Whether by need or want, the primary element of being human is: to make choices which will enhance or detract from our deliberate purpose which is the desire for love, or hate, or the more simple definitions of being an animal reduced to want, and its companions which are pride and power.

People who do not like their choices; try to make other choices, by pretending the body does not matter; as is “they can behave or be “male even if born female/ or female even if born male”; and it is not so. As the cost of every fantasy shall prove true. That does not distract from the truth: as a human being YOU ARE entitled to make choices, even if they are wrong/ because that is the value of freedom, recognized in you. But it also does not dictate to the rest of nature in balance (at least a little), that they need to accept you as you are. Instead, as was the military way; “don’t ask/ don’t tell”; and keep the various perversions to yourselves. Which can be enhanced by creating zones (yours/ not ours)/ as is ours/ not yours; established within limits.

People who do not like their lives; try to play god; so as to remove the limits and boundaries of human existence to pretend: they can make their own rules/ if they just change nature itself, or the world. As is the purpose of universities around this world/ now facing the start of consequences they chose to create as is world extinction; because of you, and the cult worshipers who sponsored you; on the road to HELL. The end result of that choice is: you will lose/ and so will this world; because of what you did do.

People who want safety and defense from all threats: fall into religion as their answer. By believing whatever they believe is the truth/ because they believe, and you cannot prove them wrong. Primarily because they will not listen to anything: this decision is resolved and locked where you cannot change it “by me”. So belief entered the culture of society, (as a safety cell_): and like hiding in fears: to remove you from life, if hidden enough, the world is no longer “there”. But that rarely works, because survival and need will force you back out; to face reality again.

Hate surfaces, by hiding in disguise (predator)/ while anger screams, you had no right (still human). Hate is the re-flux (to let anger circle and never escape the demand for violence now) of human existence. To focus onto someone or something “which gives you the right” to take action or reactions as suit you; because you have judged them “worthless, or garbage without value”. Therefore destined to be whatever you want them to be; as worthless to me, becomes. Or more distinctly: the desire to be judge, overwhelms the desire for life, and refusing to open the door, and get out of the intent for violence/ removes the enemy. Thereby making you responsible for your own life, and living as best you can. The consequence is: now, I have no one to focus upon, to escape the reality; life is overwhelming me. And I want to prove; FEAR me instead. Because forcing you to fear me/ removes me (in that moment), from the fear that is death; and the consequences of it. As is frozen into self, where nothing is left to exist: but fear.

Animal lives to be part of the herd as the reality of loneliness proves, it is better to be with you/ for us all. And the herd itself says constantly: “we can’t all be wrong”/ even though they follow a tiny few who are leaders. That then make this decision for them. So the purpose of an animal: is to combine with the others for protection from being isolated and “the prey” of predators. But the cost of being animal is: you must be exactly like us, when panicked/ so we do not trip on each other. In all other ways; leaders get the best first/ and those who are last, weave between the shit and piss trying to get a meal; so they too can survive. The foundation decision of the herd is “to get more, of the best, for me”.

LOVE is the human pursuit of happiness through the experiences and expressions of what being ALIVE, in the miracles of a planet, that is clearly our gift of existence. To pursue our own desires and purpose by letting truth decide. Truth lets us experience life, challenges we are alive with survival, confronts us all with the evidence of miracles; and asks, “what will you do, with your time”? The greatest joy being found in love itself (shared life, in the essence of respect, by the proof of caring is real). While the duty of life is to know: that living is not free, and we must live within the boundaries and limits of what will keep us alive, and justified by peace. The search for love is an elemental thing; but its true realities for our existence is anything but elemental, as the test of what is true, becomes our most eloquent challenge as the future unfolds; into what we can or cannot choose “for me/ or us”.


Then comes spiritual (where truth is “washed of all that is not pure”): the existence of what can or cannot be beyond the limits and boundaries of time? The question is: what is true? Where miracles (not accidents) are the evidence that we are not “alone” in this universe. The answer is: miracles do not lie/ and that illuminates the choice: if we were to go back in time to the beginning of our lives/ we would then be able to recognize in that Creation; a value, that is not our own. But the only way back in time: is to recognize truth must be purified of our own decisions and deceit/ so that trust becomes the path into what has been “life”.

So we ask of life: what is true? The answer is: found in JESUS, that living is about our choice: to love or hate or be animals (locked in time; shouting more or fear) instead. JESUS proved the difference between these, and established that his sacrifice would prove: there is an eternity of happiness for those who chose love. Simple as that/ “savior to those who find eternity”.

As for life itself: we ask of it, how do we become true to love, and thereby blessed into the decision that becomes our eternal home? Here we must seek in thought, the foundries: which purify truth, to establish within our lives, what will become a value beyond self. Or more distinctly: how best can we ascend into the elevations that are true to life itself? In the passions and passages of my own life in time: that elemental rise is the shared existence of “male and female bonded together”/ as if, our care in living; is to be, one life. Having devoted my own existence to a world that was dying/ this was not solidified until I chose to find and open the door; which was to the spiritual world of female. “its complicated”. More than you can imagine. Which has led to “being one life shared”/ requires truth must lead; and the foundation purity of that truth, is female; so she is entitled, to lead me. And it is my duty to change, as needed to comply within the limits and boundaries of what love would do.

The decision was: after a ten year search, it was clear men cannot save this world (their only answer is war)/ which leaves only female to try.

UNFORTUNATELY; as is the constant of human animals, “they all choose/ LETS DO THIS THE EASY WAY”; you can’t prove the future will be bad. But then comes reality; and the easy way for you/ became the catastrophe for others; as is the purpose of war. The answer of men/ now in combination with universities to threaten extinction for our whole world. Weapons of mass destruction being only just one of many. Because that, is what you chose.

