foundation first: YOU are required to accept; 95% of “every body”; is a gift; which includes, “everything”: but the five percent you manage as your own contribution to living “as an independent person”. In that regard; you accept: apart from hate, you shall not judge each other. Which includes, “it ain’t your life/ it ain’t your eternity/ it ain’t your choice: leave them alone”. Let the law decide if it is necessary. Simple as that. In contrast: the business shall try to separate groups who want to be separated; as best we can. Because the end result of diversity is: different groups/ are different, and deserve their space. Whether that group “is mixed with every race”/ or is specific only to one race; or whatever it is. If they select to be separate; then they can be separate; as best we can. Each independent business is allowed to decide for themselves; who they will offer service too. NOT OUR JOB! Freedom to choose; is the proof of democracy. Just as law is the proof of justice, only when it is fair. Such as: if you cater only to the young/ you need not include the old. Corporate business is not allowed to choose among groups, by their own policies; which they enforce.

FOREMOST; IS OUR BUSINESS SERVICE; we provide access and opportunity to KNOW, when and where people who have chosen, the same service here as you: will find other people at a specific location, for a specific opportunity to ACKNOWLEDGE; by name tag or badge specific to this business.

That these people who display that badge or tag; are in fact here to meet “strangers”/ and have agreed to be polite in realistic fashion to those who have asked to be included in that same service of “strangers who meet strangers”. Are in fact willing to share a meal, talk, or whatever it is they do/ and you do by your own decisions. CHOOSING by your own decision: to do/ or say to you or them/ or ask of you or them: in this real world, not a game situation.

Those who fail, BASIC RESPECT; by sufficient member requests; can be banned for a specific period of time.

A secondary element is: you agree, that wearing these badges out in public IS IN FACT; an open admission: that I am willing to talk to strangers, in a fair and realistic way. By NOT displaying them; NO intent to talk or be polite to strangers exists.

WE AGREE: THIS business shall not engage in judgment or hate; and those who do can be banned. It is not our job to define you/ not our job to measure you/ not our job to protect you/ not our job to introduce you or moderate conversation/ not our job to decide anything for you. It is only our job to provide an opportunity for strangers to meet strangers who are not afraid to talk to other members or other people as well.

It is our job if you wish to choose it: to provide an acknowledgment of life and safety by your response to an automated calling regimen. IF sufficient numbers apply for “people needing people” membership.

It is our job to serve as a meeting method: by which people of similar interests can achieve conversations that are “elevated beyond, common conversations”. So that intellectual interests, public concerns have a workshop, environmental purposes, healthcare and all that society and this world have to offer as the basis of talk; may be reviewed among those who care: one way or the other. THIS, is YOUR concern/ not ours.

It is our job to offer strangers a chance to meet strangers; who are looking for critical relationships; that are of a personal nature, for friendship, dating, or whatever it is you choose to do for yourself. YOUR CHOICE/ NOT OURS to participate. Our job is to enable the opportunity to meet people who you may never meet otherwise; for an informed conversation, about what is personally important to you. YOU AGREE: Giving each member the responsibility to grade the other: so that “safety/ truth/ and friend”; as best we can, will be found. In the fifty statements presented and controlled, by each; as will be submitted for each to describe; defining their living or life or future/ whatever it is, that you choose to provide at YOUR OWN RISK. Either with someone else or without someone else: YOU ARE ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE, for your choices; be they good or bad. IT IS, YOUR JOB TO DECIDE for yourself. What and how you will respond; and who may have access by your choice. As best this business realistically can provide the opportunity for you to share, what you chose.

This business IS NOT, in the job or service: of making ANY decision for ANY member who joins/ or in any way participates as a friend or other. YOUR choice/ your life/ your eternity; by your truth: WE ARE NOT involved.

