Of things to be understood;

nothing is more vile, than a university diploma: because the end result of it, is to destroy what does exist/ so the intellectual army can become our rulers, by making what only they can control. Nothing is a greater weapon in their arsenal; than is media, “manipulation, temptation, control over mass hypnosis, propaganda (a hundred years+, of college learning how to make you believe what they say), the expert power buys, the reporter who only knows what he or she has been told to report, the corrupt court, the delusional fool as is government, the fantasy of imagination instead of reality, the endless lies which curse the truth by attacking anyone who dares question the cult of university knows; and will play god with life and planet; to enforce their delusions.

An equal weapon to the destruction of everything: is the computer. Whereby most of the major threats of extinction we know face; are a direct result of that particular tool. That alone is sufficient to warrant; we will now decide/ not you. NO, YOU DO NOT; need their delusions. One such example is: that a vehicle does NOT need the “latest and greatest computer” to run. The machinery, which makes it go: runs with a computer built in the 80”S/ all the rest is a distraction; which ends in the carnage of wrecks. The correct method is: one independent computer aid for the engine (so it does not negate an entire vehicle/ and whatever else is allowed, to be computer driven; “will run on an independent laptop”; you provide for yourself.

Without war, endless methods of destruction would not be built or allowed to exist. Which means those who want destruction would be devastated; but who cares? Mutilation, torture, killing, destruction; the curse of hate; can largely end with world law, and world policing of humanity, “BY US ALL IN CHARGE OF OUR LAWS” AS A WORLD.

The endless failure; of our leadership is directly tied to the university delusions of “their imagination”/ instead of our reality. Using lies and experts; to guide you into extinction, poverty, and complete failure of lies are to be found EVERYWHERE. As with covid: they created the belief, without substance/ and sold you extreme debts, which they collected for themselves; by making you fear “believe or die”/ OBEY or dissolve into disease. Cult worshipers have no choice; fear or be expelled/ by the “nazi’s in charge of government.”

the universities get their power: by destroying what you had built for yourselves. They get their pride, by using the claim of expert; to destroy your reliance on truth, as defined by the evidence. They feed you the bribe of “anything you want” without a price/ by simply believing they are in charge; and you won’t have to pay. AS THEY RANSACK/ RAPE/ RUIN/ RAVAGE/ AND DESTROY THE FUTURE OF EVERY CHILD; because the people who pay, and the people who cannot defend themselves. As history proves is an insurgency of the worst kind of humanity; that exists; crucifying those who they enslave, with terrors to obey.

Extreme failure “is a university delusion”; which is everywhere. Every form of bribery is built upon “the reagan model”: give control to university/ and sell, deceive, destroy, and deny all that is life, truth, nation, or value. By blinding those who have no brain; and both believe, and accept: they are animals.

Reality says; WE DON’T need the extreme threats of university/ not for weapons/ not for poisons, by the trillion ton/ not the list of extinctions they caused/ not genetic crucifixion/ NOT THE BLIND CURSE OF IGNITING A NUCLEAR “LETS BURN ATOMS” FIRE/ not the curse of thievery, by countless lies/ not the delusions of experts, or their robots/ nor the propaganda of media/nor the extortion of healthcare/ nor the power of a tiny few control our lives and world/ nor extinction because of what they did do. NOR A BILLION OTHER COSTS “of its a man’s world”! Stop believing; and go to court; to identify the cost of being WRONG. As the evidence proves: is EXTINCTION OF YOU. TRUTH DECIDES; or this world dies. Therefore find what is true/ or you die.

You have failed life, nation, world, religion, reality, and child. Believing in fools and their fantasies.

Reality knows: if you do not accept truth decides/ your world will die. If you do not find your brain/ your world will die. If you do not disassemble the cult of failure, and construct “a new life”; within the values which can survive/ your world will die. Every single child; is entirely dependent upon your decision to wake up you dead fools/ or you assassinated them, with your greed, selfishness, and cult worship.

