Of destinies and disgrace; the difference between human alive/ and the human animal as did fail. As simple as: a respect for miracles and the duty to protect life and earth/ versus, the behavioral effects of want, pride, and power; as it confronts lust, greed, and selfishness to become the delusion of, “life is a game”. It is not.

More distinctly: there is nothing you can win/ there is nothing you can make the others lose; that is more important than truth. Truth says we are equal, as all life on earth; because the miracle of every body is: truly this is a gift, that cannot be disgraced with the purposes of university/ unless you let them. Or more simply: playing god, is for fools as evolution clearly proves true. No substance/ no evidence/ no value/ only for fools in charge of “satan” (lets kill this world).

LIFE DOES NOT KILL ITSELF, as are the foundation purposes of “University knows”/ proven by they do want to play god (mutilating nature), and declare themselves to superior to god (trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; a NUCLEAR FIRE: LETS BURN ATOMS). Claiming no consequences for us/ let the slaves pay, we want what we want/ and the constant propagation of “believe/ fear/ obey”; as is particularly consistent with covid. Showing without doubt; “hitler is set, to rise again”/ or pick another from history as it truly does not matter: all the worst of human existence; choose to exist in order to make you obey or die.

But even so: the value of life is not subject to human decisions/ it is what truth declares for it to be. The value of body begins this quest to understand the descriptions of what we don’t know, and cannot do. Such as in the human body there are about 220 bones each of which makes itself, locates itself, grows itself, attaches itself, defines itself, creates surfaces which move and lubricates itself, offers movement based upon our decisions, controls the creation of blood. Along with a body that takes in other life, to transform it into the chemical contribution of what will then build and sustain our own bodies. Along with a million mile central nervous system, 650 or so different muscle groups all operated successfully from your brain to do what you command them to do/ because they ordered themselves to be in just the right place for that job, and discipline themselves to do what you want them to do. Eyes, organs, hands, feet, balance, breathing, movement, choices, more! NOW ADD A QUADRILLION MORE elements of life, that are far more disciplined and orderly than you. Which includes: rebirth do to genetic stability/ which all of university plays god, has literally been trying to destroy.

Ain’t no accident here/ nor is there any form of chaos; OTHER THAN UNIVERSITIES. As reality itself, plainly shows is true to design by the decisions assigned through thought. Plain and simple; use your brain, it ain’t just your hat rack; as is the game and claim of universities throughout the earth: is now dead/ fools, proven true.

And since we are surrounded by a thousand more threats of failure and extinction; as was created by “university knows”; the cult university is god, and cannot be questioned: is dead. GO CHALLENGE your university to prove what they say, BY THE EVIDENCE/ NOT the claim of an expert; as is the basis of failure and disgrace. The arrogance “without media corruption manipulating your brain”; would not exist. For their reward which is: as priests of (worship them), the university cult”; shouting believe/ fear/ obey.

So then what is destiny, that we should care about how life began/ or what happens when we die? Are we not here, and do we not die; and how is life itself not a race to see how much of pleasure and desire and choices of our own; that we can get? As all animals do! Predator/ prey/ lazy/ whatever we want; is our right: because we didn’t ask to be born. So we take what we can get; as is fair.

But being alive has a different view: it is not a race to death, by all means useful to get everything you want. Rather life is an opportunity to understand the decision between life and death is: a reality of miracles cannot appear on their own. Therefore something much more interesting than life itself in time; shapes our own quest, to be reborn, into the destiny of where life comes from; to give us time, and our own choice.

Apart from religion: are the elements of our ascent, beyond self; to achieve the construction of our destiny. Shaped by discipline, ordered by living in time, balanced by wisdom as is the conception which leads to life. Our discovery of thought releases the path into what can become the value of life itself. Thought is not a relationship with brain/ as brain exists to move the body and measure this environment; the recognition of freedom; functionally ends the intellectual grasp of our existence.

Instead THOUGHT is; an environmental awareness of passages which create the “doors of our life”: to enter and learn/ rather than avoid and die.

My choice is to end here.

Altering that quest, to create a direction for you: in more basic human truth.

