The curse of the dead is: “hurrah, we won/ we drove out the competition”. But the reality of this day is: in a world overrun by humanity/ the competition will quickly return; they have no place else to go. So the dead version (we are gods) of human living cannot win/ and that does mean they must change/ or they will war. The crucible of fools use propaganda to deter life from reality; because in the sewer of lies, the only thing that is important is “whether you have a trophy (to gloat over)/ a toy (to demand I make the rules)/ or a trinket to prove (you don’t have this).

The living dead; spend their lives trying to prove they are gods (the superior ones/ who can do what you cannot). The thieves hidden or not; want to make you cry; because their decision is you don’t count (they alone are important). Traitors wait: for the moment they can make you pay. While terrorists all want to scream: I will make you die/ judged worthless by me.

Little is more blind, than those who want “everything”/ screaming: MINE, MINE, MINE. Little is more of a desert to life itself, than a rapist: whether against female or male or life and world, the end result is the same: “OBEY me, OR DIE”. Nothing is more diseased, than a university diploma. Nothing is more insane, than men who believe their hatred/ their war; will improve life or world.

So we, the few who are alive in the miracles of life itself; are surrounded the worst humanity can become. Because they chose to be, all things hate/ rather than all things love; swallowed by the claim of an animal which is want, pride, or power. The end result is: this world dies, because you are what you are.

Being alive requires us all: to do what we can to intervene for the sake of this entire Creation of life/ to hope regardless of the evidence, that an intervention shall be made in time; to save this earth from complete destruction by men, and the sewer of fools who support them in their traitorous acts of sabotage against life and world; a future destroyed.

Choosing life, is to accept RESPECT grants TRUTH, and truth will grant the opportunity to be more than an animal or hate can be.

So I give you some instruction

  1. do not believe: because it is the decision to protect yourself from life and living by entering the prison you create for yourself inside (nobody in/ nobody out). Which separates you from the living, and the dying: but becomes your truth in the spiritual world as well. Trapped by your own belief, in a prison of your own making. While some belief is useful: as is “GOD IS LIFE”/ it is extremely important that you do not let belief identify your life. Belief comes from the acceptance of others. While truth comes from the law we can identify as eternal, for those who love.
  2. Let reality decide, because if you don’t survive: love in this time will die with you/ participation ends. So don’t surrender your life/ don’t sacrifice your body, mind or time. Don’t try to escape from your life or living; it won’t work. Instead accept the truth of what must be done, and identify what truth will let you change; but not by gambling (I want what I want NOW) or suicide (I DON’T want what I have now). Because as with my own life; you cannot truly predict what will happen next. Be true to yourself; which means as is “critical honesty”: each will choose, EITHER, “love (we are alive in miracles), hate (let their be death and destruction), or animal (I want what I want_)”. Because every decision results as one of these choices. Choose yours, and keep it true for you.
  3. The spiritual world: “the body is discarded by death”/ is rarely visited by those who survive; even though it is possible to do so “with purity of truth”/ an identity owned by you, with all decisions made. It is a dangerous place; because judgment occurs in the spiritual world, and there is no room for “self”. It is/ you are: what truth will allow. But it is also a very interesting world, if you are not convicted of death. Even so, the purpose here is to understand love will change: “life is not self/ but lives within the force that releases energy instead”. To accomplish that, we must join “the living” in soul, by accepting the rhythms of “our heart beat as one”. Desires must mesh, as love becomes the body of where we belong as “soul”. Here, we divide, within the same dimension; to become independent definitions of being alive. Gender matters; because force is a definition created by opposing directions: balance is required.
  4. As to elements of the spiritual world other than judgment. The reality is: our own desires matter, and a relationship is born between you and the decision to learn that does exist as “a door”. Failure to learn however makes that desire a trap; you cannot escape. Critical to this environmental reality of “disposition of resources”; are those animals who failed to accept love and truth as their definition of life/ but did not hate. The numbers are staggering, and they are trapped until they dissipate into “forever lost”; trying to steal to survive. Ignore them, or they take your life, and you die too.
  5. Of things unexpected: is my relationship with female “spiritual woman inside”/ a need sought, when it became completely clear: men cannot save this world. Nonetheless, my first introduction to her life was: to find her waiting/ “for what was clearly a very long time”. When she arose from that sleep; it was absolutely clear: man or men had done her very wrong/ and she was going to be in charge of me. As the war began immediately and lasted for about 12 years. She won. But what was unexpected is her time to wait/ and my time taken by female to do what she needs to have done. While we had succeeded in “a working relationship” after the first couple years/ the critical takeover followed “my mom died”; and I wanted some “time off/ failed anyway”. She rejected that entirely, The end result of it being (since I did not change my mind): I am, currently lost in a sea of “it is all foreign to me; not a clue”/ and know not what the future will be. Life has changed. She was correct: nobody gets to abandon an entire world and all its life; without a fight; you will pay. And I would have regretted the failure to continue. The cost: since we all must die alone, my mom had to readjust her life, and go back to her real love & acceptance that JESUS was in fact her savior. Because that “saved her eternity”. No love/ no life; and I was not allowed to help.
