Of things that are important, reality states in terms of governments: that only one thing is of true importance. To remove power from the politician, and redistribute those opportunities for change; to the creation of order by law. The law is then the power, and the politician merely orchestrates the disciplines needed to define how best can we do for ourselves, in this society called we the people. To balance needs with reality: the foundation is that every choice MUST become, what will benefit the vast numbers of people most.

As is an education which works for life and living and society

a redistribution of choices so that all can feel accepted and valued

a decision to use limited capitalism; so that none can get more than they realistically deserve.

Redress of grievances; so we can do for ourselves, what needs to be done

world law, so the military is greatly reduced

opening media to “a thousand more voices”/ each with the opportunities to influence society; as was newspapers long ago

we decide the tax/ not them; they do not get to spend the money, only orchestrate the independent bidding; which must be fair and legitimate. For example all IRS activities are local.

NO MORE allowing politicians to create debts/ we decide not them; and only after real world knowledge and activities occur to establish this is what you are going to pay.

Real world zero population control; which cannot be enforced unless you redistribute the various groups to their own portion of the world. Otherwise one group will merely blame the other group/ and there are no incentives or penalties that will work.

All manufacturing is local/ no or only a tiny few large factories

insulation, recycling, renew, reuse, make every decision as if you: were going to be alive one hundred years from now or more.

Change what needs to be changed, and resurrect life and planet/ by destroying the plague of universities in charge now.

Or more simply, qualify the values which make life peaceful and justified by truth and respect: so that the greatest number of people and life on earth can benefit by what we all do as if, just one. That removes the competition, because it is vile and without value; on a planet overrun by humanity; determined to play god. That removes the games men and women play to prove superiority, and make claims that consort to be “rich/ by making the others poor”. That defies the military, and proves that war is not the answer to anything; other than how to create chaos, and end life on earth. That looks at the universities to recognize: how utterly catastrophic you are/ and must be stopped. That looks at media and says; NOT nearly enough voices/ becoming the curse of life and earth; as cults in charge claiming to be “expert”. But as threats prove true: expert of death and destruction, enslavement and failure, fool and worse/ does summarize what they have done, by making universities their god.

By making all of what the universities have done: possible by counterfeiting money/ and stealing through debts. And the people said: DON’T LET THIS DIE/ we want what we want; EVEN IF, its all a lie/ let me die first; THEN make them pay. JUST NOT ME. So the world itself dies/ every future life is assassinated/ and you are being buried by your own garbage, as every form of resource is either wasted or cursed or poisoned so it cannot be used. Eternity will remember you.


U.S. total debt gross domestic product

So we ask, WHY; are people so blatantly foolish, and hide in the constant excuse “we are blind/ deaf/ and dumb”? So you can’t blame us; we just want what we want.

You are: to look at credit and currency below; recognizing the difference between the year 2000 and now 2023 an increase in currency of 538,148,200,154,477 dollars. Over 23 years: that equals an increase spaced out equally of 23,397,747,832,803.35. reminding you that one trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each and every of one hundred million people. Or even if we average for simple math; a citizen count of one hundred million workers for each of 23 years: that equals an inflation rate of $233,977. per year, per worker for each of those 23 years. OR MORE SIMPLY: IF YOU DID NOT MAKE MORE THAN 233,977 DOLLARS PER YEAR/ “you lost money, and were in fact their slaves. Because what was given to you had no value at all. Your bank account has only numbers, no value. So we look at GDP; and find that your leaders have remained stable; by claiming that every single citizen one hundred million; creates 233,200 dollars each; before taxes. So we look at the debt of what does not matter; unless you are a slave. So the slaves now owe 101.8 trillion dollars: which equals $1.018 MILLION dollars per each of one hundred million people.

ASK YOURSELVES: in this USA: HOW MUCH of that counterfeiting occurred during the trump years?

Alas for you; it is not an excuse/ it is the truth of who you are. Which makes you a participant in all that is bad for life and earth and truth. And they all shout: YOU CAN’T MAKE US CARE/ & WE WON’T SHARE NOTHING; DAMN YOU, for proving what is true. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; and ain’t nothing, going to stop us from getting what we want; unless we die/ which makes universities and their medicine our god. So we can keep on taking whatever we want from life, and the future of every child; so they pay/ not me.

And don’t forget to thank media for hiding the truth of inflation from you/ THEY KNEW, and refused to report.

