2011/ granted to all “but me”. In open court/ with the leader of the US IRS; as a participant. DEMOCRACY IS DEAD/ unless you resurrect it.

Democracy does not exist in the realities of money; because in 2008 I informed the courts of failure in the statistical abstract of this USA; proving the currency/ the nation; is being ransacked. (I watched the abstract to find 3 trillion dollars moved from the debt column to the asset column; in one week 2007 I believe: “two or more sets of books”). Through courtroom trial: which proved no ethics existed. The 7th district court of appeals: in fact, “took a case presented that had nothing to do with religion or Christmas or any such thing”/ and lies openly in their own answer; to disguise this case as frivolous. So I confronted the congress with this information; which discarded it. And I sent notice to the US SUPREME court/ asking are you going to allow this? They discarded me with contempt/ and then when the actual case of “national law and safety” was presented to them: they threw it out, based upon “we already dealt with this” in the month before. Which was another lie, because the question presented previously was: DOES AN APPEALS COURT OPENLY LIE/ or not? So the appeals court: removed the case from their files; by declaring “saving space/ from frivolous trials thrown away.” a paper reduction act their law.

And of course the state of IL had to provide its own version of the same; as the attack to steal a ten thousand dollar truck/ by taking it to sell for $500.00. so they could then claim: I owed more than the five hundred dollars they intended to sell it for. Reminding them: that this is criminal fraud, theft/ while using the policing department for a “back alley thug”/ and a courtroom for their laundering of dirty/ stolen money: will have consequences. They backed off, and went away.

And then we have: MUCH MORE/ as reality would prove true. Such as, filing a case for payment from work; in Danville IL COURT; the only notice I got trial would exist on a specific day and time. WAS FROM THE LAWYER FOR THE DEFENSE/ which suggested in no uncertain terms, “that I could come if I wanted too”. Reality however indicated: where the sewage runs deep, disease is rampant and mean/ which discards any attempt for fair play; with corruption. So even though I did appear for that motion trial in “thought, word, payment, work, and deed; along with my signature”.

Which would have been enough evidence to convict and sentence, for a crime/ IT WAS NOT enough for justice to prevail; as the court demanded “bend down and be raped” instead. As it did again and again and again throughout numerous trials; demanding at least 3 times, I go to their courtroom/ waiting for trial; only to be turned away. It is a death trap, run by fools; with very few realities of life to be found. as is the evidence of my nephew: slightly over the legal limit for alcohol: means no drivers license after ten years or so. the Curse of the damned: as is the appellate court: because the penalty is not the same for rich and poor. the reality of a financial punishment: of a thousand dollars; is not the same for a billionaire, as it is for those who fight to survive. Paying their price, I demanded an appeal from a traffic stop sign case: to find after paying for the transcript: two things stood out. Had I accepted the printed transcript I was offered/ THAT would not be accepted by the court; and I had to be charged all over again without the digital copy. and they would not send it to the appellate court: UNLESS I PAID an additional $200.00 plus dollars, for that person to “push a button” and email it. I refused; as before that court proved worthless and vile, in the past as well.   “its called puke and vomit” spewed over society:  while behind closed doors, and out of sight;  as rats and snakes would do.

The judge through the trial out: because the curse of a criminal court of organized crime has no value. That court did not inform me of their judgment either: or more specifically although they had my address/ knew I called for court: the only one informing me of trial was the lawyer who opposed fair play and justice for life work.

YOU HAVE A BROKEN NATION AND STATE; a valueless delusion of failures which added up is the end of this nation. Because YOU REFUSE TO PROTECT IT/ and are diseased by GREED instead. Can’t stop anything: as is the little town of Royal, IL (now an industrial site): whereby the grain elevator took control and changed their lives/ by giving a few pennies. Nothing but sheep/ BECAUSE THE COURT IS A THIEF. (nearly all, in one form or another: designed to keep you out);  BY MAKING YOU FEAR. and believe bad things will come, as power rules over life! And yes I do know: they can do me harm/ if like everything else humanity in this society refuses to care. Because hate is hate, and that is all you have left; of what once was a “valued nation”. Stolen for a few bribes, that have no meaning; because the numbers are worthless.

But as with every nation throughout history: IT IS THE CORRUPTION OF THE COURTS; that comes first and foremost; in destroying the nation or state itself. Because there would be those who stand up, like me/ but are thrown out “like me”; so that organized crime instead of law can rule over you. With rules/ come rulers. And with rulers soon will come tyranny; as history proves is always true.

But today: terrorists run governments; liars exist throughout the purpose of society/ thieves are everywhere/ propaganda is dedicated to making you into livestock/ weapons exist to insure you don’t object (as was covid)/ and the curse of ten thousand failures who call themselves “expert”; have invaded our lives with such things as:

  1. universities can mutilate genetics and make nature better; by adding chaos. no going back.
  2. Universities can mutilate energy and ignite (atoms of fire) the same fire here as is on the sun: NEVER MIND what happens if this goes WRONG. As is a certainty. Incineration of everything, including you.
  3. Universities can poison the entire planet with trillions of tons of toxic waste/ no problem. playing god with everything/ and as with global warming, “always an expert to buy, who will contradict for the purpose of power rules all”.
  4. Universities can create endless pollution by the quadrillion tons; because nobody cares.
  5. Universities can stop death; so they can benefit by claims of medicine (make us rich)/ while this earth becomes overpopulated to the extent: EXTINCTION NOW HUNTS US ALL.
  6. To hell with the children; they have no future: their elders took it all. NO resources means no life/ no job/ no future.
  7. To hell with the future: as is everything on earth has changed: by universities expertise/ OUR LIVING WORLD, IS NOW DYING; and will soon be lost forever. Because the consequences of universities expertise is: EXTINCTION.
  8. TO YOUR SHAME.The constant curse: humanity WANTS, both life and living to be a game, without consequences for me. Therefore ALL human behaviors, are caused by that game. The desire to “have fun”; eliminates the rest, because they don’t count “to the majority” who believe in their decision: to be “animals”. Universities add a maze so they can control. Leaders add in hate, by using media: so they have an excuse for rules/ and then tyranny. The predators disguise anger, so as to get close enough to attack/ while the prey run away and hide; from the truth, this is no game. Dead is a consequence that has no ending. The majority rebel against the game for not giving them more; so they search for bribes; to keep them quiet. Knowing winners rarely if ever share anything of value. So the plague erupts, and greed consumes; to then find inflation occurs: stealing. To let winners give away money to whomever they wish, in return to submission; to their superiority. To prove to the rest: BEGGING isn’t so hard/ come and do it. Because the truth is: if you make the play money yourself as owners of government (kill the future) who buy insurgents to form an army to overthrow the rest. Then you get to be emperor; as is NOBODY owns nothing; but me. TAKE A LOOK INTO REALITY! The fools believe/ the cult worshipers fear/ failure knows the price of being left out: and like covid proves true: the sheep gather and bleat “please don’t take us to the slaughter house”/ we will obey. How is that not “this USA”. The death house of your future.