  6. Of the “great lessons” in life are these: my ex-wife of two years/ no kids; made me accept “only truth can decide/ nothing less; only truth”. Being attacked in the night for a week; made me change, and when “real sleep” was no longer necessary;, I awoke, and used that time in the darkness “to think”. Accepting the decision: that only thought is life, therefore living life to think (without intellect; what men teach) leads back to Creation. Disciplines construct purity of intent. Order constructs the disciplines of law. Balance identifies the relationship of law, to its truth. While love is the greatest happiness; when time is dead, that love cannot participate anymore; the same is true of this entire Creation of life/ therefore it cannot be allowed to die. At least not without a fight. A believer accepts nothing but his or her belief (right or wrong; the door of evidence and reality is shut). Reality knows of survival, and it must be respected. But truth survives, because it cannot be changed; it is what it is/ even if it can be covered up, if allowed. You cannot predict the future; it is best not to try. You can choose love, and let your own heart decide what that means to you. Hate is the opposite of love, and they do not combine in any form; beyond a human life. YOU ARE, one way or the other/ even if time lets you try both. Be grateful for friendship, it is hard to come by/ don’t judge, it is not your right. Be honest with yourself, and change for better if you dare to live within that hope; most do not. Want is an enemy/ pride is a traitor/ and power wants to judge, and make rules; to insure you obey them. Do not be led: make your own decisions/ it is your life, and it will become your eternity; because your truth decides for you. RESPECT GOD, and admire JESUS; because “they both, did do” what no human could do. Religion offers “another chance” to begin again; by providing rules; cultivated throughout the centuries. It is not “salvation”/ it is, “begin again”.
  7. Spiritual existence: is where the essence of life as is thought/ binds itself to the body of time which is human & other. Or more simply: when life leaves a body to die/ it abandons that body to return to “dust”. Or more simply: the ability to think or conceive by thought; establishes freedom (a form of energy being used as motion), truth (demonstrations of law), heart (the insertion of feelings, the conceptions we use to describe ourselves), and soul (the decisions which ascend to become our destiny/ or the realities of hate which form self into the delusions of want, pride, and power). It is ultimately true: that love identifies soul as the inalienable right to participate, because we are all “one body of life”. Formed by thought, and established by participation that is called love. (Less is worthless to me ; so not here). The removal of self is therefrom an intricate or delicate composition of how do we become invited into what can become eternal? While I have no authority or knowledge that is sufficient to describe that; NOT my choice. I am clearly controlled completely now; by the spiritual woman inside/ who insists, my spiritual self is now as “girl”. Reality proves true: “ugliest girl on the planet: I have a penis, other elements of male/ that never belong on girl”. But it is not a choice. It is however a peak inside, the development of how self is replaced by love governs here/ NOT you. Why “CHANGE”? I don’t know/ but truth replies: this world needs for you to do that/ and so it is. Still no clue; life “lost at sea”; on a tiny rubber raft wandering how it will all turn out. She is the life in me (passenger now)/ and the body of my time, is being shared so far. No, it is not homosexual/ transvestite/ or other! It is a composition of life beyond the limits of self, identifying the differences of our existence. The conception of destiny, changed; “complicated”.
  8. Changed now; life says, “male is entirely dismantled, and thrown away”/ and I can feel it true. I “feel differently now”/ but cannot yet describe it; beyond “helpless”. No, its not transgender or anything like it; as is delusion and failure. It is change, and rearranged, and different, and it must be “more spiritually her now than me”. So will there be anything left of my own life? I honestly do not know! Simple as that. What is clear however is: love is the embodiment of value/ while hope is the embodiment of trust/ order is the discipline of knowledge, brings understanding; and wisdom will balance what is, with what can be, as the decision to enter thought proceeds in an opposite direction. What is constructed, assembles the question: “if we travel in different realms of the same force (push and pull are opposite sides of the same coin; so to speak)”/ how then do we join as one? What purpose is gender beyond force, because in the distance: “choice decides, for a different desire”/ and I don’t understand it. I will leave those questions alone for now, as life now begins to rearrange living. NO, I do not anticipate “wearing a different uniform” or the like/ as is outside does not produce change. But inside the critical cost of “beauty”; conceives of altering the dimensions of everything called me. NO, I do not consider “pretty”/ the same as beautiful; which testifies to freedoms, and the decisions called love. Some other day perhaps.
