nearly dead


On a planet soon to die, from all the devastation of men/ the running away of women: sacrificing every child; so that you can play the game of “winner”. By making others “loser”. The critical truth here is: time has run out for the devastation of people who refuse to care. Care or die!

To assemble even the beginning of change as is needed to survive; YOU MUST BEGIN/ accepting the price of life is, discarding what you want; to understand “only letting truth decide can keep you alive now”. Because the consequences are grim, and the realities are even harsher.

So, I will tell you plain [like me or hate me is irrelevant]: YOU NEED to present this work to the world/ so that at least a few will help you identify and create: the investigation of facts, that will present and acknowledge what is true. So that you can have an actual CONVERSATION OF CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG! Discarding pride, as a price for trying to survive. Requiring us all to understand: IF WE DON’T accept, “we cannot let these people be this WRONG”/ then we do deserve to die. Requiring us to accept: we cannot be this wrong, and sustain life on planet earth. Its not a game, it is no longer a choice, we must do what we need to do in order for this earth to survive. Or we go extinct, as this living world dies; in the hell humanity chose for itself.

Demand REDRESS {the legal constitutional right, to enforce a courtroom, investigation of truth; as a democracy: that WE THE PEOPLE, will decide now} in this USA; invite the world, as it is the whole world under threat of extinction. Accept the knowledge, and change what you do: whether you like it or not. Because that is: the price of continuing as life on earth. The price of keeping nature alive/ and not being consumed by “the same fire as on the sun”; which burns your skin in summer, from 94 million miles away. USE YOUR OWN BRAIN/ MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION/ STOP BEING OVERRUN WITH “university knows: who brought you here”.

For child, for life and earth, for a future: unless you let truth guide you/ the end of our world, is truly “very near”! Because the foundations you depend upon, are nearly dead. Reality knows: that all versions of media, are responsible for presenting that information/ as we cannot possibly do it independently for ourselves. WORKING TOGETHER, with respect for the information/ NOT YOUR WANTS. Grants that we will at least “know the enemy”, of our lives. It is you: but more importantly it is the decisions that have been made. NO MORE MAZE OF DELUSIONS; absolute simple as it gets/ plain so that all will know: real world information, that allows for truth to decide what we can or cannot even do. REALITY KNOWS: that the living within universities, will be absolutely necessary: “as they use to be”. The people who would take an idea, “whosoever identified it”; and then work to maximize that idea in ways and materials, that benefited life and society. NO fantasy allowed; we decide/ not them.

TO OUR OWN DECISION, TO START OVER WITH RESPECT FOR OUR WORLD. Because the insanity has already gone too far. WORK FOR LIFE AND EARTH, not self; or there will be no self, because life and earth died first.

The foundation decision of a new life future is simply: SOCIETY, NOT GAMES! Which means there are no winners; and where there is no winning a game/ there is no power to control it, and no pride to win it. Which leaves us with the clear determination to be fair with each other, and choose justified means and methods for conceiving of a world; that belongs to us all.

Shared work (or you are moved out)/ care about life and world (or you won’t live here anymore)/ learn or be denied access to what is better, and happy for all. Accept the limits and boundaries of our reality/ NO YOU CAN’T is part of that. YES you can is another part of that, but only in zoned areas where reality says this is best. Hate divided and separated out: contained within an area “just them”.

Punishment begins with: YOU will walk “a hundred miles”, without any assistance for this choice/ so that you do understand, life is not a game. Fail to learn and it will be one thousand miles; and if you fail: presenting us with hate. You will never come back; sent to where hate lives or dies. Critical cases; “are an open door”/ to any and all who will provide the evidence needed to be as certain as we can be: of guilt or innocence. Because it is one of the most critical things we can do for each other. Present real world evidence either way; and we will pay you.

Agriculture is for us all, and critical changes must be made: so that life can go on. Fishing is for us all, and critical changes must be made; so that life can go on. Mining is for us all, and critical changes must be made; so that life can go on. Cutting trees is ended; because our atmosphere, our world cannot tolerate this anymore; for fifty years. Everything requires “a different view”; or we all die/ because you care about nothing but greed. Which means in addition: no more air conditioning; global warming is too important. No more single family housing/ you will build high rises, and try to make noise suppression very important; so that tolerance will rise. Change schooling for life teaching, value rising, information to make this world a better place. You will choose to let all dead human bodies; be turned into fish food; so the oceans will survive.

Extend and expect that people with ideas will be aided and abetted; so that fair play is known throughout the world; no more stealing. But limited capitalism runs the world; so that power does not.

No more medicare for the elderly/ medicare for the children instead. No more extensive care of any kind; we all must die from big things/ and it is hoped, that no one should die of little things. Changing healthcare for life and world, in a thousand new and different ways. NOT private enterprise anymore. The IRS is abandoned; sold to bid work in every area, be fair meet their need; hired by vote/ or replaced by periodic vote.

NO MORE courtrooms of the cult! Courtrooms of the constitution instead, where democracy is put forward as our choice for government; NOT the dead heads of human waste, that have surged in rebellion of our choices. To claim they are the superior ones. CLEAR AND CERTAIN; we will grade the courts, and those who work only for us. NO more traitors, pretending to enforce law/ by injecting crime instead.

NO more law makers. We will make the law for ourselves; by our vote: as only a few will do/ if they are prepared correctly. Let government be: you will investigate and prove our laws are being accepted and correctly applied.

Freedom without law is not freedom. Rules without strict control over what is fair/ becomes tyranny, and should not be done. Critical changes in social construction of how we shape our choices: includes the separation of groups, as would be “immigration: is your problem”/ BUT YOU HAVE ONLY this much space, and absolutely no more. Which means over population is everyone’s problem; and it must be dealt with now. Not later. Changing all forms of news and media: is elemental to the rise of happiness and truth in what we must know to protect our world and our own lives! No more supreme court throws that all away as they did do; when giving our need to know: strictly to the rich, who do control their editors. And propagate what you see; as does universities. No more experts; they don’t exist in numerous things.

No more universities OR OTHER experimentation: across the world/ none of it/ absolutely lost to history, and forever banded: under the threat of YOUR death, if you fail this warning.

