final review

A final review;

the great disgrace of human life is: the human herd, so willing to believe whatever leaders and their current method of propagation tells them to fear or obey or do. In this America for instance; the common delusion is, “we are great”/ but that is certainly not true. As since ww2 the curse of exploding 2,000 nuclear bombs across the pacific and more enabled all weapons of mass destruction to be built; as is the truth “they CANNOT BE TRUSTED.” in this USA, YOU believe that media protects you/ you believe that democracy protects you/ you believe the vote protects you/ you believe the basic elements of government protect you/ you believe the universities are your gods/ and a billion more delusions which are clearly not true. And you hate me for pointing those things out. But that does not make truth go away; as is the constant of an entire human world; who does little better. And humanity screams: “WE ARE GREAT” better than all those who came before. And yet it is you, that caused our existence as a world: to face our own extinction/ by what you chose to believe. Rather than what truth would identify to you.

Would Vietnam “thank you”/ NO, it was used as a training ground for “world war 3”; Cuban missile crisis stopped that; but then came electronics and “sam missiles”; and it was a testing ground; “a meat grinder” to prepare the troops. Or Iraq/ or Afghanistan/ or other assaults avoiding the word war. To claim: “no we aren’t”/ when reality proved yes you are.

So the end result of my life is: that I spent it, searching for ways to make you understand: LIFE IS NOT A GAME! It is a constant regulated by truth.

While universities and others spent their lives shouting: LIFE IS A GAME

and your participation is merely as a winner/ or loser; so choose. And you did: using lies, theft, betrayal, cheating, and more to fantasize and create “a world defined by imagination; as fools often do”. As leaders now seek to hide their failures with war. As the cost of human population explosion: even at 1.2% that equals another one hundred million more mouths to feed this year than last year. Destroying every foundation of life and living; to prove you can avoid the truth; if you just believe in the lies. To your shame.

So I have come to an impasse with you; as you have no reference to life as truth.

That said: I am not your savior, or any other form of leadership that might exist/ I am merely the messenger sent to tell you: that this world cannot survive what you are doing/ THEREFORE CDHANGE, OR you will enter HELL. That is my message, and it has been delivered; as life and reality allowed me to do it. By the limits and boundaries which human existence set into place. It was your choice/ not mine. But nonetheless; your message is delivered/ and you no longer have an excuse of any kind/ for anything, other than: CHOOSE LIFE FIRST, AND THIS PLANET AS IS YOUR HOME.

And yet you choose only to follow fools; as are those who genetically alter life/ poison an entire earth/ fail the water supplies/ cause extinction of life throughout this planet/ destroy our world/ and even try to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun here”: HELL WHAT could go wrong? EVERYTHING; to your shame.

SO the script here is a bit hard to read; which goes well with what is left of your brain. As fear/ believe/ and obey; were deliberately identified by covid; as your disgrace. The failure to understand; human greed, and deceit have taken over your world.

As to me: the disappearance of male continues. The spiritual entanglement with female continues to deepen into realities I cannot avoid or change. And the realities of balance as were needed to complete this message to you of change or die. Now seem to be receding into what will life, or eternity for me, become? Still no clue. But if reality suddenly turns me into a girl, “I will let you know”/ as it would be more of a surprise to me/ than to you. Nonetheless, it is always true: GOD CAN DO, anything HE wishes to do.

I offer that as a possibility ONLY because; over the last 18+ years; “the spiritual woman predicted in biblical Revelation 12 & 17”; has in fact torn apart everything considered to be male; in these last 7 years or so. A reality required; because at the beginning of it: after a ten year search, the only solution of men was found to be WAR; and only extinction exists in that. So “she changed it”/ in me; by adding the balance that is female, not just male. But reality would prove to be: I have leaned further to the law/ discarding war; which then became this message of change. LET LAW RULE THIS WORLD.

Miracles exist: look around you without the sewage of “university religion as is evolution (they proved nothing)”. Ending with I DO NOT predict the future/ but the evidence does; and your world is ending. Which means past the point of no return; life on earth will disappear forever gone. Because that: is what you chose to do, to believe, and to obey.

I leave you to your fate.

Because you would not change, for life or world/ as one and all scream: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT. and as always:  “we believe whatever we want to believe”. to your shame.

While it is true: NOBODY is allowed to walk away from a dying world! The reality is: unless you change, “and find a brain”/ rather than merely believing anything you are told by “university”. There is no further need to try, because you cannot understand; as is the cost of religious beliefs. Or, “nobody questions our gods/ of university”; as is the constant statement of the judiciary, education, media, leadership of all kinds, and more, as is humanity itself. EVEN THOUGH YOU STAND ON THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION/ and the evidence is clear enough even to you; that you do understand the price of being WRONG.

REALITY knows: this direction, and these decisions: are the result “of a diploma”. Because they did change your world; and all shouted hurrah. But none took account of the consequences, for what you did do. FIND A BRAIN OF YOUR OWN! Don’t just believe: refuse to fear/ obey the only truth, as evidence can support; clearly and without the taint of lies; as best we can.

ACCEPT: THAT PRIDE, is the greatest enemy you face/ and the hardest to defeat; because it allows you to want, whatever you want; “without a brain” to consider the cost. Pride is where, greed, lies, theft, betrayal, and more finds its grip on you.

While it is clearly true: the spiritual woman of revelation 17; 5 (as predicted) does in fact “hold all the keys” to me. I have; as is the end of deliberate participation: I DON’T intend to provide ANY more information to dethrone “the university trance” you are in. either wake up/ or we are done. Even though; it is the spiritual woman who joined my life, that will ultimately decide/ because I literally, cannot refuse.

The universities way is: “feed the factories/ throw it all away, to keep the factories running”. ON THIS FINITE PLANET; with 8,00,000,000 all grabbing for more each day. “lets be free”/ there are no consequences for us; imagination is god, and we will make this world our own. As is the path they have taken.

Reality however proves: there are consequences for us all/ and 8 billion people cannot have everything they want: LIFE AND PLANET, COMES FIRST. AND THAT means there will be limits and boundaries; and the truth LAW protects us all. “from you”/ or it fails there too.

I will leave you with this: it is not a temptation/ it is a reality of conception, a decision that expedites business;  as I have proven capable of real world truth.

Some designs are available; if they function as expected/ which would significantly improve your odds of survival as a world. I will not be giving them to you/ because unless you change what you are doing EXTENSIVELY; there is nothing that can help you survive. So it is pointless, and I am not bought “with numbers”.

I REQUIRE; that women organize themselves into a realistic force/ that will attempt to change this world: FOR LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST. That requires you: to enable “redress” because if you cannot convince humanity with truth and evidence/ there is again: no point. At the beginning: I started with truth and evidence (believing they just don’t understand)/ but found nothing beyond greed and denial, a want founded in fantasy and delusions. Nonetheless, if you are willing to try; through a courtroom/ perhaps enough reality has been proven true: that something more than greed and selfishness can occur. That is my price, and it is expected: “suitable patents” will help you pay for change, and the work to be done. I require ten percent, after expenses; from true income: if you succeed in at least an honest start. Nothing if you don’t.

Assuming I have not “forgotten everything of importance”/ there should be several patent-able elements for change.

Or more distinctly: “last call”/ last chance; entirely up to you. YOU ARE, without doubt; “entirely able to find me”/ CHOOSE.

NO; there are no temptations, manipulations, control, or intent to describe or conceive of sex, or children, or deviant behavior, or any other sexual issue with you. I spent my life in time:  searching for “this entire living world must not die”; and that is all there is.