  9. Reality now defines change as: spiritually I have entered her world, and left mine behind. I expected, that, that; would “entitle me” to at least the beginning of understanding what female is. But am confronted by three things: established within “1/3 of a circle; with boundaries set (NO idea what the other “2 sides” exist as)”. My area is barren field/ above at the center is an enclosure of some sort clearly containing things of precious value/ and I am told, “you CANNOT be woman until you are girl”. I seem to have at least bypassed child. So, the reality of it identifies; that I must make choices, “plant the flowers of my life” in this field. So that a new identity will arise. Beginning again. in contrast to that is: the spiritual woman who is not me/ has taken control over my existence, and we share although I have no rights or freedoms to choose. We have traded places, and it is clear she intends: I will learn what female tolerates to survive. As to forces; reality will construct/ the definition of an atom: is a positive force surrounded by a negative force which balances both to retain stability and energy of motion. I do suspect; this is at least in evidence of where or what eternity will define. As to beautiful: the essence of knowing “I am alive”/ I do know that; even if I don’t know me. As to pretty, that is “not here”. Not a clue how it all turns out; for me or you.
  10. Life continues, NOT “gay”/ but as the spiritual existence of girl/ or more distinctly: she has control of this body, and I am physically unable to stop her. The critical lesson of women everywhere; “DON’T use my body; I am NOT a toy”, is confronting me. Tits remain growing as well. And what was barren soil “so to speak”; is now growing something/ too early to tell if its “good (food or flower) or bad (weed). The essential condition here is: that whatever this is, “it is completely between female and I”/ men are not allowed to participate in anything other than real world work, friendship, or whatever is NOT sex related. The prediction of Revelation 17,3 is consistent/ and that would mean: this is somehow related to whatever GOD would allow, to save this Creation of HIS WORK. I know not anything of that; only change is real. A final warning for men, or the delusions of men, or their fantasies (all women are completely; does not pertain to you: separate): NEVER come to me for sex, for any cause or reason whatsoever. Because it will be HADES (ETERNAL; FOREVER TERRORS) FOR YOU, if you do. No, I cannot enforce that/ but then as should be obvious even to you: “something here, is more than just me”. And CAN enforce your punishment; as if against all life and earth.
  11. For simple clarity: MOST of my life, is just pretty normal, there is no interference between male or female; it just is what it is; as best I can. As with all forms of learning; the critical aspects of any reality, must be understood/ balanced against respect/ and formed within the boundaries of what real life limits from us all. However; “its complicated”/ more so, than you can accept; believe it or not: is irrelevant to me. No, not a clue why, or why me? After all, “I am basically a pawn”/ used for whatever life needs me to be. Not your leader/ not your savior/ not your guru, priest, etc/ not your enemy/ not more or less than “a human being”. However I am more spiritual than you conceive of: that, is a very personal thing/ and does not include you. Unless GOD or the spiritual woman inside; makes it so. Just not up to me. “lost at sea, without an anchor”; because the end result of it is: life is different now. Not good or bad: different and without direction. I have no clue.
  12. But then living requires facts, and the most important decision of life is to be happy; with who you are. Because we cannot escape “the reality of self”. We can however go beyond self, which is a description required: to enter soul: first step is spirit. Love is the environment of happy, you cannot achieve happy without love. So the essence of life as formed from “being ALIVE”; is to understand love, is built upon truth/ but only truth can keep you alive. Therefore we learn to accomplish our decisions, as life requires: by trusting laws which construct our participation in disciplines. The order of gender is an anchor point (one of many)/ that provides a limit and a boundary; so that each knows the value of what belongs here. The balance of thought, identifies the critical desire that governs your soul; and then orchestrates, what is consistent with purpose of your own heart. I guess some facet of me, is more in tune with “woman”? Or more correctly: I cannot abide in the cause of war, as is strictly “male”. Not because there aren’t people who demand it as hitler did, along with an entire history of men. But because our world has changed, with so many critical threats of extinction; “can’t really count them all”. And that makes war of any real size: an end of the world decision. Doesn’t mean; we turn away from threat; because that never works/ I tried to be a pacifist once in grade school (testing). But all it did was increase the line of people who wanted to claim: “yes I can too”. Instead reality knows: that by the law we might be able to survive. But without the law; it is a clear certainty: EXTINCTION, WILL follow HELL (complete insanity), Armageddon (nature in chaos), and Apocalypse (war for water); along with cannibalism (THERE AIN’T NOTHING left/ but human); etc! So the end result is: my life has changed, but it was never an intentional choice of any kind. A COMPLETE surprise. But even so, I remain not unhappy/ even if adrift, and without a clue.