CHANGING the currency to: ONLY so many numbers per citizen/ across the world; so an equal exchange exists. By constitutional law; so it cannot be changed or denied without severe consequences of choice. International currency backed by gold or something like it; so that stealing is limited. No more international holdings/ no more non citizen ownership/ no more staying in the nation if you don’t join us as a citizen. NO foreign languages allowed in a nation; unless you hold a visitor pass: evicted if you don’t. There must be ONE language for our world; so that we all can talk in basic reference to our needs: a language that can be signed/ a language that takes from every nation by randomly selected words which you provide/ a language the blind, deaf, and mute create: because they know what is important.

Going back to the past; where every area was self-sufficient; as best we can. Replacing the military with WORLD LAW AND ENFORCEMENT; LAWS for leaders who will be brought to court, by international forces; and tried, when they fail us all. A bill of rights for policing and society/ a bill of rights and responsibilities for the military soldier, limiting officers. A bill of right for students, which includes who gets to stay in this school; if trouble continues; as decided by the students themselves. Teaching real life, not cult worship as is today. NO busing children/ it is the teacher who will move.

Destroying the cult of religion called evolution from every school/ abandoning the claim of university is superior; they brought us to extinction; how is that not Satan instead.

Combining religion to accept: throughout all of history, this is the best humanity did do for itself. Therefore we should learn what is of value/ and not more. FAITH IN THE TRUTH; that reality proves by the evidence; NOT your beliefs. DEFINES that action or its purpose.

We redefine life and living; for justice and truth, a vital link between what brings happiness with work; and what does not.

The world scoffs and says: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING YOU SAY! And that is absolutely true, because I am not your god or savior or leader or any such thing. But I warn you of this: that damaging this earth or its life/ IS EXACTLY LIKE BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Because we are nothing without a home, or food/ and YOU DON’T know what is absolutely essential to the many different structures that complete the chain of life. You don’t know which chemicals are critical; or more simply: in terms of life the best you have is LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of what you need to know. In order to keep this earth alive.

So you can laugh and ridicule and go extinct/ because you didn’t care about the miracles you desecrate and destroy. Or you can find some respect and error only on the side of: we cannot let these be wrong. Simple as that.

“the experts” you depend upon: are the same experts who claimed: when producing an extreme sound in the oceans/ nothing reacted so its Ok TO DO THAT. As is the cause of an entire whale family population beaching itself on an Australian coast, a few years back. They didn’t react/ BECAUSE WHERE WILL THEY GO? ANSWER; no place to hide; “from you”. or, they ran into poisons in the water; either way, “men at fault/ and universities are even worse”.

Like most people and this site: once is all you look, and then you go away to hide from it; because you don’t want to know what is says/ “ignorance is bliss”; but that is not true. What is true; is like the experts proved, but won’t admit too. At Lawrence Livermore labs they proved no such thing as fusion/ but getting paid makes them mute. Or at biosphere 2 project; where “experts” believed they were preparing for space trips. 7 million cubic feet of space was sealed; with all the plants and things people believed they would need. All kinds of backup plans but one. They 6-7 people, ran out of oxygen in a little over a month: no fires allowed/ so they broke the windows and escaped. YOUR OXYGEN level concentration is descending in the upper atmosphere; due to “all the fire, engines, electricity” and more; soon you will not be able to breathe; because that is what you chose. Ozone remains descending, it did not go away. And if you believe the “space lab” above does not complain about oxygen: its because they have refueling shipments. So welcome to the real world; where 8 billion people have changed what you can and cannot do. Can’t kill them all/ can’t even try without weapons of mass destruction; which kill the world; “kill a billion/ still 7 billion to go, and they continue to reproduce/ and need more. and then there are the trees “no more” (ever lift a bad of leaves in the fall?). They flutter in the breeze and keep the atmosphere of this earth, working together with its rotation:  soon that will end/ and the atmosphere begin to accelerate:  the earth rotates at 1000+ miles per hour.  GEE, what could go wrong?  go ahead answer it; as you scoff!

We do need to think as a world: with law being enforced “the same” on all. So that none can truly threaten the others. As an example: Ukraine was attacked with war/ and needs what they need to defend themselves against an enemy. The end result is: an international force will wait until “they are weak and tired”/ and then remove the leadership who caused all this mayhem. INFORM THE PEOPLE, AND MAKE IT CLEAR: we will bring judgment for this against your leaders/ because they failed this world. THEN: Dividing the nation of Russia into much smaller entities OF INDEPENDENT GROUPS; with a government of their own. The end result of Israel and Palestine is: stop the aggression of war, so that you have something left/ is an international decision to end immigration. The solution: set them out as two sides in the same area as needed with weapons in between them: where hate can resolve itself/ as live or die; WITHOUT any weapon beyond what used to be as swords, and things like that. Because hate needs “face to face”/ not hidden behind the rocks. LET THEM GET IT OVER WITH; once and for all/ no escape, die or reach a solution; your choice. Only hate is allowed to participate, and if you find one that refuses who hates/ throw them in.

with law we resolve to find a way for justice to rule our world not weapons. With law we resolve to protect our world, from its destruction: by justice and fair play, as best we can. With law every weapon of mass destruction is removed: because internationally we will protect every border, and refine every decision that lets truth decide for us; as is essential to our own survival. With law, large nations are divided into what is essentially “same for all”/ so as to declare with certainty; don’t come here. Giving to international efforts, a fair and justified reality of enforcement. With law; those who enforce/ are separated out for “just four years or so”; before the next group takes over: so they do not organize against us: with all logistical inputs separated into different nations/ so that it is not simple or easy to attack without our consent as a world. “the best of the best” are for policing. Defense is policing/ attack is for war: do you see the difference?

Resources make life possible: war ends every one/ and pushes people into pushing people through immigration. Making war the enemy of life/ not its savior: so every leader is responsible, and it is leaders who go to trial as governed by our world laws on them. WE DO need to share the resources, which make life possible/ BUT WE DO NOT need to share in your failures, YOU DID THAT: fix it yourselves.

Of basic conceptions: life is an element; a foundation structure of disciplines that apply order to law, in the balance of energy formed through motion; as is the definition of time. What is critical to life, is not so much life itself; but the desire to live it, as is a foundation called happiness. We live or die by happiness/ therefore it is essential to understand, what happiness is?

