IT IS, the constant of our existence; that we do depend upon other people to provide what we need, in exchange for what we do for them. That involves money; but corruption, deceit, outright thievery, disguises, betrayal, foolishness, fraud, failure, the disease of arrogance, apathy, disrespect, disgrace, denial, cheating, whoring, manipulation, temptations, traps, terrorism, conspiracies, collusion, the power of crime, and the descent of war, are all elements of hate we live with everyday. As is the clear cost of “a university diploma”, leading our lives. The reality of that, MEANS: we must find another way to be a society, where money is not the foundation of your lives. WE MUST identify what has value, find respect, let truth decide, and accept the responsibly to pay for what we decide; our future is going to be. Creating law; to remove those who will not comply with life comes first; and there is no life, without a living planet. NO EXCUSES exist.

Ownership must then be discussed, beyond selfishness and greed! Because how we interrelate with life and world and humanity is governed by what you believe is true. The discovery of natural resources are always public property; the duty we owe to each other is a foundation we cannot avoid or disgrace; the responsibilities you owe to yourself or family is a foundation built upon love and the respect of miracles. The critical truth of our Creator “is not a game”/ nor is eternity. Change is; a relationship we achieve with time, want it or not; by our own decisions, disciplines, balance, or order and respect. Led by truth, these elements present us with justice and its hope for happiness for all. Led by lies as is today; and we are surrounded with threats of extinction; as the evidence does prove true.

There are possibilities, but they must be constructed by “many” not just me. There must be “a thousand changes”; before peace and happiness will result. You cannot wait, you cannot continue as you are; you cannot do the things you do: because as is evident with the first effects of global warming. The dead weight of “experts”; is a certain curse for extinction to end all life on earth.

Life, is a “blank page”, upon which we write the truth of our lives, by establishing what our own decisions will be/ confronting life and death, by fear or truth/ discussing reality by the evidence we accept as true (even if it is not)/ identifying the passion of how we are to care or share, along with the respect called sexual ascension; which means to enter by trust, the values of who we are as one/ to construct the living either as miracles, or merely as wants.

The truth of my life is: that I have searched for truth, because I needed it, to be alive. That I have searched for love, because I cherished it; as life without loneliness can be. That I have searched for values that are beyond self, to establish the respect living has given to me, in the grace and truth of “miracles”. That I have searched for disciplines, in order to conflict with liars and thieves. That I have searched for order, to discard the treachery of traitors and terrorists and religious descent into belief. That I found balance, only when confronted by “the spiritual destiny of forces that confronted my own”. To achieve by understanding, what can be found in no other way.

The truth of your lives is to the greatest extent, beyond what can be counted: is a game replaces life with want/ that lies and beliefs are to be worshiped as truth; because its easy/ that balance is for losers, and disciplines are for users/ and order is for thieves to know when to steal. To complain: “i could have/ or I should have/ or I would have”; but I wanted other things more. To deny life is a miracle, and so is this earth; by joining the cult of universities are god instead. To live as winners or losers seeking revenge/ disrespecting all; is the best there is. And to throw away love, for the sake of conversation with those who only want to play a game; and would throw you away as well.

Love exists, because it is hidden away; from thieves. But love without the freedom to live, loses its value, and becomes something other people step on. So we must give it space, and time to be free; even though, humanity wants to use it, abuse it, defile it, cheat it, steal it; and all the other things hate must do, in order to survive. So there are animals, who steal what they can/ surrender to love if they are able/ and believe having both love and hate makes them prepared for anything life has to offer. But alas: love and hate are complete opposites, and they never travel to the same destiny/ nor can they share life, because hate is a thief; and love is a value hard to replace.

People want what they want, and defile love to retain their place in the game of life; because hate measures everyone, and only those who join that game are allowed to be with the herd. The herd measures everyone as well, and only those who keep company with the ones who are like us; are allowed to remain/ no freedoms here, you will comply, and identify with us; or be thrown away. So love as a value, but it is also a cost; and we each must choose what the price of love shall be; and if we pay, or not. “life with the herd”/ or life with another human, being alive? While that might sound like an easy decision, it is not. Because the truth is, there are many “in a herd”/ but if love is just “one”, then loneliness will come back. So people want children to fill that gap; but they grow, and then people want children to fill that gap again; and then find there is a cost in this too.

