The truth of dating is: “that I, simply as self: must be, a greater value than food, money, trophies of any kind/ to be honestly loved”. While that is true, it is also true; that anyone else who may believe they are in love, may also choose differently. That includes religion, food, possessions or whatever it is, they put first; because freedom is a valid right. Or combining lives is a partnership, rather than a true friendship. Love needs a friendship, to be whole.

HONEST dating; is an elegance of the heart, shaped with friendship, that will not be denied. Within the essence of respect, we journey into the grace of our own truth; to discover if we are in fact willing to travel the same path together. That is no small thing; and I do accept: it requires more than just self (or eyes), to find the heart that will live in harmony with yours. Reality says: it takes far more than want, to achieve this level of security in our decision, to shape our lives as one. Reality says: some times, it does take a separation; to prove we are each willing to walk beside the other/ or not. That is a decision, not based in want; but realities of life.

Realities state: before a decision to share “our future in time; as marriage”/ once true friendship is established, as honest between us both. A real world decision to participate in sex can be found “important to know”. Because a child need not be born! But make no mistake, if you do that; it is very hard to turn back; desire “can lock the bedroom door” with you inside; and if you love someone, “enough” to do this; it is very hard to say no. The intensity of tears is no game.

Realities state: before a decision to share wealth exists; a value of responsibility to money must exist. Because one can drive two, into chaos.

Realities state: before a marriage can exist: YOU MUST accept the decisions of pregnancy are real/ the realities of not having a child, are real/ the realities of spending money you don’t have; are real/ the cost of making decisions for the future, or spending whatever you can now instead; is real. It is not a game; reality will win.

Reality states; the disciplines of spending money/ choosing physically fit/ finding happiness/ eating too much/ and all the rest should be known. But as reality also states: few bind together, when they know everything in advance. Because not one of us is perfect. Look in the mirror before you judge/ and then look again/ and then look again; as if you were someone else “looking at you”.

As with me: some lives (a tiny few) are meant to be spent in things the others want nothing to do with. They have a job to do, the rest refuse. The consequent of that is: “no I cannot”/ life an world are more important to me. The unfortunate truth of that is “like me”; it turns out that romance is not acceptable either. Because the singular fact is: dating is not a game, but a desire to escape loneliness, and supplement survival, with happiness; as best we can. To date someone knowing you cannot or will not continue in the search for marriage: robs them of their time, to search for someone else. Unfortunately; it is not useful to spend time with someone else; offsetting that need by helping them find someone else; does not work either/ if they want you. But letting loneliness take over a life, or lives; is not kind either. So its a quandary, that will become both good and bad for each one. Some choices have no good (truly valued) answer. Be yourself, and do the best you can: remaining yourself. Because those who want you to change, do not then want you. When the desire of your own heart decides change is my own decision, to shape our lives by the values we can and do share; then to care aligns with how or why I will change my own life, for you to know: love is true.

Love is not “sexual”; love is love. Sexual, is a transportation of life, beyond self; whereby the critical realities of love either come into bloom/ or are revealed by “weeds” exist here. You should never believe it is simple or bland; that is the animal in you. Love opens the door into heart; sex between male and female walks with life, inside: and if their love is true for both, it will open the door into soul as well. Values shape the dimensions to be inherited; in that journey beyond self.

WOMEN LIE! MEN LIE! Realities of existence, can be made to lie. “weeds” are everywhere! The foundation of every lie is want; and that means the lies being used are coming from the truth: “I want” to keep you/ or do you harm/ or entrap you/ or use and abuse you/ or other. People want to live rich “look at me”. People want to live with power, “listen to me”/ I am the important one. People want to live with pride; “I am the superior one; obey me”. None of that is love. Jealousy arises from “I cannot compete/ which brings revenge”; without a cause other than, this is jealousy. Abuse rises from jealousy, as is “you belong only to me”/ or you are my trophy, and I won’t share; as is the basis of pride. “to be Used”; is based within want; and proves your value to me is “monetary or other”. None of that is respect; and it will not change, unless there is a foundation shift in what is important: usually that is accompanied by religion. Religion means: searching for life and beyond, the existence of me.

