OR, MORE SIMPLY: the foundation of all social, national, or world change: is by law. The common rule of men is money decides. The common law of change is: ONLY THE LAW, BY TRUTH OF EVIDENCE DECIDES; FOR LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST! Or there will be genocide; because the competition is now, or soon will be: grim.

No you cannot escape your reality: we must work within the limits and boundaries that are left, for us too decide.

SO THE QUESTION IS: HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT FAIR AND LEGITIMATE LAW IS? Your governments have failed you; or we would not be surrounded by threats of our own extinction. Consequently YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELVES; or it won’t be done.

THE ANSWER IS: “talk, acknowledge and define what is true, determine the true cost of being wrong, for life, world or future”. THEN UNDERSTAND the decision is not so small as what you want; because want is the basis or foundation of every lie, theft, etc. RATHER, the law of what guides our lives as “one living world” searching for the wisdom to survive. REQUIRES YOU to participate as if your own decision matters; because it does. We are 8,000,000,000+ people; doing what people do, 24/7/ 365; for what most hope will be ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF LIVING; IT MATTERS; or the world dies. Because nature can no longer survive or compensate, for us all. The chain of life is complex; and you DO NOT KNOW, what is absolutely critical to our existence.

So the battleground is: IDENTIFYING as best we can. The most simple and complete laws, which protect our lives and our world, from those who would do it harm. Laws that remove all weapons of mass destruction. Laws that do not allow the universities any freedom to decide for themselves. Laws that restrict the destruction of our planet. Laws that rebuild, what we can rebuild. Laws that rule over population rise. Laws that force a shared existence; as is limited capitalism. Laws that care about the future. Laws that protect our resources from the garbage mountains. Laws that do not favor the old. Laws that control the world, because we cannot survive the damage being done. Laws that isolate the military to defense behind your own border; and the price for going beyond; as well as the international response: to gather the leaders for trial, or kill them if they will not obey our law. Laws that protect and defend the water, food, fuel, public, and all the things governments should have done/ but could not; because men want games, to prove they can be more than the rest. In other words: LAWS, that remove the game of money; and defend the planet by accepting we are responsible for the decisions that establish HOW WE CARE. No money accepted, because it no longer runs government. We share the burden of what we do: by providing the work we need to have done. LIMITED CAPITALISM IS A PRIMARY DEFENDER OF THIS WAY: we vote on “limits and boundaries”/ for us all! Those who will not; shall be separated: to build their own/ in ways making it difficult to return. Hate will be so identified; and surrounded by a ring of automated weapons; turned against them; if they cross “the line”.



DEFINING WHAT IS FREEDOM AND RIGHTS FOR EACH ONE; is to choose the most direct method of refining the ability to understand, what is justified and fair to all.

DEFINING WHAT IS THE LIBERTY TO CHOOSE FOR YOU, TO PROTECT OURSELVES: is to define the cost of being wrong, is too high; and we will pay want to or not; because of you. Limiting that liberty, to the greater degree of freedoms/ and enclosing the boundaries of that liberty, by identifying the cost of rights that protect us all. Therefore the gray area is: where your decision affects primarily you, not us. The consequent answer becomes an acceptance of zoning (stay behind this line).


DEFINING SLOTH: so we can say to you, “refusal to do your part; ends your participation here”. GO & Build with those who are like you.

DEFINING POPULATION CONTROL; by establishing, our only real hope for doing so is to separate the groups. Because history proves “you don’t want the other group to control you/ and they will fail themselves if they can”. Therefore nations are divided/ as are cities and more. NO IMMIGRATION IS ALLOWED; unless you prove real world population control exists in your group; for a period of not less than three years prior to consideration. YOU MADE THE PROBLEM/ YOU FIX THE PROBLEM; BECAUSE THIS WORLD IS FULL.

LIMITING MILITARY ACROSS THE GLOBE; replaced with world law, to rule over, and judge leaders. Which establishes the need to create new boundaries; based upon the clarity of groups, who then own their nation. No more: we want it all/ FROM ANY leader; to demand war.

a return to voting for each law is determined by the percentage of people who agree with the law that is created. 51% agree establishes the law for “four years or less”/  90% agree establishes no vote is required on this law, for the next 20 years or more.