Values shape our lives with disciplines and order to achieve what respect can do. But there are always thieves (you owe me more)/ there are always traitors (behind closed doors, I am/ you aren’t)/ there are terrorists (nobody is more important than me)/ and there are fools (I believe in imagination, and what I believe). Or more distinctly, the cradle of living; is rocked by the lies or life; of those we live among. Where love exists in truth, life is happy and at peace. Where hate joins in; life is troubled and bordering on chaos. Where hate takes control; there is abuse, use, violence, and tragedy or worse. So, some are vastly “more lucky” than others/ and reality treats us all as if we were the same. Laws help when valid and fair/ interfere when corruption and shame overtake truth.

Death controls the value of life, because “now we know”/ just how much this person did mean to us/ to me. Love controls the value of living; because it is love that brings happiness to life, it is love that shapes our joy and value in living; it is love that enters the critical truth of our ability to share, or how well we might care; when sexual passions rise (between male and female); as these forces balance each other to become as the respect; of one life shared.

People shout: whatever they believe, because belief is what they have; but belief is a want, and want is the foundation of all lies that have ever existed. They want what they want, and they want for you to agree with them; because unless you do, they cannot join the herd. And that makes them separate and alone; where the predators lurk. So beliefs DEMAND: “whining, shouting, fighting, committing, construction of rules, and more; just to prove we are part of this herd too. As the animals do, because without a herd; critters die/ until they can create a herd of their own. But then comes “who leads”; as they all shout, “me”/ chaos will reign until force makes them stop and accept this is the direction we will go.

So leaders are very important to a herd. But they have no value to the definitions of love; where only truth will decide, because “we the living” know and trust; that truth is “on our side”. The love shared by two people is based upon that single element of living: “that I know, and trust, YOU are on my side”. Unfortunately that is not always true, nor does it always remain to be true; as life offers want a menu to choose from, if you will just let love be sacrificed for this. Some lives are lost because of this very thing; because when trust fails, so does hope.

We then identify hope as a critical truth of life; the search for destiny, shaped by our own disciplines, as we choose to seek the respect of order, and the values of balance; to become an environment unto ourselves. Where the creation of home, then begins. Every home has a door/ and every door has a lock and key to open it. Truth aligns with the path, and trust is that key to the heart which lives inside. Love shapes the truth of who we are.

We then align the “treasuries” of time, or the values of life; with the constant that is, living with the truth of your own desires, purposes, or intent to be happy.

Treasuries are the elegant method of assigning to knowledge, a value that can or will shape your life with decisions. Each decision recognizes a desire (for love or hate)/ each purpose assembles a path unto the order you believe will achieve that discovery of discipline defines us all. Every intent, be it for love or hate; assumes an environment which will aid in the discovery of life itself. Because life is an elemental happiness, but it too has a door/ which separates the design of “desires, from the truth of purity”. Love is the ascension of purity, as we belong to the faith of becoming true within ourselves. Hate is the descent into want, which will become the lies trying to govern our living; by causing truth to be discarded in others/ thereby winner is claimed as “yes I can”. Nonetheless, life is within thought, and our discovery of thought; is elevated by memories we rely upon as the gift of being identified by what we do. Unfortunately, memories live in either love or hate; and as such the battle may rage, when confronted by thoughts which translate value into love/ or the revenge of hate, as becomes I will make you pay. These are “the voices inside”/ which can isolate you with fear. Love can lock them out completely, or allow for the “least of it” which is; to recognize time has flaws.

So the question is: does thought as is the basis of life, travel into the spiritual world, with love and hate inside of it? Indeed it does, which is why the spiritual world exists; as the basis and foundation of all truth; confronted by the reality of purity, as is “nothing but truth will survive; beyond this place”. So the elevation of love locks out hate/ while the descent of hate causes the disgrace of fear, which if you have declared war and cost the GOD of life itself/ “to lose a child”; will become terror in you.

