LIFE: IS ABOUT, the fundamental need for all living things to be in harmony with each other. The essence of body proves that; as with the variations of reality that organs, blood, bones, brain, and so on add to the existence of “just one thing” in charge of it all. Life is in charge of it all; by the constant of what is true. Just as death does prove; something failed, what is true.

HOWEVER the identity of your own participation in that harmony of body and living on earth; describes how well you are willing to be what truth decides, for life/ or not. As is the evidence of death: something failed, the living: here. Therefore we examine law:the essence of “just one thing”. Providing justice  as our own participation in harmony;  as our own identity in living Identifies is “self; the construction of thought”; and fair play, as the distinction of what we chose, is the living expression of life, bringing to the whole of life:  our own expression as truth decides. We cannot control the world as self. However we can identify truth “as best we can”, and let it define what our world can be:   WHAT ETERNITY will see, as you or I; in the essence of law itself;  the distinction, I am ALIVE.

Truth decides thought, because nothing less can survive the creation called life. Without truth, you have no life/ only time.  TRUTH then says to each one:  “that my job is only to write”/ YOUR JOB, is to distribute; as your own soul decides by law.

HATE wants war, to prove I am the superior one, who will win. LOVE desires peace, to express and explain the experience of joy meets happiness, and we “become alive”, as value chosen by respect. The animals simply want, what they want; and continue their chosen path of “predator or prey”. Do you see the differences?

Fools say: time is all you get, screaming evolution as their answer. Truth says: “you cannot build a life one piece at a time/ you cannot weave 600+ muscles in exactly the right way “autonomously” without all the pristine instructions required. You cannot build and transport the various muscles and bones and joints that allow for “creature movements; without truth involved”. Instead; the only thing humans have learned how to do is lie; or be animals who have no thought beyond want.

and the universities say:  WE WILL PROVE EVOLUTION/ by injecting CHAOS into nature (no thought required); so that it has to recreate something else called life.  BUT as with all truth: their actions will create only death/ the horror of their ways, “only Armageddon; as is nature in chaos”. And still the human animals; won’t budge from their cult worship,  of university is god. To their shame!

it is both the grace and tragedy of human life; that within the brain of humanity is both life and death. The curse of hate, and the beauty of love: as is the choice given to each one. Those who run away to hide, become the animals of want; and live without meaning beyond pride. Hate conceives of “liar, thief, traitor, cheat, terrorist and even worse”. While love is the building of trust, a house of value earned within respect; which becomes our truth shared, because we did choose to care; over and beyond simply self. Love is the essence of life, because it cultivates the hope for happiness, belongs here. While hate is the fate of those who live to take, to disguise, damage, or destroy: all causes for death to overtake their lives. LIFE is a choice among these three; and death reveals the truth of what you chose, in your own identity, as is created only by you. In a world that lets humanity, be what it is. The unfortunate truth: humanity chose greed, and turned to animals; instead of life: and now our world stands on the edge of extinction; because you have no respect for what has been given.

And the world says to me: YOU CAN’T blame me, I don’t have any power over anything; but me. Yet life replies; as is the truth of our numbers overflowing this finite world: if each had a penny/ and they all threw their penny onto a ship: the ship sinks, because the weight of those pennies when combined; are more than the ship can bear. Our world is that ship, and you are that penny; and what you do, adds to what they all choose to do. Together we live/ or together we all die; because that is what you chose to do.

THEY, men and their universities, HAVE, “proven to be SATAN” on earth. Because nothing less would risk all life and earth, to/ for:  the pure disgrace of playing and pretending “to be gods”. To their shame. The destruction of our world, and all its life “teeters on the edge of extinction”; NO going back! As the tragedy of men and their curse called a university; unfolds as death to all. They have done so, along with the women who want to be like men (give me power); to claim they can be gods, and will prove it. Costing this world its life and existence; if allowed to! ONLY ONE THING, stands in the way of that: the critical test of, “can female do better”? Because if you cannot, or refuse; then life will end.

That of course has been replaced with “numbers beyond fantasy” as your lover, and the one you love most of all. Finding your joy in pride (let’s dig our grave)/ power (lets get inside the coffin) and want (let’s pretend, death can’t get us here).

In this USA; the traitors have won; reducing you to a nation of fools; who believe their numbers are a prize instead of a weapon to hide the insurgency. But let’s review: you have no options left, “but to submit too the rich man wins”; they own it all/ no options left, to find your own solutions, as every resource has been devastated, stolen, or cursed; by fools who gave it away/ no tools to create what you need to survive, “its all free” if we let international sources do it/ no education to do anything, but let the cult of universities decide; and their only contribution is manipulation and control/ as is the purpose of media. No government at all; as corruption continues to remove every last sustainable truth. No democracy, as the reality of “only universities decide” finishes you off. No food soon, because the traitors and terrorists have created a tsunami of horrors; once unleashed that will prove you are extinct, with no options left. Leaving as Satan would put it: as weapons of mass destruction are “your only hope”; if pure devastation by universities has not killed you first. No trees the atmosphere will release. No water, war beyond measure/ no ocean life, nothing but starvation and war. No resource/ no future, all life is dead. Poisoned everything/ polluted everything/ ruined, ravaged, and raped everything; as is the reality of this day. And yet you believe numbers are going to save you: FROM WHAT? Dumbass, you blind can you be. Answer; as with all cult worshipers; got your head up their ass so far; their ain’t nothing else alive. As the world itself prepares for life ending, resource ending destruction and its chaos: to your shame.

Hate replies: NOTHING is important here but ME/ I AM the superior one, everything is about ME; never you, unless I judge you. The animals scream as a herd: WE are the important ones/ and YOU cannot stop us from doing anything we want; because that is what we want; as they divide and separate along the middle ground, “where no one will survive”. LOVE HOWEVER whispers; that together we are as if just one; because as family knows: I do care as much about you, as about me. Giving our reward to be, happiness, as respect and the dignity of being loved; does prove what is true.

So, let’s be civil: as is the essence of society confined to the realities of living within a mass of humanity; with all manner of beliefs, failures, anger, hate, love, values, lack of values; and so on. We begin with the critical truth; NONE OF US can be in charge of all the rest; that is insane/ and the constitution itself must be changed to reflect the new reality: we are so many, new ways must be found. DEMOCRACY MUST BE THE ENTITLEMENT OF EVERYONE to have a voice in their government/ because we must get along. The old way of “voting for someone to vote for me” is dead. The new way of voting for the laws that we need to respect life, world, child, and each other: IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Because as the current malaise of failure/ the sewer overflowing of CURSES beyond belief/ the tragedy of everything; and all that leadership has ruined and betrayed; and does strangle to remove its life: MUST END. Leadership is “university decides”/ and has been for at least 50 years. The laws they make for us are dedicated to whatever they want/ or whatever the rich want/ or whatever can be taken away, by the poor because of what they want; or endless debts to pay for what the rest want/ or as is the war on life and world; to cause extinction, because of what the vast majority want. Or comes into view, when uncovered as is the manipulation of hate, and its trespass onto life or world; as is the cost of “university knows”; and plays god with life and world, to incite death for us all.

While the universities manipulate society, in every way: their contribution to society is extremely limited. Things that do not create happiness, or establish the laws of respect for our world, or fundamentally educate for the grace and truth of our living with each other and this earth: ARE NOT a value. And 99% of everything the universities have done; is a crisis of failure today. Particularly in this USA. So while they can contribute/ they cannot lead. Instead of experts: ONLY UNTAINTED, by the curse of university knows; EVIDENCE IS ALLOWED.

We then search through society; for the deliberate intent to find what does have value; and create what could provide a future for life and earth? NONE OF THAT IS FOUND IN UNIVERSITIES EXPERIMENTATION; and particularly not; in extreme experimentation; which includes most of it.

So we turn to the realities of life, and the creation of “common sense” instead; of university diarrhea as is spewed all over life and earth.

