Nature gives us what we will live with, for our entire lives/ it is not optional, it is reality/ and reality rules life. But time shapes us by our decisions, into what we will become based upon the environmental impacts that apply pressure to our lives. The decision to let male and female be equals: is a finite resolution of life beyond self, as indicated by truth. Those who cannot see that as true, are in fact animals; and cannot be more without change. But male and female are again; NOT optional; they are functional and fundamental truths; which we must accept as real: truth demands it.

Within that vein of elemental foundations; the cradle of who we are does swing back and forth to resolve the dimensions of who we do desire to be: granting to some, the gift of love/ to others the tragedy of selfishness, as becomes hate/ and to others an apathy which causes them to want, without regard for any other life or truth. So the question is: what separates love from hate, or I don’t care?

Critical to that understanding is: both value and respect. Because value shapes love, and respect identifies a life. These are important to the ascent beyond self that is found in love. The treasury of where our hopes will reside. Hate lives inside/ and dies inside, as loneliness takes control; and life has no further meaning or use. While apathy knows only want, and fights with life to prove “pride and power” for me.

Those who decide they can lie about life and living and gender: have created a delusion/ imagining truth does not matter.

Which brings us to me: as I have indicated “a spiritual woman” resides in me/ seems without doubt that: surely he lies? But realities shift, in the spiritual context of life beyond time/ and that becomes a foundation upon which life changes due to the conception of death; separated from time. What is beyond time, cannot be measured as if it was based in time. So there is a distinction, beyond which you cannot go. Or more directly; the spiritual world divides and separates; both time and eternity; to prove what is true, and purify that which is true; so that the identity of life within shall remain alive.

I am: more complicated than, or conceptually, “that: divided between time and the spiritual world; where only truth decides”. Because I do live in time, as a body of life/ and the spiritual world of female; does live in me as an owner of that body; I am also trapped in the spiritual recognition of female; rather than the element of male. Its complicated. The consequence as defined by truth, already written, was simple: a ten year search revealed man cannot save this earth/ war is his only solution. Therefore I searched for and found, at the pinnacle of being male (an opening “In the distance”). that brought me into the female dimension; where I only intended to ask a question! But not go in. “once I had opened the door; a naked woman squeezed out (leaving absolutely no doubt). But in an instant she was running away/ but then in the next instant; she had come from behind; and “entered inside of me”. I was pushed through the door, and am trapped inside, where she now resides”. I have been remodeling, rebuilding, changing; altering; being challenged for control; ever since. Reality and needs however proved; it was and is for the best; as the work that has been done benefited greatly from our combined association. It gets more complicated from there. As this is the 18 year from that moment.

So, in terms of does the spiritual world intervene in our lives: as of 18 years ago, it did so in mine: but I am NOT “normal anymore” so to speak. The years prior were shaped by the people I met; the decisions, preceded with “but why”? Establishing truth of learning and intent for knowledge, and with the addition of “changed”: the purpose of spiritual female was added: to improve the lives of all female on earth. Even to the point of invading my life, to insure I was going to learn what men needed to know/ or maybe its to learn what female needs to know. Regardless: That I was going to learn: of costs and consequences as is life being lived, “from the opposite side”, is clear. How that will become “more for the world” is yet to be determined; not my job/ I am being owned: essentially like “women have been throughout history. Its complicated; basically, not free anymore/ a body that is not just male anymore, acting and reacting differently/ things no male ever thinks about, included. So, is there a lesson? Answer: be kind to each other, we are equals male and female alike, no exceptions other than hate. Religious text was written by men, and they wrote what benefited them, as always. The elemental essence of living has expanded to prove just how important ownership of a body is/ how important freedom and making your own decisions are/ what is valued or should be, because miracles are not “small or insignificant things”. No, I am not allowed into “being female; their reality”/ missing parts and pieces which prove that cannot be so. But having the decisions, ownership, and freedoms of male removed; does create an association with what female is. One asks: surely the majority of women do not endure this; but history knows, and I am not allowed to question that.

The question: if “this spiritual woman; essentially true female” lives within the body of man: would she not be “contaminated from purity” by that fact? Living within the spiritual dimension of female, has in fact altered me. However the invasion is not an expression or experience of time/ it is an invasion of the spiritual reality called; me/ The expression or experiences which alter time and truth in the physical side of me; are controlled by spiritual existence of thought: so instead of crossing the line into male. She is making “the parts and pieces of male into female owned”; therefore occupied as female; in parts and pieces that she can control as me: because I am now, literally part of her world. It is complicated, and I am held back from the female dimension, so as not to contaminate it; within my own little secluded area; separate. Not allowed out; trapped by a lack of understanding. But held without the power to change anything; even if I could. So the future: lacks definition, as reality will prove the very best I could hope for; is to essentially trade places; as the least (no choices; slave I guess)/ or be placed back into male, but changed; which is not likely to work out (not same anymore/ not exactly different either). Or who knows what? Even so; beyond the spiritual world (should the day ever come), is GOD’S WORLD/ and how that would alter or redefine the true destiny of my life; is entirely up to “HIM”. Male and female are equal; therefore the foundation of it all is, without a decision I need to make; even if I could. Equal is equal/ even if different is indeed different or changed! I have no clue.