Reality shows truth to be consistent with law, as the evidence will prove true. That fact removes power, to reveal only the truth decides, as is the foundation of both peace and harmony in life and society and world. Therefore seek truth, but deny power, as tyranny hides beneath.

Love is not; “I play god with you”. If you don’t share/ then you don’t truly care. But people do care at least a little, by wanting you in their lives; without force. Where there is force, there is no love to be found. Where there is no respect, no actual relationship exists. But make no mistake: the one who does the work, has the right of a decision with regard to that work. While it is also true: the one who lives with that result of work, Identifies a cause equal too, or greater than the work to be done. Sharing is: the evidence of friendship, rather than “a separation of powers”. Without true friendship, you cannot ascend beyond self. Without true honest love, you will never find “truth in harmony” as one.

We then come to the reality of people who choose to date outside their own group. Humanity itself is a species of nature; same respect deserved by all. But as with all species of nature; subspecies exist, as is defined by each group identifiable by distinct characteristics. It is better to remain distinct as groups provide; because when as with nations; people need help, it is far more likely your own group will help you than the others. “family is family”.

But women like power, and want to be considered trophies “to be bought and played with”. Yes I did, because I am in control. And if their own group does not provide what they want; they search the others. Unfortunately, men lie; and your control is likely to end; with consequences. Men want pride, and they collect trophies “to be bought and played with”; to prove yes I can. Unfortunately, games end/ and realities beyond your intent begin. Rarely does a trophy become a true family; because the foundation of that decision is entirely different; than what presented the tie in time.

But as with me: sometimes the realities of each group becomes blurred, by consequences beyond our decision; and we must live the life we chose.

Realistically, I don’t belong to any group; having made a life between male and female, it really is an entirely different experience. But at 69+ . NO, it is NOT the same as those who claim they can be “defiant to, and of nature”. Fantasies are not true/ delusions are not real/ imagination does not respect the foundations of life: NOT the same.

There is a universal divide, between male and female; the realities of life, that can be experienced, expressed, or shared. A foundation built by Creation itself; to prove a difference, that cannot be overcome. Therefore a balance, and a reality, that cannot be found: outside of male and female shared as one.

Except “never my intent”; walking off the edge of male (standing over the abyss; on a small balcony) to ask for eternity; has become the opposite view of life in time. A reality now defined as: It is not going back, but going forward into female. I don’t know why, or what next; it is a true surprise. Why you need to know that, is beyond me as well. Spiritual female demands it; I don’t know why. No, I don’t expect you to understand or believe; after all, “the universities are your god”; so says human religion in nearly every venue. But that is not my job; the message remains: CHANGE YOURSELVES, or go extinct. Anything else is extra.

Life has given to me; an expansion of female: an intensity of feelings (wow), so far beyond what male knows or understands: that I must be entering “more girl than boy”. While I will not argue that; I will suggest the truth, that all life on earth, “comes through female”. I will argue, although not my intent: you cannot ask for eternity, without abandoning time (as was male). “its complicated”; and no longer, my choice. No, I don’t know how this ends. NO, male is not involved: this is only between spiritual female and I. The intensity of it however proves “what different lives” we really do live; as the reality of male versus female becomes more clear. As to the physical conception of life in time: it is to be known, that the energy we use as time is confined by the conception of life itself; granting two distinct surfaces upon which reality defines itself. For ease of understanding: we will grant the compilation of life is as if a bubble sphere: on the outside is male/ the actual surface of the sphere is life/ while the inner surface of that sphere is female. Meeting in the middle; is the only real reference to life beyond self, that we are allowed to receive. Unless, you abandon time; to enter into the spiritual elevation of truth. Stranded between “two worlds”; no longer male or female; is weird.