Establishes one critical trait that should never be turned away from. Demand the truth from those who wish to influence you. There are no excuses. Love does demand the truth, not your beliefs. But that is only true of those who accept the task to become friends, or lovers, or family; others do not matter, except to themselves. Therefore they should not concern you greatly. Lies are the intent to steal, and if you allow the liar to continue in your presence; you do aid and abet what will contribute to the descent of their lies, into the cost and consequences of hate. Below the line of, “all discipline ends here”: is the sewer of manipulation/ temptations/ propaganda/ behavioral failures/ foolishness/ criminal intent/ arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect. Abuse, violence, fears, tragedy, and more follow.

I have made excuses “for love wouldn’t do that”. But love is not powerful/ it is gracious and pure, and need not be excused, because it is the design of respect and the value of living we share as our truth. The value we place upon the heart, to care as best we can. Consequently, when you allow lies to continue “for love”/ you then do each other harm, as no good ending can come from lies. Learn it, as a lesson of life.

Today, my life has changed. Having recognized, that any discussion at all of thought; is beyond the limit and boundary of what male had set/ would not be done. That fact isolates the decision to examine the central core of life, and construct what has happened therein. I find it true; male has been evicted (he is not to be found), and spiritual female now rules my life/ owns this body; refuses to listen or accept “mine”. Proving: not anymore.

No, I do not know what that truly means; but it is clear all ownership belongs to her. Its a quagmire; as identity becomes lost/ and realities are exchanged within an entirely different world; for things I do not understand.

No, I do not know what this means sexually; perhaps I am now, some type of weird world lesbian or something. I HAVE NO CLUE! As is true of the warning already given: whatever this is, it is between female and I/ male is NOT allowed. Although nothing has changed in real life; as warned, NEVER come here for sex, not as male/ not as the perversion of male/ not as the delusion of female/ not even the illusion of female who demands she is male; or hades will erupt in you. Whatever this is in real life: it is between female and I, not male.

No, it is not my decision or expectation or want or attempt for sexual relations or other. It just is what it is; and I don’t know how to proceed; beyond the existence of male now apparently gone. Its a quandary. Go ahead and ridicule, etc; it was not my choice/ which means you do ridicule “the spiritual world”; not me. This can be called a “spiritual possession”; but it cannot be called: anything to do, with “ghosts or evil or violence or other similar failures”. However it is true; that if she does not allow “anything” to be done; it absolutely cannot be done. NOR can anything she demands “I do”, not be done as well; “female in charge, for real”. A Life; of “ten thousand sighs”.

It is the difference between male and female: to be learned as has everything else about my living in time. By being immersed in the reality, everything that is not true “is weeded out” for real. NO, I do not know what that means; but being thrown “into the fire” so to speak time and again; presents what becomes purified by the intensity which cannot be refused. What remains, remains as evidence of what the foundation of this existence, substantially is.

Life is a journey, and it seems I have been utterly turned around; removed from male. To re-start life “from the opposite point of view”. I don’t know why. No, I do not know how that is to help you or me; or any other thing. Apparently trapped in “a vehicle of life”, going the other way now. Its complicated. I know not, how it ends; or what the destination could become? I guess “I or you or life somehow”; needs to know? No real clue. Changed, starting over.

Basically: “blows up my mind (nothing makes sense anymore)”. As the saying goes, I guess. The entire structure of “male”; has died. And I do not know how to build female; I never/ never/ never, considered it at allll, not even once. I never expected to learn anything about “being female”; it was not my job; as being male, which includes; “treasuring woman with value and respect”; was my life. THAT however has been turned upside down; completely removed; and is now commanded of me; that you will learn. There is no escape; not a decision I am allowed to make. “ At its core, I suspect this decision of man; has proven to be catastrophic for women. “it is not enough”; because the vast majority of men fail; both in respect and to value. But then there are the consequences of female; and their decisions to overwhelm men! An endless cost to both. Requiring an education to survive the future you have made of this earth. NO, I DON’T know how that is going to relate to me?

There is no escape; not a decision I am allowed to make. “I”, then apparently dies soon too; and is replaced by; “someone else”.

And religion says: “HA HA” NOW we know you are a fool, and can be discarded as the trash! Nonetheless, I remind you: believe it or not: that your world is dying, and the foundations of your religion worship “university as god”; not truth. So repair what has been trashed in you; before you come looking to me. As I am not perfect/ not savior/ not guru/ or other; just a life, being changed. Being asked to survive, and accept change: want it or not! I don’t know why, its not my job; but then changing lives is what you claim to do; is that not so? “can’t see the forest for the trees”? Fix yourselves first.