  13. THE SUMMARY of it all is: that while living is defined entirely by gender boundaries, and limits on our experience and expression. Life itself is not, but remains an element of thought. Where thought can travel beyond time; is a decision of eternity/ not self.
  14. Reality says to me: that spirituality must be identified, as a passage, rather than a purpose as some believe it to be. The passage is built upon truth, and your truth, is built upon the honest desires of your heart/ which let purity decide the direction of your soul. Therefore every decision matters, and although “life” presents us all with decisions we must make/ reality says it is your own decision, that establishes your own truth, and its direction/ its destination of values and hope, based upon love. Or, for others; its enemy called hate; the two never meet, in an eternity defined by your own intent. Those discarded have no meaning to the living.
  15. LOVE however sings with a purpose, that becomes the rhythm of our time, by establishing the dimensions of what our lives can become. My life is a complete surprise to me; but I suppose the truth of that change; was established, 18 or so years ago. When finding no solutions in men, to “fight for life and earth”/ after a ten year search: their only solution would be war; as is extinction. Faced then with: “confront them all, and make them understand; THIS IS BAD”/ WOULD in fact do nothing, but advance war. I abandoned men, to search among women for their solution instead. Finding no participation among females on earth; I searched for, and found the spiritual door of female beyond time; and much to my surprise: “male was no longer in charge of anything”/ and the battle was engaged. Bit by bit; even the memory of male has begun to fade away. But that is unimportant to the truth: OUR ONLY CHANCE OF SURVIVAL, IS BY THE LAW. Which is a “woman’s solution”! So, life has changed. Spirituality is the distinction of truth decides now/ and the reality of my truth is: female is in charge, by law/ but because I invaded their world, laws in this dimension, do not exist for me. ITS COMPLICATED! Nonetheless, I am learning what it means to be a girl; “we have to fight” to make male understand/ “this is not a game, not a trophy, trinket, or toy; you can’t own me and be happy by making me a slave, WE MUST FIND US (the basis of woman, here too); a partnership that is equal in its life and purpose”. So we can journey together into our eternity.
  16. The question of course is WHY,,,,,,,,,,,? But the answer remains: that in time, things can be allowed to change/ beyond time where only truth decides; change is not allowed. So the essence of time is “a choice”/ but the reality of destiny is: you chose. Therefrom the question is: “since I/we (spiritual woman and I), seem to be beginning our eternal journey, here in time. I cannot conceive of the outcome: “of ten thousand choices”, that I can only partly make. Do we enter the passage into eternity; as “one life joined as one dimension of female only/ are we equal, but male and female; and not dimensional at all (no entrance here)/ I know, we are clearly NOT going to be male; or is there some other element of universal truth that can be applied; which I have no concept of at all? Its a quandary; I have no clue. Nonetheless my tits are growing, and they are absolutely not male, but taking control anyway. No, I don’t know how; female chemicals (belong here) I think. No, I don’t take, nor ever took; any form of drug; other than antibiotics or similar. No, its not transgender, or perverted, or gay, or any other delusion: “its just life”, constructed from the search for what is true!