Treasuries exist as the barrier to what failed life in time; the “oasis” of a place to hide, where the living cannot go. Dreams which align with love exist here. But without purity, the cost of hate which is the memories of “a nightmare” also live here/ if they find in you a key to open that door. Because living in time lacks purity, I have locked the door/ and almost never dream by any measure of time. It is simply: I have no need for “imagination” to take me away. Whereas the majority find in imagination, the escape from truth and reality; that they want. The values of body, the tragedy of body, the lust of body, the rape of body, the ransacking of body, and the violence against body; are all formed around the constant of what you imagine beliefs can do. Fiction and fantasy erupt; and decisions are made, which believe truth does not matter, because you can play god.

More deliberately, the decision is made: that it does not matter why or how life began, because you don’t care. Therefore any decision that lets you out of penalties that may or may not exist; are grabbed onto, as if truth. To shout obscenities against all those who believe they “found the truth”; so that chaos will control the conversation. And if possible “civil war” can erupt; to prove, we are the superior ones. Without the acceptance of miracles; life descends into the abyss that is animal conceptions, or thought cannot escalate beyond the mental concept of want, and its pride, power, or lust. You cease to be alive (a miracle created “from space”_), and become the existence of time, a body that will die, so get all you can get.

Within that framework of a structure called the herd; the constant is, that when survival is acceptable and the predators are not close; the demand is: LOOK AT ME/ LISTEN TO ME/ OBEY ME/ BELIEVE IN ME; and so on. As is pride flowing in the measurement of you; has turned to, I am the superior one. Which then turns to hate if the “public” does not agree; as is the beginning of power. But most of the herd simply wants to get all they can get; as fast as they can get it/ pushing out any creature that gets in their way; as a means to prove they are the superior one. Groups (you can’t stop us now) form for this same purpose; to push out any creature who gets in their way.

Grade schools allow the student to recognize, “I am an individual life, who must make choices”. High school students recognize; we are here with the opportunities to find our place in the herd (it does not work, if you are alive)/ to identify a purpose, or use and abuse each other as we do begin to shape what our future is going to become. To qualify and construct what the others are doing; so as to understand why, are they doing this. And to accomplish some degree of expertise, in the development of romance and sexual considerations. But behavior is determined by want or truth; and the consequence as seen in media entertainment is: “their are actors and actresses; who are very good at their job, of making you believe they care”. Liars erupt, thieves practice, traitors find a way, and terrorists “hate you all”. While love stands back, because it is not part of a herd. Mistakes will be made. Decisions will be tried out, that fail. People will be friends, but they may not last. Lovers may find tears, because the end result is: the time has not yet come, when I can commit to a lifetime; for anyone”.

The common cost of searching for what time can become as a life; has consequences, and among them are the decisions for sex, the decisions for compliance or rebellion, the need to learn something that will sustain a life in time, the quest for friendships, and the realities of being alone. Unless you marry early, and find yourselves overwhelmed with what life can be/ versus what life needs to be/ versus what you do desire life as the future of your own time to become. These are not easy decisions, and it is generally harder to do “as a couple”/ than simply as an individual. However it is easier to live as a couple who are trying hard to love; than simply alone, because there is someone who is doing the same things you are; to find their own future as an individual life. Unfortunately hate can enter in: when life seems to be lost/ as is a variety of costs, the most blatant of which is: now we got ourselves into financial trouble with credit/ and I WILL BE A SLAVE; with no escape for decades. Because what is easy, is easy; and all forms of schooling seek to remove your awareness, so you become trapped in the universities are god, graveyard/ BEG. Pay the price/ or pay the penalty; we want your soul. OBEY, FEAR, BELIEVE. As is the life of a slave.