So, I will add one thing true, as defined by your world: that JESUS came, and lived a life not expected in his time/ and died in a way none would have expected. Because the end result, “which did change this world”; was more important; than an individual life.  But that is a reference to this world, rather than HIS life. For clarity, I would offer: that reality and cause of death: WAS NEVER on HIS list of things “He wanted to do”. (the only thing we share). HE did it, to save this world from hate, as was evident: consuming life, by ending love.

While that is certainly not me; and it is certainly not me, that can change this world; “the spiritual woman” inside, is in charge of me, and that work now. It is “Her job”. HATE however, is back in charge, of this world:  due to universities influence and its cult of worshipers. And it is “SHE”, that attempts to save this world, by demanding women must be allowed to try; by love, to save this earth.

To that end: it is apparent, that she has chosen to use me as “some kind of tool”; its not my job, I don’t know what? I have NO predictions. This is:

Not me, in charge/ not me making any kind of sacrifice: just me trying to survive the life given to me. As has been proven in a myriad of ways.

Or more simply: over the last 6 years especially, or so, I would have done “a thousand things” all of which were refused. From “big things” to just washing the dishes; she is in charge. A ten thousand volt shock/ or if needed a fifty thousand volt shock; proves that true. Or, back ten years or so: absolutely refusing to put on a bra (I found, was going to deliver to “goodwill”); I turned , walked away, and ran into an invisible wall; on three sides: BACK you will go. In the middle of my living room. Two days later I was allowed to take it off; and not risking another demand: burned it. Not that, that would have changed anything; as reality proves she could make me buy one; but it was my only recourse. With that she pushed people back: “you didn’t care enough, to be remembered”. So, NO; this ain’t a religious “get anything you want” excuse. I live in a real world of realities, truths, costs, and consequences “most of which” are caused by you failing this world.

The cost to me: learning what women have endured, throughout time. For clarity, “the shocks” stopped, once I learned and accepted, there is no escape, no purpose in complaining. no, it was not medical. It is a reality too many women endure. “partners/ not slaves”. Not for either gender against the other/ which does include “females rape: by enticing sex, for a child/ and then demanding payment for the next eighteen or more years”

Not a choice, so its not a sacrifice.

I am a passenger now, with no say. I DON’T know what the future will be, or if you survive; or even if I survive; or what eternity will be. Or If I am male or female; which is “mind blowing”. However it remains true: I consider them to be entirely equal, just a different view of life and living; otherwise same as truth allows existence to be. There have been “great and wonderful expressions of learning along the way; which does balance it all out”. But honesty knows, “I do, really miss my freedoms”.

I guess change, will be interesting? At least I hope so. Otherwise: just keep saying “I don’t know”; and you can live the experience of change; ” a tiny bit like me”.

Truth must decide; or life fails to survive. Just how it is.

WHY, are you entitled to know? Not a clue. Not my job;  “now”, its just my life. THAT, is literally up to  GOD;   even if HE does decide to give my life to female;  it is HIS choice, as all LIFE comes from  GOD. I try not to complain, honestly I do.  But, not perfect now/ never was/ can’t imagine ever going to be. So, there you have it. WHY me?   Not a clue.

Of disciplines: comes the decision, “to have faith in truth”/ because only truth knows, what is substantially real, and can be depended upon as a direction into destiny. Which is the shape of our decisions, caused this.

Belief is the opposite of that; which is to decide what you want truth to be, and accept that is enough to direct your path into what fate will then allow. Want decides, not truth; and as a result; the future will not be what you chose; although if you believe correctly because of truth, that will assist and aid you in the creation of your own truth.

Eternity offers; “only truth will survive”. Therefore what is true decides for you; NOT the other way around.

Hate is your decision to destroy life itself, and encircle yourself with judgment on others; thereby taking from them their life, so that you can justify your own. Its dimension is a coffin, and its purpose will find in the energy to survive; only terrors to come, consuming you/ as you consumed others. Only attacking, or destroying: “the actual children of GOD “ is worse; which will bring you into HADES! You cost GOD a lifetime child/ and you will pay with your lifetime, by the hate you presented in the war you chose, and instituted against GOD.

The spiritual world is a participation in truth: to decide and discover what can be purified enough, to be allowed into eternity. What is true, discards all the rest; to be true, to the order of life in you.