The warning is: be very careful “which door you open”; in the spiritual world/ you cannot go back, unless you do fully understand the truth of where you are. I did believe I could understand female; but it turned out to be “an entirely different world”/ and that meant; I have no clue. No reference to begin. No understanding at all. Trapped by a lack of knowledge/ a truth that cannot be known by male. But it remains true as to this particular issue: that “the door” which entered into this dimension which is functionally opposite of male/ is extremely hard to find. And was permanently and without the slightest doubt sealed in my presence to prove: I could not go back/ nor could any other follow. So that, is locked; and there is no possibility to escape. No, I have no clue; lost in a world that seems to own me. I do, wish that was not so. But in the last 6 years or so, she has gained an overwhelming control over me; even so, it takes a miracle from “GOD” to change, the real world dimensions, of life itself. I have no clue how it all turns out, or why me; baffling. But as it was at the beginning: “having female tits(truly weird, and completely without any control by male/ they are whatever they want to be; I have absolutely no control) ; and especially the chemicals they create”/ are overwhelming to the point of no return. Even though, “they look defenseless”; they are just plain “female”, and it is I, who have proven, no defenses for that are left.

The desire to help save this world, led me here, to female: and it was entirely within this dimension of change, that I was able to construct the work that followed in these 18th year later. So, I will not be sad/ it is what I desired most; as a value given back to GOD for life itself. What you do with that work is not my concern. I did do my job, and will remain happy with that fact as my epitaph. Whenever that day comes. Nope not a clue as to my future “spiritually here”; I will let hope decide. And I will hope, even more; the primary desire of female is NOT to trade places with male; in order to pursue revenge on me. As was true of those females, men treated tragically; and had NO right to do so. I too, am without cause to be attacked: by women; hoping, as did they; that reality is enough, to keep me safe. I have no prediction: but I am 70 years old/ toothless/ half bald/ not pretty/ tinnitus/ not rich/ etc; so, not really a “target”. And truth is: YOU have an entire world to save; which makes me or revenge on male; of no relevant value.

I on the other hand; have basically had 99% of living torn apart (as evidenced by “my workbench”); to become dependent upon what she decides. It is not a choice. No, I don’t know why? No, I don’t know what is next; for me or you.  Wisdom (even the tiniest bit) would allow you to change; but we both know;  “only the universities are allowed to think”;  so as cult worshipers, “you can’t” do that; because more than anything else;  you are slave to your greed, selfishness, lust, and thirst for power.  nonetheless, I am instructed: YOU shall hope!  so, I do.

JESUS did save this world: by identifying the true difference between love and hate; for all to see and understand this is no joke, your game is dead; life matters and it is your own choices that make it “good or bad”. But that was saving human life on earth from itself. And teaching about love equals an opportunity for eternal life; presents us all with being saved from death, by an eternity exists; with our Creator/ IF you love is true. Even mercy for some, who prove to have value enough in love. Which altered life on earth; when enough people heard and accepted the idea: their own true desire was love rather than hate. Which changed our world/ until universities came to change it back with evolution, and then the construction of fear; as are weapons of mass destruction; to remove law and order/ disciplines and balance: as they have done with lies and theft and betrayal and terrorism/ by your help in shouting “we won’t care”. To your shame. Today what is left is the decision NOT to let this world die. Simple as that/ but it is so far gone; only organizing yourselves to fight with law, rather than wants; is all you have left. Saving the world from war; is something men cannot do. Which leaves only female to help you from your own extinction; by law/ not war.

Your want brings you to disaster and diseases courtesy of universities know. By letting media “be your brain”; accepting anything, because “let the government pay” is your only mantra/ and claim for success. As are cult worshipers to university knows; who prove “we cannot question our leaders”, it is forbidden; as slaves must do. As the priests of media; worshiping the god of university; as their source of law, letting all life be mutilated/ all everything be destroyed; produce the consequence; as HELL comes true. Media: the place where “humiliate, ridicule, disrespect, deny friendship, destroy balance, conceive of manipulation, propagate guns are the answer, cry even if this is one out of 330 million people, believe heat disease in women; even though it barely exists/ believe breast cancer; even though it barely exists in under 65 years old/ believe in medicine, even though as they visually tell you this is great; under the table they remove your right to compensation with horror stories by no evidence of what is or is not your actual risk. Believe that extending death is great/ and ten billion more examples of: DON’T think, just believe; as it is with fusion. Which claims “we are just going to push, hydrogen into helium; like the sun”. YET REALITY PROVES, if this were true, the universe would be full of helium (made with every btu; on a sun made out of hydrogen: neither is true)/ but in contrast it is a rare element throughout the known universe. And the people; SCREAM: “we can’t all be wrong”! But then we look to the truth, and find: since media is your brain, which “knows everything you know, as they install it for you; through universities are god”. Only a tiny few “provide everything” you believe is true.