What is not: “to your shame”?

The dead destroy you, in this USA. As reality proves:  you let universities take control, and literally end the “american way of life”/ by their rebellion against democracy. And the insurgency which gained control over government: to become the greatest army of thieves ever assembled against any nation on earth.  LOOK AROUND YOU:  WHO OWNS YOUR WORLD/ it ain’t a damn republican or democrat:  “IT IS A UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA”. who ransacked, raped, rebelled, ruined, destroyed, and fantasized about being gods;  who can mutilate every living thing in worship of their god called evolution/ who believe they can control the same fire as on the sun here on earth/ who destroyed the entire currency of this USA by counterfeiting assets and laundering what they did not take for themselves; in “wall street”/ so the bribes would keep you silent and a fool;  to your shame.  PISSHEAD/ wake up; crawl out from under their shit. OR YOU WILL DIE AS A WORLD.   so says the evidence of your lives, as your reality now attacks our entire planet with extinction:  comes quickly now.  WAKE UP!

INSTEAD of building them up, to finish creating their robotic armies to defeat you/ designing more biological weapons to make you fear/ destroying every truth that keeps us all alive. TEAR THEM DOWN/ and return life to living within the realities of what we need to do, as “real world humans”/ NOT THEIR DAMN ANIMAL TOYS; as truth demands.  WAKE UP.  CHOOSE THE COURTROOM CALLED REDRESS:   where we the people of this world decide:   WHO IS, AND WHO IS NOT TELLING US THE TRUTH!  BY THE EVIDENCE/ NOT THE EXPERT (who led us here)/ OR THEIR “SECRET SOCIETY” OF MANIPULATORS CALLED “MEDIA”.  Decide: who is leading us to extinction/ and the price required of us all; or we won’t survive. BECAUSE THE COST OF BEING WRONG;  as is the evidence of our entire world/     says it is NOW OR NEVER.

Remember the truth of life:  that peace is sustained by THE LAW  OF LIFE; DECIDES. Not the values of men or women who claim they know;  but have been turned into animals by university cult worship. THE EVIDENCE, UNTAINTED by experts who then decide for you/ IS OUR ONLY CONNECTION WITH TRUTH. WHEN TRUTH DECIDES, the human demand is life or death. SO DON’T let them lie, anymore!  Be careful/ be honest and correct/ choose to search as best you can/ and sustain a respect for life, world, and child that is elementally true.  Which means; the universities who through truth and respect away/ shall be identified; and removed from power. With the words;  if we find you are threatening us all again/ we will DESTROY you.  DON’T fall into the trap of imagination or lies is all we need; as has led for the last fifty years.  ACCEPT ONLY TRUTH DECIDES, nothing more or less/ as is consistent with survival itself. Your want is dead; as your reality proves: NO MORE OF THIS/ or extinction is certain.

Harmony is built upon respect/ Happiness is built upon the freedoms needed to insure, “you are the best you can be”/ REALITY, as a nation or world, however is built the liberty needed to identify: WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO! Not just you. Nothing in this world is more constructive of a value to life and living; than is the honor and honesty, of a relationship formed between male and female; as EQUALS.  simple as that.

There are NO EXTREMISTS,  in respect for life and world and OUR CREATOR!  Instead the value of each truth, identifies “our job, in being alive”; is to accomplish:  the best we can be, is our own decision for truth decides in me. There are only two directions to life:  LOVE OR HATE/ everything else is merely survival and that is your relationship with time, not eternity. Bear in mind:  truth survives, and that means every choice you make: never goes away.  Although mercy does allow you to cover that failure up/ by choosing to participate with repentance (I CHOOSE: not going to do that again).  YOU are not god/ don’t play god, or tragedy is certain.

