The rules of life and living: are under constant attack by universities determined to deny life its opportunity to live. The kindergarten of fools and cowards; who define life as a game/ and the world with all its miracles; as something they get to play with. Is at its final conclusion: the disease of arrogance/ dysentery of apathy/ and the sewer of disrespect that is so common among the thieves, liars, traitors, terrorists, cheats, cursed, dead, and damned that is “the university way”. As proven by the evidence of our demise as a world, now threatened with true extinction. By failure, liar, traitor, terrorist, thief, whore, cult worshipers of Satan (destroyer of a world); as is the playground of leadership, among those who refused to grow up. While a tiny few are adults/ none of the rest who form the majority have a brain. Such is the reality of our lives; a constant disgrace of our world, throughout all nations on earth; as the pandemic of “university knows”; has spread into cancer and chaos/ hate and coming disease/ cursed and cannibals; as will occur.

So I demand of you WAKE UP/ GROW UP/ FIND YOUR BRAIN; BEFORE THE SEWER IS EMPTIED AND YOUR LIFE/ ALL LIFE: IS DRAINED AWAY FOREVER. And the world says to me: you ain’t nobody/ and we don’t care. But I have never asked you to believe in me: IDENTIFY THE EVIDENCE, and prove it is not true. As to you, and your failure to care [because you are now comfortable living as sheep]; the day is coming soon, when nothing will remain the same. No food/ no water/ no future, proven true/ no world (too damn hot)/ no anything of value; just war. BECAUSE THAT, IS WHAT YOU CHOSE! WITH your apathy. THAT is what the universities chose; with their arrogance. And THAT is what the summary of life gives back, for pure disrespect as is found throughout human society. ALL SCREAMING: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ as your world dies, because of that want, pride, and power to say “Yes we can”.

Nonetheless, without hope: there is no life, because it fades away into a living that has no value. Therefore we must sustain hope; regardless of the evidence/ or human cult worshipers of “university is god”.

I will continue, WITH gentle realities; when I am less irritated at YOU.

The rules are:

  1. that while parents must choose for small children/ if those parents do not honestly listen to their child in those years: they will NOT communicate with their parents or grandparents, when they become teenagers or “ever”.
  2. When a child becomes a teenager; that means they are beginning the journey that is: I must find a way to live and work/ I must define the kind of life I wish to live if that is possible. And I MUST contend with the chemical additions that come with sexual awakening. The failure to recognize: the chemicals are not a toy/ but a tool, that can damage and tear apart lives is the difference “between man and boy”. Addiction is, or can be a deadly thing/ to compete with it: YOU MUST understand the chemicals will influence you/ UNTIL, you choose to master them. Which means: I WILL be in control/ “not you”. Which means: the essence of that statement is, LIFE IS A MIRACLE, and so is female to male; never underestimate what that means. Never simply believe it is a simple thing; it is not. NEVER BELIEVE: “all is fair in love and war”; THAT IS NEVER TRUE. And so on.Never believe that the chemicals of sex are small or unimportant: because those who fail to control the addiction, become rapists or abusive. And it is suspected for female; easy and without restraint, if the rewards are sufficient. A vasectomy removes the chemicals from men; ending sex has value. SEX is not a toy/ it is a tool; that allows for a value beyond animal; when it is real, that gives the life, “to being ALIVE”.
  3. The critical test of a parent is: to recognize that “your child”, is now going to make decisions that will affect their lives, others including you, future, and even their own eternity. Because that is the price of being an adult. So they MUST make their own decisions/ and that means you cannot help; unless you help them along the decisions that they will make: instead of you.
  4. The critical test of every child (regardless of age) is to understand: the primary element of life and living, is to be friends and communicate that with someone else, as is the basis of all love. NEARLY every adult parent deserves your time and patience. Your willingness to participate in their lives, and do what they wish to do from time to time; as an honest decision to love and appreciate the truth. “I rose into life, and living; from you”; as best “we could”. Of regrets, I personally know; that I did not spend enough time with my mom in particular. ALWAYS something else fighting for that time; as is in my case, “a dying world”. We each must choose; but we each must live with the choices we make. Bottom line: spend time with each other, and do something of value with each other; to prove the truth we are friends.
  5. The elemental reality of society is: that we must identify what we can and cannot do together/ as is the basis of law. Within that law of acceptance: proving this is the best we can do for ourselves and each other/ then becomes our government, as is the foundation of democracy. The unfortunate truth is: there is and will remain, A PLAGUE OF PEOPLE who want to play god, with life and you; to their shame. Unfortunately, the only thing we can judge and remove is hate. Because everything else including anger; comes from the impact other people have had on their lives. DON’T judge, let only the law that is fair and justified do that; because to fail here, fails both life and society/ and tears at the nation itself.
  6. The foundation of education is: HOW BEST, can we prepare for life and understand everything we do need to know; in order to be happy, preserve the future, create a home, distinguish “truth or lie”, and fundamentally honor and respect the miracles which surround us all. Accept “yes we can” IS NOT sufficient to entitle “yes you will”.
  7. The foundation of religion is: “we believe whatever we want to believe” and you cannot stop us. But that is called freedom, and to each his or her own is a reality we do not influence or share: WHICH MEANS, “your eternity/ not mine; as is YOUR choice, not mine”. The only liberty involved is: you cannot take the rest of us down/ by wrecking our own lives with your choice.
  8. The fundamental truth of life and living and earth is: truth decides! Truth notices the evidence and foundations of extinction, are in control now. Because the tragedy of tearing apart this nation USA, and world as is the loss of every resource;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;etcetera. Is far too great to survive. Because you just won’t care; as is the human race for greed comes first.
  9. The elemental truth of life is: that we are not guaranteed time or love or value in our existence. Instead we are guaranteed: YOU MUST CHOOSE, for yourself: if your life is to be “as love would live”/ as hate would do/ or as animals who believe they are little more than prey or predator in time; which will turn to dust? Because our lives are given to the purpose of humanity, which is to claim freedom for ourselves; by discarding respect for GOD our Creator. That environmental choice; makes life hard.
  10. The critical choice of death is: that we will run out of time, and the body refuse our commands: because eternity is not built upon time/ therefore it must be discarded by us to achieve the first step to an invitation beyond time within ourselves. That means: if you do not “go back to life/ with the force that gave you this existence; when the body dies”. You will be left behind to dissipate and then vanish; as is ghosted (no force to use/ no rights/ no freedoms/ no future).
  11. Life is not fair, because humanity wants to play games, and not deal honestly, with reality or its truth. Because these things are not “the freedom to do whatever you want”/ but the honesty of what justice and fair play; by law, can provide to life and living. The first element of change is then to remove “money” from its place of leadership/ and replace that with the honesty of what we can and must do for each other in order to create the life and living that we do desire in love and peace through harmony. The masses say: I WANT MORE (winner)/ not same. BUT truth says, peace and harmony through love is more, but it is not the same as money.
  12. Our relationship with eternity is built upon truth, because only truth will survive beyond time. As your choices all end with death/ and what is the reality of your truth, by its own description; decides what you can or cannot inherit as life which you earned. Different levels of love, constitute different levels of mercy; as the reality of love can survive/ but the cost of failure cannot. Whether you can earn a second chance is unknown to me. But as with true love, the gain or ascension into purity; cannot be done here on earth. So it seems so.
