Of life versus death: the foundation of living, which presents the existence of death; is dependent upon forces which alter and create time. The greatest force known to exist in our universe is cold/ but the realities of living as time, are completely dependent upon heat; as heat produces movements we define as life. But then comes the question of an identity; because without light: shapes, definitions, and dimensions lack clarity. The critical truth: then realizes, without thought, nothing exists; even if it does. Therefore while the question of beginning arises with force/ the realities of life can only be found in thought. The expressions of light, separating life (I know “something”) from death (there is nothing of value here). While it is the heat inside (the living expression of time) that alters a living body into a dead body. Thought adds in: “heat has no connection to thought”/ yet thought is the evidence of life, not time.

The human animal has a disease all other animals do not: it is the curse of greed. To believe that if you can/ then whatever you want can be yours; by taking theirs. This is multiplied with numbers, so that more human animals believe they have the means to get all they can want; by trapping you into the delusions, lies, fantasies, and betrayal that is the human descent into “nothing left but predator here”. This curse is intensified by the organization of those who create “the army”; who will now go get what the few in power want. By subjugating life into the misery of being slaves (no you cannot choose)/ as the cost of power continues its battle to control everything on earth; by just a few own it all. To complete this task: fear is an absolute, because without fear, the prey do not form into herds which believe “all the same/ or we die”. So fear is used as with covid; to insure there is no further refusal to obey; and with that the mass hypnosis campaign’s of media are used to intensify fear by the constant mass murder of “entertainment”, and finding the message “fear surrounds you/ OBEY”. As every form of freedom is eviscerated, to become: YOU cannot live, unless you OBEY. The curse of the dead, then invade by all means necessary; to insure, you shall not ever “think for yourself” again.

the greatest tragedy of your existence; is then falling into the trap, that greed is better than family or friend. When in fact, it is only love that makes life worth living. People argue and shout: GREED is better than that/ but greed is like an island “which confines you”/ proving without life “of value”, to share the living with; there will be no joy. So the critical question is: LOVE is a choice/ even when the others refuse, it is still your own choice: that decides “where you live”.

And the prey all shout: “I DON’T want to make my own choices/ they can end badly, and make me pay beyond what I want to pay”. Therefore I FOLLOW, because the leaders are suppose to know more: and I can then blame them, for their failure, rather than mine. They are responsible, and I AM innocent; “I followed”/ they led. But reality knows: as is true of armies, just because you let the others lead, does not make you innocent.

BEING HUMAN; is not a game. It is your own critical choice, to accept the limits and boundaries that identify love in you and your choices for life and living/ OR, it is your own critical choice, to discard love and sink into the grave of hate, that believes “as a god of fear”/ you can make them cry; or own their soul. OR, it is the abyss of want; that overrules life and living to create the game of winner or loser; so as to avoid the “search for life”/ or the hate of failure. Making this world your only decision to participate, by shouting “dust to dust”.

The critical choice, is then to accept the miracles of life which surround us all, as the evidence of love, and the passage beyond self into a life beyond time does exist. OR, to believe; that the animals should own this world/ letting fear shape them/ and their obedience as a herd; belongs only to the leaders (the cult of university is god).

Not to you. “the miracles of life itself”.

Hate ends life by playing the game: “they call themselves god (as is university) and others”.

Animals take from life everything they can get; ending life on earth, by destroying the very foundations of what keeps us all alive. They have no brain, as cult worship proves true.

Love lifts life beyond self; to search among the miracles for what is true; by accepting only truth can decide what can be trusted as law leads here. Love represents value, and value owns the respect that it deserves; having proven by the law: this is in fact true. Truth alone survives beyond time; because it is true, regardless of your life. Therefore what is true as the identity of you; surfaces into the darkness; by pushing away what impedes the light; so that love can pull you back into life itself. Every miracle is life. Every love is a value shaped by truth, which must be found in respect of what does have value. We rise from birth (I am) into time. We die from time, going back into the essence of life itself: to realize “I was”. Judgment assigns your truth, its place in eternity. All want is evicted: truth alone decides.

Within that concept of life, love, value, and eternity; existence has decided as predicted by Revelation17; 5 that female shall now rule this life (as I do represent male/ beast). Although I have never treated any female badly; somehow that falls to me. She, the spiritual woman inside of me: has now removed all spiritual recognition of male/ as is now replaced with “female you shall be”. Leaving only the “curtain of male” on the outside; but nothing has now, not been changed on the inside. Trading places; to prove “you shall know”. This remains: “entirely about female”/ and all male (including all delusions of male) are warned: do NOT come here for anything sexual; or it will be “HADES (eternal terrors)” for you. What is not sexual, by any concept; remains the same. It is beyond my understanding: as to why? I leave it at that. You will NOT interfere with women [they MUST police themselves; just as men should have done better]/ but as men: you will interfere with men; if the others fail.