Common sense removes leadership with laws that we create: BEING AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE; SO THAT WE DO ALL UNDERSTAND/ and therefrom KNOW HOW TO PROTECT OURSELVES, WITH THAT LAW. TAUGHT IN EVERY SCHOOL/ AND INTEGRATED IN EVERY FORM OF LIVING! The curse of life will try to convince you they need more laws than one hundred or so; but it will never be true. Because what is true, remains true; and truth cannot be changed/ only the realities associated with that truth. Which never stray far from human behaviors and discipline; or its denial, as with lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, and more; as evidenced by university leads “for the last fifty +years”.

Common sense recognizes: that money SHOULD NOT be allowed to determine anything in society/ that day is dead; because you tore the resources into shreds of failure and stupidity rule here.

It is, the promises that die; when traitors create debts to enslave/ and thieves steal with inflation; to cover their lies, and cheat the reality of life; with betrayal. Yet government leaders do that very thing; throughout all of history; always ending in war. Because power is: who controls the direction of this society: pride demands it is the money/ but democracy demands it is WE THE PEOPLE instead by our law. The failure to enforce “government” on our employees; is contributed to the reality of “THEY MADE US PAY, more than we can stand (insurgency)”. And every citizen says: LIE DAMN YOU LIE, because we can’t pay (cowardice)! So the employees of government say: GIVE THEM A BRIBE, and they won’t care (anarchy); because those without anything to lose; get what they want. Making the poor an army for _(rebellion).

REMOVING MONEY from leadership, requires that we all understand: limited capitalism to start: gives humanity power over its own society. As is we vote on the limits of income/ and the boundaries of possession: separating natural resources (same rights) as provided by this world/ from cultivated resources (my rights) as is what humanity can do for itself.

We then turn to the truth of society, which is: some work too damn hard/ while others refuse to work at all. Limited capitalism: says to those who work too hard: QUIT, AND LET THE OTHERS HAVE THEIR CHANCE. While it informs those who do not work: THERE WILL NEVER BE “WELFARE” AGAIN/ because from this point on there will be a guaranteed wage/ and a guaranteed job to all citizens; and with very limited purpose an allowance for some children to work realistically; as if parents die and so on. GUARANTEED WORK: comes with the truth of welfare; which is WE WANT to remove this competition from our desire to get more for ourselves/ by giving these a little bit, to stay out, and don’t compete with us. That day is done; WE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE to let it be so. Therefore the putrid mess of vomit and worthlessness; as is public education/ MUST BE CHANGED; to create an actual work reinforced educated for life; workforce. Rather than housing the animals to keep them from competing with you as well. Or more distinctly: just take everything the universities did do over the last fifty plus years, and throw it away/ so that we can start over; “picking and choosing” what does have value, from the “endless failures”, that surround us today. They have been building a cult/ and cults form on beliefs, which are cultivated by media saturation and manipulation of lies instead of truths. WHAT IS TRUE OF THIS USA? Examine and identify that fact, and investigate why does this exist; for yourselves! Then seek to remove what is wrong/ and replace it with the clear purposes of democracy, as are set for view in the preamble of this constitution and its amendments: used when reality insists change is needed.

So let’s examine the roll of money: and HOW do we create a society that functions correctly, without the demand of that power, and its corruption; over us all.

MONEY IS A PROMISE: THAT I DID ENOUGH MORE, of what I did for someone else: to prove I am owed not only the price of a slave, but more for myself as well. The sewer having gotten control over the money supply, and counterfeiting that money supply; to take for themselves whatever they wanted/ creating debts as well to insure: the slaves cannot have anything. Is a constant throughout history. Always a traitor/ always a thief/ always a cheater/ always a manipulator/ and university is their to train, and teach them all. To invoke: YOU WILL work for me/ because I have entrained you with debts you cannot escape. Just like the mines and other forms of incarceration as a slave has always done. By giving the power of money; into the hands of a very tiny few: they become rulers over us. THAT DAY ENDS; as does billionaires and so on as we decide with limited capitalism: BY OUR VOTE WE SET THE LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES of your power and pride: to serve all of us/ not just you.

So then HOW DO WE PROVIDE A SOCIETY THAT WORKS legitimately; for us all? The answer is: a guaranteed job, as we all know is required for our survival. EVERY JOB is the result of resources/ therefore we must examine and prove what is needed and allowed, so the future can exist. UNLIKE TODAY, which is a war on resource and world and life; by universities leadership.

A guaranteed job/ at a guaranteed wage: means, we all have rights and responsibilities. Which means there will be identification of those who do well, and are paid more/ and those who fail; and must be removed to a lesser place in life and world. Or more distinctly: the right and realities of moving from place to place/ SHALL BE RESTRICTED. Those who live by peace, happiness, and laws with order live in the places these things construct; by working together and sharing the things we do care about. Those who refuse their responsibilities, demanding ME/ NEVER YOU; choosing for chaos and hate and war/ WILL: LIVE IN AN ENTIRELY different part of the world; with barriers in between. The one thing that media does do for life and living is: to create the basic outline of what humanity can do/ in practice participation, with stories and realities that all of us will face, if these things are done. Therefore we get to decide; before we commit to change. A valid “university like, [get the dead heads out] study: without the denial of truth”. Only truth decides, and nothing else matters!

So then the reality of change is built upon the same basic elements as money: “either do it/ or regret it”. Only the reward is different: if you do well for society, living within its foundation of love grants the truth of happiness and thereby a better place to live. Versus hate which is the graveyard of failure and fools do this; and the end result is: “you will regret this”. THE PRIMARY DIFFERENCE IS; that throughout history, those who failed themselves created weapons to kill those who did do well, and chose peace: so they could “steal their lives, and their stuff, and make them slave for failures of peace.

THE COST OF THAT IS HIGH, and has overrun this earth throughout its human history; LETTING the sewer rule.

Altering that reality begins with WORLD LAW AND ITS ENFORCEMENT BY INTERNATIONAL FORCES; that shall never be allowed more than “a four year term”/ and no logistics; for war; as will be separated into difference nations; so you know, as will every nation: LAW WILL RULE, NOT rulers. Bringing the law to every leader/ or the courtroom/ or death when needed.

We then look to changing “ten thousand things”/ as are required to rebuild this earth into a habitable, respectful environment where life can meet its intended destiny, and survive.

REALITY SAYS; that it is your turn to ask, what is needed for your lives to continue on this earth, and not die from the consequences of “universities play god”. THAT IS NOT given to men/ but to women; because men always turn to war; and war is extinction. So it takes an organization of women; WHO ARE INTERESTED in protecting life and world; by changing what needs to be changed. NOT FREE, but life or death by extinction is NO GAME.

I for my part; have searched. I for my part am owned; by the spiritual woman inside; who will not let me do anything, other than what she decides. And until I find what women need to create what women need: I am utterly controlled {a spiritual thing}. So kindly come; and find your own solutions/ so that I can find my own as well. Because the plain truth is: I do NOT know enough, about women/ to know, what it is you need to know.

While I have been pushed, pulled, trampled, guided, demanded of, contained, removed from male, and every other thing you can think of/ I still don’t get it enough; TO FINISH THIS WORK, for her. KINDLY find a way to help me, understand what you need: SO THAT HOPEFULLY, I CAN HAVE MY OWN LIFE BACK.

More distinctly: at a minimum, I NEED to know, what are the parameters which create why women “share or care or respect or deny or want or need or love or hate or participate or not;”demand its all mine/ or throw life away”. Because these are the things which create a new world order. Because women have more control over a society of law, is the answer/ than men have over a society of war is the answer. YOU NEED TO DEFINE these things, in disciplined respect for truth; to create the order trust requires, that then rules life on earth.

I suppose I should be happier/ freedom isn’t everything. I suppose lots of women feel about the same/ some of it their fault/ some not. I know better off than many; but a thousand “no you can’t”; is so far from what life use to be/ it is hard to accept. Even though I have no choice. Not really a blog; but people should not complain unless it is beyond what can be tolerated; and it is not that. Just need to find a way to adjust; I guess; life is what life is/ like it or not.