There will be NO “authorized blog, forum or other for this business/ as NONE are qualified to make any form of decision or influence or suggestion or advise or other to you or yours. Not in content or complexity or critical or even common conversation. THIS is a mute service; providing only: this business is not a sounding board/ is not a public opinion poll/ is not media providing you with “the news”/ or other. THIS IS: “OLD SCHOOL”/ person to person, accept the risk, make your own decision to proceed. Regardless what your choice is/ it is YOUR CHOICE. And you should recognize, while none should participate with communicable diseases/ some always do, no matter where you are; etcetera. These are risks, you accept to join. OUR ONLY decision to “aid and abet” your ability to find a conversation, or create a discussion. OUR BUSINESS, is to provide the opportunities to meet strangers. The web site www.justtalking7.info as our gift; to aid the conversation; when it fails. Once business starts; that site, will no longer be changed. “so you may know, what you know”; best you can.

WE DO NOT TAKE DONATIONS/ WE DO NOT AUTHORIZE “fundraising or other” at any meeting/ or in any form of membership; and NEVER will. IF YOU WISH to invest in this business; at start up you can do that/ but it is limited to what we need.

IF YOU DO: THEN, you do NEED TO UNDERSTAND: that although membership badges identify those who are willing to talk. If successful enough to begin; the information of meetings and so on can be taken and used by anyone; without our permission. As any member of the group DOES HAVE EQUAL ACCESS/ and we have no control over them. Others can create badges of their own; claiming the same thing; and so on. What they cannot do; for critical conversations is: control your answers to the fifty questions we provide: as that is under your own member control. However is privacy is breached; we accept no responsibility for that/ as the intent to share personal information with strangers; removes critical controls. INVESTMENT WILL NOT BE; an endless abyss of numbers that have no reality attached. STRICTLY reality, as will be indicated by, and in our accounting.

YOUR JOB: is to accept the responsibility: THIS IS YOUR “SHOW”/ and this is YOUR OPINION/ and this is YOUR DECISION: we provide none of that/ there is “NO us” involved. Not in any meeting or business you attend: or any of that.

Your own: basic Social media links will be provided to serve you in these matters; by your own decision to participate therein. NO responsibility, extends: to us.

YOUR decision rules your life/ your meeting/ your choices/ your body/ your future: EVERYTHING “yours”. As is REAL WORLD life: with regard to this business, comes strictly from YOUR CHOICE.

BECAUSE many people do need help with their conversations! The companion site www.justtalking7.info selected to provide a maximum range of conversational input/ for both social and personal elements of living and world. This 20 year “work” which ranges from how the universe was formed: to living/ courtrooms/ life/ law/ democracy/ more/ and even eternity: is more than enough to present a forum of information: used to aid and abet; your own personal addition to almost any conversation.

That site: SHALL BE CLOSED from any further changes/ TO AVOID any deliberate influence: or more simply, “not live today”. It simply will remain: “what it is, is what it is”/ so that you can depend upon the information provided there for your use.

That occurs: Once this service has become fully operational. So that NO INFLUENCE: shall be perceived by you from that site: IT SIMPLY EXISTS/ PRIOR to this business. BY BEING CLOSED: at the start of this business: It becomes, merely: “a tool” presented for your use. NOT a news source, NOT telling you what to think or say/ NOT a media source manipulating you in what you are to think or believe/ NOT a religious, cult, or other form of control, propaganda or other.

But a reality set into place: now presented for your use, as a participant member in this site. If you so choose it to be. THAT TOO: IS STRICTLY BY YOUR OWN DECISION, CHOICE, OR PURPOSE/ not ours.