And the world says, “ten thousand things; to ridicule” me. But I offer instead: that every miracle of life, is so far beyond “a cult worshiper”; who is willing to believe; “fantasy rules”; as with evolution, fusion, resource destruction, the assassination of every child; and “ten thousand more” REAL WORLD THREATS against our entire world. That your beliefs are without foundation or truth. Delusional and blind/ both deaf and dumb; are human animals without their cage; as is called “belief”. You have no say. If you want to fight with me intellectually; then you must offer proof, and be willing to support your claims. As for me: I have written for you, the last twenty one years; have fought with you over every threat for more than forty years; and have been proven correct in them all.  YOU became worthless to talk too; so I only write. You will soon die from the ignition of atoms on fire; as with everything else. and if not; from ten thousand more realities of extinction, that you chose. Your beliefs are more important than your life or world; and they are lies.    Yet stupidity and blind cult worship leads you to death, crucified by universities play god; to your shame.

And every adult with “half a brain” left; says: HAVE ME EXCUSED; I got bills to pay/ I want what I want; and won’t do nothing for life or world. Be DAMNED to you; for telling me; what a fool I am. As they all scream: I WON’T hear it, our world cannot die. Yet all the evidence says it will. Because that is what you chose.

Children force an expansion of characteristics; some are welcomed/ some are not. Regardless that is a decision you have both made; but women more so, because pregnancy (prior to “real world change”) can be stopped.

It will soon be “my eighteenth year”; coming back from the edge of life on earth: to be confronted with female. Reality has proven it true: “I was not yet done”. As I have produced the realities of Revelation 12 (a new life presented to this world) and 17 (a new life presented to its religions). But prophecy goes on to predict; not only the fall “of the rich mans world”/ but also in Revelation 18; 21 “a large nuclear explosion” will occur in that place. Along with many other realities of doom predicted chapters 12-22 (what if women were to rule); as this world descends into the chaos it chose; women too. But as predicted: even though change was given to you/ and the message of extinction was presented with evidence or reality/ you still refuse all conception of change. As women hide themselves to pretend as do so many men: “this cannot exist; WE DON’T WANT IT”. Therefore as is the constant of men and their religions; their claim is GOD won’t let it. But as with the evidence of fossil fuel proves: Noah’s flood (by the masses of life buried; world wide). Life nearly ended, once before. You chose to massively impact this earth; and cause all its harmony to leave; mutilating life/ assassinating every child/ preparing to ignite earth into a sun; as you worship your gods of universities. But they cannot save you; enemies instead. As reality surrounds us all with threats beyond life can remain here. To your shame. You refused to learn/ you refused to change/ you refused to save your world. I did do, “my job”.

As with every life: there comes a day, when if humanity will not fight for itself/ I simply let them die. As with the nazi horde of covid; it simply became useless to fight a cult thirsting for power; all by myself. Believers need no truth, want no evidence, hear no value, cannot conceive of threat by their leaders, curse the world with their want; and measure every life against “not like me”.

A little beyond that decision; oddly enough, a couple of women presented a defense/ a couple of store keepers aligned with life, rather than “OBEY THE UNIVERSITY gods”. And things then changed; as the dead, lost control, and some degree of reality was returned. So, I joined them; quietly; “because in the real world, I am done with fighting by myself”.

so, I write; as I must/ and accept the truth:  IT IS your job to expand that work, into something more. NOT your savior/ merely  “the messenger” of this day.   Because the lessons provided to you are extensive and true:  it now seems likely to me,   that I am the   “son of man” predicted to come;  and tell you things hidden from all other time.  DOESN’T make me Jesus/ as I am clearly not.  particularly true, considering all things spiritually female involved with me.  but it does allow:  that prediction has come true as well.  exactly how, I do not know/ perhaps it is as simple as keeping me alive;  or maybe something else. no clue.