In this USA, the universities are destroying everything of value, including your democracy; as proven by covid (just the start). By creating civil war with endless attacks with; “hate them”/ demand retribution from every grandchild and great grandchild and more: MAKE THEM SLAVES (ain’t that your right). As of course every slave owner from 200 years ago shouted as the same. Universities delusions have made cancers prevalent and deadly/ universities solutions have enabled disease to become far more dangerous/ universities in charge; have destroyed the currency and presented life and world with extinction. Making universities the true “devil of our world/ when comparing the good, with the bad we now face”.

You cannot escape your reality, or diminish the truth of threats: without going to a courtroom in full view of the world; to examine what is true/ the price for being wrong/ the cost to the future for what you have done and are doing/ to establish what is false/ to replace lies with reality/ to govern the schooling of society, and end university manipulation or propagation of what will be our HELL. To redefine government by democratic action as is redress of grievances; a first amendment law; just like the rest. Granting WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOW DECIDE; what we will allow or change. As responds to every threat, and incorporates LIMITED CAPITALISM; as our method of ruling over those who took too much from us all. In a courtroom by our vote: we take control over the currency, to tie it directly to the population count by law. We take control over all debt creation/ removing it from congress and our employees; to reduce them to ONLY the taxes collected. We take control over what those taxes are, and where they are spent: by bidding on the work to be done. We take control over the IRS by bidding out that work to local accountants; so that we maintain control; with oversight from alternate states. We take control over every election: by removing the curse of media; to examine only what has value: allowing all but the last 6 months to be hidden before the vote. Contenders answering our questions in secret/ so that media or internet or other methods for “honest descriptions”; may participate rather than universities and their diploma; control it all.

Or more distinctly without massive change and real world truth: you are dead as a world. Whether you like that or not, is absolutely irrelevant as truth will decide/ not your want.

The question, of life or death after time has ended; becomes a crucial concept in all but the human animals; as they have decided “dust to dust”/ as is consistent with the claim of a human body, that is 70% water.

In contrast; are those of hate who assume their answer is going to be: “great power” over others so that they can continue to play god with life. All they do get is fear, for every tear they created.

The description of being alive however, holds a completely different conclusion to the dimensional issue of whether I can or cannot even know or recognize “what then is life”? Without dimension; there is no body constructed, even if there is life. Therefore the common question of: how can life exist/ begins with apart from thought as is the definition assigned to participate as life; how do I become me, as is the individualized component of being alive? Identities are built of truth, and truth establishes the law of life itself. Truth survives, and if your life is truth, purified by the spiritual world in order to recognize who you really are: then that truth becomes the boundaries and limits of your dimensions. As is “this is you”/ as you chose it to be in time. So existence extends to a life confined by truth: to identify you.

Even so, there is the identity of thought, and where that thought will compete to survive as hope defines what love can become. Or more distinctly while truth builds the body of life/ it is love, the decision of your desire for love or not, and how that controls the ascent beyond self; that will ultimately decide what your life and living are going to be. Love is the greatest treasure in this universe, because it makes life worth living; it causes the living to shout, “I am alive”/ and find respect as is the heart of what our rhythms can be. Soul is a symphony of excellence, and nothing but purity is allowed to be close. While in this world we cannot become “pure” to love or life or truth or respect or “anything” as is the substance of our time. Beyond this world, where self no longer rules; the essence of finding within family the love we contribute as well as receive; identifies our desire as truth. While purity of purpose conceives of the disciplines, boundaries, order, balance, and limits of participation that is real.

So the animals scream: YOU cannot prove any of that is real/ because death is death, and it shows us all, only corruption of the body awaits! But that has no value to eternity; as eternity by its very existence demands: you must remove what can never be eternal, as is a body of time. This then has no bearing on whether life does or does not exist; beyond the grave where life escapes: for those who go back to its Creator, as a spiritual recognition of truth. Or more simply: when you die, LIFE leaves your body behind; and if you do not go with it/ you will be abandoned by life; to ghost into oblivion soon after.

It seems “safe enough” to allow: on a simple level of understanding, that this concept of “going back from whence you came” is based upon force. Or more distinctly energy is a measurement of time; that is produced by force expressed or experienced to become movement or the potential thereof. Force being the basis of all expression in every form of body. The experience and variation’s called life however is defined and created by thought; as you know it is. So force that expands from its beginning outward into the creation of energy that can then be measured and predicted; is a body. But thought that is experienced as life identified by movement; constructs its beginning and its existence by expanding from this beginning. As if a rubber band; the basis of life itself, is then pulled back to its creation; when you die. Because thought/ unlike mental existence, a form of body: is life itself. Therefore what has been extended and identified and measured for value: “as you”/ receives its due reward; when surrounded by the beginning of force. The discovery of what can be conceived of as eternity; because it will not die. Therefore thought (your construction of self, by the decisions that you made) must find its place, to survive; as is the spiritual search for truth in you.

those who are in love with body; animal”/ stay with body, and are dissolved into the disappearance of energy, as organization ends. Hate is hate; it encloses life with violence; and will be given to chaos.