Just occurred to me; if this is not somehow similar to postpartum symptoms women have? NOT the same, but I don’t know/ ain’t something men have, “I don’t think anyway”? Who knows, not a clue; life has changed so much? I will try to quit complaining; simple as that: I guess it is a blog. who knows?

OR, maybe; “i need to learn how to crawl, before finding the balance needed to rise and walk; so to speak”. Whatever it is, life has changed, and I am “along for the ride”……but it was never my intent.  “EVERY grain of sand, on the beach of evidence”; so to speak says: I will not escape this destiny, no matter what it is to be. There is not the slightest possibility; it is not my choice anymore. Given, to the cause of women, for their chance; “to serve life and earth, in order, to survive”. NO, I don’t know what that means? It is without definition.

AND ALL the university diploma women shout: YOU CAN’T MAKE US FEAR/ WE WON’T BELIEVE/ THE UNIVERSITIES ARE god! Because as cult members; no one is allowed to question the leaders. NOT allowed to think or pursue the evidence; as is true of all “believers”; who then scream, “I know, all I need to know”. While all the rest shout: I won’t stand alone, you can’t make me. And they hide from the reality of their own truth. Which is without true change; this entire world of life, WILL DIE. Because the evidence does prove that true; and YOU CANNOT prove me wrong/ other than with lies. So “you are dead meat”/ just like the men, and your child. Nonetheless I am given to those who would try: to use their own brain, by letting truth decide rather than beliefs. NOT as your leader/ THAT IS YOUR JOB; but simply as “a friend”; required to see life from a different view; good/ bad/ or indifferent!

NONETHELESS; I find it difficult to accept that I could understand female, “without all the parts and pieces; so to speak”: how can this realistically, be done? Answer; “not up to me”, simple as that. miracles not up to me/ whatever it is; not up to me! Nope, not a clue? OR, IN MY VERSION of this:  the lesson to women is GET OFF YOUR ASS, and work for life; so that it is NOT my job, “to think for you”! THAT ain’t fair. OR: “perhaps” I am just a wake up call for women? Still no clue!

My life is controlled by “a thousand things” I am not allowed to do; she can shock me badly, at will; and she can read my mind. It does seem certain, that there are women in this predicament: but why me? This really is life; from a very different view. I cannot change it. Nor can I proceed to learn, unless allowed. Trapped. It was a life choice; but like you: “with consequences I did not predict”, which turned real life into changed life.

So, real life asks: who is truth? We then look at the evidence of life, to understand: the entire university existence is based upon “children just like us”/ that we went to school with; most of whom never grew up; because hidden behind the closed doors of university; they just play, but some play god. Universities control the media, and the media controls you: therefore the question becomes: “are they never wrong”? Because if wrong/ then so are you.

The lesson of destiny is: only truth survives, therefore we must accept what is true, shall decide! Life (definitions of change) and family (definitions of love), are both “very resilient and fragile” at the same time; which means the foundations upon which you rest your existence (the experience and expression of your identity); is critical to keeping both. Gender is not, as it represents different forces of change begins here. So what is critical becomes the essence of being shaped by “pull (female) or push (male)”. Living has taken away “push”; but I am unfamiliar with pull; and don’t know the laws of what that truly means. Universities will argue, “fool/ damn idiot”; based upon their want to control. I offer only: true change manifests itself over time, and becomes what will be “as chosen by truth”. Time, must offer this evidence, as nothing less can.

Their claims of knowledge, are no different than throughout history, where someone says “I know; like gossip, I found a grain of sand; therefore I believe a thousand things more”. And the thirst for conversation does the rest, to make believe whatever humanity wants to think is their truth. Because you cannot shout “listen to me”/ without the claim of an expert knows. But like evolution: a grain of sand, against a mountain or real world evidence against; is not worth its gossip; yet people want to talk; so they talk. Can’t talk much, if you can’t argue: so anything that is common sense/ is attacked; so that the conversation can go on; as people shout LISTEN to me; claiming to be superior. So they can play god!

The evidence of our living existence, begins with force; because force is the essence of a reality from which both push and pull originate, and become “a universe of laws”. Time is the ripping apart of that force, to be identified by the truth of what can or will happen now. The same is true of human: to be affected by force, is to choose what can or will happen now: by your design and creation of motion. The critical truth allows: the greater force to decide, but it is balancing that force which sustains our survival as a world. As with fire, while it holds a great advantage for the human race/ it is also a great tragedy, when released as chaos, upon us all. As will be the ignition of atoms on fire. MEN have lost their way; and know not how to survive the weapons they have chosen for universities to make. They want/ but they do not want: and will crash into the delusion “we can win”.

But as with all things universities claim: most is pure fantasy and delusion, an imaginary world of conversations, without merit. As would be “Noah’s flood” as another example of that. Real world evidence needs only to look at fossil fuels to know it existed. Because there is no other way, the massive amounts of what we do know creates “FOSSIL” fuel; as is plant and animal life, gathered together in large or extremely large clumps of debris; then buried under water and dirt; CANNOT be done in any other way, but through a flood, as the reality of even small floods does prove true. The grand canyon, DID NOT form by the tiny river beneath it rim: OBVIOUSLY EXTREME AMOUNTS, of more water was required.

Law begins with: “heat (as is push) does not survive without the cold (as creates a balance, so that aggression remains stable). Life does not survive without heat (as creates the change needed to establish the living). But the elements of cold are stable beyond the essence of change; and requires an essence of survival, to prove what is real. That direction is then conceived by a circle/ but it is transformed by balance; to become “only then” a destiny. The law, is then, by its source; a direction, for those who obey it.

But the universities hate religion: because that denies their claim of being god themselves; as is the purpose of evolution (we built ourselves one piece at a time); only fools believe; as we know “the body needs everything at once” or it dies. So universities are their own religion; indoctrinating every child; to join their cult of  “never question your leader”; as is the sign of what: is called “a cult”.

The element of time begins: with the creation of spin, as is heat confined “holds the energy” to the equilibrium of being confined to that description called atomic. The atom is built upon one single law: that the dark energy which contains the nucleus, shall not be touched by its heat or rotation, and is thereby immune from change. Time is then possible, but it does not occur; until there is a hole (offered only by the cold/ pull) in both the upper and lower central axis of an atom; which allows the electron to go through it/ gaining the energy from spin, which is then released as time in motion.

So the critical construction of time: becomes established as the balance between these two independent forces; and the allowance for change that is motion. The question of life, is then isolated: by the distinction of law, as an element shaped by truth.

The life I now experience; has changed, “I seem to feel as if UN-caged” suddenly. Time will tell. Even so; female having stomped every bit of “ discipline/ order/ balance/ body/ expectations/ and male. Expresses the idea, “now, you are female”; and you will learn the differences in “discipline, order, balance, body, expectations and female instead”. So the question is: is this imaginary like universities do/ or has life changed so much, that male no longer exists? IT IS strictly “a female environment”; no male allowed, in this spiritual element of living. Male, for all other male remains; “separated, but same”; as life sorts through what can be or become true? This is between “female and I”. It has nothing to do with men; bear that in mind as a warning. It is a quandary; a place that has no foundation upon which to build; at this time. I don’t know how it ends, in time or eternity? 

Unfortunately NOT “uncaged”/ just in a completely different area, of life and living; don’t know how it ends.           Reality has now given me an insight to “feminine”; it is a very strange feeling, unlike anything male can imagine. The only real description I can find is: it feels like I cannot defend myself? I would never have guessed.

But your life is also controlled by a “thousand things” you are not going to be allowed to continue doing: so, I guess we share a similar fate in time. You can’t continue having “excess children”/ you can’t continue driving excessively/ you can’t throw everything away/ you cannot disrespect life or world or GOD / you cannot choose greed before life; and much more. You cannot change that reality either; or the world will die. So the only question is: WHAT WILL you do for life or this planet? Because doing nothing, is extinction. NO, going back! Fail to change properly; and all life will die; HELL will be unleashed. Even worse could happen; because the evidence is real. So, as a friend: I am suggesting to you: AT A BARE MINIMUM; what you can do, is offer this website as a method of learning: “change or die” is real. I offer a second as well, but it is more teaching: “seventh in a series”. Am I done/ am I not done: it no longer matters. Life is life. Reality is reality. Truth says; “without question”, I am not your enemy!