WHAT I KNOW is:  that I did do my job, you have the message I was educated to give to you. And it is not my fault;  for whatever your own decisions are.  again: CLEARLY I AM NOT  “Jesus”/  but by the evidence of an education predicted;  from “a son of man”. I could be that.     or not, as is you decide/ I have no desire to know. “not my job”. I did my job!  Although spiritually female, kept me working/ and seems to have something more for me to do. “its complicated”: not my job to know.   I merely point out a prophecy for religion to decide: yes we must work, for life and earth/ or no, he is a fool?  choose.

I for my part:  am guessing, IT IS THE EDUCATION that presents the opportunity to save yourselves/ as is what JESUS did bring to human life on earth.  it is THE EDUCATION OF THREATS, AND CHANGE that is far more than simply me. I was NOT given any form of “presto, its magic”/ but was sent; for more than fifty years “to school”; beyond what any humans teach. In all manner and ways: to learn what was needed to present. Which does make me “simply the son of man”/ who was educated; to present this message, by a teacher superior to you.

IT IS, my own acceptance: that the teaching of JESUS, in his day was the important part/ as that wisdom, and element of education that could be divided and spread among all the people; granted the elevation of us all. While his body “took the abuse”, and was fundamental to his presence here; it is the quality and content of education that sustained “his life” among us. It is that education; that brought this world from hate, back to the existence of love is your choice; for those who desired to be “beyond animals”. Like a cracked (little can be seen of the other side) “glass window”; time is to love, a reality that expands in the treasury of life on one side: yet on the other is hate, which dissolved life, to become focused on the darkness, where a predator hides. Unfortunately those who believe they can live on both sides of that “glass line”; are prey, and never construct a life beyond animal. A reality that cannot be eternal. My own belief is; that any male could be or have been “son of man” as the words so clearly define. BUT for my part: at 9, confronted by the Cuban missile crisis: I committed my life to stopping these things; and found so many more. Committed my life “to fighting for this life and world”; and never looked back. Because there is no life called human; if we fail that fundamental truth.

While the animal is made for time; human means, “by the miracles thought, teach as truth: the value of life becomes eternal in that reality of thought, and truth becomes a journey, into the love which sustains life”. These three things are essential, to eternity with value.

While I never had any type of plan; the one critical truth that participated here is: “without the balance of female, added in” (a complete surprise); I could not have accomplished anything of value. Proving male and female MUST be equal (even allowing women to lead); to arise beyond extinction, as is the direction of your lives. NOT because female is better, they are clearly not. But because they are different, and different is essential to change this or die. Clearly, it is their turn to try! Male has had thousands of years; and this is “the best he did do”: true threats of extinction, ARE everywhere. No war will fix it/ no want can lead/ truth combined with love and respect, are now the only things that really matter. Women are generally better, at choosing to love & protect their child. Nothing less will do.

While we all start out the same; the division between love and hate is examined quickly/ and want does take control. The true desire for love or hate, establishes some shall go “one direction/ some the other”. All those in between who are not prepared to make that decision; will remain in want (the element of animal; leaders shout more, and the people scream yes). Time is then the separator or divider; between what does have value to life itself/ what is elementally proof of that value, by reviewing what love is not/ and what remains as “the chaff” used to create the stem, is abandoned; no longer necessary. Reality proved to me: that men who have not desired love enough/ will fall into hate and then war. The predator hides from truth, but the serpent slithers inside to create war; by unleashing anger.

Anger, “if you accept it, as your choice”; always leads into a trap: “can’t get out now”; as is war, and other criminal behaviors; ending in extinction of you. Treachery is: the intent to cause anger in others; so as to take or steal their stuff/ remove their competition/ or let the law & prison do, what reality will not let me do for myself.