GOSSIP seeks to measure people, by attacking with ridicule as is the result of hate hidden in the blind destruction of what does have value. Do not measure, because it is not your job/ let the law do that, when it is necessary to find a way to help. Do not judge, because you are not god. YOUR decision is not “perfect”/ and as such you are not entitled to assume; what you believe is true. YOU don’t know/ because even if you have heard someone say something: you still don’t know. An example of that is: I once told a person “I have retired”/ with the intent to continue that; once it settled in: with I have retired from the games people play for money, power, and pride”. I was unable, do to my dad coming from behind demanding to leave before that was accomplished. So he then believed “I am, or want to be retired from work; at around 30 years old”; which led him to believe a vast array of other things as well: “cause he heard me”. You do not know, you believe. And the reality is: people search for any form of “tearing someone else down/ so I can be more”/ and the consequence of that is; claims of knowledge based upon grains of sand. Or people see something and they believe; even though, they are wrong, and refuse to ask why: because they want, what they want; as is an enemy. Because an enemy “fills the gap/ and provides an anchor; here I will stay”, in a mind that considers “I am, out of control”. As is; even those who have a true complaint: I WAS TREATED UNFAIR/ or threatened with extinction of my life. The reality is: we all have a right to defend ourselves: plain and simple. But we do not have a right, to become the same as those who threatened us/ blaming them (their group)/ same as they blamed us (our group); as is the sewer of hate being chosen by you.

WE ARE NOT “gods”/ even though the universities believe they are; and justify that with evolution: which means “WE DON’T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT NOTHING”. Proving disrespect throughout their entire existence, forms not only corruption, but extinction. But until the evidence has been proven true: that is only a belief, and it does not carry the substance of a reality allowed to create judgment. Same is true for the vile purposes of media; which is to create an enemy out of every policing officer. In this USA; a place claimed to hold 333 million people+; there will be a tiny few who fail us all: IN EVERY POSSIBLE LOCATION AND JOB THAT EXISTS. Just one in one million is still 333 individual people; and media directs you to believe; “whatever you believe”{ as is the curse of mass hypnosis}. Wake up, and begin to think on your own: NOT with beliefs, which are simply “whatever you want them to be”. But with truth decides, because nothing less than truth can survive. Only truth participates in eternity, as the decision you made; but make no mistake: every direction has an opposite direction: so choose as if your eternity depended upon it/ because it does.

There are valuable things; which have come from universities/ BUT there are also horrifying tragedies standing on the edge of our own extinction: BECAUSE THEY DID, what none are allowed to do. Make no mistake: we MUST shift through the sewage, and take out what truth decides has value/ before the rest is removed from the curse it presents to life and world and every child.

AND ALL the university diplomas scream: WE ARE “gods”/ you cannot treat us that way; WE ARE THE SUPERIOR ONES, you are nothing/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT! Because as with all thieves, “they believe; they earned it/ because you didn’t give them enough for being fools”.

But reality says: LET TRUTH DECIDE, not the claim of an expert/ not the claim of a government official in any form/ nor media who reports whatever they have been told “by power” to report. But the truth of evidence, gathered by searching where truth alone can be found: in the reality of what is a foundation for life/ or a destruction called death/ or a risk, to great to take; because the price of being wrong; is like a disease unleashed. One tiny thing changed, and our whole world dies/ even an ocean of tears, will not cause that to stop. Even though your cult of “university knows”; says we are gods/ their proof of destruction; shouts “satan” instead.

The constant is: that the herd of animals, always wants a leader to make their decisions for them; so they need not be troubled with being wrong. “its your fault”; if things fail/ and Its because we chose you, if things immediately don’t. Thereby claiming; “we are gods too”; even if just for awhile. Proving we are the superior ones. As is the constant of religion as well. Which produces belief; because belief is what the people want; as is proof “we are the superior ones”.