YOU; are massive herds of prey (shouting we can’t all be wrong)/ or packs of predators who live by attacking the others to (claim their stuff, as winners; THE TROPHY, toy, or trinket is MINE)! But few humans being alive in the truth, disciplines of law, or order assigned by reality, with limits and boundaries for all. That it is not the desire of humanity screaming: “right or wrong, we believe what we want”/ but the destiny of how we live life within thought, that is right or wrong. The decision of life, is whether to allow truth, and the dignity of sharing and caring to lead/ or not! The believer screams: as is the common expression throughout human existence; called “ I WANT, what I want”/ and don’t want nothing else”; to hell with the future. AIN’T NOTHING bad going to happen to me. NOT in my time; let the children pay/ they want what we want too. Well except for the slaughter of their future; but that, “IS TOO DAMN BAD”. Alas; time has run out, and the future that is slaughtered shall soon begin: because that, is what you chose. Causing the message to be sent to you: CHANGE NOW, or you will go extinct.

But that does not answer the question that is: HOW does life or self, live within thought as the essence of who we are as is proven by living in the grace of moment and its required choices? While the answer is not to be given to you: the reality is very simple: that all energy is attributed to force/ yet force is not the concept of motion; but the realities of why that motion/ energy formed, does exist. So the critical test is: if force is the essence of life and energy as seen in motion: HOW can we possibly align ourselves within that framework of “eternity itself”/ to become alive by the essence of what has been changed? I leave that as your own version of conception/ reminding you, that every miracle of living existence/ as well as the planet itself and the order of this universe: that you are not gods. Rather like the universities; your only opportunities to play god, are formed in death and destruction as is theirs.

Life is not a game, the sooner you learn that; the sooner you become capable of ascending beyond self.

The spiritual world is where “thought joins with force” to become a living example of time. Returning to the spiritual world is where the separation of love from hate identifies the truth of who and what your individual eternity can be. Beyond the spiritual world: thought lives in the essence of life (soul); with control over force. Where purity allows for truth to decide the desire of your heart to form your own destiny; shaped by love. Or the fate of hate which is chaos removed from life, to become death overtaking you with terrors, as self closes in to consume itself. The question of life, is then dedicated too: the decisions which shape your heart; the rhythm of your participation in love. Whereas death formed by your own hate; as always; “is a rotting corpse, you cannot escape”. And the people say: “we want what we want”. But only truth will decide.

And as always: since they cannot answer with truth as value: your enemies will turn to ridicule, intending to humiliate; and thereby deciding as men do: to force their rule, by creating fear/ or superiority over you: to remove and attack, what they fear, as is the cost of hate. Which is their truth turns to chaos. as would destroy the mental prison cage for safety (can’t get me here);  of their beliefs. Violence is next.

So, the question is asked: how/ where/ when/ why him/ who/ and what gives him the right to suggest, “these words are in any way connected with a life after death”? I have only one answer for that: the biblical prediction, “the son of man will come and present you with things never before known/ JESUS declaring that he is the son of man”. While religion implies that means “a second coming to this earth”; the reality however is seen in the words “son of man/ NOT son of GOD”; THEREFORE, a declaration that you will know his presence through that information. While the carrier/ messenger (as could be almost anyone); of that information will be a son of man. Revelation 12 predicts, that a spiritual woman shall in fact invade “man (standing on the moon/ foreign to her, yet seen since the beginning)”. Presenting a new life to this world as I have done: with this work. Predicting in Revelation 17, that the spiritual woman WILL take complete control over that man; as is seen in her “riding the scarlet beast (men and their failures)”; presenting treasures to this world; as is proven true in me. While religion says: “we hate this”/ because as with JESUS day; religion wants what it wants, and controls what to believe; as if they were gods. Greed leading the way to hate.

Want is a terrible thing; causing love to be disassembled, for pride/ and the pursuit of power; as selfishness demands. Climb out of your want as animals/ and learn to be alive, as humans sharing and caring for life with respect, by law constructed with truth.  NO, IT IS NOT my intent to scarce you:  it is only my duty to deliver the message given to me. The functional truth of that is:  CHANGE, or go extinct as a world.  As are the  cost; of decisions that you made. Want, and the believer(I want, what I want_[self]/ truth be damned; evidence don’t matter: I want what I want):  are the enemies of human existence:  choose truth (life) instead.

People believe; as all of humanity has believed throughout history; that being a participant in anything related to GOD OUR CREATOR does this; should be bathed in glory and ease; as is what they want from life. Reality however does not prove that true at all. Instead insisting that those who serve shall be tested to their limits and even beyond; to prove what is true. To identify “the best they can be”.

While it is true, that I have been tested, and life has not been easy, or in any way “lavished with respect”/ as reality would prove true. The best that I can be is captured by the spiritual world of women; lacks identity, and limits all truth to whatever she is going to do with me? I cannot conceive of what life or eternity requires in that alteration of facts. But I can conceive of: this does eliminate all possibility of claiming either as me or you; that I am in some way “the second coming of JESUS” / other than delivering the message to which I was taught and trained to give: which was established in the first 52 years.     A messenger is not JESUS as LORD or other/ clearly not me, but as to delivering the message, which took me until 70 years old, and without much personal success; that, is clearly me. What you do with the message I was given: is between YOU AND GOD. That is not my problem, I did do, “my job”. And I am grateful for the addition of a spiritual woman in me; to balance and enforce the disciplines which created the order, that became my work. Thereby using the knowledge that was taught to me; in ways that became the work in evidence today. So how that interrelates, other than to enforce: this is to be the day of women/ not men; I do not know. Your choice / your future/ your fate or destiny by what you choose to do, or not do! Ending the concept of “me”/ as I have finished, what was assigned to me to do. YOU/ not me; your story now; not mine. CHOOSE.