Evil/ devil, means not only did you build a trap for someone else:  you chose to damage, hurt, or kill in order to say secretly, “yes I did”. Whereas the common trap for evil/devil; targeting young women is: to create “a blackmail situation; do whatever I say sexually” OR, I tell on you. Can’t be blackmailed: “can you predict the future; someone to love honestly; someone to hurt, by this choice”? A world of animals preying on each other, is a world of animals; who want only what they want; as is lust. people who will give you a deadly disease; on purpose:  is without a friend for cause.

Anger, whether whispered, talked, shouted, or screamed; is “I WANT, WHAT I WANT”/ give me what I want OR_____________! Beyond talk, it is an abyss few escape: because now, you have entered into hate, and hate is a predator which will never leave you alone. Life is over/ as death, and its demand for violence, takes control.

And confronting men with war; simply dissolves into what history proves true: they cannot change, and will assume “we must make them fear us (war to prove we are not afraid) instead of accepting what is true decides”. So I turned to eternity and said “take me home”. But I was turned back, a world of Creation too valued to lose: and given to female, as a balance that did make it possible to hope once more. The past is dead, and it should be left alone: only to resurrect what does have value, so that we may not repeat the tragedies of human failure. Unfortunately, universities consider themselves to be gods, with a tiny bit of information: “the constant of men”. But reality has proven by the evidence; not gods, of more than death, by university driven horror. So the choice is very simple: either war, as the universities did make it come true/ OR, change and be different; by the only means we have to do so. Which is: let women try, “they cannot do worse”; as extinction is at the door.

Pride shouts: first “look at me/ look at me/ listen to me; I am the winner”. But if that is not enough, pride whispers; “I DON’T need no damn friends/ I am the superior one; and these are not worthy of me”. Pride is the beginning of anger, and it is the door that opens into your own trap: of I believe whatever I want to believe; because I am the superior one; so I know what is true. Which can simply be; “I had a dream/ I judged/ I lost/ I wanted/ I, whatever it is”. See the pattern? It leads to power; which is the resolution of “I can be god, and prove you can be judged dead; if I so choose”. But alas: time is only time, and eternity remembers everything; because it is your truth that decides. Pride is potentially the greatest enemy of life on earth; the serpent that hides inside, “as your little voice”/ leading you to anger, and then war; where death takes control. The only method to get rid of it; is to accept the ridicule, discard what people say, and choose beyond the judgment of others or playing their games: I stand alone, as a living human being by accepting the respect life itself has given to me, and every miracle I know, truly exists; as the evidence of GOD.

yes I know:  I am CLEARLY NOT PERFECT!  But contrary to the claims of Religion;  JESUS is not coming back to be crucified by fools again. HIS TEACHING WAS CLEAR;  “this is love/ this is hate”/ and if you choose for love, even eternity itself, may invite you to join life beyond time.  JESUS is coming back to judge;  but no one judged, receives mercy. Mercy is covering over the truth; so that life has another chance. The failure to choose love; on a world clearly destined to extinction; so says the evidence of your truth:  is the end of life and time on earth.  Which means: your choice is, “life or death”; and that does have eternal consequences. Believe it or not.  To remain even as animals in search of life;  you will choose to let female try!  This IS;  the best men did do, after thousands of years to try; they cannot do worse, than extinction!

TO WOMEN EVERYWHERE: THE CRITICAL TRUTH, is not found in body; as is the essence of animal, rather than a journey into love. LOVE WILL DECIDE, if this world survives. Nothing less is possible; which means you must let truth decide, and truth demands justice, peace, harmony, equality and equity, values rather than wants, purposes for life rather than possessions, happiness, love, discipline, order, balance; and when necessary law we create for ourselves as a nation and world: create judgment. NOT individuals/ NOT corrupted rules, which are used by the righteous to overrun the others. Given that, and the need to remove weapons of mass destruction by law. The need to stop overpopulation “right now”. The constant curse of “university plays god”. And the cost of setting this world “back upright” for life/ not death. IS NO EASY TASK! But it can be done, and it will be done: or your failure will be extinction. Because it does not take a genius of any kind to recognize: the reality of life and earth, CANNOT be sustained; by the choices “universities and the men who worship want, pride, and power” have done. THIS IS A CHOICE; regardless of intent; you will make that choice, one way or the other (even if you run and hide_) and reap its reward. Because even no choice, simply means: what men chose, will come true. EXTINCTION will be proven the end of life and world.