As it is with life in time; reality proves it is very important, “which doors to the future” that you do choose to open. While I opened the correct door for me; regaining hope through the introduction of “let women try”. The consequences of that decision, were way beyond anything expected. Too arrogant I guess: I did believe I could understand/ but was wrong, and the spiritual world only allows truth to proceed, “beyond this place, you chose to enter”. This entire world is threatened with arrogance; “can’t be worse than trying to ignite the same source of energy release here as on the sun; its impossible to control”. Or your apathy; a complete disregard for life itself; as is universities injecting chaos in worship of their religion called evolution; which is utter manure”. Or the disrespect for our entire world, as is found in everything humanity as led by universities do. To your shame, that is written. So to the few I write; choose carefully; because truth cannot be changed. That is of course true with letting men declare war with weapons of mass destruction (a certainty). The end of life in our oceans (soon too late). Poisoning the entire water supply, or throwing every resource away; as is the constant of humanity “gone insane”.

The unfortunate truth: “women refuse to care/ or share the burden of finding or searching for what can become a new life for this world”. So, I am forced to do so; which is the end result of this “18 years of work; with female involved”. It is, it remains my truth: “I will not let this world die without a fight”; even if it is now up to women, more than men! IT IS NOT a fight of men/ IT IS A FIGHT for LAW, as is the protector of women. Even if cowardice overwhelms them (even though I have proven both desire and purpose; WOMEN ;still hiding: for fears, beliefs, and obedience to each other); truth won’t stop, and extinction will rise, as the end of life and earth. LAW REQUIRES UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE; of what is most important here. A respect for justice shall be our guide, within the truth of what our lives can be.

THOSE WHO WRITE THE LAW: DECIDE WHAT THE LAW WILL BE! THOSE WHO ENFORCE THAT LAW, DECIDE WHAT SOCIETY SHALL BE! THOSE WHO PROTECT THE LANGUAGE OF LAW, honor and respect what has been done; as is required, for the sake of truth, and the dignity of being human.

This is ultimately; the search for truth that can be trusted to survive, the test of time;, beyond self. Becoming what eternity requires, a value beyond question. Gender divides the relationship of force; so that it can meet by law, not power. Respect then decides what life, with the living, can be. Female is “a balance” to male. Male is a provider to female. Both are needed for form a future.

BUT, the world continues to proclaim: “we don’t have to do NOTHING”/ even though, you know the realities of life, and earth;  are under attack. Because you are believers: “whatever you want, to be true; don’t need to know nothing else”. Even though this earth, its future, and its life are now dying, from human decisions. ALL waiting to scream: GOD is doing this to punish us/ THEREFORE it is not all our fault! As is: “lie after lie after lie”.

There have been “great tragedies” at the hands of men; always locked in a battle for supremacy with each other. Always fighting to be more, have more, take more, discard more; to prove they can be gods of hate. Because they cannot be gods of life! Women use that, fear that, curse that, and accept that as a reality they cannot stop; so they look for men they can control, and cause great harm as well. The law is our revenge, there is nothing else; unless you “play god” too. While the greater cause of disgrace is a university and its pretending to be gods; without the cult of followers, who want to be fans, “thereby claiming a reward” for themselves. The universities are merely as men: unable to create/ they hate, because they want more; but cannot. Women create, but cannot escape the truth; this life needs me, more than I need him or her. The consequence is they want more too, or discard the world; to claim only this is enough. So the greatest test of life or death: the extinction now engaged, because you refuse to change. SIMPLY SAYS: IS LIFE ENOUGH, for you? Because if it is not, the end of life will come. As the constant scream for more: withers and dies, from not nearly enough.

And the whole world says: “have me excused”/ I have too many things to do: LET SOMEONE ELSE! But alas, when the whole world dies; there are no excuses; and not a single one is excused from fighting for this world; so that life can go on. Men, women, and child all say: “there is nothing I can do”; its not my fault! But as every life fails, whatever you could have done: “will haunt you with disgrace and sorrow”. Even when reality proves there is nothing left to do: as with me in the early days “when nothing mattered but greed”. There is still the reality “of making people think” in a different way (not the same); for themselves, rather than as the cult demands: too believe/ fear/ obey. Because you never know: what exactly will make the difference in someone else s life, work, or truth. As to universities: the demand is simple: YOU ARE NOT “gods”/ and failure of life or world; is forever. RISK NOTHING, or be condemned. As to media: the demand is: evidence not expertise. As to government: your job is to respect life and law, not decide for yourselves.

And all the people said: “I won’t care; until media tells me to care, because universities told them to care; because government has failed; and we are ALL, at civil war. But alas, “too late for a nation/ becomes too late for a world”; and we all die, because the consequence for playing god is eviction.           Not a media story.   “but then you should not believe everything you hear.” right?   AFTER  ALL its just radiation:  compared  to igniting  the  same fire here as is on the sun;   “is a billion times more”.  And universities cannot be wrong:  right?OR, MAYBE:   YOU SHOULD BELIEVE THIS!

and humanity said: “we know what we know”, because media told us. But universities said: that “a million mile long flame on the sun; has been reduced to just 10,000F degrees of less; even though they measure solar flare at 12 million miles long. They claim solar gravity is because of a “graviton; 15 times heavier than lead/ yet they have no evidence at all; pure fantasy. They claim the core of the sun is hottest/ yet if that were so, they entire orb would be consumed quickly; because the heat we receive proves consumption of energy fuel. Just to start.

While I claim: as proven by Lawrence livermore labs in San Francisco: fusion does not exist. I claim that an atom is built upon two forms of energy: kinetic as heat/ RADIATION; push/ balanced by “dark energy” which represents cold or pull (ACTUAL SOLAR GRAVITY). Because one cannot be sustained in an equilibrium state; without the other. So we know that exists. I claim; that the physical energy of an atom; is contained by extreme spin:  THE ONLY PROVEN METHOD OF CONTAINING ENERGY: thereby real; and the energy of the sun comes from pushing atoms together to release a frictional rub: that then becomes “the bond in atoms, burning” is solar fire. Just like fire on earth comes from burning the bond between molecules. And there is much more: theirs pure fantasy/ mine, which cannot be proven wrong. Does it matter? The only thing their tomak reactor can do: is ignite atoms on fire; which turns this planet into a sun: because it will become a self sustaining plasma.

the price of admission to this game: at the second of ignition; being wrong means the earth is dead. Because there are no second chances/ and no possibility that the nuclear fire will extinguish itself”. HADES has arrived; a world devoured by fire; “just like the sun”.

But then “its the same game in genetics: one singular mistake too far/ and all life is dead: because like diseases, we cannot go back”. As is Armageddon.

But then like global warming; where one degree of heat too much, and all life dies; makes the planet uninhabitable; we cannot go back; the earth is lost.

But then like ocean life dead: we cannot go back and a billion people die within a month; as war and starvation rage.

But then with water supplies ending or poisoned/ with a single large earthquake opening the poison lakes underneath the aquifers; and major cities soon to be in crisis; “we cannot go back. The Apocalypse” has arrived.

And there is much more: which of course media has told you about repeatedly, so you can make one last decision; before our home has vanished, and all life, and child; is dead.

little things” like if the core of the sun were extremely hot as they say/ THEN IT CANNOT be dense; because the law of thermodynamics forbids it. As is proven by a supernova event. Or the sun heats us from 94 million miles away; by radiation; which means releasing that same radiation here: will prove to be HORRIFYING, as it ejects the atmosphere, The ozone hole releases and travels the planet; intensifying radiation;  ignites the moon, which falls into the earth: because solar gravity is the result of that fire;  and earth becomes a lake of fire; as “predicted by humanity plays god”.