As with all power hungry leaders: IF THEY CAN MAKE YOU WAR (by setting one group against the other group), as with Putin / THEN you have no time to investigate or prove what YOUR LEADERS DID DO, “TO YOU”. Leaders refuse world law: because they want to make you fear; which does give them power to invade your lives, AND TAKE CONTROL;  as with covid. Claiming “3” % INFLATION; or whatever lies used BY MEDIA, to cultivate ignorance; as is ONLY WHAT US CONGRESS OVERSPENDS:

 BEYOND WHAT THEY CAN COLLECT IN TAXATION; is the debt. It is not, as debt goes far beyond their lies, and the fraud of media who serves only the rich, to protect the powerful. As is again, clearly evidenced in covid: the ransacking, ruin, and rape of life and nature and world.     IS NOT THE WORLD ITSELF JUST AS BAD:  claiming 1.2 QUADRILLION DOLLARS IN DERIVATIVES!  As is separated from debt accounting.  As is separated from “stock markets” bonds and all the rest; accounting/ ETCETERA and more.  Does not power make all the rest their SLAVES?

SO, I AM ASKING YOU: DO YOU KNOW EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW? OR, is the truth hidden under the disguise of “experts”/ and the liars who make power possible. IS THIS WORLD THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION/ or are the universities all you need to trust? After all: you worship the rich right/ and who could be richer than universities; as evidenced by covid. In this USA alone; 6 trillion dollars for one hundred million initial shots: EQUALS $60,000.00 PER SHOT! So was that fair/ or did they use a biological weapon, to steal, and enslave with fear?


Are you a believer: OR, do you understand the difference real world evidence and reality makes? Because the curse of power is: WE WILL hide this/ or war against those who try to reveal it. As is the truth of anyone trying to identify what covid really was/ and where it came from, “by following the money”. Because if they did not “have a vaccine ready; without the structure of evidence”/ they could NOT have made trillions, and they did. OR, how about the claim: we are making pandemic diseases, “just to prepare in advance”. While reality states; as we all know is true: GIVEN THE POWER TO STEAL AND ENSLAVE; men always do/ as history proves true.

Within that vein of failure and disease; is the reality of universities playing god. NOTHING matters, so long as you get me one more minute of life or health that makes life worth living. And the universities scream; WE CAN DO IT/ by mutilating all of nature, so we learn how to be gods for ourselves. WE CAN DO IT/ by igniting the same fire here as is on the sun (that burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away). WE CAN DO IT/ by discarding the future entirely, and reminding everyone; IF YOU DON’T LET US STEAL, WITH LIES AND FRAUD AND FAILURE/ then you will have to pay. BECAUSE that is the price of where we are; as the universities proved; they were god of devils in charge. Tearing down all that life or society or the future or the planet or every child needs; as is everything for you/ NOTHING for life. Tragedy and disgrace is your truth. Everything EASY for you/ and nothing left for life or child: as is your true choice. Let them eat our shit.

The curse of the dead, rule.

IS NOT: ALL THE ACCOUNTING A LIE, JUST TO MAKE YOU SLAVES? BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS ALL THESE NUMBERS/ AND YOU DO NOT. Making them able to use that for loans/ making them able to steal your property with lies/ making them able to control and destroy the very fabric of “the middle class” as they tear apart every purpose and every claim of independence to make you their slaves. By using fraud, and the theft of liars in charge; to claim they made a difference so they lead. BUT ALL THEY DID DO, IS HIDE THE TRUTH: AND ENFORCE EVERY CHILD SHALL DIE; AS IS “UNIVERSITY KNOWS” how to steal, manipulate, tempt, and do all the things power wants; so that you cannot rise above an animal. To your shame as well as theirs.

The war against life itself, uses power to produce hate/ and hate is used to produce fear/ because fear makes you hide from the truth of what we can do as life on earth. Rather than animals used for slaughter, by those who prey upon the rest.

Removing power is: doing everything that leadership in this america does not do/ and has not done for these last 50+ years. Literally everything changed: to become the law rules over us now/ NOT you or yours.

As to debts: the current 101,867,887,757,751: trillion dollars divided equally among one hundred million workers is 1,018,678.87 each. So what we end with in this america is: that unless you got all that inflation in your own bank account/ someone else did. And the debts of one million + dollars; are primarily owed to those who did get all that inflated chaos, instead of money (which has a sustainable value). So bankruptcy means: we all simply remove the debt claimed by those who stole from us/ and give it back to ourselves. Dividing it as fairly as possible; so as to avoid civil war; which is give back what you won; by stealing what we needed to keep. Even if insanity led fools to believe, “I can be winner too”/ in a rigged game where power rules everything.