WARNING IS GIVEN: we cannot control people who counterfeit membership badges or name tags/ cannot keep people from using this information any way they like. We can limit with law; media, or business usage of the information; but that requires lawyers/ and that requires “your money” to defend. We cannot control liars, or any other burden to society. We are not your policing entity. We are not measuring or judging for you. We are not creating “news to use”. We are not manipulating, propagating, controlling, or tempting you. THIS IS SIMPLY opening an access door, to create a meeting among real people; who then choose to identify themselves as a member here who has agreed: to be kind, polite, and respectful to any stranger who seeks an honest conversation. How long or short that might become is ENTIRELY up to you. They merely agree, in accepting membership: “NOT to bite you”; for attempting to talk to them. But our only means of defending you: is to ban them from knowing when or where a meeting will be held; and by talking to others; you must recognize, they might come anyway.

  1. is ANY of this a dating service? 
    1. NO, it is not: the functional purpose here is, “don’t be my hero/ be my friend”. Whatever might become of “AN OPPORTUNITY FOR STRANGERS TO MEET STRANGERS; whether good or bad, is entirely up to you, and whoever you meet. This is a REAL WORLD, It is your risk, you agree to take on, AS your own responsibility to make choices for your own safety. AS BEST you can. 
    2. THIS is a service/ access business. Where the process of meeting stranger to stranger; is elevated by KNOWING; each one here, who is wearing “a badge/ nameplate” registered to this business IS STATING: THAT I AM, willing to talk to strangers, or at least be polite to them. Whatever you do with that, is entirely up to you. NO GUARANTEE OF SAFETY EXISTS.


2 how do I know where and when to go? Who will be there?

          1. for the service of people meeting people/ people needing people; you will be given an access code with membership that lets you see “the blackboard” of where and when a meeting for “common conversations” shall occur.
          2. We will ask people to acknowledge if they will expect to attend a specific meeting; but only a number will be given as to those expected. NO specific people will be available.



      1. how do I know where and when “complex conversation” meetings are to be? OR, what the topic of conversation is expected to be?1. you will be given an access code that is different for this particular group; by which “the blackboard” of meetings for each topic to be considered is; along with times and places where people who expect to attend shall be. but only a number will be given as to those expected. NO specific people will be available.

        A listing of topics on a menu board, corresponding to topic discussion will display the suggested topic of any specific meeting: but is not required. Those expecting to go will be asked to indicate their intent to attend/ so that appropriate preparations, at the business of meeting, can occur.

          1. People may offer topic suggestions
          2. people may ask for “a beginning path”, to be created for their group/ on ONE specific topic for the week. Which will be assembled for you at my discretion. My method is: to create a general purpose/ ascend into more complex constructions “one step” at a time/ and arrive at a detailed desire, thereby using a focusing development; to establish what is or is not true; about a potential decision. Limited here to 500 words or less; for your use. IF I AM substantially asked to do so. It is, my choice to answer or not.
          3. GENERALLY SPEAKING: the “endless conversation” of www.justtalking7.info WILL be used to find direction and substance within whatever will be the conversation topic; if you do not have your own. For the group: simple, direct, easy to do: your choice.
      1. how do I know where and when “critical relationship conversation meetings are to be?1. members shall be given a separate access code for this group only. Indicating time and place on a “blackboard”; which you will access from, a separate code for this group. People will be asked if they expect to attend; so that realistic preparations can be made. but only a number will be given as to those expected. NO specific people will be available.

How do I know who belongs to this group?

Members will receive one of four specific to this group “badge/ name tag” to wear as they wish. Each badge selects an image that is consistent with your own desire for conversation. Each badge will include a border color which indicates “a specific menu created” preference of conversation as has been chosen by you. Along with other information on the back side/ with a picture to confirm it is “really you”. This is a two sided badge/ wear, hide, or show, as you wish.


WHAT is the purpose of the questions; and how many I do answer or don’t

IN THIS critical to understand, I/ we are: looking for long term serious relationships. Which describe a desire: for friendship, dating, or other interests. The foundation of creating a future relies upon; basic similar interests/ basic similar traits of conception/ basic similar desires and designs in the living we do/ the “loving we seek”/ time to spare/ work, sharing and so on. That fifty questions outline, is intended to provide insight for those contemplating spending time together. Answering these questions does indicate a limited, HONESTY: by the way you choose to express yourself.