And then we have: an endless sea of robotics, coming to take your job/ because mass migration: “to only one option”; leaves you ripe for the picking. Along with farmers in mega operations can be done with computers, along with transportation/ and in particular: MILITARY OPERATIONS are soon to be robotized. As is “turn on you with the push of a button”; because there is no friend or foe. As is biological weapons of mass destruction throughout universities across this world; holding their own version of war “worse than covid: because there will be bodies in the street”. In this vastly overpopulated world; which does not have enough, to keep us all alive; as it is.

WHY; does “university” resist reality/ manipulate us? Because they lose their job, prestige, power, pride, standing in society, future, money, believers, and can’t play god anymore:  as everything else dies. SO,  they risk our entire planet on fiction.  Or as with Einsteins theory E=MCsq “its just the formula for kinetic energy (motion x speed= energy). With speed as a constant. “einsteins contribution was “the constant”; which has no meaning, because motion is not the cause of motion.

WRONG MEANS:  THIS EARTH LITERALLY DOES BECOME A SUN; SAME ENERGY SOURCE/ SAME RESULT.  Even though media, who are the priests of “university cult worship”/ have no clue.  “they are BELIEVERS”/ even though the evidence clearly proves   THEY CANNOT, BE MORE WRONG.   BUT , YOU DON’T CARE:  RIGHT?

I remind you again: that  Mexico city says, “it will run out of water” before the year 2024 is over/ that means literally 22 million people MUST immediately move out. That means every aquifer in the area will be attacked/ and when dry turns to rock/ that means according to the water survey people of IL; that an aquifer receives only one inch of recharge PER EVERY 50 inches of rainfall/ that means; when 22 million people descend on “your water supply”; it will dry up. Which means NOW even more people MUST MOVE OR DIE. And that means the collapse of civilization in total; because as more and more people face death by thirst: THEY WILL INSIST UPON IMMIGRATING ACROSS THIS PLANET. AND WITH 8+ BILLION PEOPLE [a continuous line of people touching people for 8 million kilometers +; and growing]; endless SEVERE (3 DAYS to death) war will exist. “blood flowing like rivers”; apocalypse.

But don’t you worry now: because the “rich” WILL sell them water/ YOUR water; because they don’t care. So how many thousand trucks and trains of water will it take to quench 22 million people/ and HOW LONG will that last? as YOU ARE forced to move; because you have no water too!  LOOK AROUND; is not the rest of the world “same”; or about to be?

“THANK GOODNESS” : FOR MEDIA;  right?     BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY;  right? The universities are gods:  RIGHT?                 or, are we up to our neck in threats surrounding us:  with EXTINCTION.   GUIDED to death, by the blind fools of media and more.    IS THAT NOT SO?

OR:  HOW MANY BULLETS does it take to hold back 22 million people who are absolutely desperate for water?  My guess is about one billion over three days/ unless you are overrun, or alas:  “where will the bullets come from”;   and war overturns this society, because all the “Mexican immigrants here” say:  YOU ARE KILLING our families; and they turn on you; with their guns, “and more”.     so in your wise, can’t be wrong arrogance:  I ask you, “WHAT happens, when you literally have nothing to drink”? Because this world is overflowing with people/ and THERE ARE LITERAL LIMITS TO THIS EARTH.        but hey, Media tells you that:  don’t they? Well universities tell you that: don’t they? Well this government tells you that:  don’t they?  because after all, “who cares” if they are wrong/ so long as “they don’t mess up your hair”/ right?

Oh wait:  I forgot the university first is strictly  “FANTASY FIRST”/ and has no use in reality or truth of life.  FAR from any relationship with respect:  the living dead, feast as parasites on you; “their cult” of followers; who need not question ANYTHING.      Is that not so?

Your decision: to participate either for life and world/ or against it, by arrogance, apathy, or disrespect; prepares the judgment that defines the direction of your soul. The claim of: this world cannot die/ is void of truth. As the evidence of tragic, human impacts continue to grow. The life or death of every child, every living thing, even this whole planet: is in your hands/ each and every single one; has an impact, by what you do/ or fail to do, as is your truth.

CRITICAL CHOICES: must be made; this is now, the dying world that men did make/ by wanting what they want. As 4.5 billion females on the planet [4,500,000,000 females] IT IS TIME TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED; by those tiny few men, who claim they cannot be deterred by LAW. Choosing for justice and truth; rather than want, or its lies.

THIS ENTIRE WORLD, SHALL BE GOVERNED BY LAW OF WE THE WORLD DECIDE NOW/ or it will be lost forever, to the fools and the failures; leaders, of “university decides now”.

HOW, did this become tragic: we must save ourselves? Answer: as depicted by universities know, humanity became “animals”/ rather than living miracles, with respect for life. LIFE, is dependent upon needs being met: “humanity trashes” every single one. a look at covid, university plagues.

Your time to intervene in the fall of humanity on earth; ends soon. Make your decision for life/ or it will be lost.

And the women say: “WE, DON’T have to do NOTHING”/ if men failed life, and world/ LET MEN fix it, with their universities. BUT TRUTH SAYS: those who chose to create the crisis of threat, to our world. That identifies what they did wrong: WILL NOT PROVE THAT. Instead as with government, courts, and university officials; they will continue the lies, theft, cult worship, betrayal, and terrorism; until they cannot hide it anymore. SO REALITY PROVES TRUE: either women, as numbers which cannot be ignored; will stand up for life, because someone must. Or our world will become extinct. Says the evidence of our own truth. The curse of media being: that which propagated; “leave the universities alone, believe/ fear/ obey”; as with covid. An unproven claim of pandemic, they released that paid the few; “in trillions”; RISKED all human life with genetic mutilation: because trump said: OK! And biden said: “this will be great”; as did the cult of “university knows”. Alas, no brain of merit, in any official found/ as they tore democracy apart, in worship of their god: “university”.   I ASK FOR REDRESS/ NOT “belief”:  TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS TRUE, BY INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTS, AND UNDERSTANDING “THE COST OF BEING WRONG”.   men said no: religion said no: courts said no: politics said no: humanity said no:  which leaves only women to say yes, IF this world is to survive!

The greatest curse: is media [because its easy; just let them do it]! Which turns government into a participant, who must buy a voice. Humanity which is inundated with disrespect, humiliate them, kill them, fear them/ believe what you are told/ OBEY damn you obey; and create civil war by instilling propaganda, temptations, manipulation, and failure is a story to sell. Which turns the entire nation into one complete herd of followers shouting (we can’t all be wrong), based upon what they are told by media. The greatest disaster: is universities! Who claim an expertise, and media reports as if they were gods. Which has been proven so very wrong; that our existence as a living planet is now threatened with extinction.

No second chances; “just once” is all you get. No mercy/ no religion to rescue you/ no “rapture”; as it is your fault, and rapture describes itself as being sucked into the nuclear flame. “in real life”; the originating homepage!

It is, the curse of life; that people want to control other people. (blockades exist/ manipulation is constant/ education worships “only the university as god”). The cost of that is very high; and the cause of that is the game (I am superior to you) they play with life; failing all forms of respect. Leaders exist to prove superiority/ not to lead; and the consequence is war, and all that destroys from our world. People want what they want; regardless of the cost to life or planet; and refuse to be involved in anything but their want. As is evidenced by the truth: you did not create ten thousand participants in making medical billing injustice a class action lawsuit, for your own benefit. It is abandoned! Nonetheless; the realities of global warming continue to rise; and the need to learn how to “wet plant”/ will be high. THE REALITY of human overpopulation is not; “there is open ground here”/ instead it is the amount of ground needed to grow the food, that you, and every other form of life on earth: are required to consume in order to survive. Agricultural; used ground is somewhere around one person standing on one acre or less/ and that does not include the consequences of drought or flood or other. As it is with China and Russia: their leaders want more resources/ and the only way they get it to feed an overpopulation of people; IS WAR. But, “kill a billion people/ and there are still 7 billion more to go”.

and the world says “we won’t care”. But I remind you: that the end result of their war will be: nuclear weapons dropped in the sea/ to create tsunami tidal waves strong enough to destroy entire ship fleets; and every city along a coast line. To avoid the nuclear fallout. But the sea will be dead, and the coast cities cannot be rebuilt: because your excess resources were thrown in the garbage. With little doubt however extreme earthquakes which follow; will destroy the last of your water supplies, and all you get is hate, and cannibalism; until extinction takes over.