Redress controls bankruptcy as first amendment law dictates our democracy must be granted the authority of we the people shall decide now.

And the people say: ITS WORKING/ DON’T DO NOTHING; because they want what they want; and counterfeited or not; it still spends don’t it. But in reality as with all counterfeited currency: you are stealing/ the others just don’t know it yet. What keeps this working is the race to destroy the future of all life and every child. What keeps this working is the destruction of every form of survival needed; to keep extinction away. What is working; is inflation now steals from the elderly/ just as they stole from the child. What is failing, as with all things easy (the university way)/ is, everything is a lie, hidden by media propaganda, manipulated by experts, to destroy life on earth; as is their god of chaos/ called evolution.

Money is a promise of society, to each individual: declaring that this has a distinct and dignified value, upon which we all can depend. Which means in this USA, there is no such thing as money; which is why the race is on to steal every piece of property or title to something real that does exist. Because as with all things university led: the rotting corpse of university leadership, has dissolved the future, to pretend they are gods. Letting imagination lead, and pure arrogance discard life and earth; as if it had no value at all as is apathy and disrespect. To your shame.

Removing pride is: defeating those who play games with life, instead of live with life for the values of respect, truth, and love. Limiting capitalism is the way.

Removing want is: the result of accepting only the truth can decide for us now; because our leaders have dug a grave with their gluttonous want, and built our coffin with their greed and selfishness/ so they could play god.

This exists: because the universities big plan was, “we don’t have to pay no damn debts/ as a nation called USA”; we can have as many numbers as we want. All it takes is “a keystroke” on this computer. And so long as the people put the money into savings; they can have as many numbers as they want. Because a number is just a number; until you want a resource or work to be paid by that number/ claimed to be money. And so they did, having control over governments: they paid themselves whatever they wanted and hid it with wall street/ universities projects/ and every hole they could find; because power worships money, because it buys slaves.

So the elemental task of this nation and others is: to return the currency to our own version of stability and value/ that requires maintaining a structure which is not random or available for the traitors and terrorists to steal. That requires keeping the currency number/ tied directly to the population count. That requires: NO MORE shall congress or any leader decide to make us pay for their own debts. NO MORE power to decide where the money goes. NO MORE POWER to make war/ only to defend. NO more power to rule over us with the puke and vomit of “universities play god”, in education or any other version of life or planet but what nature did provide. Because only truth survives; and the foundation of evidence throughout the last fifty years of proof: is universities lie, steal, kill, betray, terrorize, are greedy to the max/ selfish beyond exception/ and purely disrespectful of life, property, earth, work; OR JUST PLAIN EVERYTHING. As has been proven true. We are surrounded with threats; and the truth is: we will be found very lucky if we do survive the curse and plague of what leadership governed by a university diploma did do.

Beyond the grave of life and earth; as is the constant of what universities have done. Comes the truth of where we are, and where are we going from here?

For greater context; I will use Royal IL USA as an example; a small rural town completely transformed from what it was; as was a vibrant example (people; working with people, for value and respect) of life by the existence of peace and simple living we all share the same basic elements of “understanding”; for the sake of family and friend and justice. To the current version of “a dead town”; as industry (NEVER stops) moved in, and took control away agriculture (seasonal);  from life no escape, to serve and worship both greed and selfishness. The people know not how to compete, they only know that the courts will bankrupt them if they can/ and that is easy for lawyers and corruption to do. Thereby destroying democracy, “the easy way”. Nonetheless they do refuse to learn, because they believe; NOTHING in this nation will allow them to be a participant in their own lives, through the court or politics or other/ because only money matters. So they hide from life shouting: They just want what they want. Because that removes the rest from sharing my life/ to do their own version of living; by spending their lives in pursuit of the game; run by corruption and fears. Which ends with, now its time to die. Tinnitus is a terrible thing (the cost of constant noise and frequencies, beyond what nature allowed for); and there are many levels of it/ suicide decides how bad it is. Survival depends upon getting away from the noise/ or it will make you deaf or dead.