We then divide life into two distinct definitions of existence: we call love the expressions and experience of happiness, as is; my joy is found in you; because I trust the sharing and caring of your life chosen to bind with mine. The structure of life. OR in contrast it is called hate; as is the expressions and experience of trying to steal or destroy the happiness of others, so they cannot have more, or even the same: as you. The demand is for superiority (instead of happiness), as is the constant war of men: to take it all/ as proof “i am god”. Creating the abyss that becomes hell, because of that want, and all its behaviors; as is hidden in “the human animal”. The structure of death.

Time is the transition point between life and death: the decisions which identify which side of existence you do belong on. The critical moments of love or hate; as chosen by you.

As to eternity: the real question is, can you prove life is different than body? Or, more correctly, can you prove the body of life is more than time, and its reference to living, as is called human?

The elemental construction of life is thought; because without thought, there is no presence to life/ no purpose or desire or recognition that you are alive/ no values or distinction: as is the proof of nothing alive then exists. So what is being determined is: if thought is a participation of the mind, within body/ or if thought is a participation of the spirit, as is binding all of life within an environment beyond self? We know that when the body dies (no longer moves or expends energy_) it is called dead, and will not rise again. We do not know for certain if the environment of spirit (how thought begins in us); is a participation in energy without the body or not? So we must look at the beginning of life as the beginning of energy; and construct along the same lines that identify both. Or more distinctly: energy is the result of force/ and it is force that causes motion to exist; as is the result called time. Thought is the evidence of life/ and it is life that cause living to exist, as is the result called being alive. Without a body, energy still exists; even if not as a body that has been abandoned: energy still exists, but is transferred to alternate conceptions. The same may be considered true of thought: it still exists within the framework of energy/ that is now reformed back within force. The critical question is then: how does force, become energy/ and how does force initialize the perception of life as is called thought? Both of these, are not to be discussed: you may however discuss them among yourselves. As respect would allow.

By removing the claims of superiority; we redefine life as happy, and create the foundations for joy. By law shapes our world with justice and fair play. Overlooking all courtrooms for obedience to that law for us all.

What is critical to that function of our existence: is to divide and find those who are identified as hate (without respect for life or world/ hidden in disguise) and separate them to their own: “elements of living”/ by not letting them rejoin the rest. Using their own design to contain them: their own resolution of purpose to identify where they belong: as is war torn, and without mercy.

life is no longer a game to be played/ no longer trophies to be won/ no longer, “whatever you want”! Because the consequences of that are no longer sustainable for this entire world;  human overpopulation has changed that/ and you must accept the realities of your new world;  or go extinct, because you would not let truth decide. instead of you.

Discipline states: in order to survive, we must express something of ourselves to participate in the motions of time. Male and female are both expressions of an opposite “mirrored image of each other”. Looks similar, as a living statement of survival/ but is entirely different, as life itself proves true.

Order states: in order to experience thought the essence of life: we must experience “love or hate/ or be relegated to animal want”. Completely different purposes and desire: does not look the same, unless disguised.

Balance states: there is a destiny to love, we must accept in order to identify and be identified as that disciplined level of trust exists. Unbalance states: in order to accept the fate tied to hate, there must be chaos, to hide the truth of what this means to you and your eternity. The living expressed and experienced between love and hate is “the human animal”; and is constructed only to exist in time, and not beyond. Therefore those left behind, will simply dissipate and vanish as if they had never been alive: all perceptions of thought will disappear, as is, life lost.

We then complete the challenge of time: by turning in the evidence of our chosen truth/ to identify where we do belong: “in the book of eternity decides now”.

THE RESULT of truth is peace; as is the blessing of love over life. Hate despises peace, and is the enemy of truth; therefore at opposites of each other/ forever. While peace ends the game of human animals; and they wander how to entertain themselves without “winners and losers”; the behaviors that brings to living? So we come to the impasse of life or death: to decide if you desire love enough to choose peace, with happiness. Or do you desire chaos as is the fate of hate. Or will the majority refuse to “grow up”, and remain trapped by their wants; to play rather than create; the elemental rise called being alive inside themselves. It is a choice; only you can make; for you.

It is, a critical perception of life and the living in time; to understand, we are all “granted a place in the same ship as the rest”. Time does not differentiate from one to the other/ truth does that, as you present it; as your choice. Being on the same ship on this earth today, means we all sink together/ or we all “the majority”; arrive to a new way of experiencing the life we share as society, by expressing law; and choosing truth decides; not you or me. By rearranging how we live, to respect the miracles given to us all. It is not a game; our world cannot tolerate that any longer: you must grow up to live.

Even so: by making each and every one equal (same ship for all)/ you cannot then blame YOUR CREATOR for the choices you or the others make. People make those choices; of their own free will. People create the drench of chemicals as is constant to the living in these days: the consequence of that is by your own choice; to worship universities as god. Believing whatever you are told to believe/ enforced by media saturation/ and political cult worship. So the future is NOT; dictated by any prophecy as religion wants you to believe. But is chosen by you; as truth presents the consequences of your own choice back to you. Hiding that fact in the disguises used by hate; will no longer occur/ they have run out of room for lies. They have run out of room for theft and delusions. They have run out of room; for playing god/ without being granted what they do deserve as their decision demands: a world in chaos? Or a world being CHANGED back to life and world SHALL be respected; no going back. YOUR decision shall stand/ or fall into the abyss and die with you. “running away to hide” is a decision!

JESUS, brought to this world the differences between love and hate are real/ it is a choice you make for yourself; and that is the most important reality of truth and decisions, anyone can make. It is not less than that, and includes the path into eternity; is love. {the message of  GOD  most important to our own eternal  existence}.

I, trained (as the reference to our own human existence) to bring to you the differences between life and death for this planet and its living/ because the evidence of your choices are not less than the most important reality of power by truth and law you will ever make. It is not less than understanding: the universities lead here/ and threaten complete annihilation with their fantasies and delusions. {the message of humanity to its own survival, is change by law/ not war}.