THE ALTERNATE DECISION; is world law/ and making the law, our only ruler of life on earth. Which then governs us all, by what we created to do that very thing. No more “freedom to destroy”/ no more people cast aside, beyond what nature would do/ no more lying, cheating, stealing, corruption or other. Because we open the door to every courtroom/ and judge the judge to be what you swore to be for us all. While government becomes what our own law would do/ and spending money is by bidding on what will be done. Where all of society shares the work, and learns to do the best we individually can: because an education means, “we learn to live, and be what we choose to be”. Because the “very rich/ and those who hate” are gone.

UNFORTUNATELY; it is the proof of social media: that a distinct lack of people who pay attention to their families, or accept the true honesty of friendship; is pandemic. Failure is failure, ridicule and disgrace are constant, the curse of “university leads”; can be found everywhere. Because instead of miracles; the masses believe they are just animals/ and animals are not defined by more than a selfish want. Even if, a pet appreciates the fact you are their friend. In a world outside of their cage; reality rules. Blinded by media manipulation, the curse of the damned; controls what america can be. As is: the cult cannot be questioned/ do what you are told.

While people are confused by choices, and face the consequences of wrong choices in their lives; which ends balance and offers trouble instead. The reality of our choices as a world; are all basically bad. As is led by universities, there is no respect for life or planet; only the sludge of imagination cursing the rest. Causing many to feel isolated and alone: which ends with the assembly of a human herd “we can’t all be wrong”/ or the cost of addiction, suicide, and other forms of escape; which fail life itself.

BALANCE IS; the elemental truth of life contained within the limits and boundaries of what is best for life and world. To illustrate that, we turn to the atomic world; and recognize the perpetual motion of an atom; as it is the physical presence of motion within our lives as is, the measurement called time.

An atom is known and proven to be: the fundamental source of all energy we know as motion or the potential for motion/ and the atom bomb proves an energy far beyond what we do honestly comprehend as humans.

BALANCING THAT ENERGY, SO IT STAYS IN MOTION is the reality of life and time in this universe. No balance, no elemental life or time. So balance is critical to the atom/ and it is critical to our lives as human/ and our world as is a participant in our living in freedoms displayed by choice.

BALANCE IS NECESSARY; the atom proves that true, by being balanced to sustain the energy of time within that primary source of existence. The atom as proven by fire and explosion; is in a state of motion at all times until the energy is gone. The proton (mass) stores that kinetic energy of motion in spin; because there is no other way. But the spin is so extreme it is beyond our ability to understand; until it explodes to prove how much kinetic energy was really there. But like a car wheels turning, in motion; unless it remains in one spot by an anchor, which allows the spin to continue/ but does not allow a incremental direction to be attained. The anchor represents the neutron which is “dark energy or mass” as defined to be the opposite of kinetic energy/ just like heat (kinetic) is the opposite of cold (frozen in place). So then balance between the opposing forces of push and pull, create the environment of an atom; which exists because the neutron “freezes the direction, of all “push energy”, into place. The different weights, size, and form of the mass enclosed by a neutron; constitute the difference in elements.

But the primary lesson is: even though push and pull are elementally opposites/ they can be formed together to become the basis of time, as is then depicted by life. No life means: time has no meaning; therefore irrelevant. BALANCE makes existence possible, and it is a lesson all life must learn; or it will fail to survive. The reverse of life, as is death: proves life does have meaning, within the context that this will end; and all chance to alter what has been true; closes the door on your existence as a body of life in time.

The universities diploma has removed all balance from human existence and its constant attack against this planet and all life on earth; including humans. Or more correctly the diploma has simply added another layer of fraud to hide the delusions of what they do.

Life and planet needs balance; or it fails to exist. That means CHANGE or you die.

I suppose its worth repeating once more: that atoms are the result of a supernova event, separating mass into dust, then spewed throughout the universe. A pulsar explosive spew of dark matter, then encounters that dust to wrap it in “dark energy”; in a micro second. As the basic method of recycling as provided by the universe to sustain itself.

A supernova is the resultant action of a nuclear fire “just like our sun”/ which is now spewing out greater amounts of mass to be vacuumed from the inner planet, & consumed by the fire as each individual proton is subjected to the chaos of that event; and the frictional effect of atom rubbing against atom (pushed together by fire); becomes the fire sustained. While it rubs off the neutron to become solar gravity. When the mass of the inner planet is being consumed at a faster rate than it can cool itself by that dark energy release. It is then that the supernova explodes; pushing materials outward/ and under the correct conditions: that explosion pushes back to the center core being erupted; which cannot now escape. Therefore it must turn back into itself, to become what is called dark energy or mass; as is a black hole. A giant black hole becomes a pulsar/ and because of physics; there will be an ejection of materials (the neutron) from the center core; when reality strikes.

The critical construction of how force became force; and what transpired to create the motion of energy; is not important to you. What is important is that protons cannot be combined to reshape the atom into a heavier atom; because spin will not allow it to be true. which makes all claims of university as is:  we will combine hydrogen into helium; is a lie, without merit of any kind. nor is the magic of “extra big atoms” a reality; because spin will not allow for that either; another lie.  Another fraud on the road to HADES, as they try to ignite atoms on fire; just to prove they can be gods.  Satan is who they are.

Molecular attraction as builds the bridges between elements of life and time; are formed within the basis and timing of harmony, as the rhythms of existence participate to form a bond through electron actions. It is harmony, that builds life; NOT THE DAMN “paint by numbers” terrorism of fools in charge of chaos; as are called geneticists