The reality is: that we must have balance to pursue life with respect for each other. Or more distinctly; because the nation itself has been so violated, and rebelled against by the university diploma; that an insurgency is obvious against us all. Returning that to truth, will require “first amendment redress of grievances”/ which is the law; but will require that you yourselves will enforce it as the law of this democracy. Which enables WE THE PEOPLE to be in control over government, by your own authority as the owners of this nation/ this state/ even this town, where people do have an equal say in what is fair to us all. In terms of the town called Royal: balance means that limits will be enforced, and only broken if absolutely necessary for a limited time/ as is fair. Balance means: if we endure your claim of power/ then we will demand a payment that is “our fair share”. Balance means: in the cost of noise, which invades every home/ and can wreck lives and peace for us all: YOU shall make every effort to adhere to what is the least noise you can make. Buying only what is “the quietest being made”/ and spending whatever it takes to contain the noise that does exist, as is your responsibility to do. Which includes alterations that will work to limit what is being done; in all manner and things related to the health and welfare and property values that you have invaded with your business or efforts to make money at our expense. “just to begin” the translation from: war against us/ to the reality of peace and harmony with us. Or eviction is necessary and valid. We the people “have rights”/ as is the basis and foundation of democracy itself.

Tinnitus is: “a ringing or squeal in your ears, that will not stop/ or will not stop without being removed from all the noise , so that eventually it will stop or be lessened. While MANY people say they have ringing in the ears; few encounter the worst of it; which in my case has been “best described as a smoke detector going off/ at about ¾ volume; 24/7 for about 3 weeks straight in both ears; which will come right back if introduced to the wrong frequency. That has lessened a bit with ear damage; but reality has proven absolutely nothing helps much except quiet. You cannot stay and tough it out; as that will lead to worse or deafness in you. It has changed my life dramatically; as reality proves this is a very noisy nation. As evident by the numbers who claim their ears ring too. No cure/ only quiet will help. In my own terms: the reality of it is, “that the shock absorb-er” inside your ear; that stops the transmittance of sound into your brain: has been broken. So the transmittance of sound by vibrating “tiny bones” just keeps on going. Until it decides to stop or slow down on its own; some days are better than others. A terrible thing to do to a child especially. Nature NEEDS time to heal; which means if the noise is unending/ the ear loses its ability to recover; and then you have tinnitus; and your ability to work or travel or live is greatly altered. Like it or not, is irrelevant. Fair or not doesn’t matter: you now get to live like me; with a house full of sound barriers; which are not enough some of the time. Always on the edge of being pushed out; because the noise is too much to tolerate; if a choice exists.  Not a game, in any sense of the word; even though “I look fine”. Tinnitus is not picky; it can be you too.

I do however consider it possible: as with noise canceling devises that create an opposite wave of the same frequency causing the primary problem> that it would be possible to stop tinnitus with such a devise. You must identify which frequency you need to stop, and you MUST start with very low volumes and work your way up to a solution. Failure to do that, could make you deaf. Because it is a frequency that will not stop “shaking the ear” so to speak: so something that will intervene for that purpose could conceivably be the solution: once you are free of the problem noise itself. Which is another reality entirely, that must be dealt with; for life over greed or failures. Tinnitus is; Rather like a chronic pain that will not stop; until you take a muscle relaxer: “for the ear”. Which could conceivably be a different solution…

the electronic solution REQUIRES; that a frequency in opposite rhythm; must be short micro burst/ pulses, likely needed to be “less and less” accordingly. With feedback to the devise if the noise is going away/ ended/ higher/ or not. For situations that cannot be resolved by “getting away” from the noise. The devise should include; a programming opportunity for the user. Because otherwise, even if you stop it; you won’t know, because you are also starting it again; with that frequency unless all things are in time with what is needed. Free as a devise structure, you design, to whoever can use it: the idea however is free to all, no restrictions.

Even idling trains cause trouble; as when my ears are “better”/ they will start ringing once I cross the five mile line; from where they are sitting. Computers can cause trouble, lights, fans, vehicles; more! YOU want that? The only benefit: my life was reduced to “reading and writing and study alone”; which became of benefit to you, as is this work. YOU were told; even though you will not listen, as was my dad and mom/ I did do, what I realistically could do, for you. They decided: as they bore some responsibility, in this matter; that I must be lying. Even though the evidence was absolute, and proven continually; they decided to refuse/ even thirty years later. YOU, want that?