The spiritual woman in me; brings to you, that there is a new way of life available if you accept that LAW MUST LEAD/ not people, thereby letting truth decide not men or women. That we can find peace on earth; by separating hate from the living; so that “reality is reality/ not same. That the decision to remove the game of playing god on earth is evident; to our own survival, and cannot be dismissed without extinction. Therefore life or death of our world; is entirely dependent upon you. {the message to women; is rise and fight for your world/ or you will lose it; because men will fail}.

Together we are the message of life; CHANGE OR you will die; forever lost/   or as is the reality of your truth:  its alternate, as is the abyss of university chaos; which will then become your extinction. CHOOSE!

And society will say: “ten thousand things”/ about life and choices which do not matter; as they try to avoid the honest truth: without true change, you will soon be extinct. Because that, is what you chose! I know not; if you live or die. I know only; I am not the choice you will make; merely the messenger granted the job to deliver your choice/ it is not mine for you:

CHANGE, to respect life, world, child, and GOD:

OR DIE.        As will be extinction for this earth, and all its life.       no second chances/ one way, or the other!   Simple and plain.

No, I do not know why me: “functionally, I guess, I simply asked for the job”/ as would be this world of life is NOT going to die without a fight! “a lifelong obsession”. Or, just simply willing enough, to be determined/ rather than walking away. But make no mistake; “I had more help, than I understand”/ in all things. No, I don’t know how to quantify that; at all? No, I don’t know how it ends; or what happens now; or what the realities of my own eternity might be; “lost, anchors removed; truth will have to decide, when that becomes clear: I just have to wait”? It literally seems to be, “not my choice” anymore; the spiritual world of female is going to decide: ITS COMPLICATED; just how it is, I don’t know why?

IT REMAINS: as it has been, for an entire world. YOU MUST ORGANIZE YOURSELVES, in order to investigate and search for what is true. Because leaders don’t allow it/ and courts will not provide it, unless a true consortium of “interested people” are watching to insure this is: “the best we can”. No tainting the evidence, requires legal punishment that will be enforced. CRITICAL TRUTH, requires an active audience which DOES NOT allow media to tell it what to think. FUNDAMENTAL decisions; are the basis of law, and that is the basis of government: when you make truth “the king”/ instead of leaders who believe they can play god with life or world.

And the world says: “we will do it later”/ because we want what we want, right now. It is not time, we can do it; when life is in trouble! But the end result is, just like those trying to ignite “atoms on fire/ no matter what they tell you: because they want what they want too:”(just like the sun, which is burning the bond in atoms: just like a fire here is burning the molecular bond between elements); one second too late, and our world is dead. Literally, no going back! Or the people trying to prove they can be gods; with NO RESPECT for life itself; as are geneticists worshiping evolution as their god. By injecting chaos into every living miracle of our world. One second too late; and all of nature is dead or dying or mutilated beyond recognition. Just like the people who are attacking “EVERYTHING”; EVERY CHAIN OF LIFE/ EVERY RESOURCE/ EVERYTHING THAT KEEPS US ALL ALIVE! Or the people waiting to unleash weapons of mass destruction. Or “a thousand more” threats which end in our planetary extinction; because you didn’t care enough to work for life now. As is greed is king; to you. Lost a world, “for a damn trinket, trophy, or toy”: where is your soul?

The worlds greatest liars;  “are believers (we can have what we want)”/ stop believing and let truth decide what reality is willing to be. no games allowed, only the evidence which does prove what is true/ the cost of being WRONG.

And the people say: we have everything we need/ why should we change ANYTHING, because you say so?

Reality replies: “look into your future”! And know, there are no second chances; “now or never” is your choice. Because unlike your universities cult knowledge: the evidence is real.

Even so: I have asked you only: to prove it is not so/ before the point of no return proves to you; “that it is so”. Because you cannot survive the cost of being WRONG! AND THAT, is not a guess, it is the truth of what is being lost. Belief will not keep you, or your world alive/ only truth can do that.

I add a final element to your situation: that it is, all elements of journalism, combined together: which presents evidence to us of what threats we do face FEAR THIS. Who then take those threats away, to instill fears/ adding experts who are paid to state what the powerful want to hear: demanding BELIEVE. Which is multiplied by the destruction of everything we need to survive; as is the cost and realities of government officials giving to universities whatever they want; as with covid/ OBEY, no questions asked, as the propaganda takes control with media influenced by universities alone decide.

EVERYTHING we face; begins with leadership, WAS WRONG/ and every leader has a diploma; it is not political: IT IS ONLY ABOUT BELIEFS! And the universities cultivated and controlled what you believe throughout every year of schooling. As is indoctrination: “the universities are god/ as with evolution: don’t question your leaders; as is the foundation of every cult”. YOU are cult worshipers; as is the courtroom: who confessed on several occasions: “nobody questions the universities are correct”; as is they are “god”. But the evidence of this day is: they are indeed gods, developing and enforcing by the evidence itself, as consequences come forward: that they are SATAN (destroyer of worlds; by the curse of: arrogance, apathy, and disrespect)/ NOT a thing for life or world to survive. They just: “want to play god/ and make you slaves, (by wrecking everything you depend upon) who worship the superior ones; BEG/ DAMN YOU BEG; (as with covid; your saviors; right?)”. Even though they released the biological weapon themselves; after creating it.

and the people say: DON’T LOOK AT ME, I can’t do nothing/ I got bills to pay/ I got children to raise, retirement, DEBTS DAMN YOU DEBTS; and they will take away all my stuff; leaving me homeless and starving. I CAN’T/ I WON’T DO NOTHING; it ain’t my fault/ I am innocent: GO AWAY.

But reality replies: you are being asked; AT A MINIMUM; in this USA; to organize an investigation called redress: YOUR LEGAL AUTHORITY, TO PROVE DEMOCRACY IS REAL: to demand your leaders/ your courtrooms: shall provide the information necessary and called for. TO GIVE US OUR LEGAL RIGHT TO MAKE THE DECISIONS/ TO KNOW THE TRUTH/ AND TO DEFINE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG! As WE THE PEOPLE; will now judge for ourselves, if this is the right direction for our nation. IF the money has been stolen/ IF THE FUTURE has been robbed/ IF the world can be sustained; or life is in jeopardy: because of leadership and its universities control over everything; instigated and propagated by media saturation of lies.