  17. Just so its clear: the realities of spirit and life, are NOT about perfection/ NOBODY is perfect, not me or you. LIFE is about choices, and the direction we choose to go with our decisions; “love/ hate/or animal (as is based upon want)”? LOVE binds us together, proving that friendship is a destiny of the heart, and those who join us; ascend with us, to define ourselves by truth, trust, hope, disciplines, order, justice, balance, fair play, and equal treatment for all, as is the basis of life Created: BY GOD. Hate is the division and separation of the living; so they fall into the abyss of want, and then continue into the dungeon of violence; because they chose that, as their open wound of desires unmet. The animals among us; “which are the majority”; simply discard the evidence of miracles; and shout: “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT, what I don’t want forever; as is leave me alone/ I don’t have to do nothing for life or world”. It ain’t my job. These are the three elemental choices for life/ world/ or death. And they cannot be made for you/ they are your decisions alone. But the purpose here is to understand, that we are not perfect/ and that is not “the gate” which decides if you can live eternally or not. Reality of living PROVES: that the critical truth of life is: “it is lonely without a friend”/ but although they lie and pretend to be friends: nobody wants an enemy in disguise to share their future with. The consequence of that is the same for all life, “so it seems to me”. And the reality of eternal life is: WHO DO you desire to share your life with? The answer to that, begins with caring; as is the search for those who not only accept and respect you; but are willing to be your true companion, sharing both “good and bad” as if we were one. Marriage is suppose to be a directional element in that; but with so many trying to tempt, manipulate, control, buy, shop, steal; etc. it is very hard to find someone so undamaged; that they are able to be free enough: to share the destiny called “heart”. So we search for life and truth, and where love exists: will always find miracles of creation: because that is “the evidence of our reality”. Those who care, will then seek to share the journey of where love leads.The spiritual world: REQUIRES, truth in you, purity of you, all fundamental decisions must be made prior to entering (such as it is your body; but you must accept the consequences of that freedom), and the honesty of peace, as forms through the existence of love found in miracles shared. As for me; tinnitus has done an excellent job of keeping me out/ it wrecks peace, by causing a cost to living, which I can rarely avoid. Isolating me, more than you expect; in so many ways. And allowed to be deaf for a short time proved; that is not a choice to accept. While hope is the struggle of life, love is the blessing of living beyond self; where life is the treasury of sharing, because you care. Where living is based upon respect, because you know the value of existence in us all. Hope is the ascension of peace, while trust is the dignity of knowing someone else does honestly care. The entry point of the spiritual world is “for male”; the integral elements of truth creates the door/ but it is guarded by the depth of your own purity: failing, means you fall into “fraud is here”. I know not what is the female door of their own spiritual world: I entered from the very pinnacle of what man can be, “and a million ton boulder” was placed over that entrance; to prove I was not going back/ nor would any other come through/ not from the side of woman. I cannot tell you what is true for male anymore, and I don’t know what female is: and I am beginning to feel weird inside. So it is not likely, “to be going back in time”. Instead, there is clearly “female inside”/ and it is now clearly; “female owned outside” as well. What this journey will be, “is beyond me”. Your life/ your choice/ your journey/ your cost or reward: not mine. LIFE is about forces, and how best we survive their existence.
  18. just so we are clear”: the world says, “YOU AIN’T nothing but a liar and a fraud/ trying to get whatever it is you want; like all the rest”. Because like gossip everywhere, all you need is the tiniest grain of sand; to make you believe, what you want to believe. In contrast to that: is the elemental function of truth itself, which is to separate and define the value of what is being evaluated. So as to determine and identify: where does this path go? Answer: away from everything I have known/ into a sea of “I DON’T know, or have any control over this”: NOT because I intended to choose that (even though I technically did)/ but because this world is falling into its grave, and men lead the way. War of size; is as the evidence does prove/ an ending to this planet; and you stand inches from a world at war. Killing everything/ destroying everything/ mutilating, raping, ravaging, and insuring HELL on earth/ that CANNOT be overcome.  because you threw the resources AWAY. Just prior to the extinction you chose to cause. That is me.
  19. The most critical disgrace of human existence is: to believe, “by putting someone else down/ it raises you up”. Could not be more wrong. In the real world: we are each one judged only on ourselves, and the truth of what we chose to do, or not to do: because that explains the desire of each heart. Do not judge, if your life is not as you desire it to be: then change yourself/ do not try to change others. Because if you succeed; you share that responsibility for their failure. live your own life! Life is not a game, it is a passage, to choose according to what living allows: whether or not, you can achieve and accomplish the purity, value, love, and truth of a life called eternal. Freedom means: you will encounter many things within that dimension; and must be able to withstand the limits and boundaries of what law will allow. So the question is:  are miracles enough for you to understand, what wisdom allows? The cost of too much weight, is an individual choice; largely dependent upon mental health: “how the others play, work, live, accept, identify, or respect me”/ because if there is no value to be found in the discipline of keeping a body “healthy” (play with me); that is a choice, and the miracles of what a body can do is lost. Addiction is an escape, (I am lonely or abused) plain and simple: from what you don’t want to face in your life; when the mental health of that finds no solution in coming. A state of belief, sanctioned by what has been true; like gambling (I have no other way out, I want/ this must work), “I am lucky/ or owed”. I cannot understand what makes people homosexual; it is their choice. And so on: because no matter what you believe: you are not their judge/ anymore than they are your judge: stop judging people. Which makes the righteous: tragic to themselves. Hate breeds hate (I want revenge), and hate contaminates the human animal with revenge (we are the army/ and can take what we want); which causes pride to set in; as winner (I am the superior one) or loser (they owe me/ I didn’t get everything I should have “from god”: they OWE me). So it is the losers who love politics; screaming “you owe us”/ and finding companions who do the same: form an army to make them pay us. While it is the winners who become: the puppets of money makes the difference (I am the emperor)/ as does media (listen to me); “so beg me not, to make them hate you”. While universities claim: we all owe them more, because they want it (I don’t need nobody/ so long as they are my slave). So what is not simple and plain about life: what you believe, is entirely up to you? The very critical construction of our existence; that is male and female as one/ without all the delusions, fantasies, tragedies, failures, manipulation, and more that is a constant of idiots. loneliness demands an answer to our existence/ a decision being made, that becomes our direction to life and its future. Truth makes us trust life, or takes it away/ trust sets forth an opportunity to know each other: but that is dependent upon who we know. love seeks caring, so that we can share with honesty, and not be afraid of disguises. While hope struggles to become the companionship we need, to know what real happiness can be. Yet humanity plays games/ all forms of media; scream: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY/ and the world itself prepares for catastrophe coming. Because that, is what men do, when resources fail/ or too many have lost too much: and demand it all back: with war (I will destroy yours too)! And universities made it truly possible to say today: war is now:  extinction, because that is what humanity chose.  instead of law, and living within the limits THIS FINITE WORLD can survive.    playtime is over/ population is extreme/ the future is dead:  CHANGE or the end is near.     HOW IS THAT, NOT CLEAR?       NOT  “GOD”/  YOU, caused this.