I AM; going to give you a warning; even though you can’t hear it. My ears were broken by staying in a style of tractor cab; that was taken off due to causing deafness. Dad wanted it cheap; and got it; claiming we were too tough to be hurt. But I stayed in it; ONLY because my 9 month old nephew died harshly from a brain tumor. Making the excuse it will heal; I was wrong. But the summer following things did heal; and I thought hard about leaving this area; due to noise. But chose not to leave all the work to my dad; by leaving. But in one night; the neighbor’s grain fan; was enough to end my hopes of recovery. So I could not do the work; and I could not do the work over these decades; because I did not take care of the damage, by choosing ears first. GET AWAY FROM THE NOISE, or face your truth.

that money cannot fix what is broken/ lawsuits cannot mend the tragedy of disabilities/ the cost of everything you will lose; is beyond your recognition. Because the body is our only home on this earth, and you cannot exchange it for another: it is, what it is; like it or not”.

To achieve these purposes: you are required to adjust expectations on both sides, to the prevalence of evidence that identifies what is damaging to the ear health or other/ by what is currently the epa/ osha; or other governmental entities who have been given the responsibility to set limits and identify problems. These exist and establish both volume and time allotted to what can be called healthy noise. To achieve these ends: a constant analysis must be done; as frequency, volume, and sustained time are being used by this industry. Greed shall not govern/ life balance must. They will argue: we must! But causing health trouble is not your right; therefore the town argues, “we must”. The most legitimate means of operating machinery with noise is: putting the fans inside of the bins/ with all appropriate measures to insure this does work well. Another method is: to pull air for the fan/ and put the fan in or through underground tunneling. Physically Enclosing such things as driers, with the appropriate means to control noise; so the noise will go up into the sky.

It won’t be enough, but you can try; as wet grain in a wet year means: the driers WILL run continuously, 24/7 for weeks and months. And when adding another drier to the town; it means that millions of bushels are expected; (we get money)/ and they won’t stop until January or so. As reality proves: that a million bushels or so per train are transported out/ and roughly a train leaves every week; for 9 months or more. So, how much grain might they dry/ how many more trucks are coming? remembering: it takes 1250 semi-trucks, to equal a million bushel train. Two new million bushel grain bins, and another drier means: they intend to do more. The current estimate of shipping “a 50 sq mile area”: means with reductions in other areas/ ownership over all this area: “it could be a wet year here; every year”. After all, got to keep it working to make “real money”: shut them down, bring it here! That is the price of what they do and are preparing to do/ as industry takes over the town; and those who are left fail themselves because they stayed. Which only adds to the trains, trucks, and other grain drying activities 24/7 for weeks or months; in the area;  contributing to hearing losses in farming; because noise, IS considered unimportant. Until its you! Ending with tears and tragedy; and no way to leave without poverty for most. “Adding a penny or two” to get more grain/ ends the competition for agriculture: so they can then drop ten cents or more (how low can it go?); because you have no further options”/ as is the cost of monopoly.  ONE bad harvest; with extensive grain drying is all it takes; to change lives forever. the damage in my ears; was probably not more than 20 hours in a tractor cab (just got to get the corn planting done; couldn’t do it; wrong choice)/ along with one night of corn drying. This is forty+ years later; why not you? IT IS, about frequency and intensity of sound, not so much volume; and it has nothing to do with how tough you are or are not.

With a little thought and action and money: what is bad for society becomes “fair and tolerable” within these limits/ as is basically a one time expense and work. The price, of choosing to orchestrate: the reduction of all property values/ because you exist. It is not your right. And this basic agreement between life and industry: can be translated to other places by truth. Making this your decision/ your right/ your choice within the law of constitutional authority; as is the order over government employees: to do as the preamble directs.

BUT REMEMBER THIS: “YOU, ain’t god”/ neither side, and what life needs demands respect, not grief; as is the foundation of your want. What must be endured/ must be endured, because that is survival. Only what can be changed, with realistic solutions; are an opportunity for change. What you want is not/ and those who demand change are required to participate in that change; so that all can benefit as “our solution”. Not your right. If truth decides, we become the best we can be; and that does serve both now and the future. It is fair. Because balance fights for more than justice: it seeks what truth can do, for life. The “expert” is removed: ONLY THE EVIDENCE MATTERS. By our vote, and our decision: we find; the best we did do. OR, as covid proved true: “the nazi” in leadership; demands you have no say, and will obey: WITHOUT rights.