My need to “push people away” in order to identify and establish what I had been taught, or needed to be taught, in those decades, from time to time; has ended. But it remains true; that values are born in the decisions that become our love, to be shared. It is necessary, to find loneliness from time to time; in order to understand what caring identifies, in those disciplines are. It is necessary to find love from time to time; in order to balance life with living, by respect…..! but it is also necessary to search for your own truths, and identify the real world desires of your heart, so that love can be found, and soul can be accepted as your home.

WHAT being owned by the spiritual woman inside now means to my life or living; is thoroughly a mystery; as if given a million chances over the years to predict this; I would have proven “NO clue”/ a complete surprise.

I do not know; that is all I have; with regard to the future.

Whether the “no you can’t”/ or “yes you will”; shall stop. Returning me from being treated like livestock are; to “human alive”; I cannot say. Changing dimensions, truly is changing everything; as I use to be, as free as any man could be. Not anymore. I have no clue; it is, all of everything to do with female; beyond my realm of understanding. Without the means to make a prediction of any kind. Lost in a maze, that was never “my life”; until now. Its complicated, and I don’t know why?

And then of course there is you: falling into the sewer of covid, without so much as a clue; without evidence, able to believe anything you were told; while they stole your life and nation blind; because you want to believe, and as a cult you cannot question your leaders. 8,000 people, represents one in one million people/ and covid was declared a pandemic long before the produced anything resembling 8,000 people; who were declared with covid/ but sustained by no proof of any kind given. Just belief, and 24/7 media blitz attack; for a year: because wrong means they OWE YOU BACK YOUR MONEY, and have become criminals instead. Confiscating democracy, and failing life itself to worship “SATAN” INSTEAD. To your shame.

So, you claim of me: I am not enough to deliver a message to you.

But I claim of you: that you are indeed cult worshipers, who have failed life and planet to worship universities instead. To your shame, letting greed decide, not life.

YOU are not perfect either; and I, “am just a messenger”: but the message is YOU WILL CHANGE AS HUMANITY ON EARTH; OR GO EXTINCT, far sooner than you believe is possible; “from a thousand different threats” each of which ends with HELL. CHANGE OR YOU DIE.

So says your message; which because of the content, I will suggest comes from      GOD ;       OWNER of this world.      THE RIGHT TO DECIDE; WHAT CAN OR WILL BE DONE WITH THIS WORLD!       AND, your lives!

And religion says “we are free”/ but reality says: you are cult worshipers of universities instead. CHANGE or go “their way”.

Religion filled with pride, then screams: WAR, as the reality of your ways declares; the apathy of those SCREAMING: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING!  As is true; of your truth proves, you did nothing: not even,  what was important; as is, you could not even defeat evolution, a primary step in their destroying life and world. As simple as: LIFE cannot be built one piece at a time/ you need it all; at the same time, or you die. OR, looking at the truth of evolution which is; nothing more than “this looks like that”. To your shame.

And the world says: YOU CANNOT SCARCE US; because as history proves if you cannot defeat the message/ men turn to war instead, belittling, humiliating, ridicule, and whatever it takes to produce “THE ENEMY”; so they can kill. And claim to be innocent; but like those who killed throughout all of history: you are not. Guilty as charged. So back away from “Male”/ and learn to live in, and by: truth.

Today, I feel like: the battle is over, and I have spiritually traded places with female; she owns that. “she is functionally male, and I am fundamentally female; in her world beyond time”. Finally removed from the cage of separation, to enter “an unknown world”; without a clue: but this is my apparent destiny, and will learn somehow.

That of course is separate from the elemental truth of time, and its body as has been partially changed. So now what? Don’t know, I guess its not my job to know. But the dimensional difference that is looking at life as if female now, regardless of body; is a change I cannot comprehend. Nonetheless, women do live similar lives to men; and that similarity is enough to establish some degree of discipline, a search for order, and a completely different conception of balance.