But none of that has value. The price for being alive is making your own decisions; it is your own life, it is your own eternity, it is your own choice; and we each need to create our own identity by the things we do choose for ourselves. NOT by following someone else, but by the work that is essential in understanding; life is more than we do understand. So, as to religion: RESPECT FOR THE MIRACLES OF LIFE IS MANDATORY; and that includes protecting life and planet from “universities know”/ they do not, as the evidence so clearly proves true. But beyond that: religion is honestly: the decisions or beliefs we accept as our own honesty allows: “that the miracles of life did originate/ and the reality of truth by which we accept death shall govern eternity in whatever form you chose”. THESE ARE: DISTINCT INDIVIDUAL DECISIONS; because the herd cannot help you in death; “they are not allowed, to make your decision”. But only what is true; supports life/ fantasy is treated like “garbage”!

ONLY: the literal decision you make: either points in the direction of love/ or demands the direction of hate: matters to eternity. Everything else is time survives. ONLY the truth decides, and you cannot escape your truth: points to eternity, as the choice you did make. IN THAT CHIOCE: you are not allowed to “blame the other/ eternity knows”: YOU CHOSE/ your truth.    The decision to care, based upon your  desire and acceptance, placed within the laws, and respect for thought;  that is, for eternal life/ or not.  LOVE shares, as is your participation “in being ALIVE”.

Everything else is not religion; but an agreement between participants; that this is a better way to live, than theirs. None being able to claim; “superior”; because in fact only truth decides, not human desire or design. We are our own individual, version of living; as freedom allows. As a society, we are our own individual liberty of choice; to fundamentally decide this is the boundary or limits of our nation. Truth is the participation in everything that can or does survive, by building upon what has value. MOST DISTINCT of all that has value beyond truth is LOVE. With love we inherit the desire to survive, and that is: the most fundamentally distinct decision to serve value through respect, that we can honestly make. Everything else is secondary.

OR, it is the opposite as is hate; which means to destroy life itself, as your complaint; I failed/ so you must too.

Survival as is the middle ground of our existence: relies upon truth, as distinguished by respect knows better than to violate this law; as is enforced when truth decides. Versus extinction; which enforces WE WILL violate these laws, and enforce destruction upon life; by proving we can be gods too; as is the opposite called death.

And all the people say: “we want what we want”. But as the evidence will prove: it is like noise, the people say, “we can endure it”/ but then the weeks, months, and years go by. And what was innocent enough at its beginning, now shapes your lives, and your relationships; even though you assume something else. Because like death, you believe this can’t be escaped. But noise can be turned off. Unlike poisons: which were claimed “don’t hurt nothing/ and it hasn’t poisoned the water yet”. But decades later, with poisons everywhere; beyond your imagination; you cannot simply turn them off: they are “the dead (a disease unlike any other)” walking among you. So the end result of what seemed innocent in the beginning or tolerable for a time: has erupted into a coming catastrophe you cannot escape. Because you chose to avoid change; and let the powerful continue because they have the money. They own the courts. The propagate with news media. The control the elections. They define the expert, to please themselves. And have conspired as men have throughout history: to take control over everything; so they can be king. Either by using money, claiming superiority they do not own, or combining fear with violence to make you obey.

Limited capitalism; is the end of “billionaires”; top of the liars heap! Returning life to what we need to survive; rather than letting money in the hands of a few decide. By removing those who claim superiority, but the evidence has proven, are not. Demanding truth decides/ not want, pride, or power: because it is all we have left. So WRITING THE LAWS for ourselves; brings back democracy (we the people choose now). Accepting REDRESS; as is the courtroom belonging to we the people shall now prove our ownership of this nation or world; by requiring testimony and evidence as we demand: IS THE ONLY WAY. By understanding the cost of being wrong; is LIFE OR DEATH, for our world. Remembers the truth: want is not enough, TRUTH ALONE SURVIVES. So either the truth leads, or we die as a world. By world law, we enforce NO MORE WAR, or weapons of mass destruction. By world law: we create the foundations upon which this world can move forward into life rather than death. By the discovery of respect; we will learn to think for ourselves; and find the happiness life offers to the living examples of what humanity was intended to be. These are choices, but they are not free. You can turn off the noise of “power, pride, and want”. But you cannot bring back a world, that has collapsed under the truth: YOU CHOSE, not to care enough. Simple as that.