  20. The unfortunate truth is: that mental health, requires you to understand: life is not a game. Because there are forces which we must contend with, that do not play. There are decisions we must make based upon truth, that have consequences far beyond what humanity can even expect. There are elements of love that expand our grace and justice/ but there are sacrifices to love, that fail us all, because they take away something precious to our own survival. We must learn to live by the law/ because the law serves only truth. Humanity however makes it own law, so they can create rules; and destroy the foundations of justice, by playing games. Mental health is a cost of people wanting what they want/ which eliminates you and me from participating in that game; as selfishness and greed replace us all/ as they become unhappy, but proud. Regardless of the rest, our ability in mental health; to survive the assault of time; revolves around the removal of want. Ending the games men and women play: to establish only truth decides here/ even if, “I want what I want, must be abandoned”. No game= no winner or loser! So there is no judgment based upon your participation; and we do become free. But freedom without friendship; lacks the basis of happiness, and loneliness will move in: unless you search for life itself, and let truth lead the way. Disciplines make that search easier/ order makes it possible/ balance keeps us sane: and values make the direction you chose, a destiny you will seek. The best we can do: is to remain true, to that decision as is either love OR hate. Opposites do not travel in the same direction. Animal is the refusal of life, to live in time. But gender differences; as are male and female balance the foundation of life itself, with happiness; an anchor of the heart, which when blended together as one love shared; finds soul. Soul is not bound by dimension; but takes from the limits of your love, a journey beyond self. To seek in your truth, the dimensions of your thought; to identify where love belongs in you. Male and female as one; is far more capable of surviving that definition of life, than either alone. But only if true love exists. Like me, others who must travel alone: can survive with trust. The critical conception is: how do we love as a life born to be free? When this world tells us/ shows us, that we cannot truly be free: love is a value/ but not a home? The essence of it is, hope creates a path. Therefore hope builds “for a life without time”/ by trusting what truth can do. This entire creation of life on earth, identifies, that what we do not understand: is so massive and defined by thought: that miracles expand the destiny of hope “unto GOD”. And the expectation of eternity, is refined by JESUS to complete the decision that love shall become my way: is the door we must pass through. Leaving time behind: when reality proves that true. Therefore hope lives in the miracles, and life lives in “this Creation from GOD”; and our connection to love is as designed by JESUS; to respect the value/ not the disgrace; of what life on earth provides. As preparation for what eternity shall be. Our hope/ our home, as our love provides it shall be true.