And the world says: “he is insane/ without value, and a disgrace”. But I return that with the truth: YOU are surrounded by death, the consequences of worshiping universities as your god; and yet remain completely apathetic searching only for “toys, trinkets, and trophies”; to your shame. The consequence is: you have proven to be insane; rather than I. I am changed, in order to conceive of life; from a different view. I don’t know why; it was never my decision. But it is my life now, and I will adjust. Nothing is here sexually for male, or the delusions of male, or the transgender fantasies; or any of it: including women who believe they are men (it ain’t so)! the warning remains: NEVER here with me, or your fate will be HADES (eternal terrors). Don’t come/ there are NO excuses. As to every other type of interaction or relationship; little has changed. MORE distinctly, “without the fantasy, delusions, or imagination of failure”: As to women and me; it seems you have taken their places, and I have taken yours; in a real world sense. How that becomes real, OR whatever this is to be: is not my decision to make either: I DO NOT know, what the literal expressions or experience of that reality are going to be. Life of female I guess/ learn why; who knows, not me. But, truth says in fact, I now remain “just like you” with inherent rights and freedoms and values of my own; which you can take from me; but you cannot take, without a cost to us both. What we can do by choice, the honesty of respect and value; as presents itself by love; is a different reality, desire, and need; its complicated/ not my decision. I do feel an unusual need to be more aware of my environment; to be conservative with safety, to be honest with my choices. Nonetheless, Be fair/ be kind/ be honest, as that expresses love with caring and sharing conceived by the desire found in respect. I like you: “deserve that much”. No, there seems no escape; at least I know of none: I don’t know why? Life, and living at elemental levels, has changed. Just how it is; “I guess, forever”; but who knows, I thought male, without question: could never be changed. But was clearly proven: wrong. So, I have no guesses as to the future, there is no purpose to worry or rejoice; life is what life will be; confined by environment as is gender: time will tell what living is to be.

Your values are not mine: I accept the world itself must come first, because without a home, none will survive on this earth. Your decision is: not to care, BELIEVING nothing has changed; even though you do know; it has. That is insane, to your shame; want will not save you. GROW UP.

As to “us”; the organizational intent to combine women into a force capable of interfering with the decisions of men for war; BY LAW. The critical factor is: organizing women to accept the decision is not to decide for war/ but to know that law is our friend; and does construct our own army of values. Law, not money shapes society/ money shapes the military, to produce fear; which becomes compliance. Therefore to remove fear, and reduce the military to our defense: it is necessary to accept “limited capitalism” is our best weapon. To vote as a society: to limit and present boundaries; to all personal wealth or influence/ so that we the people do have control over life and society/ over war and world. By taking away “more than we allow, to protect our own lives, from you”. Given that truth, the law becomes the army: when we the people make that our law, as is our choice. THE REALITY of 8 billion people saying to the few who do lead: NO, YOU WILL NOT DO, or ALLOW: “THAT” / WE, will decide.

To make the law our own: AS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION OR WORLD! Requires an organized decision to do so. To participate with each other, to identify the questions and create the answers we design for ourselves: creating the vote, by which power becomes: WE THE PEOPLE are now in charge.

But remembering the critical truth: people want/ and that means, they curse each other in a fight to take all they can get. So not only is law crucial to our existence/ the values of life, the essence called truth, the foundations of respect, and the elemental knowledge that represents the fundamental of what we can or cannot do. Is essential to life on earth. It will be a long battle, but extinction is your only other choice: so think hard and accept what is true. Before you say: yes or no. this ain’t no game/ and the consequences are not “playtime” either.

The gift of time is NOT “forever”: you must make your decision come true/ or let this world die; as would be the opposite result of law rules us now. CHOOSE.

“I guess”; ultimately my life has been given over to female in charge; as proof of “men had their chance: JESUS came” to make life better by choosing law rules us now/ values and respect conceive of justice and truth. But did not do what they needed to do. Therefore the world is given over to female in charge; by GOD who does own this world. The spiritual world, granting one last chance for life to remain on this earth; by the decision of women to enable law; to rule with justice and truth. I am somehow “a pawn” in that scenario; but nonetheless, a reality of truth. You have been given the message: life can and will be different; by choosing the law rules us all now. Women have been given the message; you will rule over men with law by choosing respect and honor which they did not do; proven by: men, as a majority simply continued on with war/ throughout history. And intend to stop life on earth by war; today/ ending this world with horror, as provided by “universities play god”. Not a game; investigate the evidence/ prove the price of being wrong: but understand, one second too late, and our world becomes extinct. Because of you/ because of men/ because of apathy, arrogance, disrespect, and betrayal. When law is not enough for you to fight for life.

Or more deliberately: I seem to be the proof, that “spiritually female” can defeat man/ men; as I am functionally or fundamentally defeated. She owns this life. As to the facts of how men are defeated: it is by law, shall rule this earth. As to how was I defeated; it is simply, “the laws which govern spiritual female existence” rule over me/ as no male was ever spiritually intended to live here. But this earth is facing extinction, and laws cannot govern, where chaos rules life or world. YOU MUST stop them before that day begins/ or it is too late. As the evidence grows to prove: soon you will have no choice left.

As to me, I guess: that I must be made; “functionally female” in order for their laws to be applied to me/ “to, let out of the cage”. So, I can participate to some degree in their spiritual world. Its complicated; as that gives her the right, to now control me fully; as if female (all share the same spiritual truths) by their laws, in time.  “fundamentally defeated” is real. want is irrelevant. Or, more simply: “female to her female; allowed to remain, but last in terms of choice”. Just how it is.    No disguises; allowed here; accept or die. There is no purity without truth/ there is no truth when a disguise is born; reality will not accept it.