None of that, is elementally possible as an individual (I tried)/ IT REQUIRES A DISTINCT DECISION! IT REQUIRES THE DEMOCRACY ENFORCED: BY WE THE PEOPLE OWN THESE LEGAL RIGHTS, as our constitution provides. KNOWING that the constitution is ours/ and the supreme court has no jurisdiction over it: as is original jurisdiction of this trial to be/ belongs only to ourselves. YOU are even provided with the means to do that: by enforcing the demand for trial: PRODUCE REDRESS FOR THIS NATION AND STATE/ OR DON’T GET PAID! Trial against James Frank Osterbur; for failure to file or pay taxes since 2019: the year democracy itself died/ as Nazi control took over. The demand for constitutional rule/ not communism enforced, as is this day of filth over life.

Every ruler/ every doctor/ every universities diploma: IS LITERALLY same human being as you/ a former classmate; who showed no signs of “being god”. Not over life/ not over you/ just as flawed as the rest. WE NOT ONLY CAN QUESTION these people: WE MUST! OR, the dead scourge of a universities expert/ and their traitor pals of media and politics and followers: will end life on earth. Because you let them believe they could “play god”.

EVEN YOU: can shout, make him pay/ sign or create a petition to enforce constitutional law/ identify with: I want what I am legally entitled to own: as is democracy enforced: BY REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Our legal right; AS WE THE PEOPLE; to have final control over; OUR NATION/not the curse of leaders in charge. WE THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF OUR FUTURE/ OUR NATION/ our contribution to this world and its life; as is the need to investigate and prove what is wrong/ and the cost of consequences; we will have to pay for/ even with our lives, children, and extinction; “because of them”.

THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ it is not “the employees”, but the law, formed by the determination of WE THE PEOPLE: that, they swore to keep.

The discovery of life, “has no face, or color, or size”/ this exists because life fills the void of space; and says, “freedom waits, for you”. Time adds a body, so that you may experience and express what the choices you have made; can or will do to the environment of your own existence. What people fail to accept is: that life is not a toy, or a game to be played, or an existence without purpose or its desire. The vast majority choose want, and live their lives as a slave to that want; ending freedom for trophies, trinkets, and toys; as their choice.

Love chooses life, because respect for the miracles of life itself, come within the clear conclusion that every miracle gives more than it had to give; therefore an expression of love, to experience in our living.

Hate chooses death; because disrespect for life and living; is their message back to time, as the body exists only to serve their own desire “to be superior/ to play god” over the rest. Enslaved by violence, and guilty of its source.

We then ask of space and freedom: why do we live? Because freedom of its own existence; is not enough to give life happiness or joy! Life replies: in the distance of time, loneliness arises to let us each one know; the price of “an endless void of space”. Consequently, the joy of life is sharing life/ and the freedom of living; is the happiness love can bring. So we seek within our Creators choice: the passage between life eternal, and death of time: the question of “where shall I go”? The answer to that is given by JESUS; and its place to be found is within the Christian bible; as love finds a way, to bring you as chosen by love: to home!

And the people say: WE KNOW OF DEATH, as is the end of life; the tragedies of a corpse, showing us to fear. The end of JESUS, which was harsh and unforgiving crucifixion: while it is said; that HE rose again, in both time and eternity; we have no proof. Only the evidence of what HE left: as is the true difference between love and hate is a choice you make yourself.

IT IS that evidence of your own choice; that reveals the critical conception: of where you choose to spend your own eternity; as love/ or hate; because they are clearly complete opposite realities of choice.

We are not given an option: not to die/ as that would have ended your own existence in time; if none had died before. So we are limited in our life as time/ and we are controlled, by the boundaries of our body in our living. The critical question is then NOT if you are going to die/ but where will you be: as if the freedom, or knowledge; of thought, did not release you from your existence? Time is limited/ eternity is not. The body is bound in both time and space: but existence is not. So the question is: WHAT does being alive mean? What can the evidence prove, is true?

Alive is: being placed within the destiny, shaped by love or hate. While want is a fate, shaped only by time and its ending. To participate within the future of a journey that is chosen for you; requires your acceptance/ your truth, to attain the direction of your life. Therefore life is “a two part experience/ expressed within a third part reality”. It is: you, the freedom of your existence/ it is, your connection with the reality of what existence can be/ and it is your own freedom to choose, your truth. Love is one direction, whose destiny is home to life itself; as chosen by our Creator. Hate is the opposite direction, whose destiny is death and the destruction called chaos in terror; chosen by you.

The proof of life in time, is earned; by the reality of death: which means not only does life exist/ but it can, and will be taken away. We know that is true; and it is not open to discussion: it is, what it is.

The reality of existence however is as truth declares it to be: time says a dead body ends existence. But memories suggest more. So the question is: what does truth leave behind, or take with it; as an existence which survives, because it was true? Critical is: the construction of thought/ because thought is evidence of life. Thought is: a participation in Creation; because only thought itself can create; when the tools of that existence are provided for living. Therefore it is simple to conceive of: our thought is the building of our truth, as it exists in love to achieve the home we deserve: IF, we are given the tools “used by our Creator”/ to build for ourselves, what will be our world of eternity.

The mind measures and controls the body of existence in time. But thought is the elevation of time, into the discovery, of love’s great desire; called “being ALIVE”. The place where joy, surrenders its boundary: to construct trust, formed in you.

Trust is the participation in truth, that allows respect to identify: I love, the essence of living with you. I trade, the destiny of self/ with the care and sharing we provide to each other. I desire to ascend beyond self, as only true love can become; saturated with hope, beyond what even life can be.

Time does not allow for the expansion of these things; but it does provide an insight; into what truth will allow.

Therefore love grants; that I am what I am, because of you/ and you are the blessing of our lives, because of me: cherished as if just one life to live.