The cost of this is: that humanity tries to escape into perversions, hate, revenge, crime, addictions, religions, anger, homosexuality; etc/ and more. So as to prove, I don’t have to be your slave. But the end result is: now you have proven to the rest, what the cost of not being their slave is going to be; and many end in prison or dead. So then, WHAT is the purpose of a universities graveyard? Answer: “they want, to be your god”/ never your friend; because the reality of primary education as is controlled entirely by the universities diploma; is to insure you have no education for life. As does require disciplines, truth, order, balance, respect, hope, values, love, happiness, caring, sharing and the understanding of miracles/ NOT CHAOS, as is the universities declaration of religion; its evolution. “lets build life one piece at a time”; no greater lie has ever been conceived or used/ as everything else builds upon this one single deception. Which the animals worship as true.

the unfortunate truth of life is; very nearly all, “will be faced with the graveyard (problems/ consequences, created by your own choice) of their own reality”/ at some point in their existence. It need not be financial or caused by a denial of duty, failure of responsibilities or other. It can simply be the result of life; as in my own case of “mom died, hit me harder than I thought/ fall looked like bad ear damage; and a dozen other elements which faded in” to isolate and remove me from the living “so to speak; as is (me, me, me)”. By establishing a “world of me”/ rather than life. Stopping the future, is mentally failing life. It lasted long enough, to cause me to be irritated with a young man helping me; for what was my fault/ not his. Which then caused me a short time later to realize; I had in fact let living, lead; which has consequences. I failed to see, “there were realities of life affecting others; that I had overlooked”; too busy with me. So, I recognized failure: dug myself back out of that hole, and returned to life is my decision, as best I can; not the result of consequences due to others. Or more simply: don’t allow troubles or sorrows, to lead your life. Stand back up, quit whimpering; and do the best you can. Unfortunately, most of the time; we cannot really go back and fix what should have been done; instead. Just how it is/ try to do better. Living is about the experiences and expressions of time, as we measure the decisions which then become our behaviors to the world “so to speak”. Life is about the creation of miracles, and how we are to conceive of our existence in relation to the respect that is granted, by such an extreme gift as life itself is. Only truth can decide for us, how best we are to live. Only respect can identify what “side of the fence” we are on; with questions of love or hate. Being on the fence, means you refuse to decide, and want both love and hate; but will fail, because these do not live as one/ which makes you divided and will fall into hate. Because love cannot save you, from yourself.

In review: the foundation of my own failures, is understood as I chose for the last years of my mom’s life/ not to get her out of the nursing home each day: in favor of this work, for life and world. But at the end result of it, “the world would not change”; and that meant it was the wrong decision. So I said of my own truth, I will quit/ but the spiritual world of woman; said you will not, and took over my life instead. Removing options, denying freedoms, ending rights and ownership, and even removing male; with an endless series of no you cannot; proven by the realities of force which could not be denied or escaped. Getting irritable did not fix anything; a very poor decision; it just failed life. The years have proven: “the spiritual woman” was correct: hope must be maintained/ life and earth, must be fought for/ every child needs someone to help them survive. It is that simple.

I did in fact, “sacrifice my relationship with mom”; because I knew it would take “2 hours” out of every day; and I needed the time for this work. My only solution being; hope in her eternity; because we do all die alone, with our truth. As for me, I will grant; even if this work fails, “it was the right choice”; even if forced. Reality proves, I am thankful for that.

Unfortunately, I did sacrifice my relationship with “dad” for this work, pride is a terrible thing, as is gossip. Basically all others as well. While my ex-wife chose to sacrifice me, because of this intent to work. So, it was not “free”. Any more so; that JESUS dying on the cross, WAS NOT free; for you. It is a travesty, that religion says: “we don’t have to do nothing”. Because that is just not so. Life is precious, and it is not a game: we all choose what is most important within our truth. IF, life, child, world, or even your eternity “has no value”/ then that is your decision; your truth. IF, all you got is “amen”/ it won’t be enough. and IF, you believe you bought your way into eternity “WITH WHATEVER”; you will be greatly disappointed, because it is not so. LIFE REQUIRES RESPECT,  AS DOES YOUR CREATOR.    it is more than “religion”/ it is faith in the truth. which means you must identify what is true, in you. STEP OUTSIDE your comfort zone; ;and learn what truth will allow. as is “NO body of  life” can be built one piece at a time; you need it all (woman provides the rest), from the beginning. learn better what “fun with noah” is, as truth demands:  fossil fuels, are absolute proof of that flood, and they do not stand alone.