To balance truth with love however is an alternate discovery of where thought can live, “without expanding” beyond here; if this is your choice. Thought is a constant source of dimension; whereby we live within the discovery of knowledge does this. By understanding the resources of our wisdom created by thought shares with us, this journey. Homes are built, even beyond time; because value and respect shapes the decision called your heart; to be in rhythm with your soul. What we share is truth/ how we choose to care, is love. With respect we enter the “living space” of another life, to find in happiness, that I need not “ever be alone” again.

These are elements of existence; life is beyond the limits of this work, to achieve an identity in you. It is not for you to know.

life is: the expressions and experiences, of your own elevation beyond truth into the decisions that identify your freedom is beyond “the rules”; as does require purity. Because entering into the destiny of “force itself; as creates the energy of motion”; is no small thing. To share thought as an active participant, rather than a student in learning; is no small thing. To achieve the value of being truly loved “BY GOD “; is everything, this universe can be.

The order of life, does not present the freedom: “to change gender”; miracles on the other hand, are presented by GOD to us all; and are subject only to HIS own guidelines for truth. Limits and boundaries are also, “HIS domain” in what life can or will become. Living is the elevation of heart, and its search is to become “the creation of our love”.

The life I have lived; is not functionally that: because the cult of university has you by the throat, and it tearing you into pieces so they can play god. Finding it impossible to penetrate their barriers to life itself. The only method of confronting or opening the door to “their believers”; was to remove the shield of “we can’t all be wrong”.

That has been done. The rest is up to you!

Nothing is so utterly certain of that: than to realize, “the universities” are trying to prove they can be gods; by igniting “the same fire here as is on the sun”. WRONG means; they ignite this world into a sun, and there is no going back. The sun burns the bond that balances energy forces in an atom: releasing that kinetic energy as heat/ and its balance to sustain perpetual motion as is spin in a “vacuum state”; by dark energy or the opposite of push as is solar gravity called pull. 4 million times more, than the chemical fires which burn the bond of molecular combinations between or in elements.

Nothing is so utterly certain of that: than to realize the outright lies of evolution: “chaos, accident, billions of years”! Which when put to the test, cannot be sustained by any method called truth. Look at your hand, it ain’t no accident. Look at your world of MIRACLES; nothing here is chaos, except the wars of men. Look at the truth of energy (the sun will not last forever, because it burns up fuel); which means billions of years is NOT consistent with reality. Think for yourself, and recognize: that the biblical Noah’s flood; did exist, because there is no other method by which all that life could have been gathered together and then; some buried under “thousands of feet of debris”; to be your fossil fuels. Recognize; you can’t build life one piece at a time; as is, no blood/ what good is a heart?

Recognize: every natural resource is what sustains your life; and you poison it, destroy it, ruin or rape it, manipulate or mutilate it, cause it to be thrown away (as is your garbage mountains of proof: YOU CHOSE, to kill a billion people in the future); by your arrogance [we won’t share], apathy [we won’t care], and disrespect [as is life be damned; MAKE ME RICH]. As is your epitaph to date. As your world dies, and your oceans die, and your world begins to overheat, and every chain of life is broken; and MORE. Because all that matters is your want, to you. Shame on you, as a world cursing itself with extinction. WAKE UP OR DIE.

Reality says; you are a world filled with terrorists of all kinds/ wanting this entire world to die. Because they are not happy, and have surrendered themselves to violence and hate. You are a world filled with traitors: people who believe they are the only thing that matters/ and nothing else does, except for what they personally want. People who would and do betray the rest of life on earth, “for a trophy, toy, or trinket”; to prove how superior they are. You are a world filled with liars, thieves, cheats, tragedies of choice, assassins of every future life; that would have lived. And more. All of them deceived into believing; that everything they do, “can only affect you/ NOT them”; because they believe themselves to be hidden from view.

The other primary mass of humanity, is entirely defined and described as a herd, screaming “we can’t all be wrong; let the universities lead us”. Yet no recognition that the universities have led you to the edge of extinction; and that means at a minimum; it is the blind leading the blind, surrounded by pits of hell. So you bunch together even tighter and shout: “we are gods children/ HE will save us”; even though your god is “university”; not truth as reality proves it to be. The consequence is; all will fall in the same hole of death. Because you refuse to let truth decide; SCREAMING, “WE WANT what we want/ and we don’t want NOTHING to do with you”. Because reality is not what you want; as truth knows you have been avoiding the cost of what you do, for over fifty years in this USA, and more.