  21. On a conceptual basis however, the critical question becomes: if the fabric of time is created by atomic structure as is the atom itself. Then to sustain life beyond time; must we also inhabit the basis of that structure which is two distinct energy sources joined as one single existence. In gender we see that reality in male structure as pushing (kinetic movement)/ and female structure as pulling (dark energy to balance and sustain). Having joined these two in the rhythm of life shared; conceives of “the eloquent discovery”; that is love does this. So we find in love, the basis of living. We find in caring, the basis of happiness. We find in truth, the foundation of life itself. But we find within respect, the home we seek as one life to be shared among the many. Where thought defines life. Those who enter as one, will find another to become two; joined forever. As does seem to be my destiny of this moment: when time no longer matters. The critical cost is a decision/ but the critical truth is love, and that does not require a decision; only acceptance of trust, born in respect. From which we do build hope. It seems to me; that the spiritual woman and I; are now meant for each other/ even though that was certainly not true of our beginning; and change is more than expected; and something here is not “correct”. [doesn’t fit in the laws of time (can’t be male and female)/ altered in the spiritual world too, “dimensions don’t mix”: until beyond]. But, She balanced me with law must rule/ I balance her with “men are important too”; and “believe it or not”; we are letting truth decide, as is the eternal message of survival. How it all ends, not a clue: but trust says, “GOD will decide”. I/ we, need nothing more than that.  “hope is alive, we need only participate in that”.  as best we can.But then the reality of time comes: to prove “love is not a home here”/ amid-st the animals, so predator and prey will apply. It is a quagmire of possibilities, as this world decides: if they can become “alive”, once more. To remove the universities as god, is only a beginning. To understand change removes their want; to let truth decide instead. To go back to “life comes first”/ but without a world, we WILL all die: and choices must be made. To respect or deny: is a decision formed in every individual heart. To die as a world or live by changing what must be done; even if confronted with risks nobody wants to take. Because we must.I guess”; if women are to try to push for life on earth to survive, because we cannot allow war/ then it must be men who balance them, by establishing law; as is “trading places” so that this world can survive. While fools will laugh at that, the evidence cannot be more clear; unless you go to court and prove what is true! that the cost of men, has been: “extinction comes next”.  The reality:  “then women MUST try”!  Because it is, the only choice left.           CHANGE MUST COME;  or all you have left is “lay down and die”/ because reality will overthrow life, removing the future for all: on earth.there is” a caveat to that: because she is spiritual she cannot “become male”; she can only recognize what the truth of male is, and use or control this body which is no longer mine. For whatever female would do with male: ITS COMPLICATED. The one thing I am certain of: is I have no clue what she intends to do; period/ if anything? NO clue, no rights: I AM NOT in charge. that much I know!  I know she is not a danger to women; although I am not exactly certain what that means for me. I have “traded places”/ she gets to decide; and I get to go along; rather like marriage;  when men get to decide and women must simply go along. good or bad! So, I guess “my living” is now dependent upon which part of the world, she intends to reference as “her version of male, or marriage”? Whereas, life knows; since I am time; “I can be changed”/ until death decides what is true. It is a compromise of truth, a test of women (will you do what life needs for you to do; seek revenge; or whatever it is, that will become your truth)/ to identify: if in fact you can or will at least attempt changing this reality of time. As is required by an entire creation of life and world; about to be lost. How it all ends, if you even try to save this earth: I do not know; that, is not my job. What is true, I will accept. What is female, I am required to learn. I really cannot say why/ I simply don’t know.
  22. THE unfortunate truth is: “you are believers/ cult worshipers of university knows”. But reality now sees them by their consequences as tragic and disgraced: consequences far and wide; even to extinction itself. Because they wanted to play god with life and earth; claiming to be the superior ones, they bankrupted you and so much more. You believe because of healthcare/ but apart from the initial antibiotics, and original vaccines; very little has been proven apart from the trillions they demand in payment. Critical consequences for covid vaccine/ medicines used only for money/ surgery without cause/ and a host of other realities: all tied directly too: the university elite, who demanded 30 years of time and half a million dollars/ so they could become slaves. Who must make money/ while administration collects the vast majority. You are believers in evolution: which stands without substance/ because you want a life without consequences: but have failed. You believe in “a universe 14 billion years old”/ but you have no clue; because red shift can only be used when an object can be measured against another for distance; and you cannot. Fail to recognize the big bang “is the center”/ where little would remain: so what is beyond is half the age claimed. Regardless; the foundation of life and form is “force”/ because without force there is no dimension, or reality beyond what is thoroughly empty. So without force “the universe ends”/ and only what is truly “black” begins. Without dimension means: it neither exists/ nor is it without the potential to exist; as space (by creating distance) conceives of time. You believe the sun has a molten core; but that would mean it literally would burn itself out quickly and explode: cannot be! You don’t believe spin is the energy contained in an atom proton; because the universities have not yet told you to believe. You don’t believe that the neutron which balances an atom so that it can contain that energy through time exists; because the universities have not yet told you to believe. You believe that fusion could exist: so its ok to trust the universities with igniting atoms on fire “just like the sun”: the greatest insanity ever to exist/ a pure abomination. But genetics mutilating all of life; are close behind; as are so many thing called “university did this”/ but then you are insane; or it would not be. You don’t believe a supernova causes an implosion at the core/ because the energy cannot escape fast enough: so it must turn inward to create a black hole. Or that a massive black hole becomes a pulsar; which then emits a blast of “dark energy” because it must at its core. At speeds far beyond light/ consistent with an electron; with the speed of a proton spinning; as can be determined by the outcome of an atomic explosion. You refuse to believe that dark energy of (pull) is the solar energy that keeps the solar system in order; refusing as well that “the spider web of dark energy” in the universe; is in fact doing the same thing on a more massive scale. You want what you want: so that you can scream “winner”/ as animals do. But you are about to lose your world, because your choices are built upon lies, cheating, stealing and worse. Politics fail: because the losers want to win/ so they scream; and tear the nation apart: to throw away law. Because the purpose is: NOW WE CAN take what we want, as is the reality of men and their war. You are a failed world: choosing death, instead of life. CHANGE/ or die.