You don’t need to worry, you are inland? Don’t worry, the US “lets go to the moon” program; hid the creation of large intercontinental missiles: and the military boasts 10 warheads on each. Which dropped one sec apart; multiplies the effect by one hundred each: and it is my prediction: that a nuclear fire “just like the sun” will be its result. ITS CALLED HADES (ETERNAL DAMNATION; no escape/ not even death); but who cares right? So hurrah for university; “your gods”. Life is not a fantasy as universities demand. In real life; there are real consequences for your decisions. While fusion does not exist as they imagine: NUCLEAR FIRE does. 4 million times more (just like an atomic bomb)/ than chemical fires.

The greatest disease of human society is, “the believer”; because the believer simply believes whatever they want to believe. In this time of history; it is that all the lies, don’t need no damn reality: all the stealing, don’t need no damn reality or truth: all the ravaging, rape, ruin, destruction, disrespect, and devaluing of our world, and even life itself; is just a game. And all we have to do is wait, because it costs to damn much money and reality to fix anything now. SO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, and go along with whatever “Satan” wants you to do. After all, the world can’t die: “cause we don’t want it too”/ says the believer.  ALAS, “your god is death”:  return to life, or you will go extinct as a world!

And the people SCREAM: “I am a BELIEVER”/ which is attached to “universities, religion, sports, money, gender sex, whatever you want: because the foundation of all belief is “conversation”. As is “now I can talk too”! Now, I can listen to you without being “pushed around”; because I have set my own limits and boundaries and disciplines; to keep you out of influencing me. Which then becomes: “I learned the rules”/ so now I am correct, and you cannot claim otherwise; which allows me to be “righteous (I can’t be wrong)”. But reality then says: what you have chosen to do, is remove the work; and claim “you know”, by choosing only “human gossip (I found a grain of sand/ I am the superior one)” as your god. Truth says: universities have failed, and gambled ALL life and world, as always “because they want to play god”; so says the evidence. Truth says: “religion is NOT the word of GOD”, because your religious books are written by men, language of men, interpreted by men, memories of men, ways and means and living represented by men; who are confronted by war and hate, throughout all of history. So reality compromises religion with: “the best we could do”; in our quest to learn what is true. Sports exists for conversation, or to play as a game; nothing more. Money exists to prove superiority, “I win/ you lose”; I am more than you thought/ or less than you believed; adding only the potential called power, “for good or bad”/ as is human behavior enhanced. Gender is what it is, unless a true “no human hand or influence” changes that with “all the realities”. that cannot be denied/ NONE so far; “these want to win; so they invade” to change the game in their own favor as is “look at me”. Want governs them all; and is the basis or foundation of nearly every human failure or fool who ever lived. TRUTH IS THE GUIDE, to life beyond self; a reality assigned by being reborn; in the miracle of life itself/ rather than “simply human”.

The lesson, to be learned: STOP JUDGING/ STOP BELIEVING YOU ARE JUDGED/ STOP LISTENING TO THOSE WHO JUDGE/ and be alive in truth. The law, that is justified; alone is judge. You cannot: not by face, color, size, form, anything other than hate; although anger (temper) must be considered a sign of failure/ until it takes that last step into hate, the life inside still lives. BE FAIR: you, are the same; because life is life, on earth. “mental meltdown” is the result of lost hope; understand it/ acknowledge what is true: participate with grace and discipline; and the order of life will likely return with value and balance; as is formed by RESPECT in all parties. DON’T let universities, and their media;  teach you to fear.

THE FOUNDATION QUESTION: to this world is, DO YOU, desire to be led by the law we all create, for our own justice, and peace on earth? Returning to sanity, but bound by the limits and truth of our own reality: SAME for all! CHANGED FOR LIFE AND PLANET! OR, is your game of deceit and lies/ theft and terrorism/ traitors and fools in charge; so you can escape reality and bitch your life into extinction; by tyrants, emperors, and Satan; “of more importance” to you? NO choice, is the same as saying: “all things must remain the same/ as is extinction becomes certain for us all.” BECAUSE THAT IS, what the evidence will prove true. There is no middle ground; YOU REMOVED THAT, with wants that have no relationship to truth.

For clarity of purpose: REDRESS (first amendment law) IS, in this democracy, “to take away the power of a ruler/ and return that power of a decision for this society: to ourselves, as we the people will decide now”. That cannot be done without this CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, and it cannot be done without the certainty of evidence to prove what is true/ the price of being wrong. In a courtroom where we the people are JUDGE and JURY.      ENFORCE YOUR LAW!

Of things, guaranteed to fail: the lies of counterfeiting currency, is to rob the future/ by destroying every resource. The decision is: to kill that future, so that you can avoid paying your own debts. To take, as the garbage mountains prove: is to steal! The death of every child: is then upon you, because you chose it to be so. To destroy a world, by war: proves you are guilty, of exterminating “GOD’S WORK” . Taking order to produce chaos: your reward, existence is chaos unending, will come. Those who join you here, will join you in Hades; as the decision each did make.

It is the curse of universities upon america: that arrogance has destroyed the foundation of democracy: which is, “our constitution is our government/ as formed and enforced by WE THE PEOPLE, are owners here: NOT our employees”. That framework has been destroyed, by an apathetic people so utterly consumed by “playing for winner”/ that they sold out life and earth. Letting universities play god with our world. WHAT, does the universities not control? Their diplomas, are everywhere shouting: “we are the expert”/ as is nobody makes a decision but ourselves. Because “we play god”; over you!

Very soon, the USA will be divided; and looking at civil war. In that way as you saw with covid: your leaders will assert superiority just like hitler did/ and take control over you. While trump has no real value; he does have a small army of those who want power, not law. While the opposite side wants power, by destroying law, with value; aiding freedom and rights. But,  the puppeteers want control over everything; “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”! Which is why finding an employee who cares; has become hard to do (leaders have bought them off, with bribes of counterfeit money). Ending businesses throughout; to establish “just one choice”; makes you slave, with no real options but beg. Your leaders, including trump have no solutions: because what did work, which are lies, theft, and tragedy; no longer function, to hide the truth: extinction is certain, without true change. As would begin with REDRESS. “we the people will decide now”! You have been told! Want will not save you, from yourselves!

And the people say; “we WANT, what we want”/ but that fails life and planet, because what you wanted as 4 billion people on earth (60 years ago)/ IS NOT possible, with 8+ billion people on earth today. Is not possible with extreme experimentation by “university plays god”.  The assessment of risk; “was manageable” 50 years back/ not anymore. As reality and the evidence proves: past the point of no return: we literally do become “the living dead”/ no future exists, extinction will take us all. That is the price you accepted, for being WRONG. Little time remains to change that fact; as reality does prove by the evidence of a world in collapse: true, like it or not. Life is not a game!     ALL OR NOTHING;  LIFE OR DEATH for our world: NO GOING BACK.    Simple as that.

The value of a human body cannot be underestimated: it does everything for us in time/ or it cannot be done. Universities are adding chaos, to everything;  “claiming imagination”/ in worship of their religion called evolution. The human body cannot survive: unless we eat other living things/ because biologically we need the complex chemicals that life makes to build our own. The human body does not survive outside the limits of temperature that we can accept without dying/ as has been invaded by the release of heat, and the consumption of oxygen humanity has caused. The human body has no ability to resist the pollution, poisons, consequences of “fusion ignition; as is an atomic fire just like the sun”. We cannot survive loss of ocean life/ atmospheric release/ extinction of endless species reducing the chain of those complex chemicals to nothing left for us. The future cannot survive resource destruction or war with weapons of mass destruction/ or the death of resources we can no longer use. The curse that is “university plays god” is EVERYWHERE; and it spells extinction to all life and earth. And that, is only the beginning, of what you have done with your greed, selfishness, and disrespect.  CHANGE.  or die!