So that leaves us with the few, who are in fact still alive as human beings searching within miracles of living evidence; for life, rather than hate. They are not enough to save this earth, they are only enough to testify to the rest: that we cannot survive what is being done. By humanity, which refuses to accept: “with 8 billion people”/ your world has changed. Or more distinctly: so many human hands are reaching “FOR EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET”; that this world cannot rebuild itself fast enough; to sustain life. Making this as life on earth: our very last death march into eternity. Because that is what you chose, to end existence on earth with: shouting “university is god/ be damned to all the rest”.

To your shame.

And all of it, is driven by human wants! As is the basis and purpose of human behaviors; where truth is discarded for the cost of greed, power, pride, arrogance, temptations, apathy, disrespect, denial, lust, violence, war, and more. Because want aside from the simple “truth of a child”; is about taking control away from truth; to become a liar or thief, instead. As is proven in this USA, and around the world, by those who want, rather than care. Discarding sharing, to prove all you need is to believe what you want to believe. Discarding respect, to scream: I can do anything I want! But alas, you are not gods; and truth will prove that true; regardless of what you believe. And then there is fear; to be driven into hiding from life/ or to drive other life into hiding, because “you”, can shout: “the devil is here”.

Eternity discards all that is not truth; because only truth can, or will survive. And only what lives for love, adds value to an eternity already in motion, to express and experience that love. By letting destiny decide, where you belong.

Thought, requires that you construct the consequences of what you are deciding to do: BEFORE you do it, and recognize the cost of being wrong, along with the realities required to sustain what it is that you desire. Life is not a game, and neither are the horrors of playing god; as universities do, and choose to do even more. NO THOUGHT there. Only want (I refuse to be wrong), pride (I cannot be wrong), and arrogance (nobody can tell me, that I might be wrong; “as all believers do”: NOBODY); starts the descent. The curse of failure that is: screaming, I am god. To your shame.

The distance, between life and truth; is they are inseparable. If you have flooded your life with lies/ in death they will separate you from life. If you have accepted the decisions that allow for truth to lead; then the spiritual world will invite you in: to understand, only purity survives as life freed to be truly alive.

The question is not: WHY should truth be so important to our existence! Because the reality is TRUTH IS THE ESSENCE OF BEING ALIVE. It is the substance, which creates the laws, which become our freedom to survive. While that is only one part of living; it is in fact the foundation upon which all other elements of life are built.

So the real question is: WHY does humanity find truth so “unbearable”? Everything about truth is a value to life/ everything about truth identifies the respect we owe, to the miracles of our existence/ everything alive is alive because of truth. So WHY? The answer is: “shouted from the rooftops: as I want to be free”/ no strings, no consequences, no element of authority, no fears: just free. But alas; that is not how life is! Because life exists within an energy that allows for bad decisions to overweight valuable decisions/ and cause chaos to erupt; as is evolution by universities disease. Truth must lead, or tragedy will follow/ and when people shout I don’t care; they invite themselves to be fools!

Being human lets people decide: if truth is in fact “for them”? Because if you say, “I have no regard for truth/ I want what I want”; then it is fair and fitting for you to be animal/ not alive as is the beginning of thought builds a life worth saving. If you decide that you hate life/ then it is a reality of freedom, that your influence on the others shall be felt as the fear you caused them to have. The consequence being: you will pay for that, “in like kind”; because life in time is measured; and you will end your existence here.

People want: but people need as well; and if your decision is to take, rather than share according to what is fair. Or if your decision is to steal, rather than to care. Or if your decision is for power and pride, instead of love and the rhythms of peace and harmony; you will not be found fit to survive beyond time. Therefore time is allotted; as the benefit of existence; because the essential truth of freedoms, is it must be free. A decision you can make; without interference in this world. Therefore people decide: there cannot be another world of life/ it is only “dust to dust”. But they are wrong, as every miracle of existence does prove as the basis of Creation. While it is JESUS who proved that love is valued/ and we were not “created and forgotten”; but cherished as a possibility of life, finding truth into eternity.

Thought searches for truth. Being alive means you search for Creation. Being in love identifies you through your respect, and honest evidence that is caring and sharing what justice and fair play will allow. Because we cannot give what is not ours to give. Even if that is only fair. The critical truth is: freedoms come with limits and boundaries; so as to protect life from itself, or other realities beyond our control. Such is existence, in the element called time.