IT IS perhaps necessary: to add, that the spiritual world and I, are elementally chosen to participate as one life; because this is a dying world: do to your chosen decisions. Therefore it is not necessary for you or I to understand what is fundamentally occurring; because these are infinitely laws, not recorded by time. Life seems to be changing me; but that is not you. Living seems to be altering my existence; but that is not you. I am NOT your concern/ NOT your savior etcetera. More simply, just an element of evidence, as time needs it to be; and no more. “its complicated”

my body/her body/ our body/ male/ female/ joined together/ changed forever/ changed completely or not/ what next/ not a clue; as is I just don’t know: not my choice anymore”; and even MORE. Not a clue, lost in a sea (no firm footing in sight) of I don’t know! But clearly: I AM NOT your choice/ that much is certain.    Hoping for the best; for us all!

Reality knows: if you live for today/ you will lose tomorrow, because the essence of time and life is: to prepare for what will come. If however you live for tomorrow/ and discard today, you will lose what has value to living, and threaten life itself by risking hope and its love. Therefore we must all accept: that the value of living is love, and it is not intended to be “just for the future/ or just for right now”. It is a destiny shaped by your own contributions that were true to the trust of being alive within respect for life itself. I have done for you what seems to be enough now; for the spiritual woman inside! Everything depends upon you/ and you have been given enough to survive: if you accept the duty owed to life and world as your own. If not/ there is nothing I can do. Simple as that; because this is your choice/ it is not mine. My choices have already been made; and they cannot be changed. YOUR CHOICE, to save this world/ all this that is life or will be: or not/ because you simply did not care enough, even to try. I cannot repair that in you; “leader of the world, or what some call bum”/ it is your job; even if you do it alone, as did I.

There is one thing left, that I feel it is important to say: as this becomes a barren planet/ the only thing required for anyone to understand is: that humanity is the problem/ and the only possible solution. NO MORE “studies” or ANYTHING the universities do to avoid doing any work whatsoever. The only thing required is to study humanity; remove humanity so that if enough nature (in every form) is left it can recover. HELP IT RECOVER; stop being insane. Stop humanity from being insane about EVERYTHING (university knows, is a horror), with the knowledge of how to be happy: NO, IT AIN’T free/ you must choose correctly. Separate hate from love so that love can prosper and grow. Identify what is true; so that lies can be removed. Stop releasing heat, as is a constant threat; and in every conceivable way: stop humanity from doing what it has been doing. Because none of it survives/ and extinction will overtake you; whether you want it or not. Completely irrelevant/ unless of course university Satan consumes you first; “with their own thousand threats” or so. The day of failure is upon us all; your choice is to stop yourselves or die. Which does mean CHANGE WHAT YOU DO. Now, or it will be too late/ if not already so. Just how it is. No, it is not fair to any child; but they gave you no choice; as greed consumed nearly every human life on earth. UNTIL THE CONSEQUENCES CAME. Even then; it remains true, “humanity screams: I WANT WHAT I WANT”/ rather than how do we keep our world alive with change!

Proving, without doubt: that the massive majority, discard their own children/ life and earth itself/ and even eternity; to scream NOW, NOW, NOW, ,,,, I WANT IT ALL: DAMN YOU, NOW. To their own shame. Stop the abyss of want, and accept truth must decide; there is no other way to survive. Because you have killed nature, or more correctly destroyed it to the point; nature cannot keep you alive anymore: overpopulation, and outright disrespect/ failure to care; and pure arrogance to the point of playing god with everything; is your curse, upon yourselves. YOU, not GOD: did this to you. No excuses given/ no mercy allowed: change or die. No second chances, last one. CHOOSE.

Believe it or not:  this is the last “human statement” to you/ it seemed necessary to me; because you are so far gone. Wake up, and do what needs to be done/ pay the price for life to survive;  or be extinct!

In america, the constant is: “the dollar still spends/ so it don’t matter what the numbers say; we are rich”. But nothing you buy is a reality/ instead every resource being used is from the future; ransacked, raped, ruined, ravaged, removed, denied, terrorized, betrayed, injected with chaos and disease: as proven by your garbage mountains, and failure of everything life or world. Because instead of limits and boundaries as is the hallmark of capitalism. You declared war on the future, killing every child with the words; “i will just go get more”/ leaving nothing but ruin and death for your child. Shouting; “I had to deal with what the elders left to me”. But that was before the machines, overpopulation, and tragedies of “university plays god”. As extinction of all species takes over this earth; your turn will come. Did the world not do the same; hidden by international trade?  Bribes made you traitors: “I want to be rich”/ made you killers; even if hidden behind closed doors; guilty by choice.

At the end of every journey, there will be those things: that you believe of yourself/ and those things that others believe of you/ either can be filled with lies, because want and pride do fill most lives. It is a reality to say: that my parents believed in me mostly at least until “just before or just after my nephew died of a brain tumor”. Beyond that; the realities of “fighting with the courts, tax issues, realities of fraud dealing with money, realities of work and my tinnitus, consequences of “a spiritual invasion”, endless hours of work that produced no money, and other issues which involved their friends (and my tinnitus) arose to prove; we tolerate, but no longer love as once we did. Gossip and ridicule, the trademarks of pride; a long line of police at the door; behaviors they did not understand; as is leaving at night, regardless of the weather; even though they did not believe the noise warranted that; but I could not tolerate it. Other things, which included: I did not care what people think. All contributed to what they chose to believe; never questioning, because they did not win. Ending with my mom would not discuss anything important/ and my dad believed I had no value: until I forced him to see his pride, for what it was. He then realized the difference between his pride and love; and came back “a little/ but enough” to survive into eternity as life. They both wanted what they wanted; like so many/ but they also feared I was right, and could not escape that as a part of their own journey. Unless I was made less; so a division came, as the cost of this work increased; and over time they became certain, “I must be a fool; throwing my life in time away”.

So at the end of this journey; are the things people will believe, that I know are not true, or are true; as they were the ingredients of my life. Just as the things that you know are true or not true; as they were the ingredients of your life. The critical truth however is not what other people believe, but what truth will accept as your own identity revealed by your actions, the decisions you chose to make.

We stand on the edge of LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS EARTH, and everything alive or could be alive in the future. Our journey, as humanity on earth; has included the tragedy and chaos of “university leadership” that led us to this door; terrorism and betrayal; manipulation and propagation; to extinction or not, your choice!