For those who do not understand it: DEMOCRACY MEANS, WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW! It is not more complex than that; which means both you and your employees in government: KNOW, and UNDERSTAND; what that means.

OR more simply: when pushed to confront our employees who have made bad decisions for us. In this USA redress is the law, which allows for an investigation to prove that allegation; and therefrom by testifying: WE ARE THE AUTHORITY/ WE ARE THE OWNERS/ WE ARE THE JUDGE OF OUR OWN DEMOCRACY. That ownership allows us to change whatever we need to have changed; and the employees shall obey us/ or be charged with anarchy.

NOBODY gets to believe whatever they want to believe; THAT IS INSANITY/ not government or law.

The constant curse of media is a distraction/ thereby producing the destruction: of what an election is intended to be. “with clarity and resolution of the facts”/ we begin to sort the identity of who the herd believes it can trust. Manipulation of media produces only the propaganda needed: to remove the values of society/ by replacing them with “listen to me, conversations that lack the reality of an election”. Hiding the truth, by disgracing the electorate with conversation, about anything; but the need to identify what is true, in life/ planet/ child/ and world; thereby surrendering that power to someone “university run media” will select; for you to elect, as someone to lead. Hate disguises itself, as is the purpose of manipulation. In this USA: ARE YOU, studying the effects and consequences of who will lead? NO, you are not; and the reason is “media distractions pulling you apart, to create a civil unrest, or war”. Fall in, and they take control over your lives: as emperors would do/ but then that is the plan, is it not? You are at war “with the intellectual; who invades to prove they are god”; and he or she is devious, and obsessed with winning.

INSTEAD; by proving as best we can what is, or is not true/ and what is, the price for being WRONG, to ourselves and the future: we the people will then VOTE, AND DECIDE for ourselves what this nation must do. Same for all!

Democracy fails: when you allow others to make your own laws! Because they can be bought/ they can be liars and failures and thieves who do not care/ they as lawyers do, can create manipulations to ruin our control over that law. Or more distinctly: WE MUST MAKE OUR OWN LAWS, AS CLEAR AND DISTINCT AND SHORT AS POSSIBLE. So that we, as in every individual; can enter a courtroom and firmly defend ourselves from every injustice we might face. From every threat to our existence we do face; RIGHT NOW; because of decisions that were WRONG. THIS IS the price of democracy, and it is a choice. BECAUSE WE are also the policing, the military, the courts, the resources, the everything; and a ruler has nothing, unless we do allow it to be so.

The foundation of life in society is: THOSE WHO BELIEVE, they own the law, and the courts, and the enforcement of their laws.Will always try to take control over the rest of society; because they own the power of law as is: “we will obey, because we fear the consequences of being wrong”. When power attacks power, as with trump: then the reality of animals in charge appears, as is we will force you/ while the others shout, “no, you won’t.” Eventually they compromise, “or the enemy” is defeated: the game of war.  used to drown society itself.

The lesson however in this democracy is: DO YOU, AS WE THE PEOPLE, who do own the constitution: which overrides every employee. OWN THE LAW, OWN THE COURTS, OR OWN THE ENFORCEMENT OF LAW? Because if you don’t, then it is not a democracy; it is a tyranny, where anarchy controlled by power of wealth rules society. The irony of that is: “they counterfeited all the power out of this currency” and left nothing but fraud, and criminal conspiracy to destroy a nation.

Want your nation back? OWN THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, which they cannot legally refuse. OWN THE COURTS; by enforcing “we WILL” judge every judge, and determine in every courtroom; if our constitutional intent, was obeyed. OWN THE ENFORCEMENT OF LAW; by making the laws that govern us all, AS ONE PEOPLE UNITED to determine what is fair to us all. “government is ruled by law”/ anarchy is ruled by money. Stand up for life and world and child, AND NATION. Pay the price of letting truth decide; as best we can.

WAR is ruled by: liars, traitors, thieves, cheats, terrorists, criminals, fraud, hate, violence, rape, ravaging, ruin, and betrayal. The purpose being to prove: “yes we can”! But the universities are ruled by deceit, deception, disgrace, disrespect, denial, manipulation, temptation, propaganda, fraud, betrayal, terrorists, traitors, rape, ruin, mutilation, ravaging, and violence beyond the realm of “just men”. They do not “go searching for the most vile of all organisms or poisons” so as to save you. As covid proved true: they go searching and preparing for biological weapons to betray you/ and provide themselves with “savior (pay us trillions)/ god (never question your cult)/ the power to make you die (we mutilate nature, and we want, power over the sun; and MORE)”; if you won’t believe whatever we say. WE LET YOU DIE/ or release horror as is the prediction of Armageddon.

BE TRUTHFUL: IS NATURE YOUR FRIEND, giving you life, sustaining a world / OR IS, “university, who mutilates all of nature, and poisons everything; making every form of weapon of mass destruction: your savior”? “see the difference?

And all the diplomas shout: this is blasphemy, university is god/ and we paid to join their cult of worshipers. But I ask you: since student debt is over one trillion dollars, “all by itself”; and one trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million people. HOW MANY millions, “go to who?” and they all say: WE WANT OUR SHARE TOO! But since universities spend money rather than make money; “government, counterfeits money”. To pay the diploma. Because greed cannot match reality; and war does not establish peace.

a severe heart attack/ his life in trouble too; brings up the cause of “lessons learned”/ can’t go back. Instead leave what you can for the future of life and child. So, as for me, the cause is: do not make decisions for your child, it is not your right to determine or direct their lives. Do not blame your children for the things they did not do/ nor assume the things they did do, were harmful or tragic for you. Justice is not a victory/ it is a surrender, to the law matters more than this.

THIS WORLD IS IN YOUR HANDS;   NO GOING BACK!  Because we have surpassed the ability of this earth to overrule what humanity does do. University has ignored respect, and claimed to be gods; instead of alive. the cost of that is grim!

Once catastrophe takes control: there is no going back! CHOOSE, defend your planet now/ save yourselves from extinction; by organizing to create, support, and implement: ONLY THE LAW: WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE for ourselves: shall rule us all, now.   The price of WRONG, is extinction! And you know that is true.

And the people say: media would tell us, if we had to do something! Universities would save us, if we were in trouble! But truth reminds all: media did not tell us, and we are surrounded by threats. Truth remind all: that universities are the cause of most threats. Making pride and power/ arrogance, apathy, and disrespect: the foundation of your decision. Too late is too late; no coming back; from a dead world now. Ocean life dying/ planet overheating to kill all life/ weapons of mass destruction, close now to life ends/ overpopulation of humanity/ resource destruction; tragedy all around as every chain of life dies; killing us too. Reality rules/ not want. Making the time for your decision to change; “short”.        we have come to the end of mediation:  choose!

MORE DISTINCTLY: STOP TALKING/ AND DO, WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. No more conferences, theories, arguing, depending on universities to report on themselves/ or government anything! DEMAND TRIAL; as DEMOCRACY “its called REDRESS”/ OR WE DECIDE NOW! NOT media or expert enforced: but investigate REAL WORLD EVIDENCE/ WITH REAL WORLD PENALTIES FOR LYING/ AND CONSTRUCT THE TRUTH; CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG; AND REALITIES WHICH CANNOT BE SURVIVED BY THE FUTURE.

Takes a lot of reading: to construct a value shaped by desires which illuminate love. Hate on the other hand, is very simple to identify/ once the disguise is removed.  WE ALL; know the difference: not a game!