I should clarify: that there are distinct differences, how the body acts, works, thinks, lives, including chemicals; which then produce “female”. As is distinctly different than male. But it is not the body; but how your brain, heart, and soul works differently; that allows for hope. NOT being female, I can offer no real construction of what that is; but I can offer, “male and female are vastly different” even more so than their bodies prove that is true. What they have to offer this world: must come from them. YES I do, spend way too much time and effort describing things which should be considered obvious: BUT time has taught me, “leave a thread dangling, and somebody will weave a lie”. Trying to prove the world has not changed. Even though that is impossible to do, with truth.

I was, allowed “to save one life”/ in my lifetime; turned out to be my dad. Pride had overtaken him/ so I pried the door open; and let all the pride out. So he could look at what was hidden inside. Initially he chose to hurt me with that pride/ but a short time later; “I saw inside, in his final days; that my dad had found life back”. Believe it or not; mercy is like that. He did survive his death; from time. I know, because the spiritual world “knows me”.

Could not, “save another single one”; not you either, simply true. Life through the decades, has been: “even if I know/ I know, or have blinders on (right there/ can’t see it)” what is wrong; I cannot change anything. Its complicated, proven true; not my choice. My contribution to this life is “a messenger”; simply delivering: humanity will change or be extinct. NOT as I see fit; but as allowed. “a worker”, not more.

It was NEVER my job; to understand “intervention” at any level. NEVER my job to say “ GOD , or the spiritual intervened, or did not intervene” in my life: that is beyond me, I will NOT guess. However the spiritual woman and I are different; as she is here in me, and does intervene; even insisting, “that female” shall be respected for that contribution. Her decision is for the sake of life, female, and earth. She has proven to be invaluable (beyond measurement); to that work.

And the people say, “what nonsense”; because the concept of spiritual fails in them. But reality knows: that only truth survives, because it is the basis of law, and the foundation of life by thought, itself. So the elemental essence of what is true, and how that dimension of existence becomes the statement of life in time; is foreign, to those who will only believe. Belief being: “I want what I want/ therefore what I want is true; regardless of the evidence or other”. Dimensions shape us, and male is the opposite dimension of female; therefore they have no distinct similarity, other than boundaries. That fact identifies: the critical state of trying to conceive of understanding each other, as truth does not know its opposing existence in the formations of law. Therefore balance is achieved only when both support an equal exchange. As for me: I lost hope for male. Sent back to view life from the opposite side of life; I was given a guide, because women on earth would not consider helping. The quest for truth, is a participation in the law/ and the law is a participation in life; as boundaries become more translucent. Unfortunately, I lost faith humanity, even by working together; and my guide took control: because as we do still both agree, “whatever can be done to save this world, must be done”. So, it is now up to her, to find a way; inside your heart; hardened by your pride, I could not do it; you refused to acknowledge truth.

It is worth noting: that in the spiritual world, you never have to prove anything/ what is true is true. In contrast to that; are the elements of what you believe, or realities you have not yet established within yourself. These will confront you, and based upon the degree of lie involved in your belief (how much living among the others has influenced you) or doubts as to what you accept is true; “testing will occur”. Because the end result of truth is: “either yes or no”. A point of reality: finding lies, I was confronted with “false teeth”; and could not answer if the body is sacred, do no such thing/ or the body is mine, and bears no relationship with eternity. The correct answer is mine. But deciding to error on the side of caution: consequences for that struck me hard. The answer is YES OR NO/ there is no middle ground; accept the price of your decision. Therefore you must make your decisions prior to entering the essence of truth in you. Do not accept risks/ or violate the laws of life; particularly those which are purely self centered. Do not accept lies, temptations, or other like realities. Do not assist those who beg; they are lost, and you cannot help them, without sacrificing your own life. Do not fear, death comes for us all. Eternity does not begin/ until time ends.  pride dies/ or you do.