No matter what we do or don’t do: there will be those finding fault; because they want what they want; and are willing to lie, cheat, steal, or whatever it takes to guide the living back to the dying; like some religious leaders do. Universities even worse; because they are believed to be “gods by you”; as is cult worship leading too: we cannot question the universities; they are called “right” no matter what, as the experts dictate/ rather than convince by the evidence. As media saturates with delusion and fantasies promoted by universities.

TO LIVE; even just to survive: EACH ONE is responsible for surrendering their beliefs (what they want): and turning to what can be proven as truth, by the evidence; instead of being swayed by what is little more than gossip or ridicule. Reality knows: that humanity wants what it wants/ and there is no denying that is true. LIFE HOWEVER KNOWS; that is it not want that will keep you living on earth/ but truth, and to accept that; you must surrender at least a portion of your pride. There is no other way: so while I challenge you to reject your pride; it is not judgment/ but a final shove, “through the door of life”; into the realities of living; that you are required to face, in order to accept change is due. Not a game, the consequence of the life you have lived. Discarding the world, for things you simply throw away; as garbage. The price however: was killing this world, with greed. Therefore we review the past to learn: you have been throwing this “living in time” away; for a whole world. Changing the world itself, by the cost of universities, overpopulation, resource losses, poisoning, pollution, global warming, and a whole lot more. And I say you have been foolish and blind and proud beyond any right. To your shame.

You are at the crossroads; believe it or not: of life or death for this world. Every decision made over the last 70+ years has led you to that; but mostly it has been the last fifty and the crisis of Reagan; that turned over the currency to “university”; which became the greatest curse in human history. As they took control over everything, and played god with life and world and nations; by counterfeiting money, and creating debts which can never be paid: to give them their every fantasy or pay for every delusion.

I am the human effect of “a spiritual intervention”: to show you the evidence already collected; but covered by the cult of madness that is universities know. Which became “university Satan (arrogance/ disrespect/ apathy; a tyranny; controlling believe/ fear/ obey across the boundaries of human existence)”.

So, before I leave as intended; one last try to help you understand/ is final.

Leaders exist to make decisions/ government fails because people use money as their weapon (like universities did to this USA)/ OR people use weapons to control by fear; causing the loss of resources; which eventually makes them stop/ because they starve as is the result of war. ONLY LAW MAKES SOCIETY INTO WHAT HUMANITY WANTS. But if you don’t enforce that law (as with America over the last fifty years or more) you get chaos instead/ and then civil war as is coming; and intended by the propagation of a right that does not exist; but nobody cares, so kill them; and they will stop.

YOUR CHOICE FOR LIFE IS: WORLD LAW, WE ALL DECIDE THE CHOICES THAT DEFEND OUR LIVES AND OUR SOCIETY/ nobody gets to change that; as we the world create the enforcement of our law; rather than letting leaders do it to us instead. NATIONS CHOOSE; additionally what they can and will enforce; as is voted upon by WE THE PEOPLE; so that leaders do not get to decide those things. Constitutions are for that; but greed stole your heart; and you vomited fools instead. LAW MAKES THE CHOICES WE MUST MAKE; BY OUR OWN VOTE/ AS A NATION OR WORLD. But unless you remember: only resources can keep you alive/ only resources make you rich or poor/ only resources create a future/ only resources left intact protect nature/ only resources respected by truth decides not you; become a foundation upon which we the world can build. When the resources are gone; all die. You are the greatest destroyer of everything; history has ever known; because you let greed decide, not truth/ and used greed to assassinate your children and world. To your shame.

I spent 45 or so years fighting with you about these things; all ran away yelling “you can’t do nothing”; even though the law enforced could. But it was not enforced; as the courts are completely corrupted due to universities control everything; and want to play god over everything. Your future is grim; overpopulation will result in universities releasing more biological weapons against you as was covid/ a certainty once they have a vaccine for themselves (regardless what they sell to you, to enslave); because this is a finite world, and you have surpassed the reality of nature is in charge. Making humanity in charge of their own extinction; because you have no brain; “university cult worship; ate it”. Greed and corruption (THE MONEY is in a diploma); as when Reagan gave away the currency; universities gave themselves a million dollar raise; and the people said: THEY CAN’T stop me/ and accepted debts beyond reason. No longer money/ only slavery therein.

Yes I know: this USA has been a place of endless thieves and traitors; behind every door; as they all fight for greed to control; stealing from me as well. But without the law in a justified and fair courtroom: it is useless to enter the curse of society, which is a failed and useless court; where the robbers, cheaters, and failures of society, live “their dreams, of being rich too”. Or the media where counterfeit money for stealing; is for sale as a constant. Politics for sale/ nation for sale, hidden behind closed doors. Communism (very few decide and control everything; each indoctrinated by the university cult, to do and believe what they are told; as was covid) without doubt; to your shame.

As I have said for fifty years (taking out a year or two to create a ten thousand dollar tax burden; to draw the IRS into court; opening the door to thieves everywhere)/ roughly 45 in real terms. YOUR CHOICE IS: TO ACCEPT THE GOVERNMENT OF THIS USA IS THE CONSTITUTION,   our decision to unite! Both state and federal. And to enforce that government as WE THE PEOPLE; who do OWN THE AUTHORITY (the constitution rules/ not the employee) and LEGAL RIGHT (redress of grievances): to call for an investigation of our state or nation: to DECIDE FOR OURSELVES (first amendment of our nation/ this USA enforced as law; by we the people own this society): if this nation or state has been working in a way that is to our benefit as a society who hired employees: by making them swear to do as the constitution declared was our law over them. I say to you: they did not obey, for a very long time. And we DON’T need others to vote for us; when NOW WE CAN VOTE FOR OURSELVES; on the law, that will then serve as our government once again.