In contrast to you: life demands of me, [male failed to move you/ together male and female failed to move them/ and as a last resort; spiritual female now decides the future of what can be done; to keep this earth alive]. While you believe “whatever the universities say; as all cults do, without questioning anything”. The reality of my life is not subject to your decision; as I am NOT what threatens you or this world: YOUR OWN EVIDENCE does that, all you have to do, “is open your eyes”. But cults refuse, because belief is easier than truth. Religion decides for you; as is, “we want what we want/ therefore it is true”; is not going to save you either.

I have never asked you to believe anything: INSTEAD GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; is my constant and real demand. LET THE EVIDENCE DECIDE/ NOT the “expert”.

So the people ask: WHAT are you doing to change this situation, and bring us to court as a nation so we can all decide together?

My answer is: I went through the entire US federal, supreme, and state of IL courtroom systems, advising congress of both state and federal groups; that there was trouble here. And they declared “silently” that the US CONSTITUTION DID NOT EXIST, and they would not respond to it; with a single word. Eventually as the evidence of betrayal grew: they locked me out, with the claim of frivolous. Destroying evidence as they desired.

So the end result of that was: by denying them taxation, they were forced to bring me to court; where in the past that brought about the true evidence of organized crime is all that exists here. But demanding a courtroom; they said “you bet”/ but then seeing the evidence; they turned and again locked me out.

So today: not willing to pay the insurgent army of betrayal, that has taken control of our nation and our world; by threats rather than law. Bribes rather than guns.  I have again returned to: as is the link called taxation here: demanding YOU WILL OBEY OUR LAW, as is constitutionally required of you. OR YOU WILL establish with a judicial signature included: WHY YOU WILL NOT OBEY OUR LAW as a democracy of the people.  THEN, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO PAY; AS REALITY would no longer prove I am supporting traitors and terrorists with that tax. OR, as reality does prove:  by insisting on the law first:  I am NOT participating in GENOCIDE, the intent to destroy life from this earth; by all that threatens our extinction.  EVEN YOU; understands, their fusion attempts to bring the same fire here as is on the sun:  a flame of nuclear fire, as is what they want to ignite. CAN BECOME HADES instead of earth.  HERE, by your own choices, in letting them play god. destroying nature; and a thousand more curses which will end in our extinction. SOON. SO YOU do what you want; but as for me, I remain saying NO!

As always: for I think this version in now approaching the third year: they refuse to grant to me a courtroom of the people; so that we can decide for ourselves. WHAT IS the cost of being WRONG. Even with an entire world at risk of burning “just like the sun”; because of what the fools say with their delusions: called “Imagination”.

But, the plain people who are employed as government; don’t get the entire blame. As everyone throughout the decades all said: YOU CAN’T CHANGE ANYTHING, SO I WON’T HELP. Therefrom running away to hide. Because just like the man from roughly 40 years ago; “trembling with fear, looking away: he didn’t miss a beat in telling me; “don’t you do nothing/ because greed and selfishness is all that matters to him”. Just like you.

So everyday; we fall closer to the line that is the point of no return.

And I for my part, would sooner fight to the end/ than surrender to the curse of fools.

IN CONTRAST however: is the proof of time, that this american society, has no spine/ and refuses anything which they fear. And they fear everything, as covid did prove true.  That is not the constant of democracy demands. But becomes what media tells them to believe. And media tells them to believe; that the universities are god, and can never be questioned; because they can’t be wrong. Just like the courts, who believe what they are told to believe, or fear retribution for not obeying “the protected line”; of only power rules here. So, NO: as reality proved true: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, there is no law. But discarded by fears, failures, beliefs, fraud, ignorance, selfishness, greed, or debts; there are few juries of substance to be found. After all: indoctrinated by the university cult (we are gods); from kindergarten. Leaves very little room, “for a brain”. As the herd shouts: “we can’t all be wrong”. Never willing to understand: what they believe they know, comes straight from the university expert: telling “reporters” to repeat, what they are their followers, are then told: to tell you, “what you think”. Few are even willing to grasp: there is no such thing as a “governmental employee”. INSTEAD there are only people employed by our government, the heads of which SWORE TO OBEY: the constitution, which is “OUR UNION IN WORDS”. Each employee being: same as you and me/ no different. A former classmate/ just another citizen employed “to obey our rules of conduct for government” not their own decision to rule over us instead.