Unlike the delusions of university knows; “the classroom school kids who refuse to grow up”. The reality of truth is very simple; it is not a fantasy, not an imagination, not fondling foolish stupidity, or any other excuse to refuse reality. Truth is truth, simple as that. Truth built this world and every life in it; because truth is the base of wisdom; and wisdom is evident in all of life. Which removes chaos, and the claim of accident or disrespect; as is the basis of university knows. The chaos of those insurgents trying to destroy life as it is/ so they can replace it with life as they want to pretend it can be. That reality of their evidence; is failure for life and world. Occasionally they find something of value; and immediately work to surround it with lies; so as to hide what they do intend to sell. Wanting power, pride, and a purpose that is “playing god”. Even at the cost of extinction; as is consistent with their proven truth. And the world says: WE ARE BELIEVERS; you cannot question or disrespect our gods! But alas, they are only gods of death; and your belief is for whatever you want; like your debts: which the vast majority scream: “WE WILL NEVER PAY/ damn you for revealing the sin”. Sin means: I knew better, but did it of my own free will anyway; as want tries to hide the cost to life, with lies.

As with nudity; “once you have peeled back all the layers”; there is nothing left to hide, and reality is known. As with all free will, the cost of being naked, is determined entirely by respect and values. You should be aware, “animals” do not know what that means; instead they want, and want to win, or judge. Peeking behind the curtain of universities as god; then reveals a nakedness they hide: because they have no respect or value to life or earth. As is the evidence of threats, capable of our extinction: now surrounding us all. While naked is an individual “limited” choice to you/ sometimes it brings joy, and sometimes tears; because of who you are with. In contrast, universities attack the world of life and earth; no joy, only slavery (a dying world). Because they need more jobs to fill; or their reign on earth is dead: so they take yours, and enslave the horde with debt. A few have value, and respect: but they are not in the majority.

One of the worst things anyone can do; is make assumptions on or against someone else. Perhaps understood like this. If you want something/ then it may have value to someone else; not yours/ not yours/ not ours either (teach your children). Pride always decides; “yes I can”/ if you put something to the side; “mine now”. My dad sold a vehicle rear end worth thousands; for a few dollars: because I replaced it with another; so that care to rebuild, had time: lost. Power asserts: “gossip is true/ or I found a grain of evidence, the size of a sand particle: therefore I KNOW”. Rather like the time, I stated to a former classmate, “I have retired”/ and was not allowed to finish that statement with: retired from the games people play, or their trophies. To search for life itself. Endless assumptions are made: “media highlights everything vile, including people so desperate for attention; they risk everything”.

Their constant curse: “no friends here”/ better to win, and shout “look at me”/ which ends with enemies instead; get a gun. To that end: rubber bullets would go a long way in making this nation safer: including police. Got a clip: 6 shots in less than 2 seconds (chaos); replaced by another clip; 5 seconds more (control). Which allows the public as well, to make mistakes. Claiming no gun makes the world safer; just opens the door to genocide; NEVER a good choice.

History has proven beyond doubt: that has never worked; because the problem is people, and what they believe. Media is a constant source of: “multiply that fear”; make them believe, in a gun. Make them fear EVERYTHING, particularly disease: so that the universities, can be their savior.

Wisdom is not a game: only truth can decide/ not want, pride or power. But the quest to make this nation stupid; has been successful, and people bow down to the university cult; believing they cannot! But reality has proven the evidence of life to be: they could not either/ its just a game; that now will end in extinction, if not changed.