More distinctly, the lesson is: chemicals (making the rich able to take control over agriculture, turning much into industry) and governments (which spent far beyond their means). Enabled universities to then guide life and nation: to economically destroy themselves with “yes we can”.  The universities (providing the means to play games with life, and nature and world/ by creating the weapons of mass destruction which descended upon our world; as the catastrophe they are. but manipulated by media shouting “our saviors”.  Demanding all the money, and power belongs; to universities) by removing democracy itself, “with an expert”.  Tore apart this little town apart, “with inflation that allows the few to take everything”. Tore this nation apart with corruption. Tore this world apart; with threats of our own extinction coming true. Because the end result of their departure from common sense, values, respect, discipline, order, truth, and law/ to worship themselves as gods: has been terrorism and betrayal. Affecting every aspect of life in this USA.  Reality has proven “weeds” were our blessing by nature, in agriculture / to limit and control the property seizure of those who want power and wealth; from taking everything they could want. University Chemicals changed that; making it possible for the few; to curse the rest with their greed. To consume the many; by their disgrace!  a lesson to be learned!

More detrimental than the universities however was president reagan; who threw away values and responsibility to bankrupt a majority or rural America/ by refusing to pay the debt. Made universities in charge of the currency; who then gave each other a million dollar raise; and all the people screamed:  WE FOUND THE MONEY; and the university cult was born.  And then finding his answer to failed government: is quietly selling off American gold reserves. He then used that money for whatever he wanted as thieves do. While media knew and watched, remaining silent; as conspirator thieves do.

As to the town: the elevator serves only itself/ and once a year of “wet corn” appears; not a single one who lives within that town will escape the consequences of tinnitus. Because noise is noise. They tore apart all other loading of grain/ to truck from 80 or more miles away to here. Tore apart everything by government debts, which sold the rail line to Canada/ who wants the fewest and fastest stops to pick up grain cars for the gulf; just like the americans who are destroying the very fabric of society; as is we all have a chance/ we all have a job/ we all work together for ourselves. Into the vile cauldron of failure as is “university knows”/ a reality of life throughout all of history: those with a little power, want all the power/ TO HELL, with you. Just as it is today, with everything. The majority stole life and resources from the future/ and now they want it all: TO HELL with every child, and every thing; which always ends with war. As is the cost of men; who are constantly focusing on “just one thing”.  or, the cost of women; which is pregnancy and population growth this world can no longer sustain.

We are the government is not correct/ the government is our constitution; and its preamble and purposes are not open to the court to interpret in any other way than “for all the people, as justice and fair play will allow.” our employees are not the government”: they are, our employees. Sworn to obey, so that we can never be ruled over, by tyrants who believe they are more, than the law of our union as one nation: by the contract of our governmental freedoms and rights; as is the constitution.

In contrast to that: our employees claim to be “the government”/ and claim they are the experts who shall choose what is going to happen/ and choose they can bankrupt the nation or state, if they want too/ and claim, they are the rulers; and they alone will interpret what the constitution says/ and claim the universities are god, and cannot be questioned; as is YOU MUST obey. And claim they can war if they want too. And claim: we the people have no legitimate rights, because they sold the courtroom to lawyers; who take all they can get. And claim the medical industry cannot be stopped, because they are the hero,s; NOT workers like you and me. And claim; they don’t have to do nothing they swore to do; because they are “the law”; just like nazi did. See the difference?

THE FOUNDATION OF ALL LIFE IN SOCIETY, ACROSS THIS WORLD IS: that the law is the government. Which means: WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, AND ENFORCES IT; becomes the ruler. Money does not rule the world/ IT RULES THE GAME, of economic war. That game is now dead: because the numbers are worthless! THE LAW RULES LIFE. So, when we the world CHOOSE TO MAKE OUR OWN LAW; we the people of this world: remove our rulers, and make them obey. “just like all the rest”; by enforcing laws over you. ADDING THE TRUTH: WE ARE as citizens of this place (police, military, logistics, resources, rights); those who enforce our law. A ruler HAS NO POWER; unless we allow it to be so!      the military exists:  NOT TO DEFEND A RULER/ BUT A NATION! THE POLICE EXIST:  not to defend a courtroom OR any other, but the LAW ITSELF.  NOTHING serves the law, but TRUTH.     learn the difference.