My guess is: this is some kind of test, to decide if this earth will be saved.

YES, it is that serious: because humanity always waits, until they all know; they cannot refuse now/ LIES WON’T WORK. But this earth is dying; and that means: you will have waited too long/ and there is no going back in time. Extinction is final; and you must fight for this world/ or it will die. NO game exists: you chose very poorly, and the consequences are real.      WHICH MEANS:  ALL LIFE, AND EVERY FUTURE; is in YOUR hands!  because humanity is the enemy; and that means; YOU WILL change/ or you will die.

As for me: “my heart” is shifting, to female in charge; the descriptions of a soul being changed. The result of “being turned back” into the boundaries of time; when life had taken me to the edge. The journey itself has been altered from male; to the dimensional questions of what did create female? The opportunity to learn, is not small or simple; but extends from the decision to ask: how would female save this world? The cost of male is historically constant: they play games/ and when the majority lose too much, they then destroy everything that was built; to take back their own control. Raping/ ravaging/ ruining/ cursing/ poisoning/ betrayal/ terrorism/ hate/ violence/ failure/ and even choosing to become evil; instead of alive.

So the door opened, to ask what would women do different/ but to my surprise, I became trapped; and now am confronted with the reality: you cannot understand/ unless you are “woman”. The heart says: “I am not a toy, trophy, or some kind of trinket” to be displayed. The soul says: this journey into “different worlds” has cast aside male, and it will be no more. But life says: wherever happiness survives, there will be hope; and hope determines the path of our existence beyond self. Where the intensities of joy and love reside.

Joy exists as the decision to participate fully, as life allows for you to do/ whereas love examines the trust you have given to truth; as it decides how much you will invest in this structural decision to participate beyond self. To identify and create the foundations upon which heart serves as the rhythm we share. I find in self; that I am not male anymore/ that I am not female; and that identity has escaped; “lost on a sea of indecision”; because the end result of this life in time is: “things have changed”. Particularly true since the summer of 2017 after my mom died: and “i wanted to quit this work for awhile”. I was told no/ “a war” ensued, and I lost as always. The cost however was: the spiritual woman who joined my life is now completely in charge; and I am a passenger in my own living as time. An inhabitant now, of the spiritually female world; rather than male. “its a quagmire”; without a clue as to the future of anything. So while I have allowed you to see the conflict between male and female in me; that ends now/ as I have lost control. People will then say: “he is a fool,,,,,,,,,,,,etc”! But the end result of that joined existence is: this work, and it could not have been done without “the spiritual woman” balancing my life. I have brought to you as predicted in biblical Revelation 12; the keys to a new life on earth. She has brought to me as predicted in biblical Revelation 17: 5: that she would take control over man; “and make him obey her”; which she has done. While the biblical description is about “man on earth”/ rather than just me:  I guarantee it; she decides, and I have no clue how it ends, or where this will go from here. The miracles of life are enough to prove our Creation and Creator! Evolution is such an extreme lie/ that even you can see through their fraud and deceit. As is: you can’t build your body one piece at a time/ you need it all to survive, or be happy. From the ability to find food and water, KNOWING you need it, and what to do. To all the organs that make living possible; NONE of it is accidental/ NONE of it is chaos. And the only thing evolution can argue is “this looks like that”. But all tires look like tires, do they not; etc, etc, etc! So, together both spiritual woman and I: we have presented our case, to fight for life or you will go extinct. And that is your decision alone; because it is humanity that threatens this world, and all its nature as is the curse of universities around the world. Which means: you will stop yourselves/ or die. The message CHANGE THAT FOREVER/ or go extinct has been given. Now CHOOSE! “because this ain’t no game”.

The question confronts: HOW, do we examine and define the structural compositions of what nature has done, in building the miracles of body; that identify life. Critical to that source of life is the dimensional planes within which the foundations of what can be identified grow. The source of discipline is in parallel environments; which shape the dimensions they create. Therefore specific focus allows for the removal of distinct planes, or the separation of those planes to deconstruct the basis of the whole remains as a purpose of order found here. What becomes the balance of that identity is then formed by expanding the source of that purpose, into a working desire which moves the whole of body into its decisions for life. While the curse and failure of universities can use this description for vile and evil things; the reality is, you are dying as a world/ and will go extinct; if you cannot rise above greed and the constant curse of selfishness. So we begin with the concept of “beyond self”, the world or universe of existence expands into the grace of creation. While the focus intensified as self, rather than life; is used by you to find the grave within which you intend to defend life against death. Thereby solidifying the curse of “Me/ only me”. It is a fools choice; but the majority adhere to it; so they can declare themselves “gods”. Wanting power to prove their pride.