Some marriages (relationships of all types) end, because of gossip. Some lives end because of ridicule. Endless destruction is caused by want. Competition becomes aggression and jealousy because of pride; even genocide “ain’t enough for us all”: as does become generalized; by Violence, judgment, and murder erupt because of power. And all the people want something to say; “look at me/ listen to me”. So I offer you this instead; as life on earth hanging in the balance; dependent upon you.

It was my wish to “help my mom” as well; but I was not allowed; her decision was, “she did not want to die; period”.

That is the footprint of “Parkinson disease”; the people so focused on finding a way out of death; they throw away life. But that kind of focus requires an enemy: because nothing less, can hold your attention long enough, to become a way of living. Unfortunately she chose not to “change a little” to achieve the value she desired; as a “child of GOD”/ and our relationship failed to some extent. I was too busy; with fighting for life and earth; by searching for solutions: so it never became better. Alas, her mom (want) and dad (pride) failed eternity. But mom desired love, most of all; and when her moment came; I accept she had returned to what she did desire most. The lesson is: in order to find eternity, you must let truth decide. In order to find life of value in eternity, your only true desire can be love; because nothing less is valued. The curse of this time is: that universities try to decide for you/ make every attempt possible to end your choices; and guide you into “let them decide”; just follow us/ just believe in us, we are the superior ones; so OBEY us. But they have no value, and lead only to hades. As life proves: our bodies identify life and living with energy and its companions in truth. That fact aligns with: YOU MUST learn how to choose, and what to understand; in order to survive. Beyond the boundaries of time, real energy arrives, and that cannot be dealt with by fear: OR, the assertion of I won’t go/ that is not possible. But mercy is true to life as love, and variants are allowed for those with love, that like those in time are protected from extremes.

But time is not eternal/ and when time ends, what is left must become eternal; and to do that, in the moment of death: EACH must accept the energy which gave you life/ is returning to its Creator; and if you do not go along with it. But turn back instead; you WILL be left behind. So she had to come to the moment; when life on earth no longer mattered. It is my “accepted truth”, that she survived death from time. But I was not there at her death; because the reality is: “some people reach out to me”/ and I cannot save them. EACH MUST reach out to GOD. So, I do not go; an eternity cannot be a game. Those “who have been ghosted (they turned back)”; have been found to reach out “one last time”; so, I avoid them too. Life, and death are different than you believe; simple as that. So mercy is: a battleground which removes you from time, by making you understand: this is ending/ you have no choice; but to look to GOD. As is true for all human life.

Reality, beyond explanation, suggests: “that I am now leaving, the son of man, behind”. It was never my idea/ either from the beginning, or as this ending proceeds. Life is, what truth defines it to be. Truth allows; that although never my intent; I truly do consider male and female, to be absolutely equal in value and respect. REALITY however has shown to me; that although male and female appear to be, basically (without reference to sex) very similar lives on earth/ the realities on the inside, where existence proves the difference: proves truly they are very different. I cannot explain it;  “different, male has no clue of female”/ and I assume female has no clue of, what is truly male either.  But I am certain, it is these differences, that balance both: with values and truths that cannot be exchanged without love.   NO, not homosexual; by any conception. NO, not a clue how this all ends for me or you as a world. NO, never conceived, dreamed, or other with regard to “what is female”; I just assumed, “not my job, I don’t need to know”. OR, being male, is being male, with literal respect owed to female:  as every birth of every creature, proves true/ even plants to some degree.  NO female/ NO future or past.

So, the end result of it is; as for me; “in no man’s land”, with no clue. Escape is impossible, and the spiritual woman inside; has become, “the owner here”; and she “knows everything, about me”. Why, I do not know: it is not a game; at least not my game! Trying to understand.  Trying to conceive of a future; but literally no clue. The evidence is very unclear.  “fantasies & imagination, are worthless”, truth must decide.

Reality sums that up as: unlike you/ “whatever life is, or will become, is no longer a choice that I can, or will make”. Not up to me, anymore! I have no idea why? What I do know is;  “I am learning way too much, about realities men don’t understand”. I honestly wish it would stop.


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