COMMUNITY MEANS; we work together for the benefit of all/ because if we don’t some of us will fail, and then be subjected to the curse of poverty; instead of sharing life and hope with us. WITHOUT HOPE LIFE DIES, because if hope dies/ then you are immersed in the pool of darkness, where isolation takes control; and suicide or addictions erupt. RETAIN YOUR HOPE, and work for changing this world back; into what can survive, because nature showed us how. WORK TOGETHER; discarding the dead as is universities leadership: and understand as with fire/ we can all do something, if we understand what we can do now. Stop believing that fires started in high winds which will do the most damage are accidental/ they are not: review the videos on fire fence that I provided; have patience they will provide something useful. Because the end result is NOT what universities decreed it to be; as is insurance will build you something new. But the reality of resources are gone, and consequences have risen to the point of NO MORE of this, or our world itself will end. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera, and so much more.

You cannot continue doing 99% of the things you do; the earth will not survive your selfishness/ nor will life survive the universities or your greed. That is how it is; and you have no further time or excuses to conceive of something else. Change and put life and planet first, by letting truth decide; or go extinct as is the choice your leaders and you have made.

As is hate released: the common terrorists (people) are turning to burning your cities now. But they still are not anything in comparison to university:  the satanic terrorists who are burning life and planet as a world; into the ground of their own delusions. Or more simply: NONE of the lies being used over the last fifty years can sustain life or nation/ and are finished; producing the claim, “WAR OR CHANGE”/ as is, EXTINCTION: or life begins again, by law recognizing only truth survives.

Reality reminds me: that I did benefit from ear damage in other ways: removing want (can’t have it/ that is dead, move on)/ presented a more detailed look into the behaviors of people. Pain removed the excuses, and intensity resulted as reality pushed hard; to create boundaries between life and death/ causing a distinct decision, to respect life, as it is/ rather than surrender to what it no longer can be. Disciplines rose, as is needed to survive/ order surrounded reality with truth, as was the essence of hope intertwined to become: a far deeper search into life itself. Destiny reshaped time, into the structures that became an elevation of knowledge, thereby the understanding which leads to wisdom. And because it took away options; and because of the framework of family; I found the time, to conceive of truth. As was my journey in part; to this day. I would recommend it to NO ONE; as truth will testify, reality was not kind. BUT, it was wrong to say, nothing of value came from it; although this work lacks (you will not join; you want, and will die) what is needed to change this world, from extinction/ back to life.

For fairness sake: when I was teenager as to this little town of Royal/ I believed, in the summary of what was needed for life and world: they did not do enough. But then came my turn to realize; that reality and truth did not govern this world/ and all that did was want, pride, and power; as greed and selfishness took control over life and nation. By the decision: “university is where the money is/ trample them, and get your own”. Or more distinctly: instead of life, this nation of humanity chose greed, and claimed trophies, toys, and trinkets as proof of their superiority. A reality now identifying; the cost of that decision, was far above your expectations. As our world begins to die, from choices made. Corruption rules/ liars lie/ thieves steal/ traitors betray all of life/ terrorists run the world/ and failure exists in all forms of participation by society. Because fools were given the cult of university knows; rather than respect for the miracles of life/ the sewers overflowed, and gave us evolution, and imagination is all we need. To your shame.

I did what I could do; just as men did what they did do for this world/ and we all stand on the edge of our own extinction as a planet; by choices they did make. So in terms of who did worse; I grant to you the world, as “winner”/ how great you are. To your shame.

ISOLATION; leads you to understand the value of life, rather than self; a foundation upon which the honesty of respect is born, for this living world, and all its miracles. OR, it leads to fear, which then recognizes,  you are separated from the herd; which is then, I need the herd; as is then your version of living without the fear of isolation; as animals in a herd do. By making everything about want, pride, or power. Respect is lost. See the difference?

The method most consistent with change is: “we the people” are owners here/ not just you matters. Nothing explains that better to society itself: than does redress of grievances; a first amendment law. That can be applied to the nation/ the state/ or even this little town of Royal: as democracy proves, we do have the authority not only to protect ourselves, but our world; from your consequences that are beyond what is limited just to you.

POWER HATES REDRESS, as they proved time and again in a courtroom both state and federal at all levels. Proving the judiciary would not: OBEY THE LAW. And chose to disregard the constitution, by refusing to acknowledge it entirely/ thereby rebellion and the insurgency of university led leadership; as is we control the court: and nothing matters but us.

But we the people are MANY, and they the officials are sworn to obey their oath of office; which makes their rebellion into treason.