I believe this is the end of balancing life or death for you; as without a brain (proven cult worshipers)/ you cannot escape your grave. Selfishness will then destroy you, and prove to be the HELL you chose to create; by selling your soul; for “belief, the universities are god”. To your eternal shame.

Nonetheless, I must retain hope for you; and in so doing the definitions which allow for Satanic worship/ by those who want hate; instead of life. Cannot be completely removed from their sight. Their curse is: “an intellectual whore/ a terrorist, worthless to all life” exists in you.

BUT hope demands: life on earth MUST have a chance to examine itself/ and decide as is true or miracles: that life and living were proven values, that created who we are as a living example of what nature (the genetic disciplines and order of our Creator) did do for us. With very few compromises throughout those KNOWN to be thousands of years; all discarded by the believers, to let universities redesign the body of life/ by adding genetic chaos; in no uncertain terms. The end of life itself on earth is near; because you are “without a brain”. A reality I cannot fix/ as that is YOUR choice.

I suppose I must add “a little more” for clarity, even though it opens the toilet of universities; to another round of delusions. The construction of “life is a dimensional plane”/ is aided and abetted by “the picture book of animation”; or more distinctly, self is aligned with picking an independent image out of the maze, and then using that to form your decisions of want, pride, and power. The focus of hate is then created by accepting the image tells more than the story itself/ which allows for want, pride, and power to create its own purpose. The element of living provides for others to see, “your animation of life”/ and they then choose “independent images” out of your story; to influence, manipulate, tempt, and fight for control over you by using “believe, fear, obey”; as their weapon of choice. Of actual interest is: each of these “animation planes” forms a basis of composition, which allows for a path to be created inside the working parameters of living; so that you can dream of solutions to your world of influences.

Mental consequences”; are nearly all the result of failing to leave/ or losing your direction; within the image you chose to enter.

The critical value of gender identities is: that since they exist from the opposite view of each other: when each selects an image, these can then be combined to look more deeply into the decision and desires of life itself/ the result is: “life spins”, as reality changes the picture of images, into us. As we face each other, as equal elements of the same life shared; rather than lead or follow, unless caring fails.

A warning is given: that while my parents were both blessed and happy with my life being added to theirs for the first thirty years. My nephew died a harsh death; and that made them believe I was not “GOD blessed” after that; and they turned to fear/ as realities would make me different than other people expected. A long line of police, challenging the irs, government, courts, and more/ showing the currency is a fraud, life on earth is dying; and more. The critical truth: having been asked “what does the bible say about me”/ both parents failed to change, even a little; because pride took control. A cost more immense, than they could imagine.  

Fear is a terrible thing/ and it makes extremely poor choices. Pride enters in/ jealousy erupts/ belief in lies, fantasies, delusions, illusions, imagination, and the gossip of extremely little things all interfere to create “an imaginary world”; within which you are then the boss. But I seem to cause “deliberate decisions, to run away”/ and reality knows; those who come running here are turned back by various methods; because the learning process is somewhat slow and tedious, requiring my full attention. Because our world is dying, and there is no allowance for failure. So the warning is: DON’T BELIEVE, just don’t do it/ it is not necessary or valued by life. Because it is the evidence, proven by what is true; that allows us all to make decisions that are valued by life and prove to be a value to our living. Let truth be your guide; not fears. Let miracles prove truth: as is “nothing is so ludicrous as evolution (well until we look at all the other lies of universities claiming they can be gods)”/ PURE SEWAGE; along with blatant lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism and more. Which have proven nothing of value at all; merely shouting “this looks like that”/ is not enough to construct a wisdom. Grow up now, or tomorrow is a world that cannot be revived. I am not your enemy or friend/ not your guru, priest, or other version of leadership: I am a messenger telling you: that humanity is the cause of this dying world/ and you will change or go extinct. Simple as that. What you believe, or your religion of anything; is irrelevant/ truth will decide.

That is not an attack on religion; those who try to preserve “the best men learned throughout time”. But it is an understanding: only truth survives, and in terms of eternity; that makes truth our guide. As to messenger: I, am merely one picked from the group so to speak; who has been taught on a more personal level; to enable the delivery of this message: change or you will die, a living world lost forever; because of you.