The unfortunate truth of being “a human animal” is: that mass hypnosis is a constant threat. It works like this; just as all herds of animals panic and run the same when threatened. The method is simple: make them believe they are a herd by wanting the same thing/ make them fear the same thing, or believe the same thing; which pushes them together; so when the shout “we can’t all be wrong”; belief is enforced. Then the demand to obey the panic, and move in unison, never questioning anything; is mass hypnosis (all acting the same/ believing the same/ fearing or yelling “the same”). Every predator learns. Every prey believes. The only path out; is to accept the price of being human is to make your own decision; separate, as is the cost of your own identity.

All manipulation starts with whatever you are willing to believe; as is university: “believe, fear, obey, memorize, mimic, repeat; and worship those who can make or break you, with a debt that drowns”. Therefore news exists as the method, to assemble the herd, into a tight grouping of believers. All control starts with aiding and abetting the decision: that we are all in this together;  and we cannot all be wrong. Therefore constant excuses to fear , constant examples to “use a gun”: exist in media; so that you don’t forget your fears. All temptation starts with obedience to the bribery of want, pride, or power; letting you believe “its just a matter of want, rather than truth”. As is the constant excuse, “everybody does it”;  to go in debt (its easy, to be enslaved); where from fear is manipulated and designed to create:  the herd response of fearing now the consequences; predators in our midst. Believing, in the savior; who now offers to be your hero, as becomes “government”; those who counterfeit whatever they want.  Thereby presenting; accepting we must fear those, who would turn us away/ and believe in these who bribe; by obeying their rules/ believing anything they say:  so we do not get abandoned “to the disease, of threats”; SHOUTING “savior” instead. So as with religion (we believe) in tow; the march to enforce “our savior”; begins. The belief, university is god;  and can crucify nature, or bring the same fire as on the sun here to earth:  is met with “we will never question our savior”.  As expands according to the propagation of media, by informing us all: “they can’t be wrong”. Even though, they are proven wrong, and risk,  extinction for our world of life.

Ultimately, this USA nation is a nation of “death walkers (my buddy- my pal)”/ or more distinctly people far more willing to believe ANYTHING they are told “by university”/ than they are to accept: there is a consequence to every action or reaction taken. And the reality of failure, when attempting such things as mutilating all of nature/ trying to ignite atoms on fire/ poisoning the entire world/ “or a thousand other university led decisions: is extinction.

BUT, AS WITH ALL CULT WORSHIPERS; they hold themselves in prison to avoid any evidence of truth. As that would contaminate “their belief”. Can’t have that/ the herd dissolves!

Ultimately: the constant of human existence is, together we measure the days we have been on this earth; and justify them by how many trophies we have collected to identify ourselves. In contrast; I accept that time is the distance I have traveled, to develop and decide what life itself, means to me or you individually. The only true treasure is love, as bordered by respect. The only significant trophy is truth, as limited by the scope of our own knowledge, and its creation called wisdom. Some as do I; spend their lives in search of reality. While others such as universities; demand fantasy and its imagination to let us live without rules/ to steal without consequences/ to demand obedience regardless of the cost; is, by their decision, “better”. The evidence however proves them wrong. Just as truth proves that the conquest of life is to understand: “there is, more than miracles here”. Granting to eternity, the option called “our choice”.

I have accepted: this is “her world/ her life now”; it was not a choice. However it was necessary, because of the choices you have made. We both agree equally: what can be legally done, must be done to keep “life on earth”. Not my decision to make/ just my reality to live; as best I can.


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