  23. Of things important: you need to realize that life itself, is different than time spent on earth. The evidence of life surfaces in thought, destinies beyond self as are consistent with a choice/ while the evidence of a living body is explained by movement, and heat. It is the choice that fundamentally divides life from, a body called time. So the critical thing is: how do we recognize what our choices can be? Fundamental to all movement is direction; therefore the direction we choose indicates, identifies, and defines; where life is going; as is a “journey to what”? The foundation of life is: a choice between happiness which is love/ and a choice between hatred which is called revenge; what is animal (time is enough) merely avoids the choice, to claim “I want what I have, and more”. These are: the only true choices apart from respect/ or disrespect; that we are individually allowed. Love grants a journey into respect. Hate grants a journey into death. Animal leaves life behind, to explain: I am too busy to care; about miracles.
  24. You should recognize as well: that thought is not the same as “mental intellect; which measures things, to judge”. Thought is an alternate experience, which must ascend into truth, to exist. Thereby if invited to participate; it is truth that leads life along the path of definitions, that must acquire a desire to participate. Thought is the passage into eternity/ whereas mind is merely the passage into body works here. The difference is literal. While you cannot escape time, to enter the definitions of eternity; you can escape self; to become intertwined with the spiritual existence of eternity comes next. These are elements, of “a next life”/ for those allowed to join. That distinction is provided to all: but unless you participate as a decision which desires to ascend into truth; it will not exist in you.  Or more simply: if you have no true desire for “truth itself”/ then you have no place in eternity. The spiritual world is “the garden” where weeds are pulled; before your entry into “beyond time”. But it is guarded: and fraud cannot come. As an example: my first experience; was confronted with that fraud: because life found in me “a problem”. I did not know, whether this body was mine/ or was “a temple” that should not be altered with two false teeth. I chose “not to take chances”/ which was a sacrifice; and was truly found to be WRONG. But, that experience showed me where the problems were; and a year later when fully prepared: I entered again, and was able to “share the experience with thought”. It is not to be taken lightly; as most of, what you believe is a trap/ because only what is true can be allowed/ never want. Because as a participant in “true force”/ there are no second guessed allowed. You must understand what is true, and let truth decide; so that you do not die, to a world beyond time.
    1. Try hard never to sacrifice anything: because it is always wrong. As was a second sacrifice: to have a gall bladder removed, after it was clear/ no longer a problem. In my defense; I just cannot live with myself, without doing whatever I can to help this world survive. The intent was to prove the medical billing was “NOT fair”/ as a court trial; to bring in the more important part of a dying world. But it was not to be; and reality proved true: that humanity was not ready to hear anything about truth, at that time. Foolish and blind/ as is DON’T sacrifice anything; it will not work. Not your job; do the work you are given to do.
      1. My reality asks: “WHAT IF, the spiritual woman” had never entered into my life on earth? Where would I be? Reality suggests: even though I refused to “participate in war”/ the reality of man is: when nothing else works, we turn to war. And it is clear: nothing else worked; so the critical construction of “female here too”/ is law, not war. The end result of that being: I am thankful, because war would end with extinction/ and I would have participated in that, by enforcing you will listen to me; in ways the spiritual world had already provided. Which WERE GIVEN to “the spiritual woman instead of me now”. First thing she asked for/ and I gave it away without a single regret. Because it is not “me”. What is me: “requires the evidence to decide”/ whenever, or whatever that will be.
        1. It seems, on this day; that having, basically shredded everything that is male/ she is now starting to remodel me. But, there remains: parts and pieces hard to get rid of (never, to be less than a miracle_)/ that would require a real world miracle to change. Life is shifting, I can feel it is true. But, I have absolutely no control over any of these things. I know not how it all turns out, for me or you. No longer a choice, of who I used to be. “complicated”/ something else.  I know not: what will happen to you either/ it is YOUR choice, not mine.