Just for clarity; if you believe that “mine has been an easy or reward filled life”/ you could not be more wrong. The education was built upon reality/ and reality “will throw you in the fire”; so that you know what is true. All things people were isolated apart, because of this education. Tinnitus closed every door, making life hard. I then said, “I will turn to physical no noise work”/ which ended quickly with a blood clot, and a change in physical realities. My life has been valued with education, and I would accept the price again; for the sake of this world. But it has never been fun, or without cost. Just so you know; I am not complaining: as my one true desire has been accomplished; even though the price was way beyond expected. The value of “my journey into soul” cannot be defeated by time. That is my reward.

In contrast to that; is the reality of “a complete change”, that is the journey back into the creation of female; to discover the values and decisions, the questions and purposes, even the desire of what it means to be female. Controls the future, and I have no idea: “what that truly means” to me? It is beyond my conception of time; but life is life, and female or male is equal in all truth of life. So whatever this will become, is likely to influence my future in ways I do not comprehend. It is not a delusion or a game; but I have no predictions at all.

I will summarize as: the journey of living, is built upon your choices/ or the failure of those who interfere; because they want to play games. The value of my life as male was simply: this world cannot die without a fight, making my desire a consequence of love/ as truth does not let life die without the purpose of help if you can. The change now; from a lifetime as male, to a completely different “world of existence” as is female; baffles me to the point of no identity at all. I have no idea what desire should or could be/ no element of understanding or distinct knowledge, other than growing tits “seem to have a life of their own”/ its a quagmire, and I cannot escape. But an education with value, has a purpose; and whatever that is, shall at some point be found. An education that turns to “want, pride, or power”/ is a disgrace to us all; an enemy who tries to play god with life: is never a friend. So life as I knew it, seems to have ended. Life as you knew it, will soon end due to all the threats which surround you. And what the evidence says, is to become of me, is destined to bind somehow to female. While the evidence of what will become your fate; proves extinction is far closer to irreversible; than you can imagine. I have no predictions for either; as change is change, and it is rarely easy; but the price for life, can be worth the reward.

The critical truth is: “I have no clue/ female was never my choice”. However about 18 and a half years ago: I chose to search for the spiritual world of female/ because women refused; and I needed to know, if they had an answer to help this world survive. The result of that was: “spiritual woman” entered my life/ or more distinctly I was pushed into her life; once I opened that door. She “installed tits” here/ the chemicals they create changed everything. 18+ years of “they won’t leave me alone”/ has now become, they can change me entirely; when truly active/ they are in complete control, and life says female only. Until they stop. So, how it ends; I really don’t know/ but changed is certain.

While the price for death for failure; is never a reward of value/ only shame and destitution for you. Change and accept that the value of life and earth; are far more than whatever it will cost; to resurrect this world from your chosen death (let the cult do what it wants) to all life and world.

I am not you/ and you are not me: and that is no reference here/ as it is irrelevant. Discarding nature/ experimenting with energy beyond your grasp/ poisoning the water and earth/ destroying ocean life/ raping the planet/ global warming/ resource devastation/ extinction of species/ polluting EVERYTHING/ over population of humanity/ assassinating your own children and world; for nothing more than a bribe from “university knows”. Who do control every decision that comes out of leadership.

A tyrant seeks to indoctrinate every child; as they do in schools with “university is god/ and you can’t question your god”. Tyranny starts with corruption of the law and the courts; so that rules and realities of obedience can replace justice and fair play, as well as provide the insurgency to rebel against democracy and we the people own this nation. The curse of everything is aided and abetted by propaganda as is media immersion as with covid. The denial of law, and the destruction of freedom as was proven true with covid is “nazi (power has changed hands). And “a thousand more threats” of complete failure beyond your comprehension have all been introduced by “university plays god/ but alas is SATAN; to your shame”. Your water supplies are in jeopardy of failure/ and dry aquifer’s turn to rock; genetics will turn to chaos, as predicted; and nature will die a horrendous death; which does include you. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera; because that, is what your gods of university chose; even though they are merely your former classmates; and nothing more than that. To your shame; you sold your world by ravaging your child and raping their world; “for nothing more than trinkets, toys, and trophies”; thrown in the garbage/ to rise as mountains of your shame.

NO, I do not wish to be like you; but will retain hope, because life needs hope to survive. In that decision, is the destiny that reshapes my own world; by evading all your failures. To become renewed, “by a different view”.

And the world said to me, for forty plus years: “we don’t have to worry about nothing, the universities are our savior/ and media tells us everything we need to know”. We want what we want; “to hell with you”. Your turn: to make a difference, as best you can.