MORE distinctly: life lives in thought and force, but combines in the construction of desire. To come from time, and go back into thought as creation does allow, “sustains my life”. Being somewhat separated from time, existence is sustained by the force, which is now owned by female concepts of dimension, rather than male; while time itself is identified by definitions created in time. Or at a different level of development; I feel like my mind is shifting, body changing, life being rearranged; or just out of control; altered by a recreation of who I am. And religion says: “you CAN’T be anything” important to us; because we expect perfection, in exactly what we want. While I say to you; “I am not what you ordered”/ but remain as life defines and demands of me; even if changed, to accomplish the work, or now its alteration of facts. YOU are not “GOD”; and you should remember that, for your own sake of existence. As with me: “accept truth or die”/ is a foundation of survival.

The discipline is simple: the laws that allow life to exist, are not open to debate. The law of a distinct spiritual dimension; are expressed in just one demonstration of truth; as is the spiritual female in me. Which means she has more power than life itself, in me. A control I cannot dispute; male seems to be ending in me. “its complicated”. I do not know why; not my job? Neither is it a question:  life is life, and I am not dedicated to a specific decision or its boundaries, limits, or reality. Instead the question is: WHAT is love, and how best may I participate as truth?

You need not accept me, I am irrelevant/ but you do need to understand the threats which will make you extinct; and participate in removing them. YOU ARE NOT asked “to believe”/ you were only asked to investigate; because the price for being wrong; is more than you can imagine. Yet you refuse, because pride rules your life; and you don’t want truth; because it demands change. So we divide: life/ or death? Choose.

And all the people say: “he is insane”. But truth is truth, and it is only what it is, and we are not allowed to choose beyond where time does end: proving life is not a game, by understanding: what is chosen for us, is our new reality. We then are allowed to choose within that truth, but only if purity allows. I have absolutely no purity within the world of female; the consequence of that is; only her truth decides. “its complicated”/ alliances broken, when I tried to leave (no purpose left/ they cannot learn); command taken when she demanded I shall stay and finish this work; remaining in hope. Her truth finished this work; and my truth is: she chooses, better than I. Critical Truth must always decide, what life and living needs! A reality not open to debate.

I will offset that, with the critical truth of life and living on this earth: which identifies in an overpopulation of humans. Sterilization must come to enforce not more than two children (want shall not decide). The cost of that is “by women must choose; NOT men in any form”. But it is the men who will pay the economic costs; to sustain zero population growth or less. Reality must be enforced; as is nature decides if a life is less than “correct, and able to sustain itself and participate”; then it is lost; old age included “beyond, what is fair/ NO extending the length of death or extreme medical care). Because truth aligns with reality, and proves in order to keep the rest alive: the price of living must be paid. When truth decides: it remembers, your body is yours alone; and cannot be controlled by others.

THEY (society) DOES NOT provide true care or sharing the responsibilities, or THEY DO NOT provide true relief when needed (as is no more children/ etc) or any other part of nurturing the child or parent;  to a healthy (medical care) and stable life (fair and honest education) in time.   THEY only provide judgment; which is NOT a right!

But pregnancy is not “yours alone”; and it lives within the boundaries of “beyond conception; there will be a time of not yet human” where a woman’s life, has the honest option of saying: no you can’t. All possible help to acknowledge that reality must be provided. Because beyond that point of no return, a human life dies; by your decision; and there will be costs.Nature then decides; if a life goes on. But an individual woman must decide: if her own life is threatened, as a growing life cannot overtake a living life (my choice to risk my life); as nature requires for the baby to survive. YOU are not their judge. But we as society in trouble and nearing extinction must: “can say: duty demands, no more than, or of this”. There are limits and boundaries to be imposed; but not individual choices to remove freedoms; beyond duty to us all. The basic list is: go through everything universities have decided (we can play god) and remove that; thereby returning to life as reality decides is fair.       Truth does not care; it is, what it is. MERCY shares the value of care, as defined by love; giving to respect the destiny of our decisions.

And the people say: this is blasphemy and hate/ this is judgment and murder/ a violation of all that we believe in or want to be true. BE CAREFUL what you believe is true; lies form everywhere.

Yet I remind you: that YOU; have raped, ravaged, ruined, destroyed, poisoned, disrespected, mutilated, ridiculed, gossiped, disgraced, diseased, denied, assassinated the future, and played Satan on this earth. To create situations which now leave you with less than “we want”; as truth declares that is true; like it or not. Causing to exist: your choices have been changed. TRUTH SAYS: YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED; because of choices that you made!             Just like mine.

Or, more simply: “just like me”/ your world has changed. Mine because of our world is dying: men cannot/ their solution is war. But your world is because; so much greed and selfishness is horrifying in what it can do; blind beliefs and delusions beyond sanity.  There is very little left of this whole planet, that remains; what once was true. “insane delusions/ pure fantasies/ corrupt and vile imaginations/ true disrespect/ arrogance, apathy, failure, lies, cheating, stealing, destruction, whoring for money, prostituting yourselves for toys, trinkets or trophies/ fools in charge/ mutilation of nature/ extreme experimentation/ crucifying the oceans/ ending pollinators, insects; a primary food resource in the chain of life/ sterilizing plants/ global warming/ removing the concentration of oxygen needed for life/ discarding habitat, and causing endless extinction/ removing the barriers for sustaining an atmosphere in connection with the planet/ counterfeiting currency for war/ weapons of mass destruction/ poisons/ drinking water supplies dangerously low/ pollution/ garbage mountains/ democracy destroyed/ university is Satan; and more. All prove how completely foolish and blind you are; “alas, the herd was wrong”; to your shame.