Stop believing in “america”/ and start believing in the enforcement of law shapes our society and world. Because this is what we chose as WE THE PEOPLE for ourselves. Same today, as history proves has always been: power seeks injustice and disrespect/ by commanding you must “believe/ fear/ obey”. Just like Hitler and the nazi party did do. Just like so many more, in every nation on earth throughout history; nazi being the most recognizable/ if not worst, certainly in the top few failures of what rulers can become. America being one of those; by genocide over the American Indian (we want it all/ no room for you) as led by the invaders rule now; “just like university does to you”. Not political parties: but the manipulators using propaganda to instill war, by media demanding “its all their fault”; take what you want, or kill them too.

TURN TO LAW.    REMOVE LEADERS WITH LAW; and make them responsible to us, by OUR LAW rules over you now.

EITHER THE LAW RULES US/ AND THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT   (NOT the employee);    or this is no democracy anymore.

WE OWN RIGHTS,  WE OWN THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, HOW OUR NATION SHOULD BE:  within constitutional limits and boundaries.  WE OWN THE AUTHORITY TO REMOVE JUDGES. WE OWN THE AUTHORITY TO DEMAND:  YOU SHALL NOT BANKRUPT US ALL. WE OWN THE RIGHT TO CHANGE WHAT IS NOT WORKING IN THIS SOCIETY;   and there is nothing so blatantly failed; as is “university knows”. just like there is nothing so blatantly terrorists:  than geneticists mutilating life/ or physicists trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun;  BECAUSE WRONG MEANS WE ARE EXTINCT/ EVERY SINGLE ONE ON EARTH.

Simple and true, your greed will not save you/ nor will your fears, and the consequences you did earn coming true. It is, what it is: choose for life/ or you let death take your world.

As to the corporate entity which owns the industrial plant; they will probably be advised to continue on. Because unless there is a “wet grain year, of duration/size”:  the basic reality of what is now, could continues even though some people are bound to have a squeal in their ears at this time. It will not be prosecutor enforced; until real world trouble begins for many, and that is hard to prove as true. You can’t prove suicide either/ or the cost of a lifetime altered forever. If they lose, as a corporate entity; they will declare bankruptcy, and leave the debt behind.

The deaf, or tragically impaired, for the rest of their lives, left behind/ HOWEVER, the loss of property values plummeting to less than half value at best; is a far more successful lawsuit. Most likely,  the industry  will then be selling cheap; to pay lawyer bills far beyond their expectation. However, then current owners can buy back that industry, or another; and start all over again. Or the elevator could simply close; arguing it cost too much to run. Because that is what “america” is today.

But if you begin the process now; that will enforce, “this is a decision made by the corporation” with full knowledge of the possible consequences; and that will limit their ability to legally escape the cost of being wrong.

Power always expects power to win; whereas pride will always scream, “this is a game, and I WON’T lose”. As is “want rules the world”, because people are reduced to nothing more than an animal lives here. The way university wants life to be.

But universities “elite” (who control law, courts, news, politics, banking, working, everything) also want the law to be used however they want the law to be used; as is the university diploma rules your life and your world, your planet, and decides whatever your child can know; in this society. Claiming anyone who does not share their view: is reporting fake news.

The current trump fiasco: is an illustration of what it means to use the law, to create the illusion of peace by law. It is not; proving only that the universities, and their puppets; want all the control, not just some. He is guilty of being a jackass, as always; he is guilty of guiding some people to a bad choice; but he is not guilt of treason, just being an arrogant spoiled child who never grew up. But it does illustrate; that the law can be used against anyone; because it is the law. While covid proves that the law can be hidden from view, by controlling all news; as did the nazi. So “hitler” lives in this USA; but not so simply as “biden”; he is just the opposite side of the same coin. Trump wants to steal from the middle class to give it to the rich; as he did do. While biden wants to steal from the middle class to give it to the poor; as he is doing. Both want the reality of any descent reduced; to no power here, accept/ believe/ obey: or as nazi did do, “there will be hell to pay”.

The lesson is simple: we the people believe “the news”/ but the news hides the truth, and power uses it to corrupt life and planet and the future. Even so: all the people shout, “we believe”; and never question the source. Because the US SUPREME court: said, go ahead, we don’t need no damn difference of opinion. Let all the news be from just these tiny few owners, who will insure power has its way. The university diploma: has invaded every single decision that represents power over people/ has invaded every single educational element, to indoctrinate every child into believing “university knows”/ has controlled every courtroom, using anarchy to disgrace and disrespect constitutional law and democracy/ has orchestrated the end of life, with experiments so extreme and so deadly; they are guaranteed to cause our extinction. Sooner than you can imagine will be true. Wake up, and dig yourselves out of their grave; or suffocate and die.