The destiny of misdirection is chaos; but its purpose is to create a diversion so as to take control away from those who are being made “delusional”. More distinctly; it is common among teenagers to create a different language, by simply removing the definitions given to “standardized words”/ to make them mean the opposite instead. Thereby a coded language to use, among the young; so the older ones don’t know. It is a game; but later in life when the purpose is to take control over society itself, or governments, or law, or whatever they attack: the intent is to remove the discipline of words, so as to remove the order of what is, or is not accepted as “right or wrong”.

Because once the standard of words has been displaced with the action and reactions of words that no longer have a standardized meaning: you have lost control over the conversation/ and therefrom over the direction of society; because your words no longer have a standardized meaning either; even if you know, by the discipline; “they are called true”. Thereby we know that causing disciplines to cease: is the same description of war/ that is propaganda or manipulation in any other form. Without discipline order ceases to be measured. And without order or discipline; balance no longer exists; and society fails to sustain itself. Which means the insurgency against what is true; is now under way.

Such is the case of so many things: derived and created by university. Such as; this nation has seen In many ways and things; whose real purpose is to remove the certainty of knowledge, as is this is true. To install the uncertainty of delusions, which have removed the understanding needed to enforce what is true on life and society; whereby we do survive, and sustain ourselves by order and its discipline. Which does grant balance to arrive; because if we all use the words we know/ then we can reach an understanding. Whereas if we all use words that different people believe stand for different things/ or we don’t know what this means at all: then chaos results/ governments fail/ society suffers the loss of stability/ law fails/ and the future no longer exists, because truth does not lead.

The leaders of lies, can then move in. the leaders of hate: can then take charge/ because there is no order, and without balance; all forms of discipline fail. People then lose hope; and without hope, they die inside; and blame “you”.   because as we all know:   “only a tiny few” actually care.    so they curse you with  “you killed me”.   EVEN THOUGH THAT IS NOT TRUE;  because the spiritual world (open to all), holds the key to all true hope.

As an example: the US IRS 1040 tax form, is completely designed “to send you down a maze”, and confuse and misdirect you with the purpose of taking away any and all calls for change. Giving them almost complete control: because “you don’t understand”. So the demand is: FOLLOW THE RULES, and then you will. But in reality it is basically same as sending a creature down the slaughter house line/ as “the eaters” take what they want/ while you are so busy following the rules; you don’t understand or acknowledge what is really happening here. They get control/ because you followed the rules. They made the rules and created the maze: so that you lose control over the disciplines of what justice and fair play actually are. Ending with: “just let me out of here”/ pay them, and don’t complain. Because you can’t understand/ you can’t defend. Because the courtroom jury cannot understand/ they get away with being the enemy: because you don’t know their rules are simply; to make you cry.  one hundred plus years:  of universities studying you/ experimenting with you/ advertising to you/ manipulating you; and all things designed to control what and how you think. so that the powerful can make you do what they want. IS WHY the universities got paid!           life is a game/ did you not know that;  “which all the animals” are required to play.  Unless you get out, and do understand:  LIFE IS, more important; than this!

The critical measure of our reality is governed by what the evidence can prove true. But it is negated, without a full and deliberate picture covering all aspects of interest or need. In terms of breast cancer; in this USA what is important develops only when considering all factors: such as the uninsured ONLY find a doctor when they know something is wrong, and life is threatened; so the numbers are skewed. Critical development of treatment/ critical oversight of claims/ critical truth, not just believe what you are told: UNLIKE COVID [pure theft and the intent to harm]: requires a very “lets be fair” construction.