Takes a lot of reading: to construct a value shaped by desires which illuminate love. Hate on the other hand, is very simple to identify/ once the disguise is removed.

Once catastrophe takes control: there is no going back!CHOOSE, defend your planet now/ save yourselves from extinction; by organizing to create, support, and implement: ONLY THE LAW: WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE for ourselves:      shall rule us all, now.

In contrast to life, the constant reality of this USA is: you are descending into the sewage of a “university led intellectual war”. They have destroyed your economic options for work and choice; sending it away to foreigners. Removing every tool, destroying the realities of those who know how to work, destroying all who can oppose them. Gathering information to use the secret “NAZI SS” POLICE; who are coming (JUST LIKE BEFORE); as covid proved they would.

They have destroyed your survival options by combining everything into a tiny few hands; thereby confronting you with “we the few control your world: BEG US”. They have been destroying nature itself; with genetic mutilation; proving “no more of this” as is the basis for life and survival. They have destroyed your securities; by counterfeiting currency as is the claim of assets that do not exist except as delusions/ GDP that does not exist other than by fantasy/ debts that none will pay except the slave, “forevermore”/ a military that has no option but to destroy the world forever/ universities that have made biological weapons to declare they are god, against you/ water cursed/ ocean life cursed/ global warming cursed/ habitat and all life cursed/ diseases cursed/ medicine more simply called extortion/ humanity cursed with the plague of belief that is a cult/ religion cursed, with universities are god/ schooling cursed, with blatant cult worship/ life cursed with extreme experimentation/ children cursed with a dead future/ students cursed with blind acceptance of lifelong debt/ the plague of propaganda from media/ the blight of human overpopulation/ destruction of all reality, to prove the universities are god/ trying to ignite ATOMS ON FIRE; to prove they can send you to HADES; “as SATAN” was here. And more, to your shame.

you are:  PRIMED AND READY, for the descent into HELL.  Believing in the curse of currency that is only a number/ based in nothing true:  except the future you knew you chose:  is dead.  SCREAMING WINNER, when in fact your decision was to murder the nation, world, child, and all life on earth.  same as so many more around this globe; who screamed with you:  NOTHING MATTERS BUT ME, AND I WANT TO BE RICH.  to hell with the truth/ be damned to the future/ we are gods now; as has proven to be devils;  worshiping “university Satan”.


I suppose my existence, can be explained this way: that I went off to war, with those who did not care about life or planet, expecting change/ and came back as a different person, being changed by them entirely, by that experience. Finding it true: the vast majority of men have only one solution; war, which will end this world! As is living with the nearly constant expression of hate. Your decision to let this world die, rather than change is hate. Even though you only recognize it as want/ reality proves it is greed, selfishness or lust, arrogance or apathy, disrespect at all levels for life or world, and even murder of every child and life on earth; because that is the price. Whether you admit it or not. Not judgment, just reality! Same as your want, rather than life itself: deserves better than this. So eventually I searched for female: to understand, if they had a solution? Reality said: “let women try/ they can’t do worse, than extinction”. But the price of that search was far higher than expected. Nonetheless worth the price! Religion may offer you; “he is the devil”/ because would he not get riches and more, for doing “GODS’ work”; therefore fraud? But, as with biblical descriptions: that would not be expected as true; it is only your wants exposed. Life is life, your only other option is death. So working for “GOD” is to help life seek life; rather than death. No one does that “from a palace”.

So, I have searched in all the places life exists, to learn what I could learn, to be what I could be, and to accept the final say in life or death for this earth: will be as GOD decides for it to be. Whether he lets humanity kill itself, or whatever will be done to save this world. My job: was to deliver the message: CHANGE or you will die; as best I could. As to finding myself “trapped in a female only definition of life”; as is spiritual; beyond time. I have no predictions or clue; as to how that ends. It is a quandary of disciplines, or a maze of order, or perhaps; balance out of control; I know not.

The one certainty of my existence at this moment in time is: “the spiritual woman” has succeeded in tearing “life, as male apart”; body, work, home, everything. I start to rebuild only from the beginning; it is that big of a mess, and it will be no easy task. I guess; female (life altered) has to do it. Or it will remain a mess/ or this world will end/ or whatever will be, is whatever will be; because I am not in charge anymore.

I AM spiritually overwhelmed/ mentally overwhelmed/ and now feeling physically overwhelmed, for the first time in my life; so where I go from here is strictly a guess. As always, “it is, one step at a time”. BUT, the message of my life in time to you; has been delivered. What you do with it, is not my concern. Whether women ever find the courage to fight for life and earth; is not my concern: YOUR CHOICE, has little to do with me. I did my job.

As for you, humanity on earth: the message remains, “CHANGE, or you will go extinct”. So says the evidence of your lives. Even so, GOD WILL decide. But not by religious expectations; by your truth, and HIS choice.