HOW do we know these answer are true?

EACH member is required to acknowledge, “this I answered, because I chose this, as my own honest statement, to reveal myself beyond simple conversations: TO FIND A FRIEND”.

But, bear in mind: we cannot stop them from copying someone else s answers. We can only limit member access to letting these answers be changed: only once per year membership cycle: and present your answers; “from year to year”. For security: Grading is your only other form of security, as to the validity of their answers for themselves; thereby the group gets to have an opinion for themselves. What you do with that opinion is up to you.

ANSWERING with emojis is NOT an answer, as it is subject to your own interpretation/ not their answer. However people can copy questions, and no doubt they will: therefore emoji’s can become a simple conversational tool. Being a friendly construction: about what you might say/ before we attempt “the real thing”. That you choose to use emojis on a print-out sheet/ etc; as a fun way to consider the more dedicated, or delicate truth of opening the door; to someone else: where your own REAL ANSWERS do exist. Is up to you.

Each member you give the right to review the answers provided by or from you: must provide you with their answers as well/ at the very same time. Or you cannot open your own answers: they are static and cannot be changed but once a year; on a membership cycle. In response to seeing someone else s information: “a panic button” will let you close both sets of information/ for at least thirty minutes. Each member is then asked to “create a grade”; which is aligned with THEIR OPINION; if you can be trusted or not/ if you are being truthful or not/ and if they recommend you as “someone to know” or not.

HOW do we know who is safe enough: to allow, these (non- specific but personal ) answers too?

In this group only: each member creates their own personal OPENING PAGE; which will have their member grade attached too. Those who fail “the grade” will be banned; for specific periods of time. Each member will create: their own independent statement for that opening page 500 words or less. Each member will have their own access code for this opening page/ and from that opening page; they may choose to link to the information on someone else’s opening page: at the same time, they open theirs to that person. Independent access to your own page is not allowed; as it is static, and cannot be changed until the membership cycle returns.

HOW do we remove the stranger; from our page and answers?

Each member will have a “panic shutdown key” on their opening page/ to remove that access for both parties; locking out both members for thirty minutes. You will choose the time allowed to search, through your materials/ that you have chosen to been granted. Same for both; least time rules. Repeating “panic closures” will end in your removal; for a period of time from access to this group through the business.

WHAT else can we know about the other members in this group?

ONLY what they tell you or allow you to see; along with their grade as given to them by members of this group/ and a separate grade, by members who have accepted/ and been acknowledged by this member; to go on a date or other as would be their own personal choice.

WHAT kind of security do you offer for this service?

We offer NO SECURITY OF ANY KIND. Only the warning; beware, NO meetings of any kind will be sanctioned by this business: EXCEPT WITHIN PUBLIC SPACES/ PUBLIC GATHERINGS/ PUBLIC “SAFETY” ONLY; no exceptions. NO, personal meeting places whatsoever; anyone who posts that kind of thing shall be banned; as best we can/ when notified as such.. by other members.

WHAT CAN we do, to increase our own security within this service?

We offer; along with the acknowledgment of “these two members” have elected to spend time together; the option of stating where, when, why, for how long expected, and when you have returned home. So that this amount of time, is accounted for. Failing to return at the expected time: gives the option, people you have given an access code too/ identify this information on your behalf. Will be able to access it, by your decision. Therefore you should: notify 3 people you would choose; to be made aware! So that someone knows, “this, whatever it is, has occurred.” To properly provide for the purpose of this: BOTH MEMBERS having opened each “fifty questions”/ shall present the same information on each site; showing they agree; etc. ANY deviation or refusal to present that information: is deemed a risk! If not a member; it would be wiser, not to proceed further until they do provide and present the information you need to assess risk; as best we can. The ability to download a picture; of two people who agree, at this time: is intended to be available; but reality decides. IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THE RISK; then it would be better to meet in ‘the light of day”/ in public places only; along with people who you do actually know to be “safe”.