As to me, the consequence of changes in my life; does not become the definition of a graveyard/ not even where male is being replaced by female spirituality. Although a complex construction, it is less death of male/ than beginning of female (NOT transgender or other) now. Instead the definitions of need, even though they are not chosen by me; have established for this earth, that in order to help; I MUST look from an opposite view of what men do. Reality has proven: you CAN’T do that as male! That removes the concept of men which is war/ and replaces it, with the values of women which include law rules instead. The balance of life, conceives of WE MUST, which eliminates choice. Because death of our world is very close at hand, and there is no coming back from the point of no return. The law leads now, or life on planet earth will fail. That does require “a different point of view”/ because as history proves; men always turn to war as their answer. I utterly refuse to do that; and the spiritual world gave me “to female”/ even though, I have no clue what to do now? Nonetheless, the law of life does not entangle itself with “mixed gender/ only truth”: and the result is; “lost without a paddle” so to speak. I have presented the message: you will either change and accept life and planet come first/ or die. I have also presented to you the message of women; which is the law will rule us now, or you will fail as a world. What is eternity for me: “not a clue”. But I am grateful: I did do, the best for life and earth, that I did do.

The cost of humanity is, under universities leadership; you have lost all respect for life and world. Every part and every piece of leadership, has given away the future, to the decision: WE WANT MORE/ EVERYTHING/ GIVE IT TO US NOW. Until they fear death, in which case they turn to universities as their savior; who may or may not be of value/ primarily from little things. And forget that life is not a body/ a body is merely time and its effects, measured on earth.

The constant of man is: “more, more, more/ now, now, now/ charge it is war/ lust/ greed/ selfishness/ revenge/ games/ hate. Universities add to that, primary manipulation, temptation, delusions, extreme greed, selfishness beyond reality, disguises, lies, extreme theft beyond anything the world has ever seen/ weapons of mass destruction/ biological graveyards/ the curse of fools/ the catastrophe of failures/ and extinction of this planet by all means possible. As their leadership clearly proves true. It was a man’s world/ it is now a universities rule world; and their decision is death to life and earth.

So the constant of “Satan, in our midst” is: that unless truth returns/ unless respect is reborn in you/ unless our decisions are limited to truth decides for life and planet FIRST; not last as is universities know. We will soon be extinct; because all the evidence of our reality proves that true.

The constant of life is: that individuals claim to be superior/ by making someone else pay the price of whatever game they play, to achieve a trophy, toy, or trinket. You can’t be superior, unless you make someone else inferior; and all the genocide, all the wars, all the efforts of racism, bigotry, etc; are functioned off the idea; that with ridicule (they are beneath us), gossip (all I need is a “grain of sand”, to talk), racism (we are “the great ones”), bigotry (look at them fools), war (yes we can steal), fool (we don’t need no damn truth), failure (yes I can, play god), religion (we can believe anything we want), universities (nothing can stop us now, from destroying an entire planet of life), and Satan (kill them all, with fear).

Which makes the constant of death: a want so selfish, and a greed so bizarre; that all of life is pulled into the grave with you. Because they wanted to prove “if I can’t live/ then neither can you”.

Insanity is so extreme (me ONLY ME/ damn you all), lies and theft so violent (truth be damned), the curse of evolution so delusional (reality is for losers); that the vast majority of people merely belong to the “herd (life is not a miracle/ WE WANT MORE)”. Because they fear making a decision of their own; as is the delusion “universities are god”/ when in fact they are merely former classmates. Whose only claim to fame is: they changed this world, thereby making extinction possible for us all.

That leaves life or death to the few, who understand: no matter what you believe, this is a dying world; and you are its only solution. TRUTH MUST RETURN TO LEAD BY LAW; and nothing less will do.

Life and I, continue the journey, that will decide whatever my own existence and eternity will become. All the evidence points to “continuing change”/ but it is not up to me; so I will wait until the evidence is conclusive and without doubt. It is however clear; that a far greater view from the female side of life; has presented this world, with the information it needed to achieve a change. In equal amounts to the truth being given: universities have done extremely poorly, and life as well as earth will soon be dead/ unless humanity itself will change. So says the evidence of your truth, and it is conclusive and true. Change or die.