that is your guide/ that is your escape from liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves; and more. But only you as we the people of this USA or state; can enforce it on yourselves; by taking away the power of rulers; as is their weapons of choice. The intellectual uses money and secrets/ the tyrant uses force and fear: but both, can be undone by law: when it is fair and justified for life and world. Because the same is true for us all: NOBODY IS “a god”/ and only hate (few) can keep the tyrant or intellectuals at war with us: if we let them do it; by accepting their belief/ or their fears. Instead of shouting “give them whatever they want” as is fear. Or believing whatever you are told as is the maze of the intellectual to keep you out. OBEY THE LAW YOU MAKE/

make as few laws a possible, demanding as clear and short as possible, refusing any change unless by our vote “exceeding the last” will not be accepted. So that you know the law, and can defend the law; rather than being thrown in a maze to be confused. INSURE nobody is confused with as simple and plain as it is possible to do/ NO exceptions. The biblical ten commandments are a useful guide to that. THEN, MAKE your employees:  OBEY THE LAW: WE MADE, AS A WORLD, NATION, OR STATE; as is our right to do. A leader is not superior/ and if we don’t need them to make a decision for us (law does that now)/ then they can disappear into history as extinct now. International forces; control the boundaries. International forces; identify and control the limits we accept; by our own vote, to save this earth from ourselves. FOR LIFE, not want.

do with the work, whatever you will/ it is your choice.       PAY THE PRICE, or as reality proves true:  your nation will die/ taken over by robotics. Bribed (DON’T INTERFERE; lack of workers: SO WE CAN TAKE YOUR JOB, PROPERTY, RIGHTS, AND WORLD) to the point of no return: as is every resource you need to provide for yourselves has been erased:  humanity not needed anymore/  as is the case throughout history, as one group, or the other:  decides “genocide” is their answer/ so you cannot fight back.

Can’t believe it:  ISRAEL became a nation once again;  by convincing the Palestine people:  “this is great/ this is practically free”; we want this to continue and sold their nation to the deceit of a corporation whose owners hid themselves completely. Until the day the ships came/ and the tanks, soldiers, and machine guns unloaded with a purpose to evict.   GO AHEAD:  ASK THEM,  “how that turned out”.  Even so, Israel needed a nation/ as world war 2 proved true. Simple as that/ but not so with you:  just a matter of greed. to your shame.

Regardless of what you believe:  GROUPS hold themselves together/ because when “push comes to shove”/ its us or them; and you get to choose or die. The primary difference between us:  “you are a believer; what you want is true”/ I am not. What is true, is true; and nothing less decides.    “believe it, or not”.

NEARLY DEAD (you too):  entitles you to know, that this is  a war/ it is not less. Because the liars, traitors, thieves, cheats, terrorists, and more DO NOT want you to know the truth! BUT IT IS NOT a war with weapons/ nor is it a war with words: because it is a war with evidence, “untainted by belief”. just plain and simple realities; which prove the cost of being wrong/ and the realities, of what the direction of our lives really is. The game is dead:  life or death is left/ wake up and investigate;  or go extinct!

OUR WEAPON IS THE LAW:  BECAUSE THE LAW, “CONTROLS US ALL”!  not money/ not guns or weapons of any kind;  in a free society.  ONLY THE LAW, and it does not know the difference; between “one or the other”/ as law is blind to all influences other than truth and its evidence.    WHEN JUSTICE exists; AS IS, “THE DECISION OF AN ENTIRE NATION;  called WE THE PEOPLE”.       CHOOSE!

And the believers all say “we know”/ but you have no clue;  as all you know, is what you were told to believe.  wake up your own brain, and use it;  for life.

In the ark of life “a 180 degree sweep” across the heart; from love to its opposite called hate/ being human means you must achieve a level of truth beyond the 90 degree swing/ leaving “dog and predator behind”/ for the better truth of life, by the heart called love. Heart means to accept the rhythms of life, and even death; so that the miracle of living becomes the disciplines of soul/ the order of respect/ and the balance called justice, through fair play for all. Nothing less becomes an invitation “to being alive” inside. Therefore we search for value, and find in love: the creation called a home. Sharing with life itself, the destiny called “we care/ I care/ you care”. The essence of being alive is then born; the relationship with living then rises to join, in the rhythm of life. It is a journey, in the realities of our time; as humanity makes it for themselves. The curse of hate lives with the truth of life; while the animals say “I have both”: being alive says “you cannot”. Therefore time separates those who live/ from those who die/ and those who did not care. The dead world of human disgrace surrounds us all; with a thirst beyond truth of greed and power and pride/ all elements of want. These do live within that ark, but only close to the center; where lies form the basis of: this is not love/ and love forms the foundation that expects only truth can decide. Betrayal is a division of lies/ whereby we are now measured and found of insufficient value; to share. But numbers are a delusion; as they have no real value until exchanged for what does have value. Your world is dying, and numbers have no meaning: because they can only rob the children now of their future. That is the choice humanity made. Killing this earth, for numbers: and the fantasy that is; “you will just go get more”/ on a very finite world; that has now already been ransacked, raped, and ruined. And is standing on the edge of infinite death.

Therefore in my own human way; Living with the cost of hate and greed:  I present you with the message “truly change or  this world, & you will die”/ because that is all that is left, in the order of life, and the discipline of survival. “different or die/ make a choice and stand up for your world; to share the burden of life itself. Which is let us use the law, to stay among the living;  to prove as WE THE WORLD;  we do have LEGAL ownership here/ not just slaves, who must accept their whip:  as covid did do. “sign you name”;  shouting I do demand:  a true accounting of our state, nation, and world/ of university experimentation; and the price of being WRONG.   “simple and plain”.

The lesson of life is; no one is perfect/ and we all do things we should not. A recent lesson to me: I blamed a raccoon for “a large mess; later recognized as a thief instead”/ but the coon needed help to survive, and before realizing it was not his fault; after several moments, “I suggested” to him it was time to leave/ even though that too was harsh; as there is little for any creature to survive upon here (all dead, by human decisions). Instead of a life; I considered the damage too excessive to tolerate further. Collateral damage from thieves; as is so often the case with all theft. Life is like that with humanity as well. Nobody can simply help “ more than they can honestly help”/ unfortunately, without true and real population control; there is no longer anything anyone can do; to help: we are too many, and we cannot keep the planet alive unless that is stopped. It is a finite planet: and the vast majority have no clue: what it takes, for a world or its life; to survive. The cost of that is: I no longer try to help much at all/ because with 8+ billion people; the collateral damage is “nothing will help”/ unless real major changes are made. It is that simple/ and if you had a brain: it would be that simple. Which ends the claim of humanity must know: the last of what life in me, says must be told.