To end this work for now, is to understand: you use me for an excuse. Even so, I find it necessary, instead of consequences: to understand truth aligns with the value of love exists in the element of trust. To be ALIVE; Begins with the element of truth, that identifies respect, and constructs a future with hope, heart, and courage. BALANCE LIFE means; “every truth has a consequence/ and every consequence has a truth”/ every true decision (action, reaction, or apathy), has a direction; which points either to love, building a future together; as is expressed in truth: or hate, as is expressed in lies, violence and more, tearing life apart. Want dismisses all these things (want is all you need) to demand: “believe, fear, obey”/ using power, pride, disrespect, arrogance, apathy, manipulation, mutilation, and extreme experimentation; to prove “GOD don’t live here”. As is predator/ prey/ or competitor, the “middle ground:  as is a “human animal”. WHO then: are you?

I believe; there should be a moment to reflect on a lifetime of work. Passions live in values, and values identify life in you. Thereby the pinnacle of living is found on the tip of truth, as it constructs our destiny; by what we choose to build. Destiny is shaped by our individual truth; the treasury of our decisions as they conceive of desire. Hope lives in that treasury, and its foundation resides in what we accept; as our choice. The respect granted by time, to honor what we do desire most. CHANGE alters that by its own truth, constructing what needs to be: by understanding what wisdom will allow.

The core essence, of every adult human life is: that we, shall NOT achieve everything we might want in life. Because the truth of life limits us all, to what we do desire most, from our existence. What our environment needs.

A candle flame is about 80 btu; so 8,000,000,000 people holding a single candle each x 80=640 BILLION BTU per hour.

8.33 btu raises the temperature of one gallon of water, one degree= 76.83 billion gallons of surface water, per hour! Top one inch first 231 cubic inches per gallon= 17.747 quadrillion gallons of top one inch sea water. 11,449,655 Square Kilometers affected.

The boundary of desire is: what we value most.

Therefrom, our existence identifies the truth of who we are; by separating “heart and soul”/ from everything but our own true desire.

As proven time and again in this USA; the entire purpose of universities, is to take control over everything. Claiming “we are the experts”/ NOBODY makes a decision but us, by using media as their enforcer/ as their priests, to insure the cult cannot be destroyed by truth. Reality however has proven: their “university knowledge”, has betrayed us all, by creating endless threats of extinction for life and world; by what they caused to change. Ending soon with: there is no way out, extinction is now inevitable/ so they war, with deceit, and delusion, and ravaging the earth, and horrifying the future to prove “they were gods”; over humanity. By: Ending life and world, a cult superior to all that came before; earning its proper name called: SATAN. The believer shouts no, they are our saviors, our friends, our gods: but reality shouts back, the evidence is proof of what is true; extinction comes soon.

It is my desire: that this world and all its life should not be lost. ORGANIZE TO DEMAND THE LAW OF REDRESS:  “TO INVESTIGATE FOR OURSELVES, AND PROVE WHAT IS WRONG, RIGHT, OR REALITY; defines the future”!

A one percent population rise per year=80 million (one per hundred) more, doing/ needing, the same as you.

But it is the constant of human decisions: that want controls your lives, and everything you do is built upon getting everything you wanted. As is the basis or foundation of time spent, and your behaviors.

Reality knows: that by controlling what you can buy, the price of all things goes up, taking from you more. Reality knows: that by feeding many with counterfeit money (only thing, that you got) they quit working; and all business suffers; going bankrupt. Reality knows: that by limiting the supply chain resources; business ends; and the people with power to complain of leadership ends/ giving control to those who do have the power of endless counterfeit money; as is government; to buy whatever army they want. Reality knows; by establishing any and all forms of competition or complaint; you will be too busy (create civil war) to see the army of insurgents against you; taking control through universities are god, and cannot be questioned. Reality knows that as cult worshipers (proven by covid); this nation is ripe and will soon be dissolved: because you worshiped the greed and selfishness of counterfeit money (no reality attached/ only numbers). Controlling the election, which matters little; because all business the maker of real money (as is more than just a number); has been consumed by a tiny few, who no longer have any competition. But don’t worry; like covid; if they have race specific diseases/ won’t that be grand? Or with AI they can mimic and confuse any form of leadership; won’t that be grand? Or as those who yell, “yes we can”/ prove, you didn’t even think about ammunition; or it being corrupted: no you can’t. Leaving power to the universities who have removed the people who can do for themselves, and help the others survive: schooling removed that. Leaving only the universities as god; as the failure shouts “give us what we need”/ and universities show you “hitler”. But then: “you didn’t need a brain”; cause you have worthless numbers and endless debts: courtesy “university knows how to deceive; with media”. Just like global warming; believers don’t need no damn evidence, “cause they know”.  But alas; proving want, is not enough!

That means we divide into two distinct categories of living. Those who spend their lives, living the truth of what they desire most; even when it limits all other activities or desires.

Global warming does not need to be “all year long”. It only needs to be roughly 130 degrees for a couple hours/ to kill all plant and creature life. Then that area is desert, and will never produce again. which of course will be extended as each year passes by; until humanity is so crowded together; and without food or water or options: that they war/ because no other choice exists. “it won’t take long”/ as extreme weather events; continue to take everything away. Proving cannibal will come quickly now.

And those who want what they want, and want it all (shouting/ wishing; no limits, for me); because time ends, and they must then hurry.

Those attempting “fusion”; expect to ignite a nuclear fire: which is 4 million times greater energy release: or that candle flame in your hand; is suddenly 62 miles high. “think about it”/ and recognize they lie; compare to atomic bomb. No they can’t control it: the decision is to burn the atomic bond in atoms. Common fire burns the chemical bond in molecules.

Today, the foundations of life on earth are jeopardized by the changes humanity has made; and in particular the universities who helped make them. Believe it or not: we all face extinction, as does every other form of life and living on this earth.

It matters: WHAT you do. As well as all the oxygen being used. the atmosphere being released. garbage ending the future. pollution. Poisons. drinking water. ocean life. mutilating nature; resource destruction; more.

So today, the question is very simple:

your right to want what you want, has ended.

JESUS did save this world: by identifying the true difference between love and hate; for all to see and understand this is no joke, your game is dead; life matters and it is your own choices that make it “good or bad”. But that was saving human life on earth from itself. And teaching about love equals an opportunity for eternal life; presents us all with being saved from death, by an eternity exists; with our Creator/ IF you love is true. Even mercy for some, who prove to have value enough in love. Which altered life on earth; when enough people heard and accepted the idea: their own true desire was love rather than hate. Which changed our world/ until universities came to change it back with evolution, and then the construction of fear; as are weapons of mass destruction; to remove law and order/ disciplines and balance: as they have done with lies and theft and betrayal and terrorism/ by your help in shouting “we won’t care; religion included”. To your shame. Today what is left is the decision NOT to let this world die. Simple as that/ but it is so far gone; only organizing yourselves to fight with law, rather than wants; is all you have left. Saving the world from war; is something men cannot do; they can only help. Which leaves only female to help you from your own extinction; by law/ not war.

Your duty to this world, has begun.

There is LIFE OR DEATH; for our world/ no second chances!

WHAT you do need to understand about global warming of 1.8 degrees across the globe: is the reality o that statement. More deliberately: when you pay to heat your house/ that represents how much heat you are using to do so; and the price of fuel used is your bill. Lets consider in this USA a 1200 cu foot house, with 8 ft ceilings=9600 cubic feet. NOW step outside your door, look around and consider how much heat you would need to buy in order to raise the temperature of air, water, and ground for this entire globe. Because humanity has released enough heat, beyond what goes past greenhouse gases: to change the temperature of this world. “think about it’/ and don’t be influenced by less than truth of our reality; and the cost of being wrong. As 8 billion people+ (a line of people touching, that is 8 million kilometers+, long) continue to do whatever they want. Even though you cannot survive the oven, you are changing this world into. In order for heat at the surface to account for a 1.8 degree increase: since heat rises, it must also then be stacked throughout the atmosphere, of this entire planet: several miles high; extending down into the sea, and ground as well.