REMEMBER THIS: “YOU CAN be followed to your car/ in your car/ to your door; found at your work later on; and so on; dependent upon whosoever you have met. As is the case “everyday” in the real world; no matter where you are/ or what you are doing. Do not use fear/ accept caution is associated with risk; no matter where you are; “church parking lot/ shopping mall/ police station” it is all the same. BEING AWARE, is “the first sign of safety/ but there are no guarantees for anyone”; as thieves prove/ etcetera.

WHAT ARE, the “menu categories” for”

WE DO NOT judge; NOR do we offer measurements.

but we do offer selections so that you can make your own commitment by this “color corresponds” to the statement or style of decisions or discussions; that are most desirable to me. Thereby the color corresponding IS: the most likely topic of discussion that I wish to engage in: with someone new. Is in open display on the border of the name tag or badge provided by us for each group. If you know what the color means. Definitions will be found on your opening page.

The coloring of questions; for those in the critical conversations group; are intended to allow a conception of that particular type of discussion or answer: to the conversational content, presented by you: should occur here.

“light versions of this color” suggest: I am usually found on the affirmative side of this topic

while “darker versions of this same color” suggest; I am usually found dissenting to this kind of topic conversation. Gradients are chosen by individual members to represent themselves.

WHAT is, the name tag/ badge “backside information” for; in the critical service group?

To help members of the critical relationships group only: to ascertain quickly “to some degree”; if this person is considered truthful. “picture you”? To weed out: as would be someone claiming to belong to a “twenty something” group/ that is clearly NOT. For the purposes of integrity in this group; by banning those who lie.

ADVISE, from the owner here/ use this business: at your own risk:


of things to know, in my opinion: are these simple rules

  1. you can’t buy friendship with sex/ it will only buy you time, “without talking”. Conversations which share the disciplines of your life/ care about the order of our lives together/ respect and balance each other with work, and time, and truth are the only methods of creating a friend.
  2. Want is the basis of every lie and every form of non-violent crime. Want is an abyss; and those who want, are looking at you for what you can provide for them. Want tries to possess, and is the basis of greed, selfishness, lust, and more. So look for truth instead, and let it be your guide/ because want is a camouflage, deliberately hiding something, that will eventually attack you.
  3. Pride is the basis of every violent purpose; the sound of every angry voice. It shouts, I didn’t win/ and I want too. Or it screams: YOU are going to lose, because I want revenge. Pride is the basis of every abuse or use or rape; because it wants what it wants; and you represent the game they are playing to prove they are the winner here/ NOT you. Jealousy is the belief, “I cannot compete here”/ therefore it rebels, and demands; “you shall, belong only to me”. That is neither kind or love; but predicts violence will come.
  4. Power is the predator; these hide in a camouflage of deceit as predators do when stalking a prey. The power, linked to pride; that allows yes I can kill, then results in an attack. Power measures: therefore be aware, THOSE WHO MEASURE others, are aligning them with the response; “I could play god over you”. Hate lives here, in the chaos of finding fault with everyone and every thing.
  5. LOVE SHARES, CARES, LIVES WITH AND DESIRES FROM THE LIVING FORM OF RESPECT FOR ALL LIFE AND PLANET. It is kind, gentle, happy as best I can, willing to work, honest in all things, truthful which builds trust, and sexually pure enough, to win your heart if shared as love exists between our lives to bridge that gap. Love balances life with truth. Love disciplines sex with reality. Love encounters order and constructs a foundation for family. Love shares the moments we have, as life; fully knowing no one is perfect/ and unless we forgive; we remain alone. Love accepts, the responsibility of doing our part/ but must balance every value with the truth decides, not me or want. Because only truth survives, to reward us with a living beyond ourselves.


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