  13. The spiritual world: is where truth is separated from your living to identify your life; by its own version of truth, and what you do desire or trust inside; where your own life does exist. Death separates that life from body, and leaves you with your truth. But the spiritual world is not that simple; and you can encounter “far more than you expect”; the end result of it will be, a greater purity of identity as is you. It is the first step in your journey beyond. Or if you fail truth as the desire called love/ it is the beginning descent which will become “the ending” of your life. Your choice/ became, your truth.
  14. The elemental struggle requires an invitation to proceed beyond the boundaries and limits of a life began as human. It is not a guarantee; but biblical JESUS was a life that identified what is truly the difference between love and hate; so that we would clearly know. And it is HIS life and teaching that produces the claim: if we love honestly, with respect/ the invitation will come; as soul joins the heart and shouts “I AM ALIVE”. Even beyond time. And all the people say: “you can’t know that”! But my only response is: I have faith in truth and its law, I have faith in love and its desire for companionship, I have faith in mercy and the value of soul.
  15. The reality of life is: because we do have male and female genders/ differences beyond our recognition. The realities of life are expanded to include a wide variety of decisions that would not otherwise exist. A wide variety of love versus hate; that would not be recognized if sex were not part. But that opens the door; to all the things sex can be, if we are honorably in love for each other. Creating both “depths and heights” none of us would be able to reach without the other opposite sex; to participate in life. So we identify sexuality with love, but only when the respect of each participant is equal to the value of their heart. Soul says: we cannot lie, to sex with the honesty of love; because love knows the difference/ even if we will not admit to, or accept what is true. Which is another lesson; that cannot be defined, in truth: without the other to teach: love is not the answer/ it is the journey, truth is the answer. Teaching what we trust, becomes the foundation or anchor of our lives.
  16. My life is varied, and the journey is long; because the end result of it all is: my own gift to you is, “all these miracles”/ shall not be destroyed, without a fight. Not even if I fight alone. As to the spiritual woman in me: change continues, even more so; than what is asked of you. So, don’t tell me you can’t; because it is not so.
  17. As to your life, remember this: that you do own your own body/ it is yours, and belongs to no one else. You may use it as you wish, but you must pay the price of whatever consequences come. You cannot escape your truth, no matter when or how old you get: because truth is truth. However some things can be “covered up” with forgiveness and value achieved with honor. Do not spend your life wanting revenge, it only brings hate. Do not give your love to those who only want to keep it; and will not share back: because love is a finite reality, a treasure of its own that gives you the peace of life in harmony. When you give love away, it becomes a possession of whomever you have given it too: which is why heartbreak exists. Look for hate or it will attack you/ listen to anger, it can turn against you/ beware of “extreme focus” on anything, because it is a true sign of selfishness; and that can be deadly to you. Let truth decide, but understand: it is better to let some things go, even if wronged/ than to seek even justice; because the failure of humanity is real. Be thankful for who you are; but if you learn “it is not what you wanted/ then CHANGE, to be what it is you truly desire”. Money will not make you happy/ but poverty won’t make you happy either; find your own solution, but remember that time is the essence of life; and when time is over; that was your life; want it or not. Don’t be jealous (I cannot compete/ I wish you were dead), tragedy comes from that; even hell if you fall in. Always be the best you can be; WHY, be less than that/ only idiots choose to be less. Shape your words to be “with respect for life”. Shape your body with disciplines and order. Shape your mind with honesty, so that it does not stray from truth. One of the things; which changed my life dramatically was this. That for a week or so, my mind was constantly under attack at night; by “things which no one should want”. Until I finally said to myself: if I must stay awake to defend my life/ then that is what I will do. That was the beginning of time, “at night”; to search for life and truth/ which I did not have before; as work took control. So what was a terrible week of nights/ turned into an educational awareness (time for me) that has been used ever sense. Blessings do not always begin “with joy”.
  18. As to work/ as for me: at about 25 or so years old, all doors opened for me; to go any direction I wished in “electrical construction” at the time. But found myself staring at “this is what my life in time is going to be”/ and I chose to then discard that, and return to building a life that would be searching and trying to “establish your need to understand; our world is in trouble”. That required numerous “remodeling events”/ none more life changing, that encountering the spiritual woman defined by Revelation 12 & 17; who does in fact live within me. Believe it or not.
    1. As for you: beware of the truth of every job; as is some work inside/ some work outside/ some chain you to the desk/ some are hard/ some are physical and so on. But each represents what your body will be experiencing/ and your mind expressing as time goes by. We ALL have to work; it is our contribution to existence. If you get rich, and excused by that: you do miss out on the realities of influence that are fundamentally by design an aid to your future. Because unlike religions promise: eternity WILL NOT be “70 virgins” for you to have sex with/ or whatever other fool disease of human lust is in you. Love is not a finite experience; participation is required, and learning how to think and control the disciplines, recognize the order, and balance your own life are all necessary; just to survive. Because the universe is no game; elements exist that can kill you/ realities exist, that can terrorize you/ love exists, because it is true.