IN THIS AMERICA: DEMOCRACY GRANTS BY FIRST AMENDMENT LAW; THE CONSTITUTIONAL CERTAINTY. WE THE PEOPLE, ARE THE OWNERS HERE! THE LAW OF REDRESS INSURES: when confronted with realities that are clearly beyond the certainty of definitions and predictions of intent; as created by our PREAMBLE to the contract of what we the people did agree too.

THAT REDRESS IDENTIFIES AND CREATES: WE THE PEOPLE SHALL ESTABLISH THE COURT OF REDRESS; which investigates, to prove if their oath of office has been kept; to the degree we the people did expect. Investigates: IS THIS THE DIRECTION OF OUR LIVES, that secures the blessings of life and world we need to survive; OR DID THEY CHOOSE to follow a different leader and purpose as is “universities play god with our lives and world”. Discarding our future, for their promises; as is so clearly the truth; as explained by infrastructure/ counterfeiting of currency/ threats of extinction/ weapons of mass destruction instead of world law/ and more.

REDRESS MEANS; WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE BY LAW: NOW! In open court, with none refusing their duty to provide truth and reality; to service and defend our need to know. As a nation defending itself. NOBODY HIDES, or runs away: WE ALL FACE OUR TRUTH. NO EXCUSE will be granted.


As for me: I do truly feel like, “I am, or feel: without a past/ unidentified by the present/ and without a clue, as to my own future; in time or eternity.”

So, stay away unless you are serious about fighting for life and planet/ because I have my own life, to reassemble. OR, more distinctly: whatever it is “the spiritual woman” has decreed for me, is not yet known. “its a quandary”/ the direction is love; at least for me. Nothing less, is worth living for.

It is, the disciplines of heart, that rise into the values of hope; giving substance by the order created in truth. Passion comes next, as we exchange the decisions that will be made for trust, and the balance that is love. Love “is a stepping stone”, which lifts the state of life, into a value that is more than simply self. Achieving the one reality that is forbidden to everyone else: a life that knows joy.

Hate swims in selfishness, because the prison of what you believe surrounds you with greed, and the endless delusions of want. Hope being, “if only I had more”/ while violence lends; “if only I took theirs away”. But the end result of that belief is failure, because there is no love to be found/ no trust to explain “life has value, beyond self”.

So, we ask the singular question: is your life about love/ or hate; because being true opposites, they hold no part of life; as the same. Each is completely different, and cannot share a living. Because chaos will come/ lies will erupt/ betrayal shall occur. Insuring: love is love/ but hate is hate as well. Leaving those caught in the middle, who worship pride as their solution; will achieve only “trophies, trinkets, or toys” as compensation for their work.

Pride focuses on either “look & listen to me”/ or “look & listen to what I got”. When these fail for any cause, tempers will flare, and want turns to attacking the decisions which caused them to fail. In all cases: want (the decision to lie, cheat, or steal)/ pride (the game, to be winner or if loser seek revenge)/ and power (the judgment, which gives me the right; to punish you) all fall within the composition called hate.

Love seeks truth, because only truth can identify law as a chosen friend.

Respect seeks: to enable, identify, and support what is true. Value is the decision that rises in response to trust. Trust gives us hope, and eternity rises from there. We live and breathe “as family, created by soul”. Those who achieve the love needed to balance truth with trust, identify: “as the people of GOD “.

It should be noted: that loneliness, is a transition point between “life and self”. Because to be alive, you must accept that GOD is your CREATOR; as every miracle of life does evidence as true. Therefore we seek, and search for life itself! NOT, simply time. Self in contrast to that element of thought designed and created this: supports only want, pride, or power. As the means to their own end; which is “found without truth of life, or value as heart”. Which does mean: you cannot join, “soul”.

RESPECT is your intention to “knock on the door of life”/ and it is without exception: “the only way in”. Past that door, HOPE arises as the key you inserted, to begin the journey; beyond time.

LOVE sees the miracle of life in living, and finds the respect that truth will allow. HATE sees the want, pride, or power of human games, and the delusions of what chaos will bring to the decision that is “only self” will matter.