How that change relates to me; is not my decision/ I don’t know. But I can tell you this; that female experiences life more vulnerable, than I ever knew; and it is not a decision I would have made. However it is a reality they are required to live with. No attempt to discuss: whether that was fair or not exists. But the reality of it, has been to protect and provide, for “new life”/ more than not. Unfortunately that has changed for women too: because this earth is full, and cannot support more; and you will accept that “simplicity of existence” as a law; or life itself will fail/ regardless of any other changes made.

The human constant is: “we want what we want/ give us what we want; or go to HELL/ we won’t care”. But that is dead now, or you are. Truth must decide. Reality must lead you to different decisions; want them or not. Love must redefine respect among all of human existence. War must end, by world law taking control. Change must come; or extinction will.

I did my job, was forced to complete what “female truth”, needed me to do. Required to accept, “she owns everything” now; whatever that turns out to mean. And do understand: she was correct, and I am happy the work was finished; as it needed to be. So male or female, is not really an issue; they are equal as life. It is true, male alone was unable to do the work; and did require the balance of female. Did require the change: “female in charge”, to finish the constant:    only LAW RULES NOW, will save this world.

The foundation of economic change is: that whosoever has the most money, no longer decides. That whosoever has title to the most; no longer decides. That whosoever has wealth, gets to purchase “slaves” for their personal decisions; or whatever it is; no longer decides.

CHANGE means instead: that we will all own natural resources as can be taken away for other purposes. We will use limited capitalism to identify what is fair for all, making the income of each a response to reality, rather than whatever someone else decides. We will inhabit the banks and lenders; to assume control, by establishing real world limits and boundaries that do benefit us all/ NOT just them. We will remove the curse of wall street and other similar institutions; so that what we do invest in entirely local; and belongs to us. We will conceive of international trade, as the means to do what we cannot do/ and build for our own lives, what we do need to survive and be happy; as reality allows. We will explain to each other: that life is not a game, and the responsibilities for zero population growth, are due from each group: no exceptions it is true. We will use the law to rule over ourselves, and our world; thereby removing all weapons of mass destruction, by enforcing that law on the others. Even if threatened; because we must, or we all die. We will choose for life and earth and ocean and the future; because it is our duty; wants be damned instead. We will support every child with an education they can use/ not the indoctrination of a cult. We will struggle and identify; what can make our lives better, WITHOUT gambling our world, nature, resource, water; OR ANYTHING THAT CAUSES OUR EXTINCTION.

It would be best if religion finds among itself; the things they can agree upon. Because life needs answers/ not division, so you can rule.

What you do with that: is entirely up to you. As clearly I am NOT your savior, etc.

I guess, that basically, “I sacrificed my own future, to whatever the spiritual existence of female in me, does with it”. NEVER my intent, but that does seem true. The reality is: I never, intended to sacrifice anything at all; but life is, what life needs for us each to be; when a world is at stake. No, I don’t know what that means; but it does “make me a bit concerned”; with the possibilities. As it is true: men throughout the centuries “took possession of female”, and did whatever they wanted, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,! However, it is true, that I have more value than that; as did most women as well! I guess its your turn to decide; even though “I ain’t no beauty queen, at 70 years old, and toothless”. Even so, we are a very long way; from the reality of changing this world. Not likely to matter, therefore. I UTTERLY DON’T know/ no clue, what the future will be. 

I guess:  that decision belongs to women.

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; THIS IS ABOUT LIFE OR DEATH OF A WORLD; it is not a game, it is not “otherwise”; IT IS STRICTLY AND ONLY, THE DECISION to participate for the sake of law, as it leads this world to safety, rather than extinction. STAY WITHIN that parameter.

As to sending me anything: I remind you, that even at 1 per million people; that is still 8,000+ people, that cannot be trusted. So send me a postcard, and if it is realistic to this purpose, I will respond.

Don’t send food or gifts or money or anything; as reality does not allow for “simple times”.